One Eyed Cactus Joe Design Work
Using this guy for the Nick Portfolio. Still formulating a scene to storyboard.

One Eyed Cactus Joe take place in a future where certain plants and humans coexist as equals. When the planet was at risk of all vegetation being wiped out a mysterious event occurred which caused certain plants to rapidly evolve. With their newfound intelligence armies of plants waged war on humans.

Both sides eventually came to a truce. Plants took over the cities and limited the access to technology that humans had. Humans were pushed into more remote areas where they struggled to make a new way of life for themselves.

Humans arent allowed in the plant dominated cities which can be a problem when a criminal uses this to their advantage and seek sanctuary

Thus there are plantoid bounty hunters who take up jobs to weed out the criminals and bring them back to human territory to receive justice.

Joe is such a bounty hunter living in the west. He and his posse round up criminal humans and plantoids for a profit.

Joe himself is a brash and loud fella but a sensitive soul. He doesnt mind dealin with humans but doesnt fancy them either.

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Hi! First of all, I absolutely love all your stories! I'm searching for a specific one in the abyss of lin x reader stories. Maybe you can help, I was positive it was one of yours but it's not and I'm embarrassed. :( It's one where the reader takes days off to spend with Lin but he's starting Chicago rehearsals and the reader gets jealous of Karen, Lin ends up proposing to the reader. Thanks! Again, love your work!


Green Eyed Monster by @gratitudejoyandsorrow

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•Favorite Color(s): I can’t pick. Super bright, super bold, super ugly, etc.
•Pets: Oliver (18 lb black love loaf), Satin (15 lb black polydactyl supergenius), Anya (10 lb dilute calico extraverted orally-fixated weirdo), Tortellini (my sweet baby tortoiseshell who adopted ME and I am so thankful for her), Nadine (one-eyed cuddle monster of doom), Zinnia (5 lb chirping shoulder cat) and Henrietta (elusive clown pleco who comes out from her log a couple times a year).
•Wakeup/Sleep Time: In theory, 630 am and 10 pm on work days. Weekends sometimes I don’t get out of bed until 3 pm and/or go to bed at 8 pm. Yay chronic illness!!!
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•Text or Call: TEXT
•Met a Celebrity: Mostly writers at book signings. Don’t think I’ve ever met an “actual” celebrity that wasn’t just famous on youtube. Maybe talking to Sarah Green (John Green’s wife) about art and museums during SXSW last year counts?
•Smile or Eyes: FROWN.
•Shorter or Taller: Than what?
•Attraction or Intelligence: oh wait were those last few about mating preferences? humans are weird, I don’t care about that shit :P
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Green eyed monster

You, Harry, Niall and a few of your other friends were all on vacation. It was due time for one, too as this is the first extended period of time all of you had off in a while. Lounging by the pool, sun bathing and sleeping in was the highlight of the time off for you and harry. But Niall wanted to take advantage of every activity the island had to offer, before he had to return to the regular hustle and bustle of his everyday life. So when he slipped into yours and harrys room at 9:30 in the morning, you thought he was crazy.
“Hey Harry, y/n, wanna go golfing with me? Course looks sick man it’s gonna be buzzin’.” Niall said, Excitement in his voice. Harry only groaned a “maybe later” and rolled over to go back to sleep. You on the other hand, were much more compelled by nails request.
“I’ll go Niall. I love golf.” You smiled at him sitting up.
“Noooooo!” harry wined wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into him. “We were going to spend the day together. You promised y/n.”
Then Niall butted in “We can go later or another day its fine.”
“No Niall we are going golfing, Harrys just being a baby.” You said getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom to get ready.
“Great! Meet me by the golf carts in 20?” Niall smiled at you.
You smiled back and nodded, placing the toothbrush in your mouth. When you were finally ready and getting ready to leave harry said an annoyed “have fun.” And rolled over. But you didn’t care that he was annoyed, he could have gone with you guys.
Throughout the day, you and Niall had a blast. You went golfing, at which Niall won. Then you went shopping and had lunch. When you finally got back it was around 5pm. You were mat with a very jealous Harry when you came back to the villa that you two shared. He was sitting on the deck in his swimming trunks slightly damp hair pulled back into a bun, sipping on a beer.
“Did you have fun?” Harry snapped at you when you sat next to him.
“Yes actually I did. We went golfing and when shopping and fed duck and went to lunch. And for the record, Niall is a great friend. You have no reason to be jealous. If you’re afraid I’ll run off into the sunset with him, I won’t. You’re the only man I want, and nothing is going to change that. So you understand me?” you snapped at him
“You don’t get it, do you? It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s him. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. Only I’m supposed to look at you like that. And I have every right to be jealous when my best mate sounds the entire day with my girl and I don’t even get to speak to her.”
“Harry are you listening to yourself? You’re being completely ridiculous. Nialls your best friend and he’s a good man. The last thing he would try to do is take me from you. And even if he did, you should have enough trust in me to know that I wouldn’t let him take me away from you. I love you too much for that. I wouldn’t hurt you like that, I know it and you know it. So when you’re ready to stop being so childish and get out of your own head. I’ll be by the pool with Niall.”
And sure enough about 20 minutes later, a sulking, shy harry came into your view. He laid himself in between your legs and wrapped his arms around you and laid his head on your chest.
“I’m sorry, love. I was being stupid. I trust you and I know Niall would never try and take you from me. It’s just the thought of you being someone else’s makes me sick. But I know we love each other and that’s enough to keep us together.”
“I’m glad you came to your senses. I love you.”
“love you more.”

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