Liam’s Birthday Charity Drive Update 30/7/15

This year for Liam’s birthday charity drive 1dfansgive has chosen, after getting fan input, to benefit Doctors Without Borders in Liam’s honor.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation. We are committed to providing medical aid where it is most needed, regardless of race, religion, politics or gender and also to raising awareness of the plight of the people we help

Liam’s drive is at $7292.89 which is 72% of goal. To donate go here.

1dfansgive has set up two shops. One is for the US and one is for Non US. Each of the stores has tons of things with the designs below. Everything from T Shirts to mugs to phone cases. If there is an item offered on spreadshirt that you’d like to have with one of the designs below on it shoot gossip-candy a message and Amy will get it up for you if she can. The proceeds of this merchandise goes to the drive.

There are new designs in Liam’s store thanks to zaynscremebruleeart!!!!

The feather and Liam design above are only available in the US Store as they were yanked from the Non US store due to copyright. If you’d like them you might grab them in case the same happens with the US store.

You can get each chevron separately (except for niall’s as his is blank) or you can get an ot5 version

These are in addition to the designs below

US Store can be found here.

Non US Store can be found here.

A wristband for Liam’s drive can be purchased here.

There are four people (me​, someone who would like to stay anonymous, ziamisthenameofmyship, and team liam) matching Loose Change for Liam donations up to $100 this month. That could be up to $400 extra for the drive this month!!!!! So remember to add Loose Change for Liam in your donation somewhere to have your donation matched. This means that if you choose to donate, for example, $5, your donation will be doubled to $10. If you donate $10, it will be doubled to $20, and so on .

cyrilliart is selling 1d inspired coloring books! $4 of the profit of each coloring book will be split between Liam and Niall’s drives!!! For info on the coloring books check out the post here. You can purchase the coloring book here.

twistericecream is donating $1 to Liam’s drive from every item they sell in their society 6 store.

A twitter has been set up for Liam’s drive and you can give it a follow here.

There is now a tumblr for Liam’s drive which can be found here.

If you can’t afford to donate or buy merchandise you can always reblog or make posts about the drive or tweet to help spread the word.

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Niall: *Jumps

Liam: *Tries Jumping

Harry: (thinks):“Bitch I’m too fabulous”