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Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that we’ve switched to a different posting schedule while we recover from the all-nighters prepare for the next grand installment. The next page goes up on February 27. 

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(… for what it’s worth we did post something spicy to the nsfw blog today.)


someone remastered all of the gi joe psas into hd

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I saw years ago (2014) you drew Edolas Freed and Laxus. I don't know if you're still in the Fairy Tail fandom, but I was wondering if you ever drew the rest of the Raijinshuu (Edolas Evergreen and Edolas Bixlow???)Just wondering!

Omg I realized I haven’t completed that Edolas Raijin thing hahaha but here is Evergreen the dedicated street brawler and Bixlow the cunning lawyer!!