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arianagrande holy shit! congratulations!

fan083 is this…is this real? wtf?

annetwist My beautiful daughter! Let me know when the planning starts! Lunch tomorrow?

             yourinstagram oh it’s started! definitely! see you then!

niallhoran Surprised it took him as long as it did ! Congratulations !


harrystyles x

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hi so i really like these instagram social media things so i wanted to make one. i hope you guys like it. i plan on doing more :)

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Hello, loves! This is my masterlist for all of my Harry writings :) Enjoy! xx - L

* - smut

^ - written, but not posted yet

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Master List.

Authors Note: Hey lovelies!! Thank you for reading. If you’d like to send me feedback feel free to send me an Ask. These are the most recent prompts/blurbs. In order from most recent in their category. Small Niall section towards the bottom from older pieces I have written. I am not taking any personal requests with mini-series or blurbs. All the love, -N.

(Scroll down for Niall pieces I have done).

Key: * Smut.

All rights reserved.  ©

Shawn Master list.

Series/ Fanfics.


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Updated Masterlist

#1 He gets jealous of another boy

#2 He wants to watch you touch yourself

#3 He watches you read

#4 Dirty talk

#5 He misses you on tour

#6 Wet dreams

#7 Celebrity crushes

#8 Play fighting

#9 He wants to have a threesome with another boy

#10 He finds out you’ve faked an orgasm

#11 Eavesdropping

#12 Birthday Sex

#13 Prince AU

#14 You refuse to accept a gift from him

#15 Hospitals

#16 You’re clumsy

#17 His kink

#18 He’s your teacher but you’re dating

#19 He’s your teacher but you’re dating (Part two)

#20 Romantic thing he always does

#21 How he kisses you (Visual)

#22 Vampire AU

#23 He mentions marriage

#24 Cuddling (Visual)

#25 Nicknames

#26 Thanksgiving

#27 Daddy’s little girl

#28 “Slow down.”

#29 Heart by Heart (Song Preference)

#30 Mistletoe

#31 His Christmas gift to you


#33 You can see Shadowhunters

#34 You catch him masturbating

#35 Victoria Secret Angel

#36 You find a huge insect and he ends up killing it/calling the boys for help

#37 Twitter Issues

#38 He thinks that you’re cheating on him

#39 How he eats you out (Visual)

#40 Spending a day with him

#41 You’re sick

#42 Greedy

#43 You’re an actress and you have to kiss someone else

#44 He asks you to stay after a one night stand

#45 First “I Love You”

#46 Valentine’s Day

#47 His favorite position (Visual)

#48 You send him a naughty picture (Visual)

#49 She looks so perfect (Song Preference)

#50 He cuts your hair

#51 You overhear him talking about proposing to you

#52 Interruptions

#53 “Stop…”

#54 You’re home late and he gets worried

#55 Promises

#56 He tweets a photo of you at the beach (Visual)

#57 He uses a pick up line on you

#58 Boxer AU

#59 Tattoo Soulmate AU

#60 His perfect girl

#61 “I miss you”

#62 He tweets a photo of how he proposed to you (Visual)

#63 Momma’s boy

#64 After a fight

#65 Rude (Song Preference)

#66 Whipped

#67 You’re quiet during sex and it frustrates him

#68 “Tell me…”

#69 Another boy tweets a picture of you two asleep (Visual)

#70 You find a love letter he wrote to you

#71 You leave marks on him and the other boys notice (Visual)

#72 You run into his ex who’s a bitch/crazy now

#73 You tweet a picture of him asleep and he replies (Visual)

#74 Bad boy AU

#75 Couple tattoos (Visual)

#76 Home

#77 One of you tweet a picture of your kid and you/him replies (Visual)

#78 He tells you a lame joke

#79 Winter

#80 Masquerade ball

#81 Hugs

#82 Night Changes dates

#83 Stockholm Syndrome/Lima Syndrome

#84 Whispers

#85 “It’s me.”

#86 Tenerife Sea (Song preference)

#87 He picks you up after a bad date

#88 Another boy babysits your child and tweets a picture of it and someone else replies

#89 College AU

#90 Other Soulmate AU’s

Unlisted (if there are any)

Punk series:

  1. His appearance
  2. How you meet
  3. “Don’t fucking touch her.”
  4. A little bit of truth
  5. Disappearance
  6. He agrees to go on a “date” with you
  7. First “Date”
  8. He sneaks into your room
  9. He asks you to be his girlfriend
  10. He gets into a fight
  11. First “I love you”
  12. Your father finds out you’re dating
  13. You sneak out to see him
  14. “Run away with me.”
  15. He reveals something about his past
  16. Sexual Encounters
  17. He tries to train you/workout with you
  18. You return home
  19. The Aftermath
  20. (coming soon)

Teacher series:

  1. How you meet
  2. “You’re a teacher?”
  3. Staying after school with him
  4. He overhears you talking about him
  5. He has a talk with you
  6. He stops another student from bullying/harassing you
  7. You think he’s going to kiss you
  8. You see him outside of school
  9. (coming soon)


Lunch Date (Harry)

Hendall Setup (Harry)

Teach me (Harry) (Part 2)

Phone Sex (Harry)

Not a teenager anymore (Harry)

Protector (Harry) (Part 2) (Part 3)

The New Assistant (Harry)

“Am I pretty enough now?” (Harry)

Tell me (Harry) (Visual)

Brother’s Best Friend (Harry)

A “date” with Nadine (Harry)

It makes your lips so kissable (Harry)

Cuddly drunk Harry (Harry)

Horny during a concert (Harry)

Sugar Daddy (Harry)

First Impressions (Harry + Niall)

One Time Thing (Narry Threesome)

Knee issues (Niall)

Surprise? (Niall)

Blackouts (Niall)

Sharing the news (Niall)

Honeymoon (Niall) (Visual)

Snow Storms (Liam)

Sneaking out (Liam)

Sugar Daddy (Liam)

Smiles (Liam)

Little white lies (Liam + Ashton) (Part 2)

Childhood room (Louis)

Movie night (Louis)

Lucky (Louis)

The 7 seconds challenge (Louis)

Needy drunk (Louis)

“Best friends don’t make out” (Louis

Good Luck Charm (Zayn)

Happy family (Zayn)

Casual Proposal (Zayn)

Breaking of the Zerrie engagement (Zayn)

Protective fights (Zayn)

Dream come true (Zayn)

Picking a name (Zayn)

Desperate for a change (Zayn)

Au Imagines:

Best Friend!Liam

Bad boy!Liam


Demon!Harry and Angel!Y/n (Part 2)

Tattoo Artist!Zayn (Part 2)

Art Student!Zayn


Math Student!Niall

Movie Star!Louis


How Louis would be on your wedding Day

How Zayn would comfort you

Romantic things Harry does for you

Niall and you being mobbed

What Harry’s skills would be in bed

What Niall would be like in bed

What Harry would be like in bed

What Harry would be like if you were pregnant

What Niall would be like in bed

Clingy Zayn

What Niall would be like if you were pregnant

Lazy days with them

What Harry would be like if had big boobs

Wedding dresses with Harry

A Morning with Liam

You sit on Niall’s lap and turn him on by mistake

Louis while you’re cooking

You fall asleep on Louis

Dom/Sub relationship with Harry

Zayn asking you out on a date

Jealous Niall

Harry as a boyfriend

Au memes:

Finals are approaching and you need to study but Zayn would much rather do other things…

The other boys absolutely love to tease Harry about your relationship together whenever Harry talks about you.

Harry sends you some snapchats while he’s off on tour.

Liam explains how he met his girlfriend, y/n, and it seems that Harry played matchmaker in their relationship…

You’re dating Niall and you can’t help but send snapchats of him to your friends.

You get sick and can’t join Louis as he returns home but he keeps you updated through snapchats.

Fic Rec

Blurb Nights:



More coming soon!

Praise Kink

In which Harry is incredibly nervous and y/n knows just how to calm him down.

A/N: WELL I did it. Barely.  I managed to get this finished before Harry’s single dropped so that I’ll be able to freak out in peace tonight.  I hope you enjoy because this is… kinda filthy.  LOVE YA BUY SIGN OF THE TIMES ON ITUNES!

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What I Realized

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This made my heart so happy. Thank you for requesting! Also, I hope you guys enjoy this gif of Harry from a wedding, it actually made my heart melt. Love you all so much. xx - L

A video of you and Harry from a wedding goes viral online.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 996

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carpool karaoke - h.s.

a/n: hi again! here’s another piece of writing for ya, a little longer than my last. i hope this one is as well-received as my last (definitely did not expect the amount of positive feedback that i got!!), because this is actually one that i’ve played out in my head so many times LOL. anyways, please feel free to leave feedback (comments, likes, reblogs, messages, the like) or just come talk to me (i’m always up for a chat or a new friend!!), and thanks in advance for reading! much love to all of you- paige xx

requests: open

song rec: “into you- alex ghenea remix” // ariana grande, mac miller, alex ghenea

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There are a lot of places that you imagined yourself to be after the release of your first single, which was sweeping the nation through every major radio station and climbing its way to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. You could’ve been at an early-morning radio interview, chatting with Nick Grimshaw over your morning tea, or maybe laughing with Ellen as she pulled one of her infamous scare pranks on you. Maybe chatting with your manager about the drop of your next song, building up to your first ever album being released later that year, or hosting a meet and greet to thank your fans for supporting you so wholeheartedly on your new venture. Among all of these possibilities, though, you never, ever, in a million years, thought you would reach such a level of success in the music industry that you’d be able to climb into the passenger seat of James Corden’s car for your own episode of “Carpool Karaoke”.

“Thank you so much for helping me get to work; traffic’s a real pain in the ass here in LA, you know?” James asked, putting the car into drive and making his way out into the streets of Los Angeles with you sat comfortably next to him.

An uncontrollable grin broke out onto your face at hearing his infamous greeting, avoiding direct eye contact with the camera perched up in front of you on the dashboard and instead looking at James. “Of course! Anything for you, James.”

You saw him smile coyly at you, glancing at you quickly before turning his eyes back on the road. “Do you mind if we listen to some music? See what’s on the radio?”

A small giggle left your lips at the staged introduction to your song, nodding coolly as if you didn’t know what was coming. “Sure, sure.”

At the first notes of your song filter through the car speakers, you couldn’t contain your full-blown smile at the fact that it was your song that you wrote that James was singing along to. While you took the melody, James began to harmonize with you during the first chorus and tapped the beat on his steering wheel, and the only thing that you can think is that you were so incredibly lucky to be where you were.

After your song ended, you and James began chatting about your rise to fame, discussing your childhood and the process of writing your album. You exchanged the kind of banter that only James could facilitate, joking back and forth about your quirky habits (which, in your defense, you considered making up dance routines in your bathroom to your favorite Katy Perry songs completely normal) and then jamming out to “California Gurls” as a result, throwing in a few of the moves that you remembered choreographing in your shower when you were ten and, of course, rapping Snoop Dogg’s verse flawlessly.

“So, I don’t know if this is a rumor…” James began, reaching to turn down the volume of his car stereo.

You gave him a side glance, biting your lip out of nerves. “Oh, God.”

James chuckled, waving his hand dismissively. “No, no, it’s not that terrible. But when I spoke to your mum earlier-” You scrunched your nose in distaste, knowing that whatever stories your mum was telling were most likely terrifyingly embarrassing. “-she mentioned that you had a small obsession with One Direction back in the good old days.”

You groaned, covering your face with your hands in embarrassment. “Of course she told you that.” You peeked at James through your fingers. “You had to ask my mom about this?”

James quirked an eyebrow. “Actually, your mum did mention it, but I first figured it out when I did some digging and found your old fan account on Instagram. What was it? ‘dragmedownstyles’?”

Your jaw dropped in disbelief, shocked that he found your old Instagram account that had since been inactive for three years. “Jesus Christ, James, you really do your research.” You shook your head, sighing dramatically. “Yeah, yeah, that’s me. Can you tell who my favorite was?”

A chuckle left James’ mouth, reaching over to pat your shoulder. “It’s alright, love, we’ve all had our Harry phases, haven’t we?” He sighed theatrically. “Even I’ve fantasized about having my fingers card through his thick, curly locks now and again.”

You laughed loudly at that one, reaching up and slowly lifting his hand off your shoulder and back into his own lap. “Speak for yourself, Corden. That one’s a little weird.”

As the car turns the corner into a residential area, James decides to slowly pull over on the sidewalk and turned fully to face you in his seat. “You know, speaking of the man himself, I actually made a few calls before this-” You let out a small sound of disbelief, having a preemptive feeling about what was about to happen and barely registering the sound of the back door opening. “-and Harry’s actually in town right now, so just for you, Y/N-”

You spun around in your seat, meeting eyes with the one man that you never thought you’d have the luck to run into and letting out a small squeak. “Shut the fuck up, Corden.”

The man behind you let out a little laugh, the sound sending your heart into overdrive at the fact that you were hearing it in person for the first time in your life. “How’re you, love? Y’good?”

You shook your head in disbelief, letting out a nervous, high-pitched giggle. “I-you-I jus- I hate you so much right now, it’s unbelievable, James.” You smacked James right on the shoulder, causing him to let out a small “Hey!” and Harry to let out another little laugh. ‘God, please, stop laughing, or I’m gonna ask to make it my ringtone.’

“What d’ya mean, ‘you hate me’?” James questioned jokingly, shaking his head at you. “You love me right now.”

You threw your hands over your face again, bending forward in your seat so your head was in your lap before turning your head to the side to make eye contact with James. “Harry Styles is in the backseat,” you whispered, desperately trying to maintain some sense of sanity so you didn’t send him running to the hills.

“Yeah, ‘s crazy, innit?” Harry questioned from behind you, causing you to straighten back up in your seat and turn around to face him head on, mentally savoring his appearance so you can possibly fawn over it later. He was wearing a typical Harry Styles ensemble, donning a nearly transparent black button up properly tucked into a pair of mustard yellow flare pants, the tips of black boots peeking out from beneath the hem. Out of everything you admired Harry for, his sense of fashion was always near the top of your list, secretly vying for the ability to pull off his famous Gucci suits and stunning Alexander McQueen two-pieces.

You felt your heartbeat only pick up as you made eye contact with him again, a small giggle leaving your mouth before you could even begin to think about filtering your words. “You’re practically the love of my life, y’know that?”

His pink lips tilted up into one of the most attractive smirks you’d ever seen, clasping his hands in front of him. “Is tha’ right?” He turned his head to look at James. “Y’could’ve told me I’d be meeting m’soulmate today, Corden.” He made it a point to look down at his outfit. “I would’ve dressed up a bit more fo’ the occasion.”

The embarrassment of what you had just said hit you in the gut just then, causing you to sink down lower in your seat. ‘Goddammit, can I just go five seconds without saying something embarrassing?’ you thought to yourself, well aware that both men in the car could hear you. “‘Love of my life’? Really, Y/N?”

“Y’know,” James started, suddenly unbuckling his seatbelt before looking at you knowingly. “I think this conversation will go better if you just hop into the driver’s seat, Harry, and I take your spot in the back.”

You rolled your eyes at what James thought was subtlety, facing forward in your seat as they shift around to switch spots, knowing this footage will be cut out later for time’s sake. When Harry’s comfortably in the driver’s spot next to you with his seat belt buckled, and James is done adjusting himself in the middle of the backseat, Harry puts the car in drive and begins your journey back out on the road.

James clears his throat from behind you, leaning forward a bit so he’s closer to the cameras placed in front of you and Harry. “Shall we put on some music, Y/N?”

You looked at him and sighed lightly, knowing that he didn’t have to look far into your fan account to know what One Direction song was your favorite.

You were proven correct when Harry reached over to press play, the first notes of “Stockholm Syndrome” filtering into the car and prompting a cheeky, almost proud smirk onto Harry’s face. “‘s this your favorite?”

You smiled at him in response, singing along with the recorded version of him just to show him how much you actually loved this song, one of the most underrated ones off the album, in your opinion. “Who’s that shadow holding me hostage…”

It was a surreal experience, singing along to “Stockholm Syndrome” next to Harry freakin’ Styles with James Corden shouting out the chorus of “oh!”’s in time with the beat. You couldn’t stop giggling between lines, feeling as if it was an out-of-body experience that you’d conjured up out of the deep recesses of your imagination.

Just as the song faded into the bridge, you turned the volume down and slightly turned to face James. “Y’know, I’m kinda disappointed. No matching denim jackets for this one? Am I not special enough for you?”

Harry laughed at your comment, obviously catching your reference to the Carpool Karaoke with the rest of his bandmates. “You’ve failed us, James.”

James’ jaw dropped in mock offense, throwing his hands up in indignation. “What exactly d’you expect from me for this song? I’ll lock y’both in the basement, if y’want.”

“Kinky, Corden,” Harry responded, ever the quick-witted one.

“I’d prefer handcuffs, actually,” you added in unthinkingly, only understanding the implications of what you just said after Harry’s eyes go comically wide and a disbelieving little laugh escapes his lips.

“Save that for the bedroom, darling,” he admonished you, your complexion going unbelievably red at the fact that maybe, just maybe, Harry Styles just flirted with you. He then continued, smirking as he said, “This is a family show, Y/N.”

You ignored your palpitating heart to raise your eyebrows at him, knowing what response he wanted. “Or is it?”

You both take a second looking at each other before bursting out into laughter, and James’ amusement died down into a lost look of confusion. “Am I missing something?”

Harry scoffs quietly. “Fake fan.”

“Just turn on the next song, Styles,” James jokingly demanded, slouching back into his seat as the opening notes of “Only Angel” began to play.

Harry smiled at the choice of song, watching you out of the corner of his eye as you air-drummed to the beat and sang every word without fail. He might’ve been your musical idol, but he couldn’t help but think that you were a force to be reckoned with in more than just the music industry.

As the music faded back into the chorus of angels singing, James leaned forward to ask Harry a question. “What kind of woman prompts this song, hm, Harry?”

You giggled at the insinuation, knowing how many interviewers would kill to have the inside scoop on who Harry used as a muse for most of the songs on his album, and you decided to join in. “Yeah, Harry, who do you know that’s a ‘devil in between the sheets’?”

He smirked in response to both of your inquiries, turning to look at you with a suggestive glint in his eyes as he stopped at a red light. “That I know? Or would like to know?”

You blushed again at the insinuation behind his words, and James let out a gleeful (almost evil) cackle at the footage he was getting. “This’ll be great for the documentary I’m making for your wedding, guys, truly.”

You turned to hit James on the shoulder, laughing while your blush became even more prominent and Harry merely chuckled at the two of you as the car began to move again. The banter continued between you and Harry throughout the rest of the car ride, including an interesting game of ‘Who’d You Rather?’ (“Not that I don’t love you, Harry, really, but would you say no to Chris Hemsworth?”) followed by Harry’s impeccable impression of Julia Roberts (“Do I really have to be Julia again?”), so much so to the point where James felt like a third wheel and did not hesitate to verbalize it (“Let’s all agree that neither of you would be here having so much fun if it weren’t for me, yeah?”). By the end of the bit, no one could ignore the little smiles passed between the two of you, and the Instagram picture you posted that day ignited a wave of questions about how you met, what he smelled like in person, and if you were still alive (“James is sly, I’ll give ‘im that”, “Boy-ish? Is that a Bath and Body Works scent?”, and “No, no I’m not.”). Fans started collectively applauding James for his matchmaking abilities, but when later asked about his intentions of ringing Harry up about the episode, James could only shrug with a, “I guess I can add Cupid onto my lengthy list of accomplishments.”

word count: 2.3k

We’re Just Friends

Originally posted by adrypopescu

Thanks so much to darellybieber for requesting this. I loved writing it! Remember to send me requests, comments, concerns, or even a little bit about you. I’d love to get to know all of you! Thanks for the love and support as always! xx - L

Harry invites Y/N to come on vacation with him and his family, and true feelings are revealed.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,784

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married part 8- h.s imagine

you can read the previous part here

you can find all my writing here

You held your cheek in shock as you stared at Kimberly in front of you. You watched as her chest was breathing hard. You noticed how her eyes that were once filled with anger and frustration faded into sadness.

The security guard that worked on your office floor quickly ran up to the commotion. Your coworker, Olivia, was quick to yell at him for “Not coming fast enough” and motioned for him to take Kimberly away.

As the guard placed his hand on Kimberly, asking her to come with him, Kimberly looked at you and whispered, “I’m sorry” before she followed him to the elevators. As you watched Kimberly leave, Olivia and the rest of your coworkers were quick to check up on you. Olivia inspected your cheek while she exclaimed, “Crazy bitch! What the fuck was that? Are you okay?”

As soon as the elevator doors opened, you ran out, hoping Kimberly was still in the building. You instantly saw her walking out the doors. “Kimberly!” You shouted before you ran after her. Kimberly turned around at the calling of her name. When you finally caught up to her, she sighed. She wrapped her arms around herself. For the first time since you’ve known Kimberly, this was the fist time she ever looked vulnerable. She always walked around with such confidence and a “No shits given” attitude but as you were staring at her, all of that was gone.

Kimberly instantly saw your red cheek from where she slapped you. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to slap you like that. Especially in front of your coworkers.” Kimberly softly said as she stared at ground. You quickly shook your head. “It’s okay” You assured her before you placed your hand on her arm. “Is everything alright?”

Kimberly looked at your hand before she looked up at you. Suddenly she let out a small cry before she wrapped her arms around you, pulling you in for a hug as she cried into your shoulder. Your eyes went wide before you slowly returned the hug. You noticed the people walking by the two of you were staring and probably wondering why a girl was sobbing in another girl’s arms in the middle of the sidewalk.

“Shh. Shh. Come on. Let’s talk.” You said.

You gave Kimberly a couple of tissues before you sat down on the couch next to her. You lead Kimberly back into your office building. As the two of you were sitting down in the lobby, her sobbing stopped but her tears continued to spill. Kimberly was grabbing the ends of her hair while you mentally debated what you should say.

Kimberly was the first to break the silence. “Harry told me that you guys rekindled last night in our meeting today.”

Your cheeks went red as your mouth opened in shock. You couldn’t believe Harry would tell her something happened when you didn’t even know for yourself what was going on between the two of you. Kimberly glanced at you before looking away. “He told me how you guys reconnected at Niall’s wedding last night.”

Harry walked into the conference room with a smile on his face as he read your latest text to him. Not only was he happy he had his best friend back, he could finally tell you all the things he wanted to tell you but couldn’t because of his feelings for you. Kimberly was sitting one one side of the table her lawyer while his lawyer was sitting on the other side. Harry looked over at Kimberly with a lopsided grin as he took his seat. “Kimberly, how are you, love?”

Kimberly was staring at Harry with her eyebrows raised. Out of all the meetings they’ve had so far with their lawyers, Harry was never this happy. This was always a serious matter and here he was acting like he was walking on cloud nine. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Harry sent one last text to you before he put his phone away. “Nothing. Let’s start.”

After the meeting, both lawyers stepped aside to go over last minute decisions and details. Kimberly was picking up her purse, getting ready to leave when Harry gently placed his hand on her shoulder. Kimberly turned around to her almost ex-husband. Harry scratched the back of his neck while he thought carefully how to word what he was about to say.

“Kimberly, love, I know these meetings have been hard. It’s been tough for the both of us.” Harry said as he looked at someone he once thought he was going to spend forever with.

Kimberly nodded as she clutched on to her purse tighter against her body. Harry continued, “I just wanted to tell you that I recently got back in touch with Y/N. We were at Niall’s wedding together last night.” Harry smiled as he thought about the night you guys spent together last night. “And I just want you to know that she’s not the reason we’re getting a divorce. I just feel like we both rushed into things by getting married. We weren’t ready-”

When Kimberly heard your name, she couldn’t hear anything else. She didn’t listen to Harry’s excuse on why he asked for a divorce. She didn’t care. All she could see was red. She knew telling Y/N to stay away from Harry was a good idea. Now look what happened when Y/N didn’t listen. Harry was asking for a divorce because of Y/N. This was all Y/N’s fault.

Kimberly stared at her ring finger that once had the most beautiful ring could ever ask for. She sighed as she wiped away her tears with the sleeve of her sweater. “Harry and I…we were so happy. I only agreed to the divorce because I was hoping that Harry would somehow come to his senses and realize he was making a mistake. I was hoping that he would realize he loved me.”

You looked into Kimberly’s tearing eyes, beginning to feel nothing but guilt. Kimberly continued, “But when he told me about you coming back? I thought this was it. Harry’s going to get a divorce and be with you.” Kimberly placed her face into her hands and let out a sob. “I just feel like such a failure.”

Hesitatingly you scooted closer to Kimberly and placed your arms around her, pulling her in for a hug. Kimberly returned the hug as she continued into your shoulder.

You rubbed her back soothingly as you closed your eyes and sighed. You remembered clearly to the day that Kimberly told you to stay away from Harry. You remembered feeling so angry at her for even thinking about saying such of a thing to you. Now, as you were looking at the girl afraid she was losing her husband, you realized it wasn’t a threat; it was Kimberly’s way of crying for help.

You pulled away from the hug and held her at arm’s length. “I’m going to fix this, okay?” You pulled her in again and sighed as you hugged her. “I’m going to fix everything…”

Harry wrapped his arms from behind you as you were taking the takeout boxes out of the bag. He sighed contently as he buried his face into the crook of your shoulder.

Having Harry holding you like this should’ve made you smile. You should’ve felt butterflies in your stomach but for now all you felt was guilt and a bitter taste in your mouth. You gently shrugged Harry off as you grabbed two plates from the cabinet.

Harry proceeded to bring the boxes of food to the dining room table. “How was your day, love?” You sighed as you took your seat across from him. You stared at Harry as he began to put food on his plate. You bit your lip before you asked, “What are we doing, Harry?”

Harry paused as he was taking some rice out of the box before he continued. “We’re having dinner.” Harry said as he gave you a playful look.

You shook your head as you leaned in closer. “No. What are we doing, Harry? You’re married.” Harry stuck his finger at you as he corrected you, “Getting a divorce.”

“Yes. But still married.” You shot back. Harry sighed as he put his plate down. You glanced between his eyes and his plate. “Kimberly stopped by my office today.”

Harry’s eyes went wide before you continued, “She was in tears, Harry.” Harry sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. You whispered, “She told me she thought you guys might still have a chance.”

Harry reached over and placed his hand on top of yours. “Love, I’m sorry that you’re in the middle of this. I’m sorry that she came and talked to you. I’ll bring that up the next meeting we have but please believe me when I say I want to pursue a relationship with you.”

You took your hand out of Harry’s hold as you got up from the table. “Is that fair when you haven’t even pursued your marriage with Kimberly?”

Harry stood up as well and began walking towards you. “Marrying Kimberly was mistake. It was stupid on my part when I knew I had feelings for you. I should’ve been all in it if I was marrying someone.”

You looked down at the floor as you wrapped your arms around yourself. “Before you knew about my feelings for you, you were all in it. You believed that you were going to be with Kimberly for the rest of your life.”

Harry opened his mouth but you were quick to say, “Because of me, I ruined someone’s marriage. I hurt Kimberly. I ruined everything for her. I’m a home wrecker.”

Harry shook his head quickly as he placed his hands on your arms. “Love, you didn’t ruin anything. Our marriage was going to end eventually.”

You shook your head. “You don’t know that.”

Harry closed his eyes momentarily. “I do know it! Because throughout my whole marriage, all I could think about was you! All I could see when I was looking at Kimberly was you! Kimberly was a distraction from you!”

As you listened to Harry’s words you couldn’t help but tear up. You have loved Harry for so long and hearing him say the words you’ve always wanted to hear; you couldn’t enjoy it. Instead your mind drifted to the girl that was crying in your arms today. You couldn’t help but think what if it was you on the other side? What if you were in Kimberly’s shoes? What if you were marrying Harry and you truly, truly thought you guys were going to be together for the rest of your life? What if deep down, Harry wasn’t happy and wanted to be with someone else?

How could you do that to someone?

Harry was staring into your tear filled eyes, trying to get an idea of what was going on in that beautiful min of yours. You looked at Harry and shook your head. “I can’t do this.”

Harry’s mouth fell open. He could hear his heart physically breaking at the thought of losing you again. “Whatever is going on between us, I can’t do it. I can’t do that to someone.”

Harry’s eyes began to fill with his own tears. “So we’re back to where we started? We’re going to go back to not talking for a whole fucking year?”

You placed your hands on Harry’s cheeks in hopes of calming him down. “I can’t go back to that. Not having you in my life was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Harry placed his hand on top of yours as he let out a sniff. You wrapped your arms around Harry, pulling in for a hug. He let out a shaky sigh as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “So what does this mean for us?”

You let out a chuckle as a very tanned Emma and Niall took a seat across from you. “You guys look great!” You laughed.

Emma smiled. “Hawaii was awesome! Everyone is so nice there and the food-”

“So how are things going between you and Harry?” Niall said with a smile on his face. When Niall and Emma got back from their honeymoon, they immediately wanted to catch up. You sighed as you thought about what happened a couple nights ago. After telling Harry you couldn’t be with him romantically, the two of you vowed to be what you guys knew best; best friends.

It was definitely hard. There were times when you looked at Harry and just wanted to feel of his lips on yours again. There were times where the two of you were cuddling while watching a movie and you just wanted to tell him how much you loved him but you couldn’t.

You proceeded to tell Niall and Emma everything that happened. You told them how Kimberly came into your office and slapped you, you told them how she cried in your arms in the lobby, and most importantly you told them your decision to remain friends with Harry.

When you finished talking you noticed how both Niall and Emma were quiet. Niall had his arms crossed as he stared away from you while Emma had her mouth closed. Emma shrugged her shoulders and let out a sigh, “I suppose. If this is what you want, Y/N.”

You were about to respond before Niall interrupted abruptly. “No. No Y/N. You’ve wanted Harry for years. And once you finally have the chance to be with him, you throw it away to spare someone you don’t even like? Kimberly has always been awful to you! She’s threatened you, she’s horrible to you and you respond by letting her walk all over you? No. This isn’t fair. Why does her feelings trump yours?”

You were staring at your lap as Emma softly placed her hand on top of Niall’s. “Honey, calm down.” Emma said softly.

Niall shook his head. “Y/N. You’re one of my best friends. I’ve seen you hurt for so long and I’ve seen you put others before yourself. You’re a good person, Y/N. I can’t just stand back and watch you throw your happiness away. I know, Emma knows, everyone with eyes knows that you and Harry belong together. What’s stopping you?”

You let out a sigh as you finally looked up at Niall. “I’m scared of being with Harry.”

i love hearing from you guys! let me know what you guys thought/ want to see what happens! do you feel any sympathy for kimberly? let me know!

“Move” - One Shot

This is my ultimate Harry fantasy… wrote well before he was actually IN Jamaica. Enjoy :) 

(If you want to do your extra homework on this story, where the name of the story came from and the music that inspired it, check it out here )

Rating: NC-17 - SMUT

The evening was hot and muggy, the hair that you had spent hours on earlier today when Harry announced that he wanted to go on a date that evening starting to stick to your now sweaty neck, regret filling your mind about how longit took, and how it will probably go up in some sort of hair tie pretty soon. Trying to find relief you tilted your head backwards and let the strands dangle to the middle of your back, swaying your head back and forth gently to let any type of air in the thick humidity hit the back of your neck. Your eyes slid closed for a minute when air hit your neck, shivers running up your spine. For a minute you thought it was pure luck, like the heavens were listening, but a split-second later you realized you knew where this stream of air was coming from. Your eyes opened halfway and you looked to your right, to the source of the air, and they landed on a set of perfect raspberry red lips, wet from the drink he was sipping on in a shape of an O.

           “You don’t happen to have a hair tie, do you?” you groaned and bit your lip, glancing at the top of his head that was still adoring his Dunkirk hair, the shaved bits were now growing back into his beautiful curls. They were not long enough for him to pile any sort of tiny bun on his head, but you still had hope. For a month or two after he chopped it off for charity and it was buzzed for the movie, there was still a hair tie lingering in his pocket or on his wrist out of pure instinct and familiarity. It took him another two months to figure out that he wouldn’t need one, finally ditching them. You thought that maybe if he was growing it back, the hair ties would come back.

           He glanced at his wrist, brows pulled together as his arm twisted around and he pouted out, shoving his hand in one pocket, then the other one. He looked at you with sorrow in his face, grabbing at your locks and wrapping them in a circle between his index and thumb finger. Leaning in he blew another stream of air on your neck, the pressure of the wind getting closer until you felt his lips on your skin.

           “Think you look gorgeous,” his nose skimmed the side of your neck, letting your hair fall back down and his hand snaked over the back of your neck. It was cold from him holding his drink and you let out an approving sigh, your head lulling back in search for more. He was still planting wet kisses on your neck and rubbed his thumb on your skin, one more sweet kiss before he pulled away.

           “Ugh” you grumbled and dipped into your small purse, in search of any relief, a rubber band would do right now. You wouldn’t care if it pulled at your roots or broke it, you were about to ask the waitress at the bar for a knife to cut it all off. Taking a deep breath in when you closed your purse, you moved your huge mane of hair to one side of your shoulder, letting it cascade down the front of your chest.

           “Sorry, love,” his hand moved down the center of your back, rubbing circles on your spine, “all the more reason for me to grow mine back”, his smile was halfway on his face, sipping at his ‘Old Jamaican’ drink he was so insistent on, because “We always have rum and coke, love. We are in Jamaica, we are trying something new, right?”

           “Can think of another reason why,” you smirked and took a small sip from your drink, knowing he was thinking about it when his hand paused for a minute on your back.

           “The first night I had this you told me it was easier to pull on,” he smirked and took another sip, his lips curling over his teeth as he swallowed, “less tangles for you to get stuck in when I’m eatin’ yeh” he said so blasé and monotone you wanted to ignore the tingle between your legs, but he had this powerover you. Of course you two were best friends and did basically everything together, and he turned you on as much as you made him crazy, but he was just talking right now, and you should not be pressing your thighs together. There was nothing sexual in his tone but the way he looked right now – all tanned from being on the beach and doing nothing else all week, and smelling like coconut, alcohol and him – it was driving you into thoughts you should not be having.

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I love you.

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All wrong.

This is the third and final part to my soulmate story. The other parts can be found above. Let me know what you

“No!” her scream echoed around Harry’s apartment, the pain in her voice cutting through him and making his heart clench.
“Harry, no.” it was a whimper now and Harry pressed his eyes shut, hoping that when he opened them again everything would be okay.
But that didn’t happen. Y/N fell to her knees, the loud thump making Harry turn around and stare at her in shock. The sight in front of him reminded him of last night, when he was the one to drop down on his knees and sob until his lungs were begging him to stop.
Y/N curled in on herself, making herself as small as possible. Her loud cries were heartbreaking and Harry wasn’t sure if she was able to breath anymore because her loud gasps didn’t sound like she was able to take in any air.
He kneeled down in front of her, one hand on her knee, his thumb stroking over the fabric of her skinny jeans.
“You have to calm down or you’ll make yourself sick.” he told her.
But her sobs didn’t die down, if anything they only got worse.
“Alright.” he sighed and lifted her up with one hand underneath her knees and one underneath her arms.
She wrapped her arms around his neck then, crying into his shoulder. Harry walked her to his living room, sitting down with her on his lap. He slung a blanket over her body because he knew that always comforted her.
He stroked her head, his fingers playing with her hair. It took time but after a while she stopped sobbing and gasping for air, her breathing still ragged but almost normal.
“I m-made a mistake.” she said after a while.
Harry didn’t say anything, he decided to let her talk and not interrupt her.
“I know I should have told him. But I was so goddamn nervous. I’ve been with him for two years now, it just seems unfair to me to break up with him so sudden. He stood in front of me yesterday and he was so happy to see me and… I just couldn’t do it.”
Harry thought for a moment. Of course he knew it wouldn’t be easy for her but didn’t she know that it wasn’t easy for him either?

“You didn’t have to have sex with him.”
“I know. I know I shouldn’t have done it but… I needed comfort. I felt like no matter what I do, it’s wrong. I just needed to forget everything for a bit.”
“But you knew that I would feel it. I told you.” Harry scoffed.
“I-I hoped you wouldn’t.”
Harry shook his head and let her glide from his lap, bending forward to rest his elbows on his knees, his head in his hands.
“Do you even know what that did to me? You ripped my fucking heart out. I spent forever in the shower to somehow get rid of that feeling of you with another man but it didn’t help. I’ve never cried so hard. I felt you having sex with him before but now that I met you, now that I kissed you… You cheated on me. You did the one thing you never were supposed to do.”
Y/N eyes were cast down to the floor, starring at god knows what.
“I…” Harry stopped, he didn’t know if he wanted to tell her.
But he had to.
“I don’t feel you anymore.”
Y/N screwed her eyes shut, her head shaking from side to side.
“I… don’t have that feeling in my chest anymore.”
Y/N got up from the couch and stood in front of the big window, starring outside.
Harry cleared his throat and got up as well.
“Maybe it’d be be best you’d lea-”
“What do I have to do to make this right?” she whirled around.
“I don’t know.” Harry sighed.
“There has to be something, Harry.”
“You destroyed us.” he smiled sadly.
“I don’t think you can do anything.”
“You can’t stop loving your soulmate, that’s not possible.” she shook her head.
Harry stared at her. She started to walk over to him, cupping his face in her hands.
“I still feel you. I still have that feeling in my chest.”
Harry had to admit that her touch did something to him.
“Just tell me what to do.” she begged.
He hesitated for a moment. The thoughts in his mind swirling around.
“We’ll go to your place. And I’ll wait with you until he comes home. You tell him.”
She nodded her head furiously.
“But I can’t promise you that that’ll make everything okay again.”
She smiled sadly but nodded.
She gazed into his eyes for a few more moments, before she leaned in to kiss him. But Harry whipped his head to the side so she could only reach his cheek. She closed her eyes with frustration, but pressed her lips against his skin harder.
“I brought breakfast. Maybe we could eat that before we go?” she asked him, somewhat nervous because she was sure that she couldn’t take another rejection.
“‘Course.” he agreed.

To say that breakfast was awkward would be an understatement. It was literally horrible. They sat across from each other, none of them knowing what to say or what to do.
When her phone dinged with a message she felt Harry tense up. Of course he knew who it was from.
“What does he say?” he asked with fake nonchalance, it may sound cruel but Y/N was glad that he reacted like that.
“He’s leaving work early. He’s home in an hour.” she told him, leaving out the 'I love you.’ he ended the message with.
“Then we’ll have to go.” Harry said and got up from his seat.

Once they arrived Y/N was shaking with nerves. Nothing was safe now. What would Matthew do when she told him? Hit Harry? Yell at her? Insult her?
And what would Harry do afterwards? Leave and never come back? Realize that he still didn’t feel anything?
She was scared. So incredibly scared.
When Matthew arrived it was like time stood still. He closed the door behind him and stared at Harry and Y/N, how he sat at the kitchen table with a frown and how she whirled around from where she was leaning against the kitchen counter.
“Um… hi?” Matthew said, confusion clear in his voice.
“Hi.” Y/N breathed.
“Who’s that?” he asked, referring to Harry.
“That’s Harry.”
They nodded at each other briefly as a way of greeting.
“My soulmate.”
Matthews eyes snapped to Y/N’s and lips parted with shock.
“Yeah.” she nodded.
“Well… it was about time, eh?” Matthew started to smile, a genuine one.
Y/N stared at him dumbfounded, like she couldn’t believe her ears.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Matthew said and walked over to Harry, outstretching his hand for him to shake.
“Nice to meet you too, mate.” Harry grinned softly and grabbed his hand.
“Probably not that nice, hm?” Matthew looked at him sympathetically.
“What do you mean?” Harry asked.
“I mean… My significant other has a boyfriend too and it rips my heart out. Probably the same for you.”
Harry nodded softly, his eyes catching Y/N’s who looked at both of them with wonder.
“So you two met today?”
“Um, no.” Harry replied.
“No?” Matthew asked and looked to Y/N.
“We… we met yesterday.” she answered.
It was quiet for a moment, everyone seemingly lost in their own thoughts until Matthew realized that if they met yesterday…
“Wait. Yesterday?”
Y/N and Harry both nodded.
“But… but we had…”
“Yep.” Harry nodded, popping the 'p’.
“Oh goodness.” Matthews’s eyes widened.
“I’m so sorry, mate. I didn’t know.”
“It’s not your fault.” Harry stared directly at Y/N.
She closed her eyes and looked away.
“Um… I guess I’ll better leave now, yeah? I think you two have a lot to talk about. I’m going to get my stuff the next few days.”
“Okay.” Y/N whispered.
“I really am sorry, mate.” Matthew told Harry, patting his shoulder once.
“Take care of her, yeah?”
Harry nodded with a tight lipped smile.
And seconds later the door closed behind Matthew.
Harry got up from his seat, the chair creating an uncomfortable sound against the floor.
He stood in front of Y/N with his arms crossed, starring her down.
“I-I didn’t know he would react like that.” she stuttered.
“What did you think would happen, hm? That he would yell at you? For meeting your soulmate?”
Y/N stayed silent because she knew whatever she would say it wouldn’t help her.
“You’re really not making this easy on me, you know? I don’t know what I’m supposed to so with all this.” he spoke, his voice gentle now.

He sighed when he saw her starring at the ground, her bottom lip wobbling. He took a step forward, his hands touching her upper arm softly.
“I want to love you. I want to love you with every fiber of my being and start a happy life with you. But I don’t know if I can do that.”
“Can we at least try?” she whimpered.
“Please. We can take it slow, as slow as you want. I’d do everything to make you forgive me. Please.” she begged.
“I need time, okay? Time to think.”
She closed her eyes briefly, the thought of not seeing him for some time too much.
“Anything you want.” she agreed nonetheless.
Harry nodded and smiled softly at her before he leaned down. Y/N gasped, thinking he’d kiss her but his kiss only landed on her cheek.
And seconds later her front door fell shut.

The first day she didn’t see him wasn’t easy for her but she handled it.
It wasn’t any easier for him either but he pushed through it.
The second day was much worse, her chest felt like it was tightening in on her and her body was shaking the whole day.
Harry felt like he couldn’t breath, his lungs struggling and his headache getting worse with every minute.
The third day was the worst, Y/N was feeling dizzy and weak. Her body not being able to move a lot before her limps gave out.
Harry felt hot all over but cold at the same time. He wasn’t able to eat or do anything really because he was sure he would faint.
But he had to do something.
One thing.
He drove over to her place even though he was shaking so much he couldn’t even hold the stirring wheel still.
He knocked against the door and gasped when she opened immediately. She looked even worse than he imagined. She was still breathtakingly beautiful but she looked in pain. So much pain.
“Oh, my love.” he whimpered and closed the little gap between them, wrapping her in a bone crashing hug.
She slung her arms around his neck and breathed him in, finally feeling like she was able to survive again.
He pulled away from her a bit, only so much to close the door behind him and look at her.
“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. Of course, I love you. God, I don’t even know how I could think that I don’t. I think I just pushed that feeling away because I was so heartbroken and hurt and mad and… I’m so sorry.” Harry spoke, taking forever to get the words out.
“You have nothing to be sorry for, you hear me?” she cupped his cheeks.
“No. You did absolutely nothing wrong. The only person who needs to apologize is me. What I did was the worst thing I could have ever done to you. I hurt you so much and I don’t think I can ever make that up to you. But I want you to know that I love you. I love you with everything I have and that won’t ever change.”
“I love you too.” Harry whispered.
Y/N smiled at him and stroked over his cheek with the back of her hand.
Harry gazed deeply into her eyes for a few more moments before he leaned in and connected their lips in a soft and loving kiss. Fireworks erupted behind their eyelids, butterflies in their tummies coming to life and their heartbeats speeding up.
“Show me. Show me how much you love me.” Harry whimpered when they parted again.
“Harry.” Y/N gasped.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Just… not here.” he mumbled, his cheeks turning pink.
Y/N understood and nodded, threading her fingers through his.
“Then let’s go to your place.”

They bursted through the door once they arrived, kissing passionately and not parting for a single second. Harry led her through his apartment, claiming her mouth with his and stopping every few moments to pull her tight against his body and feel her closer.
Once they reached Harry’s bedroom he didn’t know what to do anymore. He never did this before and he was nervous, he didn’t want to mess up.
But Y/N made him feel safe with her. She was gentle with him and loving. She kissed over his chest once she removed his shirt, making him feel warm inside. She guided him to do the same and once he threw her shirt to the floor he did, kissing over every inch of her soft skin.

She helped him open her bra, letting the straps fall from her shoulders and throwing the thing across the room, as far away as possible. Harry pressed her chest against his with his hands on her back, moaning softly when her skin came in contact with his.
Y/N’s hand wandered lower after a bit of time, palming him over the fabric of his tight jeans before squeezing briefly and causing another moan to fall from his swollen lips.
She opened the button of his jeans when he seemed okay with it, pulling the zipper down right after. Harry wiggled the tight fabric from his legs, throwing it behind himself before he began kissing her body again, over her bare breasts to her tummy and to the waistline of her jeans. He opened them slowly and pulled them down, gasping softly when his fingers brushed against her soft legs.
Y/N guided his face to hers, covering his mouth with hers and making him press against her, the bulge in his boxers rubbing against her panty covered crotch.
She let her hand wander into his boxers, moaning when she felt how hard and warm he was. And how thick.
She couldn’t take it anymore then, needing to see him. She pulled his boxers down, freeing him and watching how his cock slapped against his stomach with how hard he was. He was so incredibly big, the bulbous head of him leaking precum and smearing it on his skin.
She touched him, letting her index finger run over the very prominent vein on the underside of him and watching how he twitched at the contact.
Harry stared at her, how she seemed so fascinated by him. He groaned when she took him in her hand, not able to wrap her whole hand around him because he was just so goddamn big. She moved her hand up, twisting it once she reached his tip and stroking down again. Harry’s mouth was opened in a silent moan, his eyes rolling back when her thumb stroked over his slit and gathered his precum.
She stopped then, knowing that if she kept going this would be over before it even started. Harry looked down at her with glassy eyes, already looking absolutely fucked out. He hooked his thumbs into her panties and pulled them down her legs, gasping once he saw her completely naked.
She spread her legs for him, letting him crawl in between them. He stared at her. Her pussy was pink and glistening with her arousal, some of it dripping from her. Her stroked his middle finger in between her lips, gathering some of her wetness and licking it off with his tongue. She tasted amazing. He spread her lips apart with two fingers and pressed a kiss against her, grinning when she moaned for him.
Even though he never did this before he let his feeling guide him and it seemed he did good by the way she got even wetter and moaned underneath his mouth. But she pulled him away once she was close to reaching her peak, pulling him up by his hair and looking at him with wide eyes.
He crawled up her body, hovering over her before leaning down and pressing a kiss to her lips, making her taste herself on him.
“You’re so good, Harry.” she whimpered once they parted, wonder evident in her voice.
He grinned at her, before kissing her again and reveling in the way she reacted to it, her back arching and a quiet moan vibrating against his lips.
“I-I don’t have a condom.” he suddenly realized, his eyes widening.
“I don’t either.” she sighed and Harry already closed his eyes in frustration, his head dropping to her chest in defeat.
“But I’m on the pill and clean, I promise.” she told him, making him lift his face to look at her.
“I’m clean too but… is that really safe? I mean-”
“It is. Just pull out.” she told him and Harry nodded.
“Are you sure?” he asked her one more time.

“100 percent.” she answered in an instant.
Harry took ahold of him and lined him up with her entrance, rubbing his tip over her slit a few times to gather her wetness before he slipped it inside, watching with wonder how her eyes rolled back in pleasure. He pushed in then, slowly but forcefully until he was completely inside of her, his balls pressed against her ass.
She pulled him even deeper with her heels digging into the small of his back, making him hover over her.
“You’re so big.” she whimpered, moaning when he thrusted the tiniest bit.
“And you’re so goddamn tight.” he told her and began to pull out slowly until only the tip of him was inside her before thrusting back in to the hilt and making her scream in pure pleasure.
Harry took it slow and made sure she was able to feel every inch of him inside of her, filling her up. He loved the feel of her warm and slick walls around him, how they clamped down on him once she got close and got even tighter.
He rubbed her clit then, making sure to make her cum as hard as possible. With his hips snapping against hers, his relentless circles against her bundle of nerves and his encouragements to let go she came. And she came hard. She trashed around, moaning into the air, her eyes rolling back and her pussy squeezing Harry’s cock. He followed soon after, pulling out in the last second, pumping his cock in his fist and groaning loudly when cum spurted from his tip and landen on Y/N’s body, painting her tummy with thick and hot streaks.
Once he milked himself for everything he got Y/N dipped her fingers into his cum and licked it off, cleaning her whole tummy like that while Harry watched with wide eyes.
“Goddamn.” he whispered what made her giggle.

He pressed a kiss to her lips before he dropped to the mattress beside her, his mind not seeming to comprehend what just happened.
“Where the hell did you learn to fuck like that?” she asked him after a moment, making him choke on air.
“I haven’t- I mean I told you I never did this before.”
“Then you’re a natural.” she stated.
He didn’t say anything, the blush creeping up his neck towards his cheeks.
“Seriously.” she said and turned onto her stomach to look at him.
“That was the best sex I ever had.” she told him and stroked his flushed cheek.
“Wasn’t exactly making love, eh?” he giggled after a moment.
“No. Not really.” she grinned back and leaned down to press her lips against his.
“We’ll do that during round two.”
And just like that everything was how it was supposed to be.

A Phone Call Away

In which Harry can’t sleep and decides to call Y/N, plus late night phone sex.

Smut, Fluff / 3.6k words.

A/N: This is sorta inspired by this lovely fic by @haroldloverboy. I highly recommend it if any of you haven’t read it before!

Originally posted by harryisart

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So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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The Only One

Originally posted by harryisart

Two requests in one! As always, thanks for the love and support. Keep being amazing. xx - L

Harry comes home from tour to see you for the first time in a long time, and gets jealous when he sees another guy flirting with you.

Warnings: smut(ish)

Word Count: 1,677

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Mother’s Day

REQUEST: Can you write like a super fluffy blurb where it’s mother’s day and Harry and your kids just wake you up with cuddles and kisses and (like your other one-shot My Love, My Life My Always) he shares a pic of you and your kids cuddling and laughing and its pure fluuuffffff

A few of you have also been asking for fluff recently, so here it is! Sending so much love to you all. x

“C’mon, bugs…nice an’ quiet now.”

“We know Daddy, yeh don’t have to keep remindin’ us,” your little boy explained, causing you to giggle quietly from your place in bed.

Usually you would be up and out of bed already, preparing breakfast with Harry before you needed to go wake your twins up for the day. But Harry had made a huge fuss the night before about you getting the chance to sleep in—however, your sleep schedule had been to synced to your children and your morning routine that you had been laying in bed awake for a half an hour now.

You closed your eyes and tried to stay as still as possible when you heard your bedroom door open slowly. Harry’s steps were paired with another set of quicker ones, and it took everything you had in you not to flip over and look at your loves.

“Daddy, can we wake her up now?” Your son whispered as quietly as he could manage, which was still pretty loud.

“Yes, go wake her, loves.”

You waited a few seconds, hyperaware of your breathing and whether or not it would be fast or slow enough.

Suddenly, you heard two pairs of little feet pattering against the floor as your babies ran into your bedroom.


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Meet Me -- Part One

Part One of the “Harry as your roommate” series! Get ready for a fluffy one :)

The Doorway

It seemed as if Mother Nature had a bone to pick with you judging by the way your insides were twisting and cramping up. Your hand flew to your side as another wave of pain slowly ached through your torso, causing you to wince and squeeze your eyes shut. You stayed in the position for a few seconds and then let out a huge puff of air when the cramps subsided (for now).

The work day had dragged on and on, and was made even more enjoyable by the visit of your favorite monthly gift. You’d been expecting it for a few days now, noticing yourself snap at comments meant to be funny, wanting to cry at that one commercial with the cute babies on it, and overall feeling delated. Or, rather inflated – you’d felt like a hot air balloon because of the way your stomach would bloat near the end of the day.

After saying your goodbye’s to your co-workers, you all but skipped out of the door, ready to finally be home after such a long day.

You pulled up to your building after driving for about 20 minutes through traffic and headed upstairs. In the hallway, you could hear a voice singing quite loudly. It didn’t take you long to recognize it to be Harry’s, your roommate. The two of you had met in a literature class in uni a few semesters ago when you’d worked on a project together. He put on a show, playing himself off as a rather sophisticated boy, but when it was just the two of you the real Harry came out – the one that would take every chance available to crack a joke, who could fall asleep nearly anywhere, and who was almost obnoxiously kind. You had almost clicked instantly, like it was a friendship that was meant to be and had been planned to happen by the Heavens above.

Turning the key in your door, you walked in to your apartment, Pink Floyd blasting through the air and Harry belting his heart out right along with it. He must not have heard you come in because he continued to dance around your small (but cozy) living room for a few seconds more, even with you standing in the doorway trying not to laugh.

“Enjoying yourself?” you asked, holding back a chuckle. It was quite a sight, and one of the first things all day to bring a smile to your face.

He startled, eyes wide, when he realized you standing there. You would have sworn you saw his cheeks grow redder as time passed, but he moved too quickly across the room to turn the music down for you to tell.

“Didn’t hear you come in,” he said, bashful.

“It’s okay,” you walked into the room, slipping off your jacket and throwing it over the couch, “Could hear you down the hall, you know.”

He smiled nervously, “Should that be taken as a compliment?”

“Up to you,” you started, “Wouldn’t want the neighbors to worry they had a walrus for a neighbor.”

He playfully looked hurt, bringing a hand dramatically to his chest, “Ouch, y/n! Go easy, yeah?”

“Sorry, it sounded lovely, dear,” your tone was anything but genuine.

“Tha’s more like it,” he winked at you, “How was work?”

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You’re laying on his chest, one arm around his neck and one hand on his cheek, stroking over the stubble that’s growing there and he wasn’t able to shave this moring because he was too busy cuddling you close to him.

He’s roaming one warm hand of his over you’re back, underneath the sweater you’re wearing that’s secretly his, to feel your skin and make you shiver against him. His other hand is cupping you’re face, covering your action and stroking your cheek so lovingly it almost brings tears to your eyes.

Your legs are between his so you could feel his whole body against yours, his cold toes, which were the part of him the fluffy blanket that was draped over your bodies couldn’t cover, were tickling yours, making you giggle ever so often.

Your eyes were locked onto each other, dancing over each others features and admiring every feature. Harry pulled you closer after a while, rubbing the tip of his nose against yours before he moved his head to the side a bit so your nose was touching his cheek and your lips ghosted over his.

And even though this wasn’t by far your first kiss, the feeling of being so close to him still filled your tummy with butterflies. You leaned in the last bit and connected your lips to his in a gentle kiss, no tongue or teeth involved, just simply a loving kiss that consisted of lips closing over each other’s.

The kiss ended with a sweet sound that you both learned to love ever since you were together. Soft smiles grazed both your faces, cheeks turning a light shade of pink. Harry chuckled as you diverted your eyes in embarrassment and bit down on your lower lip, his thump stretching out over your chin to make you release it again.

He removed his hand from underneath your sweater and cupped your other cheek as well, pulling you up a bit higher on his chest so you were at the perfect height to keep kissing him.

And that’s what you did, you pressed your lips to his again, sighing dreamily at the pleasure the simple touch caused. He hummed against your mouth when you leaned in for another kiss right after the first one ended, he himself not getting enough of the contact.

“I love you so much.” he whispered when you finally pulled your lips off his, looking at you with so much love and admiration it was almost unbelievable.

“I love you more.” you whispered back and pecked his lips quickly, but not quickly enough for Harry because he caught your lips nontheless.

“That’s not possible.” he grinned softly at you.

“Yeah, it is.” you smiled back.

Harry’s smile fell slightly as he started to stroke your back from your face and behind your ears, his eyebrows furrowing.

“If you knew just how much I love you…” he trailed off.

You leaned up to kiss him once again to make his smile return once again and it worked, his dimple reappearing.

“It’s also good you’re the best kisser I’ve ever met.” he told youplayfully.

“Yeah?” you asked.

“Mhm. The absolute best. Better than any kiss I ever had.” he winked at you.

This time your smile fell a bit, the thought not as nice as it sounded.

“Hey…” Harry breathed, frowning at your sudden change of mood.

“Sorry. Just don’t want to think about anyone else kissing you.”

“And I’m not kissing anyone else… only you.” he grinned cheekily, pecking your lips once and then twice.

Your smile came back and you giggled when he missed your lips a bit and instead kissed the corner of your mouth.

“But I can understand you. Don’t want to think about you kissing anyone else either, especially because I know how kissy you are.”

“Only kissy when it comes to you.” you reassured him.

“Hmm… I actually don’t think you told me I’m a good kisser yet…” he acted as if he were in deep thought.

You giggled before pressing a passionate kiss to his lips, watching how his eyes fluttered close and revelling in the way he moaned lowly just because of your lips against his.

“You’re the greatest kisser, baby. The absolute best.”

“That’s better.” he chuckled and kissed you again and again.

And then again.

And he didn’t stop until he really had to.