So @TheCapitolPN tweeted this

which was promptly deleted. (G-Bb-A-D are the notes to Rue’s whistle.)

But if you had clicked inspect element before it was deleted

The Mockingjay Lives.

“You silence our voices, but we are still heard.”

HOW COOL IS THIS MARKETING?!?! Like the rebels are hacking into the capitol’s twitter!!!!

(Thanks toastbabeis and mockingjaysource for noticing it and jenliamjosh for reblogging)

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Hey there, @alys07! I got your other prompt, too, and am working on it. Thank you! Based on that message, I am assuming you won’t mind terribly where I went with this one. Initially there was more to this chapter, but it was getting a little exhaustively long so I’ve split it into two and combined the last half with another word prompt. Anyhow! Point is, Part 5 below and Part 6 to be posted soon.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Come On Baby, Light My Fire (Part 5)

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you

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There’s a festive air in the park. Delicious smells of greasy fair and ballpark style foods linger on the gentle early autumn breezes. Laughter and the ping of baseballs off metal bats can be heard at every turn. In front of me, Annie bends over, spinning the ball in her hand behind her back and staring down the stretch at an imaginary batter. Ms. Seeder punches her glove then settles into her stance and holds the glove up. Annie winds up and launches the ball at the plate, the impact a resounding shunk!

“Great! I think that’s good for a warm-up,” Thom says as Seeder throws back to Annie. “I’ve got our first game.”

He waves a white envelope in the air and the team jogs in to congregate around the makeshift pitcher’s mound. We all wait as he rips into the envelope labeled D12 Schools: Game 1. I try not to roll my eyes at the absurdity of treating this like it’s the Academy Awards. Thom claims they do this so no teams have the advantage. If you don’t know who you’re playing until five minutes before the game, there’s no way to prepare for a specific opponent. That’s fine, but I think it’s a waste of paper.

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This whole One Panem thing was something Harper didn’t know how to feel about.  She wanted to fight.  She wanted to help rebel against the injustices in the country, but she wasn’t where to start.  Harper was a planner, an organizer.  Without a thorough plan she’d be completely lost.  Useless to the cause.  It wasn’t even clear who she could talk to about contributing.  If truth be told, Harper felt helpless and she didn’t like it.

However, when she heard footsteps approaching behind her, she glanced over her shoulder.  “You haven’t seen my tributes anywhere, have you?”

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taylor & ren


  • Who asks the other on dates: hmm i can see ren as a grumpy ass couch potato man-child who hates the sun 60% of the time, so i don’t think he’s the one who asks them to go out more often. HOWEVER, he knows tay is pissed af at him right now, so he WILL lowkey ask her to go on “friendly dates” (ahem who u kiddin’, ren?) in an effort to move back to her good side. while he’s forcibly dragging from one end of panem to another to keep her out of his boss’ radar as we speak, he’s purposely taking her date-y places lmao
  • Who is the bigger cuddler: tAY, definitely. but yeah, i don’t think cuddle times will be as warm and fuzzy as before bc ren’s 50% made of metal now. SAD.
  • Who initiates holding hands more often: right now, ren initiates the hand holding, but to show her he loves her, but to drag her stubborn ass from place to place (since they’re on the run lmao). ALSO, he makes sure to touch her using only his metal arm. he doesn’t want to touch her with any of his non-metal parts in fear of igniting his old feelings for her and losing control. THREE YEARS AGO, however, the both of them were big hand-holders lmao
  • Who remembers anniversaries: i like your idea of ren pretending not to remember their anniversary just to piss her off. let’s make that canon HAHAHA. but after she’s pissed off, he’ll be like, “psych, i didn’t forget, i was just messing with you” & then proceed to give her with a thoughtful ass gift he managed to buy with what little salary he has :(((  
  • Who is more possessive: REN, I THINK TBH HAHAHAHA. tay is his little preciousssss 
  • Who gets more jealous: REN?? he doesn’t let taylor see this, but he stares daggers at people who flirt with her / look at her funny. 
  • Who is more protective: REN. he knows tay is a scary ass Victor, but he also knows she needs the warmest shell she can get because of her PTSD :(
  • Who is more likely to cheat: NO ONE. LET’S NOT DO THIS HUHUH :(
  • Who initiates sexy times the most: REN ;)))))) (they can do any method of sexy time imaginable except for genital-to-genital contact tbh lmao. since he had to live with the fact that he doesn’t have a working ren jr., you’ll be surprised at how creative he can get HAHAHA)
  • Who dislikes PDA the most: when it comes to PDA between them, i don’t think they mind it. HOWEVER, ren can be uncomfortable seeing other people perform PDA tbh
  • Who kills the spider: THEY LOVE ANIMALS BIG AND SMALL
  • Who asks the the other to marry them: ren tbh. if tay does give him hints, he’ll be quick to pick up on them, but he’ll pretend not to notice just to annoy her lmao
  • Who buys the other flowers or gifts: adfdadf they buy gifts for each other. i can see them being thoughtful and cute occassionally and AAAHH. ren would make her nifty gadgets to help with her sewing & whatnot and she would knit him sweaters and scarves and gloves to keep his human and metal hands warm :((((((
  • Who would bring up possibly having kids: tay, definitely. ren is bitter about the fact that he can’t give tay children :(((((
  • Who is more nervous to meet the parents: i can see ren not giving a flying fuck about aiden tbh, even though he looks as if he can beat him up (and he probably would) HAHAHA. ren grew up being bullied, so he’s used to his kind. ren has a drunkard father whom he ran away from when he was just a boy. i think tay would be nervous to meet her, if she has a chance to do so. ren would be nervous to meet him, too tbh
  • Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: REN HAHAHA. i cannot stress how true this is. 
  • Who tries to make up first after arguments: they’re both stubborn, but i’m pretty sure ren’s the first one to apologize lol
  • Who tells the other they love them more often: the both of them are to pigheaded to say “i love you” out loud, but they make up for it by showing how much they love each other through actions <3 

Since the dark days, our great nation has known only peace. Ours is an elegant system, conceived to nourish and protect. Your districts are the body, and the Capitol is the beating heart. Your hard work feeds us, and in return, we feed and protect you. But if you resist the system, if you starve yourself, if you fight against it, it’s you who will bleed. I know you’ll stand with me, with us, with all of us, together as onePanem today. Panem tomorrow. Panem forever.

River didn’t know why. Maybe it was because of his playfulness or a desire to change something about himself. He had started to get better since talking to Glitter about what was going on with him. But things hadn’t felt normal for a while. Perhaps it was his desire to get back to the way things were with him and Bran, or the fact that his happy-go-lucky demeanor hadn’t been around since One Panem had betrayed them. He needed to feel that again.

So he bleached his hair.

His normally black hair had taken to the dye better than he hoped. He knew Glitter wouldn’t be happy with it but it was one of the better pranks he could come up with. He knew he wouldn’t keep the hair for very long. Just long enough to irritate his wife and freak out his friends. So once it was bleached and his scalp officially burned a little too much, he headed back down the hall to get to the elevators. Only he didn’t get that far before he saw someone and the look of confusion and horror on their face. River smiled and ran his hand through it.

“What?” he asked in an innocent tone, but the mischief in his eyes told it all.

Every nerve in the man’s body was filled to the brink with potential energy, of which he was half hoping he wouldn’t need during the night. He had already joked with a random, drunk sponsor about being able to reach out into the air and grab a handful of the tension. Though his observation was met with a stern look, it certainly wasn’t wrong. As always, he wish he could anywhere but the ball, but there was actually a better suited place to be this time around. One Panem was public, and although the fighting hadn’t reached Four yet, Kai was ready to jump into action the very moment it did.

For the time being, the most inviting activity was laid out in front of him in the form of a large coloring page. Caspian had gotten a head start on him, using both a green and purple crayon at the same time. “Can I borrow the red, buddy?” he asked, not yet having noticed the person watching them from the other side of the table.


Since the Dark Days, our great nation has known only peace. Ours is an elegant system, conceived to nourish, and protect. Your districts are the body, the Capitol is the beating heart. Your hard work feeds us, and in return, we feed and protect you. And if you resist the system, you starve yourself. If you fight against it, it is you who will bleed. I know you will stand with me, with us, with all of us, together, as one. PANEM TODAY, PANEM TOMORROW, PANEM FOREVER.

Stone was fuming. The news had reached him when he was still at Seven, working for One Panem, helping the people to rebuild the District. Little did he know back then that he’d have to go through more reapings, have them far more often- little did he know that his children would be in twice as much risk as before. Was the fight really worth it? Surely, he wasn’t sold off to the Capitolites just about every night, but he’d take that over more children dying- his or not his. All he could be thankful for, at this point, that Dahlia was out of the horrors. Still, he had three more children to care for.

He was back on the seventh floor, pacing the living room while his Tributes settled in, his hands nervously going over his short blonde hair. It was the stylist’s idea, to get him further away from the Executioner’s look, even if right now, all he craved for was to find his trustworthy axe and go around do some cleansing among some very important people.