One direcion/5sos concert

Guys last night was like the best night of my life ok like the concert was crazy last minute we decided to go the night before and I never thought I’d be able to see one direction or 5sos live but then somehow I found myself standing directly in front of the boys I’d only ever seen through a screen. They were alive. They were real. They were no longer people who I listened to to bring happiness into my life they were actually real. And their voices were beautiful like angels and I felt it through my entire body the music and voices and drums and bass and guitars pulses through my body and I could literally feel the music through my entire body. Both bands were outstanding I still can’t believe it happened. The boys were so dumb the entire time too it was incredible. It was obvious they were truly living their dreams which made me able to love mine. It was a night I’ll never forget in my life.