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Stories That I Can’t Explain

Story of My Life by One Direction

“JUST TELL ME HARRY!” your voice was strained as it filled the silence between the two of you. 

You threw the magazine down on the table and headed toward the front door of the shared house between you two. The magazine that you had picked up at the grocery store had stated (with bold headlines), that Harry had been seen leaving a club with a model, the same week that you were out of town for a meeting.

It was a natural instinct to panic. Harry was the only thing in your life that didn’t leave you, that didn’t think you were a burden. You were first left by your parents, then your relatives, and the your foster parents. Once you became a legal adult all ties were cut and you had no one to turn to. Until you met Harry.

He was the bright and morning sun, the oasis in the desert, the best thing that ever happened. And you absolutely terrified that he would leave you too. So you stormed home after buying the magazine (and paper towels). Thinking it was best to confront him and not beat around the bush, you told him about the article and the pictures, along with your personal feelings. And he blew up.

“I WOULDN’T CHEAT ON YOU! SHE WAS A FRIEND, AND WE WENT OUT FOR DINNER! THAT’S IT!” the veins in his neck were tensed, and you almost regretted bringing it up, but it had to be said. 

“WHY WOULDN’T YOU CHEAT?! YOU’RE ALWAYS AWAY! GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!” you spun around, hand on the doorknob, and faced him. His face fell, and you could tell that this battle will soon be over.

“What would make you think I would ever cheat on you?” he approaches you, only to be rewarded with a flinch from you. This makes him freeze in his tracks. And then he remembered the night when you told him about your past. It was on your one year anniversary, four years ago. He wanted to talk about the future, but you were so stuck in the past that you didn’t realize.

“You have women, prettier, skinner, more famous women around you. It’s not that hard to give in on yourself, and to give up on me. On us.” you sighed.

“I will never leave you.” he vowed. It felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders. It was finally said. In the five years that you’ve been together, he has never said it. 

“Why?” the curiosity got the best of you as you backed away from the door, and into his welcoming arms. 


And that’s when he got down on one knee.