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Gets on one knee. Opens a little black box containing a detergent pod and one of Sans' dirty socks. ❝ UNDYNE——— ❞ He smiles devilishly. ❝ *LET'S CLEANSE THE UNCLEAN.* ❞

   fuhuhu ! ” she’s already clearing out the WHOLE washing machine. this year old ketchup covered sock truly needs it’s OWN load. “ i thought you’d NEVER ask !

BTS reaction to someone trying to prank you


Some of the staff members thought it would be funny to lock you in the one of the recording booths. Right before they closed the door you started screaming.

And in that moment, like a prince on a white horse, a knight in shining armour, in came your boyfriend to rescue you, shouting and spitting fire… okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but at that moment he seemed like the bravest person to have ever walked the earth, okay?

“What are you, twelve? What kind of prank is this??”

He threw you over his shoulder and left with you towards the horizon… and by that I mean that he went to buy you food so you’d feel better.

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He went to grab lunch for the both of you while you stayed at the company building to talk to one of the trainees you’ve befriended.

When he came back he heard screams coming from the janitor room but he thought it was just his imagination since who would scream in the middle of the day, right? While he was looking for you he heard the giggles of your friend, followed by you asking her to stop. So like the macho man he is, he ran in the direction of the voices and gripped the girl’s wrist right as she was about to push the door closed.

“What do you think you’re doing? Can’t you see that she’s uncomfortable?”

After explaining to her about your claustrophobia she apologized profusely and told you that she thought you were just joking around.

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Not only were you afraid of small spaces, you hated with a passion elevators. A small box that moves up and down and might stop at any given moment? Yeah, no thank you. So despite being exhausting, you always took the stairs.

One day you invited a friend over to your house and she kept insisting that you take the elevator, despite your powerful refusal.

She started pushing you from the back toward the hell room, and right as the doors were about to close you saw your boyfriend running towards the pair of you, pulling you out.

“If you really wanted to use the elevator you could have done it on your own, don’t try to force other into doing what you want.”

Your friend apologized and found some excuse about her cat giving birth just so she didn’t have to stay in the same place with your boyfriend that was glaring daggers in  her skull.

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An old classmate of yours, now co-worker, wanted to see if you were as scared of small spaces as you were in high school. Answer: Yes, yes you still are very much terrified of them. But he didn’t believe you and wanted to see for himself if that was true. fucking dick

Just a he was about to lock the door of the janitor room, the elevator’s door opened to reveal your boyfriend wearing all black  and… yellow glasses??

Without saying a single word he took your hand and left.

Why was he here? Why was he dressed like this? Why wasn’t he saying anything? It didn’t really matter, you were safe now. 

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He was really glad you got along so well with his band mates since that meant that you could spend as much time as you wanted at the dorms and no one would complain. So while he was taking a nap after a long day at practice you remained in the living room to play video games with Jin and Jungkook.

He was stirred awake by the muffled screams coming from Jungkook’s room. When he went over to see what was happening he was met by the sight of Jungkook trying to lock you in his closet and you were on the verge of tears.

He screamed his name while taking long strides towards him to push him away.

“Yah! What is wrong with you, kid?? Look, you made her cry” “Come on Y/N, let’s go out. It’s alright you don’t have to worry”

Before you left the bedroom you threw one of his dirty socks in his face.


You were sent to get something from the storage room of your workplace. One of your co-workers saw you entering and thought it would be funny to scare you a little by locking the door. But you weren’t a little scarred, you were very scarred.

You were banging in the door, asking whoever was on the other side to open it but all you received was laughter.

Luckily, lunch break was soon and Taehyung already arrived with your food. He instantly heard your voice and went over to see what was going on.

Once he got you out of there, he turned to your co-worker, not missing the chance to scold her.

“You are an adult, you should act like one.” “This is a workplace, not a fucking playground. Don’t go around doing dumb shit.” Hopefully that thought her a lesson. 

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Some typical frat boy decided to entertain himself by seeing you panicking when he was trying to lock you in the janitor room.

He was laughing his ass off until he caught sight of your boyfriend walking towards him. Backing away slightly, he turned to face him with a wary smile plastered on his face. “It’s just a prank, bro”

Cue to intimidating Jungkook rolling up his sleeves. “What did you say, you punk? Come here so I can show you what a  prank looks like”. In less than a second he was gone and you were in the arms of your boyfriend that was petting you softly on the head. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him later.”

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Lost and Found (Part 12 - FINAL)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: Maybe language…and…crying? Idk

Word Count: 1656

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings@blackwidow-romanoff@cocosierra94@firstgal34@harleyquinnandscarletwitch @sebstan01 @camigt1999 @elleatrixlestrange@bittersweetunicorm @moonlightimagination@letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked@capandbuck


A week passed since he showed up at your door. You won’t lie, you wanted to call him, to tell him to come back. To tell him you missed him. But why? What good would it do? He clearly didn’t know what he he wanted. So you wallowed. You continued down your wicked spiral into despair and heartbreak, not even trying to stay above the waves of torment that crashed over you.

At the end of that week, Ida had texted you, asking to meet in Central Park on a certain bridge to hang out.

“No,” you responded, no where near ready to leave the house.

“Just do it. Get out of the house, mopey.”


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#7 for the one line prompts please!

7. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.”

One Line Prompts

“You HAVE to get over here NOW,” Harry sounds close to tears, and I am clueless.

“Are you at home?” I ask, holding the phone in one hand as I rummage in my purse for my car keys, carefully balancing the shopping bag on the same arm as the phone and tucking the iced coffee into my elbow. The juggling act would make my boyfriend proud, but right now he sounds like he’s having a nervous breakdown.

“I’m at Gemma and Michael’s, and you need to get here quickly!” he wails, and then I hear a different crying coming across the phone.

“Harry?” I query, but then the truth hits me. Damn! “Are you babysitting your nephew?”

“Yes,” he howls, “Hurry!”

Chuckling a bit, I drive to their new apartment home. They moved just a few months before the baby was born. Harry and I had helped pack, carry, and unpack boxes. Then we had helped set up the baby room. When he’d held his nephew for the first time, Harry’s eyes had filled with tears of joy. That’s not what I was hearing now. These are tears of desperation.

When I arrive, Harry and his nephew are both crying at the top of their lungs, and I laugh lightly. “What made you decide to do this by yourself, H?”

“I’m good with kids,” he bawls, “They love me. Every baby I’ve ever held has been a perfect angel, but my own nephew hates me! What am I doing wrong?!”

He attempts to hand the seven-month-old to me, but I hold up my hands, waving him off as I remove my jacket, “Oh, no, sir! You’re the babysitter. I’m just here to supervise.”

“It’s been horrible,” Harry says to me, holding the baby away from him, “he spit up every time I put the spoon in his mouth!”

Nodding, I wipe some green goo out of Harry’s hair, “Let me guess. Strained peas?”

“No! It’s avocado! I had started liking avocado, but I don’t think I’ll ever eat them again!” I’m trying hard not to laugh, but really it’s too funny. “And what the fuck is that smell?” Harry explodes, “Babies usually smell sweet and pure when I hold them. This one smells like Niall’s dirty socks!”

Now I do laugh out loud, “Harry? Have you changed his diaper today?”

His appalled look answers that question for me. “That’s the smell? Oh man! Okay. We can do this, little man. I bet that’s why you’re crying, isn’t it? You’ve got a diaper full of poo.” I follow as Harry takes his nephew to the changing table, talking himself through the whole process. “Ok, so Gems said I could use the disposable ones while they were gone.” He lays his nephew on the table, where the baby squirms around a bit. Harry starts to rummage through the items on the shelves underneath so I rush over and put my hand on the baby’s tummy so he doesn’t squirm right off.

Triumphantly, Harry holds up the new diaper. Then he sees my hand, and he looks frightened. “Oh, yeah. You could have fallen off. Damn. I’m a horrible uncle. Let’s see. I peel these tabs off, and then – OH MY GOD! THAT’S DISGUSTING!” Harry backs up three paces before remembering he has to hold his nephew on the table.  Just as he moves back in towards his nephew is when the sweet baby boy lets loose with a long wee, spouting all over Harry’s hand.  

Quickly, his nose wrinkled, Harry wipes the child’s bottom with a handful of baby wipes, wrapping the whole mess into the diaper and tossing it in the Diaper Genie. Carefully, he adds powder to his nephew’s private areas, and they are both cooing at each other.

“Does that feel good on your peepee?” Harry giggles as he squirts the powder on, positioning the child for a new diaper. Once he’s got the new diaper on and the onesie snapped back up, Harry picks up the child, who is now grinning and patting at Harry’s lips.

By the time Gemma and Michael get home, both boys are asleep on the sofa, his nephew supported with one hand while lying across Harry’s chest. I motion to Gemma to be quiet as they enter the room, and she nods.

“How did he do?” she asks.

“He’s going to be a great dad,” I whisper back, “as soon as he gets the hang of it. You should ask him to do this more often.”

“Is that peas in his hair?” Gemma looks disgusted.

“Nope. Avocado. And he’s aware it’s there. Harry considers it a badge of honor.” I smile down at the two of them sleeping soundly, both snoring just slightly. My heart is full.


My brother loved to torture me. he’d always rub any source of stink on my face. I was 14 at the time and even though I had some muscle my brother, Mark was the god of jocks standing at a monster 6 foot 2 and covered in muscle at the age of 17

it was 2 weeks into the summer and I woke up to something on my face. I took a sniff and gagged it was then that i knew what it was.It was my brother. Pprrttbbt “ooh sniff that up bitch” mark said with enjoyment. He loved waking me up to his stink, whether that meant him farting, or just holding one of his dirty socks up to my nose.

Around the same time that week our parents had to leave for 2 weeks to visit family and of course they were leaving mark in charge.f***.

2 days after our parents left. as I walked to my room I walked into my brother wearing a pair of tightie whites which looked too small for him,“ hey Bro, I’m having a party tonight it’s gonna be fucking awesome, so stay in your room, k? That’s my first order, follow all of my orders and the next two weeks will be bearable, but don’t do as I say and i can make it much different”

The day after his party was quiet, maybe my brother was being mature. I had spent the previous day in my room. I walked into the living room to find it in a complete state.“Mark!!” i shouted. I heard thumping from his room and he came out, FUCKING NAKED.“what the f*** I was sleeping you shit”. “first of all put some clothes on ffs and second look at this mess” mark scanned the room and laughed “oh it won’t be like this for long, cus your gonna clean it” I was furious “am I f***” a dark smirk grew on his face “well if you won’t clean then you can have another job that’ll last the 2 weeks, you can be my scent bitch” I knew what this meant and tried to run even if I knew there was no point. He grabbed me and dragged me to his room “you ain’t getting away, I have a shit ton of morning thunder” he threw me on his bed gave me a cocky smirk and sat BAREASS on my face. The smell was horrific. “here it comes Bro” I felt his cheeks clench before releasing a Loud trumpet, BBRRAPTTTTTABT. He was over my mouth so I had no other choice than to sniff . It was a toxic, shitty smell and they kept coming. Pprrttbbt. oh that was a wet one bitch, Brrapptbbt. ooh bbbraptssth. mg nose was burning on the sulphuric compounds. ok i got stuff to do for now so I’m gonna just knock ya out. I felt him bear down PPssshhhrttrrshurt. A sizzling sbd and I feel dizzy. nighty night Bro PRAPBBBTBPAARTSJHHHBRAPTshhhpb raptshhh. I faded while gagging.
I woke up not not remembering where I was until I looked around and found myself in my brothers room. It was then I remembered what had happened. I tried to get up but I was tied to his bed and to make matters worse he had put duct tape over my mouth so I was forced to smell the air still smelling like his farts. I don’t know how long I waited until I heard the door “Hey Bro, I’m home” he walked in and laughed when he saw me “and guess what, I’ve been at the gym so I’m nice and sweaty for you. I almost got kicked out because I refused to wear deodorant and was stinking the place out haha we’re gonna have fun” he laid down on top of me on his side with his elbow above me so u were forced into his greasy pit “ooh f*** that reeks, sniff it up” he rubbed his pit over my nose for what seemed like an eternity but was probably just 20 minutes “ooh my other armpit feels left out, you’re going to have to make it up to him” he rips the duct tape off your mouth but before you can scream he forces his armpit into your mouth “please maagghrk staahp” I gurgled into his pit “ok I will stop but now those Buritos I had before coming home are acting up” he gets up and lowers his shorts and underwear until you see his sweaty and hairy ass crack “ NO MARK PLEAGHGH” was all I got out before he sat his hole on my mouth “shut up bitch, or I’ll shit down your throat” you stay silent after that “Here we go” mark yells before squeezing a sbd that fires out of his ass and down my throat, I start gagging “ ooh that one felt nasty” I spent the next half hour getting blasted by every fart known to man. sbd’s, loud trumpeting blasts and once he even farted a wet one and i felt the ass juice hit the back of my throat. “ok I’m off to go fuel up and watch TV, when I come back I may even have a little treat for you” he went to put his underwear on “wait what the f*** am I doing I don’t need a wear underwear in the house” he holds the ass part to his back side and rips a fart that lasted like 14 seconds and grabs the duct tape “I’ll give you these so you can keep my scent, haha” he then taped the ass part to my nose “later bitch”

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headcanon request! dick and jason forced to be roommates for whatever reason, sharing a tiny apartment or whatever and having to deal with each other's annoying habits and quirks while they slowly become closer and closer without really being aware of it? :)

YES thank you this is such a wholesome concept, I love these boys

  • Honestly the biggest problem is that Dick is the kind of person who leaves his shoes where he kicked them off by the door, has a “chair of shame” (you know that chair where you put the laundry that isn’t dirty enough for the hamper but isn’t clean enough to put away), and will occasionally let dirty dishes pile up in the sink; Jason, on the other hand, is meticulously neat and tidy, and cannot stand mess.
  • So at first there’s a bit of a problem because Jason swears, he will murder Dick if he finds one more dirty sock in the living room floor, and Dick is sick and tired of coming home to find that Jason has “cleaned” (i.e.; thrown away) his mess.
  • They eventually find a happy medium, with Dick keeping his mess in his bedroom (and his half of the bathroom sink and the caddy full of different body washes and hair products that he has hanging in the shower), and Jason staying out of said room, for both their sake. 
  • Also, this text conversation (Jason is grey, Dick is blue):
  • Dick is a little shocked when he discovers that not only does Jason cook, he cooks really well. Jason doesn’t really have a day job, so it’s not uncommon for him to get bored and Google some complicated gourmet recipe to experiment with. He’ll never admit it, but he’s glad Dick is around to eat the leftovers, because he always makes too much for one person and not having anyone to share it with reminds him how alone he is, which generally leads him to a Bad Mental Place. 
  • Dick, for his part, can cook scrambled eggs and mac n cheese (the kind from a box), but that’s about it. 
  • Dick does not believe in wearing pants in one’s own home. If he’s at home, there is a 90% chance that he’s wearing boxers and an old T-shirt. Jason isn’t really bothered by it, but he does sometimes tease Dick about his choice in underwear. (“Superman boxers? Really? What are you, seven?” “Says the guy who owns two different pairs of Wonder Woman socks.”)
  • Jason will sometimes disappear for days at a time, and Dick knows that he can hold his own, but he still worries. Coming home to an empty apartment feels wrong once he gets used to Jason’s presence. The more nights he spends alone, the more anxious he gets.
  • When he comes back it’s always with takeout and an apologetic smile and usually more than a few fresh bruises. They’ll sit on the couch, eating food out of the cartons and watching late-night TV, very carefully talking about anything but where Jason’s been and what he’s been doing. 
  • If their building allows pets, they totally take in a stray cat and it becomes their baby. Jason found her in a dumpster and brought her home for “just one night” that stretched into “forever.” Dick names her Robin, and it becomes an inside joke in the Batfam that they’re training her to be Damian’s replacement. 

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“ so… breakfast? ” - mara x quinn :^)

The wind was still howling. It had howled all night, and now, after sun up, it showed no signs of quieting.

Of course, the only reason Mara suspected the sun had risen on Hoth was that her chronometer said it must have; their Imperial issue cold-weather shelter was packed in on all sides by snow, to say nothing of the roof. Still, it had held against the wind and the weight of the snow deposited by the blizzard. According to the last scans they’d received from Dorne Base, the storm should be passing them in the next hour or so.

She and Malavai were huddled together in two layers of insulating blankets, still fully clothed in their cold weather gear, and only just warm enough to avoid shivering. Or rather, she was warm enough to avoid shivering. Malavai, on the other hand, with his human cold tolerance, still shuddered against her periodically.

All things considered, it had not been an entirely unpleasant night. They had sufficient rations to survive for a week or more if necessary - an entirely unlikely event - and their transponder beacon was active and undamaged.

Besides, a little cold, wind, and danger could not possibly diminish the importance of the past twelve hours. She brushed Malavai’s hair back from his face, her touch almost reverent. How strange - and yet how mundane - to think she was looking at her future husband. What precisely made him ask when they were snowed in and bored out of their minds she could not say; but she was secure in her answer, and from his sense, knew he meant what he said in turn.

“Good morning,” Malavai mumbled into her hair, an arm tightening around her.

Mara smiled and kissed his cheek, wincing at how cold it was. She slipped her gloves off and pressed a hand to either side of his face.

“My poor Captain,” she murmured. “Perhaps it would have been kinder to leave you on the Fury.”

His gloved hands covered hers.

“This entire scenario is, of course, precisely the reason I worked so hard to avoid being stationed here.” His voice was muffled somewhat by her hands. “Still, it’s just as well it’s me enduring this with you. The others are no more cold hardy than I, and I am certain I enjoy the ordeal more than they.”

“I think Pierce would enjoy it more than you’d like,” Mara teased.

“Ah, but I know you wouldn’t be nearly as worried about letting him freeze,” Malavai replied, his tone matching hers. “And so the likelihood his enjoyment would be questionable at best.”

“Such jealousy,” Mara shook her head in mock disappointment.

Her face became serious. “You should have some breakfast; your body is working harder than mine to keep warm.”

“We should both have breakfast,” he corrected her.

She wiggled out of their shared cocoon, the cold air nipping at what little skin she had exposed, and reached for their pack.

“Which ration bar do you want?” She asked, her voice muffled as she rummaged through the bag. “The one that tastes like bantha dung, or the one that tastes like dirty socks?”

She glanced over her shoulder to find him studying her intently, his sense somewhere between awed and nervous.


“I feel as though I should have waited to ask you,” he said thoughtfully. “To wake up to something better than this on our first full day of betrothal.”

Mara smiled and slid back down into the blankets.

“This is our life, Malavai, and I know neither of us would trade it, no matter how bad the food. I’d rather have our engagement reflect who we truly are, rather than happen in some isolated, carefully arranged environment.”

He took the proffered ration bar, then leaned in to kiss her gently.

“Even now, there’s nowhere I would rather be than at your side. Even in six feet of snow and eating…” he looked at the wrapper. “Sweaty socks. Lovely.”

Mara grinned.

“That is a rare compliment.”

He looked up from the bar, his face utterly earnest.

“I mean every word.”

Marinette's gift part 1
  • Alya: (Running frantically, suddenly sees adrien.) Adrien! Thank goodness, I need your help.
  • Adrien: Hey Alya. What seems to be the matter?
  • Alya: It's Marinette's birthday tomorrow and I completely forgot to get her a birthday gift.
  • Adrien: That isn't good. How can I help?
  • Alya: (Smirks evilly) I need you to meet me in the library after school with a ton of wrapping paper and tape.
  • Adrien: No problem.
  • (Later in the library.)
  • Adrien: Alya? I brought the wrapping paper. What is that smell... (Passes out)
  • Alya: (Holding one of kim's dirty socks, nose pin on) I can't believe that worked. Now to wrap things up.

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What about headcannons for a drunk Keith? (I personally see him as a giggler, that or a sad drunk. Either or XD)

Keith is the kind of drink to spill all his secrets when drunk. Like hell say anything. He’ll speak his mind. It’s…an experience.

So one day the gang gets this alien juice and sooner than later everyone (yes even you Coran) are totally shitfaced.

At some point in the night Keith begin spilling everyone’s dirty little secrets he’s picked up. He can be kind when needed and as a result he’s picked up on a lot of dirty secrets.

Shiro sings in the shower
Lance will have staring contests with space. He figures the star shining more or less is equivalent to blinking
Pidge likes to pull her pants up real high tuck in her shirt and do the ‘confidence walk’ when she’s alone
Allura is the one leaving dirty socks around. It’s her.
Coran is the one putting pepper in people’s food.
And Hunk wears a hair net when he’s cooking.


Harry Styles - 1144 words


“I love you.” Harry breathes against my hair as his arm tightens around my shoulder, my pointer finger slowly tracing circles and other shapes onto Harry’s tight abdomen.

“Likewise, as you already know.” I press my lips to his collar bone for a mere second but decide to linger anyway, enjoying the scent of his cologne mixing with the sweat that dampened his skin. A shiver runs down my spine and I push against Harry’s chest. “What’s wrong?”
I shake my head and press my lips to his, silencing the insecure side of his momentarily. “Cold. Going to put on a shirt for now.”

I crawl out of the disheveled bed, picking up my underwear at the end of the sheets who are now on the floor. I toss them on to the bed for Harry to cover his naked form. He never had any problems with his nudity but with the large, open window to our right I would appreciate if I wouldn’t see his dick in the tabloids in the morning.

“Where the hell did you toss my shirt?” I laugh as I stand in the middle of the hotel room, hands resting on my hips. Harry smirks from his position on the bed, one of his hands supporting his head as the other lays carelessly on his abdomen. “The only thing missing at this picture is a smoke.” I point towards my boyfriend, wiggling my wrist up and down before I drop to my knees to look underneath the bed for my missing clothing, only to come up empty handed.

“You know I don’t smoke, love.” Harry mumbles, stretching himself and showing more and more of that V-line I can’t help but drool over, eyes glued to his pelvis before we meet each other’s eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Like I mean those black and white pictures, damn.”
“Did I leave you that speechless?” Harry laughs and I kind of wish I could immediately locate one of his dirty socks and fling them towards his head.

I flip him the finger and a tiny squeal of joy passes my lips involuntarily when I spot his light blue button up within arms reach. I’m back up on my feet in a few as I push my arms through the designated holes, starting to button a few so at least my chest would be covered.
“Hm.” I let out, looking down and raising my arms to my side to give myself a once over.

“What’s wrong love?” Harry sits up a bit properly, smiling when he sees I’m sporting his shirt. “Oh I like.” He pats the spot next to his tall, lean frame and I laugh but shake my head.
“I spend so much time on the Internet and girls always write like his shirts came down to the middle of my thighs. Look at this,” I point to one of my favorite shirts of Harry, “it doesn’t even come close!” I laugh and raise my arms, exposing a little stripe of skin above my knickers.

“It’s still too long of you though.” Harry notes, his lip pulled between his teeth as he tries to pull me on to the bed. “My bum is just covered, babe.” I turn around and show him my barely covered bum.
“Come here, damn you.” His hands cup my hips and he roughly pulls me onto him, a loud squeal leaving my lips as I tumble over his body and onto the empty space besides him.

“Damn it Harry my poor heart.” I cup my chest for emphasis, Harry chuckling heartily before he  flips himself to hover over me. His tongue pokes out to slowly trace the pink, plump bottom lip of his. He catches our lips together and I breathe, letting my hands fall onto his neck, one already trailing up to slide through his chocolate brown hair.
“You do things to me.” Harry breathes against my lips and all I can reciprocate with is a low, almost inaudible moan, pressing my body into his to show him he did exactly the same to me.

“How long are you staying? I have some damage to make up for.” Harry laughs against my neck before his teeth gently nip at the skin. “Uh - th-Thursday. You’ll be leaving for LA then.” I let my eyes drift close, letting Harry explore my body in any way he pleased at this particular moment.

“It’s not enough.” He sighs, lifting his head so our eyes could meet one another. The first thing I ever noticed about Harry and also the thing that made me fall hopelessly in love with him were his forest green sparkling eyes. Whenever he’d be excited or thrilled by something you could see it in his eyes. Sadness, anxiousness and anger were things I learnt to read through his eyes over the last few months as well.

“Summer is coming along. You’ll be off of any duties then. Maybe we’ll even get to plan a small holiday.” I smile, threading my fingers through his disheveled locks. Harry smiles and let’s his eyes drift closed, dropping himself back next to me but enveloping my body with his larger one.

“I’m taking you to see Australia, you wanted that, right?” He peppers my face with butterfly kisses and I giggle loudly, hands roaming over his torso. “Always wanted to go there. What time is it?” Harry sighs and pulls away from me,  rolling on to his back, eyes cast towards the ceiling. His gaze flicks to his phone for just a split second. “Almost time.”

“Well then let’s go, don’t want you to be late H.” I breathe, patting his shoulder and flinging myself off of the bed. I scan through my feed for a second before I drop my phone onto the bed, glancing between the open bath room door and Harry’s slumping frame.
“We might have time for some water fun, if you hurry.” I grin and Harry’s head swiftly turns in my direction, his eyebrows raised as he waits for further explanation.

I motion with my head to the shower and drop his button up from my shoulders as I slowly thread over the luxurious carpet, casting a glance over my shoulder to my boyfriend. “Or are you going to let me shower all alone?” It doesn’t take long for Harry to comprehend now and he jumps out of bed, his large hands cupping and squeezing my bum as he walks behind me, annoying me all the way into the shower.

“I love you.” He breathes against my exposed neck and I fumble with the shower head and temperature, trying my best to keep my hands off of his smooth, silky skin. Until we were in the shower, that is. “Likewise you loon.” I grin, kissing his stubbled jaw and letting myself lean more into his warm, naked body. I wasn’t ready to leave him either.

Lots of love,
L xox

A Year Every Minute Pt. 74

Papyrus was home doing laundry when his cellphone rang. He dug around in the pocket of his jeans for it, flipping it open to see ‘ALPHYS’ in large letters across its front. With a smile he accepted the call, holding the phone up to where his ear would have been while he began loading in the laundry with his free hand.

“HELLO ALPHYS! HOW IS-” He was abruptly cut off as the lizard on the other end began to ramble on and on, something about things going wrong and Sans being hurt. “WAIT, ALPHYS SLOW DOWN.” Papyrus said worriedly, standing up straight and dropping one of Sans’ dirty socks back into the basket.

“I-i-it’s Sans! He-he’s hurt! We t-tried… oh god. Oh god…” Alphys mumbled from the other end.

Papyrus swallowed the lump in his nonexistent throat. “I’LL BE RIGHT THERE.”

He hung up and threw everything down, racing for the door and shoving on his boots before jumping into his car. He had only recently learned to drive but was surprisingly good at it and it wasn’t exactly his dream car, but that would come soon enough.

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thoughts on zayns single?

I wanna support him because I am in love with him and would let him pee on me but like sis it’s so bad and so is the video it’s so basic and underwhelming and as much as I want him to gag me with one of his dirty socks I just can’t stoop that low to pretend to get behind this pillow talk bs

awkward silences and pretty strangers

narry ofc: *at a laundromat/in the laundry room on campus* “i caught you taking my laundry out of the dryer and now we’re just awkwardly staring at each other while a pile of mY underwear and socks is in ur armS” PL S

here you go thejandshirt! hope it’s not too terrible *monkey covering eyes emoji*

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#1967. Whenever Ness gets too tired to use his psychic powers in battle, he'll throw whatever he can get his hands on at his opponents instead. Last time he nearly ran out of energy, he ended up using both of his shoes, one of his dirty socks, a cookie, his yo-yo, all the contents of his backpack, and his backpack as ranged weapons.