one young man only

mythology: siren aesthetic 1/?

suddenly the ship fell silent, a voice as serene and beautiful as the ocean cutting trough the thick fog.
the young men froze in their spot, it was as if time had stopped, like their hearts soon would.
he felt his throat clench as a young girl swung herself over the railing, her bare feet hitting the wood of the deck. 
her skin a sick blue colour, her eyes as black as the night she was born of, as dark as the crews future.
but all he felt was wonder, as he observed this creature, her voice as ascended from heaven but her heart as non-existent as the god they were all praying to.

“please let me live”

and so she did. she let one young man be, his heart the only one pure enough to spare.
left him to die at sea like she once did.
and so she waited for her lover to come by and wrap the dying men in her embrace.
her lover was death you see, and just as cruel as she.

Choi Minho (SHINee) as Suho, the playboy hwarang.

Suho / Sooho

Minho / Choi Minho (SHINee) takes on the role  of Suho, an aristocrat born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is a  hot-blooded hwarang who has an aura of a playboy, but is actually a  pure-hearted young man, who is deep down loyal to only one woman. He has  a chivalrous character looked up to by the other fellow young   aristocrats.

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High School Never Ends If You Keep On Getting Expelled
  • Later, James, Lily, Remus and Sirius are all sitting around a table together.
  • Remus: For the last time James. Of course it's nice to see you. It's just, we could have just called it a double date right from the start. And by the way, wearing funny hats does not count as a disguise. Especially when you sit right across from us.
  • Lily: Woah woah woah. Watch you're language there young man. This here is only one date. James and I are simply comrades in our quest to be way overly protective best friends.
  • Sirius: [to remus] So when do we get to spend some time alone?
  • Remus: As soon as they start making out we can leave.


Spanish gypsy from the novella of the same name by Prosper Mérimée that was later adapted into a famous opera by Georges Bizet.

Carmen originally worked at a cigarette factory, with her beauty attracting many young men. Only one man, the guard Don José Navarro is unaffected by her charms. When she cuts the face of a fellow worker she is arrested, but manages to charm José into letting her escape, causing him to receive a month’s imprisonment.

After José’s detention period is over, he meets with Carmen at a local tavern and is reluctantly persuaded to join her group of smugglers. In the novel, he learns Carmen is married and in a jealous rage, provokes her husband into a fatal knife fight, allowing Carmen to become his.

Carmen, however falls in love with another man called Lucas, and José stabs her as well. In the opera, Carmen has no husband, and instead falls in love with a matador named Escamillo, leading to her same fated death by the hands of a jealous José.

Slow Down (Peter x Reader)

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Fandom: X-Men

Character: Peter Maximoff

Persona: Female

Word Count: 959

Request: Hi omg ok so this is my first time requesting something from you guys so sorry if I do it wrong :) could I request a Peter Maximoff (Evan Peters) reader fanfic where the reader is a mutant who goes to Xavier’s school and Peter and reader start competing because the reader can slow down time and yeah they end up together at the end <3 much love

A/N - I’ve never wrote for this character before, it’s also been a while since I last saw the film with him in so if he’s really OOC I apologise <3

You were quite new to Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, during your short period of time there you noticed a lot of things, like the old arcade Pac-Man game in the corner of one common room. After carefully observing it you noticed that no one, apart from a young silver-haired man, played on it. Only after getting close to the machine did you realise why people kept their distance from it, attached to the screen was a piece of paper saying:


Laughing quietly to yourself you removed the note, you were cool so that meant you could play, and besides no one was around to know you’d touched it either.

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Drastoria Flashfic #3 : A Reunion

Harry was sitting in a bench in King Cross Startion when it happened.

It was the day after Voldemort’s final defeat, everything was shiny and bright with celebratory garlands all around the magical train station, people came and went, most of them joyfully greeting other witches and wizards that got out of the train wagons, Harry felt almost anonymous under the cover of his invisibility cloak, watching these tearful reunions, trying to convince himself that it had all been worth it, when suddenly in the far side of King Cross Harry was startled to see someone familiar.

It was a young man his age, one he’d seen only the day before with his own family, but unlike then, the young man was no longer dressed in death eater robes or sporting a distinctive frown, in fact, in that moment Draco Malfoy seemed to look almost hopeful.

The former Slytherin prince was stading there in platform five and a half wearing a mint green wizarding robe and holding a bright bouquet of colored sunflowers, with a peaceful smile on his face and a slightly uncertain frown, looking so unlike the bully that had tormented Harry that the boy-who-lived had to rub his glasses to make sure he was seeing correctly.

And then it happened. The train arriving from Switzerland made its final stop and Harry saw a beautiful chesnut haired girl run into Draco’s arms, Draco dropped the flowers and embraced her tightly, spinning her around and almost crushing her to his chest.

When they finally broke apart the girl took Draco’s arm and on seeing the dark mark, hugged him again with more force than before, Harry could see it in the releived tears on her face that she was genuinely happy, not because he had escaped a trial, or because he was wealthy and handsome, but because Draco was alive despite everything, to this girl, Draco’s life meant everything, the pity in her eyes when she caressed Draco’s dark mark spoke of something deeper than simple affection, a unnamed passion too intense to be anything but pure love, something Harry saw was also mirrored in Malfoy’s face. And there he was, Draco Malfoy, kissing a girl in the middle of King Cross Station, looking like a starved man being offered his first morsel of food, as inlove with this stranger as Harry had ever seen him.

Draco kissed her and kissed her again, and she kissed him too, whispering words Harry couldn’t hear, crying and laughing at the same time, it was strange and messy and beautiful, such a happy scene to watch, that despite knowing he was spying on a private moment, Harry didn’t look away, (after all, in the crowded King Cross he knew he wasn’t the only one staring.)

It wasn’t until Harry saw the crest in her suitcase that he realized she was a pureblood girl, the Greengrass coat of arms wasn’t very common even in such a big train station, Harry tried to place her face among the people he knew and although he never paid particular attention to the younger Slytherins, he vaguely remembered the thought of Daphne Greengrass having a younger sister. Harry could easily connect the dots between the girl’s arrival by train and the fact nobody knew of her existence in Draco’s life. Maybe that was the point.

He briefly wondered how difficult it must have been to be raised as Draco had been, where any sane girl even remotely connected to him could have ended up in the wrong side of Bellatrix Lestrange’s wand, or used as a target practice in any of Voldemort’s schemes. How hard it must have been to choose between sending her away or getting her killed?.

If he’d had a choice, wouldn’t Harry himself have done the same? Sent Ginny into hiding? And for the first time Harry Potter felt a small amount of kingship with Draco Malfoy, just because he was beginning to understand what had driven Draco to go against Voldemort when he did, what had made him seek his own survival over everything.

Maybe just like him, Draco Malfoy also had someone to fight for.

And the day after the defeat of Voldemort…. he was finally reunited with her.

Today at work someone called me Sir. It was a little old woman who didn’t speak very good English and I’d helped her a lot before she checked out.

After calling me Sir she paused and said, “I mean ma'am.”

I just smiled and said, “No ma'am, you were right when you said sir to me.”

She spent the next few minutes scrutinizing me. She said I was so pretty, I must be pulling her leg. She had been so nice.
“ I’m transgender.” I said it quietly. This was the first time I’ve told that to a stranger.

She seemed upset for a minute then, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. My child, she was born a boy but she will always be my little girl.”

She told me her child was trans aswell. But no longer with us. She told me I was a very nice young man.

Only one other customer has ever accepted me correcting them.

Other strangers ignore me, or start throwing in even more female pronouns against me when I try to say “It’s sir actually.”

I never let this make me hate people though. Because that old woman didn’t want to hurt me when she didn’t believe me at first. Not everyone is my enemy. Ignorance and a heteronormative society is my enemy.

But I understand the anger. I understand the hostility. I wanna fight too. I just..don’t want to hate people.


Today is the birthday of a young man who brings happiness, joy and excitement to many peoples lives.

Today is the birthday of an extremely talented young man.

Today is the birthday of the one and only Jeon Jungkook.

Firstly, I wish that Jungkook is truly happy. For the past 3 years we have seen snippets of this then teenagers, now young man’s life, growing up in a Kpop group. Jungkook debuted at an extremely young age and thus it is most possible that he had to give up being a normal child, in order to transform into an idol. However, we see only the things the company wants us to see and I hope that inside this seemingly happy and excited boy is not a sad soul.

I wish that Jungkook has people who he can always trust. In other words I hope that he has people to talk to whether it is Suga, V, Jimin, Rap Monster, J-Hope,Jin, a staff member, a close friend or anyone else.

I hope that Jungkook has someone to whom he can vent his anger, on who’s shoulder he can cry on without feeling burdensome or guilty. In the beginning we have witnessed an extremely shy child, and though now still shy, he does seem slightly more confident in himself and I truly wish that that is not just an image.

I also hope that Jungkook knows that we do not expect him to always be perfect. That just because he is an idol does not mean he has to be 1000000% perfect. The image of a ‘Golden Maknae’ must be a tough one as it would always force Jungkook to have to be the best, to justify that name.

Most importantly I wish for Jungkook to be healthy. I really hope he doesn’t push himself to strong and let’s his body rest because since we love him, we don’t him to collapse by the age of 30 with any serious problems. True fans will not wish for anything harmful to Jungkook and will understand that sometimes he just needs rest, both physical and psychological. Those who keep pushing him are just obsessed people who care for nothing but their own entertainment, even if it is at the expense of a young man’s health.

Jungkook is a great singer, dancer, rapper, visual and has achieved much more. I am so thankful to have discovered BTS as it allowed me to discover this amazing young man who brings us ARMIES so much joy.

I pray that he know just how much we love him and adore him.

Jungkook is an amazing human being and may he stay the kind, beautiful soul he is forever.

I ( we) love you Jungkook!

Thank you for reading

Holy shit I would’ve loved this as a child. Now fair enough we didn’t have many arcades at the time because I’m fairly young and they were dissapearing at the time, but I would’ve wasted all of this in the Cybers around town playing Mu Online with friends.




The Club [BBS Fanfic] Chapter One

“Another round on me, ladies and gentlemen!” yelled a slightly drunk gambler.
Welcome to the hottest spot in town, The Club. A place to escape and enjoy yourself. It’s the largest, multi-billion, casino and bar. The club owner, Jonathan, is the most ruthless, disastrous, and down right delirious person in the club, but he knows how to treat his employees. Surprisingly. In fact that’s what they call him, Delirious.
“If it isn’t my favorite bartender, Mr.Thompson, or should I say Mini Ladd,” the older man giggled, leaning over the bar counter.
“Hello sir,” said the young bartender, serving a wealthy gambler her martini, “how may I do you of service?”
Craig Thompson, the bartender, is a young man, only the age of twenty-one. He was one of the new employees around. Quiet, resourceful, and slightly charming are a few words that the costumers describe him as. Reason why he’s called Mini Ladd is because of his young age.
“ I’m just doing my routinely rounds to make sure that everyone is doing their job, ” he smirked, giving the young boy a good look over,“ and you are doing yours very well~”
“ Sir, I’m not sure if you’re trying to make me happy or hit on me, but please stop.”
Delirious giggled a little, reaching over and giving the young boy a pat on the shoulder, “ keep doing a swell job,” he said walking away.
As Delirious walked away he felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned around, he was greeted by a broad chest in a silk suit.
“ Please don’t leave without telling me, sir,” his bodyguard, Tyler, a.k.a. Wildcat, said to him.
“ Sorry ‘bout that Wildcat. Forgot to tell you,” Delirious smiled.
“ I highly doubt you forgot, sir.”
Delirious just giggled and started to walk away again.
“ This is what I mean sir,” Wildcat muttered, following behind the slightly older man.
Tyler is the bodyguard of Delirious. No one knows his last name, except Delirious. His nickname, Wildcat, comes from how brutal he is and how quick he can kill.
The two walked over to the poker table, viewing over the table of players and walked over to the card dealers.
“ Hello there Lui and Marcel,” Wildcat and Delirious said in unison.
Lui, the card dealer, is a man in his early 30’s. He’s been a worker in The Club for five years. He’s mostly known for his since of humor and unusual capability to make his voice as high as a small girl. To be honest, that’s the only reason why Delirious hired him. He found that quite humorous.
Marcel, known as Basically. He’s the money dealer. He gives the customers their winnings. He’s worked at the club for three years and is in his late 20’s. He has a short temper and gets easily irritated.
“ Hello sirs,” Lui said cheerfully.
Marcel just looked over at the two and nodded. Delirious watched the swift movements Lui made and how incredibly fast he passed the cards out. He looked over at Marcel and watched as he shook the dice up and passed the chips out at the same time.
“ I see you two are doing an excellent job, so I don’t need to see anymore,” Delirious quickly stated, gesturing Wildcat to follow him to the slot machines.
He smirked at all the mixed emotions in the area. There were some people giggling and cheering as they won jackpot, some people were crying because they had no more money, and some people angry due to the fact that they either almost hit jackpot, or had no more money left.
Suddenly Delirious felt a shoulder bump into him.
“ Well well well. If it isn’t the big man himself…”
Cliffhanger. Here’s chapter one.

The Last Novelization: Chapter 1 Part 5

I’m glad I was able to finish this tonight! I won’t be able to work on translations for the next few days… because I’ll be on vacation and seeing The Last in Seattle! (I’m in happy fangirl mode over this.)

Anyway, please be patient in waiting for the next part.

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For a moment, Pia paused, unsure if she wanted to go into her usual bakery. She loved their scones and their tea wasn’t too shabby either. But she has stayed behind after a class, getting the notes from the week before where she had missed. And apparently being thirty minutes later meant there was a crowd. A rather large crowd. It made it her shift uncomfortably until she finally decided a scone was exactly what she wanted, so she made her way inside, keeping her dog close by her side. Over time it became easier to ignore the looks she received from others who weren’t fond of the idea of a dog being in a place where food was served.
Finally she made it to the counter and soon was looking for a place to sit, a hot cup of tea and her scone in hand. Spotting a table with only one person, a young man, she made her way over. “Hi, excuse me. Terribly sorry to bother you.” She began. “I was wondering if we could join you? It’s a bit crowded…” She hoped a friendly smile would help her out, she wasn’t ready to go back home just yet.