Alyss: It’s such a shame! Tea parties are so fun…

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What do u think about Louis and Briana?Do u think she's his friend and agreed to do this thing with the whole "Briana and Louis" shit? Do u think that Larry arent to come out yet so modest! Are keeping Briana until Larry are to come out? Plz answer!!

What do u think about Briana? Do u think she is gonna be Louis’ new “beard”?? Or is she just a friend?Or is she hired by Modest! To cover up for him a lil bit and confuse us until Larry are allowed to come out? I’m scared if we get more Briana+Louis!

Can u please calm me down a bit?I’m really anxious about all of this Louis and Briana thing going on. I’m a new Larry shipper, since this Jan. And i know about Elounor bearding and all. But Briana? Why now?Arent Larry supposed to come out this year?



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Second:  since all of these messages came around the same time I’m gonna guess they are from the same distressed/panicked person. 


Fourth: Why do you give two shits about a girl who means absolutely nothing to Louis? She will NOT be his next beard bc he’s not going to get another one. His next step is coming out with Harry

Fifth: Louis and Harry are together and have been for 5 years. The rest is just “noise” designed to distract us from that fact. Now… 

So I was tagged by hypnotized-so-mesmerized to take a selfie as soon as I saw her own post(she’s gorgeous by the way🔫). I just got this app that makes you a gif so i thought I’d use it for this.

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Photo I took when I was in Naoshima in March. This area inspired part of the beach in the octo!Eren fic so I thought I’d share it! It was so pretty, I’ve never seen anything like it. Almost slipped a few times walking through here lol. This island is definitely not deserted like in the AU, since it’s visited a lot because of its art installations and museums. This place inspired me a lot, but I wouldn’t have thought a part of it would come through in a fic, even if only in a tiny way!

You know what? It’s disgusting how Neymar can’t have fun in his own home without some videos being leaked, BUT, it’s his fault too. He shouldn’t be drinking so much, he’s a professional football player, not a teenage boy. You don’t see any other young talents partying so much. You can say that he is just resting after a long season and he deserves it, ok I get it, but this is the only thing I just can’t support him in. Last time he got too drunk during season was at his birthday, and he was terribly off form for more than a month after that. I don’t want him to end up like Robinho .

Okay, so.

Yesterday I made a post. Guess which one. And it sort of blew up.

In case it wasn’t clear as day to you, I didn’t know anything about the subject. I made a mistake. I’m sorry. But a few people were kind and patient enough to actually explain what I didn’t understand instead of just ridiculing me and sending hate. I’m grateful to them for that.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t have any understanding of the subject, though. I’m sorry people were hurt and offended, I’m sorry I was ignorant, but rather than making me and others as uninformed as myself look like fools, it would be nice if people actually explained these issues to us, as a few did to me.

Thank you to those who helped me understand, and I’m sorry to those I hurt.

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omg. you think only cinnamon buns are good characters. newslfash because tumblr doesn't get it: problematic is so watered down people forgot what real immorality looks like. i don't mean fucked up. I mean the author of the harry potter books said people in favor of GENOCIDE were slytherin. this is not base selfishness. it is supporting the ERADICATION of an entire group. it's parallel to white supremacists.

Dude. Campadre. Buddy.

Puts a hand on ur shoulder.

Leans in.

Whispers very softly.

I never said there were not evil characters in Slytherin. I agreed that the base characteristics that define Slytherin means a lot of awful and evil people go there. I only said it wasn’t 100% evil or non evil. 

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(Tatara, could you tell me something funny about the CCG's and your views on them, i feel a little down and need a laugh. )


HE is always glad to throw shade at CCG

❝ Yeah. I will tell you the funniest joke I know…

❝CCG.That is the whole joke. 

{{However, there is also how Eto was able to slip right under CCG’s nose into the 20th ward headquarters, fooling the RC scanner gates due to her natural half-human half-ghoul body. But it amuses him that the One-Eyed-Owl that CCG scrambles and goes batshit over to find was right in their building and they did not know. The only thing that would have made it more amusing was if Eto transformed right there into her kakuja form and made them painfully aware of their incompetence and faulty technology. However, Eto was in her human cover as Takatsuki-sen and she had been in there on a mission to plant certain information they needed to instigate the events that led to procuring Yoshimura. Another amusing incident was when CCG was fooled by the simple diversion Aogiri enacted the 11th ward while they broke into cochlea. It was quite satisfying to see Marude’s plan foiled and seeing their oppositional forces look like a joke. If you want the funniest joke off all, however, let us discuss Houji’s outdated haircut.}}

tfw you suddenly have a wanting to make another muse s HIT

Have a selfie because I’m feeling reasonably cute right now 😊

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What is the worst fate imaginable to you?

                   ❛ —FAILURE. ❜


Tove Styrke is one of my favourites artists that has come out of Sweden in recent times and she literally had just dropped a new music video for her track Number One. The whole music video has a simple but strong message which is “Don’t Let Life Get You Down” with the rain cloud trying to ruin the happiness that Tove is experiencing but to no avail as she dances around the stage having the time of her life to the infectious and happy track - Jakk

Talon watches Ezreal and Draven when they’re together. It’s not the half-guilty furtive stalking of a voyeur but a clear and obvious study of the two of them. He doesn’t look away if they look at him, just tilts his head to a side in acknowledgment that yes, he is there, and continues to observe them with his keen-eyed gaze.

Ezreal doesn’t like touching. He told Talon that. But he touches Draven, somehow, and even more impressive, he lets Draven touch him.

So Talon watches. Talon studies. Talon learns.

This is Ezreal leaning into Draven’s hand as Draven pets his hair. This is Ezreal not flinching when Draven grabs his ass. This Ezreal settling back against Draven’s chest as if Draven is a pillar or a wall, something solid and trustworthy.

This is Ezreal, unafraid of Draven’s advantage in height and weight and muscle. This is Ezreal smiling up at Draven as he’s touched, pressing up on his tiptoes to mash his mouth against Draven’s. This is Ezreal initiating touch.

Talon watches and Talon studies and Talon learns but the conclusion he comes to is damning.

Ezreal can tolerate Draven’s touch because Ezreal isn’t scared of him.