this is part of Sami’s 2k challenge! my prompt was “You’re gonna have to speak up if you want this to go somewhere” thank you @evansweaters​ for putting this together!


“I don’t think you understand me. I haven’t been home since last Christmas.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Horan, every plane in New York is grounded. I can try and book you something out of another state but until this blizzard passes there are no planes coming or going. We can put you up in a hotel for the inconvenience.” 

Niall pinched between his eyes as he let out a deep sigh. He’d been traveling for months without a break. He had two weeks to go home before he had to get back on the road and he just wanted to be with his family. Paul stepped up to his side and looked at the woman. 

“A private suite would be great thank you.” Niall was always grateful for Paul and his ability to step in and take over when Niall got overwhelmed. 

“Of course, I have a three bedroom suite available will that be okay?” she smiled kindly. “It’s in walking distance too if the roads aren’t clear.” 

“Thank you so much,” Paul took the reservation slip and grabbed his bags. Niall grabbed his as well and followed him out the doors. 


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Zayn Does NOT Disappear in Walls

I’ve seen some talk about how Zayn supposedly “turns to smoke/dust” in the OT5 scene of the Walls music video.  That wasn’t my impression, so I went to investigate, and:

1) First of all, there’s no way to tell who “Zayn” is among the silhouettes.  The only ones who can be positively ID’ed are Louis (because we see where he places himself) and Harry (because of the height and hair).

2) More to the point, the impression that one of the silhouettes “disappears” is an illusion caused by smoke machines doing what they do.  It’s just a hole caused by the smoke blowing towards the camera but being blocked by a body.  It shows up for that silhouette because it’s closest to the machine and the angle just happens to show the hole well.

3) You can tell the silhouette doesn’t disappear because if you keep your eye on it rather than the smoke hole, the silhouette is still there as the smoke hole blows away.  It’s a bit hard to see since the silhouette is the closest to the smoke machine and therefore getting obscured pretty well, but it’s definitely still there.  If that smoke hole was intentionally trying to show one of the silhouettes disappearing, then the silhouette wouldn’t still be there.

I figured I would just put this out here because it seems to me that Louis was trying to be positive towards OT5 (if he wasn’t, there was nothing stopping him from only having 4 silhouettes to being with), and I hate to see that intention get misinterpreted or cause distress among those who do support OT5.

By the Fireplace *teaser*


With a sigh, you leave the elevator and walk the final steps until you finally make it home (officially). You are so grateful that it is the weekend, and that you had pushed yourself to finish the lab paper tonight rather than completing it tomorrow. That means you get to sleep in for the first time in a long while. You turn the key on the nob and walk through the threshold of the flat and went straight to the fridge to pull out the take out leftovers from the night before. Pulling out a plate and heating it up in the microwave, you take the time to go to the living room and turn the lamps on .

*beep beep beep*

Grabbing your food, you sit on the bar stool. It takes you less than ten minutes to finish eating. Washing the dishes, you go to take a shower and once you have finished you fall into bed. You take notice that even though you came home late, you were going to bed by yourself.

3:00 A.M.

Harry staggers into the house that he shares with Y/N. Completely dead on his feet, he feels like he can sleep for 1000 years. He sees the kitchen lights were left on for him. With a sigh, he tosses his coat on the sofa. He hates this. He hates the late nights and the early morning, he hates that he is no longer able to spend time with the girl he loves, and he hates how he is not present in the relationship that means the world to him. He knows that it is going to be about a week and a half more of late nights in the office, then everything will be back to the way it was. He knows that both of them are going through some major changes in their lives, but damn it, he misses her.

Quietly, Harry enters their bedroom and looks at the sleeping body that occupies the space. Like every night since the takeover, Y/N has used his pillow to cuddle with. She used to try and wait up for him, but in the end, she would always fall asleep. Slipping out of his shirt and slacks, Harry climbs into bed with his love.

3:15 A.M.

You wake up to the feeling of arms enclosing around you. With a start, you turn to look over your shoulder to see who’s there. With no surprise, you see Harry. With a quick peck on the lips, you look up to him with silent confusion. There hasn’t been any loving contact between the two of you during waking hours, but when both of you are asleep, no one would thinking that there a degree of separation among you.

The quick kiss had taken Y/N by surprise. Thinking back to it, you could not remember the last time Harry and you had shared a kiss.

Thinking that Harry was giving you a goodnight kiss, you start to turn back around to go back to sleep. (because you know that the both of you can definitely use a good nights rest). What you weren’t expecting was for Harry to strike up a conversation so late into the night.

“I miss you Y/N. I know that both of us have been busy. Your schooling is coming to an end and I have just taken over a business empire, but just know, I haven’t forgotten about you. I just-” he cuts himself off with a sigh. “I just need you to bear with me for a week and a half more. By then all the investors and board members have met me. Then,-”

You cup this jaw and interrupt him, “I know baby. But now isn’t the time to talk about it. You need sleep and so do I. We’ll talk about this later, okay?”

“Okay love.” With one last kiss, the couple in bed adjust to get comfortable and try to sleep for the remaining time left in the night. Wrapping your hands around Harry’s arms, you whisper goodnight.

So here’s my walls mv interpretation after thinking everything through and reading some theories. Louis entering the ballroom (which can double as a closet) is him entering the music industry, where everything is filled with identical straight couples dancing a choreographed dance aka moving in a way they were assigned to. He is different and he doesnt have a visible partner to join them so he becomes a target. Meanwhile outside (in the desert which can signify he didnt have enough time to build his personal world before he was thrusted into the fake one), in nonartificial world, he is suspended in a uncomfortable position. He is stting in a chair he cant move from or even stand up without anybodys say. He is looking into the mirror, asking if he knows who he is. He knows. Every time he looks into it, he is expecting somebody else to appear but he sees the same reflection multiplied (showing how many times he really questioned it). Adding the mirror to the obvious one direction reference filled with smoke (we see the boys from the back cause what louis is showing to us is happening behind the scenes), we can see that everything about the bands public image has been smoke and mirrors. Now, the wall he was chained to is burning. The angry masked mob (of unknown to the public industry people who are anonymously pulling the strings?) surrounding him is trying to intimidate him but he is smiling. He finally gets to escape

Sea Greens - N. Horan Imagine


PROMPT: Sea Greens

NOTE: I have no idea how these always take a sexual turn they just do…..oh ya they go skinny dipping


“Come on, Y/N! Live a little!” Niall encourages, already bare and sunken in the deep blue, his underwear tens of feet away from the rising tide. But you remain unchanging in your answer and begin to scold the idiotic boy. Why he thought it was a good idea to go to the beach and skinny dip, you still have yet to know the answer to.

“You of all people have no right to tell me that!” Niall was the most responsible person he knew. Being thrown into the celebrity life as a teenager was an impetus to his fast-maturing, yes. And maybe it was only due to you comparing him to your less responsible university classmates that you could not find a person with enough sanity as her best friend other than yourself. “It’s nearly sixty degrees, you’re gonna get hypothermia, idiot!”

“Well then as my girlfriend you should join me to ensure we die together!” The ignorant, uncivil logic spewing from Niall’s mouth was enough proof that he had consumed a bottle or two, too many. But his incessant pleading and splashing of water towards you made your exasperation grow each second that passed.

“Fine.” You huff out and stand your pointer finger up, making a twirling motion with it. Niall takes the hint and spins his body around. Despite it being dark out, you still had morals and a bit of insecurity for what Niall’s now enhanced vision in the dark may catch. You slowly walked up to the tide, your toes meeting it halfway and squealing at the freezing temperature of the water.

“How did you do this to yourself?!” You say, already feeling goosebumps arise on your body, your nipples hardening. “Are you a masochist?”

“No, I’m Irish,” Niall answers through a fit of laughter, leaving you to roll your eyes. “Just run in and jump!” He instructs. Your eyes grew two times larger as you stood there, staring at his freckles back protruding from the water.


“Yeah, I’ll catch you, petal! Promise.” Despite him facing away from your trembling figure, you could somehow see the growing smile on his face.

“You can’t even see me! I can barely see you!”

“Just trust me!” Niall laughs out. Biting your lip, you take a few deep breaths and take a running start into the water. At the sound of the first couple of splashes, Niall turns back around to face you and is met with only a collision of foreheads as your body rams right into his. Both of you elicit a string of painful groans before they turn into a fit of laughter.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” You ask, pushing his matted hair back up and away from his forehead. His sea greens were staring adoringly into yours and it seems as though all he could do for a few moments was smile at you and the utter beauty of this moment.  

“I’m fine are you okay?” He replies, and you take notice of how quickly his hands were to fly onto your hips. He held onto them together than usual, as if the tranquil water were plotting to pull you away from one another. But if anything if pushed both of you closer, your chests now touching one another.

“I knew that was a bad idea…” you chuckle. It made Niall’s small smile fall totally, and concern grew.

“What, agreeing to join me or almost giving ourselves concussions?” Niall muses as his lips turn upwards into a smirk. You find yourself hiding a giddy smile of your own.

“The second one…” You reply, still mesmerized by those big blues gazing at you, “but if you don’t start kissing me right now I might start thinking this was one too.” His eyes widen at your teasing words. Though the temptation that was your pair of lips was eclipsed by the string still clutched tightly in his hand that rests on your naked hip.

“I think I can do one better.” Tilting your head as his cryptic promise, he takes this moment as a cue to remove a hand from your waist, and slowly pull the string back up to the surface, while beginning the rehearsed speech. “Y/N…I love you and I don’t think I could live another day without doing this…”

Your mouth falls open at the moonlight glinting across the ring dangling from the piece of tied twine. It was almost as gorgeous as the man in front of you, with its sparkle and shine much like that of Niall’s smile. And when he had spoken the magical words every woman wishes to hear at least once in her life, you nearly collapsed further into the ocean the two inhabited. “Will you marry me?”

“YES! OF COURSE, NIALL!” The answer was a borderline screech, but Niall could make out every word you said before your body lurched for his own yet again. Only this time your legs maneuvered themselves to fit around his waist and hugging him so tightly he starts to cough. You feel the engagement ring, still solid in its string gently be placed over you and onto your neck, while you took the opportunity to lay kisses on his cold, pale one. Little “I love you’s” were dispersed throughout the assault of your lips on Niall’s freckled skin, and when you two got a little more handsy, all the way until you were screaming his name to the crashing waves which seem rock your bodies against one another even harder than the last.

A lot of developing artists have a chance to develop in the background, you know what I mean? So when they start, they have a chance to work out which is the right sound for them, which lyrics are working, etc, and I kinda, naturally, obviously coming out from a band like One Direction had to do all that in the spotlight.
—  Louis on discovery his sound on BBC The One Show