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My highlights of DP2*:

(I’ll try to put them in chrono order. SPOILERS: Do not read if you haven’t seen the movie.)

  • The Logan windup clock, lol.
  • Probably my favorite highlight as a mega-fan of old movies was Wade killing a sex trafficker and dozens of other bad guys to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5″. I’m a HUGE fan of that movie and I was dancing in my seat to it. Such a twisted delight, lol.
  • Deadpool popping out of the coffin at the funeral to fxck shxt up.
  • Vanessa and Wade planning to have a kid. They’re so cute.
  • CELINE DION. When I heard her voice in the movie, I flipped out. And the song, “Ashes” is BEAUTIFUL.
  • Dopinder is too pure for this world. And now he wants to be a contract killer. He is too be protected at all costs.
  • Al is back everyone, and she’s still hilarious.
  • Wade’s stash of cocaine under the floorboards next to “the cure for blindness” (a joke from the first movie).
  • Wade’s Olympic Gymnast cocaine clap.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead is back and as sultry sweet as ever.
  • SOOOOO many more references to other Marvel movies in this sequel.
  • Xavier’s mansion and some of the core X-Men seeing Wade and hiding immediately.
  • YUKIO. Omgoodness, Yukio is quite literally a ray of sunshine.
  • Also, NTW and her are a couple. The studio gave us the smol grumpy bean/(taller) but smol upbeat bean and they are so very perfect.
  • Shoutout to this movie for bringing the FIRST plus sized person with abilities to the big screen. AND he was a kid. That is going to be a HUGE deal for all children and teens who identify with him physically. It’s about freakin’ time.
  • Also Russell has the cutest tween face of all time. And he wants to be a gangster so bad throughout this whole movie.
  • Wade acknowledging that the inspiration behind the X-Men comics were civil rights issues.
  • How Wade changed when he realized that Russell was being abused.
  • The orphanage and the workers were clearly inspired by people who believe in gay conversion therapy.
  • Deadpool acknowledging that Josh/Cable isn’t the height he should be.
  • For the life of me I had no idea who the max security prisoner was so when it turned out to be THAT character I was like yessssss.
  • A clearly pansexual Wade Wilson who has the hots for Colossus.
  • Also THAT character was done justice, unlike his portrayal in his first movie.
  • The soundtrack is just so freakin’ good.
  • X-Force being totally cancelled just as fast as they formed the group, lol.
  • The obvious similarity between Slipknot (Suicide Squad) and Shatterstar, whether intentional or not. #GoneTooSoon
  • DP being so affected by Peter but not being able to remember his name.
  • This movie threw an eerie amount of jabs towards AIW, and seeing how it was released right after, I wonder how its possible they were so impressively accurate.
  • Wade serenading Colossus “Say Anything” style.
  • Did I mention the movie’s soundtrack?
  • “Hi Wade!” “Hi Yukio!” I love how much they like seeing one another.
  • Domino showcasing her skills was actually my favorite part of the movie at this point. Sorry Dolly, but the woman is incredible. She kicked all of that ass while rocking her natural hair AND she also had hair under her arms. I loved that they treated it normally and didn’t bring any attention to it.
  • Once again, I’m a fan of older movies, especially those from the 80′s. So the One Eyed Willie/Goonies reference was stellar to me.
  • Wade showing off his swordplay when getting shot at by Cable. Idc that half of the bullets hit him. The shit was DOPE.
  • Domino telling Lady Luck to take the wheel was such a dope moment for me and I don’t really have the words to say why.
  • Dopindur’s superpower is courage. He’s such a precious rainbow cloud.
  • Baby legs. Shirt cocking it. That is all.
  • Basic Instinct reference with the legs being open lol.
  • Diplo playing at the PERFECT moment.
  • Cablepool team up. I’m here for the bromance.
  • Domino taking on the orphanage attendants to save the kids inside the burning building.
  • Colossus vs THAT character. Awesomeness. 
  • Wade + growth = I was here for it.
  • Colossus just accepting Wade cupping his butt.
  • Yukio and Wade are clearly going to be great friends. “Bye Wade!” “Bye Yukio!”
  • Vanessa! Thank goodness for the cream cheese spreader!
  • Deadpool killing the f-ed up version of Deadpool, despite that movie not being canon to his timelime. Loved it. Wish it was new footage of Hugh but for obvious reasons I get why it wasn’t.
  • Ryan really freakin’ hates Green Lantern on for that he’s my favorite person on the planet.

*this list will grow the more I remember this film’s best moments.

RWBY Characters as Deadpool 2 Quotes

Ruby, starting at Beacon: I wonder what gang I’ll be in. Is there a sorting hat?

Weiss, sarcastically singing: Papa, can you hear me?

Blake, closing her book: Well, that’s just lazy writing.

Yang, after losing an arm: You know what “FINE” means? Fucked up, Insecure, Needy, and Emotional.

Jaune (to Cinder): Give me your best shot, One-Eyed Willie!

Nora (to Ruby): Seriously, I don’t get it. Do you shoot luck lasers out of your eyes?

Pyrrha, ranking her own death: Passion of the Christ, (lower hand gesture) then me.

Ren, dabbing sunscreen on his nose: I don’t know much about this Salem fella, but I guarantee you she hasn’t killed as many people as melanoma has.

Oscar, complaining to Ozpin: Saving the world is messy. 

Penny, cheerfully: My body is instrument of death.

Ilia (before joining Blake): Fuck your rules! I fight for what’s right, and sometimes you gotta fight dirty.

Sun: Let’s Fuck Some Shit Up is my legal middle name.

Qrow, drunk out of his mind: Can you see it? Do you see that beautiful bright light? There it is… Oh, that’s the sun. Don’t stare directly into that.

Winter: We have rules. You are not judge, jury, or executioner.

Ironwood: I was born into war, bred into it. People think they understand pain, but they have no concept of it. What’s the most pain you’ve ever felt? Maybe the kind that leaves you more machine than man.

Ozpin: Listen to the pain. It’s both history teacher and fortune teller. Pain teaches us who we are. Sometimes it’s so bad you feel like you’re dying, but we can’t really live until we die a little, can we?

Raven: Family was always an f-word for me.

Torchwick: All family films start with murder. Lion King, Bambi, Saw III…

Adam, angrily to himself: Dubstep’s for pussies!

Cinder, referring to Ruby’s silver eyes attack: After all this time, I still can’t talk about it. Who knew the wind would be so strong?

Every Grimm ever: I’m gonna rip you in half now.


Gay Weiss: Kiss me like you miss me, Red!

deadpool 2 is an amazing movie and underrated as fuck and heres why:

- dc and marvel references

- “don’t make out with elvis” “dont make out with colossus”

- yukio and negasonic teenage warhead babes

- calling cable “one eyed willy” and “thanos”

- wade adressing that x-men is sexist and creating x-force

- “thats just lazy writing”

- the whole baby legs scene, before and after

- “why does do you wanna build a snowman from frozen sound suspiciously like papa can you hear me from yentel?” “wade gO HOME”

- they make it clear that wade is not straight and thats important

- peter

- the after credit scenes

- the whole soundtrack

- everything

burlesqueprince  asked:

Any Oregon cryptids?? 👽👽👽

Does One-Eyed Willy count??

Devils Lake Monster: A killer octopus in the creepy and appropriately named Devils Lake.

Thunderbird: This giant bird is believed to be a group of surviving pterosaurs.

Wallowa Lake Monster (Wally): This is a huge plesiosaur-like creature in Wallowa Lake.

Gumberoo: This one is essentially a hairless bear, interesting stories though!

Black Eyed Children: Although this is more related to paranormal phenomenon these disturbing encounters have happened often in Oregon.

Bigfoot: The BFRO lists 244 sightings and is #6 in the United States for Bigfoot sightings.

Seal Rock Sea Monster: Two giant serpents were spotted back in 1935.

Oregon also has a lot of hauntings! Stay curious!

Billy getting scratched on the eye by a demodog’s claws and for a while he has to wear an eyepatch.

Steve is worried about how much this would affect Billy, but Billy seems fine with it. He thinks it looks kind of cool, but his depth perception is off so Steve does with help that.

One time Dustin has the nerve to call him one eyed Willy and Steve is expecting Billy to get angry, but Billy actually laughs a little getting the joke, El would think it’s cool too and say he looks bitchin.

He can still fight good, even with one eye. It makes him seem a little more badass.