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Do you think the ot5 reunion could possibly be this year??

At this point that’s exactly what I’m thinking.  Based on the chatter we’ve heard coming from various parts of the entertainment industry web, we seem to be headed for something around the end of the year.  Even if they don’t actually return by then, I think we’ll get more idea of a solid date at the very least.

There seems to be something going on right now because Niall’s album is officially delayed, we keep hearing nothing about Zayn’s 2nd album, and Liam’s first single should probably have come out by now and it hasn’t. They’re waiting for something which makes me fairly certain that none of those albums will be under 1DHQ.  The timing also makes me fairly certain that we’ll see some good things in the next month or two.

They stopped hinting at Zayn reconciling with the other boys sometime around March 2016.  They started slowly reintroducing the idea around late October or November 2016 and it’s definitely picked up since the new year started.  That trend along with the delays in the release of materials tells me we’re headed in a good direction.

Does anyone remember when people used to write angsty fanfics about the teenage girl who like fuckin hated one direction and then would somehow end up falling in love with liam or some shit bc she was different and didnt piss herself when she saw 1D bc i do and it was such a simple time back then


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All the love. H / like

I find this photo of louis very interesting. The right foot seems to be much larger than the left foot, that is, the foot is not louis’s foot, but someone else’s foot (maybe it’s the foot of the harry). Imagine that lovely harry and louis playing football together, having fun and smiling at each other. THIS IS VERY BEAUTIFUL.
But for now, it’s just a theory, a theory that makes a lot of sense.