one day in tokyo

Yesterday was incredible. Spent the entire day with my two friends who are visiting from Hawaii. We started our day at Little Tokyo and ate at one of the top ramen shops (Daikokuya). After wandering we took a lyft to Chinatown and took a bunch of photos ~ Went to Koreatown to rest at their hotel for a bit and recharge. It was around 7PM when we left to look for Buzzfeed HQ and Motion Pictures. We found it! And we actually managed to get a good look around their workplace~! We were looking for HQ when we stopped by Milk first. An ice cream place. When we left we saw Bora from SISTAR waiting in lineeeeeee <3 OMMG She’s so cute and sweet. We ended our night at the walk of fame and drank at the Hard Rock Cafe. UGHHHH. FAVORITE MEMORY OF THE SUMMER.

Sumo wrestling: The Honozumo - in pictures
#sumo #Gagamaru []Friday 3 April saw The ‘Honozumo’, a ceremonial sumo tournament take place at the Yasukuni Shrine precincts in Tokyo. Thousands of spectators enjoy this one-day event where sumo wrestlers perform their skills. In recent years, a record of number of …
30-Days Tokyo Ghoul Challenge Day One;

1. Kuro-Kaneki, Shiro-Kaneki or Sasaki Haise?


Ok, everyone has to admit that he is fucking HOT.
Just look at him. Feel the coolness. Can you feel it? Well, obviously.
He’s physically stronger than Kuro-Kaneki but he’s also very kind in his own way. He still wants to protect all his friends and he’s even more determinate to do it now that he has the power. He’s colder but we all know that he became like this to “protect” himself after what Jason did.

The only thing that I don’t really like about him is that he left all his friends in the post-aogiri arc to do all the things he wanted to do with Banjou and co. He obviously had his debatable reasons, but he didn’t bothered to say goodbye even to Hide. Oh God, Please we’re talking about HIDE! Our little Sunshine! Wake up fool! Your emotions are somewhere inside you, I know that!
But i cannot really blame him after what Jason did…

We have all to thanks Juuzou for killing him.

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Hello! I hope you had a nice time in Tokyo, I'm very jealous :(

ah yes, i really enjoyed it c: (too bad it was extremely hot though :/)

and please don’t be jealous! i’m sure you’ll get to visit seoul or tokyo too one day *3*

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So, after having watched a good chunk of Chirin no Suzu, The Wolf King can either be: The One Eyed King, simply Ghouls, Arima himself (unlikely) OR Arima's own coldness that gets 'killed' after he spared Kaneki. Gosh, I never thought I would one day compare a very dark childrens movie to tokyo ghoul. oO

yep rip ;w; ringing bell is a surprisingly dark movie… but the line that stood the most out for me was what Chirin’s mother told him.

“Don’t go outside the fence”

This make me think of the recurring theme in tg about ‘breaking the cage that is the world’…

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Have fun in Japan!! I am so envious of you. 😑 I want to go one day to see the Pokemon Center in Tokyo. 😭😭

I’m in Tokyo right now :) it’s really an amazing city! BRING SOMEONE WHO KNOWS JAPANESE FLUENTLY- I don’t know where I would be without Ichika! ToT!!! I have a lot more to learn. Definitely save up because the trip is worth it!!! I promise!!! :)

Sumo wrestling: The Honozumo - in pictures
#sumo #Toyohibiki []Friday 3 April saw The ‘Honozumo’, a ceremonial sumo tournament take place at the Yasukuni Shrine precincts in Tokyo. Thousands of spectators enjoy this one-day event where sumo wrestlers perform their skills. In recent years, a record of number of …

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Have you ever went to a Tokyo Dome event?

NO BUT ONE DAY I’D LOVE TO GO (preferably during exo’s performance ahem)

Tokyo Orientation: Day 1

One of my roommates woke up at 4am because she decided to go to bed at dinner time last night. So now I’m awake and thought I might as well blog about my first day if I can’t get back to sleep.

Did you know that the JET Program has been around since 1987 and so far has sent around 62,000 people from all around the world to Japan to teach and work in local government/municipality offices? I didn’t either. Also, last year over 6,000 people applied to JET, with 2,000 of those applicants having been accepted. Though that’s about a 30% acceptance rate, and you’re still one of the many out of many, it’s kind of nice to be reminded that you accomplished something important and difficult. 

Side note: the bathroom seats in this fancy hotel are heated and I love it because I haven’t realized just how much I missed them. Weird as it is let’s all admit that we love having out butts warmed. Why would we engineer seat warmers for cars if we didn’t? But, I still have yet to use any of the toilet settings (bidet, etc) because I’m too scared and have no idea what’s going to happen when I do. That being said, Japan is supposed to be one of the most technologically advanced countries (kind of, I’ll get to that later) but the wi-fi in this hotel is awful. I haven’t tried talking to many people from home yet because the wi-fi keeps deciding not to work at the worst times and sometimes it randomly decides not to recognize the password.

Anyways, today was officially my first day of work, with orientation starting at 9am and going until 5:30pm (or 17:30…have to get used to military time again…and celsius degrees). For most of the day the new JETs sat in the hotel’s main conference room and listened to speeches from employees of CLAIR (Council or Local Authorities and International Relations) as well as previous and current JET participants. The speeches ranged from Japanese teachers’ experiences working side-by-side with JET English Teachers in the classroom to our responsibilities as a JET participant. Though the speeches were all different, the theme was the same throughout: JETs are very important. Though I might see myself as only an English Teacher (who can barely teach English…what are gerunds again?) I’m going to have a huge impact not only on my students, but the other teachers at school and the whole town as well. 

Learning our responsibilities as teachers was something that really resonated with me yesterday. In this orientation we’re being taught our importance and that we need to take responsibility now for who we are and have become by accepting a position in this program. I am not not only a teacher to angsty, hormonal high school kids, but also a mentor who has the power to change their lives. Though this might sound a little dramatic, being a teacher gives me the ability to either encourage or discourage my students, based on how I act and what I say. It’s not just about teaching English, but giving my students something that they can hopefully use for the rest of their life. It’s about encouraging them to have adventures, teaching not to be afraid and face problems head on, and helping them find niches and interests. I’m not sure yet how I would feel about teaching as a full-time career, but I rather like the idea of being there to motivate and encourage kids and teenagers whose world’s are still so small yet they have big dreams and big potential. I don’t know, I still have to get into the teaching aspect of being a teacher to see how I really feel about all of this. I think I just feel a little inspired by this orientation because it reminds me of how big of an importance both my language teachers and general teachers had on my life. And I kind of wish I had some sort of mentor when I was a teenager to inspire me, push me, and help me realize my own potential. But that was something I had to figure out on my own.

I forced myself to sleep the whole night before orientation to try and adjust to the new timezone. It wasn’t too much trouble and I think it worked. 3 years ago when I was studying abroad I barely experienced jet-lag coming onto Japan and it seems like the same is happening this time around. Your roommate who’s experiencing jet-lag and wakes you up at 4am is another story though.

There was coffee at lunch that I decided to drink to fight the oncoming jet-lag after 3 hours of straight speeches. I should never drink coffee. 

Another thing that I really loved about orientation was when we broke off into groups to learn about techniques for Japanese self-study. I love Japanese but I struggle with it so much. I probably understand just as much in a Spanish conversation (which I have never formally studied) as I do in a Japanese conversation and that’s really saying something I think. Japanese isn’t like other languages where you can learn it in a classroom for a year or so and then move abroad and become fluent just by speaking and using it in daily life. It takes a lot of study to master Japanese, even while abroad. It’s difficult and I get frustrated with it so easily. It makes me question why I didn’t just stick to French and Spanish in college. My biggest issue with Japanese is that I have trouble understanding what’s being spoken to me. But during the workshop I learned that I’m not the only one who gets stuck in the intermediate “stalemate” kind of phase of Japanese that I’m currently in. Our speaker gave some really good tips on how to try and combat that and move past that point into a more advanced level. One notion I really loved was that our speaker told us that in order to get better, we have to challenge ourselves and step out of our language comfort zone. But doing this too much can be stressful and exhausting, so it’s also good to know when to jump back into your language comfort zone, only for a short time though. Doing so let’s you reaffirm that you do know the language to an extent and gives you the confidence to continue trying and working hard to master it.

So, let’s meet the rest of the JETs from around the world including the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Trinidad, and the one token guy from Cuba who looked pretty annoyed whenever someone (an American most likely) made a big deal about him being Cuban. Did I want to talk to him about his view on Cuba’s new diplomatic relations with the U.S.? maybe…yes. Did he look like he wanted to talk anything even remotely related to that matter? Definitely not. That being said, I didn’t realize that there were so many international JET participants. Not just English speakers, but JETs who are coming to teach other languages in Japan such as French, Spanish, Italian, etc as well.

There’s one thing that is slightly annoying me at orientation: new JET participants, like myself, who have been to Japan before and like to tell everyone how it works around here and what to expect, not like myself. They all act like know-it-alls about Tokyo and Japan in general and it’s a little annoying. The number of people who came up to me yesterday to give me “advice” about Tokyo is not helpful at all and more obnoxious than anything.

One more day of orientation with a crash-course guide on teaching English as a foreign language, then I’m off to Urakawa on Wednesday.

Sumo wrestling: The Honozumo - in pictures
#sumo #Gagamaru []Friday 3 April saw The ‘Honozumo’, a ceremonial sumo tournament take place at the Yasukuni Shrine precincts in Tokyo. Thousands of spectators enjoy this one-day event where sumo wrestlers perform their skills. In recent years, a record of number of …

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MayuAka, 3 (Things I said too quietly) for the mini fic meme please :D


ive had segments of this in my drafts for ages, so this is like a remixed preview to a super fucking long mayuaka thing lol, maybe ill finish the whole thing one day. somewhat established relationship, post winter cup, mayuzumi in uni in tokyo \( ̄▽ ̄)/


Things I said too quietly

Akashi sees it mirrored in Daiki the most. It’s the smile he wears when they have a game of streetball that winter - there’s no razor to his competitiveness anymore. He looks boyish and gleeful, striding assuredly under the cold sun, and he thumps Ryouta on the back after he copies his dunk and laughs as Ryouta whines and just like that Akashi is wrenched back to middle school.

Winning was like breathing to Daiki, as well. But he never acted like there was anything akin to obligation and Akashi supposes that’s why it’s taking him…more time. More time to reach what Daiki and Shintaro and Atsushi found the moment their matches ended and they realised their score on the board was lower than Seirin’s.

Tetsuya couldn’t make it today. Satsuki’s been texting him, and he is catching up with an old friend.

(That kid who waited after the final match and smiled even though Tetsuya was crying when he hugged him. Akashi’s first thought when he saw him was that he remembers beating him.)

They are all sixteen and making amends with the past already and Akashi has to dig his nails into his skin and remind himself it just takes time.


“Are you all good?” Chihiro asks him over Skype. Akashi nods, and smiles. A measured amount. A calm smile.

Chihiro sighs softly and says, “You can talk to me about anything, you know. You know that, right?”

Akashi stills, stops picking at the scratchy hem of his shirt. I’m not all good, he wants to say, but I’m not all bad. I don’t know.

“Yes, Chihiro,” he says instead. “I know. Thank you.”

“Come on. Don’t make me get all therapist on you.”

Akashi cracks a smile. “It’s fine.”

Chihiro looks warm and slightly weary on the other side of the webcam, and so his that Akashi wants to crawl into his lap.

“Well, if you’re okay for now.”

I think I love you, Akashi thinks.

“I…” he mutters.


“I’m tired,” Akashi covers, ignores the deflation of his chest like a punctured puff pastry. “I have to go to bed now.”

(Goodnight, Chihiro says as usual.

Goodnight, I – 


– I’ll talk to you soon.)


He doesn’t think twice about taking the fastest train to Tokyo, even though it costs over ten thousand yen. If he said this aloud, Reo would probably chide that money doesn’t grow on trees, and then Eikichi would call him a rich boy.

Admittedly, he doesn’t earn anything himself, since he doesn’t have time for nor need for a part time job. But if his father is away for business and gave him money to spend, Akashi isn’t going to fight it.

He can’t stop himself from checking the map on his phone, and sighs when it tells him he’s still four hundred kilometres away.

(This morning it was overcast and raining, and Akashi felt like he was on a swing and being pushed too high when he found himself thinking rain clouds were nice to look at because they were the shade of Chihiro’s hair. They probably wouldn’t be as soft, though, he supposed, and felt his fingers itch reactively.)

His phone lights up with a text.

Should I really bother tidying up because knowing you you’ll do it when you get here

Akashi smiles at his phone and realises he’s in over his head.

Dont be slack now

And his phone vibrates again and

dont make me waste my time x

Akashi types out a reply, and then deletes it. And then retypes it, and then has an aborted ‘i lo’ written in the text box. 

He replaces it with i’ll see you soon. And it doesn’t feel like disappointment, because he is on his way to Tokyo right this very minute. And he won’t back out once he steps into that apartment, and sees Chihiro, and he will tell him.

He looks out the window at the ground that looks like dry fabric, the trees that are bare for all to see and thinks about how, in the scheme of things, from a high point of a building or a mountain or a lonely space shuttle, what’s two hours?

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Are you in Tokyo? I'm so jealous! I just finished a year abroad in Tokyo and miss it very much 😭 I love Ichiran Ramen; one of my friends is addicted. Enjoy your time in Tokyo! 👍

Yes, I am in Tokyo. I’m leaving for karuizawa in an hour or so, however. I’ll be in karuizawa for three days then be back in Tokyo for another one.

Sumo wrestling: The Honozumo - in pictures
#sumo #Toyohibiki []Friday 3 April saw The ‘Honozumo’, a ceremonial sumo tournament take place at the Yasukuni Shrine precincts in Tokyo. Thousands of spectators enjoy this one-day event where sumo wrestlers perform their skills. In recent years, a record of number of …

30 Day Tokyo Ghoul Challenge

 Day 8: Most powerful quote/line

Whose fault is it that things ended up like this? Coincidence? An accident? Fate? There’s no such thing as fate.
It’s simply a combination of one circumstance and the next. And who is it that creates those circumstances?

Who is it? It’s you.