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This is the first time in a while that I’m going to spend my birthday with my immediate friend group/ colleagues. Usually I would always plan a trip abroad around this time of the year. Probably to cancel out the extra attention. This time last year I was in Tokyo and experienced one of the best days ever. I met up with this gorgeous girl at Shibuya crossing right next to the big Starbucks. While I was waiting I was ducking these interviewers that were quite clearly interviewing foreigners. While I was trying to turn away from the camera crew, I saw her. However cliche it sounds I was startled by how good looking she was. She took me to a 3D printing art gallery. Something that peaked my interest heavily. I mean the shit was amazing. Afterwards we went and ate some octopus balls at this street chain. I still don’t know how to eat with chopsticks one year later. Nowadays she’s a model posing for pics with Gigi Hadid. Meanwhile I’m still here not achieving my dreams… hopefully next year I’ll be closer.

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I started Tokyo Ghoul today and can't understand why I haven't watched it earlier 😂 It's so good 😍

I never would have watched it but I randomly heard an English cover of the theme song on Spotify one day and I liked it and I thought the band was called Tokyo Ghoul but my brother was like no you nerd it’s an anime 😂 So that’s how I got into it and I love it.


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if u could be someone else for one day an ordinary person u dont know who would u be and why no celebrities or fmous people just an ordinary person that u would want to have his/her life for a day

My life until now is how i wanted to be thank god…i dont think i could change something about my life! but if it was just for one day…i would gladly change lifes with someone on Tokyo, Japan! im so in love with this place that i want to know how it is to be a part of Japan’s life and not just a tourist in vacation!


it only took one day but by god am i in love with birds of tokyo and this ep ^_^

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Welp that was fun. Time for the 6-hour bus. I actually have a LOT to say about Sailor Moon Amore Eternal if I can remember it in the morning.


After the success of May’s Fantashion event, Creators Tokyo will host another dazzling one-day fashion extravaganza featuring up-and-coming designers at Tokyo International Forum this November.

External image

Entry is free and open to public, offering an exclusive glimpse into Tokyo’s fashion of tomorrow.  Fourteen young designers will staff their own pop-up shops showcasing and selling their latest works. Three of them—Shinya Yamaguchi, Megumiura, and Yukihero—will host their own fashion shows. The shows run at 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm respectively. 

External image

The first and last shows feature members of the Japanese-Korean boy band Bee Shuffle as models, while DJ Junbo (Jun Shirota) will provide musical entertainment in the sellers’ area.

A special lottery with the chance of winning vouchers and other prizes will take place at 5, 6 and 7pm.

Event Information

Where: Tokyo International Forum Halls D5 & D7, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; 03-5221-9043

When: November 26th, 2-8pm.

How much: Free entry.

Featured Designers

Luciole_Jean Pierre 


Shinya Yamaguchi




Jean Genie & Hungry Freaks, Daddy



No, No, Yes!





There’s this one particular part that shatters my heart in Tokyo Ghoul Days.
Kaneki says that Hide is like a part of him, and he doesn’t know what he would do if he lost him.

Now that we have the Cochlea arc, though… we do see just how much Hide means to him and know exactly what he would do without his best friend:

“I’m lonely without you.” (the “I” was in the previous panel.)


Hide, honey, I know you love hanging from that cliff, but come back to us soon, OK? Your rabbit misses you a lot.

I just want these two good friends back together darn it! D;

Witch! akaashi headcannon where, years after high school, he owns a small tea shop in Tokyo. one day, a familiar looking boy with straight, dark hair comes in and asks about tea’s that help with anxiety. Akaashi soon recognizes him as Kageyama Tobio; the shy and angry boy from Kurasuno, who became one of the countries best international players.

Akaashi shows him where the chamomile tea’s are; his favorite tea for helping with anxiety. They stay in contact, supposedly just so Kageyama  has access to the tea whenever he needs it, but they both know its because kageyama never got over his crush on the witchy setter. months later, kageyama is back from a large tournament, and is with akaashi when he is swamped by fans, and end up having an anxiety attack, once they get away, akaashi asks kageyama if he wants to go back to the apartment for some tea. Kageyama say’s no, and that akaashi is better than chamomile tea.

You know what I just realized. The Prism Stone Shop in Odaiba is actually like right where the Prism Stone was in Dear My Future, isn’t it? Oh man if only it was a standalone store… (with a Dear Crown next to it ahaha…) I suddenly want to go soon but I’m 90% sure I won’t have time… I’m actually going to Tokyo on Saturday but only for one day and I have plans for pretty much the entire day (but I’m hoping to at least squeeze in the reopened Tokyo Dome shop.. Odaiba is super out of the way though….).

Speaking of which I’m planning to rewatch DMF and post commentary/summaries of the non-subbed episodes on my main blog one of these days. But I’m watching so many other things right now I keep putting it off.

Also… Am I as fickle as I think I am?? I was looking at my archive and I just suck at being a one fandom blog. Like you follow one day for Tokyo Ghoul content and then the next day I’m just crying about figure skating and Yakuza Yaoi. I mean I try to be consistent but I don’t know how well it’s working out.

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