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purse dating | h.s. imagine

♢ requested by the lovely @shaniaalexisss . sorry it took so long to get it up, and there will definitely be a part two!! 


// harry finds a purse at the club he works at and realizes he has a lot in common with the girl


“You should just look inside,” some worker named Cody says to Harry. He and a few of his co-workers sit at the bar contemplating what to do with the bag Harry has found in the club. It wasn’t at all small, so Harry wasn’t sure how someone could forget something so important. Harry felt uncomfortable opening the bag because that’s invasion of privacy, right? But also, if he looked inside, he’d probably be able to find out who it belongs to. A lot of girls that go to the club Harry works at are regulars. They mostly just go to flirt or look at Harry, but he’s too oblivious to even notice. “It’s not a big deal if you open the bag, Harry.” Jordan, the older (and by older Harry means, like 35) bartender says, throwing a towel over his shoulder. “We open girls bags all the time. Mostly just lipstick and tampons in them, though. Nothing too interesting,” he continues.

Harry shrugs and unzips the black purse. The first thing Harry finds is a phone, of course. Curious, he presses the home button and sees many notifications. A few Snapchats, a couple texts, and many Instagram notifications. Harry clears the notifications because he wants to see the lock screen. He read somewhere that you can tell a lot about a person from their lock screen. It’s a young girl in the ocean. Her legs are on either side of a surfboard and her hair partially covers her smile. The color of the water is a light blue and it reminds Harry of Jamaica. He and his family recently went on vacation there and everyday he wishes he could go back. Everything was so zen there- unlike his job. “Harry do this,” and “Harry do that,” the poor guy never gets a break.

Anyways, the next thing Harry finds is a tampon, just like Jordan had said. Harry places it back in the bag. Okay, let’s see what else there is- a coupon for the Mexican restaurant down the street (Harry thinks they have great tacos), a pack of fruit snacks, gum, Band-Aids, a Tide To-Go stick, a wallet and a little notebook. She must be pretty clumsy and messy, Harry decides. He also concludes that this girl comes prepared, even for the club. He places everything back in the purse except for the notebook, wallet and the phone. It continues to light up, mostly with Instagram notifications. She also receives many text messages, all along the lines of how much they love her tattoo. One in particular stands out to Harry.

imessage from Isla

Omg!! Y/n I love the anchor tattoo!! It’s sooooo you. Did you get it in Jamaica???

Okay so, not only was that picture of this y/n girl most likely in Jamaica, but now Harry knows her name and that she has an anchor tattoo. Harry has an anchor tattoo. Harry has been to Jamaica. Harry likes the Mexican restaurant down the street. What else do these two have in common? Being even more curious, he decided to take a peek into her wallet. For starters, Harry thinks she’s the only person who looks good in their drivers license and decides she is the most photogenic person he has ever seen. The card sticking out of the wallet turns out to be a membership card for the same gym Harry goes to and wonders why hasn’t he seen this girl there before. He certainly wouldn’t forget her…

“Styles,” Jordan calls. “We’re locking up, get your ass out of here.” 

Harry nods and grabs y/n’s purse from the counter. Surely, he could take it home since he’ll be the first one to arrive at the club tomorrow. He hopes y/n will get there first thing in the morning when he’s the only one there doing inventory. Once harry gets home, he continues to look through y/n’s things… not in a creepy way though, more like in a ‘I want to get to know this girl better’ kind of way. He didn’t want to try putting in y/n’s password so he leaves her phone on his counter and silences it because this girl gets way too many notifications for his liking. He opens her little yellow moleskine notebook and sees little doodles scattering the pages. Harry likes the cactus she drew in the corner of the page. Alongside it are some lyrics to a song that Harry isn’t sure he’s heard before, at least he thinks they’re lyrics. Whatever it is, it’s written in the most beautiful cursive writing he has ever seen.

‘pacin’ through the, the back of my mind / maybe you’ve been a storm all this time’

Harry wonders if y/n has written this herself or if they’re simply lyrics that she likes. He flips through more of the pages and a lot of them just have her grocery or to-do list. He notices that every grocery list has fruit snacks on it. How weird is it that someone who is old enough to get into a club still eats fruit snacks? Oh, who is Harry kidding? He still loves Haribo gummy bears, so he can’t judge this girl too hard for loving fruit snacks. Harry thinks he’s crazy as he begins to feel like he has a bit of a crush on the owner of this purse. He doesn’t know this girl at all, yet he still feels like he knows everything about her. He thinks they’d be good friends, though. Putting his ridiculous feelings aside, Harry wonders how worried y/n must be if she has realized she doesn’t have any of her belongings. (She hasn’t though, she passed out on her bed the minute she got home). He wishes there was something more he could do, but there really isn’t anything he can do other than bring it to work tomorrow. 

Y/n has indeed not noticed that all of her belongings are not in her possession. It had been a while since y/n had been clubbing because all of her friends decided she was becoming too much of a “mom” friends so they took her out. After a few too many drinks, and a little much bump and grind, y/n lost her bag sometime during the night. She of course, was too wasted to notice. What a joy it will be to deal with her when she wakes up… 

to be continued… 

[authors note • i love this concept so thank you again @shaniaalexisss for requesting it! i 1000% see harry working at a club in all black and girls would just stare at his thighs in those black skinny jeans uggghhhhh. okay anyways part two will hopefully be up this weekend]

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Please tell there's gonna be a part 2 of your Every Pain story!! Love your writing💕

1 |


“Find her. Use my name, pull some strings — I don’t care. Just find her. Please.”

Harry was now sought clueless with the call with his agent and representative and even management, dropping it once he said the last word since he was so desperate.

He sunken down on the floor again, genuinely not knowing what to do after he searched all the boys’ houses, inch per inch and he couldn’t believe himself on what he read and what he heard from them, saying that you weren’t there.

He even went to your flat to see you weren’t there, even going to the extent to make a call to open its door as quickly and as legally as possible, only to find empty space.

Harry closed his eyes shut tightly, swallowing the lump on his throat as he felt the tears he were dreading, pouring down on his cheeks nonetheless.

He could remember clearly when he was woken up by a call in the middle of the wee morning made by Niall, an immediate irritable answer coming out.

He could remember not wanting to what he was told since it wasn’t his obligation to, but nonethless comply with what he said so it could get over earlier, wanting to go back to sleep.

He remembered when he picked up a piece of folded paper and asking Niall what it was and how he could’ve put it in his mailbox, but not being able to finish since his friend already dropped the call to avoid confrontation.

Harry could clearly remember how his heart dropped the moment he finished reading the letter since he was still feeling it, this time though, it was stronger. It was lingering. Every inhale he would take, only to remember what happened would make him immediately look down the floor and try not to cry.

So by the moment his phone rang, this time being that it was his and not him waiting on the line for a friend that could’ve known you to answer, a lie would be made if he didn’t say he expected it would be you.

It would be an understatement that he felt disappointed when he saw Jeff’s name flash across his phone, probably to either invite him to something or record in the studio.

Nonetheless, he already prepared the words he’s about to say the moment he’s gonna answer, going along the line that he couldn’t go. Harry picked up the phone, mouth going dry once Jeff spoke ahead.

“We know where your Y/N is.”


Harry felt nervous, thinking if he had a reason to and confirmed his thoughts that he should be, clenching and unclenching his fists as he breathed deeply, waiting for you to answer the door.

So once you opened the door, unknown to you that it would be him and instead would be one of the packages of your furniture from New York, heart dropping once you saw that it was him.

You just stood there, looking at him in a distrought way while he looked at you expectantly, mouth slightly parting open.

You didn’t even bother closing the door on him, finding it no use.

“I — I, uhm, I don’t know what to say to you.”

You wanted to stay quiet so bad but you couldn’t, huffing slightly before looking up.

“Then don’t talk.”

“No, no. ’S not like that I-…”

Harry started stuttering, hands gesturing towards you and trying to continue, making you look at him straightly which made him stop.

He looked at you, admitting to himself that he didn’t know every detail of you but he knew to himself that your eyes were happier; that you were happier than this.

“I’m sorry.”

He meant it, voice cracking out as he looked up at you, hands shaking and his lip caught in between his teeth.

Your heart softened at the sight, remembering the vow you made to yourself to stop falling for him all over again every time you see him, even without the chance of him doing the same because in the long run or not, you’re the one who gets hurt.

You built your walls, not even towering you in the slightest bit that it got broken again, seeing Harry in front of you.

He called off the engagement, the wedding and everything else that reminded you of him with his fiancée that’s now in the past.

You know that Harry willingly gave up what’s going to be his life, what was supposed to be his future for you.

Yet, you also knew that you didn’t do that, instead, you sacrificed your whole life and being for the chance to see Harry do that for you.

So you loosened your grip, exhaled slowly before letting go of the vow you made to yourself bit by bit.

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat again, his self being a mess before he whispered the words again, the only words that seemed right in this situation he prayed for you to accept.

“I’m sorry.”


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