when I say my music taste is varied I don’t think people understand that when my songs are on shuffle it goes from blink-182 to high school musical to a sam smith ballad.

So, let’s investigate Louis’ height...

A few days ago Fizzy posted this on her IG: 

She is 5′’8 and Lottie is 5′’2, let’s see another pic:

Okay, we can accept that, Fizzy is probably 5′’8 and Lottie is 5′’2 and from this pic we can see that Jay is taller than Lottie, probably 5′’4 or 5′’5… Let’s go on…

Here we have Louis and Jay… If Jay is like 5′’4/5′’5… Louis is taller… But we have another pic:

Louis and Fizzy… Here we can see that Louis is a little bit taller than his sister… So if Fizzy is 5′’8 and Louis is a little bit taller, in conclusion we can say that… 

Louis is actually, truly… 5′’ … NO I’M SORRY, I CAN’T SAY THAT, LOUIS IS SO TINYYY!!!!!

So in conclusion, no numbers for Louis, Louis height is just: TINY.


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Why is everyone so obsessed with knowing the set list when they go to concerts? I love that feeling when your whole body gets goosebumps and you get butterflies and your smile is wider than the cheshire cat because they are about to play your favourite song. I find you loose all of that when you know what songs are going to be played.

People who say you’re not allowed to like two different music genres are the worst people. ‘You’re not allowed to listen to one direction if you listen to screamo bands’ BiTCh my music playlist is just rock bands and the Jonas Brothers.

75% of why I have a tumblr is to be a crazy fan girl. Sometimes I post other shit but that's mainly it.

Actually 75% of why I exist is to be a crazy fan girl.

Safe to say I think my collection is comming along pretty well! Still got a lot more to go but it’s getting there! 🙃

Life Might Not Be The Party We Wanted But Lets Dance While We Can
im really bad with descriptions i just wanna party

Good Girls Go Bad x Cobra Starship // Uptown Funk x Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars // Shut Up and Dance x Walk The Moon // Best Song Ever x One Direction // Yeah Yeah Yeah x New Politics // Uma Thurman x Fall Out Boy // Don’t Trust Me x 3OH!3 // I Don’t Wanna Be In Love x Good Charlotte // Animals x Neon Trees // Want to Want Me x Jason Derulo // All The Small Things x Blink 182 // Still Into You x Paramore // If I Had You x Adam Lambert // Here’s to The Zeroes x Marianas Trench

{listen here}