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Birthday • H.S.

[a/n] A little birthday gift to myself! Happy birthday to myself and any other beautiful face I get to share the day with! 

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The worst thing to wake up to in the morning was nothing. Well, actually, it’s no one, since Harry wasn’t beside me like he usually was in the morning, no matter what. Even when he has to use the bathroom he’d wait for me to wake up before moving a muscle.

“I need to wee,” He mumbled in the side of my head, his thumb rubbbing up and down the side of my arm, a grunt leaving as a response as I allowed myself to loosen my grip.

“Don’t take too long,” I yawned, snuggling into the duvet further to make up for the lack of heat since he left.

This time he wasn’t around, and I sat up in bed, turning my head to his side and seeing a note along with a red rose sitting on his nightstand, waiting for me to open it. I flopped on the bed, reaching my arm over to grab the rose and the note tied to it.

‘If you’re reading this, I’m waiting for you downstairs. Love, H. xx’

I smiled, clutching the rose near my chest and placing the note down on my bedside table, pushing off the duvet quickly and padding across the bedroom and out into the hall where I heard The 1975 playing lowly from the kitchen. I smiled, slowly making my way down the stairs, still in my pajama shorts and one of his black t-shirts.

I met his eyes as he watched me reach the last step, my eyes big and my mouth dropped down to the floor. The kitchen island was full of food, mostly fruits, and smoothies, but the rest of the counter space was taken up by boxes, bags, flowers, and balloons.

“You’re kidding me.” I deadpanned, staring directly as he slowly walked toward me, the red apron he was rocking adding to the present. 

“Not kidding, not at all actually.” He smiled, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me close. “Like it?” He hummed, coming closer to my face, his eyes moving from mine to my lips. 

I smiled, nodding quickly before pressing my lips to his in a passionate kiss, my hands making way to the sides of his face where I held him still, giggling into the kiss and his thumb pressed against my side where he knew I was ticklish.

I pulled away, “Stop!” I laughed, pulling him back in for a long hug where he rubbed circles on my back and I hid my blushing face in his t-shirt.

“There’s one more thing,” He started, pulling away, reaching a hand into his pocket.

“Harry if you pull out a ring and propose to me I’m walking out of this house.” I laughed, knowing that’s something he wouldn’t even think of doing. He was a romantic, he would save the proposing for something extravagant, like skydiving or a surprise trip to the Bahamas.

He laughed, pulling out a ring box from his back pocket. “S’not an engagement ring,” Opening the box to reveal the gift, my mouth dropping open for the second time. “Do ya like it?”

It was a diamond band that was in a wave shape, the middle stone consisting of my birthstone, making the gift personal and no just something you can buy anywhere.

I picked up the ring, sliding it onto one of my fingers before throwing my hands around his neck and planting kisses all over his face. “I love you, Thank you.” I finished the series of kisses, leaving a long kiss on his lips.

“Happy birthday, love.”

Sorry for any mistakes, g’night <3


Happy Birthday love! You deserve the best with your soft smile and beautiful self. Hope today was a good one ❤


Happy Birthday Harry from all Directioners!!