vcra  asked:

im late but .. all of the memes :-) thanks ilu

send “✆” for a MORNING text. 

jamal: good morning !! i hope u have a nice day bc the sun is shining and you don’t have to do anything with me today :)

send “✉” for a text that WASN’T SENT

jamal: when we “break up” i think i’d miss you a lot
jamal: i like pretending to be your boyfriend

send “☎” for a RUSHED text. 

jamal: there’s a party starting in an hour that i completely forgot to tell u about
jamal: do u think we’ll have enough time to match our outfits??
jamal: sorry to spring this on you lmao :/

send “⁇” for a DRUNK text.

jamal: i htink i like noelle
jamal: or weeel
jamal: ic oudl like her ? lmao

send “✿” for a SUGGESTIVE text. 

jamal: hey im jamal but u can call me tonight
jamal: kidding… sort of
jamal: but on a serious note, hello i’m jamal & it’s a pleasure to finally meet ya

send “ø” for a LATE NIGHT text.

jamal: how crazy would it be if we ended this fake relationship shit on the day of our one-year anniversary
jamal: i mean “anniversary” 
jamal: actually can we do that
jamal: let’s break some hearts

send “✘” for a HATEFUL text.

jamal: it’s fucking annoying when you grill me about the ppl i hook up with
jamal: i don’t really give a shit

send “#” for a RANDOM text.

jamal: my grandfather is eighty years old

send “@” for a SCARED text.

jamal: idk how many people know about noelle and i but there’s a lot
jamal: so if u wake up one morning and ppl are pestering you about don’t be surprised lol

send “&” for a LOVING text.

jamal: really proud of you for sticking around with me for almost a whole year
jamal: i know u didn’t want to
jamal: i didn’t either but
jamal: you’ve kept it together better than i have

send “%” for a CURIOUS text.

jamal: u know naomi’s all pissed cuz hudson ditched her or some shit for somebody else??
jamal: i wonder who it is

send “ツ” for an EXCITED text.

jamal: that pic we took earlier today is really cute i look so good and u look gorgeous i can’t believe jera is so aesthetically pleasing 

send “$” for an ACCIDENTAL text.

jamal: her hands are always sweaty 
jamal: omg that wasn’t meant for u to see

send “♀” for a HEARTBREAKING text.

jamal: whether you’re gone for two months or legitimately dating somebody else, just know that you’re never alone
jamal: and if you ever need anything, i’m only a phone call away
jamal: you deserve more than what you’re getting