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THANK YOU FOR 200! Here’s a little thing I wrote just for you guys!

                                                Aspen X Justin 

Raw talent. The two words that pop into my mind as I watch my boyfriend, Justin Bieber sing his heart out into a recording studio mic. His biceps flex as he grips the stand and his jawline tenses with each note and syllable. His eyes are closed in this moment so he can’t blush as I look him up and own analyzing his every move.

He sings a high note and I’d be lying if I said my already damp panties didn’t become soaked. He opens his eyes and a slow, crooked grin graces his face as he motions for me to enter the studio. I politely push past Scooter and a few others involved in his creative process and walk into the booth.

“How did I sound baby?” He asks me his arms winding around my waist and pulling me towards him. I take a deep breath of his cologne and snuggle into his embrace placing a small peppering of kisses at the base of his neck.

“Mmm. You sounded amazing as per usual, but you knew that didn’t you?” Justin chuckles and his hands reach down to cup my jean clad ass.

“Yeah I knew that, love to hear you say it though” he whispers giving my booty a slight pinch.

“Can we go home or do you have to lay down something else?” Justin glances over my shoulder I assume to look at Scoot. With a short laugh he places his lips next to my ear and nibbles at my earring before answering,

“I’m gonna lay something down but it won’t be a track” he says sexily. The studio heats up considerably and I clear my throat when I hear Justin’s boys laughing behind me.

“They can hear you you jerk” he slaps one ass cheek, then the other and with a squeeze he ushers us out the booth.

“Gentlemen,” he says with a nod of his snapback covered head the crew snickers and Scoot whistles. The walk from the studio is a hellish adventure. Justin uses me to cover his boner as we push through the hoards of paparazzi and a few screaming girls. We reach his car and the driver takes off immediately, as the partition rolls up Justin slithers a hand onto my thigh and leans forward until my head rests against the window.

“What are you up to?” I ask coyly he responds by trailing his hand up and flicking open the button of my jeans. I watch as he toys with the sliver of black lace showing and pushes past it to soothe the throbbing piece of flesh that rest between my lower lips.

“Justin,” I moan quietly as his middle finger rubs the bundle of nerves tentative circles, he mimics my mouth every time I gasp and I reach up and slap away his stupid hat letting his pinkish grayish hair fall into his eyes.

“Aspen, are you close babe?” He asks as his index finger take an experimental dip into my vagina and slips in with ease. My muscles clench up and before I know it I’m curling into him and biting down on his jacket to keep in the scream building up inside.

“Fuck,” I whisper with a shaky breath and Justin grins smugly his hand still down my panties moving in slow, tortuous motions. I can feel the burning building up again inside me.

“Think you can give me one more?” He says but before I can answer the car jerks to a stop and there’s a knock on Justin’s door. He takes his hands from my panties and I hurriedly zip and button back up smoothing my hair before he opens the door. The occasional camera flash goes off as we walk up the driveway to his home and the papz shout out some nonsense to which I flash my middle finger. The same finger that holds the promise ring Justin gave me last month.

“You’re bad as fuck Pen” he tells me shutting the front door behind us and locking it before he follows me to his elevator. I giggle and press the button shimmying out of my clothes as the doors open I step inside and press the closing button before Justin can get in I hear a frustrated growl when the door closes and when they open again a panting Justin grabs me and hauls me over his shoulder.

“You little tease” he murmurs placing me in the middle of his king sized bed before dropping his pants and tearing off his shirt. I practically rip off my bra and throw it across the room before he pounces on me, my back smashing against a tower of silken pillows. His hands run through my hair, his thumbs pressing against my cheeks with a bruising force and I let out a tiny moan. He sucks on my bottom lip, occasionally massaging it with his tongue in between sucks and by the time he releases it its swollen and pouting.

He grins his sexy ass grin and lowers his head to my breasts. He takes one nipple into his mouth and rolls the other between his thumb and forefinger I arch into his palm and mouth and he gives a devious laugh. Kissing down my stomach he motions for me to lift my hips and I obey and he makes quick work of tearing away my panties. He makes a dash for my exposed flesh  but before he can put his mouth on me I stop him with a hard tug of his messy hair.

“ I just want you inside me,” I whisper and if the words weren’t so filthy it would’ve sounded innocent he nods and licks a trail from my belly button to my neck.

“Grab a condom baby,” he instructs as he pulled down his Calvin Klein briefs I roll onto my stomach and reach for the bedside drawer and yank it open rummaging around for the golden foil.

“Ah ha!” I say as I grab hold of the contraceptive he grabs it and rips it open before rolling it onto his impossibly hard member.

“I love you Aspen” he says in a raspy voice and I answer him with a long kiss, reaching between us to guide him to my center.

“I love you Justin,” I say breathlessly as he starts to rock his hips into mine.

“Fucking give it to me” he grunts lifting my legs higher his new position jabbing the spot inside me that only he has ever been able to find.

“mnhh. Shit. Jus-” I moan but he swallows each one with a hard, bruising kiss. I squeeze around him and his hips stutter twice before he picks up speed again, my head bumping casually into the bed board but I’m too fucking lost to care.

“Aspen tell me it’s mine,” he groans and I dig my nails into his flexing shoulder blades

“it’s yours baby, fucking take it!” I encourage and

He breathes heavily and groans and that sound alone is enough to send me spiraling. The pressure in my abdomen becomes a tight coil and Justin’s hips begin to snap to mine in a frenzied motion and slowly and all too quickly he’s clutching me to him and gasping my name as my walls coax his release. I let out a scream that I’ve been holding since the car ride and he sucks gently at my neck between pants.

“I could write a whole album about what it’s like to be inside you” Justin says with a laugh and I can’t help but to join in. 

“Get on that Asap” I instruct and he gives a tired shake of his head before covering my lips with a sleepy kiss.


***WARNING- smut******

“Alright class, that’s all for today. Your papers are due next week, have them turned in because they count for a good percentage of your grade.” Harry said to his students as they packed up to leave. He was stressed, ready to go back to his house and finally get some sleep.

One by one students trickled out of the door, and Harry packed up his things to go. But he turned around when he heard the door shut and the lock click, turning to see one of his students, one that’s been driving him crazy.

“Hi, what can I help you with?” He asked, trying to avoid scanning her body but failed miserable and she strutted over to him, hips swaying.

“I came to talk to you about my grade on the last test.” She said to him, voice soft and sweet as it usually was. She say down at the chair he had sitting near his desk, and he sat down as well.

“What about it?” She had gotten a horrible grade, and Harry was disappointed because he knew she was capable of passing it, but just didn’t have the drive.

“I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to change it. I might not be passing your class and it’s so hard. I don’t know what to do.” She pouted. Harry could feel his dick twitch in his pants, watching her lips form every word, and when she said ‘so hard’, God gave him strength to hold back.

“Well we can set you up with a tutor, if you’d like. I have a list of people that could really help you out.” He suggested. But she wasn’t having any of that. Getting up from her chair, she walked around to where he was sat in his office chair, and he shot her a confused look until she decided to climb on to his lap, straddling him. He was frozen under her, trying not to touch her. If he did he knew he would lose it.

“But Mr.Styles…” She whined, her hands reaching to play with his tie. “I don’t want to learn from someone else. Like I told you, it’s…” She leaned down to whisper in his ear. “So hard.” She whispered, grinding her hear against his erection. He gulped, looking at her with wide eyes. He was in trouble.

“Um, miss, I need you to get off of me, this is highly inappropriate.” He said lowly, motioning for her to get off.

“But you don’t want that, Mr.Styles… I see the way you look at me in class. You want me. And I can feel you.” She smirked, pressing herself down on to his erection again causing him to groan.

“I can’t do this, it’s not right. What do you want?” He asked trying to keep his cool. It was very hard when he had a very, very attractive girl on top of him, grinding against him. Something he had had actually dreams about.

“I want your help… Make sure I get all A’s in this class. And if you do that, I’ll give you whatever you want.” She purred into his ear, hands trailing down his chest, lips pressing against his skin.

He was done.

His hands reaches to her, one hand grabbing her hair and fisting it like a pony tail, the other rested on her ass, spanking it lightly.
“So you want to be naughty, hmm? Seduce your teacher, make em give you want you want? Is that what you do?” He hissed quietly, his breathing heavy as he pulled her face close to his.

She smirked at him, loving the feeling of his hands gripping her roughly. She had wanted this for a long, long time.
“Mr.Styles, I’m only naughty for you I promise. I always touch myself at the thought of you. I think about you fucking me hard against the wall, and on your desk. And sucking you off under your desk while you grade papers. Don’t you want that?” She said in a Low voice. And that’s when Harry really cracked.

Yanking her face towards his, he kissed her hard. Deeply and and sloppily, their lips met and tongues came out, swirling around each other. Both of their hands were traveling each other’s bodies, her hands in his hair and his on her ass. Pulling her against him as closely as he could he mumbled against her lips.
“So fùcking sexy baby, god damn it. Wanted you for so long. Came in here with those short skirts and small shirts, wanting to kill me.” He growled in between kisses. She nodded and whimpered.

“Please, Mr.Styles… Touch me.” She said taking his hand and putting it on top of her heat. He lifted the skirt she was wearing and slid his hand inside her panties, finding her clit and rubbing gentle circles. “You’re so wet, fück. Wet for me aren’t you?” He murmured into her ear.

“Yes, yes please… All for you, more.” She whined, bucking her wetness into his hand. He nodded and slipped a finger into her, cursing at how tight she was. “You’re so tight, baby. Shit. You’ll feel so good wrapped around me.” She moaned at his words, wanting what he was offering so badly.

Her hands tugged on his belt signaling she wanted it off. He stood up and signaled for her to get on her knees, and as soon as she could she grabbed at his belt and undid it.

“Desperate little girl…” He chuckled as she hurried to unbutton and unzip his pants, tugging down his boxers. As soon as she saw his length, her eyes widened. It was bigger than what she’s ever seen, and she almost moaned out loud at the thought of it inside of her. Carefully she reached up and grabbed it, stroking it a couple of times, looking mesmerized.“ So big…”

Harry on the other hand was swimming in pleasure. He had a pretty young girl on her knees, small hands wrapped around his cock. When she stared pressing kisses on it, he knew he was one lucky son of a bitch.
“That’s it baby, that’s nice.” He hummed.

She slowly took the tip of him inside her mouth sucking gently, before starting to bob up and down on his cock. And well Harry, he was in heaven. Her warm mouth wrapped around him was just what he needed.

“Yes, fuck yes.” He cursed as her hand moved to scratch down his stomach under his shirt. His hips bucked into her mouth making her gag a bit, but he didn’t care. It was all so good.

When he felt himself getting close he pulled her off his cock and motioned for her to stand up.
“Bend over the desk.” He said lowly, and she did as told, only wiggling her ass. It was stopped only seconds later by his large hand spanking her harshly this time. She gasped and tried to move away from his hand but he grabbed her waist quickly.

“No. If you want to tease me, you get punished.” He grit through his teeth, spanking her 10 more times. She whimpered and whined, but pain turned to pleasure after the fifth strike. She was aching now, dripping wet for him.

He took his cock and teased her folds with it, rubbing her clit with the head. “Do you want it baby? Tell me how badly.”

She nodded rapidly and pleaded with him, hiccuping because she was so desperate for it.
“Please sir, I need it so badly. I’ve wanted it for so long, please please fuck me.” That’s all Harry needed to hear before sliding into her.

Immediately he felt the warmth, the wetness and the tightness. She felt amazing just wrapped around him, he could feel her throbbing with need. He decided he had teased her enough, starting to slowly thrust into her. The wetness spread all over his cock and thighs but he didn’t care, it was so fùcking good.

“Harder, more.” She whined, sticking her ass out for harder thrusts. But what she got was a spanking again.
“Don’t be fucking greedy.” He hissed in her ear, thrusting slower.

Finally he felt like he was going nuts with the slow thrusts and without warning started to thrust faster and harder. The breath left her lungs as she leaned over the desk, knocking over his pencils and paper but he didn’t care.

Her hands were holding on to the edge of the desk desperately as he thrusted into her.
“So good, Mr.Styles, uh.” She cried out. He smirked and pulled out, leaving her whining.

“Shut up baby, sit on top of the desk. I want to see your face while I fuck you.” He smirked, and she sat in the desk opening her legs. He pushed her down to lay on the desk and pushed into her.

He immediately started pounding into her, not caring anymore if people heard her screams. He leaned over as his cock went in and out of her at a rapid pace, taking her face into his hand.

“You like this don’t you? Like being fucked like a naughty schoolgirl over a desk by your teacher. I knew you wanted my cock, fuck.” He growled, going harder and faster.

“I want you to cum around my cock, and then you’re going to suck it. I’m going to cum in that pretty mouth.” He groaned, reaching down to rub her clit.

Her legs started shaking, her mouth opening and no sound coming out until a loud scream erupted from her throat as she clenched, climaxing all over him.

Slowing his thrusts, he caresses her face. “That’s it baby, calm down. You did do good.” He kissed her nose gently, waiting for her to calm down. Her legs were still shaking and she was out of breath, and as much as it prided him to know he caused that, she was still his student and he still cared about her well being. So if she couldn’t breath, that would be a problem.

When she calmed down enough she tugged him down by his hair and kissed him messily, teeth clashing and biting lips, putting her thanks into the kiss. Then she slid down the desk to sit on her knees in front of him, taking his dick into her mouth, sucking on the tip as she stroked him.

“Cum for me, Mr.Styles.” She spoke softly and that’s all it took. He came, hard, in her mouth, holding the back of her head to him as he thrusted into her mouth a few times, roaring a loud “FUCK.”

Panting, he sat in his chair and tugged her into his lap.
“You get an A+.”

Green eyed monster

You, Harry, Niall and a few of your other friends were all on vacation. It was due time for one, too as this is the first extended period of time all of you had off in a while. Lounging by the pool, sun bathing and sleeping in was the highlight of the time off for you and harry. But Niall wanted to take advantage of every activity the island had to offer, before he had to return to the regular hustle and bustle of his everyday life. So when he slipped into yours and harrys room at 9:30 in the morning, you thought he was crazy.
“Hey Harry, y/n, wanna go golfing with me? Course looks sick man it’s gonna be buzzin’.” Niall said, Excitement in his voice. Harry only groaned a “maybe later” and rolled over to go back to sleep. You on the other hand, were much more compelled by nails request.
“I’ll go Niall. I love golf.” You smiled at him sitting up.
“Noooooo!” harry wined wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into him. “We were going to spend the day together. You promised y/n.”
Then Niall butted in “We can go later or another day its fine.”
“No Niall we are going golfing, Harrys just being a baby.” You said getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom to get ready.
“Great! Meet me by the golf carts in 20?” Niall smiled at you.
You smiled back and nodded, placing the toothbrush in your mouth. When you were finally ready and getting ready to leave harry said an annoyed “have fun.” And rolled over. But you didn’t care that he was annoyed, he could have gone with you guys.
Throughout the day, you and Niall had a blast. You went golfing, at which Niall won. Then you went shopping and had lunch. When you finally got back it was around 5pm. You were mat with a very jealous Harry when you came back to the villa that you two shared. He was sitting on the deck in his swimming trunks slightly damp hair pulled back into a bun, sipping on a beer.
“Did you have fun?” Harry snapped at you when you sat next to him.
“Yes actually I did. We went golfing and when shopping and fed duck and went to lunch. And for the record, Niall is a great friend. You have no reason to be jealous. If you’re afraid I’ll run off into the sunset with him, I won’t. You’re the only man I want, and nothing is going to change that. So you understand me?” you snapped at him
“You don’t get it, do you? It’s not you I don’t trust, it’s him. I’ve seen the way he looks at you. Only I’m supposed to look at you like that. And I have every right to be jealous when my best mate sounds the entire day with my girl and I don’t even get to speak to her.”
“Harry are you listening to yourself? You’re being completely ridiculous. Nialls your best friend and he’s a good man. The last thing he would try to do is take me from you. And even if he did, you should have enough trust in me to know that I wouldn’t let him take me away from you. I love you too much for that. I wouldn’t hurt you like that, I know it and you know it. So when you’re ready to stop being so childish and get out of your own head. I’ll be by the pool with Niall.”
And sure enough about 20 minutes later, a sulking, shy harry came into your view. He laid himself in between your legs and wrapped his arms around you and laid his head on your chest.
“I’m sorry, love. I was being stupid. I trust you and I know Niall would never try and take you from me. It’s just the thought of you being someone else’s makes me sick. But I know we love each other and that’s enough to keep us together.”
“I’m glad you came to your senses. I love you.”
“love you more.”

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Colors- Part 2- Indigo

Colors 2

She feels like she’s just seen heaven as Harry presses his forehead against hers. She’s never really had a kiss on the first date, even though this wasn’t really a date.

“It was absolutely incredible,” she breathes slowly, a small smile forming on her lips.

He was a damn good kisser. She assumed he had more experience than her, but she was still impressed.

She shyly speaks her thoughts, “you’re…you’re a really good kisser…”

Harry had had his fair share of kisses, but never one like that. That kiss shook him to the bone and he felt it in every muscle and every inch of skin.
“So are you.” He said a bit shyly.

He definitely could see himself kissing her. He could kiss her a lot, actually. For a whole day, and probably never be tired of it. She had warm and plump lips that fit perfectly between his own and the little noises she made were the sweetest things he’d ever heard.

Harry took her hand and lead her over the small couch, sitting closer than he normally would. “You’re truly amazing, you know that? Beautiful in your looks and in your personality as well.”

She leans into him, it’s nothing compared to their mouths being pressed together so she figures it’s okay.

“Mmm, thanks. I don’t really try that hard, I just…I don’t know. I do my own thing. And I guess that it works, well with you at least,” she grins.

She plays with her hair before she speaks again, “if any of the girls in our class found out about our kissing, they’d surely have me be killed,” she chuckles softly.

“The girls in our class are a bit… Intense.” A small chuckle broke through his lips. “they throw themselves at me in such an inappropriate way that I’m not even turned on by it. Leaving panties in my backpack or trying to crawl in my lap, but I’ve never ebb spoke to them before.” He spoke as he recalled thee weird incidents.

“That’s why I’ve always been so interested in you. You smiled at me and waved, said the occasional hi… But you never tried to get with me for money or popularity. And that made me attracted to you the most.”

Jolie scrunches up her face in distaste, shaking her head.

“Wow. I mean, that’s definitely way too far. I’d never in a million years even ever think of doing that. That’s just…it’s not me,” she shrugs, “then again, the only thing I have in common with those girls is that we’re both girls,” she laughs softly.

Jolie kicks her shoes off but makes sure to put them near the couch neatly, before tucking her feet under her bum and resting her chin on her hand.

Jolie had a cute little way of sitting, Harry liked it. The more time he hung out with her, the more positions and ways he imagined drawing her. She was versatile in that way.

“I want to know more about you.” He blurted out. “I mean, I want to know what your favorite books are and your favorite colors and foods, and what things you absolutely can not stand.” Trying to clarify, but Harry’s words always got a bit mixed up when talking to her.

She smiles a little and raises a brow before softening it, grinning from ear to ear.

“Mmm. Yeah. You do? Really? Well, I mean…my favorite books are all of the classics. I read a lot because it enhances my writing skills. Foods…I love Italian. All things Italian. Favorite color would be green maybe, and I can’t stand girls who talk behind each other’s back. It’s happened to me before and it’s not fun.”

She was perfect. They seriously had so many things in common. From food to literature, to pet peeves.

“I feel the same on all counts… My favorite would have to be chicken parm though. And My favorite book is the Great Gatsby. I don’t like talking badly about other people because I don’t really love when people do it to me. And I hate when people do it to make themselves look better.”

They seemed to be a match made in in heaven so far. Could she get any more perfect? He wasn’t even sure.

“Favorite way to have a night in?” He questioned raising his eyebrows

She was so relieved that they had /so/ much in common. Never in her life has she had anyone who she was this similar to, a male especially. She has a few close friends who are like her, but that’s about it. Harry is the only one besides them.

“Hmm…probably eating good food, maybe Chinese, talking, making a fort out of blankets maybe, watching a shared favorite movie…” She trails off, picturing how incredible that would be to have with Harry.

That all sounded incredible. Especially with her. Laying around under fluffy blankets, lazily kissing all night and having her pressed up against him… Shit. He would love that.

“I love that. But what movies?” He questioned with a raised eyebrow. “This is a critical question, Jolie..”

Jolie giggles and nods, “but of course. Movies are a very important topic. But let’s see…I appreciate all genres of movies, but my favorites are romance and comedy. I can watch romantic comedies, which is like the perfect mix, for the rest of my life and never get tired of the genre. I like a lot of Disney movies too, surprisingly enough. When I was younger I became so interested in them that I’d google what era each princess movie was set in and I’d research which country it was in. Apparently Sleeping Beauty was based in France because a few observers noticed french architecture in the movie, d'you know this?”

Jolie could definitely be a nerd. She researched a lot, and was always curious. She wrote a lot about her curiosities as well, and she had a whole separate journal for her daily thoughts about things she couldn’t explain or didn’t know the answer to.

“I didn’t know, but I would love to hang out with you and for you to educate me on the subject…” Harry brought up the topic of hanging out more smoothly. Since it was Friday he was hoping to plan something for the weekend.

He would love to be cuddled with her, listening to her talk about different Disney princesses and their time frames and settings. While he had never really thought about it: it would be interest to know. He definitely was going to put one of the Disney princesses in the background of her collage.

One of the other incredible things about Harry was that she knew he was genuinely interested in everything she was saying, which made her so happy. It wasn’t just him nodding along and not really caring what she was saying, only focusing on the way she looked. He looked her in the eyes as she spoke and he showed a keen interest in what she was saying.

“I would love that as well,” she smiles, cuddling into the couch even more, “I mean…we totally could. I don’t really make plans very often, so I’m usually pretty free…” She trails off, hoping to not sound /too/ available.

“We could tomorrow? If you’d like? I have a new tv I bought and a bunch of nice fluffy blankets and we could get take out?” He spit out before cringing. “I don’t want to come on too strong but.. I’ve always wanted to get to know you and now I’m kind of jumping at the chance.”

The chance of hanging out with her and knowing her secrets and the thoughts of more kisses and maybe a cuddle were making him giddy and happy. He had daydreamed about hanging out with her and knowing even the smallest details about her would make him smile.

Tomorrow sounds incredible to her, because it’s so soon, and the sooner she can be with him again, the better.

“No, tomorrow is absolutely perfect, the sooner the better,” she speaks her exact thoughts, blushing a little at how eager she sounds as well. They’re both eager though, so there’s really no shame in it. No shame at all.

“I really want to spend time with you, Harry. I want to get to know you better. I hope you know that…” She trails off, reaching out to touch his hand.

The warm hand touched his and he immediately took it between his own. It felt amazing to even just be next to her, but to have her touch him made him feel warm and tingly. Just like the movies said it would.

“I’d love to spend time with you too, love. I’m really, really happy we got partnered for this together. ”


The next day Harry was pacing about in his apartment. He had ordered the Chinese food to be delivered about 20 minutes after she was set to arrive. The freeze was stoked with ice cream and the living room was properly cushioned and surrounded with blankets and fluffy pillows. His hair smelled of coconuts and he used lotion to make sure his hands were soft if she wanted to hold his hand and the entire day he had used Chapstick to make sure his lips would be enjoyable if he kissed her again.

He had never, ever been this nervous about hanging out with someone before but this was Jolie. This was his muse and the girl who made his heart pound just by walking past him.

Jolie has never been this nervous whilst getting ready. She debates whether to curl or straighten her hair, arguing with herself. If she left it curly it may look like she tried too hard, but if she straightens it it might look dull and boring. Jolie naturally had straighter hair with waves. She decided to let her hair air dry, she had to worry about makeup.

She had another battle with herself on how much or how little she should put on. She looked in the mirror for at least 20 minutes before deciding on some mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. She had an outfit already picked out so she didn’t have to argue with herself about that. A cute romper that was easy to slip in and out of and was relatively comfy. Her hair and skin smelled of vanilla from her shampoo and perfume.

Jolie sends Harry a text before heading to his place. Once she arrives, she heads into his complex and up to his floor, taking a deep breath before knocking.

The knock on the door started Harry from his pacing, snapping him out of his worried trance. She was here, and he would have to deal with it.

Walking to the door, he took a deep breath and straightened his shirt, before opening the door.

She looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was shining and her eyes looked wide, a bright sparkle in them he had only seen after he had kissed her. She was wearing a cute dress or shorts thing? He wasn’t sure what it was but it hugged her in the right places and he wouldn’t be surprised if he had started drooling.

“Come in, come in.” He said as his eyes snapped back to her pretty face, taking her bag from her and bringing her into a hug. Yesterday he had sent her off with a gently kiss on the cheek and a smile, but now he wanted to try the hug. It was a good call.

Her body felt warm and soft against his own and she smelt of vanilla, a smell he always adored. She was taller than an average girl but the perfect height for him to rest his head on hers.

Letting go reluctantly, he lead her inside. “You can take off your shoes and get comfortable, the food should be here soon.”

Hugging him felt like everything negative in this world vanished and it was only the two of them standing under a ray of sunshine. She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, which she loved, sighing happily as he hugged her tightly.

Once she’s led inside, she carefully takes her shoes off, leaving her in some fuzzy socks. She places her shoes neatly by the door before walking over to his couch and taking a seat.

“I’m so happy to be here,” she grins widely, settling into the sofa as Harry follows, “thank you for ordering food. Next time it’s on me, yeah?”

She was happy to be there? Well Harry had to have been ecstatic. He could barely sleep last night from excitement, half the night spent in his studio where he drew her even more.

“No, of course not. I like to be a gentleman, so food will always be on me.” That was something Harry always prided himself on. Regardless if he liked the girl or not, he was always a gentleman.

“Those are some cute socks. I e got my own pair of fuzzy socks but I have no idea where they disappeared to so I just wait the plain black ones.”

“Yeah? Well they’re sexy,” she blurts out, her whole face reddening now as she admits it. Any part of him is sexy to her, if she’s honest. But now he knows that and she didn’t exactly want him to.

“I mean…well, yeah, can’t really get myself out of that one, can I?” She laughs softly, covering her face with her hands and giggling into them.

Harry’s eyebrows raised at the words she blurted out but he loved it. She thought any part of him was sexy, and he loved that.

“No, but it’s okay. I think every part of you is absolutely gorgeous.” His eyes wandered around her body, her cleavage slightly slowing and her long legs stretched out and resting on the ottoman.

Jolie could feel Harry’s eyes on her and she absolutely loved it. She definitely dressed in a bit more of a sexy way than usual. But even this wasn’t as bad as some of the other girls at school, who wore short skirts and showed basically all of their breasts, had them on full display.

“You’re too sweet. Seriously. It’s so sweet that I can’t even,” she giggles, using some slang she’s picked up with the ‘I can’t even’.

“I’m just stating the truth, love.”
Jolie deserved to be showered with compliments all the time, until they believe them. And even after that. He wasn’t just saying that she was beautiful because he wanted to be with her, he was saying it because it was 100% the truth.

“Every time I tell you something, it’s the truth. Not to get too deep, but I genuinely do think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen.”

Jolie wasn’t aware as to how she should handle this. Her smile grew with every single one of Harry’s words, as well as the blush on her perfect cheeks.

“Wow I…I’ve never been complimented like this before. It must be really nice,” she giggles a little, smiling before tucking more hair behind her ear, beginning to play with it.

Jolie leans closer to H, but the doorbell rings with the Chinese.

Damn it. It was so close, he could almost taste it. Harry had been waiting to kiss her again, and though it had only been hours he felt as if he needed it.

Huffing, he got up and grabbed his wallet before opening the door. After paying the man, he closed the door and threw his wallet on the table near the door and brought the food to the small coffee table near the couch.

“Im pretty sure I ordered what you texted me, but I got some extras just in case.”

Jolie was disappointed that the take out came, as she was sure she and Harry were about to have a moment together. She craved the taste of his lips since they kissed the previous day, and she’s been dying to taste them again. Even more this time.

She grins at Harry as he comes in with the food, heading to the small coffee table.

“Thank you so much. I love Chinese. It’s my favorite kind of take out, honestly,” she grins.

Jolie took a seat, putting her hair back so she could eat as she took out her chopsticks. She made a grasping motion with them, making them move as she giggles.

She was the cutest god damn thing he had ever seen in his life. The little motion and giggles melted his heart, making him freeze and just watch her as she picked up her container of food.

She gave him a curious look and he snapped out of it, smiling shyly at her before grabbing his own food. “I can’t eat with chopsticks, I’m boring with my plastic fork.”

She laughs softly, as she caught him in a bit of a trance. He made her feel so confident and beautiful; how most men should make her feel, but don’t.

“I can’t either, really. I just pretend to. Watch,” she laughs, trying to pick up rice with her chopsticks and watching it all fall back into the box.

She shakes her head, “I guess rice is a bad example, but honestly…it’s really awful. I can’t eat with them for shit, but they make eating fun because it’s like a new challenge and adventure,” she giggles

“Well, I admire you very much for that. I try chopsticks every time I get Chinese but give up after 3 tries. It’s jut not meant to me.” He laughed, showing her how he tried to pick up things with chopsticks.

“See? It’s useless for me.” He hugged after the 5th time trying to pick up his sweet and sour chicken. His heart swelled when he saw that he was able to make her laugh. Her head thrown back and her cheeks pink, little crinkles by her eyes.

He must have stopped breathing for a second, as he watched her laugh. She truly was amazing. He didn’t realize he was staring (again), until she gave him a questioning glance. “M'sorry, but you’re just really beautiful.”

It seems to Jolie that anything she does, Harry will smile about it, which makes her unbelievably happy. She’s never felt so alive, felt so loved, felt so happy before in her life.

“Did you know that you’re very charming and that you make me smile? I literally haven’t stopped smiling since I was over yesterday. I’m a perpetual smiler,” she giggles, slapping her knee as she lays her chopsticks down on top of her chicken.

“My mum said that I was too charming, charm the socks of anyone I choose to talk to.” He teased lightly. Being chosen for Harry to talk to you actually is a big deal. He didn’t really like talking to many people, so if he made the effort you had to be pretty special.

They finished eating their food and Harry for up to turn off the lights, only the glow of the fairy lights and few scented candles as well as the TV lit up the room.

“What movie would you like? It’s your pick.”

Jolie has always been somewhat innocent and never had dirty thoughts, or hoped that something would go down. But tonight, Jolie was definitely into the idea of she and Harry getting a bit more than just cozy in the blankets.

“Anything with romance and comedy. We could watch an oldie? Do you want to watch 50 First Dates? Or something neither of us have seen?” She asks, as she makes her way to the living room and sits down on the blankets.

“Why don’t we choose a random one of Netflix in the romcom category?” He was slightly aware that they probably weren’t even going to watch the movie, more likely to talk and hopefully kiss a little bit.

When she nodded, they randomly chose one that he honestly forgot the name of, and didn’t care much about it. Getting cozy under the blankets, he lifted his side up slowly and gave her a inviting look.
“You can get closer, I don’t bite… Unless you ask.”

Jolie didn’t intend on paying much attention to the movie. All she wanted was to be able to get cozy with Harry under the blankets and hopefully kiss him a bit, but she didn’t know if this was /that/ kind of date.

“Mmm…okay,” she says, humming softly before crawling under the blanket he’s holding up for her, coming into him.

Their bodies are now pressed together as the movie begins, and all of her excitement is going towards Harry rather than the movie:

Once she was settled under the blanket, he slowly wrapped his arm around her shoulders and brought her a bit closer. He liked having her pressed against him.

“Nice and warm, yeah?” A large grin was on his face as the movie started, though he wasn’t looking at the screen. She was warm and soft next to him and he had the urge to pull her into his lap and squeeze her tight, but he wasn’t sure they were at that level yet.

A little bit into the movie, she shifted a bit to get comfortable and once she settled Harry saw it as an opportunity to place a small kiss to her temple.

She smiles and blushes a little once Harry presses a soft kiss to her temple, moving her hands to rub against his arm gently as they cuddle.

The movie seems completely boring and irrelevant to her, now that she has Harry here with her, cuddling her, and she’s anticipating another soft kiss, maybe one that can develop into a deeper one.

“I liked that…your lips are warm,” she whispers, looking up to him.

Another soft kiss was pressed to her forehead before he nudged their noses together. Jolie had him under a spell.

“Yeah, they are.” He whispered before connecting their lips again. The kiss started off slow and sweet, Harry smiling lightly against her lips while trying to keep them connected. Her Chapstick tasted like strawberries and it fit her perfectly.

Pulling away slightly he hummed and licked his lips. “So are yours… But yours taste better.” And with that, he connected them once again.

Jolie was in a trance, she couldn’t help herself. Harry’s lips were irresistible and her’s couldn’t get enough of them.

Her hand moves up to cup his cheek as they kiss, holding his face as she feels his tongue slowly enter her mouth. She parts her lips for him, and sighs into the kiss.

Her leg slowly moves to wrap around his, her foot running down his leg as she becomes more comfortable.

Kissing her again felt even better than the first time. They were much more comfortable with each other, the touches lingering and their bodies closer than ever.

He leaned into her more, swirling his tongue around hers, moaning softly against her mouth. She just tasted so good and smelled so good and felt so good, he was going to explode.

Jolie has only kissed a select couple of guys like this, and it was never even this good. Kissing Harry was like making art. A mixture of her writing and his drawing skills, an absolutely perfect mixture.

“Such a good kisser,” she moans softly, moving her leg fully to wrap around him, her body moving slowly on top of his as the kiss deepens.

Holy fuck. Holy, fuck. His muse, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was now on his lap with her hands in his hair, kissing him deeply.

He struggled to control the contents of his pants as she pressed her warm body against his. His tongue flicked against hers before he pulled back a bit to nibble on her bottom lip.

Jolie felt a bit of moisture between her thighs beginning to form as she and Harry kissed deeply. Her hand cupping his cheek moves up to his hair, gripping onto it, making aroused noises softly. It really does feel amazing to be kissing him like this. And she doesn’t know when it will stop.

Her lips work against his in a sloppier manner as seconds tick by, she hears a throaty moan, a soft one, fall from Harry’s lips and she hums in approval.

Hands travel down to hold her hips, the kissing only stopping for a moment to catch their breath. Harry had made out with a couple of girls before but this, this was a whole new level.

Jolie was a bit hesitant in some of her actions but Harry loved it, he loved how she let him lead the kiss a bit before taking over control once she got confident. It was fucking sexy.

His lips detach from hers only to start kissing down her soft jawline, soft pecks turning to little nibbles.

She lets out a sigh of pleasure as Harry begins nibbling on her neck, her eyes fluttering shut. She thinks he’s absolutely incredible with kissing, knows exactly where to touch a woman to truly make her tick.

“You’re so incredible…” She breathes, her eyes still closed. She loves the feeling more than anything else in the world and hopefully she’ll be feeling a lot more than his lips tonight.

She gets a bit brave by running her hands up Harry’s shirt, humming.

Her small hands were a bit cool, making Harry shiver as they touched his warm skin. Jolie was blowing his mind already, and they were barely even touching yet.

His lips trail down to her neck, leaving open mouthed kisses down the skin. His mouth explored until he kissed a spot that had her shivering, and a small smirk formed on his face. Lips attached to the stop and bit gently, before starting to suck on the patch of skin in hopes of leaving a mark.

The heat between Jolie’s thighs were making her want to squirm, she was certainly wet between her thighs at his point. She was hoping Harry would possibly touch her skin on skin, in her more preserved and private areas. She wanted his hands on her breasts and bum, she had never craved something, or someone like this before in her life.

Jolie finally lets out a soft moan as Harry begins to suck on her neck, tugging at his hair and subtly moving her hips against his.

Jolie didn’t know much about Harry’s sex life, but she assumed that he was relatively experienced since he knew which places to kiss on the neck, but all will be revealed if they get their clothes off.

The small moan leaving her mouth and the Rock of her hips were enough to make Harry’s dick twitch. The moan was soft but lustful and he wanted to hear more of it, he wanted to hear her moaning his name over and over while he pleasures her.

He was sure that she could feel his erection from that rock of her hips and tug of his hair, and he took it as a signal to touch her more. Hands slowly slide to cup her ass, squeezing gently to test what she liked.
“You’re driving me mental, baby.” Harry whispered into her ear, nipping her softly.

She knew she was extremely aroused by this point, and she wanted him so bad. She moves her hands on his bare lower abdomen after running her hands up his shirt.

She arches her back so her ass curves into his hands more, giving him more of a firm grip. Jolie dressed quite modestly, so not many knew that she had an incredible and nicely shaped ass over her normal clothes. Harry was quickly finding out, however.

“You’re so sexy…” She breathes

Her ass was round and a perfect fit for his hands as he squeezed it. Even with his hard study of her, he never expected her ass to be this nice.

“Fuck, baby… So are you.” He murmured against her skin. Jolie’s hands moving up his chest made his breathing deepen, his whole body felt on fire.

“You can take it off, angel. Go ahead.” Harry said referencing his shirt. Jolie’s hands were warm and had almost an erotic feel while they trailed his stomach.

Jolie is extremely excited as Harry says that she can take off his shirt. She pulls it off of his body with his help, and her lips bravely move to her neck.

She wants to make him feel as incredible as he does her.

Her lips move down his collarbones and to his chest, her breathing indicating how hungry she is for his beautiful skin, to trail kisses and bites all over it.

Hot lips move up his skin, causing a shiver to run down his spine. A slight dig of her teeth encourages the moan moan that had been building up in his throat to release, gripping her ass tighter.

“Fuck, Jolie… That feels so good.” Harry whispered breathlessly, watching her as she kissed and sucked and nibbled on his skin, leaving red marks in her path.

It felt like it was a dream, the way her hands and lips worked him making him feel absolutely wrecked already. “You’re so good at this, making me feel good.”

She’s never been like this with any man before, never this bold, so it’s definitely a lot for her to do this. She continues working her mouth against him, kissing down his stomach and back up again, as if she’s afraid of the private region.

She would love to get in his pants, but has no idea how that may work out. Maybe it will only go as far as this? She really hopes not.

He can sense the hesitation, but he didn’t want her to be scared. He was already so comfortable with her, he didn’t want to stop.

Taking her hand, he took it and slowly trailed it down, pressing it against his erection. “You can touch, baby. I promise I love it.” The whisper came out breathlessly, the pleasure of even her hand through the fabric of his pants a bit overwhelming.

Jolie’s small gasp was practically inaudible. The fact that she was able to do this to such an incredible man who has girls lusting after him was insane to her.

But at the end of the day, she knew him better than all of them. This was /her/ Harry, not the Harry that these girls have built up in their minds.

Her hand pressed against his erection through his jeans, she makes sure to feel around everywhere to get a good estimate of what she can expect, and after a few nice pat downs, she can tell she’s working with a big one.

Harry moaned as she felt around his hard cock, small hands grabbing and squeezing. He was in heaven.

“Oh god, that feels so good… Unbutton them baby, touch me, please.” The request almost came out as a beg. He was desperate for more touch, more feeling, more Jolie.

She nods quickly, her fingers shaking a little as she goes to unbutton his jeans. She’s never been this excited before, in every interpretation of the word, and she doesn’t know how else to act but let her body take charge and show her emotions.

Once she’s got the zipper down, she begins pushing them down his legs, and leaves him in just his briefs, observing the tent in them.

“Oh god…this is so hot…” She whispers

The way her eyes widened and the biting of her plump and swollen lip made Harry want to flip her over and just slide into her. But, he knew he needed to take this somewhat slow as not to freak her out.

“See what you do to me? You did this…” He whispered grabbing her hand again and letting it grasp his hard cock on top of his boxers.

His words reinforce her feelings and she breathes slowly, in and out before looking at her hand on top of his boxers.

Not worrying about anything else, she slowly begins to work them down his sexy thigh thighs, gasping a little as he comes into view.


He’s huge.

Harry smirked slightly as her eyes widened even more as she took the boxers off of him. He was aware he was bigger than average but to see her react like that had his chest full of pride

His own hand wrapped around himself, giving himself a couple of strokes. “You did this to me Jolie… Such a sexy girl.”

She never expected this to have happened with Harry, the handsome artist in class who she was simply assigned as a partner to.

“Wow…” She breathes slowly, looking back and forth into his eyes and down at his hard length.

Carefully, she reaches out and pokes the head, seeing as it moves slightly but bounces back into place, making her giggle a little.

“I can’t believe I did that,” she admits, moving her hand to grip the base

“You did, love.” He smirked and watched her touch him experimentally. It was adorable, and fucking sexy all at the same time.

“You have free range, baby. Touch, feel, whatever you want. Trust me, I will not object.” He assures and rests his head back as her hand begins to stroke him.

Harry leans back to relax and watch the show; of Jolie playing with his dick. She’s not as nervous anymore after Harry’s words, she’s loosened up a bit and she’s smiling, happy as can be about it.

Her smile fades as she tries to become more sexy for him, she leans down and presses a single kiss to the head before beginning to slowly stroke his shaft.

“Oh fuck…” He hissed, the light kiss making his legs shake a bit. He wasn’t sure where she learned that but he was definitely sure he wanted more.

“there we go, that’s so nice…” He cooed and reached over to brush the hair out of her face. He wanted to see that beautiful face while she played with him.

Jolie was taught to never give a man a favor before he gives her one, but she couldn’t help herself with Harry. Pleasing him would please her.

She moves her mouth all of the way down and wraps her lips around his dick, closing her eyes briefly before she starts to move her mouth up and down, getting his shaft covered in spit, humming to send pleasurable vibrations.

He was shocked on how quickly she took him into her mouth, even more so that she tried to take all of him. “Oh my fucking god, yes… Just like that baby girl.” He growled as he tugged the hair out of her face.

The warmth of her mouth and the suction and vibrations had him moaning loudly as she pleasured him, his hands rubbing her head softly. “That’s so good, Jolie. You’re making me feel a-amazing…”

She supposes this is one way of completing an art project, since head is its own form of art…

She jerks his base as she moves her tongue up and down his shaft, concentrating. She pulls her mouth off with a pop and pumps his dick repeatedly, before moving her mouth back down, making loud slurping noises.

She was an angel, he was convinced. Her mouth was heavenly, moving up and down his dick with the perfect a mouth of suction and warmth.

He was close already. It had been a while, and to have the girl of your dreams sucking you off didn’t really help that fact either.

He quickly pulled her off and flipped her to lay on the couch, his lips meeting hers once again as his hand slides down to apply a bit of pressure on her clothed clit.

Jolie was surprised as he pulled her off, but was obviously very pleased once his lips hit her now swollen ones again.

She whimpers into his mouth at the application of pressure to her swollen clit, gripping onto his arm and digging her fingers into it.

“Harry…” She breathes, squirming a bit

Lips kissed her lips and moved to her chest while his fingers still played with her, loving how responsive she was.

Her hips were bucking up into his hand, searching for more friction and pressure, and he would be happy to give her just that.. But he wanted to hear it from her.

“ask me nicely baby, and I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Jolie was beginning to realize that Harry is a bit of a teaser, a sweet talker if you will in the bedroom. Her heart was beating out of her chest as she pulled away to look into his eyes, hers wide and full of lust.

“P-Please touch me. Not through my pants…skin to skin,” she begs quietly, running her hand gently up and down his arm.

Her chest was rising and falling, clit throbbing as she studied his gorgeous features. Man, was he gorgeous.

Harry nodded and slowly started to remove her clothing. The thing she was wearing was a bit difficult to remove but he figured it out and in almost no time it was on the floor.

He never could have imagined how beautiful her body actually was. She was absolutely perfect, and all for him in this very moment.

Kisses were left down to her breasts, and he slowly moved down the cups to kiss at her nipples. “Mm, gorgeous.” He commented before sucking of her nipples into his mouth.

Surely no man has ever done /this/ to her before. She moans softly, rolling her head back in pleasure before bringing it back up as she decides she would like to watch Harry suckle on her nipples.

She hisses softly at the feeling, her breasts are sensitive and her nipples are very hard as Harry suckles them into his mouth. She moves a hand down and fists it through his hair.

“God, you’re so hot…and that feels so good…” She praises him.

Harry smirked and moved to the other nipple, giving it attention. The tugging on his hair only made him harder.

Fingers finally slid down and to the place he knew she wanted to be touched the most. He groaned against her skin as he felt the damp fabric of her panties. She was already soaked for him, it was a dream come true.

“You’re soaking for me, angel.” He cooed and applied a bit of pressure before rubbing slow circles over the fabric.

The warmth of Harry’s fingers felt incredible, even through the fabric of her now ruined panties. She knows now that this is going exactly where she wants it to, nothing more and nothing less.

“I am…God, you made me so wet…” She hisses, bucking her hips up slightly, wanting more relief. She would appreciate foreplay, but she doesn’t know if she’ll need it.

She takes another look at Harry’s massive erection. Yeah, she’ll need to be stretched out a bit…

Taking the buck of her hips as a hint, her slid her panties down her legs and let them join her outfit on the floor. Immediately her let his fingers touch her bare, wet core.

“Fuck.” He hissed and released her nipple, feeling around her wetness. “So warm and wet, just for me.” He moaned, positioning himself between her legs so he could get a good look at her.

Jolie was pink and wet and gorgeous, one of the most beautiful he’s seen. It took him no time at all to slip one finger inside of her.

Jolie felt as if she was about to die, of course that’s dramatic, as Harry spread her open and studied her beautiful pussy. She always kept it groomed but that wasn’t in case she got laid, it was because it made her feel better about herself. Although, she’d never admit to spending a little extra time shaving for tonight.

Her head falls back as a finger slips inside of her and she arches her back a bit. Jolie is tight, extremely tight, and her pussy fits around Harry’s finger, hopefully it will be able to stretch around his dick.

“You’re so tight…” He says in awe, slowly thrusting his finger inside of her. Harry had to hold in a loud groan as he imagined how she would feel on his cock as he thrusted inside of her.

He kissed up her stomach and up to her mouth, slipping his tongue in her mouth as he inserted a second finger inside of her.

Jolie welcomes his mouth, moaning into the kiss. Her toes curl and she grips onto his hair as he kisses her while curling his fingers inside of her. It feels so good to her. So damn good.

“Feels…so…amazing…oh god,” she breathes, spreading her legs farther apart so he has more access.

Fingers thrusted slow and steady, making her feel his thick and long fingers to get her ready for what very well could be the best sex of their lives.

“Do you think you’re ready, angel? Do you want me to fuck you? Mm, push myself inside of you and fuck you nice and slow and deep?”

She nods quickly, her brows furrowed as she was just concentrating on watching his fingers.

“Y-Yeah, baby…please…” She whimpers, gasping softly. She wants H to destroy her, maybe…she doesn’t know just how destructive his penis can be.

Harry slowly took out his fingers, looking her in the eye as he raised his fingers to his mouth, sucking off her wetness.

A soft hum left his mouth at the taste, her tasting a delicious salty but mostly sweet. He couldn’t wait to bury his tongue in her one day…

But now it was time to finally do what he had been dreaming of for months. Carefully he took his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, collecting the right amount of wetness.

“Do you want it baby?” He whispered teasingly into her ear, but mostly to make sure she really was ready.

Jolie had never seen anything more erotic in her whole life as Harry slides his fingers into his mouth and gently sucks, his eyes burning into hers. It’s killing her that he’s not inside of her yet.

Jolie inhales slowly as Harry rubs his tip up and down her slit, very slowly. She nods, looking up into his eyes.

“I-I want it. I want /you/…” She trails off, “please,” begging, she gives him pleading eyes.

That’s all it took for Harry to sink into her.

A long, loud moan left his mouth as her tight walls surrounded him. She was tight, and wet, and Harry had never felt something so amazing.

“Oh my god baby, you’re so tight.” He whispered into her ear. He was hovering over her, face scrunched in pleasure before he opened his eyes to look down at her.

She didn’t even fully comprehend what was happening. It was too good to be true. She, Jolie, one of the most underrated girls on campus, was having sex. With someone she really liked; someone who multiple girls swooned over. She knew they made up fantasies about him in their head, however.

“I-It feels so good,” she breathes, moving her hands to grip onto his arms as she wraps her legs around his waist.

The long legs around his waist motioned for him to move, which he happily did.

Slow, languid thrusts started as he buried his face into her neck as he fucked her, the legs around him tightening as she wanted him deeper.

“That’s my girl, you’re taking me so well. Fuck, your pussy feels so good.” The groans were a bit muffled against her skin but Harry was a sucker for dirty talks, and once he got in the mood it was almost like he couldn’t stop.

At first it was definitely uncomfortable just because of how damn big Harry is, but it’s starting to turn into just pleasure and all pleasure as her legs stay wrapped around his waist.

“Oh god…feels so good. And your mouth…it’s so dirty,” she whimpers, moving her head up to get a glance down and to watch his dick entering in and out of her.

“Mm, you like that baby?” He smirked as he began to thrust a bit faster into her. She felt fucking amazing and Harry wasn’t sure how he had gotten this lucky.

“You like my dirty mouth when I tell you how much I like to fuck you? Well I do baby, you’re already making me feel so….fuck, so good.”

“Uh huh baby, I fucking love it,” Jolie curses, her pussy beginning to tighten around Harry’s cock. It feels so good, she doesn’t know how she’s never experienced anything like this before. She never knew sex could be /this/ good.

Harry gets a particularly good angle inside of Jolie, making her grip onto his shoulders and cry out, “FUCK! Yeah, right there baby…r-Right there…”

A hiss spilled out of his gritted teeth, jaw clenched as he fucked her at the new angle. Nails digging into his shoulders and her head tipped back in pleasure, this was something Harry could definitely get used to.

“Is that your spot baby?” He smirked, moving his hips faster. “I love fucking you, best I’ve ever had.” He grunted.

Jolie looked beautiful underneath him. A light sheen of sweat, swollen lips and dark lustful eyes looked back at him. Absolutely stunning.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, you drive me crazy… I’ve been dreaming about this for months. To hold you, to kiss you, to touch you… To make you cum.” He whispered into her ear, nipping her earlobe

Jolie felt a wave of confidence spill over her as Harry confessed that she was his best. She surely wasn’t expecting that, but she was definitely extremely flattered by it.

So many thoughts were racing through her mind, but all she wanted to focus on was Harry’s dirty words and the way his muscles were flexed, the way he was hitting her G spot perfectly.

“Pound that shit, right there baby. You’ve got it…” She pants, her pussy clenching around him even harder

Those words released Harry’s restraint, finally beginning to truly slam into her.

“Yes baby girl, such a tight little cunt.” He growled as his cock pounded into her. Jolie’s hba moved to his hair and began to tug harshly on his hair, one of his biggest turn ons.

“Oh my- shit, just fucking like that! Pull my hair while I fuck you nice and hard, Jolie… Come on.”

Jolie continues tugging at his hair and attaches her mouth to his, moaning into it as she sloppily kisses him. Their tongues collide, her toes curl as her pussy clenches around him still.

Harry repeatedly hitting the sponginess of her G spot made her body feel like it was about to explode. No man had ever found it before Harry, she’s never had an orgasm during intercourse.

“Fucking hell…I-I’m gonna cum,” she pants, pulling her mouth away and rolling her head back, crying out as she spills over the edge.

The beauty that was Jolie when she came was far beyond what Harry could have ever imagined. The noises, soft whimpers and then broken moan, the shape of her lips as the sounds came out, her messed up Hair, flushed cheeks and scrunched eyes all made it a bit too muchZ

Harry had been holding on, knowing he wasn’t going to last long. So when Jolie came around him, he wasn’t far behind. “I’m gonna, I’m-” he whimpered before the long broken moan of her name came out. “Jolie! Oh- FUCK!”

Cumming hard, deep inside of her, his hips stuttered as he fucked them through their orgasms. As soon as they calmed, Harry collapsed on top of her.

“Holy… Shit…”

That was easily the most intense orgasm Jolie had ever experienced in her life, and during intercourse too. Her chest rises and falls, matching his as his sweaty naked body rests on top of her petite one.

She closes her eyes briefly, humming as she allows herself to bask in the incredible, sated feeling after her orgasm. Her pussy is still tingling a bit and she’s on cloud nine.

“Yeah, holy shit is right…” She trails off, humming softly. She wishes she could stay like this forever…

Maybe she can spend the night?

Harry was on cloud nine, laying on top of the girl he’s half in love with after finally getting to touch her the way he had been wishing to.

After a few minutes the stickiness got a bit uncomfortable. “Do you want to go shower and maybe like… Stay over?” He asked nervously.

“You don’t have to, but like, I figured it’s late and you can wear one of my shirts, and I… I’d really like to hold you.”

Jolie was so pleased to hear the invitation. She really was hoping that he’d ask her, and now that he has…it’s even more like heaven.

“Yeah, I’d absolutely love that…” She says softly, moving her hand up to play with his hair. She loves him, and his sexy curly hair so, so much.

“You make me so, so happy…” She admits, “and you make me cum like never before,” she adds with a giggle, her nose crinkling up.

“You make me so happy as well, darling girl.” He said softly, looking up at her with a gentle smile.

“It’s weird because I imagined this a million times but I never in a million years thought it would actually happen… Look at that.”

Harry was absolutely elated, and couldn’t wait to get to know her. He knew this was more than just one night, their connection was too intense already to try to drop.

“So about that shower?”


Jolie’s feelings for him only grew with each minute that ticked by. She feared she’d fall too hard for him and get hurt. Artists, and Aquarians for that matter, liked their own space and disliked clingy people, liked to do their own thing. Also, Harry can get any girl he wants, as see in class. What if he eventually gets bored with her?

His husky voice snaps her out of her thoughts and she nods, “yeah, of course. This stickiness is starting to get to me,” she laughs softly, getting up with him and holding his hand.

He could tell the change in her emotions as they got into the shower. She seemed to be thinking a lot as they soaked themselves under the water.

“Babe, are you okay?” His voice laced with concern. “You aren’t… You aren’t regretting it, right?” The nerves built up in his stomach

Jolie was saddened to hear Harry’s assumption. Why would she regret it?

“No, no baby,” she promises, wrapping her arms around his bare torso as she looked up to him. Harry was several inches taller than Jolie, so she had to look up to him.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever done. And definitely the best sex I’ve ever had, with the most incredible guy…” She trails off, smiling gently before kissing his chin

A rush of relief could probably be felt throughout the room. His hands grasped her and smiled down as she kissed at his chin, making him chuckle and lean down so she could get at his lips.

“Sorry I just… I really like you? And I know that’s a bit weird to say but.. I want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy hanging out with me.”

All he wanted truthfully, was her. Even only after getting to know her for 2 days, he felt closer to her than anyone else.

“How is that weird to say?” She questions, looking up into his eyes as they hold each other. The warm water feels incredible on both of their skin, but they can’t just stand here forever, or else the heat will fade away.

“You’re very special to me, Harry. I know it’s not been very long but you make me feel so happy and confident, how a man should make a woman feel. I /really/ like you,” she admits.

A bright smile grew on his face and he leaned down to kiss her yet again. “Mm, I’m glad sweetheart. I really like you.”

The continued to shower, slowly washing each other’s bodies with shy giggles and occasional kisses. Harry’s shower gel smelled spicy and he strangely liked it on her.

His mind was almost spinning with inspiration, and he knew she was going to draw this sight eventually. Her body was gorgeous. She had the ocassionsl stretch mark and scar, but those made her even more beautiful. Even more real.

Jolie was using Harry’s men’s body wash, but it made her happy to see that he had no women’s things in here because that tells her he rarely has anyone else, or girl, stay over and have to take a shower. It was like a definite note that he doesn’t have sex with anyone else very often, or at least stays the night with them.

She cleans off her body, getting into her privates before they take turns under the water for shampooing.

“I can’t wait to spend the night with you. I really like you as well,” she grins.

Harry couldn’t wait to cuddle and wake up with someone, more specifically Jolie, in his arms. He had never had someone stay over at his house and sleep in his bed, and he always felt a bit lonely.

Once they were showered and dried, towels wrapped around them, Harry threw Jolie one of his shirt to put on while he just put on a pair of loose sweats, and hopped into bed.

“C'mere babe.”

Jolie was more than Happy to star one of Harry’s shirts to bed. She grins, climbing into his bed before she lies next to him, cuddling into him.

Their legs and feet tangle together as she rubs her hand gently up and down his arm.

“You’re so handsome…” She hums, studying his features. She feels like the luckiest girl.

Jolie was more than Happy to star one of Harry’s shirts to bed. She grins, climbing into his bed before she lies next to him, cuddling into him.

Their legs and feet tangle together as she rubs her hand gently up and down his arm.

“You’re so handsome…” She hums, studying his features. She feels like the luckiest girl.

“Why thank you, pretty lady.” He cooed and bopped her nose playfully. It still felt surreal to have her right in his arms, tucked into his side.

“You though, are so much more beautiful than you, or I, can even comprehend.”

Jolie silences him with a slow kiss on the lips, humming as she moves her hand up to cup his cheek. She had incredible sex with this gorgeous man, and now she can’t stop kissing him. She loves this.

She runs her foot slowly up and down his leg, to remind herself that his legs are there; that he’s there, even though their lips are touching.

“Your lips are so soft,” she hums, pecking them slowly again and again

A soft smile formed on his lips as they kissed, her compliments reminding him that yes, this is really, truly happening.

“Yours are perfect. It took me a while to perfect the shape, they’re beautiful and plump and the shade of pink isn’t a color that comes in a tube of paint, I have to mix it.” Harry whispered as his thumb gently rubbed against her bottom lip.

Her breath hitched, she was in a trance. Under his spell, but she didn’t mind. It felt amazing. Her eyes closed briefly at the faint feeling of his thumb rubbing against her plump bottom lip.

“I think it’s incredible, what you do. It’s the most romantic thing ever. It’s…it’s something out of my journal, where I write about love. What love should really be like. And if it was in my journal, it would be my greatest piece,” she whispers.

“But…it’s not in my journal. It’s in my reality. How lucky am I?”

“I think I’m the lucky one. I’ve actually got my muse stood right in front of me, letting me touch and taste and feel every inch of you…” He whispered into her ear as they cuddled under the warm blanket.

“And you’re not just my muse anymore. It’s grown from just a crush… I can’t explain it fully, words are more your things.. But I know I will be painting this scene in many ways and people will feel almost everything we are right now… Except we’re the ones living it.”

His words were enough to make her tear up a bit. She reached out for his hand and laced their fingers together, wanting to be completely connected to him before they slept.

She felt herself falling for him. No, not just infatuation anymore. She was getting to know the real him, and she was in love with everything she was hearing, seeing, experiencing.

He could be the great love of her life. The only one. The one who is buried next to after death. She just felt something different in her bones, she wanted all of him, and was willing to pour her soul into him.

She wasn’t going to admit that she was falling in love with him, as it probably sounded like it was going too fast. And that’s the thing about falling in love. Everyone does it at his or her own pace, yet people still seem to judge by how long it takes.

“No one ever clued me in; that this is how great life could really be,” she whispers back.

He held her closer to him, nuzzling his nose against hers. This was out of his dreams, and now it was really happening.

Harry had been through a lot of shit, and to finally have a taste of true affection and happiness made his heart warm.

“Me either. How about we learn together?”

(Hello all :) this is the second part of the 'Colors’ series! This is co written with @isabelleintheam :) there will be plenty more smut and fluff in this series. Make sure to message me what you think!)

Morning Sex

Harry groaned as the light shined through the window. He grumbled and turned to her, rubbing his eyes gently and looking at her. She looked gorgeous, the light hitting her bare skin making it shine. They had spent the entire night making love, because Harry’s break has officially started and they wanted to ‘make up for lost time.’

Her chest moved up and down, her breasts tempting him. Even if they had been at it all night, he couldn’t get enough of her. And the hard on he woke up with, didn’t help his position either. The room smelled of sweat and sex, but right now it was the sweetest scent to him. He could feel her skin against his, and it was driving him crazy.

Leaning over, he peppered kisses all over her shoulder and neck, trying to wake her up a bit. She squirmed and he smirked against her skin, starting to suck and bite at her skin, forming light hickies.

“Mm Harry…” She groaned, backing her ass into his groin, feeling his hardness against her.

“Want you.” He mumbled against her skin, rubbing his hardness against her supple ass. Both of them were naked, and he could feel her head against him driving him crazy.
She nodded and lifted her leg, reaching between them and taking his cock and sliding it inside her.

Harry groaned loudly, the feeling of her tight, wet, wariness around his hard cock. He thrusted in slowly, burying his face into her neck. Letting out a shuddering breath, he thrusts deep inside of her.

She lets out a whimper as he drives deep inside of her heat, filling her up. He was the biggest she’s ever had and felt absolutely amazing. She couldn’t get enough of him.

Harry’s hands reaches over her and took her breasts into her hands, squeezing as her fucking into her, a bit faster now. Her whimpers and small moans fuel him to move faster, his hands moving to pinch and play with her erect nipples.

“So gorgeous baby… Feels so good around me. Love fucking you baby, so so good.” He whispers into her ear. He was on cloud nine, his stomach feeling his orgasm approaching. Morning sex was one of his favorites with her, along with wall sex, rough sex, shower sex…. The list goes on.

“Mm so close H, please.” She said quietly, her hand going down to touch her clit. Harry wasn’t having any of that. He knocked her hand out of the away and rubbed it in quick circles, trying to help her reach her climax.

He felt her clench, her legs shaking lightly as she let out a whine, coming around him. Her orgasm triggered his, his thrusts stuttering as he came deep inside of her.

Pants and the smell of sex filled the room, the both of the stated…. For now.

Forever- part 1

They were best friends since day one. Harry and y/n, attached at the hip. Growing up in the houses next door to each other, they never knew how to be apart. They grew up with sleepovers and the trip their families took to the lake every summer. Both had a love of books and indie music, spending most days after school lounging around listening to Jake Bugg and reading books in the treehouse they and their parents built the summer when they were 7. Harry and y/n differed a lot in school. Y/N being more social and being on the volleyball team, while Harry kept more to himself and spent most of his time in the library. They both had a few other friends, but the majority of the time it was just them. They were the best of friends. They talked about everything, from school to friend drama, from movies to the meaning of life. They had no secrets. Except for the fact they were both madly in love with each other, and neither knew it.

It started first for Harry, when they were 13 on the playground at the park down the street. Y/N didn’t have any money but the ice cream truck pulled into the parking lot with its jolly tune, and she checked her pockets for some extra money but only had some lint and a pack of gum. But Harry had $5, because he feeds his neighbors cat when he goes on vacation. He spends Half of it on a chocolate cone for y/n and a banana Popsicle for himself. After he had bought her the sweet treat, she hugged him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, making him blush a dark red.
The rest of the time at the park he noticed her in a different light. No longer was she the little girl in chocolate stained Barbie pajamas, no way. She had started to mature. A few pimples lined her skin but Harry didn’t care because it reminded him she was human. Her hands were soft as she grabbed his in hers and led them over to the bench to eat their treats. Half of the banana Popsicle melted on his hand because he was more interested in y/n’s newfound beauty than the Popsicle. He saw the way her smile light Up her eyes as she talked animatedly about the new book she was reading, and the way the setting sun Halo’d her hair, making her seem like a real life angel. And from that moment, Harry was smitten.

It first started for Y/N when they were 14. They were working on separate art projects in Harry’s room, hers being an art collage, Harry’s being a comic. That day had not been a good day to begin with for Y/N. It was just one of those days where everything turned out horrible from the moment you woke up. She stepped on one of her brothers Legos that he had left in her room, and then hit her head on the glass in the shower. Her dad had eaten the rest of her prized Cinnamon Toast Crunch and her hair just was not acting right. It was rainy and gross. In school she realized she forgot her biology homework which caused her to be yelled at by the crotchety old lady they called her biology teacher. They served mystery meat for lunch. She was assigned 4 big projects on top of her regular homework, Then she went in the bathroom, only to find red in her underwear. They day could not seem to have get any worse.
The final straw was nicking her finger with the scissors, trying to cut out a picture of a flower in a magazine. Her lip started to tremble and her eyes started to sting, and then the gates opened. She started sniffling and Harry looked up to offer her a tissue, only to find her with tears running down her face.
He crawled over to her and tried to ask her what was wrong but she couldn’t get a word out, she just shook her head and cried more. He then saw her finger.
“Hey, it’s okay, it’s just a small cut! I can get you a band aid no problem!” He hated seeing her cry, it felt like his heart was being ripped into shreds.
“It’s not the cut, Harry. It’s everything. With the Legos and the cereal and the hair and the grades and my period, I just-” she broke into sobs.
Harry was confused and a bit frightened of what was going on, but he grabbed her and put her in his lap, letting her cry into his shirt while he pet her hair and rubbed her back. She fisted his shirt and tried to stop crying, but today was an awful day.
“Hey, bug, it’s okay. I know today was awful but there’s always tomorrow, yeah? We don’t have to do our work right now, we can just sit here for a bit. I’m here for you, cry on me or tell me what’s wrong, whatever you want. I’ll always be there for you.” He said into her ear, rubbing her back and holding her tighter to him. Without realizing it, pressing a few kisses to the top of her head and she calmed down. She nuzzled into the crook of his neck while playing with his cross necklace, pressing a soft kiss to the skin of his neck causing him to shiver. He held her for another hour before they were called to dinner, but they didn’t go down without another hug. Harry held her hand under the table all through out dinner. That’s when it started for her.

Throughout their teenage years, cuddling and chaste kisses on the cheek, forehead and neck became more common. They cuddled when they watched movies or read, always finding an excuse to touch each other. This was normal. But unknown to them was that each other’s hearts would race every time there was a touch. Each of them wanted so much more, but had no clue the other felt the same.

Harry’s mom was going on a business trip. She was leaving Harry alone for a week, and with them being friends for so long, Y/N’s parents decided that it was okay for them to spend the week together, do school work and hang out like normal, just have extending hours for fun. Harry and Y/N were both so excited for this week. They were excited for the touches and the talks and the closeness they were going to have. And for Harry, he was also nervous. Nervous because he was finally going to tell Y/N how he feels.
Friday night, 4 hours after his mom leaves and they’re laying on Harry’s bed, the food network on the TV as Y/N laid on Harry’s chest, the both of them watching UnWrapped, Disney world edition. Harry’s hand is stroking her hair as y/n draws patterns on his chest. She doesn’t notice his thumping heart and she thankfully can’t feel the butterflies in his stomach. He feels her giggle at something one of the workers said, and he smiled lightly, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. She looked up and smiled at him, scooting closer to him. She moved her head to the crook of his neck, which seemed to be her favorite place to be. She reaches over and knocks the remote out of Harry’s other hand that’s not playing with her hair, tangling their hands together and playing with the multiple rings on his fingers. Harry relaxed and started to watch the show again. When they were talking about the mass amount of pastries they have to make for the Disney parks, he feels a kiss on his neck. That’s somewhat normal for them so he goes back to watching. But then he feels another kiss, lips pressing harder to his skin. Then another, and another, working her lips up the expanse of his neck to behind his ear and tracing his jawline. Going back down she retraces the path her lips made, but biting down a little on his neck before releasing and licking lightly. He shivers and holds in a groan, trying to ignore the heat he’s feeling in his stomach. She giggles at his reaction, pressing yet another kiss on his neck.
“Does that tickle?” She asks him quietly, lips still against his neck and finger tracing his side.
“A bit…” He trails, his voice shaky. He’s never felt this way before. Before he had the chance to protest, Y/N digs her fingers into Harry’s sides, tickling the life out of him. He starts laughing loudly, squirming and trying to get away. Y/N was not having that and threw he leg over his hips, now straddling him.
“Say that I’m the hottest girl in our entire school and I own you! Then I’ll stop.” She screamed over his laughter and pleas to stop.
“Oh-Kay, y/n is t-the -oh my god stop- the hottest girl in our- shit- school and she ow-owns me!” He finally got out. Y/N stopped tickling him finally and just leaned over him, watching him pant and try to regain his breathing. She laid directly on top of him still giggling about her actions. He wrapper his arms around her waist tightly, their chests pressing together, her face buried in his soft tee shirt.
“That wasn’t very funny.” Harry said, still holding on to her tightly. She picks her head up, the both of them smiling.
“Yeah, well…” Her voice gets lost as she realizes how close their faces are and stars to feel the slight tension in the room. Noses brushing, she raises her eyes to look into Harry’s, his beautiful eyes she’s always loved, moving across his face and her eyes landing on her lips. Harry did the same scan of her face, both of them staring at each other’s lips. They could feel their breath on their lips.
“I thought it was great.” Y/N said quietly. He chuckled, her feeling it in her chest.
He couldn’t take it anymore. Harry leaned up and their lips brushed, before he firmly planted them on hers. He kept them on for a few seconds before realizing she hadn’t responded yet, and pulled away. He felt so embarrassed as he looked up at her wide eyes, and started mumble apologies.
“I’m so sorry Y/N, I was so stupid, I just, I like you and I was stupid to think you did too for a second and god, I just wanted to kiss you, I have for forever. You’re just so beautiful and absolutely amazing in every single way possible, I’m just, I’m so sorry, I probably just ruined-mmp” he was cut off by her lips smashing into his, one hand fisting his tee shirt and the other cupping his face.

He was shocked and was motionless until he felt her tongue sweep across his bottom lip, asking for him to open his mouth. He closed his eyes and hesitantly did, only to be met with her tongue. He moved his tongue to meet hers finally, and she whimpered in his mouth before moving one of her hands to his hair and tugging on it, causing a deep groan to leave Harry’s chest. The kiss was slow and passionate, tongues playing and searching each other’s mouth. When they finally needed to stop for air, Y/N bit down on Harry’s lip lightly before letting go, letting his lip snap back into place. Both were breathing heavily, staring at each other before Y/N’s hand caressed Harry’s cheek.

“I’m not sure why you think I wouldn’t like you back but I do. You’re so amazing and kind and smart, so funny… God Harry, I like you so much I don’t know what do do with myself sometimes. All I can think about is you and how lucky I am to have you and oh my god, I love you. I am in love with you, Harry Styles.” He sat in shock for a few seconds. This was not what he was planning at all, but it is so much better.
“But I mean you don’t have to say it back, I don’t expect you to or anything but-” she rambled but got cut off
“Y/N, I am so in love with you I cant think straight. I can’t think about anything without you popping in my mind. I am so in love with you, Y/N. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to be yours, and for you to be mine. I want you all to myself, I want it to be just us forever. Baby, I want you to be my only.” His eyes were wild as he looked into hers as he said those words with so much passion it made her tear up.
“I love you…” She murmured before pressing a kiss to her lips.
“I- love - you. I love you, I love you, I love you so much.” Harry said over and over, between kisses as he showered every inch of her face with kisses. She giggled as he did so.
“God, that’s my favorite sound ever. Want to hear it every day of my life.” He said looking mesmerized, pulling her impossible closer to him as if he was scared she would fly away.
“Well you can Harry, I swear I’m yours forever.” And he swore his heart burst with happiness.

Royalty- chapter 2

The exhausted, panting blonde underneath him laughed once again as he continued his trail of lips across her neck. Fingers brushed along the mess on her flat stomach while he began sucking a dark mark into the fair skin of her throat.

“Prince Harry,” she purred, voice hoarse due to how loudly she had screamed for the past hour, “who would have guessed that a royal such as yourself would be such an animal in bed?” That had him smirking as he pulled back, connecting their mouths again.

“If I am an animal,” he murmured, continuing his kisses down her chest, “then you must be the huntress that has tamed me.” That had the girl giggling. It quickly turned into a moan when he wrapped his lips around her nipple once again.

Harry had already forgotten her name. It was something boring, something he had heard a million times. Isabella. Elizabeth. Ethel. He didn’t care to remember.

Another thirty minutes of them calming down from their highs passed before he was easing the girl out of his chambers. She giggled once again as she gave him a kiss goodbye, making him promise they would meet up again soon. Harry gave her his word, though he knew this would be their first and last time.

He watched her disappear down the hall as he ran a hand through his hair.

Eleanora could hear the moans and grunts of Harry and whatever mistress he had in his bed. And she hated to admit it but it crushed her heart.

Why couldn’t she be blessed with a faithful, loving husband? Why did she have to have a despicable, whore to be wed to? Her tears started again as the guard outside her room, Liam, came in to check on her.

He had brought her a cup of tea with a smile on his face but it dropped immediately as he saw a disheveled blonde walking down the hallway. He knew Eleanora must have heard it. Prince Harry was never one to be quiet about his beddings.

He walked into the room only for his face to drop further to see her with tears streaming down her face. He felt awful for the princess, he truly did.

“Your majesty, here is your tea.” He says handing her the cup. She took it and placed it down next to her.

“Am I really that unattractive and boring?” She sniffled and looked up at Liam.

Liam was shocked of course. How could she think that?! “Not at all princess, you are the most beautiful maiden in this castle. Please don’t let the prince hurt your pride this much.”

Sleep was always a fleeting thing to Harry. Not even a few rounds with a lovely maiden could exhaust him enough to the point of nodding off. The only thing that seemed to help was alcohol, and the peasant pubs were quite familiar with him because of it.

A glass of scotch in hand, Harry began his usual late night wandering of the castle. His steps were aimless in the beginning until he heard the quiet murmuring of voices down the hallway. Eleanora’s room was on this floor. For some reason, he followed the sounds until he stood outside of her door.

“– are the most beautiful maiden in this castle. Please don’t let the prince hurt your pride this much.”

“Mr. Payne,” Harry said, breaking the moment. He was leaning in the doorway, shirtless, as he swirled the scotch around in his glass. Something ugly and possessive swirled inside of him. “I do believe I assigned you to guard this room, not talk to the inhabitants of it.” His eyes snapped up to glare at the man. Liam apologized to the princess, and then Harry as he left.

A moment of silence stretched out before the prince spoke again, “I came to check on your foot. It is difficult to get blood out of cloth and I was hoping you hadn’t bled out. It would be quite the hassle for our maid staff to clean.”

Eleanora didn’t have the strength to glare at him. Instead she relied on her wit.
“I wouldn’t worry about my blood, I’d worry about your filthy sheets. How awful it must be for them to clean that filthy room every day.” She scoffed in disgust.

“I can’t believe your guards are more polite than you. I understand you do not care about me, so if that is true, would you please leave me alone?” She asked quietly.

“I understand that you don’t care about me and you don’t like me. I don’t want to be here, at all. Just as much as you don’t want me here. But I would appreciate it if you please, please just left me alone.” She said quietly, one tear streaming down her cheek, but she dried it quickly. She didn’t want to look horrid in front of him.

“I happen to be very clean. Not a drop spilled. I suppose you’ll know that soon enough.” Harry chuckled, sipping more of his drink. “I suppose we should begin planning that wedding of ours, hm?” The sooner they got this over with, the sooner he could claim the throne. Maybe he would lock her up in some tower afterwards.

Though, he would miss her bickering. No other woman of the castle stood up to him in that way aside from Betsy. It was no fun arguing with her because she didn’t look good as she did it. Her face always turned scarlet. It was unsightly.

“Mmm,” Harry hummed, pushing himself off of the entrance frame. His steps were slow and calculating as he made his way closer to Eleanora. “You are still crying? I thought I told you to stop such a thing.” He placed his glass on her bedside table before sitting down beside her in bed.

Rough fingers threaded through her hair before he pulled harsh enough to have her facing him. More tears spilled down her cheeks, causing him to sigh. “My, my. I am going to get so much criticism. What sort of man like myself marries a girl so weak hearted?” Despise his rough grasp, Harry’s touch was gentle as he thumbed the wetness off of her blotchy cheeks.

She truly believed Harry would never ever be kind to her. She was stuck in this life. And he seemed to like when she fought back, which she didn’t understand. So she wasn’t going to give him what he wanted.

She winced as his rough hands touched her. She had though he was going to hit her, but he was wiping her tears condescendingly. Why would he do that?

A shaky breath was taken as she looked at him tired and upset. “You’re a miserable man. You’re always going to be miserable. I feel so terribly for you, Harry. So truly awful that you will never find someone to love you when you keep this up.” She said quietly. “I’ve known you one day and you’ve managed to hurt me more than anyone ever has.”

She looked up at him with tired eyes, tears drying up. “I thought maybe I could have loved you. I know you aren’t capable of love but I was going to try. But I can’t.” She swallowed heavily before whispering.

“I hate you.”

Those three words had him smiling.

They hurt. Of course they did. Not a soul enjoyed being despised. Harry might have been mean, yes, but the didn’t mean he was a masochist. He felt pain just as any other person did. However, he still stared down at her with that tilt to his lips. It was better to hide his pain than show weakness.

“That means you are joining the two thirds of the castle who feels the very same way towards me, now including my mother. Congratulations on becoming one of the majority.” Harry brushed the strands of wet hair that clung to her face. It was more of a distraction for himself rather than a privilege for her.

“Be that as it may, you are still destined to marry me. No amount of harsh feelings can change that fact. I say that we stop this bickering and this nonsense and come to terms with that fact. You allow me to do what I please and I shall give you the same luxury.”

Harry released her hair before standing up.

“Drink the rest of this to help you sleep. I do not want to be kept up all night with the sounds of your crying.” He placed the rest of his scotch in her hands before taking her face in between both of his.

The kiss he pressed to her forehead was surprisingly gentle. Perhaps that would sate her for the time being. “Sleep now, princess. We have a big day ahead of us.”

Eleanora was beyond confused as Harry left her bedroom. Her forehead was burning from the gentle kiss and she couldn’t decide if she hated it, or wanted more of it.

His words were confusing and he switched directions a lot. was he happy she hated him? Or did he want her to like him? He was a confusing soul, nonetheless.

She downed the scotch, throat burning like her eyes. She hated it here, in this horrid place. Perhaps it might not have been as awful if everyone was like Anne, Betsy and Liam. They were kind souls, ones she enjoyed being around.

But she would be stuck with Harry, the worst of them and the one destined to become her husband.

But all she could think of was that gentle kiss as she sifted off to sleep.


The next morning she was escorted down the stairs with Betsy and Liam. Her chambermaids helped her get dressed in one of her favorite dresses. It was lilac, like her favorite flower and scent.

She was led into the dining room and took a seat next to Harry, and stayed silent as she took small bites of her meal.

Harry was rather exhausted the next morning – meaning his temper was even worse than it was on a normal day. Dark bags circled his eyes, his curls were a mess and his expression was sour. The nightmares kept him up all night and not even the scotch could quiet them.

Eleanora was completely ignored when she sat next to him. Harry pushed his food around on his plate, afraid to take a bite since his stomach was rolling. He had drank too much last night.

Anne walked into the dining area, pausing to give Eleanora a kiss on the forehead. He wasn’t given a single glance. Harry watched, anger boiling in his blood.

“Good morning, dove,” Anne whispered to the younger girl. “Did you sleep well? I saw Betsy and Liam bringing you down to breakfast. I’m glad they have taken a liking to you.”

“I did thank you. I was quite exhausted.” She said quietly as she set down her fork and took a sip of water.

She already adored Queen Anne. She was kind and sweet, and seemed as if she truly cared about her well being.

“Betsy and Liam are more than lovely! Wonderful people, I can tell why you keep them around. Liam reminds me of my friend back home, so it’s comforting.” She said smiling slightly.

She could feel the bad vibes radiating off of Harry and didn’t dare look his way.

Harry’s head snapped over after Eleanora spoke. Her friend back home? She couldn’t mean the stable boy she felt in love with. Surely that wasn’t who Liam reminded her of.

Ugly jealousy burned in his chest. She belonged to /him/, not a lowly guard. Liam wasn’t destined to marry her. Liam didn’t even have the right to be interacting with the princess!

Harry flung eggs across the table, his scowl deepening further. He didn’t want to hear the two of them talk.

While Anne and Eleanora continued to talk, they could feel Harry’s anger rising and chose to ignore it. That was, until, Harry threw eggs across the table and they landed all over Liam.

Eleanora gasped and got up to hand him a napkin, looking concerned. The eggs were hot, and she was afraid that they burned him.

“I’m fine, your highness. Don’t worry.”
He said though he had a spot on his chin where she could tell was burned.

“Was that necessary?” She turned to ask Harry in a soft voice. Her plan for now was to be calm and collected with him, not giving him the fight he wants

“They slipped off of my fork.” His voice was empty and dull, though his murderous eyes stayed locked on Liam – who stared at Eleanora with what appeared to be admiration in his eyes.

It made Harry want to stand up and dump his hot porridge all over him next.

“Liam, would you do me a favor?” He sat up properly, ignoring the throbbing pain in his head. “Last night while I was walking the castle’s front yard, I could have sworn I saw a raccoon disappear into some shrubbery.”

They hadn’t even begun breakfast but he wanted Liam out of his sight.

“You know I despise pests like that. I want you to go out into there now and see if you can detect a nest. If you do… get rid of it. It is vital that you search early in the morning before the commotion of the servants scares the animal off.”

Liam was confused but nodded. “I will make sure it’s fine, your highness.” He nodded and smiled at Eleanora, walking out to look at the gardens.

Eleanora sighed and took her seat next to Harry’s. “Are you alright then? If your hand was so shaky?” She looked at him with raised eyebrows.

She was calling him out of his bullshit, but calmly. So if he snapped, he would look like the asshole and not her.

“The hot eggs slipped down my fork and burned my hand,” Harry explained just as calmly. That was a lie, of course, but Eleanora didn’t need to know that.

“Are you going to coddle me the same way? I’d love to receive the treatment Liam just got.” There was no mistaking the bitter jealousy in his voice. “You’re treating a lowly knight better than you treat your husband-to-be. You wound me with such actions, Ella. My heart is shattered.”

She hadn’t heard him react to a burn, nor had he said he was hurt so she was almost sure he was lying. But just to calm him, she played along.

“Well, if you had said it had burnt you, i would have taken care of you as well.” She rolled her eyes and took his hand in hers. She inspected it, finding no burn marks but giving the skin near where the fork is held and kissing it gently.

“There. All better.” She said before returning to eat her toast.

The press of her lips had Harry smirking. Like last yesterday, he felt that delightful burn traveling from where she had kissed all the way to his shoulder.

It was ignored, though, in favor of him returning to his breakfast. Just in case Liam returned before Harry thought he would, the prince made a big show of scooting his chair closer to Elenora’s.

The brought forth confused glances from his mother and the princess but he ate his porridge instead of acknowledging them.

She was a bit confused as to why he insisted on being so close to her, when yesterday he despised her presence.

She shook it off though and continued eating. The royal messenger came into the room and handed Prince Harry a letter, and bowed before walking around the table and back to his post.

Eleanora looked at Harry confused as he opened the letter and began to read it.

“Out loud, darling. I want to know.” Anne said as she looked at him.

The sight of the royal messenger was always one that frightened him. Not because the man was scary, but because the contents that he held were.

Paper wasn’t the cause of his fear; the words written on them were. He hadn’t finished his schooling when he was younger, and that showed when he attempted to read.

Anne was always encouraging him to read out loud so that he could improve. Today, however, he kept silent.

“I can do it on my own,” he snapped before looking down at the letter. It looked like a mess of nonsense to him. Harry cleared his throat, squirmed in his seat, and then handed the letter over to his mother.

Eleanora noticed the look of fear on his face and was very confused as to why, until he handed the letter to his mum. He must not be good with reading.

That was a shock in itself, because princes usually needed to be able to read and write, and be educated. So why wasn’t Harry.

She saw him keep his eyes down as Anne read the letter, his cheeks burning red and his lip bitten down on. She didn’t like seeing him embarrassed, and she felt awful that he felt so embarrassed about it.

She nudged him quietly and whispered to him. “Would you… Would you like me to help you with reading?”

Harry listened as Anne read aloud. The letter was congratulating him on his upcoming crowning, as well as his engagement. It was from one of the neighboring countries that they were on better terms with. Harry wished to write them back but knew it would be useless.

Eleanora’s voice had him jumping. His head turned to look at the girl. “I know how to read,” he snapped, voice harsher than usual. “I’m… I’m not /stupid/. I know… know how…”

Anne put the letter down, staring at Harry’s bowed head and Eleanora’s look of concern. “Would you like me to write them back?”

Harry closed his eyes, drowning in his embarrassment. Of course his mother had to expose his lie like that. “Yes… please,” he whispered.

She felt bad for him. It must be awful to not know how to read or write well, especially when you’re going to be king.

“So we can start today, if you’d like. In the library.” She said quietly to him, not to embarrass him in front of the staff. “I don’t have much else to do.”

Her hand went to touch his, ignoring his sharp words from before. “I know you’re not stupid. I was just offering to help.”

Anne had left the table to work on the letter, and the rest of the staff followed, having realized that Harry was in a rather sour mood this morning. That left him alone with Eleanora.

His bowed head never rose, gaze focused on the stone floor beneath him. It was embarrassing for her to see him like this. An all powerful king who didn’t know how to read? It was women who were supposed to have less knowledge. He felt humiliated that even Eleanora knew how when he did not.

“I’m not a very good student,” he whispered. It was best to tell her that now.

“That’s right. Learning is difficult sometimes.” She said softy before getting up and motioning him to follow her to the library.

Liam had shown her around before so she had an idea where it was. The library was massive, with a large stone fireplace and thousands of books.

she motioned for him to sit at a table and took the letter and sat next to him. “So what words on here can you read?”

Harry didn’t want to do this, especially not in front of her. A king was supposed to be bold and proud, not weak and unintelligent like he felt at the moment.

At first he refused to read at all. The paper was stared at until the inked words blurred into nothing. He could feel the waves of patience and understanding rolling off of Eleanora and it irritated him further. Couldn’t she argue with him or something? This soft kindness was making him feel weird.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Harry spoke: “I don’t know any of it.”

Oh. Well this is going to be harder than she thought. Getting up, she went to the shelves and found some paper and pens. Sitting down next to him, she handed him a piece of paper and a pen.

“So we’re going to start with the basics. I’m not trying to insult your intelligence at all, so please don’t yell at me. But this is how everyone learns.” She said cautiously.

“We’re going to write the alphabet. So this is how you do ‘a’… ”
She showed him the upper and lowercase letters.

“Does that make sense?”

Harry watched as she dipped a pen in the inkwell and began writing. The letter looked somewhat familar, meaning he had probably gone over it with his mother before… before the incident…

His eyes stayed glued on her delicated, expert fingers as the next letter was written. Eleanora explained that it was a 'b’.

The two of them got all the way to 'f’ before she was handing it over for him to try. Harry glared at the extended pen. He very nearly knocked it out of her hand and demanded that they do something else.

However, for some reason, he found himself taking it. A separate piece of paper was grabbed, he dipped the utensil in ink, and then he was trying his best to recreate the shapes.

They were messy, but the general shape was there. Harry pulled back, face soft with his pride.

She watched him as he wrote with a shaky hand. It was obvious that he hadn’t had much experience with a pen, but he was trying his best.

He pulled away with a happy look, admiring his work. “Good job!” She praised happily and smiled at him. “Look at that, that’s amazing for a first try.” She complimented.

She had a feeling he hadn’t gotten much praise in his life for things like this, so she tried to make that a point so he would feel good.

“Are you ready to continue?”

Hearing Eleanora’s praise only served to make him feel better. Harry was grinning without even realizing it. And it wasn’t his usual, playful grin. It wasn’t a smirk. This was a genuine smile that lit up his entire face.

It was he smile of his childhood before everything went to hell.

The two worked most of the morning. 'F’ to 'K’, 'K’ to 'P’, 'P’ to 'U’, and then they were finishing up.

Harry had recreated each of the letter as they went on, his letters becoming less shaky the further that they went.

“There we go! It’s not that hard, right?” She said, taking the tea from the servant and handing Harry a cup.

“We can work on this whenever you’d like. I think I’d like to spend more time in here so I’m assuming I’ll be in here, the gardens or my room if you need me.” She said as she sipped her tea.

She was happy that they were somewhat getting along. It was a miracle that they could sit as long as they did without fighting.

A break was definitely needed. While Harry enjoyed recreating the letters and hearing her praise, it was a bit too much on his brain. That, combined with his alcohol binge last night, had the worst headache plaguing him.

The tea was sipped, its warmth sliding down his throat to rest in his belly. There was just enough milk in it to keep away bitterness.

Halfway through his cup, he put it down and turned to look at Eleanora. There was a bit of his old self back to his features as he spoke, “I want you to stay away from Liam.”

She was a bit surprised at Harry’s demand. Stay away from Liam?
“Um, why? He’s been very kind to me.” She frowned as she looked up from her tea.

Liam had been nice and comforting, especially last night while Harry was bedding whatever whore he had in his bed.

He couldn’t be jealous, he’s already made it clear that she was nothing to him.

“Do not question what I tell you, just follow my demand.” There was a bit of darkness to his eyes.

For some reason, the thought of Liam being the one to make her laugh really crawled under his skin. While Harry did not care for Eleanora, he still wanted the right to call her his. If she ended up falling for Liam…

Harry squeezed the pen in his hand hard enough to have ink oozing from the tip and staining his skin.

“He is not right for you.”

There he was, the Harry she had come to dislike. Her comfort from before slipped away as she deflated.

“Not right for me? What do you mean?” She asked confused. She wasn’t sure what he was saying, but if he was suggestion romantically, he was dead wrong. Liam was nice, but he already had a woman he was courting. A servant that worked in the garden, Sophia. He had told her that.

“Am I not allowed to have friends?”

“The way he looked at you during breakfast was not the sort of stare one gives to a friend. Not once have I ever looked at another person with so much admiration.”

The remembered brightness in Liam’s eyes made Harry sick to his stomach.

“A princess such as yourself should refrain from interacting with the staff in such ways.” He stood up, trying to keep his calm. Something about the thought of Elenora and Liam just… He wanted to scream. And he didn’t know why.

“Harry, he adores me because I am the princess, and because I am kind to him. He looks at your mother the same way.” She assures quietly.

“He is courting a maiden already, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Eleanora tried to soothe his insecurity. He had no reason to be so freaked out.

“What else am I supposed to do? You don’t want to be around me and I can’t just keep to myself. That’s not fair.”

Harry opened his mouth to argue that Liam could be interested in both her and the other maiden but it snapped shut. Though he did not like the guard, he knew he was not the type to do such a thing. Best to not make himself look like an idiot.

“Then… then befriend the other women of the court. But not him. Not another man. You belong to /me/ and I don’t want another thinking that you are free to be courted.”

“All the women of the court hate me because I’m going to be wed to you.” She huffed and leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms. Her chest popped out a bit, making her blush.

“I just don’t know what to do! This isn’t fair to me Harry. I’m trying very hard to get along with you but i feel like there is no pleasing you.” she muttered and looked down at the rings on her fingers.

They all hated her because of him? That should have made him smirk but… It just made him angry. At them. Why were they taking out their hatred of him on her? That hardly seemed fair. Perhaps he would call a staff meeting and demand that they all be polite to Elenora.

Just because he disliked her didn’t mean everybody else did as well. While he didn’t find her to be as supple and as filled out as his nightly guests, he had to admit that she was polite and well-mannered when she wanted to be. The women of the castle should love her.

“I will have a chat with them. You will have friends soon enough.”

She looked at him surprised. Really? He would really do that for her? Odd.

“Well, thank you. That is very kind.” She thanked him before taking another sip of her tea. She felt uncomfortable as Liam came back into the room.

“Your highness, we caught a raccoon but it was in the other side of the Garden.” He said officially.

“Good afternoon, Princess Eleanora.” He greeted before turning his attention back to Harry.

“Is it a male or a female?” Harry question as his discreetly worked to rid the table of their writings. He didn’t want Liam to learn about his little secret.

“It is male. Young.”

“And did you find any others? A nest of any kind?”

“No, we did not. Just the young one.”

“Wonderful!” Harry clasped his hands together, smiling in that usual way of his. “Kill it.”

She gasped as he said to kill it. How could he be so cruel?

“No!” She screamed and Harry and Liam looked at her questionably. “I’ll keep it, just don’t kill it.” She says frantically, walking up to the other guard who was holding it.

Holding it to her chest she looked at the baby raccoon, and cooed. “Hi baby, it’s okay.. You’re safe…”

The scream had all heads shooting to her direction. Liam took a step forward, as if to protect her, while Harry’s eyebrow rose. He watched Eleanora rush forward. He didn’t think she could get that loud.

“You want to keep that disgusting thing?” He asked as he watched her cuddle it to her chest. The raccoon was shaking, head darting around the room.

“They’re violent creatures, known to carry diseases. You run the risk of catching something. It would be better off if we just killed.” Harry stepped forward, reaching out to take it. The raccoon hissed, attempting to nip at his fingers.


She scoffed and pet the raccoon, who cuddled into her more. “Of course it’s not going to like you… You said to kill it!” She said, coddling the poor baby animal.

“And animals are usually good at sensing when people want to hurt them. And you’re not the gentlest being in the world, the poor thing is terrified.”

Eleanora held the raccoon as it cuddled further into her and let her pet it. “See? The little guy is harmless.”

Harry wasn’t the gentlest being? Bah, nonsense! He had been perfectly gentle with her last night. He was very much capable of light touches and slow movements.

He reached forward once again, slower this time, and attempted to pet the animal once again. And, like before, it went for his fingers. Harry grit his teeth, staring at the pest with narrowed eyes.

“Fine. You can keep it. The day that it wanders into my chamber, though, will be the last day it ever sees. Do I make myself clear?”

She snorted and nodded. “Trust me, we won’t be anywhere near your chambers.” She laughed and nodded to Liam. “Thank you for saving it.”

“I’ll be in my chambers if you need me.” She said as her hips swayed, walking out of the room.

She brought the little creature to her room and sat it on her bed, calling for her chamber maid who looked terrified of the animal. Eleanora rolled her eyes and asked for some lettuce and fruits from the kitchen to feed it.

Harry couldn’t help but watch the sway of her hips as she left. Maybe he had been wrong about Eleanora not being a woman.


Royalty- Chapter 6

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Prince Harry chapter 6-

Due to Eleanora’s constant fretting over him – Harry drank so much herbal tea that he never wanted to take another sip of it ever again – Harry found himself in tip-top shape the next morning. He awoke without a fever, though his throat was still somewhat sore. The only warmth he felt was the delightful heat coming from Eleanora’s body.

He eased the blankets over her still sleeping form before easing out to walk the castle. As usual, he barked his orders and gave the maid staff hell. His bath was extra hot, his clothes washed and pressed, and his breakfast more plentiful than usual. Harry had to make up for his absence yesterday.

It was in the middle of him eating his eggs when Eleanora came in. For some reason that made his heart leap – and he smiled at her. A genuine smile that was softer than his malicious smirks.

When Eleanora woke she was a bit scared that he regretted it, regretting letting her in and wanted to go back to how it was.

But she was pleasantly surprised when she came downstairs to see him smile at her. Relief sagged through her, knowing that he genuinely was going to try.

Sitting next to him, she noticed her chair being pulled a bit closer to his and that made her stomach erupt with butterflies. Maybe they /could/ work.

“Good morning, are you feeling better?”

Pleased that Eleanora took the hint and sat next to him, Harry placed his fork and knife on his plate to give her his full attention. There was a bit of shyness to his posture, shown in the way that he unconsciously pulled at his top or fixed his hair.

“Oh, yes. Much better. Though I had to turn my head when one of the cooks offered to make me a cup of tea.” He laughed quietly as he looked over at his glass of water before back to her.

Harry told himself that he was only being nice because she had cared for him and he wanted to repay her somehow. But, for some reason, that made him almost… sad? Guilty? Upset? Couldn’t he be genuine?

Clearing his throat, he returned to his breakfast. “Did you sleep well?”

“I slept well, thank you. Very warm, helps me sleep.” She smiled shyly, taking a sip of the tea that was made for her.

She could tell Harry was a bit uncomfortable but she couldn’t figure out why, exactly. She wasn’t someone to be nervous around, she had bathed him and nursed him back to health. She had already seen more of him than most.

“Did you want to continue lessons today? Or do you have other duties?”

“Lessons, please.” Though Harry did have a few duties that needed attending to, he figured he could put them off until later. After all, his mother had told him once before than an education was the most important thing in a person’s life.

Speaking of which, Anne chose that moment to walk in. Her hair was long and loose, free from its normal braid. Harry had always liked it that way. It made her look like an elven queen. He smiled as he remembered his younger self telling her that.

She paused momentarily, looking between the two of them – Harry smilin and Eleanora sitting close – before her features twisted in confusion. “Good morning,” she said cautiously as she sat down.

Eleanora looked up with a smile. “Good morning, Anne. How did you sleep?”

Anne looked at the pair curiously, not sure what had happened but she liked it. Her son was looking at Eleanora tenderly as she looked at Anne, making her believe maybe he’d had a change in heart. And that made her so, so happy.

“I slept wonderfully, dear. How about you? I heard Harry was with you for a while yesterday.”

“I was ill with a high fever and a cough.” Harry decided it was alright to tell Anne this after he had recovered. Another forkful of eggs was eased into his mouth. “Eleanora took it upon herself to nurse me back to health.”

“Harry, you should have told me!” Anne looked worried, eyes shooting between the two. “I know how terrible your fevers get. Ever since you were little. I remember you used to become delirious due to them.”

Harry shrugged. “It was nothing, mother. Please don’t worry so much. You have much more important matters to attend to. Like Des, for example.”

Anne sighed but nodded. “I’m glad Eleanora was able to care for you. She’s going to make an amazing wife. How did you know how to care for his fever?” She asked curiously.

“Well, I’ve always been a big reader. So I read a book in your library, actually, a few nights ago about herbs and teas that fix the ill, as well as other books ok diseases and illnesses. So I just took what I remembered.” She shrugged with a small smile.

Harry felt almost…. embarrassed? No… no, that wasn’t the right word. What described him at the moment? Shy and embarrassed and warm in the tummy all at once…

Flustered! Yes, Harry was flustered as his mother talked about Eleanora becoming his wife. As the two talked, he pushed the eggs around on his plate. The were to be married… He was going to Marr Eleanora and –

“We should get going.” Harry suddenly stood up and took one of the girl’s hand, tugging her in the direction of the library. “We have many things to do today. Goodbye, mother.”

Eleanora wasn’t done with her breakfast but could tell Harry was even more uncomfortable with his mother taking of them being wed. And that made her a bit sad, if she was honest.

She was scared to marry him, of course. He still scared her a little bit but she had come to terms with it. She thought maybe he had too.

Once they reached the library, Eleanora took out their supplies from the desk she had claimed for herself, and spread them out. “We’re going to work on simple words, okay?”

After leaving the dining area, Harry took a deep, calming breath. The less he thought about being forced to marry, the better. He barely even knew Eleanora! How was this going to work out?

Once they entered the library, he released her hand and followed behind as their supplies were taken out. Harry usually sat at the desk next to hers but today he decided to share hers.

“Simple words… alright.” He nodded, a bit nervous about this.

Eleanora wrote down a few words. Cat, dog, run, walk, help, talk, love, sit, eat, the, as, was, can, will… And more totaling to about 25.

“So I want you to copy them down. This is cat. I drew a picture of a cat next to it so you can tell what it is.” She smiled at him, handing him a piece of paper.

He had almost gotten all the letters now so she was hoping maybe this would be alright for him. “And don’t get upset if you get stuck on words, I’ll help

Cat. Harry was surprised when he recognized the letters that the word was made up of. Slowly and carefully he copied the three, rather pleased when they were crisp instead of wiggly.

That continued on until Harry reached the word ‘love’. Eleanora had drawn a heart next to it. It seemed simple enough to copy but… he found himself staring at the word before turning his gaze over to her.

Love. What exactly was that? Eleanora said that she wanted to fall in love with him but… Harry wasn’t even sure what it was. How was he supposed to know when she felt like that?

Placing the pen down, he pushed the paper away. “I want to take a break.”

Eleanora watched him work and do the simplest words, but once he came to love, he stopped.

When he pushed the paper away suddenly she was surprised. Take a break? Why? They were only about 5 words in.

But Eleanora also knew she shouldn’t push him. So instead of protesting, she just signed and nodded. “Is it difficult? Or are you just tired?”

Harry found himself looking away, unable to meet her eyes. Something had changed in him last night. He felt it the moment that Eleanora allowed him to wrap an arm around her waist and hold her close.

He wasn’t sure what it was, or if he liked it. Whatever this was made him feel weak and vulnerable.

“I do not want to write that word,” his voice was soft and quiet as he looked down at his hands.

He didn’t want to write love… For some reason that made her feel nervous and it hurt her stomach. Why didn’t he want to write it?

“May I ask why?” She said quietly, looking up at him with curious but nervous eyes.

Harry shrugged his shoulders as he picked at a loose string on the seat of his chair. Eleanora’s eyes were on him; he could feel the way they nervously looked him over.

“I don’t know what it is.”

The words were spoken after a long moment of silence. He pointed to the picture she had drawn next to it. “That is a heart. No love. You should have told me to write that instead.”

“Love… Love is an emotion.” She said trying to come up with the words to say it.

“My tutor told me that love is all consuming. It makes you feel so strongly about a person that you want to be around them, and you admire the person they are. Love comes in different forms. Like how you love your parents, or a pet. But then there’s falling in love.” She took a deep breath and looked at him while she tried to explain this.

“I’ve heard such wonderful things about falling in love. How your stomach feels as if it’s full of flutters, your skin prickles in the best of ways when they touch you, you feel a warmth in your chest… And when they smile and laugh it’s the make beautiful things.” She smile lightly to herself.

“And falling in love is also hard and scary. It feels like sometimes you put all your emotions into another person, you want to share everything with them and their opinions matter most to you. And you fight, and cry because the emotions are high.”

Clearing her throat she tries to end this on the best note. “But I love, the idea of love. I want to fall into it and have someone to support and cherish, someone to kiss and hold at night. Someone to grow old with and make memories.”

The more Harry listened to Eleanora explain things the more upset he became. He remembered how his stomach jumped when she touched him, how his skin had broken out into goosebumps, and he remembered how overwhelmed he had become this morning when she smiled at him while taking a seat.

Could this mean…?

No. No, Harry couldn’t be falling in love. “You become weak.” His voice was the slightest bit harsh. “And vulnerable. You open yourself up and you allow yourself to feel and that makes you susceptible to being hurt.”

He finally turned to look at her. “A king can’t be weak. You know that. I wish…” Harry took a deep breath. “I wish you would stop looking at me with those kind eyes because it makes me feel weak and I hate it.”

“I don’t think it makes you weak.” She defended, very sad that he was getting upset over this.

“I think it makes you even stronger! You have someone else behind you, standing with you. It’s another person that supports you and what you do. I don’t think it’s weakness, it’s strength.” Eleanora said.

“And what are you talking about? I’m not looking at you in any sort of way. This is just… How I look. I’m sorry if it makes you feel weak but I can’t change it.”

Harry laughed, shaking his head back and forth. Strength. That made him laugh.

“Where was the 'strength’ in my love when they took Gemma away?” He was getting angry now. “Where was the 'strength’ in my mother’s love when she allows herself to be hit in order to please a man? Tell me, Eleanora, because I fail to see it.”

He reached forward quickly, taking her face between his hands. She flinched away like he was going to hurt her. Harry hated himself for that… and then he hated himself for hating himself.

“You’re making me /weak/.” The words were hissed before his face softened. “I can’t – every time you –…” Harry made a noise of frustration before pulling away. “Nevermind. I’m finished for today.”

Emilia felt herself deflate. She knew it was too good to be true, that maybe in fact she wouldn’t find love with Harry. She knew that he was frightened though.

She had flinched when he grabbed her face, thinking she would be hit. It was instinct, and while they had bonded before she wasn’t sure if he could control himself if he was angry.

He stormed out if the library and left Emilia to herself. She was upset but she wanted to make it right with him. So she waited a half an hour before working up the courage to go to his quarters to try to find him.

Anger got the better of Harry, meaning he had retreated to his quarters with hopes to calm himself down. Fighting with the maid staff would only rile him up further, and he was far too upset to train his archery skills.

It felt like he had been staring up at his ceiling for hours when there was a gentle knock at the door. His heart leapt as he shot up in bed, thinking it was Eleanora. “Come in!”

His face fell when he realized it was one of the younger maids, Clara. One he had bedded before. Easing back down, he sighed in disappointment.

“Prince Styles,” her voice was soft and sweet. Too sweet. “There was word among the maids that you are upset. I came to offer my help. Perhaps I could… undress you for a bath?”

“Not right now, Clara. I’m not in the mood.”

The bed dipped, and he turned to find her much too close. A hand rested on his cheek, thumb brushing over his lips. It wasn’t like Eleanora’s touch and he hated it.

“I’m not –” He began, only to be cut off as a pair of lips pressed against his own.

Eleanora walked up fast, determined to get Harry to realize it was okay to be afraid and that she would help him.

Without thinking she walked into his room, throwing open the door. “Harry, I-”

Her voice caught in her throat. On top of Harry was a young blonde maid, and they were kissing. Her small body on top of his..

In that moment she felt her heart break. She was shocked, frozen. Her whole body felt cold, as she saw the girl on top of the man she was supposed to marry. The man she was starting the develop feelings for.

“I’m, I…” She stutter before she turned and ran, tears streaming down her face.

She felt stupid, so stupid to think that Harry would change for her. That Harry maybe one day could love her. And he left her with a broken heart.

Royalty- chapter 3

Prince Harry chapter 3

The rest of his day had been spent loitering around the castle, chatting up any young maid servant that he could find. When that became boring, he went down to the village to buy a few drinks.

By the time he arrived back home, it was late in the evening. He made his way into the dining area just as Eleanora and his mother sat down to eat. Des was already there with a full plate.

Swaying to his seat, Harry collapsed into it heavily.

There was small chatter in the room when there was a crash and Harry fell into his seat. He smelled greatly of alcohol, a bit rancid if she was honest.

Anne looked at him disapproving as Eleanora looked at him shaking her head.

“Are you drunk? Before dinner?” She asked as his hooded eyes looked up at her, revealing his flushed face.

“You smell of a bar.”

All Harry could manage was a small hum and a nod. Even with all the alcohol running through his veins, he could still feel that horrible pain.

Anne sighed, looking at her son sadly. The winter months had always been particularly hard on him, especially after Gemma’s taking. She wished he wouldn’t drink his sorrows away and would talk to somebody instead.

“Eleanora,” the queen said quietly, “leave him be.” Though she was still upset because of his actions, Anne made him a plate. It was doubtful that he would eat any of it but she felt the need to comfort him in some way.

Eleanora was curious as to what was going on. She knew there must have been something going on she didn’t know about.

But she left well enough alone and ate her dinner, looking worriedly at Harry every so often. What drove him to drink this much? His mind must have been in a quarrel to have to drink his sense away.

She let him be, and once she was finished, she went up to her room to retire for the night. She fell asleep dreaming of him, and how she could possibly help.

“Come on now, dove. Into bed.”

Harry blinked his heavy eyes, looking up to see his mother as she leaned over him. Blankets were tucked around his half clothed body, hair brushed from his face. He wanted to thank his mother but sleep engulfed him before he could.


Harry awoke with a start, gasping and clutching his throat. “Gemma!” He yelled, searching the darkness of his room. Nothing. There was nothing. Tears choked him as he ran his hands through his sweaty hair.

Like usual, Harry roamed the castle for a few hours. Tonight was particularly bad, as he seemed half there and half not.

He didn’t even realize it wasn’t his bedroom that he entered, rather it was Eleanora. He eased himself into bed next to her, cuddling against her warmth, before falling back to sleep.

Eleanora felt the bed dip a warmth next to her, and cuddled into it, not knowing what it was. She was quite a heavy sleeper, so when she woke up she was in for a rude awakening.

The sun shine through he’s curtains and she felt a nice warmth as her eyes opened. Except, she didn’t expect to feel the heavy arm over her waist and the head of curls buried in her neck.

A loud scream left her as she pushed the person away, chest heaving. How the hell did he get into her bed?

One minute, Harry was basking in the unfamiliar blackness of sleep, and the next found him sprawled out on the floor.

A long groan of pain escaped him once he managed to reclaim the breath that had been knocked out of him. He cradled his throbbing shoulder as he rocked back and forth.

“What in the – bloody – hell!?”

The floor was cold and hard underneath his warm skin. Blurry eyes stared up at the ceiling before turning to look at what, or who, had pushed him out of bed.


“Goodness, are you hurt? I’m so sorry I just- what in the world are you doing in my bed?” She asked as she got up and tried to help him up.

Her eyes widened in a horrifying thought. “Did you touch me in my sleep? Harry? What happened!” She asked frantically.

She didn’t think he was the type to touch a woman in her sleep, but then again, he always had a way of surprising her.

Eleanora’s scream had woken the castle. Liam came running into her room, half clothed, while his mother joined seconds after, hair down and loose.

Unlucky for him, they burst into the room right as Eleanora questioned him about touching her in her sleep.

Liam breathed in deep and audible, while Anne made a cry of surprise. “Harry Edward!”

“I did not! I swear! I was – I just –”

Liam took a step forward, looking murderous. Harry scooted back quickly, afraid of getting his face bashed in.

“I had a hard time sleeping last night. I was disoriented and suffering from drunken nightmares. I must have entered the wrong room by accident!”

Eleanora let out a relieved breath. Thank god, she couldn’t deal with him sexually touching her yet. At least not while she was sleeping.

“Oh…okay. I’m sorry for hurting you.” She said quietly, a bit embarrassed for overreacting. She didn’t want to start problems, she was just terrified. It’s not every day you wake up with a man in your bed.

She walked over and helped Harry get up and looked at his shoulder, seeing a bruise already forming.
“Liam, can you get the doctor please? I think his shoulder is hurt.”

Liam stared at the two for a long time, and Harry was almost positive that the man was going to outright refuse to do such a thing. He eventually turned on his heel, though, and left the room in search of Arnold.

Harry had to continually swallow after he had been sat up. The back of his head had hit the floor rather hard, causing his already horrible headache to become even worse. Nausea from the pain, as well as too much alcohol, made his stomach weak.

“I may be… be… inappropriate in some ways,” he said slowly, gasping in deep breaths, “but I would never do anything… sexual to a person… without their consent…”

“Lay down, please.” She begged as she pushed him on to the bed and tucked him into her covers. He looked sick, and she knew he needed to keep still.

“Okay, I’m sorry for accusing you of such a thing. But you have to understand where I’m coming from. You’ve hurt me before, so I wasn’t sure what to think….I’m frightened of you” She said quietly, a maid coming in and handing her a cold soaked cloth. She placed it on his forehead and moves his hair out of his face.

“There. You should be okay until the doctor comes.”

She wasn’t sure why she was taking care of him, especially after how awful he had been to her. But she couldn’t help it.

Harry exhaled shakily once the wet, cool cloth had been placed over his forehead. It was already helping with the nausea, though nothing could be done about his headache. He requested a glass of water and the maid at her bedside wasted no time in running to get it.

“There’s a difference between hurting you and forcing myself on to you sexually. I would never do the latter. I’m not the type of – ow, dammit!” A sudden, sharp pain to his ankle had Harry scrambling up.

The tiny head of the blasted raccoon popped out of the blankets, teeth bared. Harry pushed himself into Eleanora and away from the pest.

A small giggle left Eleanora’s mouth. Her little raccoon standing up for her. She reminded herself to give him a treat later.

She chuckled and pet Harry’s head. “There, there. I won’t let the scary baby raccoon get you.”

She signaled for Liam to put it in her bathing room while Harry was in here.

“I wish you wouldn’t hurt me at all.” She muttered as she fixed him up.

The doctor came in and sighed at Harry, already knowing he was hungover. He walked out again to make the tea to soothe his stomach.

“What hurts the worst?” She asked as he still laid himself in her lap, letting her play with his hair.

Harry smiled sheepishly when Arnold glared at him. They really ought to have tea warming at all times due to all the drinking that he did. Harry was hungover six nights out of the seven.

It was a surprise when Eleanora looked him over before easing him down into her lap. He half expected her to push him out of bed again. Instead, fingers began running through his sweaty curls. His eyes closed, mouth parting around a soft noise.

“Everything,” he mumbled, feeling his eyes grow heavy. His body felt gross, his head and shoulder throbbed, and his heart.. Oh, his heart probably hurt the most.

She felt for the man. He said he couldn’t sleep because of nightmares? What were they about? She would find out, but now wasn’t the right time to ask.

Her hands massaged his head hoping to make him feel better. Though she acted indifferent, she wanted to like Harry. And she wanted him to like her. They were going to be wed regardless, so she was trying to play nice.

He was practically purring at the attention she was showing him. She got the feeling that no one had really played with his hair like this, or let him be comforted when he didn’t feel well.

Doctor Arnold brought up the tea, and as Harry’s hands were still shaky, Eleanora helped him drink it.

Once it was done, she sat back against the bed frame and let him lay in her lap again.
“If you’d like, you can take a nap in here.”

Arnold watched the two of them with distaste. Harry knew that he must find the sight ridiculous, especially after the man tended to the wounds on Eleanora’s neck. Both he and Betsy knew they were Harry’s doing. She shouldn’t show him any kindness after that.

Yet she was.

Harry sipped his tea until the headache subsided and his stomach no longer rolled. While he knew he had duties to attend to for the day, he found his desire waning the longer that Eleanora ran her fingers through his hair.

When he was eased back into her lap, Harry stared up at her.

“For the first time in what feels like forever… I didn’t have a single nightmare.”

Not one nightmare? Was it her? Or maybe just the face he wasn’t alone? She wasn’t sure.

“Well I’m glad to hear that.” She whispered and laid black while she played with his hair.

“Do you have them often?” She decided to ask cautiously, knowing he was relaxed and it might help her get some answers.

“Every night,” Harry answered in a whisper, his empty gaze trailing up to ceiling. The room was rather cold, so he reached down to pull the blankets over the two of them.

His fingers snapped until he caught the attention of a passing servant. “Please light the fire.” Silence stretched out as the man worked on setting up the wood and starting a flame. The wood crackled soon enough and pleasant heat began filling the room. Without so much as a thank you, hard waved the man off.

“The alcohol used to help… It would numb the pain until I could doze off. As of lately, it had only made matters worse.”

She looked down at him as he talked to her, listening to his words. That must be awful, to not be able to sleep because of your dream. Dreams are supposed to be happy.

“My mother always told me alcohol was the Devils work. While I know that’s not true, it makes sense why people think so. It makes you happy for a while but leaves you sick for a whole day after. And it alters your head, making you say and do things you don’t want.” she whispered, loving the warmth of him and the fire.

“The Devil’s work, huh?” Harry laughed bitterly. “That makes a lot of sense; I’m living in hell. It’s only natural that he makes an appearance every few days to remind me of that.”

A missing sister, a father who beat him and his mother, a mother who couldn’t even look him in the eye anymore. All of this responsibility had been dumped on his shoulders when he wasn’t ready for it. No wonder Harry had a bad attitude; his life wasn’t exactly a fairy tale at the moment.

“The dream is always the same…” Harry’s voice was empty once again, as was his gaze. He wasn’t sure why he was telling Eleanora this when he had convinced himself that he didn’t like her. Perhaps it was because she was a listening ear, or perhaps he was feeling so sick that he couldn’t bring himself to care about the consequences.

“And I hate having it. I hate it so much…” His eyes closed, tears clinging to his lashes.

Her heart clenched as she looked down to see a couple tears stream down his face. Seeing him cry hurt her, and she wasn’t sure why.

Leaning over she grabbed a cloth and wiped tears off his cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Harry. I can not say I understand, because they would not be truthful… But I feel horribly that this is happening to you. It must be truly awful.” She said, eyebrows furrowed.

Oddly enough she liked this side of him. Not him being upset of course, but having him open up to her.

The brush of cloth across his wet cheeks had him sitting up. Pain throbbed at his temples while the room spund. Harry closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to keep from passing out. It was stupid of him to have downed that much alcohol last night. He was definitely going to refrain that much next time.

“I do not understand why you are being so kind to me.” An eye peeked open to look behind him, staring at her soft face. Harry didn’t deserve anybody like her. She had every reason to hate him; he had been truly terrible to her when she had been the opposite.

“I would understand if you left. I would not blame you if you did. I am a terrible person, as you stated before. Though you would experience harships, marrying that stable boy of yours would be a much more fulfilling life than the one you would experience with me.”

She shrugged. “I know.” And she knew he wasn’t expecting that.

“It probably would be easier. I wouldn’t think of the noises of him bedding someone else, or remember how his hand wrapped around my neck.” She knew that a life without him would be easier.

“But I think you deserve a chance. I think you really are a kind person, capable of love. Deep down there’s a man in there that’s noble and loving and kind. And don’t deny that, I have seen little glimpses.” She warned looking at him.

“I think you’ve been through many things I don’t know about and will ever be able to comprehend. And I’m not going to push you to tell you such things because I know you’re not comfortable with it.” Eleanora sighed and closed her eyes.

“But I think that this kingdom needs a strong queen, and King. And a king needs a good support system. I know you don’t care about me, you’ve made that clear many times. But I hope that one day you’ll come to care about me.”

Harry laughed, preparing to deny such things. Eleanora beat him to it, though, causing his mouth to snap shut. He tried to think back to any moments where he might have shown that weakness but it caused his head to hurt once again.

Hearing her speak, knowing that she was willing to put her faith and confidence in him, broke something inside of Harry. He stared at her for a long time, waiting a few moments after she finished speaking to do what he wanted to do.

His movements were slow to keep her from freaking out too bad. There as a thoughtfulness in his emerald eyes, which were now focused on her still bruised throat. Gently, he wrapped his fingers back around it – but refrained from squeezing. Instead, he studied the way that his fingers perfectly matched the splotches of dark color. That had him swallowing hard.

He was disgusting, wasn’t he?

He released her throat. Before pulling away, Harry brushed a gentle finger over the bruises. “I appreciate your words, and you giving me a chance.”

Eleanora tensed as he wrapped his hand back around her throat, nervous she had gone too far and he was going to kill her. But his eyes were calm, and they looked softer and calmer.

Then his fingers released her and brushed over the bruises, and a sick look came over him. He looked like he truly regretted it.

She smiled at him shyly as he took her hand in his. It felt odd, to have him touch her so gently. She had almost gotten used to the harsh shoves and hair pulls.

“Of course… I just hope you do the same for me.”

“Thank you for listening as well.” Harry wasn’t used to all this kindness from both him and another person. It was the slightest bit uncomfortable but he could not deny that he felt a bit better about himself. Seeing Eleanora smile in that way – a genuine smile – because of him was far more satisfying than seeing her fear, for some odd reason.

The longer that he stare at her, the more he realized this:

He wanted to kiss her.

Tenderly, sweetly. It was a strange and unexpected thing, taking even him by surprise. He couldn’t remember the last time he wanted to kiss just for the simple sake of it, to share one without the promise of sex following.

His throat worked around a hard swallow while he leaned back. There was an unfamiliar heat clinging to his cheeks, as well as butterflies in his stomach.

He was still drunk. He had to be. How else could he explain these strange feelings?

Eleanora felt the shift of energy in the room. It felt nicer, but a bit confusing.

She crawled back under the covers, opening them for him. She wanted to make sure he got a good sleep, even if it was just for now.

“Why don’t you take a nap? I’ll stay.” She said quietly as she looked at him. She didn’t mind staying and letting him hold her, or brushing his hair back in a soothing motion. Maybe that’s why he was so irritated all the time, lack of rest could do that.

The invitation of blankets was irresistible. Des was sure to yell at him for sleeping the day away but Harry was willing to put up with his abuse if it meant getting more rest. He needed to take advantage of Eleanora’s strange power to keep the nightmares at bay.

He eased himself into the offered warmth. Their faces were close together, causing him to ease away just a bit. Too much. Much too much. That color was back to his cheeks, more visible now.

Once he was situated, Harry thought to himself for a long moment. Moving slowly again, he eased an arm around her waist. Eleanora tensed up at first, and he very nearly pulled away. However, a hand came down to keep him there. The prince exhaled shakily, looking at her to make sure this was okay.

He was trying to be tender. Her words from earlier, about him not being gentle, had really gotten to him. He wanted to show her that she was wrong.

She relaxed into his body warmth. It was odd, being so close to someone. Especially in a bed, and most of all, because it was him. Usually rigid and harsh Harry was being soft with her and she loved it.

Her free hand moved to run through his hair as he cuddled into her. She gave him a nod of approval as he looked up as her before allowing himself to truly relax.

“Sleep…” She whispered softly as his eyelids fluttered.

Finally he was asleep and she was able to really give him a look. His breath was soft and warm, and he looked so soft and innocent, she was surprised he was the same person.

He had a light dusting of freckles over his nose and the apples of his cheeks. Long eyelashes and wild eye brows were endearing, and made him look almost childlike. Her favorite part was his pouty deep pink lips. She wondered how it would feel to press her own against them. They were slightly chapped, but she wanted to feel them against her one day.

And throughout her examination, she felt herself fall asleep.

Harry felt an unfamiliar stiffness in his muscles when he awoke. Eyelashes fluttered before his eyes opened, and out of habit, he said her name once again: “Gemma?” But his sister wasn’t there. She never was.

Easing himself up, Harry stared around the unfamiliar room. Confusion mixed with his grogginess, causing the beginnings of panic to bloom in his chest. Movement beneath him caught his attention, head snapping down.

Eleanora? Oh… right. She had allowed him to sleep with her.

The girl looked so tiny wrapped up in the blankets like that. Harry felt a pang of… of… /protectiveness/ as he looked down at her – which was a feeling completely foreign to him.

He cleared his throat before moving to ease the blankets up around her shoulders. Hair was brushed from her face, his thumb trailing over her cheek, and then he was getting out of bed.

She felt cool as the weight was lifted from next, whining at the loss of body heat, but snuggled back into the comforter with a small noise. A large hand brushed her cheek and a little smile formed on her face before she drifted off to sleep.

Anne was in the dining Hall when Harry came down. She looked at him expectantly as he sat down and a servant brought him his tea.

“I expect you to treat her with respect from now on, son.” She said softly.

Harry acted as though he didn’t hear his mother. Tiny sips of his hot tea were swallowed down as he stared blankly at the wall. There was a mess of foreign, unknown feelings storming inside of him.

“I suppose I’m going to have to,” he finally said, sighing. It looked like Eleanora wasn’t completely useless to him. If she kept the nightmares away then… then Harry needed to keep her.

Sleep was important to a ruler, after all.

Queen Anne sighed and put down her tea. She didn’t know what to do with her son.

“Harry. You know I love you. You are my heart.” She said quietly. “But I don’t know what’s been going on with you. I had thought I raised to you treat women with respect, and I was horrified to think you put a hand on that girl like your father did to me.” She swallowed thickly, trying to keep down her emotions.

“Please give her a chance, darling. Eleanora could really love you. She showed you so much kindness and comforted you while you felt horrible, and let you sleep next to her so you could be rested. She cares about you, all she wants is for you to care about her as well.” Anne said looking at him pleadingly.

“I know you’re still my little boy who helped me give food bags to the homeless when your father wasn’t looking. I know you’re still in there…”

“You have a lot of nerve,” Harry began, voice calm, “to berate me for putting my hands around her throat, yet you say nothing to your husband when he does the same to you.” He refused to acknowledge Des as his father. While he knew he was a disgusting man, he was nowhere near as horrible as him.

“And Eleanora hates me. She made that perfectly clear by saying to to my face.” Harry sipped his tea, remembering how her eyes shined with abhorrence. Lovely silver eyes that resembled the moon…

What was happening to him? Harry hadn’t ever… ever /fawned/ over a girl like this! Just because she showed him some genuine kindness in his time of need didn’t mean he needed to do something ridiculous, like fall for her. Harry must still be suffering the effects of the alcohol.

“People change, mother. I grew up. I learned the horrors of the world, for I experienced them with my own eyes. My innocence was taken when they took her.” Harry’s voice was bitter, though calm. “I’m no longer your little boy. Stop treating me like I am. I hate to see the disappointment in your eyes.”

Harry pushed himself from the table and went to leave – nearly running into Eleanora as she entered. His face momentarily softened when he took in her look of surprised confusion. Swallowing hard, Harry pushed past her.

Eleanora woke up very rested and happy. She knew Harry wouldn’t be there when she woke up, as he had his own duties to attend to.

Calling her maids, they helped her put on her dress, a royal blue gown with white accents.

She left her chambers after thanking her maids only to run into Harry who had a scowl on his face.

“Oh, good morning! Are-” she didn’t get to finish her sentence as he brushed past her, not speaking a word to her.

What had she done now? She stood frozen for a moment before turning to follow him.

“Harry? What’s the matter?”

Harry continued to breeze forward, determined to ignore the questions following him. Tears burned in his eyes while his chest ached in the most horrible of ways.

Why was he like this? Anne was right: he had changed. Things were much different when he was younger. Before the war, before Gemma’s disappearance, before the responsibilities of becoming a ruler were dumped on his shoulders. Once upon a time, Harry had been a sweet and loving little boy.

He hated the emotionless monster he had become.

Turning suddenly, he looked at Eleanora with wet, blazing eyes. “Must you always follow me?” There was a crack in his voice, leading him to clear his throat. “You plead for me to leave you alone, yet you trail behind me like a lost puppy. Make up your mind.” A shaky hand came up to wipe his wet eyes. Crying in front of Eleanora…. He was despicable.

“Mother and I are fighting. It’s nothing. No need to worry yourself with it.”

She lost a bit of confidence she had when she got up. What had happened to make him so irritated with her. She thought maybe things would be different now but she was wrong.

She felt a bit stupid for following him, but she said she would try didn’t she? She wanted to give him a chance.

“I… I just wanted to check on you to see if you were okay.” She said looking at his eyes, seeing he was crying.

She moved forward and without saying anything, wrapped her arms around her torso, hugging him. “I know you’re not but I just want to remind you that I care…”

“I told you that it’s nothing to concern –”

The rest of his words cut off with shock. Eleanora had wrapped her arms around his middle, face pressed against his chest as she embraced him rather tightly. Harry’s hands went up awkwardly, not quite sure how to react in this situation.

Did he hug back? Did he lean into it? What was he to do?

And why was his heart beating so rapidly?

“Eleanora, I –” He slowly brought his hands down, wrapping them around her upper arm to ease her away. This wasn’t her problem so she did not need to worry herself with it.

Harry spoke words that felt unfamiliar in his mouth, “I appreciate your concern. Thank you. It is a personal matter so you don’t have to worry yourself with getting involved.”

She felt a bit rejected, but was relieved he didn’t throw her off of him as she expected.

“Alright. You may talk to me about it, if you’d like. I’ll be in the library and we can continue your lessons whenever you’d like.” She smiled softly and let him go.

It was better not to push in this situation, she thought. He needed space for right now, and she had tried. So she had her breakfast brought up to the library, where she sat and read a book about raccoons to brush up on knowledge.


Imagine Harry carrying you up to bed, because you fell asleep while watching a movie on the couch, you cling on to his shirt as he walks up the stairs. You stir and open up your eyes as you look up at Harry and he just smiles at you and tells you to go back to sleep, so you close your eyes, having that feeling that you are safe.


Chapter 1 Double Take

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Chapter 11: The Other Girl

****The next night***



Ryan, Everleigh, Marley and I headed to Louis’ around 9. Marley was fidgeting in the backseat, unintentionally kicking my driver seat every 30 seconds. 

“Marley!” I finally snapped. “Chill the fuck out. Just remember, you’re white lightning!” I exclaimed. 

“Who told you that calling someone “white lightning” was a good confidence booster, Lennon? What the hell does that even mean?” Marley asked, kicking my seat again.

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