one year with exo

Years ~ A Kyungsoo One Shot

A Do Kyungsoo one shot 

Requested by anonie

Genre: Angst

Member: Do Kyungsoo

Summary: (of this one shot) A few years after your break up with Kyungsoo, you bump into him again only to find out he isn’t single anymore, unlike you.

As the shiny glass doors to the SM building slide open, you take your first official step onto SM’s floors. Taking a breath, you excitedly look around at all the professionals. Idols, staff, bands. As Red Velvet walks by, you take the precious moment to admire their stunning beauty and sweet smelling scents as you walk up to the front desk. A woman in her early twenties greets you. With dark red lipstick and her hair pulled into a high and tight ponytail, she smiles at you and asks for your name. Giving her your name, she quickly starts typing on her keyboard, taking a second to read the computer screen.

“Ah, a new makeup intern…correct? You’re in college, right?”

Thinking your age must have been on your profile she pulled up, you nod. “Yeah…I start today, right?” you say.

“Yes…you’ll be helping out with…let’s see here.” she says as she furrows her eyebrows and clicks around the screen. “Right, you’re interning for EXO’s makeup team. Makeup only. Nothing more, nothing less. Understand?” she says sternly.

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When you look at SM boy group concerts when they first started it. But then you look at their concerts now, and they be wild’n, taking they shirts off dancing…….and you realize that NCT in a few years gon b doing the same.


Yixing must have been wearing pants with glue on them (cr.)

2013, the year of Growl was the year of EXO. They broke records and set new ones–in sales, in awards, in recognition. No one questioned whether they deserved it or not because how could you? How could you tell these boys who broke their ankles and pulled their backs that they didn’t sell a million copies and didn’t win every daesang? But they did, and they still do: nothing has changed, except their relief when they win.

EXO has nothing and everything to prove when they comeback. I say this in the same sense as when kpop legends make a comeback. They have nothing to prove because they are the name of kpop in this generation, paving the path and setting records just as seniors before them have done.

At the same time, they have everything to prove because kpop careers aren’t forever. The boys are well aware of this. You can see the anticipation when they wait, the relief when they win; the gratitude to be nominated and present at the ceremony in the first place. When they thank us–that this is only possible because of us–they know how hard we work to put them on top. Kpop careers don’t last forever, but fandoms do.

This 2017 will be EXO’s Five Year Anniversary and along those lines it’s fair to realize that both EXO and SM have something special in store for us. All the members have mentioned that this year they will focus on GROUP activities as in…group promotions, hopefully group varieties, special group activities. From what Baekhyun said in the fannaccount about a lot of confusing/ exciting teasers, it seems like EXO’s going to go back to their roots and either do a predebut like influx of teasers (and finally base their albums on the teaser music) or do a pathcode 2.0.  If that’s true and SM’s allowing hints to be released so early, it means they’re aboard the hype train for this comeback too

For now, we can only guess, but one thing’s for certain– this 2017 will be EXO’s year once again. In these 5 years, these nine boys have gone through so much to stand before us today, and I for one, can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. 

It’s still so weird to think that exo was the most senior group at mama’s this year. Exo. One of the most widely viewed and well known kmusic awards shows had EXO as the most senior group. I just can’t get over that. The group that people treat like rookies who haven’t worked long and hard enough to deserve their fame yet, the group that people call undeserving of their fame, the group that people STILL think is a quick burn group good for only one hit then done, was the senior group at that award ceremony.

People can’t keep acting like exo is still a shiny newbie who doesn’t have their own place and name in the industry yet. They’ve survived more scandals and years then any  other  group there. No one can talk about how well their favs would be doing if it was in exo’s position because they haven’t even gotten there yet.

Was everyone watching the same performance? Did the exo we saw look like it was running on fumes? Did they look like the were finished? Their fanchants dominated the whole building and that platform looked custom built for their transformer stage. Would mnet have done that if exo was a dying group? Would the crowd have been almost entirely a silver ocean if nobody liked exo anymore?

You can’t keep denying the power exo has and will continue to have. If they can own that stage the way they did without practice, rest, or sleep, then image what they could have done if they had the same conditions everyone else’s fav’s got.

Stop saying that exo is at it’s peak or that exo’s done. If you don’t like them that’s fine, everyone’s allowed to like who they choose but you better get used to seeing them because they’re not gonna be done for a long time