Okay, so here’s the official info about #GothenburgBalloonProject! ideniallmyfeelings has chosen to swish over a bit of money to me, which is totally okay if you don’t have the time to buy or bring balloons yourself, so I will bring at least four packs of balloons. Is there anyone else that I’ve tagged feeling like they want to participate? actuallyredorchid ememma larryonmywaywardsonx
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*note: M.E stands for Marriage Equality

US OTRA Leg and LGBT(QA) Rights

I’ve seen a lot of people linking the places where one direction will be performing in the US with LGBT rights so I decided to do a little bit of research. Above are some facts that I compiled from various sources (I am not responsible for what the sources say I just recorded and complied it)

Also I saw a map circulating tumblr about LGBT rights so I outlined the states where there are concerts (this isn’t mine, again I just outlined the states)

Another really interesting map to look at:

I don’t mean to imply anything (these are just facts that I gathered) and here are links to the sources I used if you want to fact check… Theres also the very real possibility that I mistyped something so let me know

% of LGBT in State, Rank In Us by total % (2012)

10 most LGBT friendly cities 

12 Best Places for LGBT Rights

LGBT Equality Rating

“Gayest” Cities in America

Where is Gay Marriage Legal

State % Support for Marriage Equality


Hey guys, I’m looking for a longterm partner for roleplay on either Kik or Skype. Now I only do BoyXBoy (gay) and I’m being kinda picky nowadays with who I rp with.

1) third person, I physically cannot do first person or skript style, it has to be paragraph, length doesn’t matter.

2) don’t use ** they are annoying

3)don’t open then not reply. I get that everyone has a life but at least let me know if you are going to be a away for a while. And on that note when you message me and it takes a little while for me to message back that doesn’t mean that I’m not interested I’m probably just busy

4) the rp can’t be all fluff and sunshine, I like a bit of drama, but not too much.

5) if I’m not feeling and rp I’ll let you know and i want you to do the same. We can start over with a new pairing or the same with a new plot

6) Have good grammar, good being the key word. Im not expecting you to be perfect.

7) I do almost every shipping and I’m in a lot of fandom’s so just message me and we can work it out 😁😁😁😁😘

Kik: Digikid2
Skype: Columbushickmon