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How would the chocobros react if you fell asleep in the regalia on long trips and like subconsciously just kinda snuggled closer to them? I just love the chocobros and I need some FLUFF in my life!

The noise I made should not have came from a human. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧  FLUFF YEAH!

(I at first read as ‘me’ specifically and was like. They’re just ‘Put her on the back like luggage’ than I read ‘What if I fell?’ and I was like I would die!)



Noctis flinched, he had just rested his eyes, when he suddenly felt a pressure against his right shoulder, and something wrap around his arm. Blue eyes opened, as he turned away from the window to see the top of your head, one of your arms snaked around his own.

The young man shifted slightly,only to have you mutter softly, nuzzling your head into his shoulder, your hold on him relaxing softly after a quick flinch. He held his breath hoping not to wake you, yet when you didn’t move any further than the nuzzle to his shoulder, the Prince realized that you were still very much asleep.

Moving off the door, Noctis, adjusted, all the while, linking his hand within your own, as he rested his cheek against the top of your head. As he drifted back to sleep, he couldn’t help but smile, your shampoo smelled amazing, or maybe it was you.  Either way it brought the man comfort.



Prompto immediately flustered, his mind bouncing around, ‘What do! What do!’ He didn’t expect this, why did he agree to trade seats with Noct? Right, Noct’s knee was acting up, so he needed the extra room to stretch out.

Yet now he was currently in the backseat, a panicked blush over his freckles, as you laid against him. Your head resting against his shoulder, your hand resting against his thigh, gripping onto the denim cheetah, leopard, ugh he couldn’t even remember what type of cat print he had on his pants.

He went to adjust, only for you to moan softly, before shifting again, pulling yourself even further into the man. It took everything in Prompto to not flail in panic, his back straighten, he couldn’t disturb you, his hands placed in his lap, as he stared at the back of Ignis’ head. He would not disturb your sleep!

“Prompto are you okay?” You called, upon your next rest stop break, the poor guy was holding his back, and limping.

“Yeah, no prob, my arm and leg’s just asleep.”  Prompto replied, only to squeak as you moved over, wrapping your arm around his waist.

“Lean on me, somehow I figure this is my fault.”



Gladiolus was so engrossed in his book that he almost didn’t even notice the weight against his left bicep, until you shifted and your hair tickled his arm. Looking over he notice, your eyes fluttering to stay awake, only to watch you lose the fight.

Nudging your shoulder slightly, Gladiolus watched you immediately sit up, he didn’t mean to push you away. Placing his book down, the man reached his arm around your shoulder, watching as your sleepy mind lead you into his side. Believing you to get a knot in your neck from the strange position, Gladiolus moved his hand lower,wrapping it underneath you, before pulling you into his lap.

You let out an embarrassing squeak, before turning your head up to the man, only to feel a hand on your back, rubbing soft circles.

“Go back to sleep.”

You were surprised the man was as comfy as he was, and the warmth from his chest and beating of his heart was surprisingly very calming. Closing your eyes you immediately dozed off.



Ignis sighed heavily, you all had been stuck in the car for the last 15 minutes due to the torrential downpour, if anything he knew that you would all end up more than likely staying here for another hour if not more.

“Yeah, I dont think we’re goin anywhere for a while Noct.” Prompto stated, pointing toward his phone, showing the large rain storm.

Ignis leaned against the back window of the Regalia, he and Noctis couldn’t even switch out, he knew that he could handle this weather, but the split second it took for them to shift would result in both of them being drenched.

“Than it may be best if we all rest.” Ignis stated, as he removed his glasses, he was already getting a headache due to not drinking his 2nd cup of Ebony, only to turn as your head dropped against his shoulder.

Turning those sage eyes over to you, Ignis had noticed that you had been dozing all morning, having not gotten a lot of sleep the night before. Only for you to pass out the moment you all were trapped in the car, now it seemed your body was trying to get comfortable between the two tall men in the back seat.

Moving his glasses to his left hand, the man wrapped his right arm around your shoulders, allowing you to rest against his side. A small smile appearing on his face, as you shuffled closer, your fingers wrapping around the bottom of his suit jacket.

mythology: siren aesthetic 1/?

suddenly the ship fell silent, a voice as serene and beautiful as the ocean cutting trough the thick fog.
the young men froze in their spot, it was as if time had stopped, like their hearts soon would.
he felt his throat clench as a young girl swung herself over the railing, her bare feet hitting the wood of the deck. 
her skin a sick blue colour, her eyes as black as the night she was born of, as dark as the crews future.
but all he felt was wonder, as he observed this creature, her voice as ascended from heaven but her heart as non-existent as the god they were all praying to.

“please let me live”

and so she did. she let one young man be, his heart the only one pure enough to spare.
left him to die at sea like she once did.
and so she waited for her lover to come by and wrap the dying men in her embrace.
her lover was death you see, and just as cruel as she.


Women aren’t the only ones who can challenge gender stereotypes.

This young man is an inspiration! It’s so hard to be different and to break the mold at his age but he has the confidence to inspire others to be true to themselves.

the REAL crime of the otayuri fandom is that there’s no regency au fic where Mr. Plisetsky, a young man only recently come to society, elopes with one Lt. Altin, a man with whom he has only a few days acquaintance, and Misters Nikiforov and Katsuki are forced to put their own nuptials on hold to make sure the two are wed, so as not to ruin Mr. Plisetsky’s reputation

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“Zack! What the hell were you thinking?”

Hodgin’s was uber protective over you, and thought your relationship with Zack was the only good one he’s seen the young man be in.

Zack put his hands up in defense. “It was the rational thing to do.”

“Rational?” Hodgin’s was becoming more pissed off by the second. “Is it rational to break up with the only woman you’ve ever loved?” He took a step closer to the genius. “Is it rational to break her heart?” Zack’s face contorted in discomfort as his friend’s voice became louder. “Is it rational to make her feel like you never loved her? Because tell me Zack, if that’s rational, I don’t know what is!”

Jack lowered his voice slightly, looking up at Zack pleadingly, “What’s the real reason you broke it off?”

“I was scared.” He looked at Hodgin’s in desperation. “I am scared.” Zack corrected himself as his voice cracked. “I love her too much to hold her back.”

“You’re not holding her back.”

“But I am.” His best friend stared at him as if he was crazy. “Hodgin’s, I’m not meant to love someone.” He paused and took in a deep, shaky breath. “I’m not meant to be loved.”

“My entire life people have told me that it’s too difficult to love me. That anyone I end up with, I could never give them the love they need.” His voice became quiet and controlled. “I could never give her the love she needs.”

Hodgin’s eyes widened in understanding. “But you give her exactly what she needs. (Y/n) has more than enough love in her heart that she just wants to give someone. She chose you to give her love to and she doesn’t want you to give it back. So regardless of what you do Zack, (Y/n) will always love you.”

Zack’s face sunk in regret. “I realize now that I wasn’t rational, I was afraid.”

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(A/N: I’ve been extremely excited, and nervous, about getting this drabble done. Please, please, please HONEST thoughts. I’ve only seen Pilgrimage once, and obviously this is my own spin on Raymond’s character. But if people enjoy this one, than I can write more.)

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The way he would watch you, those cold eyes and that leering smirk. Raymond de Merville may have been a nobleman of the village, but he had not, as of yet, shown you any nobility in his heart. All you felt you were was a piece of fresh meat dangling on a hook in front him and he was salivating like a hungry dog, intent on devouring you. But the most frightening underlying thing about this whole crazy and messed up situation was this: you liked it. You felt your stomach lift and shivers of anticipation race down your spine whenever he approached. 

Raymond was preparing for training that morning with his men. They had all been to the armoury, collecting their weapons of choice. They gathered on the training field, the warm sun high in the sky above the small French village. He could see you in the distance, tending to the horses of the main stables which were a part of the de Merville property. Raymond watched you for a few seconds, licking his lips and feeling that resolve inside himself rise. He would have you, one way or the other. You were unlike all the other women of the village, who were submissive, obedient and did not possess a fire in their belly like you. You were mysterious, appearing one day approximately six weeks ago, looking for shelter. A kind old man named Etienne had taken you in, and Raymond had first met you when he noticed you helping milk one of the dairy cows. At first he had taken your attitude towards him as impertinence and warned you to hold your tongue. But now he welcomed your quick wit responses, enjoying the thrill of the chase. Raymond de Merville was a man who always got what he wanted, taking it by force if necessary, and if he had to resort to that in order to get you, then he would. 

The afternoon seemed to pass by fairly quickly as you groomed all of the horses in the stables, and by the end of your working day, a fresh gleam of sweat was pouring down your brow. 

“Good afternoon,” a voice came. One of the knights had appeared at the stable door. You had spoken to him a few times before and he was always polite, a little shy and thanked you for your kindness. He was only a young man, not even twenty one by your reckoning as you studied his face. And this was probably why he was polite towards you; experience had not tainted his boyish innocence, turning him into an animal like a lot of the other men. 

“Hello, Henri,” you said, offering him a smile. “Can I get you anything?’ 

“Can you prepare my horse? We are to ride out at nightfall,” Henri asked, averting his gaze from you. You could tell there was something quivering on his tongue and his lips looked as though they were about to part and then closed again. 

“Is that all?” you asked. 

“Not quite,” Henri replied. “Lord de Merville is holding a feast tomorrow night, and I could not miss the opportunity to ask if you would attend with me.” 

Suddenly loud footfalls alerted you and there was a creak of the barn door. “She is but a serving girl. She is of no more use to you than that,” a deep voice came. Henri froze, and in those moments you could sense his terror. Raymond appeared around the door, approaching you both. 

In your fear for Henri and also your own anxiety, you continued preparing the young man’s horse, never making eye contact with Raymond. But you could still hear his low voice, whispering something to Henri. 

By the time the horse was prepared and Henri had thanked you, disappearing into the waning light, you turned on your heel to be faced with Raymond. “So I’m just a serving girl? That doesn’t stop you sneaking around, does it?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. You knew that back answering Raymond could potentially lead to you facing physical harm or imprisonment. But you would not stand down from him; as a woman who had been born free in the twentieth century, you would not allow any man to possess or belittle you. You had always known through academic books and documentaries that history had not been kind to women. Unfortunately, your open minded and forthright attitude could potentially be your downfall. 

Raymond smirked at you. “That was but a warning to him. I do not take kindly to others sniffing around the prize which I have my sights set on.” His attitude was disgusting, but that deep voice, that accent, it made your insides curl. 

“I’m not a prize to be won, Raymond,” you shot back, looking him in the eye. He was a tall, broad built man who would easily cause you great harm, but something in your gut told you he would not resort to that. You had noticed that around you his behaviour changed; his cruelty ebbed slightly, although his powers of persuasion were still as strong. 

Raymond removed his leather glove and stepped towards you, his ice blue eyes still locked on yours. “You are such a wonderful prize,” he said softly, his hand reaching out. His fingertips brushed down your cheek. On instinct you closed your eyes and gasped. Then you heard him chuckle. “You act as if I am a revolting pig, but your reaction speaks different words.” 

You were literally frozen in place as he walked around you, studying you. Then, as he stood behind you, you felt his hand brush your hair away from your neck and ear. The warmth of his breath wafted across your skin and then you felt his lips. And you gasped again, clenching your fists as you tried your hardest to fight away the lust and attraction that this man was unlocking within you. His kiss became harder, hungrier and then his arm wrapped around your waist. 

“My Lord?” a voice came, breaking you away from the spell which had been cast. 

Raymond stood up straight, growled under his breath and glared at one of his knights who had come to check if he was ready for departure. That was the last you saw of Raymond that evening, and as he walked away, you brushed your hand down your cheek, drying away a tear you had never realised you’d shed. 


🐘  Opposites Attract (feat. Woozi’s hot buns + THAT GROWN MAN SWEATSHIRT BRING IT BACK)
Request: ✔  (Anon) || Masterlist

The first time you met, you called him an “angry little fella”. Admittedly, he had a reason to be angry as you also spilt your coffee on him but whilst you should’ve been more apologetic, you were thrown off guard by his reaction. In your defence, you’ve never heard that amount of swear words fly out of someone’s mouth so quickly. It contrasted with his short height and strawberry coloured hair that you frankly found adorable (you would later half-heartedly apologize for judging him solely based on his appearance before ruining it by pinching his cheeks). When you handed him your number for dry-cleaning and quickly purchased a new t-shirt from a nearby department store, he had maintained a level glare at you and said nothing else the entire time. You paid him no heed, and filled the silence with your humming, although every once in a while you would shoot him a sheepish grin. 

He absolutely hated you.

Which of course meant that fate had something in store for you. When you showed up at the Pledis building the next week for your internship, you were surprised to find that you would be working under an idol. “He’s really one of our rising star producers, though he’s only a young man,” they explained to you, leaving you anticipating. You didn’t really follow the idol-scene, but that didn’t make it any less glamorous. You remember entering the practice room, greeting and introducing yourself to all of the members of Seventeen politely before being led to the recording studio. His back was turned from you when you opened the door, headphones snug over his head and cup of coffee in his hand. You had let out an amused sound of recognition, thanking the employee who brought you there before sneaking up behind the man, intending to give him a good-hearted scare. However, you had not been aware of just how immersed the man was in his music as the moment you tapped his shoulder, he gave a jerk and whipped around, effectively tipping the contents of his coffee cup all over you. His eyes had widened in panic, immediately reaching out to try and pat your clothes dry, which is when you giggled and he lifted his head to look at you. 


Meant to Be (Taeyong - NCT)

Requested by: @kookiexdae

Word Count: 2155

Inspired by BTS Serendipity and DNA

* Note: In case you haven’t noticed already, I have a strange habit of twisting requests into weird prompts for myself. For this scenario I thought it would be kinda cool to make it a modern soulmate thing where you find your S/O via DNA. I apologize in advance if it’s not what you wanted.

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Title: Torn and Frayed
Fandom: Stranger Things
Characters: Jonathan Byers x Reader
Word Count: 1,845
Warnings: None
Notes: Request from anon for “Something for Jonathan from Stranger Things? Reader is an artist and Jonathan takes his pictures. Reader has a huge thing for Jonathan. They are always drawing him and sometimes they don’t even notice they are. One day Jonathan notices and reader tried to cover up the drawing but he sees it. And ahh fluff and maybe they meet up again like at his place because he forgot his camera”

Originally posted by youffievalentine

There are certain people in this world who seem to have been made just so that they could come into your life. They are the ones who share your interests and passions; the ones who never fail to make you feel comfortable and loved. You had only ever known one such person – a young man by the name of Jonathan Byers. And from the very first day you met him, you were invariably thankful for him.

You hadn’t intended to fall in love with him. In fact, you didn’t even want to. Jonathan was your best friend, and you wanted it to remain that way – nothing more, nothing less. However, in hindsight, falling in love with him was the easiest, yet most monumental, thing that you had ever done.

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Accidental Union // Ethan Dolan

Summary: As a well known actress the territory comes with rumours, lack of privacy and many pairings with every role. Growing up with in the world as the daughter of Jeremy Renner you thought you had seen everything until your agent comes bearing news about a certain scene that happened a few months ago.

Characters: Ethan Dolan x Renner!Reader, Grayson Dolan, Ava Berlin Renner (mentioned), and Sonni Pacheco (mentioned)

Words: 2971

Disclaimer: I do not own YouTuber, or any movies that are referenced in this. Obviously I don’t own the Dolan Twins because that would be illegal. I don’t own any gifs, imagines or lyrics that may appear in this.

Warnings: Swearing, parental divorce, fluff, mention of infertility (VERY little referenced) and angst.

Author: Caitsy.

A/N: I really love this idea even thought the potential of it actually happening is very low.


Prompt List


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You hummed as you brushed the white material down further where it gathered beautifully around your waist. You had garnered attention when you made a cameo appearance in your father’s movie before making a splash in your own way. Everyone knew your father for his involvement with Marvel movies so you were usually in media eye.

“Y/N, you ready?” Alice, your kind assistant, asked from the wardrobe room’s door.

“Uh yeah.” You cleared your throat before picking up the skirt of your gown and carefully climbing down the steps onto the pavement.

You were filming in Vancouver mainly for the scenes but you did have a few in LA also which is where a few of the actors came from. This scene was in Vancouver for the warm weather paired with the snow for the perfect shots. This scene however was more nerve-wracking because you were acting with a very attractive guy and that normally did bother you. You were a Hallmark Movies veteran starting as either the daughter, babysitter or niece in the films before becoming the love interest when you turned nineteen.

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Hello wonderful readers, it’s been awhile, but I do believe it’s time to write another blog post. It’s been about 9 months since my first “visiting uncle Dimitri” post, and even though we’ve visited each other many times since that day, this is only going to be my 2nd post about the topic. But a lot has happened in 9 months, both have been extremely busy with College, and Caius just graduated about a month ago. But only a little over 1 week ago, my brother and his boyfriend’s lives suddenly changed. Well, long story short, they have welcomed a baby into their lives - a little boy named Maddox. He was born on June 9th, and even though they were originally told he might have to stay at the hospital for about a month, they suddenly had only ONE WEEK to get everything ready. So yeah, this is pretty much where we’ve been for the past week, helping Dimitri and Caius move into their new home, and just dropping in to see how everything is going (on Dimitri’s request, having a baby is still very new to him, and he tends to worry a little too much - if you ask me, then they’re doing absolutely wonderful). But I was also there when our sisters had their first baby, so it’s also a fun experience for me - a little weird, too, with Dimitri being the youngest of me and our siblings. We’re 9 years apart, and I can still remember when he was just a newborn, and I thought he looked like a scrawny baby bird, haha. But years have passed, and he has now grown up and become such a wonderful young man, and one can only be proud of him.

Today, it was only Aiden and I, who went to visit uncle Dimitri. Actually, only I went to have lunch and pick Aiden up, since he and the twins decided they wanted to sleep over at Dimitri and Caius’ house. Unfortunately, Em and William had both gone to school before I arrived, so I didn’t get any photos of them today. The three remaining kiddos stayed at home with Damian. But we will visit them again very soon, so you can all expect to see more photos, here in the nearest future.

Thanks to my dear brother and Caius for having Aiden and I over. It’s so wonderful to see how well little Maddy is doing, and just to know how much love and joy he has brought into these two amazing men’s lives, really warms my heart.

TheUltimateFandomer’s Top Fanfics for Random OTPs

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while! So, here you have my top three fanfics for some of my random OTPs. If you want a fic rec for an OTP that is not listed, let me know and I’ll create one! 

Spirk [Spock/Kirk AOS]

Subverted Ambitions

 by notboldly [44k, FINISHED]

After trying to achieve peace for over a century, Vulcans and humans decide to hold a series of arranged marriages. As an ambitious young captain, James Kirk agrees to the merger…only to find that his ambitions soon change. 

Of Coffee Beans And Green Tea Leaves

by Se7en_devils [16k. FINISHED]

The progression of a relationship, through Coffee Beans and Green Tea Leaves. 

How We Operate


To ensure Jim’s continued Captaincy, Spock sacrifices something on a diplomatic away mission that has devastating consequences for him. Despite his growing problems, Spock continues to hide what was done to him, even at the price of his relationship with Jim as well as the crew; and even at the price of himself.  I just need to say that this is in my top five fics of all time. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it.

Frerard [Frank Iero/Gerard Way]

Brian Schechter’s School For The Gifted

 by casesandcapitals [



Brian Schechter’s School For The Gifted is opening in September, but Gerard doesn’t want to go. He hates it when people make fun of his giant bat wings or fawn over his much more talented little brother.
But Gerard finds that he loves being at school with other mutants who make him feel normal, especially his roommate Frank. But all is not as it seems and soon students begin to go missing…

Coffee Cup Emoji by dannyavidAAAng [34k, FINISHED]

A Barnes & Noble Starbucks isn’t typically the kind of café to develop regulars, but Gerard certainly isn’t complaining

Until Our Time Runs Out by PlanetarySTOP [16k, UNFINISHED, STILL UPDATING]

Frank Iero meets an eccentric, dark hair atrocity by the name of Gerard Way during his way-too-early Physics class. Will they eventually have hot sex or will they eventually have hot sex? Idk mysterious.

Merthur [Arthur Pendragon/Merlin]

School Days by JustCatchMe24 [31k, FINISHED]

Merlin is a primary school teacher, and his student’s father is the divorced Arthur Pendragon. Modern/AU, Romance, kid-fic.

Things That Merlin Isn’t Allowed To Do (According to Prince Arthur) by Itar94 [130k, FINISHED]

A list which everyone in Camelot should be aware of, in which Arthur is a prat/possessive and Merlin is stubborn/too endearing for his own good.

Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies by SecretForKeeps [16k, FINISHED]

In which Merlin is an adorable nerd and Arthur becomes a bit of an internet stalker. And everyone is on tumblr.

TenRose/TenPetals [Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler]

Destiny by Reddwarfaddict [39k, FINISHED. First of a series of seven novels and is currently being updated.]

The Doctor and Rose are in an intense romantic relationship on board the TARDIS living happily, until one day the Doctor’s future self, battered and bruised, turns up in Torchwood intent on breaking the laws of times and changing his own past. DocWhump This series is utterly amazing. I strongly encourage you to read the entirety of it.

Ten Minus Five  by Reddwarfaddict [46k, FINISHED]

A new type of foe is invading the Earth; a potential threat to humankind - but can the Doctor save the Earth when he’s only five-years-old? Some DoctorWhump.

Jack by Reddwarfaddict [5k, UNFINISHED, STILL UPDATING]

The Doctor and Rose are forced by the TARDIS to the 52nd century, where they meet a Jack in the middle of his two years of missing memories fighting a gruesome biological war. Unable to leave, they must adopt fake identities under Jack’s command, but if the Doctor and Rose are discovered for who they really are, death is inevitable. DoctorWhump

Johnlock [John Watson/Sherlock Holmes BBC]

Serendipity by Robottko [2k, FINISHED]

Based off of this tumblr prompt: Sherlock is a quiet nerd who pines after John from afar but one summer Sherlock grows 5 inches and his voice drops and come school year John sees him and HEARS him and realizes he may not be as straight as he thought.

From A Window by theofficialsherlockholmes [3k, FINISHED]

John didn’t really mean to make friends with the strange boy two stories up, but he sure is glad that he did.

Drarry [Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy]

What Ever Happened To Harry Potter? by MystyVander [48k, FINISHED]

Five years after the battle against Voldemort and the Death Eaters ends and it seems as though the whole Wizarding World is finally at ease, everybody living happily. Except for the fact that their Saviour cannot be found and has been presumed dead ever since he went missing after the Death Eaters trial on the following day of the Final Battle. Where has Harry Potter gone to? Is he dead? Did he runaway? Why? What is he doing now? Some even believe he has gone into recession only to become the fallen Dark Lord’s predecessor. All of these questions need to be answered and only one young man is anxious enough to answer them, but he forgets to ask himself the most important question of all; Why does he even care about Harry Potter?

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monster || jikook

Originally posted by jiminiemini

Summary: ‘For Jungkook he was willing to become a monster. To create a kingdom of fear.’

Pairing: Jungkook x Jimin

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Words: 1355

A/N: Requested! I tried that’s whats important.


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Characters: MOC!Dean X Reader, OC Ronnie, Papa Roach (sort of)

Warnings: A little angsty, a little fluffy, some violence, language, and mention of characters getting a little handsy

Word Count: 9500-ish

Summary: Dean doesn’t want to be a monster. Since the moment Sam cleared the darkness from his eyes, he’s fought tooth and nail to avoid becoming that black-eyed version of himself again, but it is getting harder and harder to resist.  And after one particularly brutal slipup, he realizes this is one fight he might not win—and that he can’t keep dragging the people he cares about along on this downward spiral, especially not Y/N. It’s selfish to hold her close just so he doesn’t fall apart, but can he actually force himself to let her go?

A/N: I’ve been MIA for a few weeks thanks to work, some hellacious family drama and dadgummed Hurricane Harvey. During that time, I found myself listening to Periscope by Papa Roach over and over again. It had this dark, moody vibe to it, and even though it was so different from their usual stuff, I thought it was beautiful. When I listened to the words, I couldn’t help but imagine Dean in one of his down and out phases and haven’t been able to focus on writing anything else since. Hope you like it. Constructive feedback is always welcome. If you want to listen to the song, here it is:

Originally posted by zest-wincest

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the second salem boy is the obscurus, and newt knows how to calm the maelstrom without further damaging the city. all he needs is to get close enough. and tina helps him do it.

they find credence in the subway tunnel, pale and shaking and so very scared. and while he’d only ever encountered one other like him, this young man has such wide, hopeful eyes despite the red abrasions on his cheeks and the tremors coursing through him.

but percival yanks credence away again and again, advances on newt ruthlessly with that effortless stalk and whip-fast wand work. not that it would matter. percival has always been quite the master of wandless and wordless magic. the wide arcs of his magic and the controlled swings of his arm seem merely a courtesy. percival could have killed him countless times.

credence is responding to newt’s voice over the magical explosions. he’s responding to tina’s, too. and as long as they can keep the obscurial from seizing control of the young man, hope remains.

every impact of percival’s magic against newt’s thunders through his body, forces him to his knees. even now, with the quiet fury in his dark eyes, there is no recognition for newt, only impatience. and despite his dire situation, the ache in his shoulder as he blocks percival’s attacks again and again, newt can’t help but wonder why they’re fighting in the first place. 

the holidays where percival visited their home in england, the ritual it became. despite being theseus’ friend and brother-in-arms from the war, newt still managed to cultivate his own relationship with percival. they even exchanged letters when he’d return to america. 

and that one night…

that one night near new years when theseus and newt decided to visit percival in new york. they sat quietly together on the roof of percival’s flat building, legs dangling over the edge of the barrier wall. they shared a flask of whiskey, and between one heartbeat and the next, percival had taken him by the jaw and pressed their lips together in a toe-curling kiss. the tingling sensation in his lips reminded him of venom side effects and the sudden tightness in his chest had him question the contents of the flask.

one kiss turned into two, then three, and when the chill of the air bit through the wool of his coat, newt took percival’s offered hand and returned to the flat. instead of returning to his guest room, he followed percival into the master. they didn’t fall asleep until near dawn, and the following morning, newt and theseus caught the afternoon steamer back home.

newt collapses to his knees beneath percival’s onslaught in the tunnel, gravel digging into his flesh through the material of his trousers. he sways where he kneels, at percival’s mercy where the other man stands on the platform. percival is winded, but newt is exhausted.

“why don’t you remember me?” newt asks quietly.

and something like surprise brings the faintest tick to percival’s thick brows. before he can respond, however, credence’s anger has crested and shadow swirls violently deeper in the tunnel.

tina screams and percival aparates. 

newt pushes himself to his feet and runs into the chaos.

Without You: Bloodstone (Part 19)

Genre: AU, bts!werewolf, fantasy, angst

Warnings: language, violence, suggestive content

Word Count: 3.1k

Summary: Werewolves, contrary to popular belief, are usually gentle creatures. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, they would never hurt a human (on purpose). The few unfortunate times when mistakes were made put a permanent dark mark on the beasts and people began labeling them as monsters. What the human population failed to recognize was the fact that they were protecting us from something much more sinister. Luckily, a few survived and the gene was passed down hereditarily until one day finding its way to me… in the form of my best friend.

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Loyalty is often as blind as justice should be, as unstable as a lightning storm ought to be, and as misplaced as an opinion in the truth.

Chapter 19:

“Okay, that’s good,” Munhee lets go of my hand, taking a step back. “Now just keep pulling energy toward the center of your palm and the flame will continue to-”

A howl resonates in my bones and interrupts the conversation, causing my attention to flick toward the surrounding dilapidated village houses which are made grainy by a light morning mist. The sound isn’t so haunting anymore as it is instead anxiety inducing. Werewolves don’t howl often.

“That was Namjoon,” Munhee’s voice is quiet, less concerned than contemplative. “We should go.”

Maybe it’s just years of practice that lead to such fine tuned hearing as it’s been almost a month and a half and I still can’t tell the difference between any of their howls. I follow Munhee as she weaves through the crumbling buildings with the graceful ease of familiarity. She doesn’t look back to check on me. I think it’s nice that she has faith in my ability to keep up.

I pause mid step when I feel it, the complete stillness. No wind, no breeze, the very breath that leaves my lips seems to go against nature. My ears perk up, suddenly straining to hear something. No birds. It’s an eerie silence that makes my quiet heartbeat sound like the beating of a drum. Demon.

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Part 3

Description:You learn about baekhyun’s past which only makes you want to take care of the playful man more.

Genre:Fluff+slight smut

Baekhyun X Reader

(7 Weeks ago)

“…..He only had one place to go..”

The young man found himself in a familiar yet uncomfortable place.He felt sorry about everything at that moment:his father, his mother, their company, his responsibilities….They were all too much.

A small smile appeared on baekhyun’s lips when he saw the familiar old lady.The lady who made him into a man.She felt like a real mother to him.Whenever his mother was away, she was the one to take care of him.

“You argued with him?” the old lady asked while handing him the cup of tea she just made.

“Yea…..He was just…..screaming” said baekhyun,looking at the cup in his hands.

“Oh….My poor child…” the lady said, a deep sigh leaving her lips.She had seen this before.

“He must have been busy.He carries a big responsibility in your company.Don’t blame him because he wants you to become someone successful” the old lady said caressing baekhyun’s hair.

“But he could jus-” baekhyun managed to say before the lady interrupted him.

“No!He wants the best for you.Since you were a child, he had raised you with care and love…….At least he tried.I know you want someone to take care of you and understand you but…that man had been through a lot of things..Don’t do that to him..Instead…Go find someone…” the old lady said wisely.

“What someone?” said baekhyun looking at her confusedly.

“Someone who can love you.Someone who can listen to you when you feel like your head is going to burst.It doesn’t have to be partner.He or she could be a friend or someone you admire.Just make sure that person will care about you and give you a shoulder to cry on when you need” the old lady said offering her hand to baekhyun.”Promise me” she said smiling.”Promise you won’t turn back until you find the person” she said.

While baekhyun wanted to whine and disagree, he remembered that whenever he listened to the old lady sitting next to him, good things happen, she was always right.You could say that it was experience or maybe instincts.He didn’t know what it was but he was sure she was right.

“Ok.I promise” he said while the old lady hugged him.

You looked at the old lady and then turned to baekhyun.After repeating the actions a few times, a smile formed on her lips.

“It’s a long story” she said. “Lets just say you’re here for a good reason” she laughed while sitting next to you.

A good reason?All you could do was to agree.You didn’t know this person but she had a nice aura around her.It made you feel calm.

“Hey!” baekhyun said touching your nose.”Lets go!” he said smiling.

You didn’t ask this time.You had no idea of the place he was planning to take you but the thing was that, when you were with him, you didn’t feel like it was necessary to ask.You trusted him.Maybe it was wrong to trust him but it was a bit too late for anyone to say that.

He took your hand but he didn’t take you anywhere this time.He didn’t take your hand to take you somewhere.It was to hold your hand.

“I want to eat ramyun.” He said while looking at you.

You were staring at your intertwined hands with a shocked face which made him giggle childishly.

“You don’t want to hold hands?” he asked smiling but something felt off at that moment.

“No..its not that…” you said trying to adjust the situation.”It was just…I wasn’t expecting it” you said blushing and covering your face.

You weren’t a person who would blush so what was wrong with you cheeks now?How did this person manage to make you blush?Maybe it was because everything was too sudden.

He held your hand gently.

“You heard grandma.You are my wish.” he said kissing your nose.

Was he trying to kill you or something?His actions were getting bolder and bolder since you left the old lady’s shop.You felt like your whole upper body was ready to explode.It wasn’t just your heart or stomach, he was effecting all over you body.

“Now that my wish came true,I should take care of it well, right?” he said giggling while he held you closer.

“So..What does that mean?” you asked trying to get a little distant but it was impossible with this man.

“What I’m saying is…..I’ll take care of my wish…meaning I’ll be with you anytime you want..Or anytime I want” he said smirking childishly.

“W-What does that mean?” you blurted out, still confused.

“It means that you’re my..well…humans call it girlfriend but I like to use the word my wish.” he said still smiling before he kissed your forehead.

It had been a week since baekhyun and you officially started to go out.It wasn’t easy to make him say the words.He didn’t like to use the normal ways of asking out.In fact, he didn’t even ask you first but you convinced him to make a proper confession so that you were also able to tell your feelings towards him.After you both confessed on a rooftop, he started to tear up while he listened to your confession.

“I..I can’t exactly say I love you because I have never felt it before.I mean the love towards someone who isn’t from my family or friends.When I met you in the library that day,I had many thoughts about you.I thought you could be a playboy or some kind of rich kid…Well,you’re but….It’s different.Normally.when I make a prediction about someone I just met.its true.I’m good at predicting but you…You managed to prove me wrong.You actions weren’t cool..I mean not at all.You teared up right in front of me and I thought I really want to make this person happy….Because you also make me happy.I don’t know how.Not yet.I’ll figure it out soon but when I’m with you..Its like my soul is attached to yours and I feel so happy.Your small words make me happy and I want….I want more of that..” you said before looking at baekhyun again.It was your first confession so you felt super shy.

What you weren’t expecting was to see a few tears in the corners of baekhyun’s eyes.He was half smiling while looking at the floor.You couldn’t tell whether he was happy or not.He just stared at the floor for sometime before looking up at you.

You were about to say something but baekhyun had different plans.Not too long after he looked at you, you opened your mouth to say something and you felt his lips on yours.

He kissed you.It was your first shared kiss.He kissed you deeply like you were the only one that mattered to him.He kissed you with hope and love.He kissed you like he was waiting for you.He kissed you and you felt the butterflies in his stomach.

Your hands found his hair and you caressed his hair which only made the kiss more intense.

He kissed you like you were his true wish.

♡Hey angels!So in the next chapter,I’m planning on writing a smut (again, oh lord, forgive me) ,Tell me what you want  for the next chapter pls!Requests are open and a new chapter for dark bloom is on its way!Get rich love y'all.REQUESTS ARE OPEN AS ALWAYS♡

He Had It Coming - Part 2

Prompt: The reader is a young ambitious psychologist with a special interest in criminal anthropology. She gets the chance to sit down and talk with Captain Boomerang’s killer to grasp a better understanding of what happened and finds herself captivated by their romantic affair.

Prompt Request: “I’m not surprised that you murdered him.” 

Warnings: Cursing, sexual suggestion, and attempt at sexual violence (No, not on George’s part)

Chapter 1

A/N: Let me know if you want me to add you to the tags list my dudes!

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It was certainly a long three days to follow your session with Lana. You couldn’t help but to imagine what she was going to tell you next. The possibilities on how she had come to fall into the arms of such an infamous criminal only to come out of the relationship a cold-blooded murderer were endless!

You indulged your imagination on countless scenarios on what was to happen next in Lana’s story despite your own assumptions of what really happened. Based on the evidence her ‘story book romance turned tragic’ you imagined her tale was more stereotypical than she’d like to admit. Digger was a scumbag. It was easy to see that by looking at his mugshot. Surely, Boomerang broke heart heart somehow.

You imagined the ending of her tale would be something along the lines of Digger having strayed from loyalty and into the arms of another woman. From what her friends told authorities in questioning, Lana was quite the impulsive hot head. Some would say those characteristic could suggest she might seek revenge on a cheating spouse.

Surely this was a cold blooded act of revenge committed by a naive heartbroken woman. However, you weren’t there to judge her character, your job was to determine if and when she was mentally capable of standing trial, a process that could take many weeks.   

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Request:  alley-srm Hi! I saw you were taking request and I was wondering if you could  write an imagine with Theo x reader: They aren’t dating (yet)  in wich the reader is a badass girl type but is kinda shy for some type of things and somehow they’re in a situation where they have to sleep together (so the reader can’t escape) but she really isn’t comfortable with it and Theo tease her about it but she tries to hide it with sass and Theo says something like “you know i can hear your heartbeat right ?”. So when Theo finally got the reader to sleep with him she’s worried she might be taking to much space and stuff, she doesn’t tell him but he still figured it out, he jokes about it and reassured her. And the next morning, she wakes up earlier to clean up so she don’t smell or look bad and go back to bed thinking he won’t notice but he still does and laught it off. Sorry about the long explanation I dind’t know how to explain more shortly. Also this may be stupid but it sounded like a good idea at 2am 😂. Anyway thank you and sorry for my english i’m French but just wanted you to know that you have a follower from Reunion Island 😊🖑

A/N:I had to write this twice because I forgot to save it on the draft the first time *sighs*,but I hope you like it.Also I changed a few things,hopefully it turned out okay?

Word Count: 1.3 K words

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader


“Everyone got the plan?”Scott asked looking around the pack members.

“Yeah,so let’s split up,”Lydia said.

“Liam,Hayden and I will look around the woods,”Malia stated.

“Scott and myself will go to the Eichen’s House,”Lydia said.

“Corey and I will go the hospital and then to the sheriff’s station,after that we’ll try to make a quick trip at the library to find out more information,”Mason suggested.

“Sounds good,so Y/N and Theo,you guys need to go out of town,Deaton will give you some supplies,”Scott said looking at us.

“It’s fine,I can go alone,”I said.

“No,it’s too dangerous,”Liam chimed in.

“I’d rather deal with the danger than team up with Theo,”I scoffed.

“Well guess what?I’m not delighted to be teamed up with you as well,”Theo snapped.

“That’s enough,Y/N please do it for Stiles,”Scott pleaded.

“Uhh okay fine!”I said giving up.

*at the car*

The tension inside the car was overwhelming,Theo and I didn’t speak at all.It was kinda getting awkward.

“Why don’t you still trust me when everyone else gave me a chance?”Theo broke the silence.

“Just drive,okay?I don’t wanna talk about it,”I said looking out the car’s window.

Theo sighed and turned on the radio.

After few hours we arrived at our destination.

“Y/N,it’s so nice to meet you again,”Deaton said hugging me.

“Same here,how are you?”I asked smiling.

“I’m fine,hello Theo,”Deaton said shaking hands with Theo.

“Hello,”Theo said smiling.

After getting the supplies and chatting with Deaton briefly,we decided to head back towards Beacon Hills.

“Drive safely,it’s going to pour heavily tonight,”Deaton informed us.

“We will,bye,”I said.We bid our goodbyes before Theo pulled over his car on the highway.

After going few miles,the car suddenly stopped abruptly.The car broke down.Great.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”I said annoyed.

“It’s not my fault,this thing’s happen okay?”Theo said.

“Can anything get worse now?”I said,as if on cue it started pouring heavily.

“Fucking hell,”Theo sighed.

“Let me call Liam,wait,”I said grabbing my phone while Theo was trying to fix his damn car.”Shit,no signal,”I said frustrated.

“Damn it,”Theo said kicking the car.

“Your car is just like you,USELESS,”I snapped.

“Will you shut up,you’re not doing anything productive either,”Theo snapped back.

“What the hell do we do now?”I said annoyed.

“There’a a small motel here,it’s a twenty minute walk,do you want to check in there?”Theo suggested.

“Do we have any option?Lead the way,”I said sighing. 

After he pushed his car in a side,we began walking towards the motel.We arrived at the destination.We walked towards the front desk,where an old couple was in charge.

“Oh my my,what a lovely couple,”the old lady said adoringly.

Theo blushed and before I could deny her he spoke.

“Do you have any vacant room?Preferably two?”

“I’m afraid young man we only have one vacant room,”the old man spoke.

No this can’t be happening.I would rather stay outside in the rain than share a room with Theo.

“Bu-”before I could even finish the sentence,Theo gently grabbed me by my arm and took me towards the rented room.

“Ouch,what the hell?!”I snapped after getting inside the room.

“I knew you’ll create a scene downstairs,so I brought you here before you could do that,”Theo sighed.

“Nice Raeken,”I scoffed.

“Look,it’s only for one night okay?We’ll figure out something in the morning,please?”Theo pleaded.

“Uhh fine,”I said,not in the mood to argue.

We were completely wet from the rain,I noticed how gorgeous he looked with his damped hair.I didn’t notice it before because I was too occupied complaining about tonight’s circumstances.

“So,I’ll sleep in the bed,you sleep on the ground,”I ordered him.

“Excuse me?”Theo snapped.

“What?You want to share the bed with me and cuddle,and then kiss me goodnight?”I said sarcastically.

“I would love that actually,”Theo smirked.

“Pervert,”I shook my head.

“Well you’re the one who suggested this,besides cuddling is fun,”Theo smirked.

“Ever heard of sarcasm?”I sassed.

“I’ve got a idea,you sleep on the right side,I will sleep on the left side,and between us we will create a barrier with pillow,”Theo suggested.

“Hmm,sounds okay,”I shrugged.

Suddenly I heard someone knock the door,I opened it to see the old lady smiling,holding folded clothes in her hand.

“I saw you kids were completely wet from the rain,wear these,otherwise you’ll catch cold,”she said lovingly.

“Aww,thank you so much,”I smiled gratefully.

“Good night,”she left.

“Ahh she’s a life saver,”Theo chuckled.

“I know right,”I said shoving him his clothes.

“She still thinks we are a couple,”Theo laughed.

“Guess so,why didn’t you deny it downstairs though?”I asked curiously.

“I don’t know,”he shrugged.

He began getting his shirt off him,I couldn’t help but notice his abs,it was admirable.I quickly turned the other way.

“Don’t you have any shame?”I said scrunching my face.

He just laughed,”okay you can turn around now,I’m done changing,”he said still laughing.

“There’s a washroom you could’ve just gone there,”I said shaking my head.

He just shrugged.I went to the washroom and got dressed,once I came out of the washroom I saw Theo already fixed two sides of the bed creating ‘pillow-barrier’ between them.

“Nice job Raeken,”I said approving.

“Thanks,”he chuckled.”Do you want something to eat?”he asked.

“Nah,I’m fine,I just want to sleep,”I said yawning.

“Yeah me too,I’m so tired,”he said plopping on his side of the bed.

I hesitated to lay on the bed.

“Why are you hesitating?You can’t control yourself?You are having unholy thoughts?”Theo teased.

“Oh please,you’re not worth my time,”I sassed.

“Seriously though,you don’t have to feel uncomfortable,”Theo sighed,”I will not do anything to make you feel uneasy,”he finished.

“It’s not that Theo,”I said slowly.

“What is it then?”Theo asked gently.

“I-I just,”I began,”I never slept or shared a bed with anyone else before,you know,so I’m worried I might break this barrier and take up most stuff,”I said pointing to the pillow barrier.

“You’re seriously worried about that?”Theo laughed.

“Hey don’t laugh,okay?”I said embarrassed.

“Listen to me,it’s nothing to be embarrassed okay?”Theo said keeping his hand on top of mine.

When I didn’t say anything,Theo began speaking again,”Do you know,Josh used to sleep with his teddy bear and once he couldn’t sleep because his ‘Mr. Teddy’ was missing,”he tried to cheer me up.

“What?Really?”I laughed.

“Yes,”he said still laughing.

“Okay now I feel less embarrassed,”I said

“Good,”Theo said smiling.



“Earlier when you asked why didn’t I still trust you and so?”I said him.

“Yeah,”he said lowly.

“It was because I fell in love with you when you first came to Beacon Hills,then you broke the pack’s trust,my trust,I-I was so afraid to trust you again,what if I fall in love with you again,”I said,my eyes watering.”That’s why I always behave rudely around you.”

Theo looked shocked,then he began,”how did I not sense this before,because I felt the same way,but I was forced to get along with my plan,otherwise the Dread Doctors would’ve hurt you.”

“I don’t know why I said that,just ignore this okay?”I said wiping my tears.

“I’m glad you did,I want to destroy every misunderstandings and complications with you,”Theo said holding my cheek.


“I changed I swear,I won’t let you down this time,please give me a chance?”

“I don’t know Theo,”I sighed.

“Please just take this risk,I swear it will be worth,”he pleaded desperately looking into my eyes.

I nodded,he crashed his lips and kissed me slowly and lovingly.

He broke the kiss and mumbled,”Thank you,I won’t let you down.”

“You better not,”I smiled.

“Can I remove this barrier now?I want to cuddle you and kiss you good night,”he said grinning.

Oh the irony,”I chuckled.

*next morning*

I woke up the next morning,feeling Theo’s protective arms around me.I smiled and cuddled more to his side and sighed contently.

When Taehyung develops the pictures he has taken inside an abandoned building some days ago, one of the photos shows a beautiful young man. The only problem is, the boy wasn’t at the run down house on that day. Yet he is in his picture. 

Taehyung is scared, but he has to know. He returns to the building on the next day, photographing the whole periphery but this time all his photos show is the building.

It’s hard for him not to look at the photo all the time. There is something about that boy. Something that makes his heart flutter, but at the same time scares him shitless. He’s afraid he’s losing his mind if he can’t find out how the boy ended up in his picture.

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