Louis nought and crosses tattoo being kisses from Harry would explain their behavior on Late Late show, December 3th 2015

So I have always felt I was missing out on a joke when James Corden was asking Louis about his stupidest tattoo on Late Late show.

Then today I see this picture on Twitter 👇 

😱 suddenly it clicks in my brain‼ Let me break it down:

This is the uncut interaction I speak of (1:05-1:14) 👇

Now what I found strange is Liam interrupting to suggest the nought and crosses tattoo. This made Louis babble a bit, like he could not find the right words, only to conclude; “I quite like that one” 👇

Liam’s reaction to this was also interesting; He nudges Louis in the side and then claps enthusiastically and laughs – like he just made a great joke ! 👇

And then there is Harry. When Louis says he quite likes that one, Harry instantly puts on his ‘I better hide my Louis fond’ scrunchy face 👇

All in all this makes so much sense if the crosses are indeed in Harry’s handwriting and symbolize kisses:

1) Liam is teasing Louis, knowing that Louis can’t really defend the tattoo.

2) Louis gets thrown a bit of track but in the end just says he quite like it.

3) Liam is proud of having made Louis babble a bit and nudge him to say “got you there mate” then laughs and claps at his own joke.

4) Harry can’t contain his fond when he hears Louis say he quite like his kisses.