#Sixty-Three (#Eleven P/BS) - Photo Album


If you’ve noticed, I am jumping around with the times for this series as well as the wedding series. I hope you don’t mind!  I kind of kept the ones I didn’t reveal the gender of a secret ;)

| Niall |

It’s been about ten years since I married Niall. We have two kids and a bunch of photo albums full of pictures of our little family. Our parents took pictures of us when we were little but they stopped a few years into our life. Niall and I have decided we’re going to follow through for a long time, even if we can’t get every single moment. That would be crazy to try and get a picture every single day. But we’re trying, already having six big ones in the book shelf.

“What’re you doing mama?” I heard Alfie coming down the stairs to see me flipping through an album from when he was born.

“Looking through an album of you.” I smiled up at him. He had his dads bright blue eyes and my (Y/Hair/C). He was such a good boy too, only nine now.

“Ohh, can I look?” He smiled, wearing some basketball shorts and a One Direction tee shirt. I wonder or convinced him to wear that? “Oh and Felicity is crying and dad can’t calm her down.” He mumbled, already enticed in the album.

I walked upstairs and down two different halls to Niall and I’s bedroom. Felicity is only four years old and lately Niall can’t seem to make her happy. “What’s wrong?” I kissed her stomach and she went silent. Niall looked at me and blinked.

“Well,” he sighed, lying on our bed.

“I pulled the albums out.” I picked Felicity up and played with her a bit, getting a few giggles.

“Ohh I want to go look at him.” Him and his son sound exactly the same and it warms my heart.

| Liam |

“That’s the last picture babe!” Liam yelled. I walked into the living room furious now, clearly the baby is sleeping and you can’t yell or they’ll wake up.

“Liam James Payne I am this close.” I warned him. His eyes went big and he said not a word. “I haven’t slept in a month and my nipples are going to fall off they’ve been sucked on so much. If you wake that baby up you’re gonna get it.” I whispered in a rude tone. I was beyond tired of doing the same thing over and over. Having to fix this and that since Liam doesn’t do it how I want it. That’s just how it’s been and going to be, says my mother.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”
“It’s alright.” I finally responded with, rubbing my face. I began crying silently and he got up to come hug me. “I’m so bloody tired.” I cried into his shirt. “Baby this is so hard.”

“Maybe you should let me help you, as in you need to show me how you do it so I can. You should be sleeping or putting that photo album together. Chill out baby you’ve done too much, let me help you.” He let it all out.

“Can I have a look at the album?” I kept sobbing.

He chuckled, “Of course. You’re going to love it.”

| Louis |

“I want the purple and green one, no basic blue and pink.” I talked on the phone with Louis.

“We’re having a girl if you remember.”

“We might have a boy!”

“Okay! Okay, I’ll get back ups. No blue or pink - too basic. I’ve got it. Any decor items for them?” I heard him say over the phone. He was out without me for how pregnant I am. As I look through the pictures we’ve taken throughout the pregnancy.

“I’ll pick up some cute baby things.” He chuckled when I didn’t respond.

“Sorry, I’m focused on these adorable pictures of you I’m putting in the album.” I smiled to myself, holding the pictures on my very pregnant stomach.

“Mhm.” He hummed. “I’ll see you in about an hour sweetie.” He kissed and hung up.

| Harry |

“That one there, this one here, this one next to that one.” I pointed quickly showing Harry where to put the pictures.

“You’re going to fast!” He whispered. I had just had Elliot and he’s only a week old. As I rocked him after breastfeeding him - Harry put the hospital pictures in our ‘Elliot’ album. I had learned in the time I’ve been pregnant and already having Elliot that I need to get things done quickly so I can get just an ounce of sleep. But I also need to do it the best I can.

“I’ve got it.” Harry reassured me when he saw the look on my face. “Go sleep, Elliot is asleep and there are only three pictures left. Go on, I’ve got him.” I handed Elliot over, the first time I had since the hospital.
I gave him a sad look, not meaning to but originally looking at Elliot. “(Y/N).” He said in a stern tone.

“Yes?” I looked at Harry.

“He’s my kid too, we’ll be okay.”

“I just want to look at him.” I slipped the album away from Harry and took it with me and Harry only laughed.

| Zayn |

“Look at this.” I showed my kids the stack of albums from the downstairs closet, or one of them at least. They all looked in awe, staring at the different ones. Some looked for the different years they were born and flipped through them.

“Pull out the albums again? Haven’t done that in a while!” Zayn came in kissing my cheek.

“I had forgot about these from when they were just babies.” I ran my fingers through their hair.

“What have we got, twelve?” Zayn laughed, pulling one to look at.

“Probably more than that.” We all laughed, “And there’s more to come.”

His favorite gif of you (request)

Niall -

You were backstage at a One Direction concert. A few fans with passes spotted you and started talking to you. You hadn’t had anything to eat all day and when the fans asked you how you had been you told them how hungry you were. They put it on youtube when they got home and fans made it into a gif straight away.



You were doing an interview with Zayn and the rest of the boys when they started to talk about hateful comments. When the interviewer asked you about how you took the hate you replied “Yeah, it actually really upsets me. I’m not the kind of person who deals with hate well, and just a few comments to a young girl, that’s all it takes.” The fans loved it and turned it into a gif.


The boys were doing a twitcam in the living room at your house and when you walked in and asked Harry what happened to the chips he replied “They went in my stomach.” You were on your period, so it was like WWW3 had started. The fans thought it was hilarious.



You decided you would takeover Liam’s makeup while he was shooting a music video. You two were playing around and a few fans thought it was funny so they started recording. When Liam saw the gif he fell in love, he loved the way you smiled and how your nose scrunched when you did.


You were doing a radio interview with the boys and they had done a competition for a 2 fans to come along to watch it. They host was letting fans call in and ask everyone questions. When a fan asked you what your favorite food was you replied “I don’t have a favorite food, I like a lot of food. I love everything that’s food.”


Jessie will rant now..

Can you imagine how fucking hurt Zayn is right now? He’s been getting tweets all day telling him he’s a dick for cheating on Perrie, telling him that he shouldn’t do drugs, and reminding him tattoos are permanent. WHAT THE FUCK? First of all, Zayn didn’t cheat on Perrie. People can edit videos to make it look that way you idiots. Secondly, a few photos of Zayn came up of him looking tired.. you think he’s on drugs? HE’S ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, OF FUCKING COURSE HE’S GOING TO LOOK TIRED SOMETIMES. And 3rd, I think he knows tattoos are permanent. They have meaning to him, why do you think he needs to tell you everything? I can’t believe some of you guys call yourselves fans. A real fan would know Zayn would never cheat, a real fan would know Zayn isn’t on drugs, that he’s just tired. And a real fan would KNOW the tattoos have meaning to Zayn, and that he doesn’t need to tell us everything about his life. I actually want the other 4 to delete their twitter accounts, I’m so sick of them getting hate. They’re justing living life, they don’t deserve any of this. Oh, Louis fell in love? Fucking kill him. Oh, Harry got a tattoo that had to do with his sister? Holy shit he needs to go to jail. Oh no Niall and Demi like each other, WWW3? Liam stood up for Danielle? Holy shit, he can’t do that can he? Just let them be themselves. You “FANS” are driving them apart, they’re going to break up if you keep going the way you are. Just let them be you stupid bitches.



His face😷😂

Preference #6 A friend tweets him a picture...

A/N: @(f/t/n) your friends twitter name

        @(y/t/n) your twitter name

        (y/n) your name

        (f/n) friends name

        (y/s/n) your ship name

Just making it obvious… :)


@(f/t/n): @Harry_Styles, guess who misses u?

@Harry_Styles: @(f/t/n) Tell @(y/t/n) that I’m on my way home, can’t stand seeing my baby like that.

Trending later: #(y/n)lovesbananastoo


@(f/t/n): @NiallOfficial now you know what (y/n) does when she miss u…

@NiallOfficial: Great pic @(y/t/n). @(y/t/n) when I get back you have to play for me. xxx

Trending later: #(y/n)theguitarist



@(f/t/n): @zaynmalik @(y/t/n) is just as beatuiful as u, u guys r perfect for each other #(y/s/n)

@zaynmalik: @(f/t/n) yep, she’s gorgeous, just as u. Miss u both!

Trending later: #(y/s/n) 



@(f/t/n): @Louis_Tomlinson borrowed us @(y/t/n) today. Sry, but you wont get her back… ;)

@Louis_Tomlinson: SHE’S MINE! Glad you can entertain my girl, thanks @(f/t/n)

Trending later: #Louisisjellous



@(f/t/n): @Real_Liam_Payne you have good influence on @(y/t/n), she just saw this guy and had to help him…

@Real_Liam_Payne: Yor rong @(f/t/n) she s the on who hav god influnce on mee…

Trending later: #Paynethebadguy

Preference #8 Halloween costumes

A/N: It was a while ago now, but just be happy that I post something while Im writing on some (hopefully) better stuff… :)




you really didn’t want to dress up so…



Preference #13 Tumblr analyzes your relationship (1/5)

Lets just talk about how (y/f/n) (y/l/n) and Harry Styles is perfect for each other. I mean just look at them!

they are so cute together!

and they are like old frinds and then they fell in love. can it get any cuter?

I love (y/n) so much, she takes out the best in him!

if they break up they will break my (y/s/n) heart too! :(

Just get married already?!

even though he is on tour they manage to meet up and hang. that is so cute!

(Y/N) is also very good friend with tha rest of the boys. Harry, you cant find anyone better!

Who can forget how good they looked when she joined them at the VMA’s

I can nothing than agree with Niall on this one. 

@Harry_Styles: Best kiss under the misteltoe. Love you @(y/t/n) <3

It is no doubts, Harry IS trying to kill us!

and she is wearing that shirt he bought her as a birthday present “You make me happy when skies are grey” awee!! <3

Who can forget how Harry told about them? and (y/n)s first reaction when fans told how much they liked them?!

okay, now I’m done talking about (y/s/n). If you didn’t like them before you better do now or feel free to leave!

Preference #15 tumblr analyzes your relationship 3/5

Right so now lets spend a few minutes of our lifes looking at the perfection of Louis and his lovely girlfriend (y/n)

just by looking at how they look at each other you get jellous. that’s not fair!

everytimes I see a picture of them I just cant deny how lucky they are (and trust me, I'v seen A LOT of pictures!)

Dont you all remeber when Louis tweeted this picture eight months after his and el’s breakup wit the caption “My girlfriend looks beautiful even without makeup on” What an adorable way of telling everybody!

Those of you that say (y/n) is just an beard, or that Louis was happier with El, or Hannah or anybody, no. just no. You have obviously not looked at any (y/s/n) pictures!

Beeing adorable as always- anytime, anyday.

See how protective he is of her?! I want a relationship like theirs!

Here they are at the MTV movie awards, and (y/n) got  Louis to agree on bringing Fizzy! Another reason to love (y/n)!

While we’re talking about reasons to love (y/n) I have to mention her ceekyness and sass. She tweetet this saying “Wow, who thought Louis could paint nails? That’s right. Noone. Thanks Lottie! <3”

 Here they are, just casually walking around. And notice the smiles that never fade!

Watching Daisy and Phoebes schoolplay. How many girlfriends do that? One.

Lastly, I’ll end my rant about (y/s/n) with my fave picture of them, and I hope that if you didn’t ship them before you do now. That’s all…

Preference #14 Tumblr analyzes your relationship (2/5)

My favorite ship of all time is defnely (y/s/n). Niall and (y/n) is perfect for each other! 

When you look at any (y/s/n) picture you cant deny the happines they radiate.

The famous boyband hottie Niall Horan and the extraordinary goregous actress (y/f/n) (y/l/n) who fell for each other. Nothing beats their love story!

I just love how they freak out together.

And the way they look at each other… Why can’t I have a relationship like that??

This is from their vaccation to Greece. Can they look any more perfect?!

When somebody asks me to pick my favorite picture of (y/s/n) I could sit for hours and give different examples.. Like this one that Liam tweeeted at the start of their relationship

Here they are, at a damn fucking festival! How cute isn’t that?!

And here, when (y/n) is joining Niall on tour. Adorable aren’t they?!

And here they are, caught by a pair of paparazzis, on the way from one of his bands recordings. ASDFGHGHghgFASFDJSOLF 

You can say it’s a cliché, but I just think it’s way to adorable when Niall had this as his profile pic on twitter.

Im not sure who I will feel most for if they break up.. But hopfully I dont have to worry.

Remember when Niall tweeted this.. Without a caption.. I wouldn’t be suprised if we see a ring on (y/n)s finger sometimes soon…

I shall now leave you with this beautiful picture of my two fave celebrities. They will always look good togehter!