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prompt: they have matching tattoo’s but not the ones people think

theme: fluff

warnings: mostly happy

author note: this is a little au where wizards can cast a spell when they meet someone they believe is their soul mates and it will stitch their souls together so they are. the only problem is that once your soul is stitch to another’s, you can’t unstitch it.

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That sort of spell was hidden away in the library. Not in the restricted area where it should have been but deep in the shelves. It took him a whole two weeks to find the worn book from too many hands passing it along over stupidity and lust. The reason behind its hiding was for the fact that first and second years, far too young and fickle, would cast the spell and be forever suck. Draco, who was in his fifth year, was not as fickle as a first year. Nor was he young at mind any longer. And he was not in the slightest willing to put the book back. It was enticing and everything he was looking for.

His stiff fingers traced the thin pages, trying to find that spell. The one he isn’t even suppose to know exists. It took him a total of twelve minutes to find it and his face breaks out into a warm smile before memorizing it for later.

He’d sure the smile on his face is scaring people but he doesn’t care, he’s just trying to find you. Because this is something you both need–mostly so he knows you’re safe but still. He wants to do this with you and only you. No one else needs to know, not until you’re older and aren’t seen as children. You don’t understand why he’s so insistent on doing it because you’re going to be fine, he isn’t so sure.

It’s late in the astronomy tower when you both cast the spell. The blinding colors wrapping around themselves and then a burning pain erupted just below your collarbone. Burning perfect black marks into your skin. Identical to the ones burning into him.

This is your beautiful secret, one to cover up all the ugly coming, all the ugly in his life. Something to show each other that no matter what you always had each other and always would. This spell, that bound your souls together, was everlasting.

It didn’t taste like honey and you didn’t see galaxies in Draco’s eyes when your souls wound together. No, it was much more simple, so much more beautiful. His eyes were bleak and his skin translucent and you saw him as him. All of his flaws and imperfections and the terrible things he had done and become. No longer were either of your minds clouded by love–as most people’s were. This love that you now had was untouchable and real and painstakingly valid.

When you were apart–when his own curse took him away and you sided with what was right–you still held to the fact that you’d be reunited. When everything settled down and no one was really asking questions again. He’d come to you. Where ever you went, he was sure to follow. His fingers pressed against his never-fading mark just below his collarbone.

He begs you to leave before the battle and you press your fingers to his cheek and smile, “you know I can’t Draco.”

You’re tired and he’s dying on the inside but neither of you can leave that moment. He can hear the shouts of people he once called friends and barely notices the people running in the halls of his old school. His hand takes yours and presses his harder against his cheek and then brings it to his lips and kisses the palm. Afraid that one of you won’t make it out–he wants to remember the feeling of your skin.

It’s a dreadful walk to the outside, where the two sides stand. You both stand at the back but you know he’s going to leave you and though it hurts you let his hand goes as he does. Fingers lingering before he officially pulls away and when you’re fighting you think that’s the last time you’ll ever see him again.

It isn’t. Despite his family running once the battle began he comes back. Tells his mother he can’t leave and she understands. Let’s him go back–it’s over when he walks into the rubble. Bodies are being moved and Voldemort is dead. He always kisses Harry but refrains and simply asks if he had seen you.

Harry nods and gestures toward the ruins of the castle. Draco nods and heads in that direction. Again, he’s thankful that Harry is Harry and though he won’t say it, Harry had a lot to do with you not being completely caught up in the battle. Nor will Draco know how, he just knows that Harry has his ways.

He sees you at the same time you see him and your bloody and his shirt is a little ruffled and his shoes are scuffed but he’s overwhelmed. You’re alive and in his arms and kissing him–he calms himself and hugs and kisses you back.

It’s three years later and the tattoo on his skin is a faded reminder of darker times. The pitch black tattoo below collarbone is a reminder of the beauty in his life. There’s a skip in his step and a ring in his pocket. A sweet smile on his face and he greets Harry, Hermione, and Ron as he passes them in Diagon Alley. It’s simple, your souls were bound together before you cast that spell.


Jealous Draco x reader x Neville

Requested- Hello could you do a Draco imagine where (y/n) is a hufflepuff and she’s usually helping Neville when he gets into his many sticky situations but draco gets jealous because he likes her? I love your writing btw! 🙌🏻

Y/N- Your Name

Y/E/C- Your eye colour

Y/H/C- Your hair colour

Y/N ran through the entrance of the library door in excitement. The heels of her shoes clunking on the wooden floor boards, textbooks in her hand and a huge smile plastered on her face. She spotted Neville Longbottom, her best friend of 5 years sitting in the corner of the library, head burrowed in a book. They had met back in first year, appointed as partners during herbology. It was a subject Y/N loved and was extremely passionate about. Many never understood her love for it, deeming it dirty and a waste of time. But to Y/N it was so much more. Yes, she had to admit it wasn’t the cleanest of subjects, and yes, like all subjects it had its boring points. But unlike other subjects, herbology was one that connected you to the earth. Seeing all the beautiful things it could create was just magical to her. After being partners with Neville, they soon found they had the same interest in herbology, which led to them bonding and becoming best friends.

Reaching Neville, Y/N couldn’t keep her excitement locked up. “Neville you do not know what I just got?” Neville looked up, flashing an equally as excited smile, “What did you find out?” Y/N chuck her handful of textbooks on the wooden table, only keeping the one with a beautiful leafy cover. She flipped through a few dozen pages to the one she was looking for, then showed it to Neville. “Okay, you know how in herbology we are studying the chinese chomping cabbage?” Neville nodded in response, it was their big topic of the month and still no information about it’s uses were provided yet. “Well” Y/n continued, “You know how we were both wondering what properties or uses it had for ages, I found it. Apparently, according to this textbook, it is an ingredient used to brew the skele-gro potion.” “You mean the potion Harry had to take after Professor Lockhart casted that spell?” Y/N scoffed, “Don’t mention Lockhart to me, he was the worst teacher.” “Didn’t you like him?” Neville asked, innocently. “I don’t have a clue what your talking about.” she quickly denied. Neville laughed and soon Y/N quickly joined in. Not knowing they were being watched.

From the other side of the room Draco was carefully watching Y/N and the idiot, Longbottom. They were both laughing their heads off like fools. The fact Longbottom had friends at all baffled him. There must certainly be something wrong with that girl if she enjoyed spending time with the idiot. But still, for some uncertain reason Draco could not keep his eyes off her. Maybe it was her beauty. She had thick, gorgeous Y/H/C hair that shone in the sun, and Y/E/C eyes that twinkled like stars in the night sky. She was indeed beautiful, stunning. But there was something else about her that intrigued him. She was so different to other girls he had seen before, certainly different to Pansy. Just the way she was not afraid to be herself, to get her hands dirty or just maybe because she was kind. And, although he didn’t want to admit it, kindness was a trait he valued, something he knew he did not have. Not being able to take they harmless laughter any longer, Draco swaggered over to their table.

Y/N placed her hands on her stomach, she had laughed so much her eyes were watering. Little did she know Draco had walked up to them, his arms crossed and frowning. From the corner of her eye, Y/N could see Neville physically shrink. He was never a huge fan of Malfoy, and neither was she. “Can I help you with anything, Malfoy?” purposely slowing down at his name. “Just making sure you’re still sane, considering you hang out with Longbottom.” Y/N shot him a death stare, Neville had gone red and she hated to see him embarrassed. “I could say the same for your friends. Just being in the same room as you gives me a headache. I don’t know how Pansy can stand kissing you.” Now it was Draco’s turn to go red. Y/N smirked, proud of her victory. Y/N could see in his face that Draco was about to send another attack on Neville. “Draco can I talk to you outside please?” Draco stuttered, surprised by Y/N’s sudden request, “W, wh, what?” However it took a split second for him to return to his arrogant self. “Well because you said so nicely I’ll accept. Hallway.” He exclaimed, and walked away. Y/N turned to Neville, shaking her head, “He’s such a prat. I’ll be back soon.” Grabbing her bag she proceeded to follow Malfoy.

When reaching the hall, she found Draco leaning on the wall, looking at the floor. At the sound of footsteps he looked and smirked. “Took you long enough.” he mocked. Rolling her eyes, she ignored him. He walked over to her, “So what is it that you want to talk to me about?” he asked. “I’m asking, well not asking, I’m ordering you to stop being so mean to Neville. He’s a good guy and really nice person. He doesn’t deserve any of your mockery.” she ordered. Draco huffed, crossing his arms, “Are you serious? Is that all you wanted to say. Well your wasting my time.” and he proceeded to leave, only to be stopped by Y/N grabbing his arm. “I’m serious Draco.” “What is Longbottom to you anyway? Do you like him or something?” he questioned, curious. “What he is to me is none of your business. We’re just friends, best friends.” Draco sighed, he took a second to think, “Fine I’ll stop” Y/N almost squealed in excitement. “Only if you do something for me in return.” Y/N should of known, Malfoy’s never did anything for free. She looked cautiously at him, “What do you want?” she asked. “A kiss.” Y/N felt like she had just been punched in the face. He was pure evil. But she had to do it, for Neville. “Fine, I accept your deal.” she announced. Draco just smirked, he cupped his hands around her face. Y/N twitched at his foreign touch, his hands surprisingly were soft. Y/N thought of Draco secretly applying hand cream on to keep his hands from cracking during the winter and giggled. “What?” Draco asked, his eyes filled with concern. Y/N shook her head, “Nothing, let’s just get this over and done with.” Draco leaned forward and felt the soft touch of his lips on her.

Draco had no idea why he was doing this, he just got so mad watching Longbottom making her laugh. It made his blood boil and his chest tight. Now here he was, kissing Y/N. Her lips on his, the felt like rose petals, soft to the touch. It may of been the result of blackmail, but he really wanted to kiss her. When the kiss was finished, he stared right into her Y/E/C eyes. Her cheeks were a beautiful peachy pink, and he could see the freckles on her nose, something he never noticed before. They looked good cute on her. Y/N was speechless, she had not expected for that experience to be, enjoyable. She looked at Draco and was sure he felt the same way. Up close she could see his imperfection, well she wouldn’t call them imperfections. Like the rest of him, his face was perfect. But she could see a tiny scar under his chin, probably an accident as a kid. As well his thick, long lashes. Instead of platinum blonde they were ashy brown. Finally Draco broke the silence, “Well, that was enjoyable.” Y/N couldn’t help laughing like a little girl at his comment. Hearing her laugh Draco smiled, a genuine smile. Only the sound of footsteps breaking the magical the two seemed to be under. Y/N turned her head to the side and saw Neville. His face filled with betrayal and rage. It was too late to stop him, he had ran off, leaving the feeling of guilt in Y/N gut.

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Hi, anonymouse since I shouldn't be telling you this, but I thought it would be fun for you to know. I work at WB Games, and we have posters around the office of various comic covers. They just put up some new ones, and your beautiful cover of Nightwing 10 is now at the entrance of the QA department. It's so lovely to walk by every day :) (it also means the QA department is Blüdhaven, and that will always be funny)

It gives me great joy to know that someone out there is enjoying my work 

Thank you for letting me know!


💜 Happy Birthday Prince! 

💜 06.07.58 - 04.21.16

A tourist may find fells beautiful but to a Sami they may seem ugly because it is hard to walk there, difficult to get through. In the old days, a girl who was round and fat was considered to be beautiful because such a girl would better resist and get along in the cold. A landscape covered with heather is not as beautiful as one covered with lichen because reindeer need it to feed on, and so on. Aesthetics is thus tied to the land and the ability to feed the inhabitants
—  Kirsti Paltto
Best Cover Songs of 2013!

1. Bastille: We Can’t Stop (Miley Cyrus cover)

2. Birdy: Let Her Go (Passenger cover)

3. Lily Allen: Somewhere Only We Know (Keane cover)

4. The Last Mison: Midnight City (M83 cover)

5. Bastille: Locked Out Of Heaven (Mash-up)

6. Tears For Fears: Ready To Start (Arcade Fire cover)

7. OneRepublic: Love Me Again (John Newman cover)

8. London Grammar: Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover)

9. Norbert Kristof: Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)

10. Tom Odell: I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor Swift cover)

11. George Barnett: Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)

12. James Arthur: Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover)

13. Alex Band: Skyfall (Adele cover)

14. Tom Odell: Roar (Katy Perry cover)

15. The 1975: What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction cover)

Did anyone stop to think that these 3 covers represent the stages of his life???Like the black and white cover is 2012 Harry!!Not overly confident,new to the world,cheeky lad,fresh out of home amd into the industry!!

The cover with the long hair is 2014-15 Harry!!The Harry that grew his hair along with his personality and confidence,but also he became more stable,begun to show the world how powerful and talented he is,that he has substance,that he isn’t all pretty eyes and models!!2015 Harry changed the fucking world!!He changed his fashion style,he literally became a fashion icon,wearing his dad shirts and the weird intricate suits,he said fuck you to gender roles and so much more!!I could go on forever about 2015 Harry,but i’ll stop!!

And lastly we have 2016 Harry!!Cutting his beautiful main and still remaining the confident lad we all came to love!!The sexy,badass,movie star Harry Styles that doesn’t take shit from anyone!!The Harry Styles that despite people’s opinion about him in a movie,he pulled through without so much as one negative comment from his co-stars and crew!!

Harry Styles everyone becoming a legend in a few years compared to others!!He has so much impact in this world and he doesn’t have to do anything!!He keeps to himself and he’s very private!!A legend!!Nothing more,nothing less!!

(Apologies if someone has made a similar post.It wasn’t my intention to steal anything)