one year anniversary on tumblr


Wow it’s been a whole year and I’m almost to 800 followers! Thank you for this amazing year and to show my appreciation, I’ll list some animes that you need to watch and totally recommend them!!!

1. Snow White With The Red Hair

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2. Yuri On Ice!!!!

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3. Fairy Tail

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4. Cardcaptor Sakura & Tsubasa Chronicles

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5. Maid Sama

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6. Yona Of The Dawn

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7. Sailor Moon

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8. Ouran Highschool Host Club

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9. Kamisama Kiss

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10. Noragami

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Bonuses: Fruits Basket, Orange, Inuyasha & La Corda d’oro (just a few extras)

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Once Again, Thank you so much for everything and I hope you can stay with me for another amazing year, NOW IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

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1. i am twenty-one years old, and she messages me, “i really want to kiss you" 
2. she is about to turn twenty, and we spend hours on the phone before the clock strikes midnight and i tell her, "happy birthday” and she calls me “baby” when she thanks me
3. it is one in the morning and i have decided that i don’t want anyone else to call me “baby” except for her
4. there are over three hundred miles between us, but in six hours, she closes the gap and i find myself in her arms for the first time. i’m shaking all over and her lipstick stains my neck and i whisper to her, “don’t let go” and she whispers back, “i won’t”
5. three days later, she lets go - she has to - and i feel so alone but my heart feel so full.
6. thank god for technology because even though we can’t be together as often as we’d like, not a day goes by where she isn’t with me - where i don’t hear her voice or see her beautiful face pixelated on my laptop screen or read her texts or screenshot her snapchats.
7. i am twenty-two years old, and she squeezes my hand as i blow out my birthday candles. i look to her and smile because my wish had already come true the moment i picked her up at the airport.
8. she just turned twenty-one and we stand together in her living room as i give her her birthday gifts, one after the other because i love to spoil her. her lips taste like cuervo when she kisses me and i still feel lightheaded, even though she’s been kissing me for twelve months now.
9. the clock strikes twelve on the twelfth month that we have been together. i turn to her, as we lie in the same bed for the first time in months, and for once, it isn’t just the same sky we are under, but the same covers. i curl into her side and feel her warmth, i kiss her shoulder just because i can. just because she is ther.e 
10. three hundred and sixty six days have gone by and no one else has called me baby except for her. and no one else will.
—  one year
(cc, 2016)

One year! Post it Forward launched one year ago! You’ve been building a supportive community through your stories about mental illness—and mental wellness—for one whole year. Specifically: 8,500 individual stories in 8,500 posts. You used GIFs, poetry, prose, illustrations, videos, and so many other forms of art for people to look at and realize,  “Hey…I’m not alone.”

To mark the occasion, Post it Forward will post original PIF-themed art from our Creatrs all week long. Got your own story to tell? Tell it through your Tumblr and tag it #postitforward so everyone can find it. You’ll make someone out there realize that, hey, they’re not alone, either.

Here’s how Lala Vicencio (@lalavicencio) is Posting it Forward for Mental Health Awareness.

Happy anniversary, Tumblr.

A Year On Tumblr.

When I made this blog a year ago, June 1, 2016, I was twelve years-old and I was in grade 6. I was on that stage in my life where everything was changing;

-I used to listen to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and I used to always wear skirts and dresses and the color has to be always pink.

-My school bag was pink. My watch was pink. My pens, pencils, and pencil case was pink. Basically everything had to be pink or I wouldn’t like it.

-I acted so girly and I would always wish on my birthday for my crush to like me back.

-I used to have a diary where I ranted all about my crush and how I embarrassed myself in front of them, trying to make them like me back.

-I also remember the time when my crush told me that he liked my sister. That one still kinda hurts.

-I valued everyone’s opinion and felt like what they say about me is true.

-I also used to have panic attacks a lot, but at that time, I didn’t know what it was. Nobody cared either.

-I used to have a friend called Joshua. We knew each other for 3 years. He would always come to my house and call me. We would always hang out in front of my house along with some other friends.

-One day he stopped calling me. I never knew why.

-Both of my brothers, who used to defend me from my evil sister who likes to treat me like a punching bag, left for their jobs.

-My parents just got divorced. (Even though they broke up nine years ago and my dad already has a girlfriend, it was pretty hard to know that it was official)

In between starting this blog and this post:

+I began listening to My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez and I wear all black and I would always wear jeans all the time, sometimes skirts and shorts, but I would always wear black stockings or mid-thigh socks with it.

+I realized that I was turning emo as fuck.

+I only wear dresses on special occasions that required it.

+I bought merch for the first time. A Dan and Phil sweater, shirt, key ring, and two wristbands.

+I stopped caring about Joshua. 

+A thing happened in school. My teacher called me names and embarrassed me in front of the whole class. I cried for hours.

+I told my dad and our helper. I also told our supervisor, but she made fun of me, too.

+Our teacher made a post about me on Facebook. He made me look like a bitch on the post. People commented, agreeing with him. Some teachers on our school liked the post.

+The other teachers started bullying me, too. They all teamed up to make me feel like shit.

+The supervisor didn’t know that the bullying continued on. No action was done and the teachers never got in trouble.

+I made a post about it and posted it in this blog. I instantly got messages that really cheered me up.

+I learned that my dad was getting married to his girlfriend.

+I don’t get panic attacks much often.

This year, before this post:

=The bullying wasn’t often anymore.

=I bought some twenty one pilots merch.

=I realized that I looked so much different now.

=I’m too tall for my age.

=I still don’t have any Tumblr friends.

=I don’t have in real life, also.

=I learned that my mom was also getting married to that guy that I really didn’t like.

=My mom got married before my dad.

=I thought if my dad got married to his girlfriend, I would finally know what a family feels like.

=I was wrong.

=We have a new car.

=My sister finally stopped treating me like her personal punching bag.

=I learned that I was graduating as valedictorian.

=I had to make a speech.

=Some of the teachers made fun of my speech and I cried.

=They called me a cry baby. Not only my teachers, but also my other self-centered classmates.

=I stopped caring about their opinion.

=I started to post less oops.

=I graduated.

=I will be moving to another school.

=I’m scared.

=My birthday is in a month. (July 8). I’m turning thirteen. ah.

=The Nintendo Switch looks cool.

=I asked my dad for a Nintendo Switch on my birthday.

=I don’t know if he will actually buy it cause we’re broke as fuck.

=My two brothers will be coming home this July and I’m really excited ‘cause it’s been so long since I saw them but no one should know that I’m excited what.

So, this post is all about the changes in my life after a year. It’s also to let you know more about me. I guess?  I really don’t know how to celebrate being a year on Tumblr… It’s like an anniversary for me being trash. Tumblr made me trash. Thanks, Tumblr.

Thank You!

To celebrate a year on Tumblr and nearly 500 posts, I want to say THANK YOU to my followers, friends, and customers for the flying hearts, kind comments and reblogs of my photos and designs.  I am grateful for your support. These hearts are for all of you.  Tumblr peeps are the best!

Special thanks to rebloggers (in no particular order):

@boschintegral @0riginal-sharing @laskathetreasurehunter @etherealvistas @woody982014 @doctordearie @tangible-tangerine @spoutziki-art @nightowlwoman @pandora1018 @shares-mixed @yukseleni-kova @topvise @greenreblooming - And many more for their support.  Sorry if I missed anyone.


BIGBANG 11th anniversary (1)(2)

2006 - 2017 Happy Birthday to my beloved Kings 💕👑 Today is your 11th year since debut. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy such a beautiful day like today! As you guys promised, we will always be here waiting for you guys no matter how long it takes. If you guys say you all will be back, we will be here waiting. That’s a promise between us ❤. VIPS and BIGBANG are family, not fans and artists. Again, happy birthday to my BIGBANG 💓

One year anniversary!!

I just got an email telling me that it’s been a year since I’ve been in Tumblr!! I can’t believe I’ve met so many amazing people and I look forward to meeting even more! A special thank you to @maudthebookeater, @chaoslaborantin, @dewydrael, @myeyesonthehorizon, @dauntless-dreamers, @didmavenkillyou–metoo, @cmarthad1, @redqueenfandom, @mikey-waysjawline, @redqueen1120, @read-as-dawn, @feysand-marecal-trash, @calorequeenie, @nestaxarcheron, @evangeliensamos, @nhall745, @bookstore-babe, @nephilimrunesherondale, @lilyharvord, @sass-confetti, @alittlelightninggirl, @miniaturelightfun and so many others that I want to thank you for the bottom of my heart for even following me and being great online friends!! 💞😊

Alana Finds Out: Discipline

In honour of #ladiesofhannibal week (and also of my one-year anniversary on tumblr a couple of weeks ago) I thought I would post some of the chapters from my long-running Alana Finds Out series that I’ve never put on tumblr before. The overarching theme is Alana figuring out she’d be much better off if she just washed that Hannigram right out of her hair, so it seems appropriate xD.

Also on AO3.

Alana hummed softly as she exited her car and climbed the stairs to Hannibal’s office. It was going to be a good night: she was having dinner with Hannibal at her favourite restaurant; she had managed to extricate herself from work forty-five minutes early; and that meant there was time for a quickie in Hannibal’s office before they went out. Assuming he would go for that – he might want to preserve the sanctity of his office, he could be irritatingly proper about such things.

She shrugged as she passed through the waiting room. It’ll be a great night, anyway. You just might have to exercise a little patience there, Bloom. Not easy, when your boyfriend looks like a damn Viking but she could keep it together. She was a grown woman.

Which did not stop her squeaking like a little girl at the sight that greeted her when she opened the door to Hannibal’s office. Her boyfriend – her buttoned-up, mannerly, very refined boyfriend – was on his knees on his office floor, completely naked and very erect. Completely naked, save for a pair of silver nipple clamps and what appeared to be a leather dog collar round his neck. Completely naked and currently giving a blow job to an equally naked and clearly blissed out Will Graham, who held a riding crop in one hand and Hannibal’s hair in the other.

This was going to take a minute to process.

A minute, incidentally, in which Will had what was clearly an earth-shattering orgasm, moaning Hannibal’s name as he finished. Hannibal who, Alana noted, swallowed with every sign of enjoyment and then gazed up at Will with an adoring expression Alana had never been privilege to.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” Will sighed, leaning down for a kiss.

At this point, Alana felt it was time to interject.


The two men froze, lips still pressed together. They stayed like that for a moment, then jumped apart, guilty expressions forming.

“Alana, you’re early,” Hannibal began weakly.

She held up a hand to silence him. “No speaking. No speaking from either of you just yet.” She placed a hand over her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Then she turned to Will. “I thought you hated him.” He had the grace not to attempt an explanation.

Alana looked back to Hannibal, still on his knees and oh, just fuck him still hard. “He accused you of being a serial killer. He tried to have you killed.”

Hannibal looked at her, an odd mix of tenderness and – she couldn’t believe this – pity on his face and said, meekly, “Love makes fools of us all.”

“Love?” spat Alana.

“Love?” asked Will.

“Yes, Will,” Hannibal regained his adoring expression. “Love.”

“Me too.” Will reached out a hand to him.

“Oh, good grief,” Alana exploded. They turned, clearly having forgotten her existence. “Ok, look, I’m very likely never going to speak to either of you ever again, so just to assuage my conscience, this is consensual?”

They nodded. “Very,” Hannibal added.

Alana groaned. “Just yes or no answers, please. Will, are you going to try to kill him again, including via proxy?”

“No.” Hannibal looked like Will had just hung the moon for him.

Alana sighed. “Ok, and the last entry in this round of Things You Should Never Have to Ask Your Cheating Scumbag of a Boyfriend, do you have a safeword?”

They giggled – actually sodding giggled like a pair of fourteen-year-old girls – and Hannibal squeaked out, “Chilton.”


Will pulled himself together enough to shrug and explain, “Guaranteed to kill the mood.” Then they were off again, clutching each other for support.

“Oh god.” Alana rolled her eyes and fled. Definitely better off out of that Bloom. Those two idiots deserve each other.

Couple things!

First off- I’m alive! I’ve just been incredibly bogged down recently with school to the point that for the past couple days, I haven’t been able to even sketch something.

However, the Friday after next, March 31st, will mark not only my one-year on tumblr anniversary, but also my birthday!

Because of this, I’d like to do something for you all as a thank you for all of your support this past year. If you have any recommendations for what you’d like to see me do or draw for this landmark, I’d love to hear it!

Fanfiction Recommendation

8/20/17: Hey guys! So if you missed it I finally got my internet back! I have been doing some writing but I’ve been in a lot of pain all week because of my wisdom teeth, which makes everything slower than I would like. I will most likely get them taken out this week before school starts so I will let you know what’s happening. Also I completely forgot, but August 6th marked my one year anniversary on Tumblr so YAY! You guys are awesome! I was going to do a celebration but since I am only 28 followers away from 500, I just figured I would try and do something then. Let me know if you want to do something or have any suggestions, my inbox is always open. Enjoy!

Last Week’s Recommendation 

My Masterlist

Dean x Reader

  • Too Much Drama Mama by @wonderfulworldofwinchester - “ heeey, so, you must be quiet fed up with all the dean x reader requests, but i just can’t help it, i love that man and your writing so much D: may I request one where the reader lives in the bunker and Mary has a conflict with her and wants the boys to kick the reader out but they refuse and ask Mary to leave instead if the reader bothers her so much? maybe dean x reader + best!friends reader/Sam? you can write it whenever you feel about it, i’d be so happy~ “
  • Man’s Soon to Be Best Friend by @wonderfulworldofwinchester - “ Hiiiiiii👏🏼 can you do a dean x reader where the reader has is a badass hunter and her companion is a dog. During a hunt she runs into dean and they click 😍 reader could be a female version of dean. Eventually he meets her dog and your know funny fluff (since dean hates dogs) but then the dog grows on dean. And he allows her dog in the impala and sam flips since he doesn’t know about her or the dog.”

Sam x Reader

Cas x Reader

  • Honey bee by @mrswhozeewhatsis -  Cas wakes up from a nightmare to soothe his child after a nightmare.
  • Surprise by @talesoftheimpala - “Can you do a fic (Cas x reader) where Sam and Dean find out that the reader likes Cas and visa versa and they tease Cas and the reader. In the middle a tease out of no where Cas kisses the reader and Dean gets over protective and Sam holds dean back.”

Crowley x Reader

  • Little Bundle of…Sin? by @flannels-and-rocksalt - “ could you do a one-shot where crowley and the reader are married and the reader finds out shes preggers? :3c “
  • Something There by @kat-mays -  Crowley takes the reader, who is Sam and Deans little sister, as leverage in a deal. Loosely set to the Beauty and the Beast song, Something There. But also kinda not really. But little bit.

Jensen x Reader

Jared x Reader

Misha x Reader

Bucky x Reader

  • What Are We Waiting For by @winters107th - “Can I request a Bucky/reader? one where the reader is apart of the Avengers but she’s like super shy and is like: high ponytail,wears glasses,always in her room reading) and one day she overhears the Avengers making a comment about her not being able to seduce a man on a mission? so the reader starts to act flirty and wear more revealing clothes. the Avengers know something’s wrong so Bucky confronts her? Thanks! Xx”
  • Coffee You Happy by @bbuckywrites -  “ Hi! I have a request, Bucky X reader where reader is deaf and Clint teaches Buck sign language to talk to the reader better?”
Unfinished Business/1st Anniversary Yay!

Wow, one year today since I first started my Tumblr! To think that I started it as a way to document me relearning to draw and one year later I’m drawing stuff I never dreamed of drawing! Thank you all for sticking with me and I hope you enjoyed watching my progress over the past year!

While you’ve seen lots of finished drawings, what you haven’t seen are the drawings I haven’t finished! So I figure this first anniversary post will be a showcase for all the unfinished drawings from the past year that I gave up on or lost interest with. Hopefully it won’t be too long for you.

My first attempt at a dynamic art piece. I was also getting used to a drawing tablet at the time and before I realized you can adjust the auto-correction in a vector line.

A Zooasis poster with a cheesy 80’s tag line!

More Zooasis.

I don’t even know.

This was supposed to be a Zooasis piece with Judy driving but the reference I used was for a human car and so her proportions ended up being humanized.

The first attempts at a Total Recall AU!

And a Once Upon A Time In The West AU

Some attempts at The Last Gazelle AU

More Once Upon A Time In The West AU

Tried to make a sequel to In Search of New Zootopia but gave up!

More Total Recall AU as a series


It was suggested I do a Spicy Judy to complement Spicy Nick but I gave up on that

Some A.I. Artificial Intelligence AU

An attempt at a Total Recall AU comic!

Some Spicy Nick inspired by Belinda Carlisle

Judy the Bunbarian

Not even an attempt at an Apocalypse Now AU!

More Judy the Bunbarian AU!

Tried to resurrect Nick Sledgehammer AU from the early days but got distracted with other things.

More Belinda Carlisle inspired Spicy Nick


First attempt at a Goat in the Shell! I actually got pretty far before getting distracted

Zooasis where Nick tried to get Judy to relax in the hot tri-sun

This one, I tried to do something other than Zootopia! Count Cuddles is a Transylvanian Prince who was the only cat born to human parents and people suspect killed off his other human siblings over the years to gain the title of Count. He was a vicious cat that struck fear into the Ottoman Empire from his personal attention at dispatching prisoners. So much so that when they did eventually capture him and execute him, they cut him into four pieces and sent them to opposite ends of the empire.

Even more Belinda Carlisle inspired Spicy Nick

Surftopia! I guess I forgot about this one and will probably try to resurrect it at a later time once I finish moving.

And finally, some more Judy the Bunbarian. This one I fully intend to finish! This is only here because it’s technically unfinished. 

Hope you enjoyed these little behind-the-scenes doodads! Here’s to another year of fanarting I guess!