parent: what number comes before 2?

baby: w- w- w-

parent: o- one? come on, you can say it





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OTRA Brisbane 11/2

Last night was absolutely magical! I went to the concert in my ‘Safe Spaces For All’ Rainbow Direction shirt and was noticed by a few people and two girls actually came over and started talking to me after noticing my shirt. I didn’t see any of the other Rainbow Directioners but I’m sure they were there! I didn’t take any photos or videos though because iphone batteries suck!

First off having the boys so close was so amazing I nearly died. I spotted Teddy Mercury straight away as well and that made me so excited!

I was so happy to see Harry and Louis singing next to each other at different times and sitting back to back when they all sat down. All of the boys looked tired but they were really loving it, especially Harry and Liam. Liam has this most precious smile on his face whenever he’d ask us to sing and Harry was just dancing like the goof that he is and interacting with the crowd the most. Liam kept going and taking hats and stuff from people in the crowd and wearing them.

Someone threw a bra on stage and Harry asked if she wanted it back and gave it back to her. (what a cutie) Liam went around wearing a bottle-cork hat and looked so dorky and adorable. Niall came out in a Bronco’s Jersey (Aussie team) and started talking in a really okka australian accent.

Louis kept pulling silly cross-eyed faces when singing and it was so cute. Zayn seemed a little quiet but his hair and his high notes were on point. I went silent every time he went to sing, same with Louis’ solos.

Harry sprayed water out of his mouth and it was majestic, his nipple popped out at some point too because that shirt covers nothing and i love it. He put his hair in a man bun and it was beautiful.


When Niall introduced 'Don’t forget where you belong’ the crowd went crazy! And we made sure to sing that back as loud as we could and he seemed touched by it.

Harry almost fell over early in the show - what a clumsy loveable idiot.

Some girls from the show had given a large part of the crowd posters that read 'AUS *hearts* 1D’ and we all held them up during Night Changes and Liam was so surprised and so touched by it, he said it was the first Australian show that has done that and he loved it. The fireworks were amazing and the boys just did a really good show. Even though it was a mixed set list like Sydney, I still thoroughly enjoyed it!

All in all it went too quickly and I need to see them again!

I would love if people in this fandom realised that Rainbow Direction is for participants and not for the boys. I support safe spaces for all because as a queer girl I want to offer LBGTQIA fen a place they can discuss what they want without fear of persecution or judgement. I will also be wearing a rainbow at my 1D concert this year in the hopes that LBGTQIA fen feel comfortable to speak to me or acknowledge me in solidarity.

Whilst I have my own thoughts on the treatment of queer fen and the attitude of the fandom as a whole on LBGTQIA issues, this is about making vulnerable people feel safe.

Representation is important to so many people. Representation is not ‘outing’, or ‘shipping’. It’s about the participants and the audience.

Rainbow Direction’s “Where We Are” video celebrates 1st Anniversairy

Watch the Rainbow Direction video! Rainbow Direction, a fan based initiative, dedicated to strengthening the LGBTQ+ community, educating people on LGBTQ+ issues and promoting support within the One Direction fandom, is proud to reveal the Rainbow Direction campaign video!

One year and almost 18.000 combined views later, we are happy to look back onto not just this one, but another succesful world tour as well as several promotional dates filled with rainbows, pride colours and safe spaces.

There is a lot more to come and in store for you as we move further into 2016 and we hope to take you on this on-going journey with us,

Thank you!

Preference #6: Hating On Your Vibe

#6: Hating on Your Vibe - He basically annoys you about something that you are very passionate about to a very high extreme. 


“If you dare say that Supernatural is a pointless show again, you can sleep on the couch for the rest of your damned life,” you hissed out of your teeth as you turned back to the show, the episode really one of the best ones that you had seen in a while.

“It’s all made up!” he pressed on, inching closer to your hand that held the remote as if you didn’t know what he was trying to do. “Like demons? Angels? Lord knows there ain’t anythin’ like that.”

“And when a demon possesses my body and you find me beating the hell out of you, don’t be surprised because you deserve it! You have a TV in our room, go and watch the game there!”

“This is my favourite seat,” he whined and you rolled your eyes at him. “Please? Pretty please?”

“For the last time no. I have waited all week for this episode and I am not missing it because you want to watch a dumb soccer game!”

“Oi, football is not dumb!”

“Guys chasing after a ball to kick it into a goal and faking injuries 24/7 for penalties. Sounds like a wonderful sport,” you snort only to yelp when he snatched the remote from your hand and changed the channel, his game starting just in time as you try and get it back from him.

“You can watch it online,” he reasoned, hugging you to his chest as he lay back on the couch, legs wrapped around yours so you couldn’t kick him and arms holding you tightly together.

“This isn’t fair!”

“Life ain’t fair either darlin’.”

Supernatural is better than this!”

“Nothing beats a good ole game of footie,” he reasoned, pressing a kiss to the top of your hairline as you shot daggers at him.

“You fucking owe me for making me watch this bullshit.”

“I’ll pretend to be that Dean character when we fuck tonight. Deal?”

“…for now.”


“Rise and shine darling,” he sang and you waved your hand blindly in the air, hoping to smack him for waking you up. It worked when you heard his soft “Ow” when your hand connected with the hardness of his chest.

“Fuck off, I’m sleeping,” you murmur into your pillow, pulling the sheets up around your shoulders, the warmth making you sigh in contentment.

“Firstly, thank you for bruising my chest. Secondly, it’s eleven in the morning. Thirdly, you promised me that you would go running with me this morning,” he said in your ear, tugging at your ponytail lightly as you made more incoherent noises, pushing at his chest to make him leave you alone to fall back asleep.

“I lied, I’m sorry, I’m having an affair with the bed. It’s too soon to leave. Have a good run baby come back soon,” you yawn out, rolling over onto your stomach as you cuddle a pillow to replace the entity that was normally Liam.

“Babe exercise is better than sleep, especially when you need—“

“Are you calling me fat?” You question, opening one eye and turning to him for the first time for the morning. He was dressed in a light brown hoodie and a pair of grey joggers as he propped his head up on his hand to stare at you. The panic on his face nearly made you lose your poker face as you accused him of bothering you about your insecurity of your weight even though you knew that it was never an issue and never would be with him.

“No not at all! Of course not, you’re perfect!” he stated immediately. “I’m just saying like a healthy way of gaining more energy and being fit would be to come running with me.”

“I pick sleep. Work me out later.” He sighed when you dropped him a glittering wink.

“Alright, if you insist. We’re gonna compensate for this no running thing though.”

“Can’t wait,” you say, blowing him a kiss as he walked out the door, laughing and shaking his head.


“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND WE COULD FEED A SMALL VILLAGE IN AFRICA WITH THAT MONEY!” you shout at him from the couch as he stared at you, eyes wide and bewildered as he offered you a brand new dress from what seemed to be Valentino. All your eyes trained on was the whooping $10,500 price tag that hung off of it.

“It thought it would look good on you and it’s your birthday in a couple days,” he explained. “Why are you shouting at me?”

“Oh my God Zayn that dress is so expensive, Jesus Christ can you still return it? Can you return Valentino? Oh my God you’re an idiot why would I need a Valentino dress you’re insane oh my God that could give feed an entire village in Africa for months—“

“Can you slow down?!” He placed the dress on the coffee table, ignoring how you flinched away from it like it was diseased. “I bought it so you could wear it. It’s not a big deal babe, really.”

“Zayn that 10K worth of cut up fabric,” you shudder. “I didn’t need a new dress babe, Lord knows that I would have made due with something in my closet next week.”

“But…like I wanted to buy it. It’s not a big deal. There was this one that I thought you would look good in too for around 12K but it had sequins and I know you don’t like those so I didn’t get it.” You found it alarming that he was willing to spend so much money on you. Extremely alarming that he was talking about it so casually like he had nothing to lose. Well, he really didn’t being Zayn Malik and all but just looking at the red fabric made you want to burst into tears because God it was so much money.

“Zayn…okay I know you wanna spoil me and all but, God, buy me shoes or something. Or like non-expensive things that I could probably buy myself. Like this dress is beautiful, it really is but I’m not accepting it. It’s way too much.”

“To be honest I don’t care,” he answered and you raised your eyebrows. It wasn’t often when Zayn disagreed about something with you, especially concerning money. “I wanted to buy it so I did. I’m giving it to you because I love you. End of discussion.”

“But Zayn—“

“End of discussion. Now mind taking off your clothes to try it on?”


“Love, we both know you only love baseball because of the fact that any man’s arse looks ten times better than it does normally.”

“Excuse fucking me Tomlinson but it takes hardly anything to run back and forth across a fucking field compared to having to hit 90 miles an hour baseballs hurtling at your face.”

You were having the age old argument with him. Honestly, normally it was something random that you wanted to talk about concerning baseball and you actually thought that you both could have a civilized discussion about sports. But of course, Louis always tried to upstage your preference by comparing how much better “football” was compared to your beloved baseball. And of course, you both ended up getting into an argument because of it.

“Oh please, what do you even know about baseball! You’re a girl!” That set you off immediately and he knew it. The moment it slipped out of his mouth, his eyes widened from his position on the kitchen counter to where he watched you slicing up an onion for dinner. Pointing the knife at him, he immediately raised his hands up in defence as you walked up closer to him.

“You know very well that I used to play baseball Tomlinson,” you said to him. “You know damn well that I was the starting pitcher and best right field that any team ever had. I’ve been watching and playing baseball almost as long as you’ve been playing and watching damned soccer so don’t tell me that I don’t know anything about my sport.”

“I’ll um wear the Yankees uniform for Halloween,” he bargained. “Just put the knife down babe.”

“The pants too?”

“Anything for you…and I’m not just saying yes because you have a knife pointed at me but because I love you very, very, very much.”


You were hanging onto his leg and he was just staring at you. There was no expression on his face other than just him looking down at you and probably thinking that you were close to insane. 

 “Please?” you begged and he shook his head. “Please? Come on it won’t hurt anyone!”

 “I’m not taking a selfie.” You hugged his leg tighter as he tried to wiggle away. 

“Harry please! You always say my selfies are so pretty, so be in one loser!” 

“Insulting me won’t make me take a selfie with you baby,” he replied, casually bending over to pick you up, squealing and shaking as he tickled you repeatedly. You knew Harry loved taking pictures, his photos always some weird boyband basic trend that you had seen so many times before. But hardly had he taken a selfie with you to post personally. He had no problem with stealing group photos and ones that other people took of you both, but when it came to taking picture of himself, you had literally never met anyone so camera shy. 

 “Please?” You laughed out once he finished with his tickles. “Just one selfie before we go to Liam’s party.”

“Do I have to?” he whined and you nodded. “I don’t even like photos baby please? People are gonna take pictures of us anyway!”

 “But I want a photo of us!” He groaned. 

 “Just this once,” he warned and you squealed, grabbing your phone and pressing a kiss to his cheek repeatedly so you knew he was gonna smile as you snapped the picture quickly. 

 “See! Look how fucking adorable that is!”

“Yeah yeah, let’s go Miss Paparazzi.”

Hey Friends, 

The ever lovely Verily-I-Say is sending me the STRONG poster for the Brisbane Show on Wednesday! I would love to continue the journey of the poster and send it onto the next concert, which is the Melbourne one on the 14th! So if I have any followers going (or if people with more followers could pretty please reblog to get the message out!!) 

Please message me your details and I will happily send it along! 


Okay, so I wasn’t going to write about this. But other Rainbow Direction participants have been submitting their stories mad late still and the TMHFN blog has been encouraging fans to come forward with their experiences, so here I am. For a while I’ve been debating whether or not this was worth writing about. Considering how bold and deliberate Harry and the other boys have been in the past with their support of the LGBTQIA+ community, it kinda seems like a really inconsequential thing. But it’s still a great thing, and even though so much surrounding the boys is rainbows and love and unmitigated acceptance, this tiny gesture in the wake of many massive gestures still meant the world to me, and I should probably share it in case it matters to anyone else.

I flew from So. Florida to the Minneapolis concert on the 26th of July which will go down in 1D history as being the iconic show where Louis tore Liam’s shirt open. Other than that it was mostly a blur because I was completely turnt the entire time and screeched the lyrics to every song till I had no voice and danced till I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. It was my first 1D concert and was unquestionably one of the best nights of my 24 years of life.

I did manage to attend the Rainbow Direction meetup beforehand and got pumped with the other girls before the festivities began. Flying by myself all the way from the other side of the country, it was an immense joy and comfort to share the experience with those who you knew were there for the right reasons and supporting the right causes. peterpanlouishappilysunlight, tiedtogetherwithadagger, jaerie. All the love to you lot.

Okay, getting to the good bits now. So I brought a massive rainbow flag and wore it around as a cape while I explored the city the morning of the concert (a little boy told me I looked like a super hero, so that was kind of great) and got a ton of compliments and a couple people took my picture cause I guess I looked odd, but no one made the connection to One Direction until I made it to the stadium. Literally not one snide remark or negative experience the entire time. Other fans were running up and commenting on my flag and saying how cool it was and some of our crew were handing out rainbow stickers and buttons to those who wanted to join our safe spaces movement.

From the minute the boys came out on stage, my flag was waving high in the sky. I was blessed with a fairly close floor seat view and was at the front of the first aisle, so from the catwalk part of the stage, you could see my entire flag. I wasn’t expecting any of the boys to react to it, but was hoping it might catch their eye at some point. During Kiss You, Harry was singing passionately to our section and lookeD DIRECTLY AT ME AND POINTED DIRECTLY AT ME AND GAVE ME A THUMBS UP WITH THE CUTEST SMILE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED.

It was so surreal at the time. It’s still surreal tbh and my brain isn’t 100% convinced it happened. Immediately the girls around me screamed and grabbed me and flailed along with me and repeatedly shouted “OMG” and “It was you! It was you!” Absolute euphoria.

Thanks to jaerie for capturing that moment x (first gif), and the girl next to me for not really getting Harry (second gif lmao), but kind of capturing the aftermath. I mean, this is a boy who has actually danced with a rainbow flag on stage, so this is probably not even a big deal. But I needed to write it all out and catalog it and have it for sad days. Okay, thanks for reading my ramblings.

Okay, so here’s the official info about #GothenburgBalloonProject! ideniallmyfeelings has chosen to swish over a bit of money to me, which is totally okay if you don’t have the time to buy or bring balloons yourself, so I will bring at least four packs of balloons. Is there anyone else that I’ve tagged feeling like they want to participate? actuallyredorchid ememma larryonmywaywardsonx
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