one year has passed

One year ago, I created the first fan video of my life, BLACK COAT, for the fontcest fandom. (And accidentally suck out lots of people’s tears I guess)

One year has passed…… stuffs happened…… And I have been learned through so many skillz…… Finally, I used all I have…… to created ONE ANOTHER NEW VIDEO………….


(Yes this time it is a shitpost.)

Watch on Youtube in here!

Oh yeah I finally remember: Since a month ago there have been over 10,000 pals join my shithole.

Never see this much people coming to me, really, so consider this video as a thank you gift also. Love you, love you all, peace out.

19 years later...

Last year Jo got the year wrong and she tweeted this:

However, one year has passed and today it’s 19 years later! The end of the last book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows takes place in 1998. The epilogue to that book takes place 19 years later! September 1st, 2017.

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Albus, Rose and Scorpius begin Hogwarts today finally ~ 😆😆😆

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day 365. one year. a full year has passed since bismuth’s debut and we have seen neither hair nor hide of her in those 365 days. 32 episodes. two seasons without bismuth. they brought this beautiful revolutionary into our lives, only to deem her too radical. what was the point? why toy with us this way? do we not deserve a revolution? do we not deserve a leader in our revolution?

i fear i may not live long enough to see her glorious return. i fear even deeper for a return that brings with it censorship. a bismuth toned down, a bismuth silenced is no better than a bismuth dead.

happy birthday, my sweet rainbow. you were too good for this world. far too good for the world you were conceived in. i hope youre shattering diamonds in your dreams.


One year with Pentagon!

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed already, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve been spoiled with 4 mini albums already (and a subunit!), and hopefully there’ll be much more to come. Pentagon and Universe, let’s be together for a long time!

Another 15 Things that you could put in your BOS/Grimoire/whatever you call it.

I decided to write another of these lists…. I really do hope they help someone.

1.       The chakras – do you use them? Write about it? Research them

2.       Your magical ethics – what do you believe you should and shouldn’t do? It’s all well and good following others rules, why not come up with your own?

3.       Myths/legends – are there any myths or legends revolving around deities you work with or even just like? If so how about popping them in your book.

4.       Folk tales – do you live in an area with a rich folk tale history? Do you believe in the folk lore? Are you a traditional witch who works with the lore of the land?

5.       Cord/knot magic.

6.       Names of each full moon.

7.       Photos of your altar.

8.       Family traditions – do you have any traditions with your family? Do you on the first day of spring go for a walk with your parents every year? Or do you visit a loved one who has passed in the cemetery on their birthday?

9.       Views on the afterlife – do you have an opinion on what happens after we die?

10.   Deities to call upon – if you work with deities, but do not have matron/patron why not write a list of the deities that you can call upon for different situations.

11.   A table of smudges – I cleanse my home every month or so (I have spiritual activity here) I have a table that says when I have/need to cleanse my home again, and notes on what happened.

12.   Herbal growing – if you grow your own fresh? write about it.

13.   Making your own cleanse/smudge sticks – a how to.

14.   Colour correspondences.

15.   Nature correspondences – especially things that are local to your area, that you could potentially use in spell/ritual work.

d-0 to seventeen’s anniversary

a love letter to seventeen:

thank you for always making me laugh and for being my healing when life gets difficult. with you fantastic 13 balls of sunshine, these past two years have been much more than just very nice. i’m so proud that i’ve been able to see all of you grow, and just thinking about it causes tears to well up. but, i’ll try to hold these tears in because i don’t wanna cry

seventeen, i’m glad we’ve made it this far, and i’ll continue to adore u for years to come. let’s keep on walking on this flower path.

happy 2nd year anniversary!


The Beluga whale- Or, as most of you call it ‘SCP-682’

Yep, we’re doing one of those information/fact things again! I’ve been digging around and found some interesting bits to share with everyone. 

The beluga whale we’re focusing on today was washed up about 5,000 miles east of Moscow (Russia). It was found by soldiers stationed on Russia’s far-eastern territory. Later on, it became known as the 'Moscow Monster’, and was mistaken for a washed up Plasiosaur. 

External image

The corpse found was approx 20ft long! The carcass was taken away by Russian Special Services for 'in-depth studies’. Years have passed since and no one has heard a thing about where the carcass went.

No, that is literally it! I do not have anything else on this thing! It’s /gone/

Here is what it would have looked like alive: 

External image

Such a cutie!


He’s gonna die

how much time passed on earth

A curious thing that most people don’t take into account when discussing the amount of time passed within canon is that the time that passes in space is not equivalent to the time that passes on Earth (or wherever the starting position is). This is the basis of the theory of relativity. One concept in particular in the theory of relativity is related to this discrepancy in the time that passed on Earth and in space and that is the concept of time dilation.

Time Dilation is the concept that a clock (and therefore time) that is moving relative to the observer will move slower than a clock that is at rest vs. the observer. In our case, time as it’s moving on the castle ship with the paladins is slower than time as it moves on Earth - which when we’re talking about the speed at which the paladins are moving is relatively at rest.

This will be behind a read more because I do math and it also got really long.

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“We still have a lot of images to show. Less than one year has passed since our debut, but I want us to meet both the fans and the public very often until they feel that they’re seeing us as much as they want to. BLACKPINK still has a long way to go as musicians, but we want to be singers who can give people strength, who can comfort people, and who can match what they’re feeling no matter the time or season.” - Jennie, Sports Donga Interview (x) 💖🖤



one year has passed already? wow, time flew by so fast! thank you so much for an amazing year, for constantly blowing us away with your talent, for all the good times and good laughs and for always being such sweethearts, tinkerbells love you as much as you love us! thank you and hope to be with you for a long long time! happy 1st anniversary knk ♡

anonymous asked:

How old is TAE?

Seokjin (921204): International age - 24, Korean age - 26.
Yoongi (930309): International age - 24, Korean age - 25.
Hoseok (940218): International age - 23, Korean age - 24.
Namjoon (940912): International age - 22, Korean age - 24.
Jimin (951013): International age - 21, Korean age - 23.
Taehyung (951230): International age - 21, Korean age - 23.
Jungkook (970901): International age - 19, Korean age - 21.

How to calculate Korean age: Basically you subtract the birth year from the current year, then you add 1 year. According to the Korean age system, people turn a year older at the New Year (January 1st) and are born at one year old. Therefore, the Korean and international ages can differ from one to two years depending if the person’s birthday has already passed when the ages are calculated. Since Yoongi and Hoseok’s birthdays have passed there is only a year difference in their international and Korean ages. For the rest of the members, their birthdays have yet to pass so there is a difference of two years in their international and Korean ages. Hope this helped!
- Kylie

Under Dancing Stars I

I am still obsessed with Cassian and Nesta and also the Bed Sharing-/ Enemies to Lovers-/ Arranged Marriage AU, so I had to write this. It’s super angsty and the plot is basically just a Slow Burn and them drooling over each other or making out. Set in medieval times and everyone’s a knight. Enjoy.

(I also thought it would be fun to throw you right into the story without any explanations- have fun figuring stuff out as you go along!)

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 Chapter One: The Return


Beatrice: I wonder that you will still be talking, Signor Benedick: nobody marks you.
Benedick: What, my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?” 
― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing


Here’s the story of how Cassian and Nesta fell in love.

Their grandchildren will request to hear it one day, when all the years have passed by and their hair has turned white. Winter has covered the lands outside the castle; and sitting in front of a crackling fire, Cassian will take his wife’s hand. They’ll share a smile that quietly asks, do you remember? And when they look at each other they will not see the wrinkles in each other’s faces or the cane Cassian has to use to walk by now- they will see each other as they once were when they first met, a willful girl and a boy with the promise of a storm in his eyes.  

It’s a messy story, Cassian will say. Full of prejudices and mistakes.

But a story worth telling, Nesta will add. And squeeze her husband’s hand. You’ll let some parts out, right?

He will raise her hand to his lips and press a kiss to her skin. Just the parts that belong only to us, my darling.


“I know you’re nervous about the race”, Elain said. “But you don’t need to get so worked up.”

“Worked up? Me?” Nesta threw her hands in the air and proceeded to pace back and forth in the small stable they were standing in. “I am perfectly fine! The very picture of calmness! There is nothing that could interrupt my current state of collection and serenity!” She stopped in front of Duren’s box, her mare dancing lightly on the spot. “You’re the one that’s nervous”, she murmured, and gently stroked the horse’s white fur. Duren lowered her head. She had been given to Nesta on her nineteenth birthday, and ever since then, Nesta had loved her with all her heart. Had spent hours and days on Duren’s back, riding through the endless woods and along the cold streams of the northlands.

“I understand”, Elain implored. “It’s stressful. All those people you haven’t seen for years- then there’s father- and Feyre, of course”-

“Feyre seems to handle herself very well.”

A stable boy entered the stables, visibly nervous. Nesta glared at him. “You again?”

“I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation, my Lady!”, he blurted.  “I have been told to inform you that the races are about to begin, and I can fetch a servant for you- if you want me to, that is- to bring out your racer to the starting line.”

“Go, go!” Nesta waved her hand in impatience. “I will do that myself. How much time is left?”

“Fifteen minutes, my Lady!”, the boy stammered. “Are you sure you don’t need a servant?”

“Positive. Now off with you.” The boy ran out outside as if stung by a bee.

“Be nicer, Nesta”, Elain pleaded. “He was scared of you!”

Nesta opened the door to Duren’s box. She was already saddled up, ready to be led to the race ground. “The goal is that there are all scared of us, Elain.”

“Why are you like this?”, Elain asked, growing desperation in her voice. “That is a horrible thought! Why would you even say something like that?”

Nesta turned to lead Duren out of the stables. “So that we might not share Feyre’s fate.”

“Feyre is marrying Rhysand, a man she loves. The future High Lord of the Night Court.”

“Feyre is nineteen. She knows nothing of men, or love, or anything in life, concerning that matter.”

“And you do?”

Flashing images popped up in Nesta’s mind, a hand grabbing her wrists, a body pinning her down. A bloody knife. She shoved them all away. “I know enough.”

Elain hurried after her. They walked through the crisp morning air, the scent of wet leaves and fires carried over to them by the wind. The courtyard was almost empty except for some busy servants. Everyone had to be at the race grounds already.

“Nesta”, Elain panted when she had caught up with her. “Just talk to me. Just tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong”, Nesta answered through clenched teeth. There the race grounds were; there the hundreds of noblemen stood, all elaborate dresses, adorned hats and dashing suits; drinking, laughing, betting on the winner.

“It is about father, isn’t it? It’s that thing you will not tell me about, that stupid thing that caused your fight years ago-“

“Yes!” Nesta halted, and whirled around to her sister. “Yes! Of course it is! I have not been to the royal court since I was nineteen because of that thing, and I was forced to live locked up in some cold mansion in the north! I did not get to see you share your first dance as an eligible woman, I did not see Feyre get engaged, I was the one blamed when I was not the one that started it”- Nesta stopped herself. That was too much. Elain could never know about Thomas.

She gathered herself, straightened. “I was isolated from your lives”, she said coolly. “And now that father has decided he wants to marry me off, I have suddenly become presentable again. You must see that’s hard to accept.”

Elain grabbed her hand. “Then tell me what it is that separated us”, she begged. “Tell me why you were sent north three years ago. I will not judge, I will not think badly of you, I simply want to understand!”

“No”, Nesta said and continued walking towards the starting line, where the other racers were already waiting with their horses. “All you need to know is that were it not for you and Feyre, I would not manage to be here.”

“You can always talk to me, you know that.”

Nesta breathed out. “I do.”

“And at least you love racing. This day can be fun for you.”

Nesta shook her head to clear her thoughts. “You’re right. It will be fun. Elain”- she squeezed her sister’s hand- “I truly am thankful for everything you do. I know I may seem harsh. I am trying. It’s all so much- my first day back in Velaris, my first day back at court…I am lucky I have you.”

Elain swallowed. “That’s good”, she said, but in her eyes lay all the worries in the world.

There was no time for them to talk anymore; Nesta was led to her own starting position by an organizer where she mounted her horse. She briefly greeted the girl next to her, Countess Amalia of the Autumn Court- she’d been invited to her birthday dinner once, Nesta recalled. The spot on her left was still empty. At least she had not been the last one to arrive.

“Lady Nesta”, Amalia whispered. “Is it true? Are you back from the north?”

Nesta smiled thinly. “Apparently.”

“Are you terribly excited for your sister? I would die! She must be in heaven!”

”Do not worry. Last I saw her, she was eating breakfast.”

Amalia laughed. “Oh, I can’t wait for you to join my tea parties again. You were always like a breeze of fresh air with all those uptight princesses and ladies. Are you cold? I am so cold; I hate horseback-riding, and I will surely finish last. My mother forced me to participate.” Amalia sighed. “But that is the way of life. Mother commands, and I do her bidding. I am much more looking forward to the real race later. The Noble’s races are not the same thing.”

What Amalia said was true: this race- called the Noble’s race- was simply in jest, something for the young Lords and Ladies to compete with each other. Nesta had loved taking part in it before she was sent north; it was the only thing she had really looked forward to when her father had told her she would come back. Aside from living with her sisters again.

“You were sorely missed, though”, Amalia continued. “You did win the Noble’s races almost each year, did you not? The only one to challenge Rhysand and Cassian.”

“Right”, Nesta said, a little uneasy. “Where is he, by the way? I have not seen him yet.”

“The Crown Prince?”

“No.” Nesta adjusted her gloves. “The other one. Cassian.”

“Oh, he must be here any minute. He’s won each race ever since you’ve been gone. He certainly won’t miss out on this one.”

“He has?” Nesta eyed Amalia doubtfully.

The Countess laughed again. “That’s right, I almost forgot about that little feud of yours! Are the two of you still enemies?”

Nesta’s felt a flush on her face. “We’re not enemies. I mean, I don’t know what he thinks about that subject.”

“Just ask him yourself”, Amalia said and nodded her head at someone behind Nesta’s shoulder. “He is riding our way.”

If Amalia had not pointed out that Cassian was nearing the starting line, Nesta would have figured it out by the sudden cheers and claps among the spectators. He had to be the clear favorite among the contesters.

Her heart beat faster, and not because of the High Lord and his family that took their places on the high balconies right now- no, because she hadn’t thought this through at all. What would she say to Cassian? Would he ignore her? Insult her? Should she insult him first, just to get a head start?

Nesta glanced over her shoulder. The sight of him hit her like a brick. He was taller, to begin with, and older: everything seemed broader, his chest, his arms- and his hair was longer, too, tied back behind his head. He seemed in thought; didn’t notice the cheers, the crowd, or her. Her stupid heart stuttered for a second.

“Cassian”, she said quickly when he had taken his position next to her. She’d meant to say something clever. All she could think of was his name.

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This is my letter for you my “dear friend”.

A year has passed and you became that girl from the past.
A year has passed and you still can’t get passed the fact that he wanted me and not you.
A year has passes and you still don’t like it when I get attention.
A year has passed and you still need to be the center of the attention.
A year has passed and you still don’t feel confident enough in yourself that you feel the need to try to make me like you but guess what.

A year has passed and I am the one that people still want to talk to.
A year has passed and you are no longer the center of attention.
A year has passed and I have moved on to a better part of life.

A year has passed and your still the same immature creature that I remember you to be, a lot has happened since last year and you’ve only gotten worse. I told you what it would be like.

Lonely, right?
Heartbreaking, right?
Tiring, right?
Emotionally draining, right?

Stop trying so hard, every sit back and think why no one stay. Did you ever stop to think that maybe your the problem?

With no love, someone you used to know.

—  estherarcely, my diary

October’s Featured Game: Konstandin

DEVELOPER(S): Team Galanx
GENRE: Horror, Exploration, Romance, Mystery, Drama
SUMMARY: One year has passed since the 26 year old Rinor Avdiu and his wife Aulona moved to a village called Buroja. The couple tends to live a relatively happy marital life, though the village seems to have an old eerie legend in which Rinor is unconsciously taking part in. The legend of a cursed knight, called Konstandin. The story revolves around Rinor who tries to find the meaning behind it, while he faces deep mental and horrific challenges.

Download the demo here!

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Doll (FP Jones - Riverdale)

Request: Hello I wanted to ask you if you could make a series on fp jones with reader it is the mother of jughead and that jellybean is his half sister please

Summary:The story of FP’s first love, the mother of his son Jughead. 

I’m really excited about this and i’m planing to make a second part or more parts if you all want. 

Please tell me what you think. 

‘’Jug! Yell! Breakfast.’’ Y/N called out, putting two sandwiches and two apples in two paper bags. ‘Ju-’’

‘’Yeah, yeah,  i’m here.’’ A black haired boy cut her off before sitting down at the desk and digging in the eggs and the bacon on the plate in front of him.

‘’Good morning, sunshine.’’ Y/N smiled as she walked to him and kissing his forehead before giving him his orange juice.

‘’Morning mum.’’ He replied not showing any emotion just as Jelly  bean walked in the kitchen and joined her brother.

‘’Morning Yelly, how did you sleep?’’

‘’Good.’’ She replied, mirroring her brothers lack of emotion. Y/N still, after all this years, found it fascinating how much her son and his sister were alike.

‘’Well, you two, enjoy your breakfast and have a good day at school.’’ She told them before kissing Jellybean’s forehead and grabbing her coat. ‘’I can pick you guys up from school… if you two aren’t too afraid to look uncool with your mum picking you up.’’

‘’Nah, mum, you’re cooler than any of my friend’s mom’s’’ Jellybean told her with her mouth full of scrambled eggs.

‘’Aww thank you sweet pea, but i meant that you’ll look uncool compared to me.’’ Y/N winked making them both laugh.

‘’Your lunch is in the counter. See you after school.’’ She blew a kiss their way before grabbing her purse and walking out the doors.

‘’Hey there, doll.’’ A deep voice made the woman jump.

‘’FP, how many times do I have to tell you to stop sneaking up on me like that!?’’ She turned around, only to come face to face with her man.

‘’Can’t help it, you’re too cute when you’re scared.’’ His hands found their all to familiar spot on her hips as he pulled her close and places a soft kiss on her lips.

‘’I’ll give you cute. When I murder you in your sleep, Forsythe Pendleton, in your sleep.’’

‘’I’d like to see you try.’’ He chuckled before kissing her again.

‘’Don’t test me, FP.’’ She tried to fight a smile as she turned around and walked to her car.  


As she drove  she couldn’t help but think about how her life has turned up side down in the last couple of years. 4

She and FP first met  when she was in high school, where they hooked up at one of the parties in the south side.


‘’Well don’t you look like the most delicious thing ‘round here?’’ A  guy that was probably twice her age asked Y/N, making her roll her eyes in annoyance.

‘’Also the most underage thing ‘round here, so move along.’’ She told him, mimicking his accent before waving her head as if to shush him away.

‘’Is that so? How are you in a bar then?’’ He asked with a smirk, showing his yellow teeth.

‘’Magic.’’ She  shrugged walking away.

‘’How about i show you a magic trick or two?’’ The man grabbed her arm pulling her into him.

‘’Dude let go!’’ She tried to pull away from him.

‘’Cmon honey, I’ll show you a good tim-.’’

‘’She’s not interested, Topaz!’’ A deep voice interrupted the guy, making him let go of her.

‘’C’mon Jones, I got her first. Go get yourself another one.’’ The guy, Who’s name was apparently Topaz.

‘’You didn’t.’’ The tall dark and handsome stranger shrugged, his voice icy and demanding. ‘’She’s with me. We’re together.’’ He wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist, pulling her close to him and away from the old guy.

‘’Oh,’’ The guy let go of her and took a step back. ‘’Have at it then.’’ And with that he walked away.

‘’Thanks.’’ Y/N smiled up at her saviour, who still had his arm around her, keeping her close, not that she minded, of course.

‘’Oh, I didn’t do it for you. You owe me a drink now.’’ He said with a wink.

‘’Is that so?’’ She raised an eyebrow at him.

‘’Mhm.’’ He nodded and lead her to the bar.  ‘’What’cha drinking?’’

‘’Whiskey will do.’’ She said, not being able to keep her eyes of him. There was something about him, that just attracted her to him. Even tho he was a stranger she felt safe with him.

He sent her a look that said ‘if you say so’ and ordered two whiskeys. ‘’I’m FP’’ He introduced himself as he gave her her glass.

‘’Y/N.’’ She said before taking her glass  and clicking it to his glass before bringing it to her lips, not breaking eye contact with him and drinking it.

‘’So, Y/N, what brings you to the south side?’’ He asked, his eyes sparkling with fascination.

‘’I’m a teenager, I’m rebelling against my parents.’’ She said with a matter of fact-y voice. ‘’And you? FP Jones, what’s your secret?’’

‘’I see.’’ He chuckled at her sarcasm. ‘’No secrets here, doll.’’

‘’If you say so.’’ She shrugged. ‘’FP… What  does that stand for?’’

He leaned in closer so his lips were brushing against her ear. ‘’If I told you, I would have to kill you.’’

‘’No secrets, huh?’’ She bit her lip, hoping he won’t notice her blushing.

‘’Give me one good reason for me to tell you and i will.’’ He smirked, leaning back against the bar, his eyes travelling up and down her body shamelessly.

Maybe it was the alcohol, or it was those dark eyes of his but she stepped closer to him, her lips inches away from his. ‘’So i’ll know which name to scream out when i come…’’ She could see his eyes widen, ‘’back to the south side, and i need a saviour.’’ She said after a pause.

‘’Well aren’t you something.’’ He smirked.

‘’Apparently so.’’ She smiled sitting down on the stool next to him.  

They ended up talking for hours, and one thing lead to another and she ended up spending the night.


She was an uptown girl, making her and the 23 year old southside prince the perfect Romeo and Juliet of Riverdale. After that party neither of them could stop thinking about one another. So the serpent asked her out. It was the chilche of him asking her out and she refusing time after time, until one day she gave in. They did not know it at the time but she had gotten pregnant after the first time they were together.

As soon as her parents found out that their lovely daughter was knocked up by the south side trash, they kicked her out.


‘’This won’t work.’’ A 17 year old Y/N told her boyfriend of 3 months.

‘’What did i do now?’’ FP Jones rolled his eyes.

‘’Nothing,’’ She crossed her arms in front of her, in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that her stomach was getting bigger and bigger. ‘’I’m moving.’’


‘’To my gramps.’’ She said, not telling him she was pregnant with his baby.

‘’What about school?’’

‘’I’ll finish it there.’’

‘’Why?’’ He kept his face neutral but his clenched fists and tensed posture told another story.

‘’They have a better program, with AP classes for uni..’’ She shrugged as if she hadn’t planed all of the answers in advance.

‘’And no other schools closer than that have a better program?’’ He  huffed in annoyance.

‘’No.’’ She shook her head, biting her lip to stop it from trembling. ‘’I’m sorry.’’ She stepped closer, wanting to kiss her first love one last time before promising herself she will never see him again. She will not curse her baby to live the south side life, she will protect that baby anyway she possibly can.

‘’Nothing to be sorry for.’’ FP said, his voice icy cold as he turned around and walked out of his trailer, leaving her alone.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ A single tear ran down her face as she looked down at her stomach.


‘’Hey gramps.’’ Y/N offered her grandpa a sad smile as he opened the door only to see his grand daughter standing on his porch with two suitcases in her hands.

‘’She really did it?’’ The oldman asked as he hugged her. ‘’Your mum really kicked you out?’’

‘’You know how she is. Dad offered for me to stay if i abort the baby, but it was already too late.’’ She explained once she let go of him.

‘’Come in, you’ll freeze.’’

‘’Thanks.’’ She went to pick up her suitcases but her grandpa beat her to it.

‘’No lifting heavy objects for you. You have to look after yourself, and the little guy.’’

‘’What’s making you think he’s a boy?’’ She asked as she entered the old house.

‘’A feeling.’’ He smiled. He was so happy when he received a letter from her, telling him she is pregnant.

‘’If you say so.’’ She laughed. She always loved her grandpa. The summers when she could come and visit him were the best she ever had. She knew he would take her in when her parents kicked her out.


The next six months were anything but easy. She started home schooling and finished her high school with the highest honours. She was determined to get her education. She never wanted to be one of the housewives that settle down and let their husband provide for them. Hell, she was becoming the complete opposite of that. She was a single mother raising a bastard baby. A sweet boy, who became more and more like his father as he grew up.

‘’Why do i have such a weird name, mama?’’ The boy of only 5 asked her.

‘’It belonged to one of the best men i knew. Why do you ask, Forsythe? ‘’ The girl told him, finally looking up from her work. She finished university and got her first job as a lawyer.

‘’Tell me about him.’’ He tugged on her skirt making her smile and lit him on her lap.

‘’I First met him when i was 16, almost 17. He was tall, and had black hair, just like you.’’ She ruffled the little boy’s black hair. ‘’He was in his early twenties at the time.’’ She looked out the window trying her best not to cry. She still missed him.  ‘’He was like a knight in a shining armor. There was this other guy who kept following me, and he wouldn’t leave me alone. So Forsythe Pendleton or FP, as everyone called him, came and saved me from that guy.’’

‘’So he’s a hero?’’ The boy’s eyes lighted up.

‘’Yes, Juggie, He was my hero.’’

‘’I wanna meet him.’’ The 5 year old said as he jumped from her lap and walked to his toys.

‘’Maybe one day.’’ Y/N, Said more to herself than to her son. ‘’One day.’’


A year has passed and the time for Jughead to start school came sooner than expected.

‘’For fucks sake!’’ Y/N cursed as she read the letter from the local school.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ Her grandpa asked, looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

‘’They say they don’t have any free spots in the first grade. They are the third school i tried to enroll Juggie in.’’ She let out a frustrated breath and threw the letter into the trash.

‘’Here, try this one. I have a good feeling about this one.’’ The old man offered her the last letter. Without looking she opened it and went straight to the paragraph that told her if they have any free spots or not.

‘’He’s in!’’ She almost screamed in excitement.

‘’See, I told you this one is going to be the one.’’

‘’Oh..’’ Her face fell as she realised it was the School in Riverdale. ‘’It’s my old school.’’

‘’That’s good. I think it would do both of you good to move back there.’’ He told her. He always tried to tell her that she shouldn’t keep Jughead a secret from his father.

‘’Looks like we don’t have much choice.’’ She smiled trying not to show her true emotions. She was scared of what her life will be like in Riverdale. But she’ll figure it out. Like she figured out this. She will figure it out, for her son.

‘’Juggie?’’ She called out.

‘’Yeah mommy?’’ Messy head of hair peeked around the corner.

‘’We’re moving, honey.’’


‘’Mommy’s hometown.’’ She said, a strange bitter taste in her mouth as her words sank in. ‘’Riverdale.’’

‘’Sweet!’’ The boy smiled before running up to his room and gathering all of his toys.


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anonymous asked:

i thought korean age was only a year ahead. why is jungkook 21 if his international age is 19?

I guess you missed it in the age ask, but I actually stated how to calculate Korean age. I’ll rephrase it for you if it is a bit confusing.

Guidelines to calculate Korean age:
1. You are born at 1 year old. While internationally children are born at 0 years old, this is not the case in Korea.
2. You turn a year older on the first day of the New Year (January 1st). Internationally, we turn a year older on our birthday, but in Korea a person born on December 2016 and a person born on January 2016 both turn a year older on January 1st, 2017.
3. Simplified, you can calculate Korean age by subtracting the birth year from the current year, and add one year. For example, Jungkook is born in 1997 and it is currently 2017. Therefore, 2017-1997 = 20, 20 + 1 = 21.
4. Because of the first two “rules,” Korean and international ages can differ from one to two years depending if the person’s birthday has already passed when the ages are calculated. Ex. Yoongi and Hoseok’s birthdays have passed this year, so there is only a year difference in their international and Korean ages. For the rest of the members, their birthdays have yet to pass so there is a difference of two years in their international and Korean ages.

Jungkook’s birthday has yet to pass, so there is a two year gap between this Korean and International age.
- Kylie

I live in Orlando, let me say that first.

You are probably going read a lot about the pulse shooting today, as it marks one year since the event. Anyone who writes something that does not live within the city will have a birds eye view of the event and not truly understand how the community of Orlando was effected. People will try to politicize it on both the left and right, and try to push their agenda. Those people choose to ignore the fact that those involved are people and not just statistics. Please pay no mind to the writers and news outlets that are pushing an agenda around this event, they disrespect the memory of those that were effected. With that out of the way let me share a bit.

On June 12th of 2016, 49 people were killed within the walls of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida. What was for many a great night, quickly turned into a tragic one. My city was shocked and devastated; and though a year has passed, it is still fresh in the minds of locals.

With that being said, the city of Orlando has never been stronger. This event, though abhorrent, has helped bridge communities that at one time or another were at odds. #OrlandoUnited is not merely a social media gimmick, but a state of being for the city. People from all walks of life are united in the act of caring for their fellow man. I’ll share a little of what I’m talking about.

The police department of Orlando have shown that they care for all of it’s citizens. The actions of the Swat team and OPD have shown them to be brave, to put others before their own safety, and to be humble. In a time where police violence was seen around the country and the news spoke of growing tensions around the nation. They did not seem to be felt in our city after pulse. A tragic event had caused us to see each other in a different light. Though I am very skeptical and wary of the police in general, I have great respect for those who entered the nightclub that evening.

The two hospitals that treated Pulse victims, Orlando Regional Medical Center and Florida Hospital, chose to not bill the victims of the shooting. Helping many who could not afford the treatment they needed.

Equality Florida, the state’s largest LGBTQ rights group started a fundraising page to aid the victims and their families, raising $767,000 in the first 9 hours. Their proceeds were eventually given to the OneOrlando fund, which was established by Mayor Buddy Dyer and raised over $23 million for all that were affected.

One part that people don’t know much about is the bridging of the LGBTQ community and the Christian community of Orlando. One church in particular, First Baptist Orlando, sent teams of volunteers to the hospitals that the victims were at to offer support to those affected. That support looked like: paying rent while someone could not make it to work, Buying groceries and cooking for those who needed help, paying bills, taking care of pets, and finally; offering to put together the funerals of all those who died, for free. The city of Orlando even offered free plots and services as well. They didn’t ask for anything in return, and they didn’t judge people for having a different lifestyle or political view.

At the time of the shooting, I worked at this church. I was a music minister and I still volunteer in the college ministry on Thursday nights. Though I could do very little in the grand scheme of things, I am very proud to say that my community and my city has been strengthened. My heart is for people and for the well being of others, no matter race, gender, or sexual orientation. It breaks my heart to see other church’s and religious people in general, turn their backs on those in need.

Orlando City soccer stadium added 49 rainbow colored seats as their own memorial for those who died. This may seem small to someone outside of Orlando, but it is a pretty big deal. Everyone here is obsessed with Orlando City Soccer.

There were hundreds of things that united Orlando at this time but these are just a few that I have seen and experienced myself. Orlando became united around what was truly a horrific event, and though the pain of it all is not truly gone. We can still move forward a build a future that is better for our city as a whole. It is The City Beautiful.