Birthday // H.S


“Love, please let me take you out!”

“No! I don’t really feel well and I’d like to just stay in.”

“But, it’s your birthday! Come on, I’m sure you’ll feel better once we’re out and you have a couple drinks.”

“I just want to stay here! Damn. It’s not a special birthday anyway. That was last year!”

She flips her hair off of her shoulder and turns away from me, looking back at the TV. Her patience is wearing thin and I know it’s because she hasn’t heard from her family yet. I give in, knowing she won’t let herself have a good time if I force her to go, which I probably can’t do anyway.

“Fine, well what would you like for dinner?”

“Order Chinese or something.”

She waves her hand at me and pretends to be enthralled in the cat food commercial on the telly. I walk over and stand right in front of her, crouching down so that I’m blocking the TV and am at

eye levee with her.

“Y/n, they’ll call.”

She rolls her eyes and finally presses the power button on the clicker.

“I don’t think so, Harry. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but they won’t fucking call.”

She stands up and I follow her actions. I place my hands on her arms, holding her in place so that she doesn’t walk away from me.

“Hey, it’s alright. Don’t let them ruin your birthday! I’m here and I want you to enjoy the day!”

She tries to stop the grin forming on her face and I smile brightly at her. She stands up straight, her lips stopping right at my chin. She’s tall for a girl and is at the perfect height for me to kiss her easily. I wrap my arms around her waist and she rests her arm lightly around my shoulders. Her grin turns into a toothy smile and I kiss her upper lip, feeling her teeth against me as well. She kisses back, sucking on my lower lip and pulling me closer to her. I pull away reluctantly, knowing we’ll never leave the bed otherwise, which I wouldn’t complain about, but it is her birthday.

“Are you hungry? What do you want to do?”


She hungrily pulls me back to her, grinding her hips into mine in a rough, steady rhythm. I slip my tongue between her lips, earning a soft whimper from her. I push her toward the kitchen and press her back against the wall, resting my hands on either side of her head on the wall. This position gives me easier range in rolling my body against hers. She tugs on the waist band of my pants, making my movement more harsh and determined. I attack her lips with mine, pulling her tongue into my mouth, sucking on it sharply before nibbling on her bottom lip and pulling away.

“Let’s at least make this interesting, love.”

She grins and makes her body go limp, proving to me that I have full control. I smile deviously and immediately know what I would like to try. I lean over and wrap my arms around her thighs, tossing her over my shoulder and carrying her across the room to the dining table. I set her bottom down and hold her around her waist, kissing her again. I run my fingers down her back and pull on the brim of her top, pulling it over her head and throwing it behind me. I bring my hands to her chest, squeezing her full breasts skillfully through her bra. She wraps her legs around me and pulls me closer to her as I reach around and unhook her bra. As it falls to the floor between us, I kick it aside and bring my mouth to her chest, running my lips across her, feeling her nipples harden, one at a time as my tongues swirls over them. I push her down so that she is laying on her back and she scoots up on the table. She seductively grips her own breasts, making me hard instantly. I reach back and pull my own shirt over my head and tossing it aside. I run my palms down her stomach, and place them on her curvy hips. I impatiently unbutton her jeans, tugging them down roughly as they cling to her. Once they are off, I lean down and graze my tongue up both of her thighs, looking up at her and getting a great view of her chest. I reach her core and pull her panties aside, pressing my lips against her, surprising her with my warm tongue. She tastes so fucking good and I start to suck on her clit, rolling my tongue around as she presses her back against the table and bucks her hips up.

“Shit, Harry. Please, just fuck me hard.”

I kiss her sex and bring myself up, pulling her by her hips so that her ass is at the end of the table. I pull her underwear down and let them drop to the ground before undoing my pants and pulling them down along with my boxers. She spreads her legs slightly, but I lift one so that it is draped over my shoulder, the other wrapping around my hip. I hold her waist with one hand and guide my length to her entrance with the other. I slowly slide inside her and groan in pleasure at her tightness. She continues to massage her breasts and the sight is flawless. After giving her the chance to adjust, I pull back and thrust back in, quickly falling into a rhythm. I bring one hand up to her mouth and place a finger between her lips. She sucks harshly on it and I feel her soft tongue run over it.

“Lift your hips a little.”

I grunt and pull my hand back from her mouth, placing it back on her hip to balance us both. She lifts her hips up and screams at the extreme delight that must be running through her veins. I roughly push into her, able to go deeper at the new position. Her hands slap onto the table, gripping onto the edges as she slides up and down against the soft wood. I grip the thigh of the leg that is over my shoulder and pound into her again and again. I reach down with my other hand and rub circles around her clit, causing her to convulse and moan powerfully.

“Dammit, Harry. So… Fucking… HOT!”

She pants and yells between words, incapable of controlling herself. I lose my thoughts as she moves around me, causing me to groan and growl deeply. I feel myself nearing my climax as we both grunt in unison with each thrust. I look at her and catch her bright blue eyes and she bites her bottom lip sensually.

“I’m close, Y/N!”

“Me… Too-ahhhh!!!”

I thrust into her rapidly and hit my high gloriously and we come together intensely, unintelligible screams and moans escaping both of our mouths. I slow down and eventually stop, pulling out and releasing her legs. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her up so that she is sitting up again. I kiss her and she rests her forehead on my shoulder.

“Okay, now I’m really hungry. That was fantastic, Harry. Have you been reading Cosmo again?”

She rolls her eyes, but I know she loves it.

“Perhaps. Any complaints?”

“None, what…so…ever.”

She drags each syllable out and I know she just had the best orgasm of her life.


When 1D blew up, nobody — not even people who liked them — figured they’d be anything more than 16 to 18 months of kicks. What the band and their fans have built over the past five years is unique. If the girls sound cocky and vindicated when they scream, they should. And 1D are brilliant because they know exactly who’s in charge.

Happy 7th Birthday, One Direction!


happy 7th birthday one direction!!!!