Harry screaming the word “anniversary” on the day of the supposed Larry wedding anniversary, was one of the best and wildest things EVER

Karaoke Nights

Michael Clifford x Reader

so this one was totally a spur of the moment thing but i’m absolute Michael trash so it was only a matter of time before i wrote something involving him. let me know what you think!!

(also shoutout to jen for giving me like ten song ideas because she gave me good ones but i’m a douche and went with this one instead haha oops sorry man)

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Brit(ton) is a mystery actor. she can’t even spell her own name right.

she is “keeping the fandom alive” because “the Outsiders is her life source and she’ll die without it.” She lives for the Outsiders.

Niall Horan lives for One Direction. he will tour, even when he’s fat and old, like he promised in Act My Age.

but he’ll never be old, because of his baby face. y'know who else doesn’t look old? Ralph George Macchio Jr.

Junior means smaller. Niall is small. He is 5'8" and Ralph is 5'9. “Brit” is 4'11 because she’s a smol little bean.

Louis Tomlinson is a smol little bean and he is Niall’s band mate. Johnny Cade is also a smol little bean, as described by Ponyboy Curtis on page 191 when he was describing his experience cuddling with The Ultimate Cuddle Buddy™. Ralph Macchio played Johnny Cade, in the Outsiders.

in’s video, Ralph was happy to be recognized by his fans as the guy who was Johnny Cade. Niall Horan is happy to be recognized by That Guy in One Direction™.


obviously, Niall Horan = Ralph Macchio

and Niall Horan = Ralph Macchio = Britton - if that’s even you real name.

Illuminati Confirmed™