I’ve decided something. I truly believe that SuperCat could be one of the greatest, most successful slow burn love stories of all time, and I’m just going to watch the show like that is what’s happening from now on regardless of what transpires. In my mind, Cat and Kara are endgame, and I hope the show sees that, but no matter what the fic will always bring them together.

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Reach Down

@zombee prompted: Pearlrose with 44 - puppy love and 42 - flying.

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This is also for the many, many people who sent me these two with the “breaking the rules” prompt, for is that not at the very core of this ship?

~1800 words of bittersweet Secret Homeworld Romance, because I love that.

The entire thing was and always had been a fundamentally futile exercise that couldn’t result in anything but grief and shards. What other possible ending could there be for her, one day, when she finally ran out of excuses? When something went wrong, when some court Gem or other saw just a bit too much? She doubted it would be long in coming, too.

And Pearl had always, always been aware of this: sometimes it even felt like it had been the first bit of awareness forced upon her, right along with the sharp spray of cleansing fluid to rinse off the murky remnants of the nacre-layered waters of her creation. There would be survival for her - of a sort and for a while - but the best she could hope for in the long run was-

Well, they’d better make the best of the time that they had, right?

There was a well-known, very clearly set way of how things were done. There were expected places where the worlds of a quartz and a pearl could intersect - and this entire affair was as far away from any of them as possible. Sometimes, as she watched the most illustrious of Homeworld’s elite stroll by her post and further on into the council chambers of the White Court, Pearl wondered what they would think, if they only knew - all these Gems who never spared her a second glance.

Yet somehow very little of this all seemed to actually matter. And not entirely because a pearl’s days were numbered anyway, but because for the first time in her life Pearl had something that felt like it was truly hers. Something that wasn’t a cast off or lost or borrowed-stolen trinket formerly belonging to some oblivious high-ranking Gem. And if she shared anything, she shared it with the Gem of her own choice, because she wanted to.

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I can't finish a fic right now to save my life. I have like 15 open tabs on my iPad and all of them are about 1/2 read. Ugh!!! I keep going back to the older ones (like relief next to me and eight cakes). I didn't even finish the 30 days of smut.

Rip I know how you feel.  This might surprise everyone (pls don’t kill me) but I actually haven’t read a larry fic in almost 2 months which actually never happened to me before since joining the fandom. I also still haven’t read any fics from 30dos tho that’s mainly because I was waiting for authors to be revealed and then it got revealed when my uni stuff was piling up so i didn’t have time. There are so few fics being published and only a handful of quality fics atm which is why I haven’t tried to read new ones because I’m scared they’ll be bad or very yikes. I’ve been reading fics from other fandoms (mainly stucky/sterek etc) to occupy my time so far. Tho I’ll probably get back to reading larry fics when my final’s week ends. 


On this day in music history: December 4, 1990 - “One For All”, the debut album by Brand Nubian is released. Produced by Brand Nubian, Dante Ross, Skeff Anselm, Dave “Jam” Hall and Stimulated Dummies, it is recorded at Calliope Studios in New York City from Mid 1989 - Late 1990. Formed in their hometown New Rochelle, NY in 1989, Brand Nubian consists of group members Maxwell “Grand Puba” Dixon, Derek “Sadat X (formerly Derek X)” Murphy, Lorenzo “Lord Jamar” Dechalus and K.A. “DJ Alamo” Jones. The group are signed to Elektra Records by label A&R man and producer Dante Ross (De La Soul). With group members aligned with the Five Percenters sect of the Nation Of Islam, some of their songs sport a militant pro-black stance and politically conscious lyrics which draws some controversy, leading MTV to ban the video for the single “Wake Up” (#5 Rap, #92 R&B) featuring a black man wearing white face make up. The album is also praised for its production, innovative use of samples, and the lyrical prowess and MC skills of Grand Puba, Lord Jamar and Sadat X. An immediate hit at street level, the album spins off a total of four singles including the anti drug anthem “Slow Down” (#3 Rap, #63 R&B), and “All For One” (#17 Rap). Regarded as a classic of hip hop’s golden era during the first half of the 90’s, the albums’ sales do not match the major praise and acclaim given to it, with heavy bootlegging taking a huge chunk out of actual sales. To date, “One For All” has not reached Gold status in the US, with current Soundscan sales just north of 400,000 units in spite of never going out of print. “One For All” peaks at number thirty four on the Billboard R&B album chart, and number one hundred thirty on the Top 200.

Why I don't think Ariana has had a nose job...

There has always been a lot of speculation and I’m just gonna add my input because why not.

I’m gonna start by stating that a lot of the comparison pictures people use, are pictures that have been taken using different angles. She used to pose with her chin facing downward, but later started tilting her head up. Which is why picture like this

  aren’t good comparison photos

Okay next, having a good contour can really change the appearance of your nose… From the front. I’m gonna add a comparison picture, with each picture taken in a similar angle.

the quality in the first isn’t great but I hope you can see that nose looks the same. She is smiling in one, which can “flatten” the appearance of ones nostrils. Other than that, her nose looks the same. Pay attention to those little lines surrounding the tip of her nose. If she had a nose job, those would not look the same. 

Now a real before and after nose job comparison from the surgeons gallery

Those little lines I’ve mentioned before, notice their disappearance. 

I think the change in appearance of Ariana’s nose is simply makeup and angles. She also likes to flare her nostrils when pictures are being taken

@micronecro replied to your post “@micronecro replied to your post “IIB site’s cast list page is…”

#pretty sure our mutual lack of restraint is enabling each others’ lack of restraint even further “SCARLET JUST DID IT SO ITS NOT LIKE THIS IS WEIRD” [does something that is definitely extra and weird]

THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL…. ‘wyrvel has a bunch of tumblr pages for their au… i can do the same…. damn i have Too Much now, i’ll make a wiki for it. oh no. wyrvel’s wiki looks nice i have to Step It Up- where did the past week and a half go what have i been doing, god, fuck, shit, dammit’

Fiddle Game

Fiddle game = selling someone something of perceived valuable, to either make a profit or steal other things of value. 

“So that’s the guy?” Kate asked from the backseat as the three observed the older man standing at the backdoor of the club, with two bodyguards flanking him.

Richie nodded, as Seth looked at him, “Kisa says that Nolous hires girls to work the club, then sells some of them, south.”

“So they’re snakefood.” Seth adjusted the rearview mirror, “Remind me why we’re helping your ex?”

“Cause bad guys have money.” Richie smiled. “Kisa wants the girls out of their cages and some relic he keeps in his office, we keep the rest. He keeps anywhere from 300 to 500 thousand in cash. It’s good score, but honestly with the security system he’s running, this isn’t gonna be a cakewalk. I’m not liking the killbox doors either, that alleyway’s gonna be trouble.”

“Naw. We ain’t doing this.” Seth waved his hand emphatically. “Sorry, but the snake-queen can hash out her own shit. I feel bad for the girls and all, but this isn’t a smash and grab and the long-con we’d have to run would be too complicated.”

“We can run the fiddle.” Kate snapped her fingers and started rummaging through her over-sized bag.

Seth countered, “We don’t have a fiddle to sell him.”

“Sure we do. I need your button up.” She patted his shoulder.

“What are you talking about?” He questioned looking back as Kate started to shimmy out of her pants. “The fuck are you doing?”

“Being the fiddle. Shirt.” She patted Richie’s shoulder next. “I need your knife.” Richie handed it back without a thought. Kate pulled on her black skirt and cut a slit up the side.

“Kate.” Seth ground his teeth together. “No.”

“It’s a good play, Brother, let Sis run this one.” Richie glanced back, “She’s topless now, you should really hand her your shirt.”

Seth growled and started unbuttoning his shirt, “You couldn’t just take Richie’s?” He shrugged off his jacket and long-sleeve.

Kate snatched the shirt from Seth and starting doing up the buttons, covering her black lace bra. “He’s too big.”

“First time he’s ever heard a girl say that.” Seth’s snarky comment earned him a smack upside the head from Richie.



“Boys.” Kate barked, tying the shirt to sit just above the edge of the skirt. She bailed out of the car and slipped on her heels. After ruffling her hair, she leaned against the passenger-side window and held her hands out to Richie, “Glasses and smokes.” He hesitated for a second, then handed them both over. She sipped the glasses on and lit one of the cigarettes.

“You got five minutes.” Seth warned.

“I only need four and a half.” She winked.

She sashayed up to Nolous, taking drags on the cig and laughing a little too enthusiastically. Her hand was on his arm and she was looking over the glasses at him, selling the ‘innocent-but-not-so-innocent’ routine. Nolous handed the leather money bag to one of the musclebound idiots with him and held the door for Kate. She made the ‘after-you’ motion and Nolous walked in, in front of her.

“She put the pack in the door latch. Time to move.” Richie put his shades on, because he felt naked without glasses. The brothers both grabbed their guns, Richie grabbing Kate’s too. Seth muttering about not liking this on-the-fly con and Richie rolling his eyes at his overly cautious brother.

They let themselves in through the backdoor and took out the muscle with ease. The club didn’t open for hours and there wasn’t anyone else here. They could hear music from what must be Nolous’ VIP room.

“I said hands on the chair.” Kate’s voice was authoritative, before sweetening, “You don’t get the full affect, otherwise.”

Nolous was sitting in a chair, with his back to the door as they slipped in. Kate’s shirt was ripped open, Richie’s glasses clipped on the strip of fabric between the cups of her bra, and she had a knee on either side of Nolous’ legs. She leaned forward, pressing her chest against his as she whispered in his ear, “There’s just two problems here, Mr. Nolous: one you put your hands under my skirt and grabbed my ass and two… they’re a touch possessive.”

Seth cocked the gun and pressed the barrel against the back Nolous’ head as Kate leaned back away from him. “No touching, assholes, house rules.”

Kate handed Richie his glasses with one hand, while accepting her pistol from him with the other. She jammed the pistol down the club-owner’s pants. “I’m not a big fan of being touched.” She grinned, as Richie wrapped one arm around her waist and lifted to her feet with Nolous scrambling to get up with her. “Now you’re gonna take us to the safe and tell us about the girls or I’m gonna shoot your dick off.”

Richie and Seth cringed a little on principle, but let Kate walk the guy backwards to the safe. Maybe they’d been teaching her a touch too well. After he popped the safe and Seth started to throw the money in a bag, Kate tied the shirt together; casually asking him about the location of the girls, which he frantically gave up.

Kate smiled up at Richie, “Can I have your jacket? I’m chilly, it’s freeing in here and yes I know why, smartass.” She slipped it on, and started to walk out with Seth, “Mr. Nolous, we appreciate you being so cooperative. There’s just one more problem, see you might be lying or omitting details. So Richie here, he’s a friend of Lady Kisa’s if you get my meaning, he’s gonna ask you about the girls again and not so nicely, just to be sure. We’ll be car, Richie, don’t take too long.”


I think she’s got that con down.  I’m working on some more of these guys, Promise.

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