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being alicia clark’s wife would include

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For anon

Request;Hey! Can you do a being Alicia’s wife would include? (FTWD)

Warnings; eventual spoilers

• Being Alicia’s first love

• And her being yours

• You’ve got married right at the beginning of the outbreak

• You knew there wouldn’t be a coming back to the normal life

• And Alicia and you truly wanted to get married before not being able to anymore

• People are always surprised or shocked when they learn that you two are married

• Mostly because you’re both so young

• Alicia is always so proud to say that you’re her wife

• You used to be in good terms with Alicia’s family

• You were really close with Nick

• And Madison really liked you, she knew you were the one for Alicia

• Being Alicia’s rock after she lost her family

• After losing Nick, you were the only person she loved left on this world

• She became more protective, she would always be afraid that something will happen to you

• If someone threaten you, she won’t hesitate to kill them

• “ Speak to my wife like this again and I’ll put a bullet in your head “

• Being the only person she’ll tell her feelings to

• Comforting her when she misses Nick or Madison

• Being able to calm down Alicia and to let Charlie lives

• Charlie asking a lot of questions about you two, how you met, how you’ve got married etc

• Alicia not wanting to share this with her because it was the only time she was happy since the outbreak

Hey! I’ve been in the bnha fandom now for a while and I decided I wanted to write some headcanons, one-shot, x readers and other stuff! So If you want me to write something particular, my requests are open! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

I can write in German and English!

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Steve Rogers x  Male!Reader

Word count: 624

Request:     Hey! I noticed requests are open, and an idea popped into my head. Could you write somethin’ up with Steve and his dumb ol’ boyfriend who’s reckless as all get out? The male reader gets hurt (like.. Gets a leg broken or something?) and straight out refuses to use crutches, so when Cap sees them sneaking out of there room (at like, 3 in the morning??) in the hard cast, he just shakes his head and scoops them up, carrying them to where they need to go maybe for some late night snackies? Thank you!

Warnings: some language, mentions of injuries, mentions of blood,

A/N:  Comment, like it, reblog!Feedback is always appreciated!

I did not proof read this, sorry for any mistakes!

Y/N moved around the bed, or at least he moved as much as Steve’s body beside him allowed to. He huffed silently, when his stomach started to growl in need of some food.

“Really?” Y/N questioned in a whisper looking down at his belly, and eyebrow lifting unbelievingly. His eye dropped down to his plastered leg, covered up to his knee; only his toes where visible. Y/N could barely feel it. 

Moving first the left leg and sitting on the bed, careful not to wake up his sleeping boyfriend. He  grabbed his right leg and slowly managed to move it. He looked over to the crutches right beside the bed; contempt reflected on his eyes, he refused to use them, saying that he was more than capable of walking by his own.

Mostly dragging his injured leg, Y/N managed to make it out of their room, but there was a long way down the hallway to the compound’s kitchen.

Steve felt Y/N moving beside him, but decided to let him be. Since he managed to injure himself, he had been every night moving around, every position  uncomfortable for him. It has when he heard the door open and curses coming from the hallway that his eyes snapped open. Standing from the bed, the first thing he wanted to see was if Y/N had taken hi crutches with him; and as he suspected, he had not. Shaking his head, the super soldier sighed, the stubbornness of his partner was a daily struggle. Steve had managed to convince Y/N to use the crutches a few times; but when Steve was not around, he would do whatever he wanted. Sometimes the blond felt as if he was treating with a toddler.

Getting out of the room Steve spotted Y/N not far from him, he had not even made it halfway the hallway. The sight of him was kind of amusing; hands on the walls for support, his right leg just being dragged by the rest of his body. Steve reached to the conclusion that he could be mistaken by a zombie; the only thing missing the grunts and the blood.

“Need any help?” Steve asked with a smug grin, his side resting on the wall as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Y/N closed his eyes and muttered a low ‘fuck’, Steve could see his body tensing under his glare. “No.” He said, but it was more a question than an affirmation. 

Steve shook his head and walked towards him, meeting a wide eyed Y/N, he was biting on his lower lip. “Why didn’t you take your crutches?”The blue eyed man questioned serious. 

He took in a deep breath, already tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. “Because I don’t need them.”

“Of course you do.” Y/N rolled his eyes and sighed, he knew what was about to come. “Doctor said that if you want to get better soon, you have to use them. Because if you keep dragging your leg around like this, there is a possibility that you’ll just make it worse.”

“No problems, yet.” Y/N commented and attempted to keep walking; but Steve put a hand on his shoulder, enough to prevent him from moving. 

“Yeah, yet.” Steve remarked. “Where were you going?” 

“Kitchen.” He said avoiding eye contact.

Steve nodded and moved behind Y/N, “Here, let me help you.” Lifting Y/N up in his arms in bridal style. 

Y/N let out  small surprised yelp, his rams instantly wrapping around Steve’s neck. “ I like this.” He said looking at Steve with a smile.

“I’ll carry you more often like this if you use your crutches.” Steve said taking advantage of it.

Y/N chewed on the inside of his cheek. “Deal.” He said lifting his head to kiss Steve’s lips tenderly. 


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Food Fight | Wanda X Reader

I’m sorry that the requests I’ve written have seemed short recently, it’s just that I have a test coming up and I’d like to spend more of my time studying


I pointed at the ingredients, “so, we needs eggs and milk”.

“Got the eggs!” Pietro exclaimed grabbing the eggs.

He tried cracking them into the bowl but smashed it, causing egg yolk to fly everywhere.

I sighed, “again, really?”.

He laughed, “I’m sorry but I’m not exactly Gordon Ramsey”.

I laughed with him, nodding.

Me and Pietro were making cupcakes for Wanda, as it was her birthday and we wanted to do something special for her. Natasha was keeping Wanda in her room whilst everyone else were putting up the decorations.

I looked up from the counter to see how everyone was doing. Bruce was on a latter, about to fall, tony was under him preparing to catch the man. Steve and Sam were attempting to blow up balloons, though really Steve was since Sam was inhaling the helium from the tank. Looking to the other side of the room I saw Peter was failing to wrap the presents and Shuri was quoting vines.

I smiled, this party was going to turn out to be a mess but it was definitely going to be one hell of a memory. I looked back to the mess that was the kitchen counter, I picked up the one egg Pietro somehow didn’t smash and cracked it into the glass bowl.

Tony walked over, then followed by Bruce.

“How’s the cooking going” he asked, eyeing our flour covered faces and aprons.

Without giving me a chance Pietro answered, “not ideal”.

I snorted, “well, you can’t even crack an egg”.

He gave me an accusing look, putting a hand on his chest trying his best to look offended, “I can’t believe, you my best friend, would say that!”.

“Here Pietro, let me help” Tony picked up an egg from the carton, cracking it on Pietros head.

Bruce had a worried look on his face and Pietro gasped.

Pietro picked up another egg from the carton and threw it Tony’s direction, but missed. The egg ended up hitting Sam. Sam turned around to see who threw the egg, and gave him a look.

He walked over, taking some flour in his hand, not breaking eye contact with his attacker and threw the flour at him. It ended up getting on all of us, Bruce hid behind a chair while Tony got the small un-opened back of flour and dumped it on Sam.

“Not today!” Steve exclaimed running over, grabbing a milk carton and spilling it on Tony.

“Hey!” Tony yelled.

We were soon, all throwing food causing one another to duck behind furniture.

Food went flying across the room, a juice jug ended up hitting Bruce in the head when he was looking around.

When about to grab some food to throw at Shuri we were all interrupted by a voice, “what’s going on?”.

I turned to see Wanda and a confused Nat.

Pietro pipped up with a grin, “food fight!”.

Wanda laughed, running over to where I was and joining us.

“Isn’t this fun?” I asked her.

She smiled, “definitely”.

Smiling, I attached my lips to hers.

We pulled away as a plate flew past us, ruining the moment.

“My plates!” Tony yelled frantically.

“Oops” Peter said, a scared look creeping onto his face.

We all laughed. This might not have gone as planned but does it really matter?

Irish lad

Pairing: Alex Hogh Andersen/Reader, Marc Islo/Friend!Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Hello lovely people ;) I’m cleaning my notebook with fics, so there might be a bit of spam, sorry for that. They all are a bit dusted so the writing isn’t so good. But I’m still taking requests so there would be more content on my blog. Anyways, this one isn’t my pride, but stil.. Love <3

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You stirred in your sleep while your phone rung. It was early in the morning and you had no idea who could it be, since you didn’t make any plans for today. You picked up rubbing your eyes

“‘Ello?” You mumbled still laying under covers

“Thank God you picked up” You heard your friend Marc say “I need you to do something for me.” You looked at the clock and groaned

“It’s five forty am asshole.”

“Yes, and we’re shooting in twenty minutes!” He shouted which made you whince, mind still half asleep “Alex didn’t show up, his driver said he didn’t even opened the doors. You need to wake him up.” He sounded dessperate, so you sighted getting up

“How do I do that?” You yawned going to the kitchen

“I left you my keyss few weeks ago, the black one is to his apartment. Please hurry, we need him at six.” His voice pleading

“There’s no way I can get there that fast, I still want to live. Six thirty.” You informed before hanging up.

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Here’s the angst you requested @everythingmakesmecri

Also tagging y’all to enjoy too! @artistic-cartoonist @three-gay-caballeros, @louietheeviltriplet, @adamarinayu, @ginyang98, @bamboozledeagle, @starlightnyx, @neminine, @estrelarabyss, @shiido-r, @charmingducki, @aliens-on-neptune-art, @puto-el-que-lo–lea

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Still the Good Guy?

Hello again, I wanted to try out a different character!

Feed back is appreciated but not necessary. I hope you enjoy!🌻🌼🌻


Description: Loki is captured and reader feels guilty and conflicted

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: None (Angst??)


I was the good. I was the good guy. I was the goo-

I kept repeating this to myself. Trying to convince myself, that I was still the good guy. Things were happening. Things happened. It wasn’t my fault, only I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t stop it.

We had Loki behind bars again. The Avengers and I. But, not before he had made his mess. Not before I had let him. It was my fault and while I felt terrible, I almost felt worse locking him up again.

You see the team had sent me in first. To sedate him, get him to stand down, anything to make it easier for the team to get him. He had a soft spot for me and I can’t say that I didn’t have one for him too. I don’t know what it is. I can’t explain it. Something about him just makes my moral compass break. Who knows maybe it’s because I understand him. What he feels, why he does what he does. And I hate it.

So here I am, waiting for everyone to stop interrogating him. Waiting for them to leave so that they can plan what to do with him this time, or to sleep.

Anything. Eventually Natasha left the room. I don’t know what she got and I really didn’t care. I didn’t say anything as I walked in. Just sat on the ground, back against the modified chamber he was in and waited. I could feel him staring holes at the back of my head.

“Well hello again, kitten, did they send you in here to question me?” Loki lulled in an almost irritated tone. He just couldn’t stop toying with me could he? He knew why I was in here, he always knew. Just like I did. He wasn’t really annoyed. I could feel his relief as soon as I walked in.

I was going to let him out. I was, wasn’t I? I took a deep breath and turned to look at him. He was sitting on ground on the opposite side of the wall, beside me. He was look back at me. His eyes full of emotion, longing. They were softer than usual, kinder. Sadder. I couldn’t help but get emotional.

I almost didn’t feel bad for anything he did. And the longer I do this job, the longer I work with the avengers, the more indifferent, if not supporting, I become of the so called criminals we put away. And I keep trying to convince myself that I’m still a good guy. Even though I try less and less to stop these bad guys.

“What do you do when you realise that you might not be the good guy?” I couldn’t stop my voice from cracking, ever so slightly. He was a little taken by the question. Or maybe it was the tears starting to coat my eyes. And we just sat there, in almost comforting silence. Almost comforting.

My Responsibility Pt 2 (Jonathan Crane X Fem!Reader) *PLATONIC

Characters: Jonathan Crane X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC, Batman

Warnings: PTSD and Flashbacks, Break in, mention of injury, I think that’s everything.

Request: I was wondering if there was any chance I could a part two to My Responsibility, featuring Crane looking after the reader and helping her with nightmares and PTSD from her experience at Arkham Asylum and he starts being really protective and possessive over her, wanting to look after her and never let her go? (Perhaps maybe Batman finds her when he goes out to get something and he rushes back to defend her and prevent her from being taken back to the asylum? That part is up to you. Xx)

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“How are you feeling today, Y/N?” Jonathan had asked as he passed the table where you were sat. You glanced up, giving a smile.

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What is that?

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Keith x female! reader

Warning: death, planet destroyed

Specifics: romance, fluff, angst, comedy

People: Keith, you, Shiro, Lance, Pidge, Hunk (mentioned), Allura, parents (mentioned)

Words: 1,686


Requested: By anonymously  Hi! Hope it’s okay for me to request here! Could you please do a Keith x reader from voltron where the reader is an alien and exceptionally good fighter but she doesn’t know a lot about earth stuff (kind of like Wonder Woman) and Keith falls her and just lots of fluff and Keith being a cute blushy mess? Hope this is okay! Thank you!

Authors Note: hello anon of course u can request here! i luv keith fun fact he was my fav the first time i watched voltron. also i luv wonder woman she is one of my fav superheros she is so amazing! i tried to make this very fluffy as possible srry if this sucks. i also added some angst cuz im depressing✌️ thank u so much for requesting pls guys advice and feedback i do luv so much so just remember that! p.s. srry again for not writing yesterday u all know why so yep srry again! enjoy!

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“C’mon y/n! Is that the best you can do?” 

You placed your sword if front of you, swinging it from side to side with skill. Keith was dodging each blow. 

“I do not wished to be teased by an earthling. I know I can do better, I am just going easy on you.” You giggled, flipping, dodging Keith’s attacks.

Keith raised his eyebrow at your comment. “Try some of this then!” Keith jumped in the air, doing a flip, and landing in front of you. Unfortunately, he would of made it perfect had your leg not been out and tripped him, causing him to fall on top of you. 

“Wow, okay this is awkward,” Keith looked everywhere but into your eyes, blushing at the fact that his body was pressed onto yours. 

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Dad Loki x reader || Studying

This is another One shot about Loki being dad of Y/n, I don’t know why I did it but I liked the last One shot so bad. This is like a little sequel, but it’s not necessary to read the first to keep reading this. Just in case, the Chapter is this: Not so good

Summary: Y/n didn’t feel so good on Earth, she couldn’t be herself and doing what she liked to do. Even when Peter tries to cheer her up she can’t help but studying hard to keep her mind distracted. Loki understand her feelings and becomes the good father that he is and try everything to make her smile again.

Warnings: Swearing maybe(?) and a lot of fluff.

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I took another book from the library of the tower and then putted it down on the table where I was studying still not leaving my eyes from the historical book in my hand. Midgardians were so interesting, they started from nothing and then slowly they evolved becoming what they are now and probably they didn’t even care.

I sat down on my chair and yawned a little putting my glasses on my nose, they fall down every time and it was so damn annoying. But I enjoyed the time spent in there, it was my happy place and the silence was the only thing that made me feel so comfortable.

“Hey Y/n!” I turned scared looking at the youngest avenger walking towards me before sitting on the chair next to me. “How are you doing?” He asked with a big smile.

“Peter.” I snorted a little looking again at my book. “Fine.” I answered finally. Then there were silence for like five minutes where no one said anything but I could feel him staring at me, that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do in my free time. “What do you want?” I asked then looking up at him.

His cheeks became red quickly as he looked away. “Ehm, Mr. Stark told me you were here, I thought you wanted company.” He scrolled his shoulders and I nodded.

“Yeah, well, no thanks.” I spoke. “You can go if you want to.”

“What? Wait, m-maybe I can help you! What are you reading? Is it a school homework?” He started asking and I rolled my eyes. Too curious. Not that I didn’t like it, I was also curious.

“I’m studying about European history.” I said slowly finally giving all my attention at that book.

“Oh, cool. I think I did something about it last year.” He spoke and I smiled.

“Really? I’m reading about Carlo Magno and his life, it is so interesting don’t you think?” I asked ironically and he widened his eyes.

“O-of course, but I don’t think I studied him.” He gulped a little and I rolled my eyes. Predictable, midgardians didn’t care about studying their own history, they were so incredibly ignorant sometimes.

“Ok.” I scrolled my shoulders.

“Maybe we can go, I don’t know, to eat something.”

“I can’t leave the tower.”

“I can cook.”

“No you can’t, last time you burned the pasta.”

He snorted. “You can’t just s-stay here and read forerver.” He pointed out and I laughed a little.

“That’s why they call me Goddess of knowledge.” I answered. “You can go, you’re only distracting me from my study session and that’s the only thing I can do, you know, I don’t have anyone that can help me practicing my magic and no one can have a conversation with me because no one is half smart as me.” I let out all that I was thinking at the moment. “So, please, can you leave me alone?”

“S-sure.” He nodded and then stand up. “Have a good time.” When he finally left I let out a snort and closed the historical book deciding to read another one.

I took a mythological one and opened it. “Ok, let’s get start from Odin.” I smiled a little.


Peter walked in the living room where Natasha and Clint were talking, Thor and his brother Loki were looking at the tv with a lot of interest and finally, Tony was drinking one of his drinks at his mini-bar. “Hey kid.” This one greeted. “Where are you going?”

“Home.” He answered simply.

“Why? I thought you were with the little goddess.” Tony seemed a little worried about the behaviour of hat girl, she was always alone and she never wanted to be around them like she was scared or something like that. And all this were infecting Loki and Thor too and they were indispensable for the team.

“Yeah, she didn’t want my company, she’s a little bit sad thought.” He explained and as that words left his mouth, Loki stand up and looked at him curiously.

“Why would you think that?” He asked walking towards him and scaring the little boy.

“Loki.” Tony advised.

“I’m just asking!” He said innocent. “So?” He turned to look at Peter.

“She said that the only thing she can do is reading because she can’t leave this place or practice her magic because no one can help her. S-so I just assumed t-that she wasn’t feeling great about it, s-sir Odinson.” He explained and Loki felt guilty all over him.

It was all his fault, if he didn’t do what he did probably now his daughter would stay in their castle at Asgard with her grandma to help her with her magic. Her life would be so much better.

“Oh.” Thor whispered knowing that it was hard for her little niece. “Maybe we can help her?” He asked.

“How?” Tony narrowed his eyebrows. “She can’t leave the tower, it’s too dangerous.”

“I don’t care.” Loki snorted. “I had been a terrible father, I can’t stay here and look at my princess suffering. You.” He looked at Peter that became white like a ghost. “You will help me to find a wizard that will help her.” Peter widened his eyes not knowing a single wizard in town.

“Calm down you God fo dreams.” Tony stepped in the conversation. “You can’t just ask to a wizard that we don’t know to train her.”

“I don’t obey to you, I can do whatever I want.”

“Yeah, about that.” Thor gave him a look and he nodded remembering the promise he made once he decided to live with them in the tower.

“If you let me finish.” Tony drank all of his drink and smiled a little. “Maybe I know the perfect wizard.” And after that he took his phone to make a quick call.


I woke up early that day, I yawned a little and looked at the roof. Well, another day, another wasting of time. I didn’t change, my pijama was too comfortable and all I wanted to do was eating and then laying on my bed with another book.

I walked in the kitchen and I stopped as I saw my father eating some cereals. “Hello father.” I said taking an apple from the fridge and sitting next to him.

“Hello princess.” He smiled. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine.” I nodded and then smiled a little. “Honestly it’s a little boring.” I knew I couldn’t lie to him, not because he was the God of lies, but because he knows me and everytime he looks at me it seems like he is trying to feel me.

“Not today.” He spoke with a big smiles. “I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise?!” I asked widening my eyes.

“Yes, but you will see it only later.” He laughed a little and I snorted a little. “I’m not going to telling you so you can-“ He was cut off by another voice.

“Brother, I have great news! The wizard that Stark called accepted to train our little Y/n!” Thor walked in and stopped as he saw me and Loki in the room. “Sorry, i didn’t know you two-“

“Thor, maybe it’s for the better if you go.” Father said slowly with narrowed eyebrows.

“Yeah, ehm, good morning Y/n.” He said quickly and then he ran away.

“I’ll stab him.” Dad whispered and I laughed before looking at him.

“Is it true?” I asked.

“Yes.” He nodded. “I thought you wanted to practice your magic and I’m sorry that your grandma can’t help you. So Stark said he knows a wizard, one of the best, and I wanted you to try at least to learn how to use your magic so in the future I’ll be sure that you can defend yourself and I’ll let you leave the tower.” I hugged him immediately.

“Thanks father, you’re the best.” I smiled and he hugged me back.

“I try.” He chuckled a little and I nodded.

“So, after this I can go anywhere?”

“Anywhere that is not so far from me.” He kissed my forehead and I snorted.

Long Live the Queen

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A/N: I actually missed Aquarius and I’m contemplating getting a constellation tattoo of my sign, so this is perfect. If you haven’t read it, it’s about a young Earth girl who is going to be the future Lady of Ren and Empress of the galaxy. I made it so that Kylo and Reader are now more friends but not yet lovers still.

@damalseer : Ok how about from your Aquarius series, reader is allergic to Wookiees or Porgs that she sneezes a lot or gets hives. But she is immune to a poisonous(?) fruit that tastes like mango/pineapple to her. Someone tries to kill her with it and Hux or Kylo are like “you should be dead!” She goes “what do you mean?!” “it takes two bites for you to feel the symptoms” “but I ate half of it already?” (If you don’t want to write it, it’s ok)”

“We are going where again?” I asked as I peered out the ship. “Kashyyyk,” Kylo told me. “Is it another public event or?” “It’s a personal meeting for an apol-alliance, so they know they have my full support.” He spat quickly; my eyes fell on him and saw him visibly tense. His knuckles turned white as he gripped the black helmet that was on his lap. I’ve never seen him so nervous, it must’ve been something really serious. Tentatively, I laid my hand gently on top of his. His chin dipped, brown eyes staring at mine before looking at me through his peripheral. For someone who was so adamant about me being his wife, he wasn’t the touchy type. I opted to look back out the window with my touch still longer. In moments, I felt a gentle yet firm grip engulf mine. A tight lip grin appeared on my lips as he found comfort. We spent some time like that in silence until the planet came into view and I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped me. My hand slipped from his as they were placed against the glass, along with my nose. Heat fell close against my back as I realized it was Kylo, whose chest threatened to lean against my back as he peered at me over my shoulder. “It reminds you of home?” He asked, most likely reading my mind. “It looks just like the pictures from space they took.” I nodded back at him. Rich eyes studied mine as it was obvious that he was trying to figure out what to say. “There are no humans on this plant.” He leaned back in his seat with such cold and distance. I nodded returning to face forward in my seat. Just another great reminder I was never going home. “There are Wookiees.” He coughed and I eyed him with confusion. I repeated the word and he nodded. “They’re big and hairy.” And for some strange reason, all I could think about was dogs. I very much missed dogs, to be honest, I just missed all the animals. Being on that ship was boring. I was so caught up in thought I didn’t even see one of the officers speaking to him. “NO!” Kylo’s voice boomed. “I will speak to them myself.” He seethed at the officer who nodded in fear. Was he talking about Wookiees? Could they speak? Oh my gosh, talking dogs, my dream! “You’re dismissed.” Kylo waved him off. With a sigh, he leaned back pinching the bridge of his nose with one hand and clenching mine with the other one. I just watched him, his eyes closed trying to calm himself. “Are you ready to go?” He asked. I just nodded and followed him. His mask caught my eye as it rested on the table. Fingers curled around the menacing chrome as it pressed against my stomach. “Um…do you want to…” My voice caused him to stop and look at me and then the mask. His boots sounded loudly against the floor of the ships as he approached me. His gloved hands brushed against my fingertips to accept the mask. “Thank you,” he placed it on the table and grabbed my hand, catching me by surprise. Turning back around, he guided my arm around his as we exited.

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Poetry (Gamora x Female!reader)

a/n: ik it’s super duper short i just wanted to post something<3

“you might not have been my first love

but you were the love that made

all the other loves


-Rupi Kaur

“Poetry?” Quill said, furrowing his eyebrows as he looked at your poetry books before tossing them back to where they were. “Really, Y/N?”

“Yes, Quill, poetry.” You said as you fall back on your bed, laying down.

Peter did the same as he turned his head over to you, looking over. He was about to say something, looked so serious… maybe even mature? “Who broke your teenage heart, kiddo?” whispered humorously.

You grabbed your pillow and smacked him in the head.

“Oh, you’re so gonna pay for that.” Quill said before attacking you with the other pillow that was placed on your bed.

“Peter” smack “Quill” smack “are you” smack “declaring” smack “war?”

Smack, “yes i am.”

You two had a pillow fight for the next 10 minutes before sitting down breathless. “You’re not gonna tell anyone you won, right?”

Your door was slightly open, available for anyone who’d approach to listen. Gamora was walking by when he heard the two of you speak and stopped right outside. Eavesdropping was not something she’d usually do.

You nodded. “And to answer your question…” you swallowed. “I broke my own heart by falling for someone who’d never see me that way.”

“You’re telling me this, so it’s not about me. Then we got Drax, Groot, nope. Rocket, nah. Gamor-“


“You know, my shirt is made of girlfriend material.” Your drunk ass blurted out. “You should remember that.”

Gamora giggled.

“Oh- My- Gosh”

You look over to meet with Quill’s shocked expression.

“You’re into Gamora.”

Meanwhile these words were replaying inside Gamora’s head. What does she do now? Does she come in? Does she tell you? Does she stay silent? Does she walk away?

“Yeah… I’ve a think for chasing the impossible, wanting things I can never have.” Sighing you turned your gaze to the floor.

Gamora sighed. That’s it, she thought. I’ve been silent for too long.

anonymous asked:

Will you please do letter U with Russia? Thank you!!

Prompt U: “Unless you want to…”

APH Russia x Reader
Human AU

Friendship is not that much of a strong word between Y/N and Ivan. Sure, they are in the same circle of friends, but they do not interact like one; as classmates, perhaps.

It is common that some members of a group of friends have a closer bond with another member of the group aside from as a whole, but Ivan never has one. There is Feliks and Toris, Y/N and Feliks, Toris and Y/N, and Ivan. How Ivan is even part of their group, no one knows exactly.

Perhaps it has started in that four-in-one-group project in one class, and another class, and then another class, where Ivan just smiles at Toris and he is instantly the fourth member. And so, even after the projects are finished, every lunch, every vacant time, Ivan is with his friends who never shoo him away nor actually invite him to spend time with them.

Acquaintanceship is a more fitting word between Y/N and Ivan.

They do not talk to each other that much, but Y/N knows little things about him. Like how he hesitantly sometimes use his scarf that he always wears around his neck to gently pat his mouth after eating when he forgets to bring a handkerchief; and Y/N then always prepares paper napkins in case he needs one.

Like those times he just silently listens to their stories and laughter, and Y/N sometimes asks him questions so he can join and enjoy the conversation.

Like how he looks happy every time he looks at the blossoming quiet sunflowers at the side of the main school building, and he catches Y/N looking at him, and they both smile shyly like a greeting or acknowledgement.

There are times, few times, that they seem to be good friends. Like this time when petals of a sunflower fall to the ground when Y/N touches them— she carefully gathers the fresh petals, and excitedly gives them to Ivan.

Toris and Feliks do not seem surprised when the next day, Ivan gives Y/N a fully bloomed sunflower. Both are concerned about something else, and both instantly look at the direction of the side of the main building as if they can tell one of the sunflowers is surely missing.

“Are you like, dating behind our backs?” Feliks asks straightforwardly, giving Toris no time to stop him.

If this is not déjà vu, then Y/N’s dream last night of having a date with Ivan is just an ordinary dream that simply happens to make her fluster when she wakes up. Though Ivan giving her a sunflower is not part of it. “Hah! No!” Y/N laughs nervously as she recalls the romantic dream. She timidly looks at Ivan. “Unless you want to…”

How, where, and when Y/N gets that courage and all to say those words are beyond Toris’ imagination. Much more is Ivan’s ecstatic reply, “We can all go on a friendly date later! Until Toris and Feliks leave us alone!”

How Feliks and Toris suddenly seem to be old time friends with Ivan after that friendly date together, no one knows exactly. They are just a group of four friends that sometimes sneak around to pick sunflowers from the side of the main school building (with Feliks’ lead), spend time together lunch and vacant times, go out on friendly dates until Y/N and Ivan are left alone living a romantic dream hand in hand.

S7 Fix-It Masterlist

kinda obvious but a s7 spoiler warning for everything in this list <3 - Karri

mysterious universe by jilliancares (1/1 | 1,400 | Teen And Up)

Just a little follow up of Season 7, except Keith and Lance are in an established relationship ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“I love you,” Lance murmured, a hand having reached under Keith’s shirt to press against his stomach.

“So does Acxa, apparently,” Keith revealed grumpily.

Lance snorted, his eyes alight with excitement as he sat up and looked down at Keith, giggling as he said, “What?”

ask my why my heart’s inside my throat by aurythestarry (1/1 | 1,500 | General)

“Lance, lead the way. Keep the team together.”

Immediately, warning sounds go off in Lance’s head. Fear rises up in his throat, completely out-of-the-blue and it freezes him in his place. It’s so thick it feels tangible, like it’s physically blocking up Lance’s windpipe. What’s going on? Why is he so scared?

(or; snippets of klance throughout season seven, lance just wants to save keith)


i want to tell you how much i love you by espeons (1/1 | 1,901 | General)

lance visits keith after waking in the hospital.
set post s7, in an attempt to remedy what the vld writers threw at us.
not beta’d.

First Choice by FractalBunny (1/1 | 1,672 | Teen And Up)

The paladins have to choose who gets to leave Garfle Warfle Snick. Lance has a realization about his friends. Keith deals with his feelings.

heartfelt words by BookRockShooter (1/1 | 3,161 | General)

It’s the episode The Feud!, but Keith actually says something nice about Lance.


*set during and after s7ep4, slight re-write bc Keith’s reason for picking Lance was uncalled for okay*

Things Left Unsaid by radiantgem (1/1 | 1,785 | Teen And Up)

“Lance was always there for me when nobody else was, he supported me when I was chosen to become the new leader, and I wouldn’t be the leader I am today without him. And if he can help me be less reckless and bring out better sides of me, then he can do that for anyone outside,” Keith looked over at Lance and smiled softly, “The universe needs somebody like Lance to keep things in check, just like he has with me, and everyone else in this team.”

You Are The Reason by lovelylydias (1/1 | 1,713 | Teen And Up)

Keith loved Lance. Lance loved Keith. The way it should be.

Post Season 7 fic to fix the utter bullshit that went down.

//internalized homophobia 

Cool, Ninja Optimist by Itscalledthedistrict (1/1 | 1,040 | General)

Derivation of Season 7 Episode 4.
A game of tic-tac-toe changes Keith’s answer as to why Lance was his pick for who should escape the game show.

from the same star by czqy (1/1 | 2,300 | Teen And Up)

“Maybe someday someone will be telling stories about the two of them.”

or, when Lance goes to thank Keith for defending him earlier, he accidentally ends up confessing, and gets a confession back.

(minor shadam)

you had to hear it by taylortot (1/1 | 2,983 | General)

That’s it? What an understatement. What a ground-shaking, life-altering understatement. What kind of reckless idiot can just say something like that with so much tangible certainty?

Keith’s expression slowly softens as he watches Lance struggle. An amused tick curls at the corner of his mouth and he leans back comfortably in the chair by the bed, seemingly relaxed now that he had unloaded all of his thoughts in one fell swoop. He’s unaffected by his own words as all else and Lance can’t help but wonder how long he’s been holding onto them.

Fixing the Mess by evie_maria (1/1 | 1,207 | General)

Shiro and Adam reunite and get married, Keith and Lance, who are dating, have a conversation in which they discuss their own relationship and how it could all have gone badly wrong.


Garfle! Warfle! Snick! by IronScript (1/1 | 4,751 | Teen And Up)

How the game show episode actually should have happened.

I’ll admit to being a Lance stan, but even people who don’t like him seem to agree that he was really fucked over in this episode. So here’s my attempt at it. Is it more realistic than what actually happened? I like to think so.