I want to say goodbye to Kristoff, but I’m too weak. I hear him tell the servents to get me to Hans right away, and to keep me sade. The the doors sam and he’s gone. It shouldn’t matter. I’m about to see my true love! That’s what I should be thinking about. Instead I wonder if I’ll ever see Kristoff again…

Kaiba x Whiskey. My new OTP.

/// When we started @onedownfourup we never imagined we would reach a world wide audience. Now our Harley Sportster III is headed to its new home in Switzerland to be ridden hard by its proud new owner. Thank you @ironandair for featuring this bike and all our hard work in issue 15 and @the1moto show for the awesome @ornamentalconifer ‘Yes I Would Award’. We have more in the works from @onedownfourup including our #xl250VII, Dirt Quake USA, and beginning designs for our next ground-up build. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far.


I was tagged by the gorgeous newtypatootie to do the 20 beautiful people tag. Believe it or not, these pictures were taken 3 hours apart, that is the power of makeup 😂 Okay, i’ll try to tag 20 people but it’s late and my brain is dead so idk if i will be able to rirs-rirs actualphandomtrash it-me-pola ninocha gucci–down—the–boulevard itmeandyouknowit areallycleverusername ikindawantcake peace-out-little-munchkins phans3xual troyey dreamytronnor hella-zoella troyler-melodies profetchional itsjohnny homonimbus1 jija7 youtubefangirlperson dear-bunni You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, and if you want to do this but I didn’t tag you, consider yourself officially tagged 😊😊

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do the mod sby any chance have a site/blog they go to if they need to calm down? im really in need of calming down after viewing a really disturbing post, which was of an MRI when someone was shot through the head.. i dont know if it was real or not but it looked very real and its got me completely freaked out and the site i usually went to to calm down shut down a couple weeks ago..

For me, I find that engaging my brain in something is the easiest way to calm down. So I go here and zoom all the way in and count stars. It may not work for everyone, but that repetitive counting helps me come down from the edge of panic fastest.
–The Welsh One

// i wonder how many of these scars were related to hiccup, whether hiccup caused them or toothless got them saving hiccup…….. tiny baby….


Limits must indeed be tested, but for the moment I’ve had enough. In light of recent events, I will be temporarily removing myself from tumblr and the environment it breeds until I have the head for it again. I will probably be around on weekends, but my job is bad enough on its own, I don’t need to add this toxic trash heap to it.

Let me part with this: you people, who reblog endless amounts of ‘be nice to others,’ ‘don’t judge people,’ ‘raise your hand if you’ve been a victim of bullying,’ ‘it’s okay to make mistakes and change your mind and learn and grow as a person’ etc posts– the very same people are now patting themselves on the back for bullying a public figure off an online platform with absolutely vile behaviour. It doesn’t matter why he left. It might be entirely unrelated. The point is that I see post after post of people congratulating themselves and others for being so über nasty that someone literally could not take the abuse anymore and left. That is what you’re celebrating.

If ever anyone needed proof of what tumblr really is, this is it. You don’t want equality. You wan’t to be the biggest bully– and congratulations, you’ve succeeded. I hope you’re proud of yourselves. You proved nothing except that you are exactly the kind of people you claim to hate, and that you’re capable of exhibiting absolutely disgusting behaviour and a complete disregard of a person’s feelings. Famous people are people too. It’s time you guys remembered that.

And bullying is never ever ever okay, for whatever reason. If you don’t like it happening to yourself, don’t do it to others. And on the same note, how would you feel if someone clapped for your abusers in the hallway while they shoved you into a locker? Would you be the ones clapping? How has it become acceptable to celebrate and applaud such an absolute vile act?

Yeah, all y’all are champs. You won. You are the biggest bully. Tell your mom, I bet she’s proud.

My fave is problematic



Yay~ it’s done! Presenting Jamie’s headcanon of the Ryuugazaki brothers– Rei and Shion! T'was supposedly a solo pic but I added Rei as an extra coz it looked cute seeing their likeness & difference! It looks so simple but I hope you like it! Shion’s the fourth version of Rei’s brother I have drawn. xD

Check out his rp blog below!

Ryuugazaki Shion ©sweet-baby-jesus-and-the-orphans​ (ryuugazakishion​)