one year since my show ended lol

I still remember when the finale aired I was like “I’m so sad it’s coming to an end, and I know korrasami won’t be canon. If it did, it would probably be one of my favorite stories ever, but I just know it won’t.” And when IT HAPPENED I was utterly in shock… I don’t think I’ll ever forget how I felt in that moment

and now it’s been a year since that show completely changed my life. Thank you, Bryke

Yo girl actually made a decent edit this time. (it took forever but i did it!) Helloooooo my angels I am back with another follow forever!!! Since i reached 2,000 followers and it’s the end of the year I decided to show how much i appreciate and love you all. This year has had many up and downs but one thing that i know for sure is that you all were beside me every step of the way. Thank you all for loving me and putting up with my annoying self. Without getting to sentimental (I have tears in my eyes no joke) lets get this follow forever started!!! (also sorry if all the blogs aren’t in alphabetical order….i tried my best lol)

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anonymous asked:

i just read your recent amnesia au and it made me cry it was SO good and i don't know what i'll do if there's not going to be a part two. that was one of the best bellarke au's i've read so thank you, even if it broke me

you’re so sweet, thank you <3 I did end up writing a part two (I’m weak lol)
I hope you like it!

bellarke + amnesia part two 

~ modern au where Clarke gets into an car accident and wakes up with no memory of the past five years ~

( ( part one ) )

wc: 4.2k | read it on ao3

(oh and @prosciuttoe told me to tag her and since she’s my wife, I have to do what she tells me <3)


Clarke wakes up with the kind of headache that only comes after a night spent crying.

Last night, Wells hadn’t asked any questions when Clarke had showed up at his door with a half-empty duffel bag and a face full of tears. He’d just let her in and let her cry on his shoulder until she fell asleep on the couch.

She did the right thing. She knows she did. It wasn’t fair to keep pretending like everything was fine—like everything was the same—when it wasn’t. But sometimes doing the right thing fucking hurts.

This morning, when Clarke gets up, Wells is already in the kitchen making a pot of coffee. She shuffles over and slumps into a chair at the kitchen table, rubbing her eyes. They feel sticky and dry.

“You okay?” Wells asks, carrying over two cups of coffee and setting one on the table in front of Clarke.

Clarke sighs and wraps a hand around the mug. “Not really.”

“You want to talk about it?”

Clarke takes a sip of coffee. Last night she hadn’t said much, choked by her tears, but talking to Wells might help and even if it doesn’t, he should know what happened.

“I proposed to Bellamy,” Clarke tells the table. “A week before the accident I proposed to him. I was in love with him. I wanted to marry him. And I don’t remember why.” The last sentence comes out as a whisper.

Wells takes her hand and squeezes lightly. Clarke takes a shaky breath.

“It’s not that I don’t understand why I loved Bellamy. He’s smart and kind and he cares so much, but I don’t—I don’t remember the big moments with him,” Clarke pauses, “Or I guess I don’t remember the small ones. I don’t remember waking up in the morning with him. I don’t remember what TV shows we used to watch. I feel like I woke up into a life built by someone else, with this incredible person who loves me, but I didn’t earn any of it. I haven’t done anything to deserve Bellamy’s trust or his love.”

Clarke sighs and presses her forehead to the hard, wood table. “I’m not making much sense, am I?”

Wells squeezes her hand, “No, it’s not that, I just still don’t understand. Clarke, you’re remembering things. Not everything at once, not everything right now. But you’re remembering. Why does it sound like you’re giving up?”

Clarke stares at Wells’ hand, the weight of it feels like the most solid thing about her.

Because Clarke’s whole life feels like a dream. Because she keeps expecting to wake up.

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ya’ll idk where this blog gonna be by november/december.

  • im sorta part of the marvel fandom but not passionate about anything except xmen
  • i like dc comics n dc tv shows but i dont heavily post unless they come across my blog
  • i like movies lots, but no one who follows me seems to like same movies as i do
  • teen wolf was my biggest and heavily into fandom and that’s been fading away fast since like 2014/5 and it’s coming to an end this year
  • and sense8 got cancelled. i know there’s the 2 hr but thats it
  • basically idk what i’m gonna blog about
  • other shows i watch i dont really post about or they’re rewatches of old shows.
  • idk man idk. thanks for sticking with me for a while. i dont think i’ll delete i just dont know lol what to post.


30 Day TV Show Challenge

Day 14:  Favorite Male Character

I can’t choose just one, so in no particular order.

Angel, BTVS & Angel - Angel was this grumpy old soul who made mistakes, who lost a son, and love, and battled his inner demons, and outer demons, and tried and most of the time failed to make the world a little better, not for glory, not because he was chosen, but because he decided to fight, and in the process he became a hero.

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Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad - Take a stereotypical stoner drug dealer and make him pathetic, and vulnerable, and heartbreaking, and funny.  Watch this malevolent force come into his life and manipulate him emotionally over and over, because this kid, who has no one is so desperate for approval, and love and acceptance that he suffers and suffers.  The only thing I prayed for in this series finale is that Jesse would somehow survive and be at peace. 

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Chuck Bartowski, Chuck - he started as this goofball nerd and by the end of the series you completely bought him as this action hero spy stud.  But, through it all he kept his heart of gold.

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Matt Saracen, Friday Night Lights -  He was thrust into the limelight by circumstance, but he rose to the challenge.  He was the ultimate good guy, he took care of everyone around him like his grandmother.  He was abandoned by both of his parents, but found a surrogate father in Coach Taylor.  A lot of the heart of the show was bound up in this kid’s journey.

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Ned the Piemaker, Pushing Daisies - Ned brings people back to life, but when he revived Chuck, the first love from his childhood, he was the one who gained a life.  And even though he can never touch her again, their chaste love story is one of the most romantic I’ve seen. 

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Pacey Witter, Dawson’s Creek - If Dawson was the intellect, then Pacey was the heart of the show.  He came from a blue collar background, he never expected to make anything of his life, he struggled after high school to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, he made bad choices, and he made great choices.  He was wise beyond his years and he always (okay most of the time) remembered what was really important in life.  He loved with all his heart and in this teen drama, his portrayal in the Joey love story was surprisingly mature.  I hoped and wanted her to choose him at the end, and was gratified that the show agreed.

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Oliver Queen, Arrow (so I had to include this one right) - The thing I find interesting about Oliver Queen is that he has never felt like he deserved happiness.  He ran away from it before he ended up on that Island.  And those five years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse as he said stripped everything away.  Since then, he’s slowly rebuilding and reshaping himself, finding and appreciating what and who he is and trying not to make the same mistakes.  He’s a painfully slow learner, lol, but I find his journey compelling and inspiring.

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Oliver Queen Appreciation Week : Day 1 - Favorite episode

1x01 Pilot

The name of the island they found me on is Lian Yu. It’s Mandarin for “purgatory.” I’ve been stranded here for five years. I’ve dreamt of my rescue every cold black night since then. For five years I’ve had only one thought, one goal - survive. Survive and one day return home. The island held many dangers. To live, I had make myself more than what I was, to forge myself into a weapon. I am returning not the boy who was shipwrecked, but the man who will bring justice to those who have poisoned my city. My name is Oliver Queen.

I hesitated a lot, as always lol. I’m rubbish at chosing. But in the end, I chose the Pilot because it’s the first time we meet Oliver. I caught up on the show after seeing gifs of Moira’s death and Olicity gifs (my ship <3). I didn’t imagine how much I’d come to love this character. Or how intrigued I would get from watching the pilot to see what had made Oliver so broken and cold-blooded, how much I would want to see how he overcome all that.