one year anniversary on tumblr


Wow it’s been a whole year and I’m almost to 800 followers! Thank you for this amazing year and to show my appreciation, I’ll list some animes that you need to watch and totally recommend them!!!

1. Snow White With The Red Hair

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2. Yuri On Ice!!!!

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3. Fairy Tail

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4. Cardcaptor Sakura & Tsubasa Chronicles

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5. Maid Sama

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6. Yona Of The Dawn

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7. Sailor Moon

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8. Ouran Highschool Host Club

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9. Kamisama Kiss

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10. Noragami

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Bonuses: Fruits Basket, Orange, Inuyasha & La Corda d’oro (just a few extras)

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Once Again, Thank you so much for everything and I hope you can stay with me for another amazing year, NOW IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

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1. i am twenty-one years old, and she messages me, “i really want to kiss you" 
2. she is about to turn twenty, and we spend hours on the phone before the clock strikes midnight and i tell her, "happy birthday” and she calls me “baby” when she thanks me
3. it is one in the morning and i have decided that i don’t want anyone else to call me “baby” except for her
4. there are over three hundred miles between us, but in six hours, she closes the gap and i find myself in her arms for the first time. i’m shaking all over and her lipstick stains my neck and i whisper to her, “don’t let go” and she whispers back, “i won’t”
5. three days later, she lets go - she has to - and i feel so alone but my heart feel so full.
6. thank god for technology because even though we can’t be together as often as we’d like, not a day goes by where she isn’t with me - where i don’t hear her voice or see her beautiful face pixelated on my laptop screen or read her texts or screenshot her snapchats.
7. i am twenty-two years old, and she squeezes my hand as i blow out my birthday candles. i look to her and smile because my wish had already come true the moment i picked her up at the airport.
8. she just turned twenty-one and we stand together in her living room as i give her her birthday gifts, one after the other because i love to spoil her. her lips taste like cuervo when she kisses me and i still feel lightheaded, even though she’s been kissing me for twelve months now.
9. the clock strikes twelve on the twelfth month that we have been together. i turn to her, as we lie in the same bed for the first time in months, and for once, it isn’t just the same sky we are under, but the same covers. i curl into her side and feel her warmth, i kiss her shoulder just because i can. just because she is ther.e 
10. three hundred and sixty six days have gone by and no one else has called me baby except for her. and no one else will.
—  one year
(cc, 2016)
It's Been a Year

December 8, 2016. Today.

This day. Last year. December 8, 2015.

Exactly four days after my birthday, a weekend we had spent together in a beautiful hotel suite, I began to pull away. I put distance between us because I did not have the magical bifocals needed to see into the future, let alone decipher the cloudy present. We had been “dating” since September 19th of that year. For about 3 months we were inseparable. However, we had no clue what we were, or where this was going. I couldn’t take any more. I needed answers to questions I was too afraid to ask.

So after my birthday, I became noticeably stand offish ( *in Jazz’s voice* all apart my plan). You met me that freezing night, on the 8th day of December, in the parking lot of Meijer. I was so nervous I could barely speak as I fought back tears. It was time for me to tell you exactly how I felt. Consequences unknown, but I couldn’t continue to walk around guessing. Did you want me the way I wanted you? Were our intentions the same? And if not, was I really ready, and strong enough to cut all ties and walk away? Because that was my plan.

The truth came out. To you I confessed the feelings that I had been desperately fighting to supress for the past two (or three) years. Said that if we were only going to continue be friends, then I wasn’t down. You held my frozen fingers and kissed my face. You were in. In it for me, and in it for us. For it was revealed we had wanted the same things, though fear and hesitation silenced the both of us.

We sealed the deal with kisses, and a quote from the movie Casper.

Here we are, one year later. Still laughing, loving. Crying and cracking jokes. Standing together, reminiscing and counting our blessings. Making plans for the future. OUR future. Forever grateful to the friendship that has brought us here this far.

I love you my king.

Happy one year anniversary!

One Year Ago ...

I was let go from a job, suicidal, and overall just spending my days on the Internet, especially applying to job after job. Then i started to read some crazy fics on AO3 and that led me here. I now have friends, a great job, a car, and while my anxiety is still a bitch, this bitch won’t back down. HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SAM’S LOST SHOE and thank you all for sticking with me and loving my stories.

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 On November 21st, 2015, theheirofillea was born (well not me but my blog ahaha) and I just really appreciate how good this year has been and I wanted to tag some people who I have interacted with and some of you probably dont even know that I exist but your contributions to my success and my daily adventure mean alot to me! Thank you for all of the constant love, guys, I love you all so much! Thank you for 1 year! I’m looking forward to all the years that come! *so i meant to post this a really long time ago but i was really busy so this is going to be a 2016 follow forever too lol* (if I forgot you, I’m really sorry, because I dont have enough time to tag all 600+ of you guys ahahah but I love you all!) 

@ninazcneik @silvrblood @fangirlingforinfinity @fandomhunterss  @maxericaisbae @maxericaruleillea @girlonfire64 @thenewsomelibrary @brunettebookwyrm @brunette-bookworm @lauradonohue @eadlynschreaveofillea @eadlyns-tiaras @fangirlsintraining @a-court-of-death-and-destruction @uroooosaa @alarkling @snarkydarkling @clarissafray @nightfallgoddess @skylars-selection @prince-consort-erik @prince-consort-lolz @sjmaaas @thoughtfulseason @officialmaxonschreave @officialahrenschreave @queenamberlystationschreave @queenschreavelovestarts @aelinscourt @hermajestymanon @aelinandaedion @lightwoody @eadlynmydear @theselectionmouse @332roses @pepeschreave @maxon-my-dear @eadlynlove @coolzbeanz @celestedesauveterre @celesteschreave @celestenewssome @kilewoodwork @kilewooclwork @america-darling @schreavetiara @ladyanj @no-wayland @palaceofillea @the-selection-my-dear @matthewdaddario-s @eadlynsgirls @richardpapan @sarahviehmann @a-court-of-beauty  @krisspiaria @theunseeliecourt @princess-scamander @cthisbae @chaol-westfall @prince-consort-kile @illeacourt @lolyourenotmaxon @arewesafe @feysanded @sectumsempra394 @lady-brice @eadlynmydear @queenschreavelovestarts  @theselectionmouse @maxon-my-dear @kilewoodwork @kilewooclwork @lucy-leger @the-selection-bitch @the-selection-my-dear

Couple things!

First off- I’m alive! I’ve just been incredibly bogged down recently with school to the point that for the past couple days, I haven’t been able to even sketch something.

However, the Friday after next, March 31st, will mark not only my one-year on tumblr anniversary, but also my birthday!

Because of this, I’d like to do something for you all as a thank you for all of your support this past year. If you have any recommendations for what you’d like to see me do or draw for this landmark, I’d love to hear it!

*if you delete the text or self promote you will be disqualified*

hey lovely people!! I have finally decided hosting my very own first favourites! yay!! in honor of my 18th birthday coming up in a month and *ello-bby’s one year anniversary* on tumblr!! I’m so excited to see all of your beautiful blogs!  


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please dont let this flop, if it does ignore this ever happened ahh

good luck xoxo


  I’m so excited, man. So proud. My muses r old fucks who stick around for a long time somehow. I thought it’d be necessary to at least do this and include some of the people I’m happy to meet in the year of 2k16. It’s been a little brutal, lil dramatic …… but here’s to hoping that 2k17 brings something better and good for us. Let’s not … bring up the new year resolutions, that fake.


– @dtprince , @wrongoutfit , @its-showtime-darlings , @willbeshot , @wiishfulheart , @raajasii , @red-boston-batter , @yinsecure , @ismikuoaninstrument , @irradiancies , @outbraves , @ofzcku , @gasteritisrp , @pxcifrisktic , @maetda , @skeledxd , @scarlctta , @sawyercide , @drekivinr , @solliciiti , @frystsnow , @fishmxma , @felicitas-amicum , @hertenacity , @guardsruins , @glxtzy , @helioshero , @hiiddeneyes , @jakeitude , @kidgem , @konpcki , @chosemercy , @blckvcnom , @vortship , @mercifulking , @viperyean , @bloominghands , @nctycurprcxy , @nikifcrcv , @neoiisms , @madomadotsuki , @mcrkiplicr , @egofaptpr , @astrcea , @mutemade , @saiichii , @marakasu , @maliware , @lovetcp , @lovclycousin , @roadhcggin , @dynamiting , @redxheart , @fontspoken , @furybred , @chxrrycordial , @scarlcteye , @sciencescales , @scific , @rottenromeo , @praeliix , @jiinya , @hybridaa , @isstarlight , @dereliquit , @dearnicolai , @99hp , @agentmansley , @retrouvaiille , @comic-dunkle , @theatreskilled , @thingforrabbits , @everlivinq , @dcgdefused , @gcldenqveen , @humanitygained , @inkyrcbbiit , @candytastic , @dokitsuu, @dcvilsmark@blindedbylv, @glorypast – & the rest of u 3k / my mutuals, too. there be too many of u.


Closing off – regardless of  if I mentioned u or not, this still goes out to you. You’re here, you’re appreciated, thank you. There’s so many of you and it’s nice to know there’s some friends here that I met from the beginning on MTT that stuck with me to close off 2k16 with me. Sucks there were some people that couldn’t stick with us and be here, let it be because they wanted to part ways or otherwise – We’re moving on strong. Thank you, again (for putting up w my messy ass)

                                                                  I love you guys. ☆ ☆ ☆

365 thank you’s aren’t enough!

Today, March 17th, marks my one year anniversary on Tumblr! (O   w O) i can scarcely believe it’s been that long! so much has happened and i’ve met so many wonderful people along the way! if i could make a giant cake and share it with all of you, i totally would!!!!

(can you believe i’ve drawn 265 of these selfie-doodles?! i told my sister and she said “that means you took 100 days off you f***ing slacker” lol)

when i first came here i was at a very, very low point; both in terms of my health and my creativity, and while there have been up’s and down’s along the way~ i can’t recall more than a few truly down days since then! <3 and they never lasted! once upon a time, i went for years at a time without drawing, and i felt the same kinds of worries and doubts as so many other creators do~ but i’ve felt incredibly liberated through my work here! and i’ve grown and changed in a lot of ways as both a person and an artist!

to date, i’ve created over fifty pieces for assorted fandoms~ mostly Yuri on Ice, Voltron, and Final Fantasy XV~ in terms of new favourites; but that pales in comparison to the almost two hundred (WHAT?!?) pieces i’ve drawn for The Force Awakens fandom! if you had told me a few years ago that i’d one day go beyond being a casual fan of anything Star Wars related i’d have seriously doubted it! hahahah!!! but not only is that true today, through the kylux fandom i’ve met more amazing, diverse, kind, and creative people that i’d have ever known was possible! some of whom i feel so blessed to still be able to call dear friends a year on! and because of them~ i was able to build my confidence, branch out, and meet all of you new members of my fandom family!!! <3

I’ve been able to take part in so many great community and charity project this year that i almost can’t believe it all happened in just one year! (O  AO) time sure files!!!! and now i have the kylux reverse big bang and anthology to look forward to this year! plus i hope to find others to take part in with my other favourite fandoms! (-^ ___^-) <3 also, i hope to meet even more great people and have even more fun experiences!!!

i was given lots of good suggestions for projects i could do to celebrate my anniversary (since i’ve already re-drawn the first thing i ever posted!) but nothing really seemed quite right. so i’m going to hold off and do something big in the near future since i have a follower milestone coming up! (^ ___^) and also because i like to get you all involved too! nothing makes me happier than trying to give back in some way, since you all do so much for me every day!

i thought about making a list of people who i want to thank… but… it’d just be a list of everybody i’ve ever followed or interacted with!!! (^   w ^) i’ve endured so very little cruelty or hate here that i’ve scarcely met anybody or followed anybody who didn’t have a positive effect on me! <3 And those big thank you’s i have in my heart… you already know who you are! (^   O ^) you’re those few people who would ACTUALLY read this whole post!!! and i love you! love you so, so much!!! i have a hundred thousand hugs in my heart today and their all for you!!!

but even then, there aren’t enough thank you’s i can say, or drawing’s i can produce, to express my gratitude to every single person who contributes to - not just my experience here - but the positive experiences of everybody on this platform. there will always be a harsh, dark, and ugly side to every place, and to all groups of people, so… to those who make places like this, inclusive, welcoming, nurturing, and fun ~ (-^ ____^-) an even more special thank you to you!

SO! (^   O ^) to all of you! may your fandoms be free of ugly discourse and your Ask boxes full of love! use every day you have to be kind to yourself and give yourself the same patience and respect you give to others! be kind. be creative. share what you love, and be tolerant of those who love different things. do your best, but forgive yourself for your weaknesses. you never know where you’ll be in another year!

First Anniversary on Tumblr! Thank you so much for the wonderful first year!

(Gif of past imagines)

It has been One year since I joined tumblr - My blog first anniversary - It was a very great year,I meet very nice persons and enjoyed my time in many great fandom which I feel so proud to be in it - especially  Magi ♥ - And also not forget to say that this year were so very useful in improving my english even if it a little <33

Actually, I reach +500 followers - thank you - and this is really nice since I started this blog only to thank some beautiful persons for their hard work and their time to to translate spoilers - I’ll appreciate their work always and ever -

I couldn’t reach this without some wonderful blogs that I follow and really love. Thank you all for making my dash full of beautiful art, graphic work and for all your amazing posts ..-  everyone should know how great you are - :

Bold: I’m most grateful for them
Italics: Favorite blogs ( ♥ )
Both: very special person to me

@0megabigbang || @mari-m-rose || @sinbad-ai || @eleore || @snb-snippets , @yumeah || @hayarashi || @caithyra || @jafarss || @magiworld || @cielless , @silveranimefan || @mimichele || @sinjaria || @yoko13 || @zeildoa || @alibaba-fangirl ||  @greatflowofrukh || @coldkittenliz-chan || @siodlog || @murphy-stoffelis || @murasakihime || @spookywanderer || @vermeillerose || @niyochara || @madaramysenpai || @hidingmai || @strawberry-milkybunny || @onehellofan-undertaker || @based-madara || @kayudanapi || @italktomymadness || @precious-kouha || @himegimi || @petitmaitre-et-soncorbeau || @lord-rogue , @kougyokushairpin || @shinigami-mistress || @karnoodle || @rurumu-chop , @itswearingourvintagemisery || @coffeetasty || @saitamaspupil || @noinobonoto || @zelkam || @saitamathehero || @kakehashii || @peevacorn || @vyctornikiforov || @kinbari14 || @nikiforv || @fyeahyurionice  ….

Some others I didn’t mention .. I didn’t see them on my dash from long time y-y - I hope you are okay and doing well ..  -

I love you all <3


The Furries of Tumblr - One Year Anniversary


Brownham, Tumblr’d: Volume Four

It’s the one year anniversary of Mukozuke and I’d like to shout out to all the Brownham/Brown fans who have made so many beautiful things from such limited material. If I end up dying on this hill, my last request is that you please shoo away all non-hawks from my remains. 


Today is one-year anniversary of my blog on Tumblr.
I’m truly glad to have acquainted with you and your nice blogs !
And I’ve still be so nervous when I post articles on Tumblr (>_<)

Some followers asked me who ‘Takatsuki-kun’ on my blog’s title was.
‘Takatsuki-kun’, Yoshino Takatsuki is heroine in ‘Wandering son’ written by Takako Shimura,
I feel she is so sensitive and has a right heart.
She still be the person I admire :-)