Friendship is Magic Gambling Machines by *PixelKitties

For my Las Pegasus piece for Ms. Libman I wanted to populate the background Casino with cool pony-themed machines.  Sadly, they ended up pretty much hidden behind all the characters and other important goodies.  Here’s a better look at the four themed slot machines!  I was planning to include a “Madeline” one as well in honor of Andrea, but just didn’t get around to it!


jaga jazzist - endless galaxy

one of the only tracks i don’t have by this group, this vinyl/japanese-only release first made its way into my life when a bunch of bmx'ers from sweden spent a week camped in their rv in my driveway, after meeting my roommate at the dirt jumps downtown. one of the swedes found it on spotify (i think?) after i mentioned their music, and then i somehow forgot about it afterwards until now. they also helped me translate some of the song titles by searching for norwegian/swedish cognates.

endless galaxy’ is a b-side from their most recent album, 2010’s one-armed bandit, and is dramatically more complex and conclusive than the discarded outtakes from most other bands in the world. but then again, that’s why i consider them to be my favorite group; there’s literally more going on within this track, more diversity and melodic intrigue, than entire albums typically succeed in providing.

the abstract drum entrance 4/5’s of the way in (on top of ambient bass and acoustic guitar, and sputtering synth) evokes in rainbows-era radiohead at their best, a side-splitting delivery of irreverent freedom that creates a fleeting experience of disorientation, closely followed by blissful rhythmic resolution. as you’d probably expect, this functions as a segue into the theremin solo. ’endless galaxy’ is the perfect phrase to describe their astronomically evocative take on progressive electronic jazz. 


“Plot-O-Mat” ITFS 2014 Trailer B - Directed by Iring Freytag & Florian Werzinski