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AAaaand the third promptfill for @emsiecat(seconded by @ahiddenkitty):

FLIRTY SPARRING ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

(or rather the end of it. Dwalin is so done.)

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So when's the next update

I’m Working As Hard As I Can. I had a bunch of relatives over the past few days and it’s just been Hell Time with my self esteem and self worth and Dealing With Derogatory Comments From Loved Ones © 

So I fled into my suffering cave and just been catatonic there. But now I’m slowly crawling out and going back to my regular schedule. I reckon it’ll take maybe 3-4 more days or less. 

Up soon:

Dallas hanging up posters of missing persons. “I slur a plea for you to come home. But I know it’s too late, And I should have given you a reason to stay
Given you a reason to stay, Given you a reason to stay”


Sarakatsani -  The “Black Fugitives” 

The Sarakatsani people of Northern Greece received this name in the mid-20th century after they dressed in black one night and fled the Pindus and Rodopi mountains to which they were native in an attempt to escape the Ottoman conquerors, who demanded that each family give up one son and one daughter. 

Over the decades, they spread throughout the whole Balkan Peninsula, inhabiting not only Greece, but also Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Southern Serbia. People often mistook them for Vlachs, a similar transhumant shepherd tribe, but Sarakatsani differentiate themselves with their system of kinship and solidarity, traditional social norms and strict family hierarchy. 

Nowadays most of them enjoy a quiet life in the regions of Macedonia, Epirus and Thrace, integrated to their respective countries, albeit still somewhat isolated from the rest of society. 


“Ka Po’ Tun is the "Tiger-Dragon’s Empire”. The cat-folk here are ruled by the divine Tosh Raka, the Tiger-Dragon. They are now a very great empire, stronger than Tsaesci (though not at sea). After the Serpent-Folk ate all the Men, they tried to eat all the Dragons. They managed to enslave the Red Dragons, but the black ones had fled to (then) Po Tun. A great war was raged, which left both the cats and the snakes weak, and the Dragons all dead. Since that time the cat-folk have tried to become the Dragons. Tosh Raka is the first to succeed. He is the largest Dragon in the world, orange and black, and he has very many new ideas.“  - Mysterious Akavir

So, I’ve been reading up on Akavir last time and I gave a shot drawing this guy’s appearance. How do dragons and tigers mix.

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Do you think the Chaol novel will be only his POV or like will it be TOG?

I’m inclined to think it’s just Chaol’s POV, but I also think that we could get some of Yrene’s POV, and I really hope Nesryn. If it’s just Chaol’s I’ll be fine. Because he is in a really angsty place right now and I want to feel like I, as a reader, am in just as desperate a place as he is.

I think if Nesryn’s family background has as much to do with how everything in the Southern Continent will go down, then I think we will get her POV. Like her family fled the continent. And we found out that how they pick heirs to the throne in the SC is really brutal. And I believe Maas told us that one or some have fled so they wouldn’t be killed. So I theorize that Sayyid might be a blood relative of a ruling family/could be an heir (which would put Nesryn in danger and if Chaol can’t walk he’s going to struggle with how to protect her/her ability to protect herself—but also her outranking him and keeping that secret would parallel Celaena. And that would bring up his prejudice again and he’d have to again renegotiate how he feels. GIVE ME THE ANGST!), or her father could have been a politician or something so he fled when an opposing heir became ruler and not the one he worked for/with. So again Nesryn could be in danger and Chaol not being able to stand up is going to force him to adjust what he thinks “protecting” someone he loves entails. And there are so many JUICY directions that could go in!!!

And also Yrene because we got her POV in TAB and she is 100% going to put together that Chaol is working with Aelin/Celaena. I think Yrene will probably he Chaol’s healer and who knows! Maybe she’s married to someone with political power, or she herself has political power and she is the key to how this goes down. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!


Figures of Lore

Medea, in Greek mythology, an enchantress who helped Jason, leader of the Argonauts, to obtain the Golden Fleece from her father, King Aeëtes of Colchis. She was of divine descent and had the gift of prophecy. She married Jason and used her magic powers and advice to help him. In one version, when they fled and were pursued by Aeëtes, Jason, in conspiracy with Medea, cut her brother Apsyrtus to pieces and threw him into the sea to delay the pursuit.

The Medea of Euripides takes up the story at a later stage, after Jason and Medea had fled Colchis with the fleece and had been driven out of Iolcos because of the vengeance taken by Medea on King Pelias of Iolcos (who had sent Jason to fetch the fleece). The play is set during the time that the pair lived in Corinth, when Jason deserted Medea for the daughter of King Creon of Corinth; in revenge, Medea murdered Creon, his daughter, and her own two sons by Jason and took refuge with King Aegeus of Athens, having escaped from Corinth in a cart drawn by dragons sent by her grandfather Helios. After fleeing Corinth, Medea became the wife of Aegeus, who later drove her away after her unsuccessful attempt to poison his son Theseus. The Greek historian Herodotus related that from Athens Medea went to the region of Asia subsequently called Media, whose inhabitants thereupon changed their name to Medes.

Part of your world


Pregnant reader, angst, mild anger, platonic fluff, hope

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Can I please have a Eric from Divergent where it’s set in insurgent when there at amity and the girl is plus size and divergent but is also pregnant with Eric’s baby please. Fluff or smut it does not matter.”

Word count: 923

gif is not mine.

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So I’ve been accidentally assaulted by ideas for this Miraculous Ladybug AU by @naptillmorning​ and @raiwalk (who wrote a thing for it and it was beautiful). 

And then I sort of idea’d all over everyone and didn’t even apologize for it. You should probably check out the top links first if you want this to make sense.

This was 10x longer than intended.

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“By Allah! Whenever I look at my aunts and sisters I am seized by fury and I recall the way they fled from one tent to another and one camp to another while the caller from those people was screaming: burn down the houses of the oppressors.”

— Imam Zain Abideen (ع) The Life of Imam Hussain (ع) p. 779

so at hope’s peak, you just have to show off your talent in the exam… some of them are easy enough to imagine though i can imagine that they might try to go the extra mile to secure higher marks

  • yamada presents some doujin (that sold/will sell a lot)
  • fukawa writes a book (that becomes/became a hit). gets in a heated debate over one of the judge’s interpretations
  • leon shows off his baseball skills, makes holes in the gym walls with his throws and bat hits
  • ishmaru comes in with a flipchart with statistics and graphs showing how more students have been attending class and how school grades have improved in his class, etc etc
  • mondo rides his motorbike through a death obstacle course
  • naegi turns up with nothing after months agonising over what to do and the judges think that he has taken such a big risk by coming with nothing that they let him pass. or they make him play russian roulette that he somehow wins
  • togami shows how much money he has made over the past year and leaves several hints that he isn’t just an heir but so much more. the judges don’t really care
  • celes gambles and wins, with high stakes and now the judges have to do the rest of the exams in just their underwear
  • chihiro presents alter ego
  • sayaka puts on a huge concert. reserve students have to be escorted out
  • asahina swims, breaking a world record or three
  • sakura fights juzo and several other people all at once
  • mukuro gets shot at but no one can hit her. ends when she has her gun against one of the judge’s temples
  • hagakure makes three outrageous predictions. the judges pop out to talk about him and a piano falls onto one of the judges from the sky, just like hagakure predicted. the judge has to go to hospital but hagakure has passed
  • junko models for them. wins over the male judges especially
  • kirigiri talks about the cold cases and mysteries that she has solved over the last term or whatever, hating that she has to show these off because that’s just not the kirigiri way

He started toward it, struggling in the remnants of his armor. Logic insisted no one could have survived the fighter’s crash without ejecting beforehand, as he had done. But logic also insisted that it was impossible to escape from a First Order spacecraft, and they had done that. Not that it would matter if he was found here, wandering alive among the dunes. Of one thing he was certain: His former colleagues would not understand, no matter how hard he tried to explain. No one fled the First Order and lived. The sand sucked at his feet as he stumbled toward the rising smoke. “Poe! Say something if you can hear me! Poe!” He did not expect a response, but he hoped for one.

Could Sebastian Vael Have Been a Red Jenny?

SERA: There were three in Starkhaven–brothers, or something….

When you meet Sera right after your first visit to Val Royeaux (DA:I), she tells you a bit about the Friends of Red Jenny. One thing she happens to drop in during the conversation is that there were three brother members in Starkhaven. Of course, this could be any three brothers, but let’s just take a look at the possibility that this trio is actually the Vael brothers, grandsons of the Prince of Starkhaven.

First of all, the operative word here is “were.” Sera specifically says, “There were three in Starkhaven,” so by this we can assume they are no longer operational. We also know from Sebastian in Dragon Age II that his entire immediate family was assassinated around the beginning of Act 1 in that game’s timeline. That’s only one year after Hawke fled Lothering because of the Blight in Ferelden.

Inquisition takes place ten years after the Fifth Blight, so it is consistent with the idea that the trio of brothers would no longer be operational due to two of them being dead, if they were in fact Sebastian and his older brothers. He also had decided just before they were killed to pledge himself faithfully to the Chantry after spending years sneaking out at night and doing Maker-knows-what. It’s likely had he been helping his brothers as a Friend of Red Jenny, he would have given it up at this juncture, anyway.

Sera certainly doesn’t seem to know much about the trio, while behaving as though she does know about the other two contacts she mentions to the Herald of Andraste. It’s like she has only heard about the brothers because of the legacy of their reputation, and that’s consistent with her having been a little kid at the time when the older Vael brothers were murdered. It would have been nine years earlier, making her about 10 or 11-years-old at the time–not likely a Friend of Red Jenny just yet.

Can you imagine it? Sebastian, prior to taking his Chantry vows and settling down in that role, sneaking out at night and offing Kirkwall’s nobles for Red Jenny? We can also mention that most Friends of Red Jenny appear to be rogue-class, which is exactly what Sebastian is–an archer like Sera.

If this is what Bioware meant by what Sera says in Inquisition, then Sebastian just got a whole lot more interesting! Now he has a new hidden back story to add to his youthful wantonness that he talks about in Dragon Age II. And it is entirely like Bioware to sneak something like this into their game, under all our noses. We can corroborate this behavior by playing all the games in order.

Besides this, Sebastian’s older brothers are taking shape, too, since we know hardly anything about what they were like. Can you imagine some Starkhaven elf servant contacting the Friends and saying, “Put down my master who treats me like dirt,” and then the future Prince of Starkhaven goes and does it all sneaky and secret-like? The Friends don’t really know each other’s true identities. That is some crazy Robin-Hood, or something like that! These guys were no normal royals, if they were indeed the infamous trio of brothers from Starkhaven.

I know I could be missing something here that proves I’m totally reaching with this theory, but, as far as I know from my Sebs research, this theory fits in with the canon. If somebody knows something that weakens my argument, or even further strengthens my argument, then let me know.

This is kind of a fun new development that tells me Sebastian might not have been totally abandoned by Bioware, after all…. :)


150404 │zyx’s hand was bleeding, but he kept performing and flirting with the camera and hid his hand behind his back to conceal the injury. 

So I just came across @kylostahp and @kdazrael ‘s ( sorry if this is weird sdlfjsklfdj ) discussion of Unknown Regions / Core Worlds culture and the weird class undertones between them, and especially the kind of upbringing Hux would have actually had, considering that the ones who fled to the Unknown Regions weren’t the low- or mid-level people or the civilians, for the most part. It was the soldiers. The officers. The sort of people you don’t generally found new cultures and civilizations with.

anD JUST. I’m so invested in this now? And I didn’t know I was. But I am so here for Hux to have learned much too young that to falter is to fail, and to fail is to die. For that knowledge having been ground into his bones.

Everything is a high-stakes game for him. He grew up hard-scrabble, blood-on-teeth, taught with a whip and a story of the Empire that was, the life that should have been theirs. His teachers were old soldiers. Survivors, not professors. They re-opened the military academies to preserve the echoes of their old glory, of course. Looking back on it, Hux recognizes the effort as almost pathetic: it’s like a prisoner, barred in their cell, screaming you haven’t stopped me! You haven’t! The entire point, he thinks, is that the Empire did fall. The entire point is that this time, it won’t.

So they re-open the academies. That’s well and good. But running a school is hard, and they’re already so pressed for resources. Where would they find the money for dedicated facilities? What they had were warehouses, empty hangars, running laps through the tunnels beneath the planet’s inhospitable surface, passing the cold eyes of their fellow wolves and monsters. The gentle did not live long there. If you weren’t good enough, you were gone. In the social order the students built, there is only hunter and hunted. Their commandments are not ones of peace; their catechisms do not promote harmony or joy. The students practice the verses until they know it by rote. Take the jeers, the fists-on-ribs; tear the teeth from their mouths. Be the best, or you are nothing. Be what the Empire should have been. These children learned how to ration too young. They learned how to fill themselves instead with stories of glory, of what was, of what should have been.

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