Damn Paparazzi // Open Starter (Erika - One Direction 6th Member Verse)

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Erika was kinda in a bad mood that day, sure she faked all the smiles for the fans and signed autographs but the Paparazzi were bugging her so much that she flipped them off.

It wasn’t until she was back home that she saw the damage she made by flipping off the Paparazzi splashed all over Twitter.

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Preference#26, 4 of the 6th member series: Going on tour!

Today was the day! We made it this far. I packed all my stuff and packed it in suitcases beyond suitcases. I mean, we were going on a world tour, got to be prepared! It’s still mind blowing to think we made it this far by placing 3rd in the X-Factor. But hey, I’m not going to complain! I said my good-byes to my family, and I left in the limo outside of my house. When we got to the airport, I see the rest of the boys, the band, and the stylists etc. I’m said yet overwhelmed with excitement. When I arrive to where the boys are, I see all of our luggage is INSANE! This is it, this is really it! When we get on the plane, I try to push back my sadness, but it is too hard so I say I need to use the restroom. After a good cry, I go back to see the boys obviously worried about me being gone. “Everything is fine. Just going to miss my family.” I say before they have the time to ask. “We all will.” Louis said back trying to comfort me. I shuffle back to my seat and listen to our schedule. It’s absolutely crazy! I hope this will be a good experience.

Okay! well hre you go!

Preference #18: How you tell the fans your pregnant. (w/pics)

Harry: @Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N What’s that I see? A stork bringing me a gift?

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles It sure is! Hope the trip goes smoothly, Mr. Stork.

Niall: @NiallOfficial: Glad to announce there is going to be a 6th member to One Direction. Tell ‘em @Y/T/N!

@Y/T/N: It’s true! @NiallOfficial and I are expecting our first baby!

Louis: @Louis_Tomlinson: @Y/T/N I told you twins run in the family! #DaddyLouis

@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson and I can’t wait to meet our TWO beautiful babies! #ProudMama

Liam: @Real_Liam_Payne: Don’t get confused by the balloons, @Y/T/N and I are only having one! xx

@Y/T/N: @Real_Liam_Payne Or so you think… #19PaynesAndCounting

Zayn: @zaynmalik: @Y/T/N It’s been a long road but we’re just now getting to the bumpy! aha xx.

@Y/T/N: @zaynmalik And I can’t wait to hit many more along the way! xx.

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Preference# 23, 1st of the 6th member series.: Being put together on the X-Factor!


Devastating. All I could say. I was one teenager wanting to be heard, wanting to be told I could sing. That’s why I auditioned for the X-Factor.  When I got the 3 yes’, I was beyond excited. But when I was in the group that got sent home, I felt like I wasn’t good enough. “I would like these people to come back to the stage.” Said one of the, must be stage manager. “Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” When they said my name, my heart started to beat a mile a minute. I just hello to the boys who were called, and damn, they were good looking! When we got out there, I couldn’t believe it, they said that ‘we were too good to let go’ and they asked if we wanted to be in the X-Factor as a band! My heart dropped and the boys and I were beyond excited! “We would like to take the opportunity.” Said the curly haired green eyed boy. I couldn’t hold in my emotions, I let the water works show. I hugged my new band mates. I could already tell this was going to be a good adventure!