one year since one of the best albums of the whole universe

For Joanie 

Joanie - I know you and I know you’ve probably spent the past five years working your ass off and doing nothing else. Which I appreciate of course, because, you know, here I am, but based on your CD collection (CDs Joan!!! CDs!!! What are you doing!?!? iTunes has existed for nearly 20 years), you haven’t been buying new music. I checked your computer too. You don’t have Spotify or anything (it’s this new streaming service that I don’t understand).

Just so you don’t think I’ve been sitting at home watching Netflix all day, I’ve also been catching up on the last five years of music. Sam and the boys have tried to get me up to speed on all things pop culture but there’s just so much. It’s been a big undertaking and I’m making this a family project now. You and I are both going to start listening to music that’s been released since 2011 (spoiler alert: pop music got gooooood). You need to know what’s going on in the zeitgeist, Joanie. You can’t just listen to Radiohead and The Beach Boys on repeat forever. (don’t worry, I got you an actual Christmas present, this is just a bonus)

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Hey @taylorswift ! You’ve been so supportive, kind to us, and just incredible recently and I just wanted to put something together to thank you. You’re honestly the best, greatest thing in our lives and we all appreciate your consistent support. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This is a collage of about 100 fans just to thank you for how kind you’ve been recently.

We all love you SO much. Thank you for being our best supporters and such a huge source of happiness for us all. I hope that you see this and know how much we love you and how many people have your back.

People also submitted messages that I added below. I know that they would love for you to read them. Love you babe.

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Chris Evans Fic: Back Together

You paused at the door to smooth down the imaginary wrinkles in your dress, but mainly to try and steady your nerves. It had been five long months since the break up and you hadn’t laid eyes on him in the flesh since then. But, of course, meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding was inevitable and today would be the biggest test of all. How would he look? Would he be with someone? Brought a date? Or would he be alone, like you? Did he remember why you had broken up? Because night after night of scrolling through digital albums of your snaps and videos on your phone of the two of you rendered your memory useless and the events that led to you walking out that day were now hazy and vague. 

And now here you were, about to see him for the first time since then. You still hadn’t really got a game plan together for how you would act. Cool and aloof? Bright and breezy? Contrite and apologetic? It was too hard to decide but, regardless, you knew the moment you saw him, your brain would do its own thing anyway. 

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No Control | Chapter One

Hey. Okay, so I’ve decided to start posting a Harry story I’ve been working on. I’ve never posted on tumblr before or anything about Harry Styles. I’ve written before but not about something that has required so much research about a real person before. So, bear with me haha. I don’t know how many people are actually gonna read this, but I’m just gonna post it anyway, see how it does.

Massive thank you to @lovingstyles87 for reading my first chapter and encouraging me to post it. She had the sweetest things to say, and, honestly, they mean a lot coming from her, because I love her writing. Honestly couldn’t believe she even messaged me haha.

*Please feel free to reblog and send me feedback! It’s much appreciated :)*


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

*Gif is not mine.*


JUNE 2015

“Micky!” I hear my name being called from the bottom floor of the library. The voice is shushed pretty vehemently, considering it’s the last two days of finals week and people are cramming. I’m here just editing my final paper for my physiology lab, but other people have more important things to get done. 

“Oh, fuck off,” I hear Trevor spit out at someone who shushed him. “Micky Bennett!” He gets shushed again, even more viciously than last time. I can hear his footsteps below me, so I lean over the edge of the balcony that I’m sitting at and wave at him.

I met Trevor my very first day at New York University, nearly three years ago. I had only moved to New York from England three days prior, so I hadn’t had a lot of time to go out and meet anyone before classes started. We’re in the same major and we had the same general biology class at nine on Monday morning. We sat next to each other in lecture hall and joked back and forth the whole time about our professor’s awful fashion sense. We made fast friends and have been attached at the hip ever since. He came out and visited England that first summer and stayed with my family for a few weeks while I showed him around. He was a permanent fixture in my house for all the summers following, as well. We made sure to get dorms on the same floor this year and we’ve arranged for the same next year.

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i was yours from the start

summary: a pretty darn fluffy oneshot following the events of the following: world unknown, yours to keep, all that i’ll ever need, and merry christmas, here’s to many more.

word count: ~4400

also read on: ao3,

a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEAGAN!! (I know, it’s not quite midnight yet for you, but it is for me so it totally counts!!!!) You’re the reason for this whole universe in the first place and you’re the reason I continue to cry every day about it, so I hope you enjoy this fifth installment!! <3  (and everyone go wish my dearest friend @swans-and-pirates a very happy birthday!)

It’s a rarity in the Jones house for there to be a morning of complete silence. Typically, there are two small bodies bouncing on her, begging her to get up. Or, her second favorite way to be awoken- yelling in her face about Daddy being gone.

Emma narrows her eyes at the sight of her alarm clock reading 8:00.

She turns onto her side, facing Killian’s side of the bed. He’s still sound asleep. He got in late and she picked him up from the airport, so he’s probably exhausted and catching up on some well deserved rest. With a small smile, she watches his chest rise and fall gently.

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I Know-Corbyn Besson

♥ ♥ ♥ 

“Anything exciting over there on your end?” Corbyn asks from his side on the couch. Currently, you and your best friend Corbyn were doing nothing other than scrolling through your phones.

“Nope, not really. Jake and Marnie broke up for the seventh time.” you laugh and cross your legs on top of Corbyn’s, which met yours in the middle of his small love seat.

This was a typical Friday night for the two of you: hanging around Corbyn’s house until you found something better to do, which you usually didn’t. Killing time was your specialty, and you liked it most when you did it with Corbyn.

Just when you thought you would spend yet another night doing nothing, Corbyn spoke up. “Tyler’s throwing a party.” he said non-nonchalantly but by the tone of his voice, you could tell he wanted to go.

“Tyler Linderman?” you ask, referring to the doe-eyed jock who sat next to you in Physics class. “Yeah. Its going to be small, more of a kick back. You in?” he asked with a raised brow.

“Eh, I’d rather wait until your mom gets home and ask her to cook us some pasta.” “Come on, (Y/N). The school year is almost over and we’ve only been to like three parties.” he complained, nudging you with his feet for emphasis.

“Yeah and the last one ended with you puking in my lap!” you said, annoyance in your tone but a smile on your face. “True, buuuut, I did help you clean it up.” he said trying to make a point.

“Fine. I’ll go with you to Tyler’s but I’m not wearing this.” you gesture to your outfit of holey leggings and a Virginia State University t-shirt. “Hold on. I’m gonna go change and then I’ll take you home so you can too. Deal?” 

“Deal.” you agreed and Corbyn got up from the couch and disappeared into his room. The second he got up, you stretched your legs, finally having enough room to yourself.

Your eyes scanned his living room and you smiled at all of the pictures of you Corbyn’s parents had put up. You and Corbyn had been best friends since childhood and you did everything together since you were five.

“Okay I’m ready. Let’s go.” Corbyn said as he walked past you on the couch and headed for the door. You sat up and Corbyn threw your shoes toward the couch. “Ready.” you said before following him out the door.


“Oh my God, give me the aux cord.” you complain as Corbyn jams out to another overplayed song on the radio. “No, your music is depressing!” he whines, and you don’t really deny it because its mostly true.

“Shut up.” you say as you snatch the aux from his hands, quickly plugging in your phone. You decide to take a chance and put your music on shuffle. Instead of looking at the screen, you wait to guess what’s playing.

“Khalid!” Corbyn says excitedly and you nod as you recognize the lyrics to the song 8TEEN. “This whole album is gold.” you gush and Corbyn quickly agrees. “We should go see one of his shows.” 

“Yeah because my parents would totally let me go on a road trip with you.” you scoff playfully. Your parents loved Corbyn. In fact, they wanted you date him, but they were too strict to ever let you go to a concert alone with him.

“You’re right.” he admits and drapes his hands over the steering wheel. You had to give it to him, Corbyn was a really good driver. So good that you even begged him to help you practice for your own driving test.

“Okay you have ten minutes. Ten.” Corbyn repeats himself as he pulls into your driveway. “Got it. Thanks dad.” you tease and head inside to change your clothes for the party. 

After digging through your drawers and making a mess of your closet, you settle on a sleeveless body con dress. Turning to the mirror, you take out the ponytail from your hair and run your hands through it a bit and decide to leave it down.

You’re about to touch up your makeup when your phone begins to ring, Corbyn’s contact photo illuminating your screen. Ignoring his call, you apply a couple coats of mascara and head back to the car.

“Finally.” he whines impatiently as you open the car door. “Oh shut up, that was like twelve minutes.” you defend, buckling your seat belt and setting your purse on the floor by your feet.

“You look nice.” Corbyn says and you shoot him a wink. After a little bit of playful banter and another argument over music, Corbyn began driving again. This time, he headed for Tyler Linderman’s house.

“I’ve never been to Tyler’s house before.” you say, bobbing your head to the music as Corbyn focuses on the road. “Really? You guys dated in middle school.” he says, and you swear there’s a hint of jealousy in his tone.

“Yeah, in middle school. Of course we didn’t actually hang out.” you say with a laugh but Corbyn doesn’t join you. “What’s your problem all of a sudden?” You ask after a few moments of silence.

“Nothing. I just don’t like the guy.” Corbyn says in a low tone. “Okay. And you’re dragging me to his party?” you ask, getting a little annoyed with Corbyn’s attitude. 

“Whatever.” he groans and you decide to leave it alone. Reaching for your phone, you turn up the music and for the rest of the ride you and Corbyn sing along to each and every song that plays.


When you finally arrive at Tyler’s house your jaw drops as you stare at the mansion in front of you. “This is where Tyler lives?” you gape and Corbyn just nods like this house isn’t bigger than the two of yours combined.

“It’s big, I know.” he says as the car comes to a stop. Getting out of the car, you realize how big this party really is. “A kick back? Really?” you glare at Corbyn, motioning to the crowd of people all walking towards Tyler’s palace.

“It’ll be fine (Y/N). You need to have fun every once in a while.” he says and even though you agree with him, you would never admit it. “Ughhh.” is all you have time to say before Corbyn grabs your arm and leads you inside. 

You’re instantly greeted by Tyler and all of his friends. “Hey Corbyn!” they say practically in unison and Corbyn returns their smiles, making you wonder if he really dislikes Tyler as much as he says. 

After the boys were done chatting, they turned to you. “Damn (Y/N) you look good!” a boy named Isaac yells over the booming music. “Thanks I think.” you say, squinting your eyes and you notice Corbyn’s jaw clench.

“You okay?” you mouth, but he doesn’t answer you. “I’m gonna get all of us some drinks.” Corbyn says and disappears into the kitchen. “So are you and Corbyn like…?” Tyler starts but trails off, not knowing how to continue.

“Dating?” you finish for him and he smiles shyly. “No. But that’s what everyone thinks.” you say nicely. “Well, if you’re free sometime, maybe we could do something? Get dinner maybe?” Tyler suggests and you can tell he’s nervous.

“Maybe. I mean, you did dump me in the seventh grade.” you joke and he laughs as well. You suddenly begin to list the pros and cons of being with Tyler in your head as you exchange some small talk.

He’s definitely cute, sweet and funny, but you doubt that if you hang out it will escalate into something serious. You exchange numbers with him anyway before looking around for Corbyn.

“Have you seen Corbyn?” you ask, interrupting Tyler mid-sentence. “I, uh, no actually. I haven’t.” he says, taking a look around the room. “I’m sorry but I should go find him.” you excused yourself and made your way to the kitchen.

Scanning the room, it didn’t take long for you to spot your blond best friend. “Oh no.” you thought out loud. Corbyn was slung over the kitchen island, a bottle of vodka half empty in his hands.

“Heeeyyy (Y/N)!” he slurs loudly, picking himself up from the table and earning a few insults as he messes up the cups set up for the ongoing beer pong game. “Hey Corbyn. I thought you were grabbing some drinks?” 

“I was but then I thought instead of grabbing them, I could drink them!” he says proudly, a goofy grin dominating his face as he stumbled in your direction. You mentally face palm yourself, grabbing onto him to keep him from falling.

“Okay, okay.” you say as you struggle to keep him from toppling over. “Need a hand?” a familiar voice asks from behind the two of you and you turn around to find Tyler with one hand on Corbyn’s back.

“Yes please. I need to get him to his car.” you say and Tyler doesn’t hesitate before wrapping Corbyn’s shoulder around his. “Let’s go big guy.” he grunts, practically lifting Corbyn off of the ground.

“Thank you.” you get out from the other side of Corbyn as the three of you head to the door. “Hold on.” Corbyn snaps suddenly and stops both you and Tyler by sticking his feet out in front of him.

“What’s wrong? Do you need to puke?” concern was evident in your voice and this seemed to set Corbyn off even more. “Yeah, something is wrong.” he yells, turning to Tyler.

“You wanted me to leave so you could chat (Y/N) up didn’t you!!” he accuses, pushing Tyler away from him. “What? No, I mean, I got her number and I-” “You gave this prick your number?” Corbyn interrupts, squirming away from you too.

“Yeah. Why does that matter?” you ask, confusion taking over you. “Listen Corbyn, we can talk about this outside.” Tyler insists and goes to grab Corbyn’s arm but Corbyn pulls away from him fast and winds his own back instead.

Before you could react, Corbyn’s fist collides with Tyler’s jaw and you freeze in your place by the door. Tyler stumbled back, surprised for a moment before punching him back; but instead of the jaw, his fist collides with Corbyn’s eye.

“STOP!” you yell and get in between them before anymore damage can be done to either of the idiots you called your friends. “We’re leaving.” you growl, grabbing Corbyn by the arm and leading him outside.

Lucky for you, he was too busy covering his eye to fight you on this. “Sorry for everything!” you yell to Tyler, who was outside as well now, watching you drag Corbyn to his car and stuff him into the passenger seat.


“I can’t believe you right now.” you spit at Corbyn for the fifth time since you’ve been in the car. You’d been chewing him out for a whole ten minutes but you still didn’t feel like it was enough.

“I’m sorry.” he says, again, and turns to look out the window. “What’s gotten into you lately anyway?” you were less mad now and more concerned. “I-Stop the car.” he says roughly.

“No I have already wasted so much time on you tonight that I-Oh God!” you exclaim, turning to see Corbyn with a hand covering his mouth, clearly about to puke. “Sorry, one second.” you panic, finding the nearest place to pull over.

The second the car rolls to a stop, he hops out, leaving the door open for you to hear every hurl and groan. “I am never drinking again.” he says solemnly, his hand clutched to his stomach. 

“That’s what you always say. Every damn time.” you offer him a napkin from your spot in the car and he takes it, wiping his mouth thoroughly before turning back to face the open field ahead of him.

“Can you get back in the car please? I’m still mad and I would like to go home.” you say, trying to keep your cool to avoid blowing up on Corbyn again. “It’s so peaceful out here.” 

He turns and motions for you to join him but you just shake your head. “Its like midnight. Get in or I’m leaving you.” you threaten but Corbyn just smiles in response.

“You would never do that.” he says confidently and you just sigh because once again, he is completely right about you. Corbyn always was. “Come on, we can stargaze!” he exclaims before laying down on the hood of the car.

You don’t know why, but pretty soon you’re next to him on the hood of his car, pointing out all of your favorite constellations, laughing with him about the events of that night.

In this moment, everything feels right. You laying next to Corbyn, so close you can feel the warmth of his soft skin, the stars shining bright, illuminating his eyes which are undoubtedly the most beautiful pair of eyes you’ve ever seen…

Slowly, your right hand inches toward him and his left hand meets you half way, your fingers effortlessly intertwining. Neither of you say anything, you know what he’s thinking and judging by how he acted tonight, you know he’s been thinking it for a while.

His hand holds yours for a little while longer, an action you once thought of as completely innocent making your heart race. He leans closer to you and you look him deeply in the eyes.

“I love you.” he says at barely a whisper and you smile at his words. “I know.” you say and he scoots even closer to you, causing the cold roof of his car to squeak.

“If you think I’m kissing you before you brush those teeth, you’re mistaken, Barf Breath.” you giggle before snuggling into him.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: Finally, a CORBYN IMAGINE!! I am honestly sorry that it took me so long to write for him, it is just hard for me for some reason! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it because I enjoyed writing it! I got inspiration from the song 400 Lux by Lorde. :) 

Our Fingerprints - Soulmate! Michael Clifford


A/N - This is originally a 7 part series. It is now combined into one 3,766 word fic. I hope y’all enjoy



You stood at the threshold of the place. You hold your hands out to inspect them one more time before you go in. They seem normal to me, they are your hands after all. You squint to look at your fingerprints once more. You have been told from a young age that your finger prints are almost unique, that only one other person in this world will have the same fingerprints as you. That person being your soulmate.

So, here you are standing in the threshold of Finger Print Mania, the only and the largest fingerprint matchmaking service. On your eighteenth birthday you can go to one of their locations and get your fingerprint put into their database. Then if your soulmate’s print is in the database, or added, you and your soulmate would both be notified. In the notification is their name and anything else, like a special message, a location, or job.

The problem is that you didn’t know if you wanted to put your fingerprint into the database. The whole experience is completely voluntary. You had never felt so vulnerable as you felt right now in this place. What happened if he never put his fingerprint in? (At least you thought it was a he). Could you go about your years looking at everybody’s fingerprints without going insane?

It’s better to not know, you decide, turning around and walking away.

It’s better to know, Michael decides, walking inside of the building.

Some people stop to stare at the super star, phones where whipped out. It is Michael’s twentieth birthday, and only now was he putting his finger print into the database. When he was younger he was convinced that he would meet her naturally. Now, touring around the world and never being home caused him to rethink his plan.

It took a total of thirty minutes before he could leave. He waited in line for the first ten. You would think that not many people would be there, but people of every age was waiting in line. Then he got his fingerprints scanned. Lastly they gave him a sheet and told him to write his name and whatever else on it. Michael had been tasked with writing whole songs, but his first words to his soulmate stumped him. He was sure she was pretty, but how can you write that on paper, never seeing her before?

Michael ended up writing something lame. He said his name, age, the band that he was in, and then something about wanting to meet her. When he passes the paper over to the lady behind the desk. She smiles at him, obviously knowing who he was, and looks down at what he wrote. He could tell by how the smile slightly dropped that she thought that he would be more romantic or something. But no. All the fans always romanticized them.


Micheal is prepared. He is ready to get the text. The text that will begin the rest of his life. Sure, it’s only day one of having his fingerprint in the system, but he’s prepared. He’s prepared to meet her, the person he will spend the rest of his life with. Sure, he’s had girlfriends before. But he knew that none of them would compare to her. It’s in their genes.

Micheal always kept his phone on him, these days. He had a feeling that it could be any minute, any second now, when he gets the notification that his soulmate had been found. He was…excited? The only time he has ever felt this way was seconds before he is about to go on stage, the crowed roaring for him and his bandmates.

The boys were all in LA writing their next album, which is to-be-named. Today is an Ashton-Luke written session, meaning Calum, his soulmate Brynn, and Micheal were at the house. Calum is the only one in the group with a found soulmate. The other two boys refused to put their fingerprint in the system, wanting to be bachelors for a little longer. Calum went on his own eighteenth birthday to put his fingerprints in, as did Brynn.

Micheal spots the lovely couple on the couch cuddling and decided to flop down between them.

You spot the lovely couple on the couch cuddling and decide to flop down between them.

“Y/N!” They both yell. They are your best friends, Brian and Mia. The three of you had always gotten along, but last summer, when they found out that they were soulmates, there was a shift in your relationship. One that you did not like. It was no longer Brian, Mia, and Y/N. It was more like Brian and Mia, and Y/N. They acted more like your parents than anything else, getting annoyed when you disturb their alone time, and kicking you out of group discussions.

You laugh at their annoyance and wiggle your way between the two of them. “What are we watching?” You ask, turning your attention to the TV. It was some dumb soulmate movie. There was a nobody girl ending up being soulmates with some famous pop star or something. Like that would ever happen in real life.

Instead you decide to go on your fan account for Five Seconds Of Summer, and Australian band that you stan. You firstly check to see if any of the boys had found their soulmates, besides Calum. It was no secret on the 5sos universe that Calum had found a gorgeous soulmate of the name of Brynn. Everybody loves her. She always leaks out cute pictures of the boys and once and a while a lyric or two. Nothing comes up except for pictures of Micheal going to a Fingerprint Matching Service, Finger Print Mania. Michael is trying to find his soulmate. This excites you to no end. It’s always exciting for everyone when celebrities find their Soulmates. Although it saddens you also, Micheal is you favorite in the band, and soon he will officially be “off the market”


No sign of her. They both think, scrolling through pages of twitter. No sign of Michaels soulmate. About two blocks away from each other, scrolling on social media, in hopes of finding the same girl. The only difference is is that one of them is the girl, she just doesn’t know it yet. The only difference is one is too scared to put her fingerprint into the data base. The only difference is, is that its a year later since Michael submitted his own fingerprint. The only difference is that one gave up checking his phone for the notification.

It is Michaels twenty-first birthday, but today has been Declared Luke’s. He claims that today is the day, that today is the day that he will put his fingerprint into the database. Michael is secretly annoyed. Its supposed to he his day. Not Luke’s. Sure there was plenty of “Happy Birthday You can legally drink now” messages, but there was also messages about Luke going to be at Finger Print Mania in L.A.

Luke proceeded to get all the boys to come with him. Luke claims its because of nerves, but Michael suspects that Luke is secretly a girl and can’t do anything alone. Michael couldn’t tell you the amount of times that Luke would beg one of them to go to the bathroom with him. The other theory that Michael has is that Luke is scared to go out alone because of the fans. It’s much easier to deal with them when there if four of them. But if Luke is worried about the fans then why did he Tweet about where he is going today?

They arrive at the place Michael was last year. Fans are crowded outside the doors, waiting for a glimpse of one of the boys. They quickly take a few pictures and go inside the building. Inside the building was eerily calm compared to the outside. They all watched from afar as Luke quickly goes up to the free receptionist.

Michael takes a calm look around the place, when his eyes meet her’s.

Y/N takes a calm look around the place, when her eyes meet his.

Today is Y/N’s day. Well its also Michaels, being his birthday and all, but today was your’s also. It’s been a year since the last time you went to Finger Print Mania, and now you felt ready. It’s also your nineteenth birthday to boot. You started college last year, and it seemed like all your wishes were coming true, except for two. Meeting 5sos and Meeting your soulmate. So you decided that today is the day. You were going to go and put your fingerprint into the database.

You didn’t check your phone before you went, but when you got there, there is a huge crowed inside. Police officers were on the scene, shooing the mass of girls outside of the building. You wonder what’s going on, but then you hear someone shout for “five second of summer” and you understand. Probably Luke or Ashton tweeted about coming today. You are unworried though, because once they see this mess, they’ll probably keep driving.

You enter the building to find that everyone was ushered out, so only a few people were inside, all filling out forms. You walk up and they quickly take you. You first put down your prints into a scanner, then they give you a form and tell you to write something to your soulmate on it. You stick to a classic, “heres my name and where I live” kind of a thing. They will have your number automatically so you weren’t too worried about that.

Thats when they come in, right when you were looking around for inspiration to write anything else. You study the group. There is Luke, who looks nervous as ever. Ashton, who just looks bored but a little excited. Calum who is looking around, nodding to the familiarity of the place. And then there is Michael. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere but here. You watch him turn. and then your eyes meet.


Michael knew it was her, just by looking at her. It felt unnatural how his chest expanded, and how his heart raced. So yes, he knew it was her. He watches her, never leaving eye contact. Even when Luke comes back with the papers, saying how he needs help with what to write, Michael doesn’t take his eyes off of her’s.

You know it is him, just by looking at him. It feels unnatural how your palms begin to sweat and how your whole world looked in slow motion. So yes, you knew it was him. You watch him, never leaving eye contact. You watch how when Luke comes back, he and the rest of the boys go to sit across the room from you. Even though Michael’s back was to you for a second, you knew he was still aware of your presence.

They sat across the room from each other, staring into the other’s eyes. They felt the same racing heart and sweaty hands. They felt the same connection. They both worried that if they look away for even a second, it would be ruined. That if they look away, then they will never find each other again.

You stand abruptly, causing Michael to stand also. You give him a small smile, and walk over to the receptionist, and give your papers to her. She smiles at you and promises to put it into the database. You give her a smile in return, and turn to walk out. You meet eyes with Michael again, he is still standing next to the boys. They boys called for his attention, but little did they know he was giving all his attention to you.

You watch, slowly making you way to the door, as Calum follows Michael’s gaze and sees you. His eyes widen. Calum understood what was going on, but he keeps his mouth shut, and watches the two of you like a soap opera. Then you bump into a warm chest,

“Sorry babe,”

“Sorry babe,”

Micheal suddenly wanted to kill Luke, wring his neck for bumping into her. Micheal vaguely noticed Luke standing up to return his forms, but didn’t think much of it, until he bumped into you, and called you ‘babe.’ Michael wants to throw a hissy fit, and yell to the world, that you were only his ‘babe.’ Michael watches as you turn your attention away from himself and to Luke.

“It’s fine,” She promises in an angelic voice. Micheal melts at her words, even if they aren’t directed to him

“How about I get you a cup of coffee, to make up for it?” Luke asks, checking out her body. This made Michael fuming, nobody should be checking his girl out like that. Especially Michaels best mate. Micheal take a step towards them, ready to jump in to save her, if she needs it. She takes a glance at Micheal, before shaking her head.

Michael takes that glance as a cue and walks up to them and wraps an arm around her. His girl. Luke looks at the couple curiously. “So you won’t go out with me because your into him?!” Luke shouts, outraged. “He gets everything!” Luke yells in frustration, making her flinch a little. Micheal feels her flinch and pulls her a little closer to him

“I’d hope she’s into me, she’s my soulmate,” Micheal explains to a fuming Luke. Luke’s eyes go a little soft and whispers out a quick, “oh”


` “Yeah,” Micheal says, the awkward moment settling in. Michael brought her back to the LA house. They all sat down at the couch, and were watching the girl, who had yet to announce her name. Brynn, Calum’s soulmate seemed to be the only one who could move or talk. She had wrapped Michael’s girl in her arms the moment they were introduced and continued to blabber on about being the best of friends. She wouldn’t let go of Michael’s soulmate until Calum pried her off.

“So what’s your name” Brynn says, causing the whole group to lighten up a little. The proposition of new information made them all excited. She opens her mouth to speak when a small chime erupts from Michael’s and her’s phones. Michael unlocks his phone to see a text from Finger Print Mania, announcing her name, that she is a college student along with an address.

“Y/N Y/L/N” She says quietly. She seems to shrink in her seat with each syllable that she says. The boys all nod to what she said, still looking at her. Michael was different though, he stared at her. He wanted to know her. He wants to know every inch of her face. He wants to know every twitch and every signal she gives. He wants to know the woman that he will spend the rest of his life with.

Then she get up.

Then you get up.

How stupid could you be to go back to his house with him? He’s your idol, not your soulmate! You can’t deny the bond you to share, but after about twenty minutes staring at him and the rest of the boys, you couldn’t stand it anymore. You got up to leave. Michael quickly stands after you. “I’m sorry, I have to go,” You say as simply as you can before practically bolting out the door. Michael shouts something after you, something about texting. You ignore him though and start running.

It takes you about ten minutes to find your way back to your apartment. It turns out you were only a couple of blocks away, but with your poor navigation it takes longer than the standard five minutes. You walk into your apartment that you share with your college friends Brian and Mia. They are soulmates to eachother, and you see the both of them on the couch making out.

“Get a room,” You say, disgusted by their PDA. “Don’t have to when its my apartment,” Brian smartly replies, earning a quick response by you, “Not your apartment, it’s ours,” you say smartly. Brian groans out a whatever, but the pair doesn’t move. You leave the pair in favor of your room. You sit on your bed and contemplate what just happened. Your idol is your soulmate. How could this happen? One day you are on the internet looking him up, the next day he was looking you up and down. This can’t be happening you decide, its just a dream. You flop down onto your bed and try to forget.


Michael stands outside her door. There was an address on the text Finger Print Mania sent, and so here he was. Michael has never felt so anxious. Its a different kind of anxiety than when they are about to go onstage. Its more nervous and jittery. He wiggles on his feet, but not in excitement to see the crowed.

The boys offered to come with him, along with Brynn (Calum’s soulmate), but Michael said no. He somehow understood that he had to do this alone. Wether it be pride driving him, or his own selfishness. He knocks on the door, waiting a few beats before it opens up to reveal a boy. Michael’s first instinct is to turn around and bolt. It wasn’t her. Is this even her house? Why would she put a fake address into the text?

“Hello?” The boy asks, looking Michael up and down. He hears a voice call out behind him asking who was at the door, but it wasn’t her either. The boy looks at Michael expectantly, and suddenly Michael jumps to introduce himself.

“I’m Micheal Clifford. Is Y/N here?” He asks. The boy looks at him suspiciously. A girl walks up behind him and wraps her arms around the boy. She give a curious look at Micheal. She mummers something about knowing the name.

“What do you need with Y/N?” The boy asks, protectively. This causes Michel to wonder who he is to Y/N. God forbid he was her boyfriend or something, because Micheal would punch him straight in the nose.

“I’m her soulmate”

“I’m her soulmate”

You went down into the kitchen to grab some cheetos, your ultimate comfort food. When you hear his voice. How did he find you? Then it occurs to you, you added your address in the text. You bang your hand against your head and whisper stupid a couple of times. Micheal had been trying to text you for a few days now (without you responding), and it seems he has now decided to show up at your door.

Its not that you didn’t want him, because god did you want him. You were just shocked. You literally stalk him and suddenly he’s your soulmate? How do you explain how you know, in detail, the conditions of his birth, when he barely knows your name? You shrink back up the stairs, hoping that your friends, Brian and Mia, know somehow to not let him in.

You hear his voice get a little louder and you know they let him in. You scowl, mad that your telepathy didn’t work. Brian yells up the stairs for you, but you ignore him, sneaking into your room to hide. Yeah, if he wasn’t your soulmate, you would be all over him, but now you are resorting to hide in your own home.

“She probably can’t hear me, just go up the stairs its the first door on your right,” Brian says, allowing Michael into the depths of the home. You scurry deeper into the room and try to make it look like you didn’t just hear his conversation. You throw your laptop onto your lap and open it up to see Michael’s face. It’s your fan account. You hadn’t been able to touch your computer in a few days because you were too scared to come across him on your tumblr feed. There is a knock on your door, and you quickly close your laptop in favor of a real life Micheal.

Micheal is in your doorway. Standing tall, but you can tell hat he is scared. Scared of you sending him away, scared of rejection. If only he knew that you could never do that. You could never send him away. It took all that was in you to stay away, and now that he is here, you can’t stop. Or if Michael was talking, he would say Don’t Stop. You hum the rest of your song in your head.

Don’t stop doin’ whatcha dooooooiiiinnnn’  ‘Cause every time you move to the beat….

“Y/N” Michael says breathless. He steps into the room, and you try to pay attention to him but his damn song keeps playing in your head

it gets harder for me and you know it, know it, know it,

He steps to you, and squats down to your level, and places his hands around your head. He has a desperate look in his eyes as he looks into your eyes. “Say something” He whispers. You know on some level you should say something funny, or sexy, or even his name. But that is sadly not what you said, or yelled.

“Don’t stooopppp, ‘Cause you know that I like it, every time you walk in the room, you got all eyes on you and you know it, know it, know it,” You yell in his face. Yes. You yelled your soulmate’s song, in his face. You want to put your face into your hands and hide, but he doesn’t let you.

“Good thing to know that your a fan,” He whispers, laughing slightly at your outburst.

“Good think to know that your a fan,” Micheal whispers, laughing slightly at Y/N’s outburst

Michael looks at her, unsure what to do next. He already over her. He always knew that he would eventually fall in love with his soulmate, but he didn’t know it would happen so quickly.

“Maybe,” She says, not committing to being a fan. Maybe she has the same fear as him, of rejection? Micheal give another laugh, knowing that she would never be rejected by him. Especially not if she is a fan, its a bonus that she is.

“I’ll teach you the chords on my guitar,” Micheal whispers a promise. Holding her hand. She nods to what she said. “I don’t care if your a fan, you are my everything,” Micheal promises.

Out-d*cking a stingy roommate. Suffer!

(warning: long story)

The Backstory

I attend a university in Boulder, CO. If you don’t know, living expenses are quite… ludicrous here. Therefore I got an apartment with my 3 best friends since elementary school. We grew up pretty well off in a very upper middle class suburban area of Denver… this is relevant.

As part of furnishing our apartment, every family pitched in $100 to buy this awesome 12 person sectional suede couch. It was used, and in great shape. Everything else came from individual families, but everyone pitched in equally for what we needed. This couch will be the subject of the story.

The three roommates, with changed names, we’ll call them John, Taylor, and Nigel. Taylor, Nigel, and I all study profusely for our technical degrees, as where John has switched from his technical degree to biology to pursue medical school (good for him). However, it was this change that precipitated a whole shitstorm that I will now explain.

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One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Chapter 5

It had been about a week since the greenhouse incident and Caroline was still completely spooked, especially after her and Paul had searched the greenhouse inch by inch for any signs of a stray to no avail. Paul tried to convince her that it was probably just a strong draft and that maybe the plant had been too close to the edge of the table but Caroline knew better, she knew it was a sign that she needed to put a stop to this before it went too far.

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It’s Joy Time for Bruno Mars

WE’RE JUST CAVEMEN, hitting on rocks,” says Bruno Mars. “It’s no different—you’re a caveman and you got a rock in front of you, you hit it with a stick to get everybody dancing. This is our time to forget about everything, it’s joy time. So who’s the best at hitting that rock? Who’s going to make the village dance the hardest?” 

At a casual glance, you might not know that Mars is one of our superstar cavemen. Pulling up to an upscale Italian restaurant on an anonymous street in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, alone in a relatively modest Cadillac, he parks in back by the dumpsters to slip in quietly. In contrast to the flashy outfits he wears onstage, he’s dressed in a simple collarless bomber jacket, a white Gucci logo T-shirt and camouflage pants. A small crucifix on a thin chain hangs around his neck. 

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nelavili  asked:

Let us spread some positive Caryl feelings! :) What would they say is their favorite memory of the other? Who talks to the other while they're sleeping? Where do they like to kiss each other/be kissed by the other? How do they comfort each other? Who watches cartoons, and who watches the true crime murder mysteries? What do they do when they're bored and together?

You are positively evil for making me think these fluffy thoughts when I have approximately 3k things to do, but hey, I make awesome decisions in bike stores, so here we go! (p.s. This is totally AU to the absolute max because it’s Christmastime and I need Sophia in my life.)

What would they say is their favorite memory of the other?

Daryl’s favorite memory – forever and ever, world without end – is the expression on Carol’s face when he staggered up the stairs of Hershel’s house cradling a barely conscious Sophia in his arms. He’ll never forget a second of what happened in the few seconds after she registered the fact that her baby was alive. A moment of disbelief that transformed quickly into shock. Then a gasp so loud it felt like slicing, her hand to her stomach in a futile attempt to keep her shit together. Finally, more overwhelming joy than he’s ever seen in someone’s eyes before or sense, and the tears dripping off her chin as she closed the few steps between them and took her baby girl into her arms. It’s the greatest thing he’s ever done.

Carol’s favorite memory is the night she first told Daryl that she loved him. He’d been helping her and Sophia make Christmas cookies, but Sophia got tired and wandered off to bed, leaving something like four dozen cookies still left to frost. Daryl turned the Wynton Marsalis Christmas album up a little louder and dug right in, doing his best to make each Christmas tree cutout perfect – deep green icing and just the right amount of multicolored sprinkles, all evenly distributed.

She’d loved him forever already, so she’ll never know what it was about that specific moment that made the words tumble out of her mouth before she could even think about the possible consequences. But he was just so goddamn adorable, sitting at the table with frosting all over his chapped knuckles, softly humming offkey and licking a touch of sweetness off his fingers every now and then. “Are there more?” he asked. “Cause you can working on something else if you need to. I’ve got these.” Something exploded like a firecracker in her chest and she blurted, “Wow, I love you.”

She’ll never forget what happened in his eyes when he realized what she’d said. His whole body went very still, frosting knife clutched in his right palm. His eyes went glisteny and he swallowed hard a couple times, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t figure out how to make words. Panicked, she followed up in half a second with, “You don’t have to say it back. I just wanted you to know because-”

“Stop.” His voice was strained, an octave lower than usual. “I love you.” He breathed in, a long slow inhale for courage. “I was jus’ scared to say it because I still wake up next to you in the morning and wonder if I’m having the longest, best dream of my life.”

Her hand squeezed into a tight ball of vibrating anxiety, she leaned down to touch her lips to his, tasting the sweet, slightly lemony tang of the frosting and the mulled wine he’d been sipping as they worked. Then she tilted his chin up to make sure he was looking at her and said, her voice so unreliable it was close to a whisper, “It’s real. It always has been.”

At that point he yanked her into his lap, and she still giggles when she thinks about all the places that frosting wound up that night.

Who talks to the other while they’re sleeping?

Daryl, no question. He’s gotten so much better at using his words since he and Carol have been together, but the hard stuff – the emotions that grab you in the gut – those are still hard for him to verbalize some days. So at night, when she’s curled up on her side with her foot between his ankles (her feet are always cold) and the smooth softness of her back pressed up against his chest, he sometimes tells her things he wouldn’t know how to say if she were awake and he was looking into her eyes. He tells her about how Sophia called him “Dad” again that morning and it took everything inside him not to cry. He tells her how much he loves to watch her face as she reads one of her favorite books, the ever-changing expressions of delight that flicker and dissolve. He tells her how much he wishes he’d been there 15 years ago, so that maybe – just maybe – he could have spared her the nightmare that was everything about her relationship with Ed. And of course he tells her how every time he gets to touch her, every time she reaches for the hem of a tank top or shirt and pulls it over her head, he feels like the luckiest man in the universe. But he’s learned to say that to her face too, sometimes.

Where do they like to kiss each other/be kissed by each other?

Carol is the world’s most cliche human apparently, because she loves kissing Daryl’s lips. Ed was a shitty kisser even when he bothered, and that was only for about a year of their marriage. Daryl, on the other hand, can’t get enough of kissing. Sometimes he’ll just kiss her for twenty minutes straight without asking for anything else, and she loves every single thing about that experience, from the sound of his breathing to the feel of her lower lip caught gently between his teeth. As for where she likes him to kiss her, definitely on her neck. Apparently there are about 25 erogenous zones located there that she never had a clue about, and he’s found every last one.

Daryl loves to kiss the inside of Carol’s thighs, because going down on her is one of his favorite parts of sex and he loves teasing her mercilessly and making her wait for it. When he starts slowly working his way up the inside of her legs, licking and kissing and tasting, the noises she makes drive him out of his mind. He could do it forever, but eventually she’ll whisper, “Daryl, please,” and because he can’t say no to her he’ll finally slide his tongue upward and get on with it. Daryl’s favorite place to be kissed by Carol is his chest. Just after sex, when they’re both sweaty and panting, she’ll drop tiny, soft, sweet kisses all over his chest and shoulders while they’re trying to get their breath back, and he loves every single thing about the light movement of her lips over his skin.

How do they comfort each other?

This one is super simple – touch. If Carol has a rough day at work, she walks in the door and makes a beeline for Daryl’s arms. Sure, she sometimes explains why she’s upset while he’s holding her and gently rubbing his hand up and down her back, but sometimes she just let’s herself relax there, closing her eyes and letting the warmth of him chase away everything else.

Daryl’s less into words than she is, so if he wakes up from a nightmare, all he wants is to put his head on her chest and feel her hands in his hair, smoothing back and forth until he can breathe again and his heart rate’s back in the safe range.

Who watches cartoons, and who watches the true crime murder mysteries?

Tbh, they’re not particularly into tv, probably due to the fact that both of them carry around tons of life baggage. The tv was on nonstop in Daryl’s house when he was a child, his mother either watching and smoking or passed out drunk by the time he got home from school. Carol’s associations are close to the same – Ed working his way through a six pack while watching football on the couch, the endless loud drone (he always turned the damn thing up to full volume, to the point where Sophia would have to go upstairs if she had to study) of the the commentators threatening to erode her sanity. So every now and then they’ll sit down and watch a silly comedy, and they have a whole list of Christmas shows/movies that are 100% must-sees every year – It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th St., A Christmas Carol, Rudolph, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Olive the Other Reindeer, etc. But beyond that they don’t watch a ton of tv.

What do they do when they’re bored and together?

If Sophia’s not home, showering together is a huge treat, because they don’t get to do that very often. Daryl can’t think of many things he loves more than soaping Carol’s entire body from ankles all the way up to shampooing her hair, and then rinsing her off and going down on her as she leans back against the wall and gasps out in the swirling steam, her body quivering while her hands play with his hair.

But Carol’s also gotten him into both certain board games (he actually likes Scrabble now) and audio books, so on quiet evenings when nothing else is going on, they’ll often grab the giant fluffy polartec blanket Andrea bought them as a housewarming gift and cuddle up on the couch with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese, sausage, and crackers. Then they turn on Audible and listen to Sophia’s latest recommendation.

Damn, that was fun. Thank you sooooo much for the ask. Although this mess is rusty af, it really helped me just to put some damn words on a page.

Dear Taylor, 

I’m not great with words. But I have so many words I need to say to you. I thought I’d give you a story of the first time I heard one of your songs, and how now reputation is coming out as I am nearing graduation from college. THAT. IS. CRAZY.

So I’ll try to tell you everything. Here goes.

I’m Isabelle! This is my mom and I:

I’m 20, a Christmas baby…people say that sucks ‘cause ‘no double presents’ but honestly i love having my birthday on Christmas ‘cause I love giving gifts. (ie..getting weirdly specifically funny gifts for my older brothers…!) I turn 21 this Christmas! (So down to drink with you whenever…)

I’m from Rockville, MD, basically right outside DC (kinda) but I’m currently in Chicago for school at Loyola University Chicago! I have 2 foolish yet incredibly smart brothers, my mom is my best friend in the whole world, and I live with my grandparents as well. I’ve played piano since age 3, I love to sing, I am OBSESSED with musical theatre, I love to make people laugh and, on that note, I love comedy-sketch, improv, stand up…you name it. I love puns a little too much…but CAN someone love puns too much? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST. But I digress. There’s someone who has had a huge impact on my life who I’ve never met, and that someone is you.

2007. I’m in 5th (pretty sure) grade, and our school’s talent show is coming up. Basically, we had to audition to even perform at the talent show (a concept I did not understand but as I type this I’m realizing that is the premise of most music competition shows on TV? Good job, Isabelle. Nailed it.) I played piano, that was it, but an older student (maybe 7th grade at the time) auditioned with a song I hadn’t heard before…it was a song called Our Song. I quickly became obsessed with the song. We both got into the talent show, and she ended up performing A Place in this World in front of the school. I ended up playing my piano piece. Those two songs, not even sung by you the first times I heard them, started my love of your music.

Now…2009-2010. (TIME TRAVEL, RIGHT??) I am in 8th grade, going into high school (CRAZY) and tickets for a certain tour are on sale…the Fearless tour. You had one date in the summer of 2010 for DC at the Verizon Center, but it conflicted with my 8th grade graduation. THEN, because MIRACLES HAPPEN, there was a second date added for DC, the day before the original tour date! Unfortunately, the day before my actual graduation ceremony we had a “mandatory” pre-graduation dinner thing. Still a little bitter I couldn’t go to the Fearless tour, but I made up for it later with 3 other tours.

2011! Freshman year of high school? Life before I knew who I was gonna be…I’m honestly still not sure, as a senior in college. Anyways, freshman year of high school? Not awesome! I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, and I made a lot of friends, but those friendships didn’t really happen till sophomore year. Sophomore year is when I truly threw myself into my school’s performing arts department. I fell in love. I had actually done shows in the summer at my high school, but they were summer camp-y programs, so it was before I was a student there. The first show was Hairspray, follows by the spring production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. In between, I participated in an Improv Show and a dance concert. Ok. So. I cannot dance. I enjoy dancing, and especially now I still say I cannot dance, but I LOVE DANCING. I love dancing and looking 1000% foolish while doing so. I signed up for a class called “Intro to Modern Dance” thinking it meant modern music, like ‘at the moment’ music. WRONG. 

Basically….I, a VERY pale short female with short brown hair and bangs, wore different pastel leotards that had flowy fabric attached to them and pranced across stage before doing what can ONLY be described as ‘birthing motions’.

…True story. Anyways, not the worst thing, but a funny thing.

So, summer 2011: I was an ensemble member in our summer production of Footloose. I also had successfully gotten (thank you Mom…) tickets to night 1 of the Speak Now World Tour in DC for August 2011. I went by myself, but my oldest brother, Jerry, dropped me off and made sure I was safely inside before he went to a Nationals game. He picked me up as well, and he ended up catching the final sounds of that concert from standing in the lobby after the game. I remember everything about that concert. I remember being awestruck when the incredibly touching intro to the album was spoken by you, and then awestruck by the smoke machine….leading to a powerful, young woman rising up from under a stage in a gold glittery dress. That alone blew me away. I took a few pictures at that show, but this one sticks out-partially because it is the least blurry one I took, and partially because I like that you see you on the big screen and onstage. You were so connected to the crowd. It was a truly magical night:

That night and the Speak Now album mean so much to me. It’s special because it was the first time I ever saw you perform live, Taylor, but also because the album has so many songs I hold dear. All your albums do.

Fearless has songs that reassure me, even at age 20, like Fifteen, and it has the song that is my mom’s favorite…The Best Day. It also has anthems that make my heart pound with a sort of fire…Change.

Speak Now, similarly, has songs that resonate with me and will continue to resonate with me forever.  I can’t even talk about Never Grow Up on here or ever because it makes me cry thinking about how much I love my grandparents, brothers, and my marvelous mom. Enchanted is a song that I could quite possibly talk about for days and days and days. It so specifically illustrates all the emotions I feel when I truly “crush” on someone. It also is helpful, because the words you put to that song are lightyears more poignant than how I could describe how I put feelings into words. And you DID. THAT. Enchanted is a song that means so much to all of us, for obvious reasons. I have to say that “the words i held back” as well as the prologue to speak now really parallel all my worries about overthinking and being afraid to speak up. Thank you for those words. 

It is 2012, my high school is doing The Wiz, and I am freaking out over RED.  Red was a turning point for you, and again, it illustrated feelings in ways I couldn’t fathom: “all I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind, making up for lost time, taking flight…”, “everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool..”–I was a junior in high school at this time, and I had experienced bullying and people talking behind my back constantly as well as some cyberbullying. It was not great. The theatre really helped me. My mom surprised me, in 2013, with tickets to night 1 of the Red tour in DC! I went by myself, but I got a text 15 minutes into being in my section from my mom that said “do you see the big Red sign?” …aka this:

…which was not lit (hehe…LIT) at the time my mom texted me. She ended up hearing from a friend that had extra box seats so she called up 2 other friends from work and they joined her in a completely different section from me in the Verizon Center! I just think it’s so funny!! This ended up being more meaningful than I’d thought because this show was the day before Mothers Day. The “surprise” B stage song was Never Grow Up, a song my mom and I adore. From the entrance to the light up drums to the music box to confetti galore, this was another night i’ll never forget. 

My mom and I circa 1999. I love that photo, and, to me, I hear Never Grow Up AND The Best Day playing when I look at it.

I forgot to say another thing when talking about all your tours: I am obsessed with musical theatre, and something you never fail to include on tours is a theatrical feel. It’s always so beautifully done, with quirky “Stage direction” type things and costumes…thank you for that.

By this time…I’ve graduated high school and decided on a school in the midwest…the windy city itself, CHICAGO. Loyola University Chicago, in fact!

It is summer 2014, and I have had a tumblr for some time, mostly filled with photos of bunnies, you-related things/edits, SNL, Harry Potter, and puns. (The basics, you know…not much has changed!)

There have been videos by this time of elevator buttons and secrets about a LIVESTREAM. So, in the car with my mom on the way to move into my dorm (we stopped at Notre Dame on the way because it’s a LONG drive from where I live and most of my family has attended ND! I also worked at Notre Dame this past summer!) I was using a bunch of data to stream your livestream…and? 1989 is coming! I played Shake it Off a LOT on that car ride once I downloaded it. It was so cool because I tried to brush off the bullying I faced in high school and something you said about 1989 was this: “This is a story about coming into your own, and as a result…coming alive.” The album with that message brought me into my freshman year of college, a year filled with many ups and downs. I thank you for being there for me.

Summer 2015, I had the great honor of going to night 1 (JULY 13, yes 13…!!!) of the 1989 Tour in DC, this time at Nationals Park-outside, which was VERY exciting for me, with my godmother! Lorde was the surprise guest, and I am now happy to say I am seeing Lorde live in concert March 2018! The 1989concert was spectacular, it was clear you were taking charge of doing what YOU want and sticking to your genuine, full heart 24/7. I can’t thank you enough for the memories you’ve given me.

I love everyone on here, on tumblr, even though I do not know any of them–in real life. I hope to meet all of you guys, you’re hilarious on here, and I may not post as often as many of you, but I send you all love always.

Now, I am a senior in college. That is WEIRD AF. I turn 21 this Christmas, (I’m a Christmas baby!) I graduate in May, and after that I don’t have plans. I need to get a job, I know that, but uncertainty is AT AN ALL TIME HIGH right now.

reputation is coming out during my SENIOR year of college, a time with SO much uncertainty…definitely more uncertainty than freshman year. I cannot wait to be empowered and enlightened by this album and I can’t help but thank you for this new album and more encouragement to be myself, my best self.

reputation comes out in less than 1 month, and I cannot wait. From what I know so far, and what I know about your “Take no shit and spread so much love no matter what as a strong independent woman” attitude is that I will love this album FOR. SURE. I love you endlessly. I really, really, really hope to meet you someday, and I hope you know that you mean so much to me. Thank you for being a friend to me, even when all I needed was a high note, a funny post, a cat photo, photos of you with fans that make my heart burst, and the hope that someday I’ll meet you. I can’t wait for that day.

Thank you for your heart.

I love you so much, Tay.




anonymous asked:

Just say what u want to say mimi

ok here we go

so in simple terms, i think woollim is a very… incapable company??? i’ve been an inspirit since 2011 and ever since then, i’ve never really questioned the way INFINITE has been managed by them because everything seemed like it was going so well??? like during 2011 through the end of 2013, i would say they reached possibly one of the highest peaks in their careers, especially with the success the chaser had to offer and the number of tours, concerts and the amount of variety shows they did/made appearances on during 2012. 2013 came and infinite h did very well and i would say man in love was really successful followed by their japanese promotions which then led to destiny where they became the first kpop act to film at universal studios and finally their first world tour, which was pretty big, in my opinion. not to mention they also won best male group at mama which i think they were more than deserving of. 2014 to present day is when i think things started to change… i’ve always been fine with the whole one comeback a year thing cause other veteran groups were able to come back once a year but were still popular and still relevant in the scene since they were able to do other activities during the rest of the year so people wouldn’t forget about them. however, with INFINITE, once comeback promotions were done, despite a few members doing dramas here and there, i still think they were too inactive from the scene for a little too long. the members have mentioned a handful amount of times that they have desires to do activities in their spare time so i just don’t understand why they aren’t able to do so??? like tf does woollim want them to do??? sit in the practice room and practice??? practice exactly what though??? 

another thing that rly irks me is that yes, i understand that as a company, you want to grow and develop more groups. however, i don’t think it’s a very good idea to ignore the one group that your company was built upon on thanks to their hard work and success and advert your complete attention somewhere else. INFINITE is their main money maker so like… why did they leave them their to collect dust… 

ALSO!!! i have lost track of the amount of times they’ve teased fans with “comeback” news and were never actually able to go through with the comeback plans on said date… like don’t even get me started but i am honestly so upset and bitter and will continue to stay upset and bitter at the fact that we could’ve had one more final comeback as 7 before hoya’s departure but because they weren’t able to do so, the remaining 6 have to re-record songs and now every time i’ll listen to these new songs, i’m always going to think “wow hoya’s voice would’ve been here and here but bc woollim sucks, i won’t ever get to hear an ot7 version in my life” and they can still use sunggyu’s ribs injury as an excuse BUT STILL… WE HAD SO MUCH TIME BEFORE HE GOT INJURED… WHAT WERE YOU ALL DOING THEN

not to get into the epik high situation too deep but i think they way they handled that scandal was extremely poor. and as if they weren’t able to learn enough from that and take experience from it, i think they’re extremely lacking when it comes to PROTECTING THEIR FUCKING ARTISTS, aka the people that bring you in the money to keep your company running. the way they handled myungsoo’s scandal was extremely awful and with woohyun’s recent one????? um hello?????? are there people… doing their jobs correctly????? are you really going to leave your artists alone to let them get eaten alive by crazy netizens, news outlets with inaccurate sources and the public to just believe it all???

last but not least for now anyways, i personally thing woollim’s got some beef with hoya lol i forgot where i read this but apparently hoya’s received tons and tons of casting calls for dramas but woollim turned them down on his behalf without his knowledge of it nor his consent??? like………. excuse me? that they already won’t let him compose music for INFINITE but now they won’t even let him act?!?!?! he has so much potential and so much desire to things and he’s expressed them all so many times so why why why whwy why won’t they let him do any of it?!?! hoya isn’t the only one either, woohyun has mentioned soooooooo many times how he was ready for a solo album and it took him 6 years after debut to get one, while sungjong has said that he would like to do variety shows after all the well deserved praised he got from knowing brothers. like they did hoya so dirty and honestly i hate saying this but despite me still crying that ot7 isn’t a thing anymore, sometimes i’m really glad hoya’s able to do what he really wants now… like you can only be restricted for so long before you realize what’s best for you. also i think woollim forced the members to unfollow hoya on ig… like i’m sorry idc what u say but hoya and dongwoo are soulmates and that’s all the proof i need to know that woollim forced them all to do the unfollowing 

Never say die - Chapter one

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 2561
Summary: Reader accidentally time travels back to 1985 where Axl, Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy find her.

A/N: So i posted this already before but i changed this a bit bc first it was Robert Plant x reader and i don’t have motivation for Robert rn lmao. So now you can enjoy Axl’s company. I’ll try to update asap

Originally posted by dustnbones96

”I can’t believe it’s already today!” my best friend Leo yelled from the living room. I was still in the bathroom trying to fix my hair for tonight. ”I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time and it’s finally happening.”

We were going to see Guns N’ Roses at tonight’s concert which started at 7 pm. Leo and I loved Guns N’ Roses, we were crazy about their music. I had all of their songs on vinyl and many posters on my walls. We were sure for a moment that we couldn’t afford to buy the tickets, but luckily I got my salary from work earlier than usual. Probably one reason was also that it was my birthday today and my boss knew how much I loved this band. I finally turned 20 and I was sure this night would be the best birthday ever.

”I know right! I hope they’ll play Better, I’ve been lately really in love with it. My all time favorite is obviously November Rain though, but I know they’ll play it every time,” I yelled back and worked with my hair for a couple of minutes more after the curls were good enough. I walked to the living room and saw Leo talking on the phone.

”Dude, how can you not be ready yet?! We’re gonna be late soon if you don’t hurry up,” Leo said to the phone. Probably talking with Amelie, I thought, she was coming with us and we were supposed to go get her from her house.

”We still have time you know, we’re not that busy yet,” I tried to calm him down. He’d been stressing out a lot during the last couple of months. He was sure something bad would happen before the concert and we’d miss it, like for instance Axl would become really sick and lose his voice or the band would get into a car accident.

”We’ll be there in 15, you better be ready by then. See you soon!” Leo said and ended the call.

”Calm down, dude. Jesus, you’re acting like some young fangirl meeting Harry Styles or who the curly brownie is. Except you’re not screaming your lungs out,” I laughed and Leo finally gave me a tiny smile. ”Just breathe.”

”Yeah, let’s go,” Leo said and took car keys from the table.

It took hours to get in but we finally made it. There were so many people, thousands of them. I had never been in a same area with so many people before. I hadn’t been in many concerts because my favorites had mostly either died or they didn’t just do gigs anymore. Quite hard to be a classic rock fan in 2017 to be honest. I’d literally do anything to get a time machine and travel back to 70’s and 80’s. Pink Floyd, The Doors, Nirvana, Queen… There were so many.

”Oh my god,” Amelie gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

”What?” I asked and drank water from my bottle.

”Okay, don’t look. But how much does that pal look like a mix of Slash and Axl?” Amelie pointed a young guy with long curly brown hair, pilot sunglasses, cigarette in his mouth, a cowboy hat on his head and a red checked shirt around his waist. And right then, I accidentally spitted all of the water left in my mouth straight to some man’s back and bursted out laughing.

”Oh my god he really does.”

The man turned around, stared at me and tried to touch his back on the wet spot.

”What the fuck –” he started. Then I fully realized what had happened.

”I’m so so sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” I apologized slightly panicking. He just shook his head and turned back to his friends.

Leo was trying to hold his laughter but didn’t have time to say anything when the music already started.

The concert was amazing, much more amazing than I expected it to be. I literally didn’t have any words for the feeling, it was one of the best moments of my life. I couldn’t have had any better birthday than tonight. Their first song was Welcome to the Jungle and I slightly cried during Don’t Cry – which is quite ironic. Now was the time of their last song before this all would come to its end.

”So this song is really special to us for many reasons. We dedicated this song to our old friend, our best friend,” Axl said on the microphone. ”Without her, we wouldn’t probably be here tonight. She was amazing, more than amazing. She was kind, funny and fucking sarcastic. Steven and her did always pranks on the rest of us.”

I had never heard Axl talk about anyone or anything so softly, deeply or just seen him being so emotional during a concert. Everybody in the audience were quiet, probably even held their breaths and let Axl speak without interruptions. He sighed and continued.

”She was always there for us when we had our hard times. I don’t have a fucking clue how she handled our drunk asses after some gigs,” Axl laughed. ”We first met in 1985 when we weren’t a big thing yet, we were just a little band nobody had ever heard about. And one night we were playing at a local bar and after the playing and stuff she came to talk to us and said how well we played and we would be some helluva band in the future. Well, she wasn’t wrong, like she never was.”

I was speechles like were everybody else. Duff and Slash had become more serious now and didn’t move even an inch, just stared at the sky.

”She was from Los Angeles as well. She was on a tour with us quite often actually. She meant a lot to us. A lot to me. There’s not a day when i wouldn’t miss her,” Axl said smiling, but was quiet for a moment until continued. ”But the thing is that she died in 1997, she was only 32 years old by then. We were there when it happened and it was literally the worst moment of my whole life. And why are we singing this song exactly today? Well, because this is the day she both died and was born.”

Axl shared a few words with Duff and Slash that the audience couldn’t hear. Then he turned to face us again and said:

”Now I’d ask every one of your asses to calm down and have a moment for her.” Axl looked at the dark sky with a couple of stars, ”this is for you, Amy, happy birthday, honey.”

The band began to play and already of the first words I recognized the song to be from the album Chinese Democracy. It was This I Love.

And now I don’t know why
She wouldn’t say goodbye
But then it seems that I
Had seen it in her eyes

And it might not be wise
I’d still have to try
With all the love
I have inside
I can’t deny

I just can’t let it die
Cause her heart’s just like mine
And she holds her pain inside

So if you ask me why
She wouldn’t say goodbye
I know somewhere inside

There is a special light
Still shining bright
And even on the darkest night
She can’t deny

So if she’s somewhere near me
I hope to God she hears me
There’s no one else
Could ever make me feel
I’m so alive
I hoped she’d never leave me
Please God you must believe me
I’ve searched the universe
And found myself
Within’ her eyes

No matter how I try
They say it’s all a lie
So what’s the use of my confessions to a crime
Of passions that won’t die
In my heart

So if she’s somewhere near me
I hope to God she hears me
There’s no one else
Could ever make me feel
I’m so alive

I hoped she’d never leave me
Please God you must believe me
I’ve searched the universe
And found myself
Within’ her eyes

In this point of the song the camera had zoomed to Axl’s face and I noticed a couple of tears rolling down his cheek but there was also sorrow on Duff’s and Slash’s faces. She must have really been an important person in their lives, I wondered and just now noticed how wet my but also Amelie’s cheeks were.

So if she’s somewhere near me
I hope to God she hears me
There’s no one else
Could ever make me feel
I’m so alive

I hoped she’d never leave me
Please God you must believe me
I’ve searched the universe
And found myself
Within’ her eyes

So now I don’t know why
She wouldn’t say goodbye
It just might be that I
Had seen it in her eyes
And now it seems that I
Gave up my ghost of pride
I’ll never say goodbye

The band said one more good bye and then people were pushing themselves to get out of the place. When we were finally outside of the concert area thingy and could breathe properly without being stuffed between humans, Leo took a cigarette and put it between his teeth.

”Well don’t come to cry to me when the doctor tells that you have a cancer,” Amelie said and rolled her eyes.

”You want some, Ruby?” Leo asked, totally ignoring Amelie, and offering me one from the packet. I shrugged and took the cigarette.

”Eh, why not.” I lighted it and watched the smoke flying in the chilly air. ”Why wouldn’t we go to a bar or something? It’s only 11 pm anyway. And I need something to drink.”

My friends nodded.

”Sure thing. It’s been a while since the last time I had vodka,” Amelie stated.

”Funny, it was two days ago, drunky,” Leo snorted.

”Well, we’re both apparently destroying our bodies. You your lungs and me my liver,” Amelie grinned and we started walking to the bar.

We were nearly there, when we had to cross a dark alley.

”You know, we could go to some other way. This place gives me chills at night,” Amelie told us.

”Yeah, but it’s the fastest and besides, you just think too much. Nobody’s gonna attack on us tonight. And if someone did, there’s three of us to handle it,” I tried to assure. Amelie just scoffed.

”As if Leo could protect us. He even screams and runs away every time he sees a mouse.” Me and Amelie started to giggle.

”Hey! That’s not fair and especially not true!”

”Sureee, remember last week when –”

”Hey, Ruby, wanna hear what happened to Amelie yesterday?” Leo started.

”No, no! Fine, you’re the manliest man on Earth! You could even fight God!”

I just laughed. I still wondered how they weren’t in a relationship. They would be the perfect couple to be honest.

”Thanks I know I’m quite powerful,” Leo said and did an invisible hair flip thingy because his hair wasn’t long enough. We were in the middle of the alley when we suddenly heard noise somewhere near. We saw a drunk man ahead of us pushing a young woman against the brick wall with his body. The woman tried to yell help but the man shutted her up by putting his hand roughly on her mouth.

”Well aren’t you a pretty lady?” the man said and brushed her long blond hair. She was wearing a purple dress, high heels and a black jacket. We saw already from the distance how afraid she was and without thinking anything, I approached them.

”Hey, asshole! Let the lady go!” I yelled and got his attention.

”Ruby, no, come back! Let’s just leave!” Amelie said and tried to pull me with her but I just pulled away from her grip. The drunk guy stared at me for a moment until let the young woman go. She mouthed us ‘thank you’, took her purse and sprinted quickly away.

”And who might you be? You’re just adorable,” he said and smiled, revealing his dirty yellow teeth. His brown hair was a mess, he probably hadn’t washed it in a week. His clothes looked like he had rolled himself in a mud and his shirt was full of holes. Suddenly he was so close I could smell his breath. Beer. Disgusting.

Without thinking anything, I punched him with all of my force to his face and he whined in pain and held his bleeding nose. I had never punched anybody so hard and it fucking hurt my hand. I tried to run away with Leo and Amelie, but he was too quick and grapped me by my arm, so I kicked him on his man parts. But he managed to push me hard enough me to fall to the wet and hard ground.

”Ruby!” Leo shouted and tried to help me up and get me away but suddenly I felt horrible pain on my stomach. I saw blood on my t-shirt and saw a bloody knife falling to the ground. The man just stared in front of me a shocked expression on his face.

”Shit. Oh shit,” he murmured before he turned on his heels and run quickly away. Leo got a hold of me before I could collapse.

”Ruby! Ruby, no!” Amelie yelled and felt tears immediately stream from her eyes, as did also Leo.

”Fucking bastard! No, Ruby. Stay with us,” Leo said with shaky voice. ”For fuck’s sake, Amelie, call help! Now!”

Amelie’s hands were shaking and she barely got dialed the right number on her phone and told ambulance to come here immediately. Leo kneeled on the ground and held me in his arms. He pressed my stomach on the spot where the asshole had stabbed me, trying to stop the bleeding but with a bad success.

”The help is on its way, don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” Leo said crying. He had stabbed me badly, very badly. I was sure I wouldn’t make it alive back home today. A tear rolled down my pale cheek.

”I-I love you guys,” I whispered. ”I really love you two.”

”No, no don’t say that!” Amelie said. She had also kneeled next to me and cupped my face between her hands. ”They’re here in any second, okay?”

But then I saw nothing but black and the familiar voices of my friends faded away.

The next time I woke up, I realized I wasn’t at home nor a hospital. I was sure I hadn’t been there before, it even smelled strange. I was laying in someone’s bed and when I tried to get up I still felt pain in my stomach but not as bad as before and a shockingly familiar figure came from the door and smiled when he saw I was finally awake.

”Oh, great! You’re finally awake!” he said.

I stared at him with wide eyes and he was just about to say something when I got up very quickly and basically screamed the words out of me.

”Where the fuck am I?! Who– what–?!”

”Woah, calm down. I won’t hurt you.” He held his hands up as if defeated and kept a short pause. ”My name is Axl Rose and we just want to help you.”

My 30 Favorite Albums of 2010-2014

Internet social media changed conversations about everyday life, trends came and went as always, new sounds have stuck for better and for worse, and the music scene has shattered the stereotype that you need to suck up to any label anymore to get people to like you. The 2010’s has been one incredible decade for music, like it or not. The past 5 years have blessed us with glorious genre defining classics and fuckery to last us a lifetime. I initially wanted to only put 20 but these records are so great that I had to expand the list to include them all! Strap yourselves in for the biggest list that I’ve EVER done on this site.

30. Passion Pit — Gossamer

Warm, exhilarating, and much more refined than their previous effort, Michael Angelakos’ vocals soar and float over well with the bright production on songs like “Take a Walk” and the songwriting feels more humane and developed than ever before. Angelakos could make a song about alcoholism and abuse sound like the most inviting and twisted thing in the world in their universe (“Constant Conversations”) and the soulful feel of the album brings consistency that carries it through from start to finish.

29. Blu & Exile — Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

It’s clear that MC Blu shines best with producer Exile, and many didn’t think their stellar debut could be topped, much less even followed up. After the ATROCIOUS sounding unmixed version of the album hit the internet, the properly mixed and mastered version of the record showed a more mature sound to their chemistry that had never been shown before. While “Below the Heavens” will be this duos opus, with songs like “Maybe One Day”, “Good Morning Neighbor”, “Seasons”, and “Ease Your Mind” show this album can stand on its own without question.

28. Bon Iver — Bon Iver, Bon Iver

While some will criticize this album for bringing so many different sounds to the point of the group being unrecognizable from their debut, the added flavor of strings and horns bring this group to life like never before. From the moment you hear the tender “Holocene” you feel the rebirth of indie rock in a modern era and “Towers” shows they’ve transformed into a quiet monster that the world is STILL highly anticipating a followup release from ever since.

27. Daft Punk — Random Access Memories

I think it’s more appropriated to call this legendary duo Frankenstein the way they’ve revived disco with RAM. Rich, authentic, groovy, and in a class of its own, “Get Lucky”, “Lose Yourself to Dance”, and “Give Life Back to Music”, will have you dance the night away for decades to come. Daft Punk are the most timeless electronic musicians ever alongside Giorgio Moroder (whom is paid homage to with “Giorgio by Moroder), and them being able to bring back a sound that has long been forgotten without sacrificing to any trend is a remarkable feat in itself. Oh and that whole Album of the Year Grammy they got for this album was cool too.

26. D’Angelo – Black Messiah

Biased fanboy I am, but I’ll be damned if the impact of this album isn’t felt already. After personal complications and false starts for nearly 15 years, D’Angelo returns out of nowhere with an album that every bit as soulful, profound and exhilarating asVoodoo and Brown Sugar.Blending more genres than ever before, D'Angelo brings his neo-soul vibes (“Sugah Daddy”), gospel (“Prayer”), blues (“Another Life”) funk (“Ain’t That Easy”) to express his thoughts on religion, politics (“1000 Deaths), morality, love, sexuality, and even his own life (“Back to the Future I & II”) through the course of the 12 track masterpiece. An album that can speak to many, D'Angelo sure took his sweet ass time to show he can bring something fresh to the ears of the listen without having to conform to anyone.

25. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata

A collaboration that NO ONE saw coming ends up being one of the most exciting rap has seen in years. The Beat Konducta brings some of his best beats to Freddie Gibbs on top of his game. Recorded for over 3 years, tracks like “Thuggin”, “Shame”, and “Real” feel like the blaxploitation era on wax, and only made stronger now by how diverse a rapper Gibbs is. Madlib’s beat have as much character as Gibbs’ rapping, from the elegant “Robes” to the painful “Broken”, the knocking diss track “Real” and posse cut “Pinata”, these two never cease to impress track for track on this album. One can only hope that these two come together again or let their legacy be untouched like Madvillainy.

24. Lorde — Pure Heroine

Who would’ve guessed that a then 17 year old from New Zealand would be the most exciting pop act of the past 5 years? Blending her eclectic choices of production with her razor sharp observational songwriting, Lorde gives a realistic take on the mind of a teenager (“Royals”) with her reflecting on her explosion that feels solemn, dark and ultimately human (“Tennis Court”). Much more than a collection of radio smashes slapped together to move units, this deconstructed pop album feels unique and gloomy to the core and Lorde hooks you in with every word she breathlessly sings.

23. A$AP Rocky – Long.Live.A$AP

I already know I’m getting some SERIOUS flack for choosing this over the excellent mixtape “Live.Love.A$AP” from you guys. Thing is to me, while there were certainly great (if not greater at times) highlights of that mixtape, the worst moments of that tape are much more apparent and certain features drag down entire songs as a whole. Flacko’s debut album has strong highlights one after another, with better production (Hit-Boy, ASAP Ty Beats, Clams Casino, Danger Mouse, Noah “40” Shebib, T-Minus, Skrillex, and better features (Schoolboy Q, Santigold, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Drake, Big K.R.I.T., Danny Brown, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Ferg and Florence Welch) that support the record as a whole. While that certainly seems like a LOT of features, know that most songs are strictly Rocky, and that he is more than capable of carrying the best moments all on his own as well; “Long.Live.A$AP”, “Goldie”, “LVL” and “Wild for the Night” show that he can make a great song without other vocalists stealing the thunder. And even then, they never overshadow him completely except for a few (“Fuckin’ Problems” getting dismantled by Drake, 1 Train getting eating by Krizzle). New and returning faces from his mixtape come through to bring one hell of a highlight reel of guests that bring one of the most entertaining albums in hip hop as of late.

22. Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

The shortest record to date by one of the most acclaimed musicians of the past decade comes with all the strengths of previous releases like “Cosmogramma” and “Los Angeles” into a cohesive package about one of the most mysterious aspects of life: its end. Enlisting Kendrick Lamar for the mindblowing “Never Catch Me”, along with Tesla”, “Cold Dead”, and “Turkey Dog Coma” come and go in the blink of an eye, but hold the albums statement on the reflection on death, and the uncertainty of when it will be your time. But rest assured, Flylo did his best to make something so depressing at the roots something beautiful to hear.

21. James Blake - Overgrown

I may be in the minority, but I truly love the more accessible, bearing, more quaint approach in Overgrown than I did with Blake’s debut. Blake became a more fully realized vocal performer with tracks like “Life Round Here” and “Retrograde” than he did previously, and fit the production to compliment his vocal styles perfectly. Every synth, every note, every harmony clicked for him while also retaining his signature sound. As his profile raises, so too does his ability to leave you struck in awe.

20. M83 — Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

An ethereal experience from beginning to end, this is not only the strongest M83 album to date, but one of electronic music’s best in quite some years as well. Synthpop, dream pop, new wave, shoegazing, indie rock are all blended into one incredible experience front to back, and while “Wait” and “Reunion” are monsters in their own right, it’s “Midnight City” that is a colossal monster in which the likes the world has never heard before or since. Though it’s known this album was made more commercially friendly than previous releases from the group, sometimes running for success doesn’t need to mean you sacrifice what makes you great.

19. Queens of the Stone Age — Like Clockwork

In what is perhaps theirs strongest album since “Songs for the Deaf”, Queens of the Stone Age bring their most mellow, bleak, restrained music yet. Bringing along a hit list of contributors (Alex Turner, Elton John, Dave Grohl) as typical QOTSA albums do, Josh Homme and company do their first number one album justice with excellent songs like “I Sat By the Ocean”, “My God is the Sun”, Fairweather Friends” and bring a focused sound that the group has never had before.

18. Pusha T — My Name is My Name

Considered a companion piece to the abrasive “Yeezus”, MNIMN is the debut 3 years in the making of the former Clipse member that delivers in spades. Primarily produced by Kanye West, Pusha brings forth some the sharpest, unapologetic lyricism on grace a mainstream hip hop album with some aggressive and unorthodox production to match. (“King Push”, “Numbers on the Boards)” Ranging from Ye, to regular collaborator Pharrell (the Clipse throwback “Suicide”), Hudson Mohawke, and Swizz Beatz (“Sweet Serenade) with an all star cast like Rick Ross (“Hold On”) Kendrick Lamar (“Nosetalgia”), The-Dream (“40 Acres”) and more. King Push makes an album not for the faint of heart, or noses and holds absolutely no punches.

17. Arctic Monkeys — AM

Sounding like a love letter to psychedelic rock and West Coast hip hop, the British band manages to craft their most engrossing album yet with a collection of songs that holds your attention and never falters. “Do I Wanna Know” might be one of the strongest rock songs of the past 5 years, and “Arabella” feels like a Dr. Dre song getting flipped with an indie twist the way Alex Turner floats over the instrumental. Songs like “Snap Out of It”, “Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?” and “R U Mine” highlight their influences without being too indulgent and pretentious and show that a complete makeover isn’t always a bad thing. This might be the first album to declare being a lone riding space ranger without you immediately bursting into laughter.

16. Drake – Nothing Was the Same

It’s easy to want to put “Take Care” in place of this album. Believe me, I’ll probably wish that I did by the time I finish this, and I’d think the same of me putting Take Care in place of NWTS had I done so. But as it stands right now, this is the strongest release from the biggest new rap artist of the decade at the moment. Very much so a victory lap in feel (“Tuscan Leather” sets that stage perfectly with no singing at all”) it’s also the album that shows Drake truly becoming whole within the hip hop spectrum as one of its biggest voices. As if that weren’t enough, he brings together aspects of his life that were relatively untouched in beautiful songs like “From Time” or “Too Much” rather than sing about an ex he drunk dials. Though he can easily provide the solemn feels he’s known for (“Connect”, “Own It”, “Come Thru”), he sounds more ready to attack the world with his status as it currently stands than ever (“The Language”, “Worst Behavior”) and bring together an album that showcases the best of Drake the artist but also reveal Aubrey Graham, the human being.

15. Run the Jewels — Run The Jewels 2

The first 5 seconds of this record is Killer Mike saying “I’M FINNA BANG THIS BITCH THE FUCK OUT!”. The 38 minutes that follow is him fulfilling that promise. While their first album together was an excellent piece, the two coming together more fully have given us one of the deadliest pairings in rap in recent years. More structured, deeper chemistry, more layered production and strong features make this record a danger to anyone who thought they were being abrasive on an album before, showcasing police brutality (“Early”), critiquing those in power to the harshest extend and teabagging pirhannas (“Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck”, “Lie Cheat Steal”), declaring fuckboy jihads (“Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”), and finding hope in a former drug addict (“Crown”). El-P and Killer Mike effectively raised the bar on hip hop joint albums and didn’t even charge you a dime for it. Don’t cry now.

14. Big Boi — Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Probably the most underrated hip hop artist of all time, it’s easy to be overlooked when your partner is Andre 3000. But to not be acknowledged by your own peers has to be worse, especially when you make music that is just as great as him, and provide a solo debut album that is as strong as this. Recorded for over 3 years before finally being dropped on Def Jam, Big Boi brings forth the best guests, production and his own effort to the table and doesn’t cease to disappoint. Ignoring every trend in that time period, he brings out the best of every artist with him, such as Gucci Mane on “Shine Blockas”, Yelawolf on the bonkers Andre 3000 produced “You Ain’t No DJ”, Jamie Foxx on the sensually Lil Jon produced “Hustle Blood”, and packs enough punch in songs like “General Patton”, Shutterbugg”, and “Daddy Fat Sax” to prove that he is doing more than fine with 3 Stacks in the picture. In fact, he shows that if THIS is the kind of output Big Boi is releasing, it’s showing that Andre’s own proper solo debut has quite a lot to live up to.

13. The Weeknd — Trilogy

It’s impossible to pick one of Abel Tesfaye’s mixtapes as his definitive work, so I’ll let the remastered compilation make it easier on you all. Unique and breathtaking from the moment go, The Weeknd’s sex crazed drug frenzy of a trilogy of mixtapes (“House of Ballons”, “Thursday”, Echoes of Silence”) is hypnotic, vulgar, sensual, and beautifully well crafted. Whether it’s the sex you need (“What You Need”), the feelings you crave (“The Zone”, featuring mentor Drake), the wild life he lives (“The Party & The After Party”), the love letter to his fans that he won’t change in the spotlight (“Rolling Stone”), what it takes to be in the crew (“Initiation”) or a badass Michael Jackson cover, (“D.D.”), Abel has you covered.

12. Janelle Monaè — The ArchAndroid

One of the most impressive, eclectic, powerful and ingenious of our time, her debut studio album is one of the most brilliant concept records in recent memory that ties together R&B, soul, funk, progressive rock, and hip hop in ways never attempted, usually in the same song, and beautifully orchestrates them with little effort. The two incredible lead singles “Cold War” transitioning into “Tightrope” has to be one of the most magical musical moments of the past half decade and the energy of the album is as tight as its ideas of the future it presents itself in. Big Boi has discovered the bravest new voice of the Dungeon Family, and it seems she may surpass most any recording artist alive today if given the chance.

11. Big K.R.I.T. — Return of 4Eva

Perhaps the best hip hop record from the South this decade so far, Big K.R.I.T. delivers an incredibly cohesive package at the cost of $free.99 that easily beats some of the hip hop records available at retail upon their release. Whether it’s love letters to your car (“Rotation”, “My Sub”), his dreams of being a rap star (“Dreamin’”, “American Rapstar”), bass knocking, breezy Southern trunk knockers (“Get Right”), the blues and troubles of growing up poor (“King’s Blues”, “Free My Soul”), or prayers to God (“The Vent”), Krizzle is without a doubt the most underappreciated artist of his time, and projects like these are testaments that the young Mississippi king will be remembered in due time.

10. DJ Koze – Amygdala

Having literally no knowledge of the music that would come out of this album, I was completely caught off guard with this one. Grossly hypnotic, immersive, and very melodic, this German DJ/producer is in a world of his own the moment you listen this album. “Nices Wolkchen”, “Magical Boy”, may “Das Wort” may take patience to show their beauty underneath, while tracks like “Homesick” and “La Duquesa” show their extravagance early on. Richly layered and beautifully orchestrated, this unconventional electronic release will most likely remain a diamond in the rough that the electronic world will be silently catching up to decades from now.

9. Beyoncé – Beyoncé

Who in the industry could really do what Beyonce did on the scale she did it on and have it work? And THEN have the music she just threw out of literally NOWHERE have it be incredible start to finish? Bey earns her crown here in aces with what is perhaps one of the most explicit, darkest, and most mature pop albums in history, much less the best of her career. Beyonce brought together an audio and visual feast and the world could only lap at her feet at her prideful feminism. Featured writers (Sia, Boots, Miguel, The-Dream) bring a clearer vision to her words, guests (Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj) pack a punch and bring traits that help the record vary itself, and producers (Boots, Timbaland, JT, 40, Pharrell) show that Bey is still ahead of the curve with choosing her desired sound. By showcasing her love for family and her impact on popular culture, this is the pop record that will be the template to judge others for years to come.

8. Tame Impala – Lonerism

Aussie psychedelic rock outfit returned with the follow to their stellar 2010 debut “Innerspeaker” with perhaps a psych-rock opus in “Lonerism”. Stronger lyricism and more layered production such as on tracks like “Mind Mischief” and “Why Won’t They Talk to Me” showcase the band’s nostalgic feel without being overblown and pretentious. Provocative and engaging throughout, the punchier feel to the album carries your attention from the wistful “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, the spaced out “Endors Toi” to the slow burning “Apocalypse Dreams”, Kevin Parker and company have crafted a new age triumph.

7. Chance the Rapper — Acid Rap

Unique and crafty in every possible way, this Chicago youth has brought forth the most engaging Chicago hip hop debut since his idol released his a decade ago. This guy has had sets at major festivals around the world, and the closest thing he has to record sales are from illegal means from bootleggers. Though I admittedly couldn’t get into his voice for many songs, his great lyrics made me give it a shot and I’m glad I did. Hilarious (“NaNa”), emotional (“Everybody’s Something”, “Paranoia”,
Acid Rain”), and all around fun as hell (“Juice”) with a fluid flow to match his insane technical ability (“Favorite Song”), I see nothing but promise from Chance in the near future.

6. Disclosure – Settle

Guy and Howard Lawrence might be soon responsible for ushering in the second British invasion, as this album may be the best electronic album in at least 10 years that showcases the talents of every guest singer to the best of their abilities. Though the mega smash “Latch” featuring breakout star Sam Smith is deceptively radio friendly, the rest of “Settle” only serves to highlight how weak that song is in comparison to the rest of the project. AlunaGeorge (“White Noise”), Jamie Woon (“January”), Eliza Doolittle (“You and Me”) and Jessie Ware (“Confess to Me”) all bring forth a brilliant formula and sound the likes of which no electronic album dares attempting.

5. Frank Ocean — Channel Orange

This could really be the only thing Frank Ocean ever releases in his career, and it’d be fine with me. Crafting an R&B right out of the gate wasn’t his intention, but “Pyramids” and “Thinkin’ Bout You” were Internet darlings even before the album’s release that were loved the world over. From “Sweet Life” to “Sierra Leone”, Frank shows his songwriting prowess and singing ability is of another world, and the guest that appear (Earl on “Super Rich Kids”, Andre 3000 on “Pink Matter”, Tyler on “Golden Girl”) all come into Frank’s world and make complete perfection along with him. The fact that a track like “Forrest Gump” is the way we find out one shocking secret about him that no one saw coming makes this album legendary beyond words.

4. Nas — Life is Good

20 years into the game, and my personal favorite rapper shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, he seems to be on top of his game more than most MC’s these days. Executive produced by No I.D., Nas showcases him at his lyrical best as reflects on his life and legacy, as well as give an actual engaging piece on a 40 year old in the rap game. Purists and new fans alike can find something to love about this album, from the dusty boom bap of “Loco-Motive”, the vicious “Accident Murderer”, the beautifully written “Daughter” about his shortcomings as a father, the ill-fated and incredibly well used feature of Amy Winehouse on “Cherry Wine”, the Queensbridge tribute “Back When” and the beautiful nostalgia of “Stay”, Nas may have finally proven that Illmatic is only part of the legacy of the man’s career, and that he still has more of a story to tell. And it’s reassuring to see an artist that didn’t have to sell 60 million records still revered still be relevant and loved by millions for simply being himself.

3. Vampire Weekend — Modern Vampires of the City

Still as quirky as ever, this ever evolving band released an album that is leaps and bounds ahead of anything they’ve released. From the Souls of Mischief referencing in “Step”, to the frantic “Diane Young” to the uneasy submission of religion in “Unbelievers” in their most straightforward, thought-provoking, and cohesive album to date. Evolved and mature in production and songwriting while still containing their obscure and well constructed lyrics, it seems as if hip hop head Erza Koenig and his band can do no wrong on this Grammy winning stunner of an indie rock album.

2. Kendrick Lamar — good kid, m.A.A.d city

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth has gone from underground darling to one of rap’s greatest voices in such a short time. Making songs that are accessible to mainstream ears with enough depth for hardcore fans to sink their teeth into, The Artist Formerly Known as K. Dot has found a way to strike a balance with authenticity and challenging music no one had heard in quite a long time . Dr. Dre’s latest protégé doing ridiculous boasting like “Backseat Freestyle” is not only a chance to flex his skill, but also blends beautifully into a story of loss, identity, loss, and hope within a corrupt society. Turning the tribulations of street violence (“m.a.a.d. City”) and desire (“Money Trees”) into platforms to express his desire to do better (“The Art of Peer Pressure”), Kendrick Lamar manages to stay grounded in reality and express conscious thoughts without becoming condescending to his audience. The story kicks into full gear the first few seconds into the album with “Sherane aka Master Splinter’s Daughter” and brings some of the biggest rappers and producers in rap at the moment (Hit-Boy, Pharrell, Drake, Jay Rock, Just Blaze) to create the Illmatic of the 2010’s.

1. Kanye West — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This might be the most predictable pick for the top of this list, I must admit. I could tell you about the man had basically been kicked to the curb by the media an entire year for every aspect of his public and private life and returned with a booming force of an album. I could tell you about the high acclaim this received across the world over. I could tell you about the amazing verses guests like Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross bring on fantastic tracks like “Monster” and “Devil in a New Dress” respectively. I could tell you about the outstanding production on songs like “So Appalled”,” POWER”, “Blame Game”, and “Runaway”. Covering themes of excess and celebrity, Kanye West makes an album larger than life while also making the man behind the ego come to life unlike any record he’s released. It doesn’t hurt he discusses consumerism, race, and the American Dream; almost typical of a Kanye album, but know that him mentioning the deeper thoughts of MLK and Malcolm will have an album with Fergie singing about snorting lines of cocaine and marrying a porn star (ayeeee!) so it’s earned it’s “twisted” in the name. The superstar list of contributions is endless (Jay-Z, Nicki, Pusha T, Raekwon, Bon Iver, No I.D., RZA, Kid Cudi, John Legend, Chris Rock, Mike Dean, etc.) and all comes together so fluidly to create the album that the decade will truly be known for ushering in during the beginning. As predictable a pick as this is for my top spot, it’s the only that will truly be right in the end.

Happy Birthday, Demi

Happy 25th birthday, Demetria Devonne Lovato! It’s been 25 years since you first saw light of this universe ✨ Ans it’s been 25 years since you bless us with your existence ✨ These 25 years were filled with different things: happiness and struggles, joyful moments and sad moments. But they all made you who are you today. Inspiring, gorgeous and powerful lady. 7 years of your 25 year lifetime I have been by your side and I have to confess that these years are the best in my lifetime. I have been able and I’m able to follow your incredible journey. The things that you do to make this world better are countless. The fact that you were brave enough and had courage to speak up and share your story with the whole world made others not to be afraid and to speak and the results are astounding. Millions were saved mentally from being destroyed and from losing their lives. I just wanna let you know that you are the person who helped them through this journey. And i am always happy to read Lovatics stories in which they tell and write about your impact on their lives. I feel so honored to be able to strand by your side. “Stay Strong” are the two words which go with your name forever cause we all remember that no matter how hard our journey is we can get through it and we will be able to fight our demons. And I just wanna let you know that you are the one who believes in your Lovatics and help us to fight our daily battles and make us believe that we worth live and we are loved. I always know that you believe in me when no one does. Thank you, Demi. In your 25 year life time you have made huge impact on this world: speaking about mental health issues and proving that being mentally ill does not mean that you are mad or crazy, but that it means that you can live full and great life even if you have health problems and most importantly you stressed that there’s always treatment for it and that recovery is real. Also you weren’t afraid to raise that question to government and stressed one more time that it’s important. You remind us every day that we worth our lives. One of the most beautiful and great quotes of yours “you worth more than harming yourself”. It never gets out of my mind.
The fact that you use your voice not just for singing great songs but to raise awareness in so many spheres is so breathtaking, not everyone is able to do it. Thank you for speaking up for people, I will mention that again, with mental illness, thank you for not ignoring the things that are happening in the world, thank you for being open hearted and care for animals, thank you for being part of many charity organizations 🙏🏼 Thank you for being Demi Lovato and not letting the fame to change you. Thank you for staying human no matter what 💗 You have a huge talent, I will never stop saying that. You are an actress, you are a singer, you are a writer and you are a great speaker(your speeches are always getting deep into my heart, and you always stress on important matters) and also you are fashion icon 😜 Now Demi, tell us what is it like to be a star ✨✨( la la Land music video reference haha). Your music blesses this world, for real. We have been in so many eras in music, starting with your first album Don’t forget and we are loving into D6 era. SO EXCITING. (I hope Monday news are somehow connected with D6) 😂✨. My favorite song of yours is forever Skyscraper it means so much to me and we know that it means so much to you. This song is connected with a start of new lifetime in your life ❤️And every time I feel down and really really sad I jus turn on this song and just take time to listen to every word in it. And believe me, I get chills every single time. Every song of yours means the world, cause it doesn’t matter it’s for fun or it’s soulful it always got great message ✨👏🏼 I’m so excited for new era and for your next album. 💗 You go, girl 💪🏼 On this special day, on your 25th birthday I want to wish you all the best that ever exists in the world💚 I hope D6 era will bring to you your first Grammy🙏🏼🙏🏼 We got the nomination already so here we come Grammy AWARD!😜 I wish you all the best in your career, more nominations and awards( you deserve it), more loyal and true Lovatics and I wish that your friends to be with you forever and also I wish you more and more supportive people in your life 💙💪🏼💚
Thank you Demi Lovato for being yourself and for blessing this world with your existence. You are my inspiration, idol and role model for 7 years already. You was there for me when no one did, your music helped me through tough times and your quotes helped me to rise when I was down. You was the person who gave me a hand when I needed to. And I believe that you forever will be❤️ There are not enough words to describe how much you mean to me and how much you have done to me ✨❤️ I love you with all my heart ✨💗 Happy 25th birthday, Demi. I still hope that one day I would be able to thank you in person ✨💗 Love, Elvira 💕

“I only write about what I go through, or things I’ve learned along the way.”

MC Lyte was one of the first female rappers to point out the sexism and misogyny that often runs rampant in hip-hop, often taking the subject head on lyrically in her songs and helping open the door for such future artists as Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott. Rapper MC Lyte forged the way for other female MCs to find their way in the often-sexist, male-dominated world of hip hop. Lyte became the first female rap artist to achieve gold certification for her single “Ruffneck.” In six albums, she produced four Number One rap singles.

Lyte was born Lana Moorer, in Queens and raised in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York.She began rapping when she was 12, learning from her brothers Milk and Gizmo of the rap group Audio Two. Her father, Nat Robinson, started the First Priority record label in 1987, and her brothers appeared on her first three albums. Her first single, “I Cram to Understand U (Sam),” became an instant cult classic. The song is about a woman who has to compete for her man’s attentions, but her competition isn’t another woman, it’s crack cocaine. The single, released when Lyte was still a teen, set a standard for adult, hard-core rap that has rarely been equaled since.

Her first album, Lyte as a Rock, was released on First Priority in 1988 and produced by her brothers. The album contained samples from Ray Charles, Helen Reddy, and the Four Seasons. It’s notable for its narrative songs, like “10% Dis” and “Paper Thin,”that tell fleshed-out stories featuring doomed but interesting characters. Despite the assertive, in-your-face persona Lyte shows in her music and onstage, the artist is known for her soft-spoken demeanor behind the scenes. Lyte’s follow up to Lyte as a Rock, Eyes on This, was released a year after her debut, when she was just 19. The album “maintained her reputation as an insult-hurling tough talker who rapped to hard, simple beats,” People critic Michael Small wrote. It featured production by Grand Puba and the hit single “Cha Cha Cha,” which reached number one on the rap charts. Lyte took a courageous stand against violence in the haunting song “Cappuccino.”

She became an anti-violence spokesperson, namely for the Stop the Violence campaign, which took her into schools to speak to kids. She also appeared in public service announcements for the Rock the Vote
campaign, which featured her song “I’m Not Having It.” She appeared in PSAs for Musicians for Life and supported various AIDS charities. Lyte became the first rapper to perform at Carnegie Hall at a 1990 AIDS benefit.Lyte hired R&B producers Wolf and Epic, of Bel Biv Devoe fame, to produce her third release, Act Like You Know,which came out in 1991. The result was a smoother, more soulful turn for the artist. Despite the commercial success of the singles “When In Love,” “Poor Georgie,” and “Eyes Are the Soul,” Lyte’s fans despaired that their aggressive, street-smart diva had softened her style.

On her fourth release, 1993’s Ain’t No Other, Lyte returned to her harder-edged rhymes, much to the relief of her fans. “Back to basics,” she said in a Billboard interview at the time, “that’s what’s happening to rap music now. I worked with some young, hungry… rappers. Being around them gave me a whole different feel.” KRS-ONE from Boogie Down Productions contributed a few lines at the album’s start to introduce it, and Lyte laid out an aggressive affront to disrespecting rapper Roxanne Shanté on “Steady F. King.” Lyte intentionally avoided moral or message songs on this album, she
later said, to avoid sounding too much like she was preaching.

Though Lyte enjoys listening to message-driven rap, she told Billboard, ” evidently core hip-hop fans don’t want to hear that. They want to party, so I gave them fat beats and fat lyrics about me.” The single “Ruffneck” was produced by Wreckx ‘N’Effect, and was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Rap Single, and earned the first-ever gold certification for record sales by a female rap artist. She spent the summer of 1994 on a sold-out tour, opening forJanet Jackson. She also made an appearance on Jackson’s song “You Want This.” She teamed up with fellow female rappers Yo Yo and Queen Latifah to create the hit remix of singer Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down.”Lyte’s fifth album, Bad as I Wanna B,found her on a new record label, Elektra/Asylum. It also found her with a heightened sense of responsibility for the music she made, and the impact it had on her fans. It once was considered “cool” to curse on rap records, to “prove you were the baddest,” Lyte admitted in an Essence interview, according to a 1996 People review. “Now I feel responsible for what comes out of my mouth.”

That said, she practically began the album with an expletive, but toned
it down as the album played out. She earned her second gold record for “Keep On Keepin’ On,” which appeared on Bad As I Wanna B. She teamed up with the female R&B group X-Scape on the song, which won a Soul Train Award and was featured on the Sunset Park soundtrack. That album also contained Lyte’s hit single “Cold Rock A Party,” which featured Lyte teamed up for a duet with hip-hop diva Missy Elliot. Elliot was featured again on Lyte’s 1998 release, Seven & Seven, on three tracks, “In My Business,” “Too Fly,” and “Want What I Got.” Artists Giovanni and L.L Cool J. who produced the track “Play Girls Play,” also lent a hand. She hired producers the Neptunes to handle and co-write “Closer,” “I Can’t Make a Mistake,” and “It’s All Yours,” which also featured vocals by singer Gina Thompson.

“Some of my best work has been when I’m vibing with others.”Beyond recording records and releasing increasingly popular singles, many female MCs began to diversify in the late 1990s. Some started record companies, some went into acting. Lyte went to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She has appeared in such television sitcoms as Moesha and In the House, and on the drama New York Undercover, and plays a recurring role as Lana on the show For Your Love. She also appeared in the independent film A Luv Tale. “I know I can do both,” Lyte said of acting and hip hop in her bio located online at “but hip hop is my first love.”

After the success of the “Cold Rock A Party,”Lyte began doing voice-overs. Hers was the voice behind a national advertising campaign for Wherehouse Music. She was the voice little girls heard after Christmas of 2000 from the African-American “Chat Doll,” named Tia, manufactured by Mattel. She founded her own management company, Duke Da Moon Productions, which handled the groups Isisand Born In Hell, a Brooklyn rap unit. She also signed a three-year deal with Sirius Satellite Radio. who hired her to host a musical show that airs three time daily. She also hosted a talk show for Sirius,
interviewing black celebrities and entertainers such as Whoopi Goldberg,
Vivica Fox, and Tisha Campbell.Looking back on a career that started when she was just a teenager, Lyte is able to find pride and a valuable lesson in her experiences. “I’m proud of how long I’ve been in the business,” she said in the Artist Direct interview. “Ofcourse when I started I never imagined some of the things you have to go through. But anything you do in life is about meeting the challenges.What I tell any young people who want to get into this business is you have to be prepared to never give up.” Rhino Records released a collection of MC Lyte’s work in 2001 called The Very Best of MC Lyte.

MC Lyte has spoken at colleges and universities, for organizations around the globe, and with notable people like Iyanla Vanzant, Russell Simmons, and Soledad O'Brien bringing a message of empowerment from her book Unstoppable: Igniting the Power Within to Achieve Your Greatest Potential. She also partnered with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund on the iLEAD international tour  in South Africa to empower the continent’s youth and up and coming leaders. MC Lyte served as the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Recording Academy (the Grammy organization) from 2011 to 2013. She is the first African American to serve in this role and she is also the CEO of Sunni Gyrl, Inc., an entertainment and production firm, and the founder of Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which has presented two $100,000 scholarships to college students each year since its inception,and she is an honorary member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority.

In October 2006, MC Lyte was one of the honored artists on VH1’s annual award show Hip Hop Honors.[ She was joined by fellow female MC’s Da Brat, Remy Ma, and Lil’ Kim as they performed some of her tracks, such as “Cha Cha Cha,” “Lyte as a Rock,” “Paper-Thin,” and “Ruffneck.” In 2013, MC Lyte received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Hip Hop Inaugural Ball, and she also received the BET “I Am Hip Hop” Icon Lifetime Achievement Award, making her the first female solo hip hop artist to receive the honor from the network.

Our Little Secret

Shawn Mendes x Reader


Rated: PG-13

Preview: As you hang around with Shawn and the rest of the crew at one of his rehearsals for the Illuminate World Tour, you notice something about your relationship that has never been brought up in front of other people before.

“So when do you leave for school?” Geoff asks as you take another sip of your water bottle.

“Next Tuesday.” You say with a sigh, “I’m gonna miss him a lot.” You look toward Shawn from the side of the stage. You and Shawn are well into your third year of dating, but you had been friends since you were eight years old. You had moved to Pickering ten years ago after living in New York with your family. Your dad got an amazing job offer that he couldn’t pass up so you all packed your bags and moved to Pickering. You had expected it would take a while to find friends, or really find true friends, but it was a lot faster than you expected. Shawn was your next-door neighbor and became your best friend in a matter of days. You didn’t begin to find feelings for him until you were about fourteen. Both you and Shawn harbored those feelings for a year before he couldn’t take it any longer and confessed his love. Now, three and a half years later, and you and Shawn could never be closer. 

“Everyone is going to miss you.” Geoff says, “Whether you notice it or not you keep everyone together. You may not have a real job in this whole process, but you are one of the most important aspects.”

“How so?” You ask.

“You keep everyone in good spirits, especially him.” Geoff says looking over his shoulder to gesture to Shawn. “This is a very draining process and he definitely takes the brunt of it. You keep his energy up, thats for sure.”

You laugh and run your fingers through your hair as you stare at Shawn. He has most definitely changed your life. For the better of course. Without him you don’t have the clarity that you feel when you are with him. His smily literally brightens up your day, especially when his loving eyes are staring intently into yours. There is nothing better honestly. Its like a little boost of energy. 

“Are you all packed up?” Brian asks as he walks over to you and Geoff.

“Yeah I am.” You smile. Your not going very far, just the University of Toronto. You didn’t want to be out of the country, but you know that with Shawn’s job he will be out of the country most of the time so it practically will be like you will be living in separate worlds.

“Are you excited?” Brian asks.

“I mean I’m obviously excited there are just the typical things that I’m nerv-” You begin but then you stop in the middle of your sentence. You hear the humming in the beginning of your favorite song on the new album, Mercy.

You choose to completely disregard the conversation that you were having with Brian and Geoff and run into the stands of the big arena. As the song continues to play you sing and dance your heart out as you run through the aisles. Even though soundcheck is a completely normal activity in show business, it is very seldom that you get to see it with an open arena like this. Usually there are some fans that are surrounding that stage. 

Every now and then you pause your dancing for a moment to notice that Shawn is smiling and watching your every move. He feels that same way you feel; undeniably in love with one another.

Once the bridge comes you get down on your knees and belt out every lyric with more passion than ever imagined. The slight sound of a rasp in Shawn’s voice as you watch him belt out the bridge with you sends chills down your spine. From that moment on you just sit on the floor of the arena and admire him. He also stares into your eyes as well. 

When the song ends you walk up to the edge of the stage as Shawn leans down with guitar in hand. You give him a quick peck on the cheek and Shawn whispers in your ear, “I love you.” You mouth an “I love you too.” and then you walk back to Geoff and Brian.

“Sorry about that,” You begin, “Where were we?" 

 "15 minutes everyone!” One of the producers calls. 

 Shawn jumps down the stairs of the stage and says, “Hey” as he stands next to you. 

 "Hi babe.“ You reply with a smile. 

 "This yours?” Shawn asks as he picks up the water bottle standing on the edge of the stage. 

 "Uhh yeah.“ You say. 

 "Great.” Shawn says as he quickly grabs the bottle and chugs what is left. 

 "You owe me a bottle of water.“ You say, "And you shouldn’t do that you know. You don’t want to get sick and hurt your voice.”

 "Its fine.“ Shawn begins, "It’s not like we don’t do it anyway.” You laugh and slide a little closer to Shawn’s side. 

 "Speaking of kissing.“ Geoff says, "Have you two ever kissed before?” You and Shawn both give Geoff a very confused look. “I ask that because in the ten years that I have known the both of you, and more importantly the three and a half years you have been dating, I have never seen you two kids kiss on the lips.” Geoff says.

 "You know what?“ Brian begins, "Now that you mention that… I don’t think I have either!" 

 "Nobody has.” Shawn begins, “Neither of our parents or siblings have either." 

"I think it’s something that we just keep between the two of us. We’ve never really talked specifically about it… it just happened that way.” you say as you look up at Shawn. 

 "So much of our relationship is publicized that I think it is the one thing we can keep completely secret.“ Shawn says. "When we get married will be the first time the we kiss in front of other people." 

 "You two talk about getting married?” Brian asks in surprise.

 "Yeah I guess so,“ You begin, "We don’t extensively talk about our future or anything, but I think that if I didn’t see Shawn as someone that I would potentially want to marry I would be unable to date him anymore. It would be a waste of both our time." 

 "Why would you wanna date someone you don’t see a future with?” Shawn states plainly.

 "You both are wise for your age I’ll give you that.“ Geoff laughs. 

 "So do you guys have sex too?” Brian asks.

 Immediately you rest your forehead on Shawn’s shoulder as he laughs. You try to hide blush rushing to your cheeks. 

 "I’m gonna take that as an overwhelming yes!“ Brian says. Then he turns to look specifically at Shawn and whispers, "Is it any good?" 

 "Now your just pushing it!” Shawn laughs once more. He’s not even going to touch the questions that Brian left out there, knowing that is one secret he will never share with the world.


Stay With Me - Chapter 1

Rated: T/M

Story Summary: First times are never easy…especially with someone as innocent and pure as Johnny. Yet, Ash is determined to make it work.


P.S. In this universe, Ash and Johnny are both 18 or over; I do not condone underage sex.

P.P.S. This will be at least four chapters long and there will be no sex in the first two so I’m not marking this nsfw…yet. ;-)

In all honesty, sex wasn’t too high up on Ash’s priority list.

Between singing, gigs, writing music, friends, and an all around hectic lifestyle, it was more or less forgotten about or pushed to the side in favor of more important things. It didn’t mean she didn’t think about it - especially when she and Johnny began dating within weeks after the Moon Theater began renovations, it just wasn’t necessary.

…well, at first anyway…

That was almost a year ago and her feelings were quickly shifting and evolving faster than she could keep up with.

Initially, it was bearable since the two were so enthralled with their work, solo albums, shows, performances and the like that even going out to dinner or watching a movie seemed an impossible luxury most times. Their life consisted of working tireless hours in the studio or with Buster practicing for some musical, performance, etc. Being career musicians and singers now was their priority and they both were determined to make sure they made the most of it.

As time ticked by, and even considering as busy as they were, the allure of love and making it was becoming hard to ignore for Ash.

Johnny was so sweet; gentle, loving and as pure and innocent as anyone could possibly get. Considerate, kind-hearted and an all around great guy that any girl would kill to have…and he was hers.

Truthfully, she didn’t know exactly what attracted them to one another.

Perhaps it was their own difficulties stemming from home; unstable personal lives that had them connecting at first. Her painful break-up from her cheating ex and his father and uncles’ possibility of spending the rest of their lives behind bars were always hot topics that neither shied away from confiding in one another about. Johnny was a listening ear and sympathetic, non-judgmental shoulder to cry on and she was his. At least she hoped that’s how it was for him.

Not gonna lie - there was also an immediate physical attraction that at first, she denied valiantly. Yet, setting her physical desires for the young gorilla aside, he had turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.

So much so that Lance was barely an annoying blip in her subconscious anymore.

Yet…sex was different subject altogether.

Johnny, in all senses of the word, was as pure as freshly fallen snow. He’d never even had a single date, held hands or kissed another girl before her. A virgin; a sweet, soulful loving boy who was so soft-spoken and gentle that it seemed almost unfeasible that he’d ever had an impure thought in his entire life.

It wouldn’t have been a problem; they’d take it ultra slow until he was good and ready but there was a hurdle she was not yet ready to jump over - she was a teenager with all the raging hormones included.

Yeah, with Lance it was almost immediate; she’d lost her virginity many years ago and the sex they had wasn’t anything spectacular. He was her first and only so what the hell did she know? All she knew was that it never lasted particularly long and felt pretty good during but it wasn’t anything amazing; nothing like the euphoria her girlfriends described.

After the initial first months, it was a pretty rare occasion that she was never one to initiate. They’d be talking in bed than without much of a warning, Lance would roll on top of her. Kiss her and touch her between her legs for a moment; just enough for her to get a tiny bit aroused before he pushed inside of her. It would all be over immediately after he finished, which wasn’t long; stamina was not Lance’s strong suit. She wasn’t fully satisfied by the time he rolled off of her, but she typically just took care of herself after he was already fast asleep beside her.

That was about the extent of it all.

No foreplay, basically non-existant oral, and they’d be done before she realized what happened most times. Long story short, most of their sexual trysts left her feeling greatly unsatisfied. So, yeah, sex wasn’t all too big a deal when she was with Lance.

The instant she got with Johnny, however, something in her body completely shifted.

Perhaps it was because the young gorilla was unbelievably attractive. Tall, broad shouldered, muscular, had the greatest smile, voice that had her heart accelerating in her chest, and to top it all off - he was so humble!

Lips pursing and an unpleasant twinge in her gut when she thought of her opposite ex.

Lance was basically allergic to exercise and ate copious amount of junk food which really didn’t help . Decent enough voice but smug attitude that was a huge turn-off. At the time, it was fine, but when she met Johnny, it capsized the boat of whatever standards she may have had prior.

Gorgeous face and body aside, Johnny’s personality far outweighed even his incredible good looks. So sweet and loving with an attractive accent to boot. The tiniest things he did drove her crazy in the best ways! How he’d brush her quills back, cup her face with those gorgeous large hands and kiss her like she was the most precious thing in the world. Not gonna lie, she cried the first time she experienced it. It was just so wonderful and pure that she couldn’t help the few tears that slipped down her cheeks…How afterward he panicked and she just laughed; a sensation of euphoria as she never experienced before enraptured her entire being…

…was this what she had been missing out on the whole time?…

As happy as they were, it bothered her for a long time for Ash had done nothing worthy enough to gain Johnny’s love. He deserved to be cherished, wrapped up in a big fluffy blanket and shielded from the harsh, unforgiving world. This sweet, beautiful, soulful boy deserved everything that she never had… Including someone just as pure as he was; someone who didn’t waste most of her life on a selfish prick…but that didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Johnny held her so many times, told her just how much he cared about her regardless of her past. That it didn’t matter and he still wanted to be together. It took her such a long time to see her own worth after all the lies Lance had fed her for so long. That she deserved Johnny; he chose her - and Ash embraced it. More than ready to give herself completely to him; heart, soul, body - everything.

…that was much easier said than done…

It’d been almost an entire year since they started dating. A time it took him months before she got sick of waiting to make the first move; grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket and smushed her lips to his. The kiss was sloppy and awkward because he didn’t know what the hell he was doing, but damn, his mouth felt amazing… She found herself needing to be the instigator for any sort of physical contact; it was a long wait until he initiated any sort of physical activity between them but that was typically only hugs, holding hands, or the very rare kiss that never failed to take her breath away.

Sure, they’d cuddle all the time and even fall asleep wrapped in each other’s embrace but nothing more. The few times she was tempted to take it further, she’d kiss him firmly but he’d pull away and refused to go further. Even when her hands explored his chest and shoulder’s as much as she could, Johnny’s hands remained steadfast on her face, back, hips, or shoulders in absolute refusal to wander to more intimate parts -

…and damn, was it frustrating…

More sexually frustrating than anything, but frustrating nonetheless.

Unlike Lance, Johnny was almost painfully shy at times. His face growing all shades of red the few times she caught him without a shirt on or the few times he’d initiated a kiss that lead to a slight flick of tongue. Looked as if he committed an inexcusable crime the one time he accidentally grazed a hand across her ass. How it took her a full ten minutes to convince him that indeed, it was okay and she was perfectly fine with it (more than fine with it but he didn’t need to know that at the time)!

Johnny was so embarrassed that he was adamant to not do it again; dared not go too far when they kissed and politely brushed her hands away when hers would wander to caress a little too far down south. He was so awkward and shy; sweet and respectful but a part of her didn’t want that. She wanted him to take a little initiative; to kiss her neck or brush his large hand over something other than platonic areas; and not on accident!

…but of course, Ash didn’t want to push him.

Dared not force him into anything he didn’t want to do, but lately, it was hard not to notice him pulling away from a kiss faster. Instead of holding her at night, he’d turn his back toward her so she didn’t notice how his body was reacting to her kiss and intimate touch.

Ash swore he wanted it just as badly as she did.

Yet, knowing him as well as she did, he likely was ashamed of his teenage body’s normal hormonal activity; fearful that she’d be upset, crossing a boundary, or that he was disrespecting her somehow. It made her want to cry; to hold him, kiss him and tell him it was normal and that she desperately wanted him that way…sexually wanted to give herself to him because…

Oh God! She loved him so much…

It was so hard at first to admit. To come to terms with how much time and energy she’d wasted on Lance. Never truly knowing the meaning of love until she fell head over heels for Johnny. His love was so unconditional and encouraging; so perfect and pure that she could scarcely breathe at times. Gentleness and kindness nothing like she’d ever experienced before and she felt like such a fool defending her relationship with her asshole ex-boyfriend. Sometimes she treated it as if it was all a bad dream and if she could go back, she would have never agreed to go out with him in the first place.

Recalling as she told that to Johnny who just shrugged, smiled and said in that cute accented voice of his, “…but why? Perhaps if you didn’t, things may have changed to the point that we may have never met…”

Ash nearly cried after hearing him say that.

Johnny always said the right things at the right time. Speaking encouragement and loving her for her and nothing else. He didn’t care that she wasn’t a virgin, had way too much baggage that no one should be forced to carry, and was far too melodramatic and angsty for her own damn good.

Yet, Johnny didn’t care about that whatsoever.

Frankly, Ash didn’t deserve it; deserve him or his unconditional love…but he freely gave it to her anyway.

This was why she was so confused as to why he pulled away from her touch. Rare make-out sessions ending with him drawing away with a nervous stutter and excuse and she’d end up sleeping alone way too aroused to sleep peacefully. Not wanting to push the physical aspect but it was difficult to when she could tell how much he wanted it just as much as she did! Maybe even more!

Johnny didn’t think she’d notice, but oh yeah, she did.

Caught how his eyes flickered over her body when she wore her more revealing outfits or walked around in a tank top and short shorts during the intense summer months. Witnessed on more the one occasion, the tightening of his pants and the few times a slightly hard bulge rubbed over her calf when he was too enthralled with kissing her mouth. Hands shaking slightly as she could sense him wanting to push his boundaries but ultimately setting aside his own desires to be respectful.

Ash knew he could sense her own arousal and needs yet he continued to pull away and she just wasn’t sure what to do! His touch set her body on fire; craving his contact and urgently demanding more of him. Found herself wondering what sex with him would be like; if he would be as sweet, gentle, or awkward as if he was with everything else he did or if there was a more animalistic side to the sweet, lovable Johnny…

One she was desperate to see first-hand.

Suddenly tense and ridiculously turned on, Ash was on the verge of unbelievable frustration. Horny and desperate; ready to confront him about it but she didn’t want to frighten him either. A sigh escaped her lips as she realized there was little she could do but wait patiently for him to decide to push forward. To approach her or make it plain as day that he wanted to consummate their relationship. For him to finally make the move…

Yet, as patient as she was, Ash was uncertain if she could wait much longer…

A sudden knock on the door had her flinching; jumping up from her couch nervously. Cheeks flaring as she looked at the time on her wall; seen just how long she’d been staring at some fixed point and thinking about jumping in Johnny’s pants!

Ugh! How embarrassing!

“Ash?” Another slight knock and Johnny’s unsure voice came muffled from the other side of her door.

“Y-Yeah! Be right there!” she yelled; ignoring how her voice cracked as she adjusted her clothes for the umpteenth time before running to the door.

Opening it to reveal the object of her desires was jarring and amazing all at once.

There Johnny stood in all his tall glory; smiling, one hand casually in his pocket while the other giving her a gentle wave. The fresh scent and the barest hints of cologne on his fur and skin had her stomach churning uncomfortably in her gut. Palms slightly sweaty and mouth going dry at the sudden feelings that arose in her for taking him in; she was already aroused enough and him being so handsome wasn’t making this any easier.

Just what the hell had gotten into her tonight?

“Hey. Are you alright?” Johnny asked, tilting his head slightly when Ash still had yet to let him into the apartment.

“Yeah. Never better..” she muttered, smiling up at him like some lovesick puppy. It took her a whole 30 seconds to realize what she had been doing. “Whoops. Uh, s-sorry, Johnny. Come on in.” she continued with a slightly stutter; uncaring at this point how her cheeks burned. She flared her hand in welcome and he casually strolled in at her beckoning. Once the door was closed and locked behind her, she looked up at him and she swore her heart stopped dead in her chest.

“Thanks.” he said. The grin he bestowed had her internally moaning in pleasure. Sharp canines revealed as he gifted her with that fabulous smile. Without a single word uttered to give himself away, he lowered to his knees; one hand holding him steady on the floor as the other brushed a hand over the quills hanging in front of her ear. Caressing them gently aside so he could fully cup her face. Before she realized what happened, his brown eyes slipped closed and his mouth was on hers.

Ash’s icy blue eyes went to half-mast; staring at him for only a second before they slid shut and she instantly melted into it his kiss. Tilting her head slightly to get a better angle; deepening their lip-lock. Hand absentmindedly lifting up to grasp at his arm; leather soft and cool underneath her palm as her fingers coiled in the fabric. Toes curling in her boots as his mouth opened a bit further to deepen it further.

His kiss was gentle yet there was such a passion behind it; much like his endless reserves as he sang. Johnny gave every task 110% and the thought of taking this further had Ash subconsciously moaning into his mouth.

That must have startled Johnny, who repentantly pulled away from her mouth; their parting lips letting out a soft pop between them.

“Mmm…heh. What was that for?” she breathed over his lips; heart hammering against her rib-cage at the embarrassing moan she let slip. So distracting to experience the heat from his mouth so achingly close; desperate to close the distance and kiss him again.

“You’re just so beautiful, love,” he replied; removing his hand from her face to scratch at the short hair on his nape as he spoke, “I really just can’t help myself, I guess.” he continued rather nervously, accent thick and causing her fur to prickle pleasantly before he rose back up to his full height. Although he tried to hide it, Ash noticed the pink tint that flushed his cheeks and the tips of his round ears.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” she replied with a throaty chuckle; bottom lip anchored between her teeth. Heart palpitating painfully at his given nickname for her. It wasn’t new or anything, but it still caused her heart to warm every time she heard it. All of his affection wasn’t helping her out-of-control libido. “So um,” she cleared her throat, “I was thinkin’, you know, instead of spending all night in the kitchen like last time, why don’t we get some takeout instead?”

“Yea. Sure. Sounds great.” Johnny smiled with a heavy shrug as Ash prompted him to the few fliers from the restaurants around town that were scattered on her coffee table. Perhaps if she could distracted on something else, she could pull her mind out of the gutter before she said or did something really stupid.

“It’s your choice tonight, Big Guy.” Ash directed before plopping herself on the couch, patting the seat next to her while the gorilla happily accepted the invitation. Lowing himself to sit at her side, he began to look over the various menus and their unique selections. She watched mesmerized as his large hands moved over the papers; sometimes drumming against the grains of the wood as if he was at his piano. Oh, the things those hands could do…she froze and remembered that she was not going to be a creeper tonight. Forcefully pushing those thoughts away, her blue eyes flicking over to his face for a moment; languidly taking in his profile and how his lips pursed into an almost pout when he was trying to make a decision.

Why did he have to be so freakin’ cute?

“How about this one?” Johnny’s voice surprised her and her eyes gravitated to the menu he held out for her to see.

It was the restaurant they went to on their first date. Not sure exactly if he was just trying to be romantic or what because the food there was terrible. She was sorely tempted to laugh but stopped when she caught the glint in his eye. Ash swore time froze. His warm brown eyes were scanning slowly over her face, the most genuine smile pulling at his lips. No one had ever looked at her that way before and dammit, this was not helping her state…

“Johnny?” she breathed. “Y-Ya uh, really wanna order from there?” she asked, unsure, not exactly sure why he seemed different tonight or if it was her hormones acting up.

“Admittedly, it’s not very tasty, but it brings back good memories, doesn’t it?” he replied; his arm suddenly wrapped around her waist and he brushed his forehead over her temple.

“Heh… Y-Yea…” she sighed, cheeks on fire and heart was pounding so hard that he could probably hear it. Almost afraid to look up, she did; staring into his face and him smiling so assuredly; white teeth proudly displayed, and dammit, did he even care what he was doing to her?! Her body was already betraying her and there was only one she knew for sure - if he kept this up, it was gonna be a long night…