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the munki's TEA nominations

Most of my favs have already been nominated, yay! So here are the stories that I think are missing from that glorious list!

Guys, please cast your votes for these gems and the lovely people who wrote them! Remember, a fic needs 5 votes for the same category to be nominated. :)

Best AngstDear BelleTardisInWonderland

Best Smut — Best of the Bargain - accio-firewhiskey

Best One-Shot — Kiss Chase - PrincessTiannah

Best AU

Black Flagged - denali1234

Pride and Other Poisons - crankynerdgirl

His Majesty’s Consort - theclassics4

Crimson Scarves and Crimson Blood - TardisInWonderland

The Great Wide Somewhere - thehinkypanda

Best Series 

Cat!Belle - gingerwhovianrobotskeleton

Cat!Rumpel - temporalteatime

Best Secret Santa — Love and Politics - afterbaedeker

Best Remix A Particular NeedNym

Best Belle — Plain Jane - Luthien

Best Dark One — Strange Bedfellows - ddagent

Best Mr Gold — All the Bright Pieces - Bad Faery

Best FicAn Inward Treasure - Fyre

Fly, my pretties!

The time has come for the Rumbelle spinoff

In all seriousness–why don’t they do this? It seems like a no-brainer. Rumbelle is probably the most fascinating story on OUAT but it gets in the way of what Kitsowitz want to sell, and they don’t have the ability to balance. Rather than keeping one or the other in a coma, move them to an independent show where they can shine. 

Yes, OUATIW was a ratings bomb (and that was when the mothership was a lot less leaky itself), but the president of ABC (or is he now ex-president) admitted that was largely his fault for scheduling it in a difficult time slot rather than using it to bridge the two OUAT mini-seasons, as was originally planned. Galavant, last season’s bridge series, did well enough to be renewed with a 1.1 rating for the finale; OUATIW was hovering at about .9 in its more difficult time slot so probably would have been fine as a bridge.

Furthermore, the Rumbelle spinoff would have a huge advantage over OUATIW right out the gate: Robert Carlyle, a proven draw and leading man, as Rumplestiltskin, the breakout character (with the Evil Queen) from the main show. OUATIW really shared only a setting (and elliptically at that) with OUAT, so there wasn’t a large draw for the existing audience (except in that they were both fantasy shows, but OUATIW had almost none of the real-world setting that originally drew many people to the main show). Rumple is one of OUAT’s most popular characters (if not the MOST popular) and Belle is extremely popular as well. And of course Rumbelle has been for years one of, if not the most, popular couples/stories (IMO that’s the problem: that they outshine Kitsowitz’s pet projects). 

There’s no question that RC has the talent, recognition, and standing to anchor a show, especially in a period trending away from thirty-ish pretty boys as leading men (many of the most popular/acclaimed shows of the last years, such as Breaking Bad, GOT, Boardwalk Empire, and the Blacklist, are headed by character actors in their forties/fifties). And Emilie has a solid established fanbase as well as being extremely talented and beautiful. 

(To be honest, if they were smart and could escape the grasp of the Mouse, they’d shop a Rumbelle spinoff to HBO–it’s exactly what that network needs right now. Fantasy has done very well for them, and they have a spot for a more real-world-based, lighter fantasy show now that True Blood is finished.)

Not to mention that Disney is gearing up for several years of BatB-palooza surrounding the live-action release and the 25th anniversary of the animated film. Synergy! While the target audiences for the Rumbelle show and the movie might be different (Rumbelle are better suited to a darker, more adult tone), each can only expand the brand of the other. 

Of course, the selling point of a spinoff would have to be that Kitsowitz were not the writers (I imagine any network would make that a requirement, considering how they’ve run OUAT into the ground and squandered the Frozen marketing windfall). Jane Espenson hasn’t been too impressive over the past few years, but she has the experience and reputation to be a show runner if she pulls it together, and especially gets a partner as she had on OUATIW.

Rumbellers: Adam is in panic mode and doing damage control.

Don’t fall for it.  

Don’t kid yourself – he just wants us to watch.  He’s afraid we won’t.


Make him BEG.  Make him GROVEL. Make him CRY for us to come back.

One ‘shady but semi-positive’ article doesn’t mean a damn thing.

One tweet to one Rumbeller after three years of virtual radio silence to ONLY Rumbellers doesn’t mean jack shit.

He has to EARN us back.  

Don’t fall for it.  Dig your heels in and DO NOT WATCH 6x09 and let him KNOW that you’re not watching.  

Keep telling him it’s not enough.  Keep filling his feed with a list of reasons why you don’t trust him and why you’re not watching until you’re given CONCRETE PROOF beyond dispute that you have a reason to.


Be civil.  Don’t send hate. Don’t send threats.  Report anyone who does.  

But don’t make nice with him.  It’s what he WANTS.  He doesn’t deserve it.  


Beeeinyourbonnet prompted: Warrior Belle meets the Dark One

When Rumplestiltskin finds an orphaned griffin, it is the perfect excuse to talk to the beautiful beasttamer again. But he can’t just gift the little thing to her, and so ends up owing her a favor instead. Apparently, raising griffins requires 2 sets of hands, and one thing leads to another over the years together.

So... One year ago today, Rumple and Belle got married.

On May 11th, 2014 during the season 3 finale of Once Upon A Time, my favorite ship in the history of all ships got married. It was also my 16th birthday. Let me tell you, when your OTP gets married on your birthday, it’s literally the best present ever. I may or may not have been screaming. Anyway, in light of all the sadness about Rumple & Belle being sidelined again last night, I thought maybe we could all use some positivity. Happy one year wedding anniversary, Rumbelle! 


i wonder what i’d do | rumbelle



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Rumbelle Playlist (Part 1)

Thought I’d share with you all the songs that give me the major Rumbelle feels. The list below is just stuff that’s on my computer. I have HUGE CD collection I still need to weed through :p

Taken from my iTunes playlist:

  • “Abigail’s Song (Silence is All You Know)” by Katherine Jenkins
  • “All This and Heaven Too” by Florence + the Machine
  • “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy
  • “Chemicals React” by Aly & AJ
  • “Deal” by TheOneOffAccount (It’s ABOUT Rumbelle!!!)
  • “Demons” by Imagine Dragons
  • “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak
  • “Fairytale” by Sons of Jim
  • “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by Joshua Radin
  • “Gravity” by Vienna Tang
  • “Haunted” by Taylor Swift
  • “Heartlines” by Florence + the Machine
  • “I Should Go” by Levi Kres
  • “Innocent” by Taylor Swift
  • “Into the Fire” by Thirteen Senses
  • “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!nk feat. Nate Ruess
  • “Kiss Me” cover by Jason Walker
  • “Losing Your Memory” by Ryan Star
  • “Moon River” by Audrey Hepburn (A lot of this one has to do with Breakfast and Books)
  • “Never Let Me Go” by Florence + the Machine
  • “No Light No Light” by Florence + the Machine
  • “Red” by Taylor Swift
  • “Rescue Me” by Kerrie Roberts
  • “Rumpelstiltskin in Love” from OUAT Soundtrack
  • “Set Fire to the Third Bar” by Snow Patrol
  • “She is the Sunlight” by Trading Yesterday
  • “Siuil A Run (Walk My Love)” by Celtic Woman
  • “Swallow the Knife” by Story of the Year
  • “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri
  • “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper
  • “The Weight of Love” by Snow Patrol
  • “What the Water Gave Me” by Florence + the Machine
  • “White Flag” by Dido (Required Song for All OTP’s)
  • “You’ll Be Mine” by The Pierces