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Into midoriya does not have a protection squad, she has a protection armada

True enough, anon!

If we count Class 1-A (with All Might and Aizawa and all the other teachers) and combine this with the Class 1-B (since I still believe everyone at U.A would love Inko as soon as they meet her) and the police force, since Naomasa is there…. Plus all the fanboys and fangirls from tumblr…

… then I would say not even All for One would stand a chance! XD

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15 for Solavellan (if u have the time this week, I know u got other prompts to fill ♡)

15. A kiss because I have literally been watching you all night and I can’t take anymore

This one’s a tad risqué.

The light was low in the rotunda that evening. Lavellan was curled up on the couch, reading. Or at least, she had been. For a long time now, she had been watching Solas paint.

It was fascinating to watch him work from a sketch on the walls to something that bloomed with life and color under his hands. He worked with an intense focus, not unlike the sort he used for magic and to draw upon the Fade.

Whenever he painted, it was like a quiet sort of passion came over him. Like the whole world fell away until it was just him and the fresco. He’d absentmindedly stroke his chin when he contemplated a particular brush stroke every now and then, and though she couldn’t see his face, she was sure it had paint on it.

Lavellan watched his hands, confident in their brushstrokes, and could not help but think of what those hands could do to her. While she was lost in her progressively smutty thoughts, Solas turned from the wall to look at her. He did, in fact, have paint on his face.

He smiled that confident, easy smile that she so rarely saw from him. The sort where it seemed that nothing weighed on his heart. “Ma vhenan,” he said.

Lavellan threw the book down into the couch and crossed the room in several swift strides.

She grasped the front of his tunic, and dragged him down for a kiss. He made a surprised, breathy sound against her lips before opening his mouth for her tongue. That sound made all her blood rush south and she pushed him against the scaffold.

His hands moved suddenly to cup her ass and pull her closer to him. She could feel him grinning when he squeezed. His chuckle was soft and low when he broke the kiss.

“Not that I am complaining,” Solas said, amusement in his voice. “But what did I do earn such a reaction?”

“Because you are a sexy man, ma sa’lath,” She said. “Watching you work was making me think… things.”

“Oh?” He said, running his fingers through her hair, smiling at her with what she liked to call his I’m going to make you scream my name tonight smile. “What sorts of things?”

“Why don’t we go to my quarters and discuss it?” Now it was her voice that had gone breathy.

“Lead the way,” He said, letting her walk in front of him.

Lavellan made sure to put an extra sashay in her steps as they walked to her quarters, knowing where his eyes would be.

Autumnal Equinox Cleansing Spell

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  • Bowl of water (moon water is best)
  • Paper and pen
  • Fireproof bowl

Time: Autumn Equinox

Procedure: On a piece of paper (small enough to fit in the bowl of water) write down any difficulties you’ve recently faced, any worries you have, and/or anything else that is negatively impacting you. Drop the paper in the bowl and stir counterclockwise until the ink has blurred completely or you feel enough time has passed. As you stir, picture the negative energy of the words you wrote being banished. Dispose of the water and paper.

On a second sheet of paper, write about your hopes and ideas for the future, or any activities you’d like to accomplish this season. Burn that paper in the fireproof bowl. Scatter the ashes outside. 



  • Rin:*can't find Haruka in the crowd* Where is he? Well, time for drastic measures...
  • Rin:*cupping hands around mouth* RIN MATSUOKA IS SUCH A JACKASS, NO ONE NEEDS HIM!
  • Haruka:*from across the street* WHO SAID THAT?!
  • Rin:There he-
  • Makoto:Why would you say something like that?!
  • Nagisa:Say that to my face, you jerk!
  • Rei:I've never heard something so rude!
  • Nitori:Senpai is a good person, how could you?!
  • Momo:Shut up, YOU'RE the jackass!
  • Seijuurou:Who's the asshole saying stupid things?!

Previously on America’s Next Top Shadowhunter
When Jace discovers that the sandwich he left in the fridge has gone missing he starts accusing everyone in the house of eating it. Alec tries to cool him down. 

After more than 6 years with my faithful Nokia E72 I’ve made the step into the smartphone future/present… whatever, with a Samsung Galaxy S6. I’m setting it up as we speak.

You might be thinking, gee, Oath, that’s kinda out of character for you, I thought you hated the Diamonds - and, well, you’d be correct, I just love to hate the Diamonds. So, you see, when you do the swipey unlock thing…

Bam, there goes Pink.

Shatter a Diamond every time you unlock your phone. It’s great.