I just remembered the part of One Piece where Brook becomes a rock star and his managers tip off the Marines he’s actually Brook the Pirate because they’re pissed at him for wanting to retire. This is so funny because:

  1. imagine finding out your favourite pop star is actually a dead criminal. Like what if we found out Macklemore had been Al Capone this whole time
  2. imagine being the guy who has to call up the government and convince them their favourite rock star is actually a pirate who died 50 years ago and came back to life as a skeleton
  3. imagine being the Marine to take that phone call

Manager: I am telling you, the musician you know as Soul King is actually the pirate “Humming” Brook!!

Marine: *rummaging through wanted posters for a long time* Uhhhhh, sorry but according to our records, Brook has… skin. And is like 90 years old.

Manager #2: He ate a Devil Fruit that let him die and come back as a skeleton!

Marine: Um. *covering the phone with his hand* Can Devil Fruits make you come back from the dead as a skeleton?

Other Marine: I don’t know. Probably.

Marine: *into the phone* We’ll be right over.