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Crossroads- Chapter 3 sneak peak

“Don’t you think you should quit for a while? That can’t be totally healthy for the baby, yeah?”

I hadn’t really thought about what I should and shouldn’t do during my pregnancy. As far as I was concerned I was able to do everything any other woman was capable of doing until I could no longer see my toes.

“Exercise is good. Just because I’m growing a baby between my hips doesn’t mean I have to become a couch potato. I’m pregnant, not an invalid.” I reply sharply before taking a generous sip of coffee.

A dimpled smirk settles on his lips.

“Shouldn’t be drinking that either. Caffeine’s not good for the baby.”

My eye twitches in annoyance. I haven’t been up for a whole hour yet and he’s already  bossing me around.

“Oh really? Says who?” I question defensively.

“A little search engine called google. You should check it out sometime, Riv.”

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Apartment 25 (Chapter Four)

heres chapter four. feedback always appreciated. hope you enjoy!

“What the hell!?” Hailey yelled, walking in on Harry and Carter cuddled up in her bed. Carter and Harry both jolted awake at the outburst with confusion.

Harry had his arms wrapped around Carter’s middle, spooning her while she had her own hands laying on top of his. Carter was still a little woozy and tired from the night before, so she wasn’t fully aware of why Hailey was freaking out. She clearly did not realize the compromising position that had Hailey questioning so much.

“Jesus what?” Carter asked, pulling her head up from the pillow. Harry knew why Hailey was startled by the sight, this wasn’t what Harry normally did. He quickly retracted his arms from Carters waist and sat up on the bed. 

That’s when Carter realized why Hailey was freaking out, because Harry was laying next to her, cuddling her. She felt cold after he moved his arms, having his movements be a dead giveaway that this was not a sight that Hailey was expecting to see.

Carter turned and looked at Harry, sitting up in the process. Harry looked at her back, then back at Hailey. Her eyes remained wide at the sight. Harry cleared his throat and shifted on the bed. “Um, I’ll be at my apartment,” he said sliding off the bed. He passed Hailey and gave Carter one last look, but Hailey quickly pushed him out and closed the door.

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Flicker of Hope

Chapter Eleven: The Agreement

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Radio silence. 

Three full days of radio silence.

And yes, maybe it was self inflicted. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. 

The moment you’d kissed Niall, you’d felt every dream you’d ever had come true. And then he’d opened his mouth.


That one word will haunt you for the rest of your life. The panic and fear you’d experienced after had driven you all the way outside and several blocks down before you’d hailed a cab and went back to your flat, tail firmly between your legs.

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All Again
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Harry still loves Becca. Becca still loves Harry. Harry is engaged, and Becca has a serious boyfriend; oh, and it’s the first time they’ve seen each other in two years.

Chapter Fifty Five

CHAPTER FIFTY- FIVEJULIENOWI can remember the day I realized she wasn’t going anywhere.Becca Penelope Johnson.The eventual thorn in my side and the ex who for whatever reason, just wouldn’t…

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