one day i will

I don’t even know…

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im a real sucker for the whitestone arc tbqh


Travelling the Arctic with your weird uncles.


happy birthday to our sweetest angel, jimin. thank you for being an inspiration to people all over the world ♡


 Happy Birthday to my sweetheart Elly @usagiyamah


Happy birthday to the precious @aizawashoutta

if you’re reading this, it’s a sign that things are going to be okay. you may feel alone and misunderstood or trapped in your life, but things will get better. happiness comes and goes in waves, but there is hope!! and you may feel alone but there is someone looking out for you, even if you don’t who they are.

TSInktober day 1!

The prompt is: Draw your dwelling space on September 30th vs your living space on October 1st

My room is an absolute mess yes but! I have used my shark chewing stim as a lil decoration, and I made a small cute pumpkin drawing to stick on the side of my bed.

My parents don’t start buying decorations till later in the month so this is the best decorating I can do for now, thanks guys!