one year without cory monteith

2014 so far

How I met your mother finale

Damon and Bonnie died!? on the vampire diaries

The originals finale + Rebekah leaving 

once upon a time finale  

Alliosn’s death on teen wolf + isaac leaving

Dean died and become a demon on supernatural

Ezra got shot on pretty little liars

Baby daddy finale

realizing city of haevenly fire is the last book

The amazing spiderman 2

 one year without Cory monteith


Thank you Cory. I remember the way you made me smile. The way you still do When I think of how life is too short to be serious.
Thank you for giving us your heart, your talent and your beautiful soul, all of it for us to cherish and look up to. Yes, today marks a year since you left us but it also marks a year of lessons learned and the opportunity to grow, somehow having you always there in my mind as I walk my journey trough life. I might not have known you personally, but I knew the person you were, against all odds of what you had to face growing up, and it pushes me to go beyond myself, be better and succeed, inspire and learn, even though yeah, I am different but that simply makes me who I am. So thank you Cory, for being you.
You will undoubtedly forever be in my heart.