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To The Stars

From everyone who has played a game in the Victory Green this season:

#2 Kris Russell - Thank you for being a key piece in our run to the playoffs. You weren’t always the most flashy guy on the ice, but you made stuff happen. You sacrificed your body for this team. You weren’t the fan favorite, but I appreciated everything you did in the time you’ve been with us and I hope you come back next season

#2A - Jyrki Jokipakka - We miss you, Kevin. You have a bright future wherever you go and it was great to see you back in Dallas supporting the boys during the playoffs if it was just for one game. 

#3 John Klingberg - Thank you for wowing us yet again with your defensive skills. The puck handling skills you possess are second to none on this team. Creating offense that led to plenty of goals. The best and funniest sliced bread to come out of Sweden in a long while for the Stars.

#4 Jason Demers - Thank you for the endless laughs off the ice and your dedication on it. You make the comedic relief on social media happen. You have always been one of the fan favorites and will continue to be as long as you are here.

#5 Jamie Oleksiak - Thank you for learning to use your body to fight off defenders. It was great to see you improve this season and become a better defender.

#10 Patrick Sharp - Thank you for bringing all of your experience with the Blackhawks to Dallas. To leave a place like Chicago where success is normal and come south to a young, up and coming Stars team and be committed to be a part of something special. It’s been great to see you gel and be a pivotal part of the team not only this year and for years to come.

#11 Curtis McKenzie - Thank you for your grit. Your determination. You didn’t play many games this season, but the ones you did, the presence was felt. It was definitely easy to tell when you were on the ice. I can’t wait to see how you grow and how you progress in your career.

#12 Radek Faksa - Thank you for many things, personally and professionally. Thank you for emerging into the player that Jim Nill envisioned you to be. Thank you for coming into your own and show that you are here to stay and it’s not just a flash in the pan. Thank you for reaching out to me to use some of my photos. Thank you for giving me one of your sticks following the Detroit game. People like you are why I genuinely like hockey players and have connections with them.

#13 Mattias Janmark - Thank you for being that consistent little scrappy player that can get in the dirty areas of the ice and fight and battle and rely on to get the puck and make things happen. You impressed the organization immensely after training camp and forced them to keep you here and it paid great dividends.

#14 Jamie Benn - Thank you for being you. Thank you for being one of the top captains in the entire National Hockey League. For taking an even-keeled approach to the triumphs and the tribulations. For knowing what to say. For being an excellent player. Thank you for everything you do. There are way too many things I could say but I can easily sum it up by saying thank you for being you.

#15 Patrik Nemeth - Thank you for coming back and making an impact during the season after last year’s injury. Thank you for continuing to be an improving defenseman that I hope to see more of in the upcoming seasons. 

#16 Jason Dickinson - Thank you for being such a bright young prospect and for your fantastic goal in your first and only game with the team. You have a bright future with this organization and I can’t wait to see what this next season and seasons ahead bring and I hope to see you in victory green on a regular basis.

#18 Patrick Eaves - Thank you for sticking through everything and fighting through injuries to be a fantastic piece of this team, along with your majestic beard. It rivals the likes of Brent Burns and Joe Thornton, along with fellow teammate Jordie Benn.

#20 Cody Eakin - Thank you for being the best role player and the best utility guy on the team. Thank you for making me proud to call you my favorite player. You may not get the recognition of other guys on the team, but the way you play and the versatility to be on the third line or the top line is second to none, and I’m so glad you’ve found a niche in this team.

#21 Antoine Roussel - Thank you for being the little fantastic pest you are, while at the same time, being one of the nicest guys on the team. Not many people outside of the Stars fan base knows how kind and caring you are of people off the ice. They only see you on the ice as a pest and someone who likes to rile things up to get the boys going and fight hard for your team. Passion both on and off the ice are what make you great, Rouss.

#22 Colton Sceviour - Thank you for your continued great play on the scrappy fourth line. Creating chances time and time again to help the boys score and help set up the top line with Fidds and whoever else may have been on the line with you.

#23 Esa Lindell - Thank you for the short but impactful time you had with the organization. Your short stint in the NHL brought us a glimpse of what is to come from you and many other prospects in the system and it shows a very very bright future thanks to moves and decisions made by Jim Nill and many others surrounding the team. I can’t wait to see where you end up next, whether it’s in victory green in Cedar Park or Dallas. You have a bright future, Esa.

#24 Jordie Benn - Thank you for having a fantastic season after a less than ideal one the previous year. It was great to see you have such a good season and for one year, not lose your beard on a bet. The beard is one of our favorite things about you and we love you as the mountain man. The humility and support you have for your brother is fantastic to see and I’m sure you two will continue to have great careers with each other.

#25 Brett Ritchie - Thank you for your physical presence and great play. You may not have played all season, but when you did play, it was felt greatly by the other team. I love watching you play because you always bring that element of physicality and fight in front of the goaltender to create chances to score. Can’t wait to see what this organization has in store for you.

#27 Travis Moen - Thank you for continuing to scrap no matter what. Whenever you were on the ice, you may not have been the fastest, but you were always one of the most physical. Where you lacked in speed, you made up in ability to move the puck and pull defenders off the puck.

#28 Stephen Johns - Thank you for being one of the best defensemen to come up in the system and make such a fantastic impact. Every time you were on the puck you made something happen. Every single time. You know how to move the puck with ease and make everything look effortless. 

#31 Antti Niemi - Thank you for grabbing us 25 wins this season and being a great goaltender for us in the Two Headed Finnish Monster with Kari. Neither one of you had an issue with the idea and you played great after coming from San Jose. It was great to get to know you in Dallas and we appreciate all the work you did in net this season.

#32 Kari Lehtonen - Thank you for being another fantastic part of the Two Headed Finnish Monster. It was so great to see you have such a great year after the struggles of the previous little while here in Dallas. I enjoyed seeing you grow and overcome some of the struggles that plagued your play over the past couple seasons and I hope you are around and continue to grow and get better.

#33 Alex Goligoski - Thank you for sticking through the rebuild to bring us where we are today. Thank you for being a leader on this team on the defensive side of the puck and wearing that A and sporting it well. No matter the on ice play, the commitment to sticking around with this team through the bad and riding it up through the good of now, it’s really great to see somebody like you stick around for so long.

#34 Devin Shore - Thank you for stepping in and being a great help to the team when it needed it most and contributing. Although it may not have been on the score sheet, it was great to see you get a chance at the NHL for as many games as you played. It’s invaluable experience and I hope it means many more chances for you in the NHL.

#38 Vernon Fiddler - Thank you for your experience and for being one of the veterans on the team that has truly been lovable and a great person both on and off the ice. Your passion for this team to scrap on the fourth line is second to none on the team and you always accepted autographs and seeing your son around was a great thing to see that he was around and how important the family is to the team and outside of it.

#43 Valeri Nichushkin - Thank you for always trying to work and always trying to improve. The play from the start of the season to the end was a steady increase after the long spell last season where you were not able to see the ice for very long before the season ended. I hope you keep continuing to improve to become a great power and skill forward in the game.

#47 Johnny Oduya - Thank you for being an anchor and a reliable defenseman all year long and especially with the rise of Stephen Johns. Yourself and Johns were one of my favorite defensive pairings to watch. You guys seemed to barely do much wrong and were in the right positions that you two needed to be in. Even though you may not be the quickest, your experience and knowledge of the game is incomparable and your Stanley Cup experience is invaluable to this team.

#83 Ales Hemsky - Thank you for fighting through and being a great playmaker for the Stars this season. You gelled in my mind fantastically with Roussel and Faksa and it was by far one of my favorite lines all season. You guys always created chances and made things happen every shift and it was a wonder to see and I hope that you three stick together next season to create more magic.

#90 Jason Spezza - Thank you for evolving into the player we envisioned. You were extremely dominant all year long and even more so when it mattered most. It was great to see you do well in your second year here and I love the passion and loyalty you bring to the team in interviews and your foundation to help those who are at a disadvantage when it comes to schooling is a great thing to see in the community.

#91 Tyler Seguin - Thank you for being the player we envisioned and more. Although you were only around for one game of the playoffs, the contributions you brought to the club this year offensively can’t be compared to many others in the league. You became a better all around player and it was fantastic to see. Your unwavering commitment to the team is what makes it great to watch you. And us getting to learn about you through Bob and Dan talking weekly with you on The Ticket is another way that we get to appreciate who you are and we can’t thank you enough for letting us into at least a little bit of your life.

To the entire organization. Thank you for creating a club and an environment that every single fan, young and old, can enjoy. Thank you to Tom Galardi for having a vision of what you want this team to be. Thank you to Jim Nill for building a very young core who can compete year in and year out for the Stanley Cup, I feel like, and I can’t wait to see what you do this offseason.

To those who may not be named every night, from the training staff, the team doctors, the in-arena experience crew, the front office, and everyone on staff with the Dallas Stars, I myself and other fans can’t thank you guys enough for making this team something to be proud of. It’s a world class organization and in the words of Ken Hitchcock,

“They [the Stars] are where the NHL is going.”

Thank You.