I was tagged by Sophie @rogueandeskimo (thank you!! I know you couldn’t actually tag me now, I had 5sos and taylor swift on my blacklist…) for this tag challenge. I don’t know what the rules are but I’m guessing I’m supposed to answer your questions, make my own questions and then tag people??? 

Sophie’s questions:

1) If you had to choose which music video one direction would publish next, what song would you choose?
What a Feeling!!!!
2) fuck marry kiss kill: selena gomez demi lovato miley cyrus and taylor swift
Uh….hmmm well tbh I don’t like any of them so… if I was forced to choose I guess fuck Demi, marry Selena, kiss Miley and kill Taylor….
3) fuck marry kiss kill: liam louis harry niall 
I’d fuck Harry, marry Liam, kiss Niall and Louis and wouldn’t kill any of them
4) you have to choose : seeing everything in black and white until you’ll find your soulmate or being deaf?
hmm… I guess I’d rather be deaf, color is so important to me
5) do you have any tattoos (planned )? what’s the meaning? 
I don’t have any yet… I’m planning on getting a matching tattoo with my sister and we haven’t decided what to get yet. I want a Harry Potter tattoo (ik how basic…) I want to get a sun (like the kind of sun with a face… I can’t explain it..) for my mom because she has this giant metal sun hanging in our house and her favorite Christmas ornament that she puts on the tree every year is a sun
6) imagine you would have been born into a famous family, who would it be (i.e. the Pitt / Jolie Clan)
definitely not the Pitt/Jolie’s… um can P!nk and Carey Hart be my parents? (I can’t think of any other famous families that I don’t absolutely despise lol)
7) Buzzcut Liam or Buzzcut Zayn? 
I prefer them both with hair… buzzcut Zayn I guess
8) If you had to remove one song of each one direction album, which songs would you choose? 
UAN: Stole My Heart
TMH: Nobody Compares
MM: Little Black Dress
FOUR: Spaces
MITAM: Perfect
9) favourite female leader of a tv series?
Arya Stark from Game of Thrones
10) whats your dream url if none would be already taken? 
I want ziamharmonies… I already have ziam-harmonies but I would like it without the dash
11) it’s not a question but if you’re comfortable : write a “letter” to your best friend (if on tumblr tag them) /significant other saying nice things #spreadlove haha
I don’t have a best friend/significant other…

my questions: (plus my answers bc y’all know how much I love to over-share)

  1. if you were a couch, which 3 celebrities would you want to sit on you? Zayn, Liam and ???? (I failed my own question…)
  2. what’s your favorite candle scent? (or top 3 favorites if you’re like me and can’t choose just 1) Leaves, Pumpkin Caramel Latte and Winter (all 3 are Bath & Body Works)
  3. who are your top 3 favorite youtubers? (or top 3 tv shows if you don’t watch yt) KPopp, JennaMarbles, xsparkage
  4. how do you take your coffee or tea? coffee with either just cream or a flavored creamer
  5. if you had to delete one of 1D’s music videos which one would you choose? Perfect
  6. what’s your favorite conspiracy theory? (or something that you believe in that maybe not a lot of other people believe in?) The Mandela Effect
  7. choose a path: down a sandy hill leading to a sunny, private beach, a winding path through a dimly lit forest, a paved path through a bustling city, a quiet, deserted road along a set of train-tracks at night? a quiet, deserted road along a set of train-tracks at night
  8. choose which you’d rather have: a $1,200 gift card to sephora, a $700 amazon gift card plus a mystery product/grab bag worth $300, or a $600 gift card to any store you want and free gas for a year? $700 amazon card and a mystery grab bag
  9. choose what you’d rather have: the ability to talk to animals, the ability to communicate with the dead plus the power of invisibility, the powers of telepathy and telekinesis, or the ability to wish for anything and have it come true? telepathy and telekinesis
  10. what are your favorite and least favorite places that you’ve traveled to? favorite: Maya Riviera, Mexico; least favorite: NYC
  11. which historical figure do you think you could possibly have been in a past life? Marie Antoinette

I’m tagging: @0xyzen @zquadislaw @empty-altars @coeuralacreme @sameoldbloganddance @franksnikes @zlanet @roseygoldharry @ziamsthottie @ziamsnicotine @malikaesthetics @liamsolopayne @futuristiczayn @oh-no-its-elle @otpsoulmates so you guys can answer my questions (if you want to) and then make up your questions for people to answer… or at least I think that’s how this works….???



may be the best thing ive ever made


Harry can’t wink, pass it on.


i’ve been laughing for like 5 years 


“You guys have been amazing. Not just tonight but over the last year and a half, two years that One Direction have been together. Let me put it this way– you guys are the reason we are here tonight. You guys went out and you bought the cd, you bought all the tickets to these tours and we are so grateful. No way when we were making this album did we think that we were gonna be coming to America to do a tour. It’s absolutely amazing to be standing in front of 16,000 people.. this doesn’t happen to people from Mullingar.”
  - Niall Horan (May 25, 2012)


Night Changes {Left ear zayn & Right ear Harry}

Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection.
—  Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy. He could’ve been glib. He could’ve laughed. He could’ve just said, “I don’t know.” But he paused. And he thought. And he said this. And this is why he is so, so special.



Kung Fu Fighting 👊


h: i bought a tokyo t-shirt
audience: *laughs*
h: what?
l: nothing wrong with that

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