“Girl Almighty”, I love one direction and I want every women to believe in themselves. Everyone deserves confidence but I wish for every girl to have the confidence that I gained because of my five boys.

“Stay made of lightning”, I’ve had body issues ever since I was young. I hated my stretch marks, but I realized they looked like lightning bolts. Lightning is strong, beautiful, and bright. I am filled and made of lightning.


harry styles’ tattoos lockscreens ✧*:・

like if you use/save please

Let’s have another toast to the Girl Almighty. Let’s pray we stay young, stay made of lightning.

So I did a thing today :) 

ED Recovery tattoo #2 because I am the Girl Almighty, I can conquer anything. Along with Demi Lovato’s signature heart to remind me that I am worthy of love.

aaaaaand yeah :)