Carpool Karaoke ft. Y/N

Description: Where Harry and Y/N have been apart for four months, so James decides to surprise Harry with Y/N during Carpool Karaoke. 

Word Count: 1,866

Warnings: profanity

A/N: I honestly don’t know if anyone has done this before and I apologize if so, but here is my version of this!! 


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When Harry had left for America, they had both expected to only be apart for one month at the very maximum. Harry had been planned to be away for approximately three weeks, as he had just released his second album and would be promoting it throughout America. However, Harry was more popular than ever and every single radio show and television show host was desperate to have him appear as a guest on their show. His management had decided that it would be in Harry’s best interest to continue with the promotion of his album, which kept him away from Y/N longer than he had intended.

And so what had once been only one month slowly dragged into four long months without each other. Of course, she knew that they would get through it, as she and Harry been dating for nearly three years and had been through long periods of distance due to the demands of his career. In addition to this, she and Harry knew that the distance would be worth it in the end, as the end of the distance would mean Harry’s success with his career. But even though she knew all of this, it did not stop the tears from slipping down her cheek in the lonely hours of the night. Each night became more difficult as she would lay lonesome in their bed, unable to ignore the cold space beside her.

So you can only imagine her excitement when the host of the Late Late Show, James Corden, had contacted her to inquire of her interest in surprising Harry during the show. Also being one of Harry’s good friends, James explained to her that Harry had been struggling with their distance and had been debating taking a break from the album to visit her in London. James, being the genius that he is, had decided instead of Harry going home to see Y/N, that he would bring Y/N to see Harry.

So one week later, Y/N took off to Los Angeles with adrenaline coursing through her veins. Knowing that she would soon see the love of her life was enough to make her heart nearly jump from her chest.

When the day finally arrived, James had sent a private driver to escort her to the studio. Upon arriving, James had already been outside, waiting anxiously to greet his old friend. She had last seen James during the holidays, as he tended to come home for Christmas and would always ensure to meet up with her and Harry.

After exiting from the vehicle, James had tugged her into his arms for a large bear hug before exclaiming, “It’s so good to see you again!”

As James guided her into his large studio, he proceeded to explain the plan for Harry’s surprise. James explained how he and Harry would be doing Carpool Karaoke, a segment where James will drive around the city with a particular singer, engaging in profound conversations and loudly singing along with their latest songs. Harry had been a part of this segment a couple times in the past, both as a member of One Direction and as a solo artist. He had always told her how much he enjoyed it, as the conversation would flow naturally between him and James due to having such a close friendship.

James continued to elaborate by informing Y/N that she would be in the back of the vehicle the entire time without Harry even being aware. James explained that she would then pop up from the trunk when the time was right, which James guaranteed she would know. Feeling anxious about ruining the entire surprise, Y/N nervously agreed to the plan. However, she ran through the proposal several more times with James, ensuring that she knew what she was doing.

About sixty minutes later, James had approached the room that she was waiting in and informed her that Harry arrived to the studio. James had a member of his team escort her to the vehicle outside of the studio, the one that they would be using for the carpool karaoke. Upon arriving to the vehicle, Y/N had forced herself into the back of the luxurious car, feeling her entire body tremble with nerves as she crouched down. She bent her body in ways that she never knew was possible, striving to conceal herself in every way from Harry’s view.

The first person that she recognized entering into the vehicle was James. She overheard him discussing last minute items with his production team, and she then overhead several tech members fidgeting with the camera at the front of the vehicle – the one that would be capturing the majority of the drive.

“James, you and Harry can begin when you’re ready,” James’ production manager had reported.

She then overhead James as he leaned his head out of the window of the vehicle and called out to Harry, asking if he was ready to begin with the segment.

“Ready when you are, mate,” she heard Harry call back.

As she heard his deep voice mixed with his thick British accent, she instantly felt as if a bolt of electricity shot throughout her entire body. He was so close to her, yet she could not touch him nor see him. It took every bit of strength not to peer out the window and take a glimpse of her handsome boyfriend.

James coughed. “We are going to begin now.” James coughed again, which Y/N knew was a signal for her to be prepared. She could not stop herself from lightly laughing beneath her breath.

She peaked through the crack in the seats to watch as James lifted the phone to his ear.

“Mate, I’m so happy that I’ve reached you. I heard you were in LA and I’m so lost right now. Would you be able to help me out?”

James hesitates briefly, pretending as if someone is answering him on the other end of the phone. “Oh, you’re the best! Thank you so much. I’m right outside.”

And then she heard the sound of the passenger door swing open. Continuing to peek through the crack in the seats, she watched the outline of Harry’s body as he placed himself into the seat beside James. She felt her heart thumping within her chest, for she could now both hear him and see him in person – something that their phone and Skype conversations have no done for the past four months.

“Harry, thank god! Thank you so much for helping me, man. I really appreciate it.”

“My pleasure,” Harry had responded.

She watched as Harry lifted his ring-clad fingers to glide through his brown, curly locks. She smiled to herself as she reminisced on the nights that Harry would ask her to play with his hair, for nothing could put him to sleep faster than that.

“So Harry, this is not your first time doing this,” James had said. “In fact, this is your third time.”

“Yes it is,” Harry had confirmed.

Hearing his voice was absolutely killing her. If she could have it her way, she would have already thrown herself at him by now, for she was craving his touch in any way possible. On another note, however, she was also striving to hold back her laughter, for the thought of being so close to Harry yet him having absolutely no idea was humorous to her.

“And a lot had changed since your first time here, hasn’t it?” James commented. “You had a main role in a Christopher Nolan movie, a solo album, and a worldwide tour, and now you’ve just released another album.”

“I have indeed,” Harry said, nodding his head in confirmation.

“Out of all the songs on the album, which one is your favourite?”

Harry hesitates briefly before answering. “Ah, I tend to write all of my songs based on personal experiences, so I think all of them have a different kind of significant for me.”

“And who was the first person to hear the album?”

“Ah, I played it for my family and my girlfriend all at once.”

“And did they seem to like it?” James questions.

Harry broke out into a hardy laugh. As usual, his laugh brought an instant smile to her face. Memories flashed through her mind of the mornings that she and Harry would lay in bed together, acting playfully with one another and laughing hysterically between little kisses.

“Ah, I think they did,” Harry said through his laugh, “But of course, I don’t think they would tell me if they hadn’t.”

For the remainder of the drive, Y/N remained frozen in the back seat, listening carefully and peaking through the cracks as James and Harry engaged in conversations about his career, cackled with laughter, and of course, belted out the songs of Harry’s latest album.

And eventually, the moment had finally arrived for her time to shine.

“So Harry, you have been in America for a while, am I right?”

“You are,” Harry said in agreement. “About four months now.”

“So I assume that you have not seen your girlfriend for a while then, huh?”

Harry hesitated briefly and shot James a confused expression. Harry was fine with briefly speaking about Y/N, but he strived to keep these aspects of his life as private as he possibly could, so he typically avoided having her as the main topic of conversation. James was well aware of this, which was the reason for Harry’s confusion. Nonetheless, Harry complied with the conversation.

“It’s been a while, yeah,” Harry reported. “I haven’t seen her since I left for America.”

“It’s got to be hard, hasn’t it? Trying to keep a relationship going through all of the distance?”

“Yeah, well, my girl and I have been together for a while now, so we are used to this. But it’s still hard, you know? I miss her very much and am really looking forward to seeing her again.”

“And when do you think that will be?” James asked.

“Not long,” Harry announced. “I’ll be heading back to London soon for a small break.”

James gradually decreased the speed of the vehicle and pulled off to the side of the road. Harry’s eyebrows crinkled with curiosity, as he had not been aware of this aspect of the segment. She felt herself becoming increasingly nervous, for she knew that she would soon have to expose herself to Harry.

As the car came to a halt, James turned his body to face Harry. “Harry, what if I told you that you would not have to wait any longer to see Y/N?”

As soon as the words left James’ mouth, a sly smile crept to Harry’s face. He was aware of what James may be referring to, but he did not want to guess and be wrong. He stared at James in doubt, continuing to smile at the possibility of her being nearby.

Harry shook his head in denial. “Shut the fuck up,” Harry said through an eager voice “There’s no fuckin’ way.”

Harry’s head turned to the window, searching for her on the street. When he did not see her, he turned back towards James, feeling more confused than ever, but continuing to wear an amused smile.

“Harry,” James said with a serious tone.

“…Yes?” Harry asked, almost as if he had been bracing himself.

“She has been here all along.”

A moment of silence sat between James and Harry, but after a few tense seconds, Y/N leapt from the trunk of the vehicle and exposed herself to Harry’s view. A frightened yelp falls from Harry’s mouth, matching the way his body jumped in surprise. Once he realized that it had actually been her, his face lit up like a Christmas tree and a smile beamed across his face. Harry dropped his face into his hand, expressing his complete and utter surprise. After taking it all in, Harry lowered his hand and swiftly moved towards his girlfriend, throwing his arms around her. He squeezed her tightly, desperate to feel her touch against his skin. And as they pulled away from each other, Harry lowered his lips to leave a gentle kiss on the top of her forehead.

Repositioning himself in his seat, Harry lifts the sleeves of his shirt to wipe the tears that had sprung to his eyes.

“Look what you’ve done to me,” Harry had said through a light chuckle.

“Look what you’ve both done to me,” James had responded, as he had also been wiping away tears from the emotional reunion.

Harry once again moves towards his girlfriend, still in shock that she was, in fact, there with him. He again pressed his lips to her skin, peppering her cheek with his kisses.

“I hope this means you’re staying for a while,” Harry had said.

Y/N nodded her head. “I’m not going anywhere.”

James turned towards the camera, staring directly into the lens. “Well, if this doesn’t boost my views then I don’t know what will.”

Imagine being married to Niall, you’re getting ready for bed and while he’s in the bathroom brushing his teeth you’re unmaking the bed, tossing the little decorative pillows to the chair in the corner of the room and folding the big fluffy comforter down so it’s at the foot of the bed when you hear Niall walk in. He’s got his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth and his shirt he was wearing earlier bundled up in one of his hands getting ready to toss it into the laundry basket when he raises an eyebrow at you as you toss the last decorative pillow off the bed.

“S’all this fo?” His words come out muffled due to the toothbrush in his mouth making you just stare at him for a moment before he rolls his eyes and takes the toothbrush out of his mouth. “What are all these for?” He motions towards the chair that is now holding about six pillows and a throw blanket.

“They’re called pillows,” You state making him just glare at you as he shoves the toothbrush back into his mouth and tosses his dirty shirt into the hamper. “People use them to rest their heads on, some use them for propping things up and others use them for decoration.” You add as you sit on the edge of the bed by your nightstand so you can reach for your hand lotion.

“Smartass.” You just chuckle to yourself as he makes his way back into the bathroom to finish getting ready for bed. “But really,” Niall starts as he walks into the bedroom and heads for his side so he can take his wedding ring off and place it in the dish by his alarm clock. “Why the hell do we need all these bloody pillows and blankets if we don’t ever use em?” You feel the bed move a bit as he climbs in and makes his way over to your side so he can place a hand at the small of your back as he lays on his side.

“Because they match the comforter.” You hear him let out a chuckle as his hand slides from your back to your hip.

“Ah the comforter we also don’t ever use.” His voice is low making you look over your shoulder at him, his eyes are shinning a bright shade of blue and the little smirk on his face lets you know he’s not being serious at all.

“Well Mr. I love Southern California,” you tease making him give your hip a squeeze. “If we lived anywhere else but here we’d be able to at least use it once or twice a year.” You watch him toss his head back and let out a loud obnoxious laugh.

“Once or twice a year? Darlin m’willin ta bet we paid a pretty penny for that damn comforter.” You stand up to turn so you can climb onto the bed making his hand fall from your hip.

“That’s why we don’t use it.” You answer as Niall just falls onto his back so you can hover over him, one of his hands comes up to cup your cheek while the other grips your waist.

“What about the pillows then?” Your giggles get muffled by Niall pulling you in for a kiss.


Harry Edward Styles + Gutter Mouth



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Hello, loves! This is my masterlist for all of my Harry writings :) Enjoy! xx - L

* - smut

^ - written, but not posted yet

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“So, why do you love Harry so much?”

watch my heart burn

hey guys, so i wrote an au type thing and it’s pretty different from anything i’ve written before so i hope you guys like it. here’s the spotify playlist i listened to while writing this.

Y/N is just a uni student trying to get her degree and pay her bills. so when she finds a man willing to pay her bills and give her good sex, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. but she might’ve gotten a little more than she bargained for.


questions, comments, concerns

He’s wearing a suit that is worth more than a year of your rent as you watch him walk around the room, never giving anyone more than a small smile. When he swallows his drink, you’re hypnotized by the muscles in his neck, the way his Adam’s apple bobs. You find yourself licking your lips as you watch him run a hand through his hair.

“I want him.” You say.

“What?” Your friend follows your gaze, “Oh… No you don’t.”

“Yes I do. He looks like he could pay off my student loans and give me good dick while doing it.”

She rolls her eyes, “I don’t know much about how he is in bed, but I can tell you that he’s a demon trapped in a man’s body.”

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When the 1D reunion happens,

I want a video announcement that is super dramatized. Like all the boys getting phone calls on Union Jack rotary phones carried out to them on a silver platter by butlers while they are doing outlandish activities like scuba diving or something. Like the phones not plugged into anything either. And the boys are really vague, like ‘oh really, it’s time! I’ll be right there’ and they immediately stop what they’re doing and then it cuts to them all showing up in like a conference room in the outfits from the previous scene. Like /that/ level of dramatization. Just dropped randomly with as little notice as possible.

Stressed (CEO harry)

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let’s all imagine harry looking like this because he looked fine af in this suit. 

rated ma (mostly smut)

Being the girlfriend of a CEO can be vexatious. It requires you putting up with your boyfriend’s moody attitude and traveling. He can be pretty oblivious at times due to the amount of work that consumes him. You’ve been dating for about a two years now and you practically live with him in his luxurious penthouse. 

There are days where you’d feel off and he wouldn’t notice because of how tired he is and there are definitely days where his mood would be off but you’d notice because he makes it pretty obvious. Some days he’d have to cancel dinner or lunch dates because of a meeting or staying in the office too late which would make a hefty sigh blow past your lips. Other days, he might have to travel out of the state or country since his company is international and there’d be problems only he could fix by going there. 

One of the most aggravating things would be when your boyfriend is stressed. His patience would be very thin and one would talk to him like they’re walking on thin ice that could break easily. He would shut people out and make them leave him alone due to frustration. Sometimes he would yell without noticing, his vein in his jaw protruding, his eyes blazing with anger as they would become a shade darker. His jaw would clench tightly, making the bone more prominent and sharp.

However, there are some people that Harry can be around when he is angry or stressed. Like you. You’d talk to Harry like he’s fragile china and he’d snap at you but calm down, apologizing for using such a rude tone because you would give him a stern glare. Other than his mother or sister, you don’t put up with Harry’s rude and annoyed demeanor either. 

When he’s home, you’d see him screaming through the phone at one of his employees, his face red in anger, chest heaving slightly but as soon as he hangs up and looks at your face, it all disappears and he’d give you one of his warm smiles as if he wasn’t just screaming on through the phone. You’d actually found it quite comical if you’re honest. It’s like seeing Harry go from an angry lion to a cute little bunny within seconds.

Currently, you were in the elevator of his building, going up to his office to visit him. You had received a call from his assistant about how stressed he was and how he didn’t eat lunch yet which made you grunt because how many times have you told Harry to eat lunch on time? You knew that his assistant wouldn’t dare to ask him since he might just scream at her considering stressed he was, therefore, she called you because she knew you can get him to calm down and eat. 

When you got up to his floor, a bag of lunch in hand, you walk out of the elevator and to his assistant’s desk. You greet her with a polite smile and receive a grateful one in return. 

“Thank god you’re here!” His assistant sighs in relief, causing you to chuckle. 

“How bad is it today?” You ask her even though you already know, considering he didn’t answer any of your calls or texts.

A bleak facial expression is etched on the assistant’s face, her tongue clicking against her teeth to make a hissing sound. “He yelled at four employees today and broke the small vase in his office.”

You purse your lips in wonder, looking towards his office door and you could hear him screaming through the phone. Your eyes go wide when you hear him say do you want me to fucking fire you? really loud and you look back at his assistant who ushers you towards the door with a knowing and hopeless look.

Dammit Harry. 

“Good luck,” you hear his assistant whisper, causing you to snort.

You open the door slowly, sticking your head in first to see what he was doing. You could see him facing away from you, sitting on his chair behind his desk as he holds a phone in his hand, staring out at the view of the city through the large window. He doesn’t hear you when you shut the door, his voice far too loud and angry, speaking through the phone. 

You set the bag of food down on the coffee table where there is also a sofa set up and you cautiously walk towards him.

“No, dammit! S’not what I wanted! I told yeh that ‘ve been wanting t’ sign a contract with tha’ company fo’ a while now!” He seethes, gripping the phone in his large veiny hands tightly. 

You stand behind him, your hands coming down to rest on both of his shoulders making him stiffen even more but quickly relax when he notices the promise ring he gave you, sitting on your finger and he turns his head to confirm it is you before looking back out at the view. You slightly massage his tense shoulders to calm him down as he talks on the phone, his voice not as angry as it was before but it was still angry. 

You feel one of his hands come up to rest on yours to acknowledge you and you smile at the gesture, leaning down to kiss the top of his head. He runs his thumb across your knuckles as you dig your thumb into the back of his neck with your other hand. 

“Look,” he miffed, his tone condescending, “I don’ wanna have t’ come over there just ‘cos one o’ my employees screwed up and couldn’t do their job like they were told to. I cannot lose this contract and ‘f I do, I promise you, you won’t have a job startin’ tomorrow if yeh don’t fix this.” And without letting the person on the other end speak, he hangs up the phone, chucking it onto the floor and you click your tongue together at his anger. He doesn’t greet you, pinching his forehead together with his hand as he shuts his eyes, lips set into a firm line. 

You roll your eyes but keep quiet, knowing that he’s irritated and needs to relax so you lean down to wrap your arms around his neck from behind, crossing over his chest. You feel him let out a sigh, intertwining his ring clad fingers with yours, silently. 

You bring your lips to his neck, pressing soft kisses against it to unwind him from his angry state. You feel the skin move beneath your lips as he swallows thickly  and you love how you still have this affect on him even while he was angry. You bring your lips below his ear, puckering it against the soft skin and you know how much it affects him considering that’s where he loves to be kissed. 

“You okay, baby?” You whisper in his ear, scratching a hand across his chest of the area where his shirt is unbuttoned. 

“‘m fine,” he mutters. 

You purse your lips, narrowing your eyes at him, “Didn’t sound fine. I heard you broke a vase again.”

An annoyed sigh emits from Harry’s lips, “Who told yeh tha’? Told them not t’ tell yeh but they still do. Stupid fucking employees never listen to me an’ now ‘m gonna ‘ave to–” You don’t let him finish, interrupting his angry rant. 

“Doesn’t matter who told me. You need to relax, sweetheart. This is like the fifth vase you broke. And you skipped eating again when I told you not to!” You move back from the chair when you feel him let go of your hand and spin his chair to face you properly. 

His eyes scan your body, enjoying the view of you wearing a white sundress that reaches mid thigh. His green orbs linger on your cleavage that is visible from the criss cross at the chest. Your lips curve at the corner, knowing you’re already going to be a distraction from his anger.

“Was gonna eat once I finished yellin’ at this employee ‘f mine who can never do his fucking job right,” His voice goes from calm to bitter again, his eyebrows knitting together in annoyance. “Gave him a chance t’ prove himself an’ he screws up a deal with one o’ my most important clients an’ now ‘m gonna fucking fire him ‘f he doesn’t–” You interrupt his angry rant by moving forward to straddle either side of his waist on the chair, sitting on top of his lean thighs, your hands grabbing each side of his face while his hands grip your hips. 

“Shh…” You stroke his hair, causing him to involuntarily close his eyes at the feeling, throwing his head back against the chair. “You’re not going to fire anyone. You’re just stressed yeah?” You cup his face again, leaning forward to kiss his slightly parted pink lips. 

Harry hums, opening his eyes to gaze at you. His right hand moves down your hip slowly until he feels the smooth skin of your thigh. You feel him push the fabric of the dress up to slip his fingers beneath the waistband of your panties, letting his fingers drag against the side teasingly. 

You try not think too much about it, swallowing the small lump in your throat. You could feel your body become warmer, the area between your legs tingling with sensation. “Harry,” You clear your throat.

“Hm?” He responds, pulling you closer to him so he can kiss the exposed area of your skin through the criss cross ties at the top of your dress.

“You didn’t answer my calls,” You point out, your eyes shutting when you feel his tongue drag against the side of your neck. 

“Told yeh I was angry,” He grunts, “Yellin’ at m’dumb employee.”

You sigh, tilting your head to the side as he kisses your neck, “I brought you food.” You say lamely even though that’s not what you want to think about right now. You notice how easily his mood has changed from angry to horny within seconds. If this was going to be a way for him to calm down, then you might as well get something out of it too. 

“Mhm,” He hums in appreciation, “Thanks, love, but ‘ve got a taste fo’ something else right now.” He whispers, sending chills down your body and between your legs and you can feel the area dampen at his words and touch. 

He drags his hand to the front of your panties, rubbing your clit over your panties and you instantly moan at the action, throwing your head back while gripping his shoulders so you don’t fall. You feel his nose drag up your neck, his mouth pressing hard kisses against the skin. 

“Already so wet fo’ me hm? You’re soaking, princess,” He baits, sliding his fingers to feel the wetness. His fingers slide your panties aside, making you moan out loud when you feel his ring clad fingers drag up your dripping cunt. The tip of his fingers drag up your folds and you gasp, gripping his neck tightly when you feel yourself become unsteady. He teases his forefinger into your entrance, sliding only a little bit of out before sliding back out making you whine. 

He chuckles hotly, bringing his other hand up to grip the back of your head and push you forward to press your lips against his in hunger. You feel your lips move in sync with his as you make out. He parts his lips to bring out his tongue and tease it against your lower lip and you open your mouth to grant access. He immediately shoves his tongue into your mouth, playing with your tongue as he fucks you with both of his ring clad fingers. You moan in his mouth when you feel his fingers go in deep, feeling his knuckles against your spongy walls. 

You bite down on his bottom lip, emitting a low groan from him and you grip his hand from your head to bring it to one of your breasts. He runs his thumb of your nipple back and forth before going in circular motions, making you grip the hair at the back of his head tightly in your fists. 

You feel some of your juices slip down your inner thighs while he thrusts his fingers into you at quick pace, the both of you breathing heavily. He rubs his thumb against your clit, emitting another moan from you which he quiets with a kiss. 

You feel him pull his fingers out of you slowly, your wetness covering his fingers and sliding down his hand. He brings them out from underneath and your skirt and you watch him bring his fingers up to his mouth, liking his fingers to taste your sweetness. You watch him with a clenched jaw, your chest heaving at the sight. You press your lips against his roughly, wanting to taste yourself on his lips as you slide your tongue out of your to lick at his lips. He grips your ass in his hands, picking you up from his thighs and causing you to wrap your legs around his waist while you still kiss his lips. 

You move your lips down from his mouth to the neck, sucking and biting at the skin on his neck. He locks his forearm around your hip, clearing every thing from his desk without a care before placing you down on it. You pull back to look at him with wide eyes but he only gives you a hot smirk before kissing your lips. His hands skim the bottom of your sundress, pulling it upwards to remove it from your body and you put your arms up, allowing him to drag it up your body. He carelessly throws it somewhere in the room.

His eyes darken when he notices you only wearing a pair of white lace panties which he also removes from you by having you lift your hips so he can slide them down your legs. You push his blazer off of him, your hands going for the buttons on his shirt. You press kisses down his chest with each removal of his button and he groans when you lick up his stomach. He fists your hair in his hand, pulling you back up to look at him. 

He gazes you with lust filled eyes, the shade two times darker. “’m gonna fuck you.” He growls deeply. 

You gulp at his tone, feeling your skin sweat at the rising temperature in the room.

“Someone might come,” You whisper against his lips, dragging your hands down his chest, to the waistband of his pants. 

“Tha’ just makes it more exhilarating dunnit?” He responds back, kissing down your neck, sucking marks into your skin. You undo his belt slowly, pulling his slacks down while he drags his tongue up between your breastbone. He helps you pull his pants along with his boxers down his legs until it reaches his ankles. 

You see his erection slap against his abdomen, the pink tip leaking with its pre cum. You drag your tongue across your lower lip at the sight of his cock. Harry’s hands push you back slightly to kiss at your breasts. You feel his tongue swirl on your peaked nipple, biting and sucking before giving it a kiss. You feel him do the same with the other breast and you throw head back, eyes shutting in pleasure at the feeling of his lips on your chest. 

“Baby…” You moan, your mind and vision becoming blurry. 

After giving attention to your breasts, he pulls back with blood red lips, his chest red and heaving for breathe. He looks at your pleased face, smiling cheekily when he notices your eyes on his cock. 

“C’mon, I need to fuck yeh,” He breathes out, setting his hand on your lower back before shoving you against his chest. 

You nod, kissing his lips again. Both of his hands grabbing to feel your thighs as he massages them in his hands. His eyes drag over your naked, sweat covered body that he couldn’t resits or go without touching. 

“So perfect, love,” He coos. His caresses the soft skin of your thighs, his fingers dancing on them and towards your dripping pink core. You moan softly when you feel his two fingers part your folds again, pushing his fingers in afterwards. He parts his lips at the feeling of your wetness. He slowly pulls them out and brings them up to your lips. You stick out your tongue to suck on them, swirling your fingers around the digits and Harry’s Adam’s apple bobs up and down at the sight. 

“Gonna take my cock like a good girl hm?” He asks, situating himself in front of you, pushing you flat on the desk while you whimper desperately at his words. “Are you baby? ‘m askin’ yeh a question.” He growls. 

“Yes–fuck, yes please,” As soon as he got your reassurance, he spreads your thighs apart, making you sit up on his desk before moving forward. He grips his cock in his hand, teasing you with the head. He rubs your clit with the head of his cock and slides it down your slit, causing you to mewl out loud. You finally feel him at your entrance, his shaft finally deep inside of you. Your eyes immediately roll to the back of your head in reaction when he wastes no time picking up his pace and pounding into you mercilessly. You moan breathlessly as your skins made a connection together, his pubes tickling and brushing against your clit with each stroke, the sensation causing you to whine. 

Harry groans, gripping the skin of your thighs and helping himself into you, hitting you with tight and long strokes. You weren’t able to comprehend a thing as your eyes flutter, blinking up at the ceiling. Harry was so stressed and horny that he immediately pulls you up, asking you to stand on your feet. He swiftly turns you around and bends you over his large desk, your chest skimming across the cold surface of his desk.

You giggle softly when he starts kissing at your neck, placings his hands on your back as he slips back inside of you. 

“Doing so well, pet,” He breathes out.

You hear Harry hiss as he smacks your ass, holding onto your soft hips before thrusting hard and fast. You turn your cheek and place it flat against his desk, Harry taking your arms and pinning them behind you, his left hand holding the side of your waist, your back arching as he slows down, fucking you slow and deep so you can feel every inch of him within your body. You were able to feel every ridge of his cock and you must’ve moaned his name many times, seeming like that’s the only thing you could say at the moment.

He leans against your back, his teeth grazing your earlobe with heavy breaths, whispering dirty things in your ear. 

“C’mon baby, push back on m’cock,” He mumbles, feeling you slam back instantly on his bottom half as he thrust forwards. 

“Feels good huh?” He manages to ask. 

You nod vigorously, gasping when he pulls out, feeling empty without him. He runs his hand through the waves of your hair, caressing your head softly. His forearm wraps around your waist as he pulls your body up from the desk to press against his chest. He sits down on the sofa which he carried you to before he sat you on him, pushing his length back into you, his body shuddering as he gave you open mouthed kisses on your arching back. 

“Ride m’cock, princess, tha’s it,” He whimpers in your ear and you moan softly, moving your hips in figures of eights. His chest heaves against your back as he thrusts into you. 

He turns your head to the side, grinning and biting your lip as he runs his hand through his hair, licking his lips as he watches you ride his cock. He watches you like a prey when he sees you pull your body up a little, slowing your pace teasingly. He becomes aggravated, picking up his pace again.

“Stop playing,” Harry grunts, pulling your head back so you could look at each other. His eyes are dark and he was out of breath and panting for her movement in desperation. 

“Fuck me then,” You tease, leaning closer into his face. “Know you can.” And you kiss him roughly, gazing into his eyes and he looked like he wanted to wreck you and you wouldn’t mind at all. His hands hold your waist, almost clawing on it, holding you down further until he was balls deep in you. Your chest was burning at this point, him panting hard and you almost forgot your name for a second. 

“‘m gonna fuck yeh so good,” He promises, bringing his around to palm your breast, fondling with it as his mouth latches onto your neck. “Gonna take it all?” He growls. 

“Mhm, all,” You manage to breathe out. “Please,” You whine. 

He complies with your wish by brutally thrusting up into you hard and fast which made you feel an unexplained amount of pleasure. His whole office was being echoed by the sound of your skins slapping and the wetness of your arousal dripping down both of your thighs. You arch your back, him still holding your hair as he pants against your back, moaning with his rough, raspy voice that you loved so much. You lean your head back to rest again his shoulder as he fucks you into oblivion. 

You felt your body go weak as you were on the verge of your orgasm. Harry grunts behind you, the sounds that you were making setting him off as he repeatedly hits a certain spot into you. Your body was shaking at this point and you could’ve fallen off but but he pulled you close and slowed his pace, rolling his hips up, going deeper. You manage to bring your breathing down and you close your eyes, trying to focus but you felt so dizzy from his hard movements. 

The sound of his phone starts ringing and you open your eyes to see another phone on the coffee table. Harry groans and you widen your eyes when you see him move his arm around you to grab the phone and answer it. 

He continues to thrust up into you, placing his hands back on your hips while he holds the phone between his ear and shoulder, speaking through the phone, “Wha’ is it now?” 

You wanted to protest because it didn’t seem right to fuck while he was speaking through the phone. You were already pissed with the fact that he had the nerve to even answer when you were fucking. But at the same time, he didn’t seem to care, multitasking between fucking his girlfriend and speaking to an employee on the phone. 

“Keep going baby,” He grunts, biting his lip as he watches you. His lips lift up into a smirk when he goes a little faster, the sound of your skin clapping was getting louder. He hisses, leaning forward as he runs his hand down your chest, metal rings touching your clit and making you shudder. He rubs his fingers in circular motions, picking up his pace again as he rams up into you again.You accidentally let out a loud moan but he quickly slams his hand across your mouth, making you laugh a little while he narrows his eyes at you. I mean it was his fault for answering the phone in the first place. 

“No, this isn’t a bad time,” He grunts and you rolls your eyes, “I want to know wha’ you’ve done to fix the problem. Have they agreed to signing the contract?” He manages to ask. You cry out into his hand when he taps your sensitive bud with is full hand, rubbing it as he continues his rhythmic thrusts. “Well ‘f yeh didn’t fix it then why the fuck did you call?” You slow him down, pulling yourself up until the tip of his cock was only inside and then you slam down onto him again, making him groan in surprise. 

He didn’t even care as held you down on him, letting you whine and cry out, muffled by his hand as he snaps his hips up, grunting in your ear. 

“I can’t come there right now ‘cos ‘ve got more things to worry about already an’ yeh couldn’t do one thing fo’ me,” He yells through the phone before asking you, “You gonna come baby?” Seriously, Harry, What the fuck. 

You felt your heart thumping against your chest, legs quivering, feeling the pulse of his cock inside of you, notifying you that he was close to the edge too. You just wanted him to hang up the phone because this wasn’t the right time when you were about to reach orgasm. 

You had enough of his talking, not in the mood for games as you reach behind you to grab the phone from between his ear. “He’ll call back later,” Is the only thing you say before hanging up.

Harry stares at you with disbelief because of what you just did. You pull yourself off of him, immediately feeling empty when you stand up and then sit down on your knees in front of him.“What the fuck, love? Tha’ was an important call.”

“Oh shut up,” You roll your eyes, staring at his glorious skin that was inked with art. Your hand cups his chin, making him look at you, his jaw slacking when your free hand grips his shaft and stroked your hand up and down, having a firm grip on it as you stare into his eyes. His raspberry pink lips part when your thumb runs over the tip, eliciting a moan. His green eyes look at you as if he’s helpless and at your mercy, pleading you to go faster. You grin at him, knowing that he just wants to wreck you.

His hand suddenly reaches to grab your throat, your other hand holding his wrist. Harry grins back before smacking your hand away and lifting you on top of him again, wanting to fuck you. His hand grabs the flesh of your ass, spanking it, sending a wave a pleasure up your spine. 

“Wanna be bad huh?” He chuckles, your jaw clenching in annoyance.

He pulls your face closer to his, lips touching but not moving, just gliding across each other. He makes sure to hold you down on him, gliding his forearm around you hip to keep you still, gripping his cock and lifting you a bit until his cock is back inside of you, fucking into you at a fast and hard pace. You get choked up as you moan into each other’s mouths. You close your eyes, moving your hips back to go with his rhythm.

You rock back more, his hand still on your throat, gripping it firmly. You cry out and lean your head down into the crook his neck, feeling overwhelmed with everything. You felt your orgasm approach as your body starts to shake when he took a last, deep thrust into you, you clenching around him as you reach your climax. 

“Fuck, baby,” He drags out breathlessly, pulling out of you and coming hard on your stomach. You ride out your orgasm on his thigh, Harry doing the same, thrusting hips slowly as his cum paints your stomach and core. You see him rest back against his sofa again, head leaning back as his chest heaves, breathing heavily. 

“Tha’ was so good,” He moans, making you giggle against his neck which he laughs at. You kiss his neck slowly and sensually, your hands going to his hair  to intertwine in his messy curls. 

“Feel better?” You grin as you stare at each other for a second, you pecking him on the lips.

“Mhm,” He hums, kissing you back. “But don’t hang up the call next time.” 

Your jaw is agape as you pull back, looking at him in disbelief, “You shouldn’t have answered the call in the first place!”

Harry shrugs, eyes lingering over your body. He brings his hand to your stomach, dragging his hand down your core that was covered with his cum. He lifts it up to your mouth and you part your lips to suck on his fingers. He parts his lips at the sight of you with his fingers in your mouth. 

You swirl your tongue around the tips of his fingers, licking the cum clean of his fingers and swallowing the sweet and slightly bitter taste of him. 

“’m glad you came,” He chuckles, pulling you towards him again to kiss your lips. 

“Glad I came too,” You emphasize, literally and figuratively speaking. 

He chuckles against your lips, wrapping his arms your body tightly while you straddle his waist, arms latched around his neck. 

“Now eat!” You command with a stern look. 

“Think ‘m full,” He teases and you smack his arm, blushing red. 

“Love you, angel,” He mutters against your lips, gazing into your eyes with his that were filled with love and honesty. 

“I love you too, bastard,” You both chuckle, kissing each other one last time before you lift yourself from his body to grab him the food from the table. 

At least he’s not stressed anymore. Well, for now.

filthy af, bye


Harry’s smile is one of the reasons why 2017 is the best year ever.

The Boy Next Door

Of all the things she could’ve ordered, it had to be a sex toy.  And of all the people who could’ve been her neighbor, it just had to be coffee shop Harry. 

Helloooo my loves, this is part one of my college AU story!!!  I was going to hold off on posting it, but what can I say? I’m incredibly proud of it and wanted you guys to share my excitement.  This all started as a request from a lovely anon, and my brain took the request and spun it into this huge, long, college AU that I’m so excited and nervous for you guys to read.  Enjoy!!! xx


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Harry knew you were the one, he knew the moment he saw you standing there in one of his t shirts and a pair of shorts in his kitchen making a cup of tea that he was going to marry you. When he told the lads they poked fun at him for calling you his “soulmate” when he had only known you a few short months. He couldn’t fight the feeling he got in the pit of his tummy when you’d turn and smile at him, he couldn’t help the heat that would rise to his cheeks when you’d catch him staring at you and he just couldn’t shake the feeling of pure happiness he felt when you’d turn and snuggle closer to him in your sleep.

He knew he had to tell you how he was feeling, his problem was he didn’t exactly know how to go about telling you just how deeply in love with you he was. He didn’t know if it was something he should make a romantic dinner for or if he could simply state it over a cup of coffee in the morning before the two of you went your separate ways to work. He knew that if he didn’t tell you soon he was sure just going to let it slip out at the total wrong moment.

When he walked into the bedroom and saw you sitting at the end of the bed slipping off your heels he thought that now would be as good a time as any. You had just gotten home from a dinner with your friends, something that always led to you getting home later than normal and a bit more cuddly. He smiled as he leaned against the doorway and watched you fall back onto the bed as you let out a soft sigh.

“Ya wanna know somethin H?” Your voice was a bit muffled as you flopped over onto your tummy and turned your head to look at him. You propped your head up on your hands as your elbows dug into the soft comforter that was on the bed. Harry just raised an eyebrow at you causing you to giggle.

“What’s on your mind love?” His voice was soft and sweet as always, it was like music to your ears making you just grin at him. You couldn’t have looked more perfect to Harry than you did in that very moment. Your hair was falling around your face as your eyes had a shine to them as they looked into his, your smile was causing your dimple to show and you just looked so blissful as you laid on the bed the two of you shared.

“You’re it for me ya know?” Harry felt his heart start to beat faster as you just shrugged a little as you continued to just stare at him. “Like I’m probably gonna marry you.” And just like that Harry felt like the weight of the world was lifted off his chest, he couldn’t fight the grin that took over his face as he walked towards his slightly tipsy girlfriend.

“Ya gonna marry me?” He asked and you just nodded your head as you flopped back over onto your back causing Harry to just laugh as he sat down next to you. “Wouldn’t mind that.” He added in a whisper as you scooted closer to him so you could rest your head in his lap.

“Love you.” Harry just smiled as he began to run his fingers through your hair, soon your eyes were fluttering closed as Harry leaned down and placed a sweet kiss to your forehead.

“You’re my soulmate petal, love you more than I’m ever gonna love anyone.” He knew you heard him by the way your mouth formed a small smile. “You’re it for me.” He leaned down and kissed the corner of your mouth before he slowly moved your head from his lap.

He slowly moved you up so your head was now on your pillow, he tucked you into bed and placed a quick kiss to the top of your head before turning the lamp off that was on your nightstand. When he finally made his way into the bed he couldn’t help but take this time to truly look at you. His bedside lamp was the only light in the room and your sleeping body just looked perfect in his eyes, he was quite pleased with the fact the two of you were on the same page when it came to your future. He was more relaxed knowing you felt the same, you truly were his soulmate and he was yours and together the two of you could handle whatever life was going to throw at you.

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The Boy Next Door - II

Of all the things she could’ve ordered, it had to be a sex toy.  And of all the people who could’ve been her neighbor, it just had to be coffee shop Harry. 

Here is part two to my college AU story, in which  Harry is a little shit (always) and he meets someone who’s even more of a little shit.  Tension and chaos ensues.

Read Part One Here


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Blue Suede Shoes

Originally posted by inkedcross

Guys I wrote smut! finally. This was an idea that just popped into my head thanks to @mizpahes this is a single one shot, I might make it a series for decade!harry though so let me know what you think

masterlist [send requests]


warnings: smut. its smut.

word count: 3,655

summary: the one where Harry takes his sweetheart out to a drive in movie 

The 1950’s, a decade made for teen rebellion. Of course, no one over the age of 30 would know that though. The movement was as silent and effective as a speakeasy of the 1920’s, it was popular only to those involved. Teenagers went out every weekend on innocent dates, they’d get dropped off at home with a polite kiss on the cheek only to come back a few hours later to sneak into their lovers room, or out, for that matter. America was thriving after the war and so was the Styles family.

Harry had moved to the states with his family after his father got a job offer to work for Cadillac. He was the best car dealer in Manchester and they needed someone like him working for their brand. So, the Styles’ were given their very own Cadillac dealership in the suburbs of New York and became an instant hit. Wealth hit them faster than they could even say the word ‘sold’, and Harry found himself gaining popularity at his High School just as quickly.

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all my writing

song imagines: 

i have questions by camilla cabello

break my heart by hey violet

quit by ariana grande

last kiss by taylor swift

dive by ed sheeran*

sorry by halsey*

everglow by coldplay

perfect by ed sheeran*


when harry is marrying someone else

when time isn’t in your hands

when you try to save your relationship


when we look at the steps towards the proposal

when jeff decides to play matchmaker

when harry will never be able to take back the words he said

when you accompany harry as his date

when harry finds a new employee at the bakery

when the au watches too much himym

when your daughter finds the first picture harry ever took of you

when harry took advantage of your love

when you put a friendship over your feelings

when niall asks you and harry questions for your pre-wedding video

when you promised you’ll love harry till the day you die

when finally you’ve had enough with your marriage

when Y/N broke the one promise she vowed to keep

when Harry and Y/N finally get the closure they never got when they broke up years ago

when you and harry make a pact

when you and harry plan the wedding


birthday presents*


“Please don’t tell me you’ve shaved off my eyebrows.”

“Let’s give these fuckers something to talk about.”

“I wanted more.”

“How come you’ve never written a song about me?”

* =requested