There is nothing more emotional than when footage is released from a tv series or movie franchise that’s come to it’s end, and you hear the “that’s a wrap!” and the crew that’s been together for years starts crying and hugging


She gives herself so selflessly to the people she cares for and she’s just begging for that back. And it’s really heartbreaking. I bawled just because of feeling that pain and in this moment, for her, it’s like he still doesn’t even get it. She’s not mad. She’s crushed. And she’s realizing that this boy that she loves so much just doesn’t know her. She’s not mad, she’s just heartbroken.” Sophia Bush

La felicidad se presenta de muchas formas. En compañía de tus amigos, en la sensación que tienes cuando haces realidad el sueño de otra persona o en la promesa de una esperanza renovada. Es bueno permitirse ser feliz, porque nunca sabes lo fugaz que puede ser esa felicidad.