Attention Directioners going to the Detroit show on Feb. 25! We all know that our Hazza is turning 18 on the 1st. In order to celebrate, I think we should have a mini birthday party for him outside of the venue! If we can get at least 25 people, I'd be happy to bring cupcakes or a cake. It'd be before the show around 3 pm!

Now, I’m not sure exactly how this would work, but if we can somehow get Harry outside during the party, we can give him presents, cards, notes, drawing, etc. for his birthday. I think I want to make an event for this on facebook so people can “RSVP”. You don’t even have to bring anything. Just be in front of the venue by 3 pm. Get as many people as you can to reblog this! Like this if you think it’s a good idea or if you’re thinking about going! 


my video of one direction performing ‘one thing’ at big time rush concert.

gosh, they are just too beautiful. some parts are blurry btw, but for the most part you can see them really clear! enjoy <3


The aftermath of Louis ripping open Liam’s shirt and Best Song Ever Minneapolis July 26

Reblog if you're going to ROWYSO August 19th

Hey so I’m trying to put together a meet up at the Detroit concert on August 19th 2015. So if you’re going and want to meet a bunch of other people from Tumblr just reblog and tag or comment you name and section you’ll be sitting in .
I’m still figuring out some details but if you have any questions, ideas or suggestion feel free to inbox me! Also be sure to use the tag #ROWYSO Detroit 2015