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Booze Run - Hideo/Solomon

After managing to splash enough cold water onto his face to feel relatively human again, Solomon trudged out of the bathroom, grabbing the thickest hoodie he could find, throwing it on quickly before shoving his leather jacket on on top of it. Making sure his wallet still had his key card in it, and his phone, he made his way out of the hotel room.

Walking towards the elevator down the hall, he decided to look through the saved pictures on his phone. Being back in Ohio brought back both some pleasant and unpleasant memories, ones that he’d have to address someday, but he hoped today wouldn’t really be one of them.

Scrolling through the pictures, ones of him and his dad, some older ones of he and his mom, he and Matt, even an old pic of him and Jon from way back… These were the moments he wanted to cherish forever. This was his family, and three out of the four of them were dead. And given what he knew of Jon, he was surprised that he was the one who survived. Testament of his will… or his stubbornness. He never really could figure that out, but that was his older brother, or at least one of the ten or so that adopted him in the indies. A fraternity of bloodshed. Kappa Kappa Powerbomb, or some shit.

As he waited for the elevator to reach his floor, he came across the pictures of him and Layla. At one point in his life, they were… could he call it happy? They were both emotionally vulnerable, and stubborn, and terrible for each other, but he… supposed it could have been happiness, in some gross twisted way. It was only a week ago or so that he looked at those pictures and whipped his phone across the room. He didn’t miss her, not like that. He could be friends, or at least hoped he could, but that was a part of his life he couldn’t go back to, for two main reasons.

One, he’s in recovery for his problems, and Layla was a huge problem for him.

Two, he’s got Alexa.

Thinking about his new relationship with her, he felt that odd twisting in his stomach that was distinctively not badass, and was fortunate for the dinging noise that let him know that the elevator was ready for him.

The ride down, he stared at the pictures, scrolling back and forth between the three that he had. With a shaking hand, and for some reason a sweaty palm, he found himself deleting the pictures as the elevator opened to the ground floor lobby.

A fresh start back where it all began.

Heading outside, he looked across the parking lot, thankful that Hideo’s hotel was not far at all from his. Silently, he moved towards the building, his phone tight in his grasp, his other hand shoved into the pocket of his jacket.

He needed a drink after the day he had. He needed many drinks.


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Film Meme [ 4 ] Films That Surprised You
→ [ 3 ] The Sixth Sense (1999) "I see dead people … Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dead."

my sister asked my dad to buy her just ONE freaking dozen of eggs for her baking and my dad went to buy some after his night duty and came home at 1am because he bought nearLY 200 EGGS BECAUSE FELT THE DAMN LIKE IT


pregnancy/Baby kind off eremika for Ashley (eremikadefensesquad

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I would call her the captain of the ship but then that’s Armin :p 


"I really do."