One Direction performs “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” 

This video is golden from start to finish and encapsulates everything that makes One Direction so special.  Thank you, Liam, for doing this!

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA

September 1, 2015

I’m so mad after seeing that video of harry checking his forehead to see if he was bleeding because he actually had to worry if he was bleeding while he was performing FOR YOU because your dumb ass decided to throw a red bull or whatever the fuck it was at him. stop throwing shit at the boys, like if you want to be noticed that bad throw a teddy bear or a shirt or something soft not a beer or red bull can that can actually hurt one of the boys physically or give them a concussion and also someone threw a camera at louis and people said he genuinely looked pissed and said something and several times niall has said not to throw things at them because it hurts so please just stop throwing things at the boys it’s not nice or cute.


Here’s my video of Fresh prince of bel air and Act my age tonight. Just watch mister Harold Styles. (Also president Niall and clueless lilo) 

One Direction in Cleveland, Ohio - August 27, 2015



What the fuck