Okay so I found this in Jake’s likes on twitter.

But what I really need to know, is can someone find the video of Jake and Alex on the couch? Like Jake is “choking” him and Alex’s face is super red. Can anyone find that for me? I’d appreciate it. 

so i was talking about speculations for the next star wars movie with my mom and i mentioned poe being gay and she was like “what?? i didnt see it”, so i found the scene where poe bites his lip at finn and showed it to her and she said “oh well that wasn’t necessarily an ‘im hot for u’ lip bite”. then my dad asks to see and he puts on his glasses and examines it for a few seconds and goes: “mhm. yeah he’s hot for him” 

Welcome Freddie :) x

I am a larrie. I always will be a larrie until either Harry and Louis both declare there was never anything between them officially in a video of their creation or my death occurs.

I do not believe briana is Freddies mother or surrogate, she is just a cover for the real surrogate who wanted privacy. Freddie is 100% Harry and Louis’ child, i have no doubt. Call me crazy, call me deluded, call me a freak or desperate. I dont care. I know love when i see it and its blatently still there.

The name choice of Freddie also strikes me as interesting, Freddie Mercury i believe had a big impact on Harrys performing and singing style, the two share many similaritys and Harry has said he always saw him as a huge idol. He also was a closeted gay icon for most of his career, not to mention there are also countless links to him in rbb and sbbs’ posts. This has been a long, stressful and damaging process for both Harry and Louis, so i dont believe they will go through this again, Freddie will most likely be their only child, he is so precious, please PLEASE! Do not send him hate!

The picture Louis released, its gorgeous, black and white and very telling, its taken by someone else, louis is shirtless holding his son, so if he is not romantically involved with briana and danielle is nowhere to be seen, who took the picture? Yeah We all know who.

Welcome little Freddie Tomlinson. You have the best dads in the world! x.

tbh, techno-organic!raf actually makes more sense then human!raf

I love libraries. My dad was a library director so I used to frequent the public library with my mom and I would just go off on my own and read for hours and check out a ton of books at once. During the summer of 8th grade I volunteered for a job at the library and I would walk the 2 miles there and then spend the day after my shift was over reading and waiting until my dad got off work. It was really nice.

Drunk Poetry

I drink to remember
I drink to forget
I drink for all the times i’ve missed

This ones for my mom
This ones for my dad
This ones for the good times ive had

Heres one for me
Heres one for you
Wait no actually, i think Ill have that one too

A few highlights from babysitting my 7-year-old cousin this weekend:

-We went to Chuck E. Cheese and one of the tokens was dated 1983. (And there was also a Cici’s Pizza token, lol)

-She asked what Pokemon goes in the Companion Cube

-Bowser and Rapunzel got married

-She asked if the LEGO Dimensions portal was from Big Hero 6 (IT TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE THE BH6 PORTAL I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE THAT)