one dirty sock

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“ so… breakfast? ” - mara x quinn :^)

The wind was still howling. It had howled all night, and now, after sun up, it showed no signs of quieting.

Of course, the only reason Mara suspected the sun had risen on Hoth was that her chronometer said it must have; their Imperial issue cold-weather shelter was packed in on all sides by snow, to say nothing of the roof. Still, it had held against the wind and the weight of the snow deposited by the blizzard. According to the last scans they’d received from Dorne Base, the storm should be passing them in the next hour or so.

She and Malavai were huddled together in two layers of insulating blankets, still fully clothed in their cold weather gear, and only just warm enough to avoid shivering. Or rather, she was warm enough to avoid shivering. Malavai, on the other hand, with his human cold tolerance, still shuddered against her periodically.

All things considered, it had not been an entirely unpleasant night. They had sufficient rations to survive for a week or more if necessary - an entirely unlikely event - and their transponder beacon was active and undamaged.

Besides, a little cold, wind, and danger could not possibly diminish the importance of the past twelve hours. She brushed Malavai’s hair back from his face, her touch almost reverent. How strange - and yet how mundane - to think she was looking at her future husband. What precisely made him ask when they were snowed in and bored out of their minds she could not say; but she was secure in her answer, and from his sense, knew he meant what he said in turn.

“Good morning,” Malavai mumbled into her hair, an arm tightening around her.

Mara smiled and kissed his cheek, wincing at how cold it was. She slipped her gloves off and pressed a hand to either side of his face.

“My poor Captain,” she murmured. “Perhaps it would have been kinder to leave you on the Fury.”

His gloved hands covered hers.

“This entire scenario is, of course, precisely the reason I worked so hard to avoid being stationed here.” His voice was muffled somewhat by her hands. “Still, it’s just as well it’s me enduring this with you. The others are no more cold hardy than I, and I am certain I enjoy the ordeal more than they.”

“I think Pierce would enjoy it more than you’d like,” Mara teased.

“Ah, but I know you wouldn’t be nearly as worried about letting him freeze,” Malavai replied, his tone matching hers. “And so the likelihood his enjoyment would be questionable at best.”

“Such jealousy,” Mara shook her head in mock disappointment.

Her face became serious. “You should have some breakfast; your body is working harder than mine to keep warm.”

“We should both have breakfast,” he corrected her.

She wiggled out of their shared cocoon, the cold air nipping at what little skin she had exposed, and reached for their pack.

“Which ration bar do you want?” She asked, her voice muffled as she rummaged through the bag. “The one that tastes like bantha dung, or the one that tastes like dirty socks?”

She glanced over her shoulder to find him studying her intently, his sense somewhere between awed and nervous.


“I feel as though I should have waited to ask you,” he said thoughtfully. “To wake up to something better than this on our first full day of betrothal.”

Mara smiled and slid back down into the blankets.

“This is our life, Malavai, and I know neither of us would trade it, no matter how bad the food. I’d rather have our engagement reflect who we truly are, rather than happen in some isolated, carefully arranged environment.”

He took the proffered ration bar, then leaned in to kiss her gently.

“Even now, there’s nowhere I would rather be than at your side. Even in six feet of snow and eating…” he looked at the wrapper. “Sweaty socks. Lovely.”

Mara grinned.

“That is a rare compliment.”

He looked up from the bar, his face utterly earnest.

“I mean every word.”

Marinette's gift part 1
  • Alya: (Running frantically, suddenly sees adrien.) Adrien! Thank goodness, I need your help.
  • Adrien: Hey Alya. What seems to be the matter?
  • Alya: It's Marinette's birthday tomorrow and I completely forgot to get her a birthday gift.
  • Adrien: That isn't good. How can I help?
  • Alya: (Smirks evilly) I need you to meet me in the library after school with a ton of wrapping paper and tape.
  • Adrien: No problem.
  • (Later in the library.)
  • Adrien: Alya? I brought the wrapping paper. What is that smell... (Passes out)
  • Alya: (Holding one of kim's dirty socks, nose pin on) I can't believe that worked. Now to wrap things up.

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What about headcannons for a drunk Keith? (I personally see him as a giggler, that or a sad drunk. Either or XD)

Keith is the kind of drink to spill all his secrets when drunk. Like hell say anything. He’ll speak his mind. It’s…an experience.

So one day the gang gets this alien juice and sooner than later everyone (yes even you Coran) are totally shitfaced.

At some point in the night Keith begin spilling everyone’s dirty little secrets he’s picked up. He can be kind when needed and as a result he’s picked up on a lot of dirty secrets.

Shiro sings in the shower
Lance will have staring contests with space. He figures the star shining more or less is equivalent to blinking
Pidge likes to pull her pants up real high tuck in her shirt and do the ‘confidence walk’ when she’s alone
Allura is the one leaving dirty socks around. It’s her.
Coran is the one putting pepper in people’s food.
And Hunk wears a hair net when he’s cooking.


Harry Styles - 1144 words


“I love you.” Harry breathes against my hair as his arm tightens around my shoulder, my pointer finger slowly tracing circles and other shapes onto Harry’s tight abdomen.

“Likewise, as you already know.” I press my lips to his collar bone for a mere second but decide to linger anyway, enjoying the scent of his cologne mixing with the sweat that dampened his skin. A shiver runs down my spine and I push against Harry’s chest. “What’s wrong?”
I shake my head and press my lips to his, silencing the insecure side of his momentarily. “Cold. Going to put on a shirt for now.”

I crawl out of the disheveled bed, picking up my underwear at the end of the sheets who are now on the floor. I toss them on to the bed for Harry to cover his naked form. He never had any problems with his nudity but with the large, open window to our right I would appreciate if I wouldn’t see his dick in the tabloids in the morning.

“Where the hell did you toss my shirt?” I laugh as I stand in the middle of the hotel room, hands resting on my hips. Harry smirks from his position on the bed, one of his hands supporting his head as the other lays carelessly on his abdomen. “The only thing missing at this picture is a smoke.” I point towards my boyfriend, wiggling my wrist up and down before I drop to my knees to look underneath the bed for my missing clothing, only to come up empty handed.

“You know I don’t smoke, love.” Harry mumbles, stretching himself and showing more and more of that V-line I can’t help but drool over, eyes glued to his pelvis before we meet each other’s eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Like I mean those black and white pictures, damn.”
“Did I leave you that speechless?” Harry laughs and I kind of wish I could immediately locate one of his dirty socks and fling them towards his head.

I flip him the finger and a tiny squeal of joy passes my lips involuntarily when I spot his light blue button up within arms reach. I’m back up on my feet in a few as I push my arms through the designated holes, starting to button a few so at least my chest would be covered.
“Hm.” I let out, looking down and raising my arms to my side to give myself a once over.

“What’s wrong love?” Harry sits up a bit properly, smiling when he sees I’m sporting his shirt. “Oh I like.” He pats the spot next to his tall, lean frame and I laugh but shake my head.
“I spend so much time on the Internet and girls always write like his shirts came down to the middle of my thighs. Look at this,” I point to one of my favorite shirts of Harry, “it doesn’t even come close!” I laugh and raise my arms, exposing a little stripe of skin above my knickers.

“It’s still too long of you though.” Harry notes, his lip pulled between his teeth as he tries to pull me on to the bed. “My bum is just covered, babe.” I turn around and show him my barely covered bum.
“Come here, damn you.” His hands cup my hips and he roughly pulls me onto him, a loud squeal leaving my lips as I tumble over his body and onto the empty space besides him.

“Damn it Harry my poor heart.” I cup my chest for emphasis, Harry chuckling heartily before he  flips himself to hover over me. His tongue pokes out to slowly trace the pink, plump bottom lip of his. He catches our lips together and I breathe, letting my hands fall onto his neck, one already trailing up to slide through his chocolate brown hair.
“You do things to me.” Harry breathes against my lips and all I can reciprocate with is a low, almost inaudible moan, pressing my body into his to show him he did exactly the same to me.

“How long are you staying? I have some damage to make up for.” Harry laughs against my neck before his teeth gently nip at the skin. “Uh - th-Thursday. You’ll be leaving for LA then.” I let my eyes drift close, letting Harry explore my body in any way he pleased at this particular moment.

“It’s not enough.” He sighs, lifting his head so our eyes could meet one another. The first thing I ever noticed about Harry and also the thing that made me fall hopelessly in love with him were his forest green sparkling eyes. Whenever he’d be excited or thrilled by something you could see it in his eyes. Sadness, anxiousness and anger were things I learnt to read through his eyes over the last few months as well.

“Summer is coming along. You’ll be off of any duties then. Maybe we’ll even get to plan a small holiday.” I smile, threading my fingers through his disheveled locks. Harry smiles and let’s his eyes drift closed, dropping himself back next to me but enveloping my body with his larger one.

“I’m taking you to see Australia, you wanted that, right?” He peppers my face with butterfly kisses and I giggle loudly, hands roaming over his torso. “Always wanted to go there. What time is it?” Harry sighs and pulls away from me,  rolling on to his back, eyes cast towards the ceiling. His gaze flicks to his phone for just a split second. “Almost time.”

“Well then let’s go, don’t want you to be late H.” I breathe, patting his shoulder and flinging myself off of the bed. I scan through my feed for a second before I drop my phone onto the bed, glancing between the open bath room door and Harry’s slumping frame.
“We might have time for some water fun, if you hurry.” I grin and Harry’s head swiftly turns in my direction, his eyebrows raised as he waits for further explanation.

I motion with my head to the shower and drop his button up from my shoulders as I slowly thread over the luxurious carpet, casting a glance over my shoulder to my boyfriend. “Or are you going to let me shower all alone?” It doesn’t take long for Harry to comprehend now and he jumps out of bed, his large hands cupping and squeezing my bum as he walks behind me, annoying me all the way into the shower.

“I love you.” He breathes against my exposed neck and I fumble with the shower head and temperature, trying my best to keep my hands off of his smooth, silky skin. Until we were in the shower, that is. “Likewise you loon.” I grin, kissing his stubbled jaw and letting myself lean more into his warm, naked body. I wasn’t ready to leave him either.

Lots of love,
L xox

A Year Every Minute Pt. 74

Papyrus was home doing laundry when his cellphone rang. He dug around in the pocket of his jeans for it, flipping it open to see ‘ALPHYS’ in large letters across its front. With a smile he accepted the call, holding the phone up to where his ear would have been while he began loading in the laundry with his free hand.

“HELLO ALPHYS! HOW IS-” He was abruptly cut off as the lizard on the other end began to ramble on and on, something about things going wrong and Sans being hurt. “WAIT, ALPHYS SLOW DOWN.” Papyrus said worriedly, standing up straight and dropping one of Sans’ dirty socks back into the basket.

“I-i-it’s Sans! He-he’s hurt! We t-tried… oh god. Oh god…” Alphys mumbled from the other end.

Papyrus swallowed the lump in his nonexistent throat. “I’LL BE RIGHT THERE.”

He hung up and threw everything down, racing for the door and shoving on his boots before jumping into his car. He had only recently learned to drive but was surprisingly good at it and it wasn’t exactly his dream car, but that would come soon enough.

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thoughts on zayns single?

I wanna support him because I am in love with him and would let him pee on me but like sis it’s so bad and so is the video it’s so basic and underwhelming and as much as I want him to gag me with one of his dirty socks I just can’t stoop that low to pretend to get behind this pillow talk bs

awkward silences and pretty strangers

narry ofc: *at a laundromat/in the laundry room on campus* “i caught you taking my laundry out of the dryer and now we’re just awkwardly staring at each other while a pile of mY underwear and socks is in ur armS” PL S

here you go thejandshirt! hope it’s not too terrible *monkey covering eyes emoji*

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#1967. Whenever Ness gets too tired to use his psychic powers in battle, he'll throw whatever he can get his hands on at his opponents instead. Last time he nearly ran out of energy, he ended up using both of his shoes, one of his dirty socks, a cookie, his yo-yo, all the contents of his backpack, and his backpack as ranged weapons.