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This is in no particular order, save for #1:

1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

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2. Lyanna Mormont (Game of Thrones):

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3. Ellie Williams (The Last of Us):

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4. Éowyn (The Lord of The Rings):

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5. Chloe Frazer (Uncharted):

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6. Heather Mason (Silent Hill):

7.  Caterina Sforza (Assassin’s Creed):

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8. Anne Boleyn (The Tudors):

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9. Anna/Nina Liebhart (Monster):

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10. Jack (Mass Effect Trilogy):

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We Are Family Too

Summary: Leo is one year old today and Anne and Gemma have come to celebrate, which means you’ll finally be meeting them in person. It can go two ways, they realize you’re not good enough for their boys or they think you’re perfect for them. You hoped it was the second option. Part four the the Little Lion Series.

Warnings: I love fluff

Requested: Yes. I’m so glad you guys like this AU. 

Leo is one, you and Harry have been together for eight months. Read part one of little lion series here, part two here and part three here

You run your hands over your dress self-consciously, today was the day you would meet Anne and Gemma in person. The three of you had talked before, there had been texts and phone calls throughout the past eight months of your relationship with Harry, but you knew this would be what sticks.  

“Stop worrying.” Harry wraps his arms around you from behind and presses a kiss to your forehead. “They already like you.”

“But we’ve only talked on phone before, this is in person! This is gonna be their true first impression of me.” You turn in Harry’s arms and wrap your arms around his waist. 

Harry opens his mouth to respond but is interrupted by a knock on the door, “That’s them.” You take a deep breath before going to open the door but somebody calls your name. “Go, I’ll get the door.” He shoos you away, laughing as he opens the door. 

“Mum.” Harry smiles as he pulls Gemma and Anne into a hug. “Gemma. I’ve missed you both so much.” He gives them each a kiss on the cheek. 

“Where’s my grandson?” Anne asks, all but shoving Harry aside after their hello’s. Harry rolls his eyes and shuts the door behind them leading them further into the house. 

“And her future daughter-in-law.” Gemma smirks as Harry blushes. He leads them towards the backyard, where a little zoo themed party had been set up for Leo’s first birthday. You and Harry had invited some of your friends from the variety of small classes you had done, Harry’s old friends, and Harry’s sister and mom. 

You’re talking to a few of the parent’s from the baby gymnastics class Harry had forced the three of you to take, “She says she hated that gymnastics class, but I know she loved watching Leo tumble around.” Harry shakes his head as the three of them make their way towards you.  

You’re telling an animated story about how Leo got his nickname, Little Lion, when Harry wraps an arm around your waist. “It was the cutest thing in the-” You cut yourself off, “I’ll tell you guys the rest later.” They nod and disperse to the activities set up for other kids and you turn to Anne and Gemma. “It’s so nice to finally meet you in person.” 

You hand Leo to Harry and go to shake their hands, but Anne pulls you into a hug. “Oh, no need for the formalities.” You laugh and hug her back, feeling relief flood through you.

You turn to Gemma unsure if she’ll be as comfortable with a hug as her mother was, “I don’t want to feel left out.” She smiles and you hug her as well.

“I forgot the Styles were a touchy bunch.” You laugh softly at Harry, who rolls his eyes. Gemma shakes her head and takes Leo from Harry’s arms, “I don’t want to know if there’s any second meaning to that.”

“Gem!” Harry’s cheeks flush as Anne and Gemma laugh, you look down at your feet with matching red cheeks.

“Oh relax Harry,” Anne smiles at your red cheeks, “You have a baby, we all know you’re no saint.” She tickles Leo’s leg, smiling when he giggles. 

The four of you laugh at Leo, who is looking around without a care in the world probably not grasping the meaning of Anne’s words. She takes him from Gemma and begins rocking him in her arms as the four of you chat idly.

One of Harry’s friends call his name, cutting all of you off from your conversation,  “I’ll be right back.” He presses a kiss to your head before jogging to where Liam is standing, his baby in his arms. 

You shake your head fondly before turning back to Anne and Gemma, “Did you pick out their outfits?” Anne nods to Harry’s leopard print shirt before playing with a button on Leo’s mini zookeeper outfit. 

You look down at your dress, little giraffes placed all over it before nodding. “Harry is the leopard, I’m the giraffe and Leo is the zookeeper.” 

“That’s just the cutest thing ever!” She laughs and you smile proudly. “I also heard about the matching outfit to dinner with your parents, such a cute idea.” 

“I have pictures!” You exclaim, pulling your phone out of the pocket in your dress, “They looked so handsome.” You smile proudly as you show the two women the pictures. Gemma watches your face from the corner of her eye, noting the look of pure adoration while you show them Harry and Leo. 

“I have a few more!” You exclaim happily, exiting the few pictures you had shown and going to your photo albums. Anne notices the title of the one you click on is ‘My Boys’ and she smiles to herself, you really did love these boys. “Harry is so good, he goes along with it whenever I bring home outfits for them to wear.” 

They laugh as you scroll through pictures of the two, “Embarrassing me to my own family?” Harry places a hand on your hip as you laugh. “Just showing them a few pictures of my favorite boys.” You smile sweetly and he rolls his eyes, but all three of you see the small smile he’s acquired.  

You notice the sun beginning to show signs of setting and sigh, “I’m gonna take Leo to play a few of the games set up before it gets dark and we have to go inside, also give you guys time to catch up.” You gently take Leo from Anne’s arms and leave the three Styles to themselves.  

Harry watches as you walk away fondly, before noticing the women staring at him accusingly, “What?” He mutters defensively looking away from you. Anne and Gemma look at each other shrugging before turning back to him, “We love her.” 

Harry looks down his hands smiling to himself before looking back at them. He hadn’t brought a girl home since before Leo was born, and he wouldn’t admit it to you but he was just as nervous about it as you had been. “Really?” He asks softly, he doesn’t doubt you left a good impression. His mother has just always had high hopes for whoever her baby boy would end up with. 

“She’s amazing. She loves Leo like he was her own. She loves you a lot, and the way you are. Quirky sense of style and all.” Gemma smirks at Harry’s offended huff. “But seriously Harry, she seems like a really good person. I can’t believe you waited eight months to introduce us to her.”

Harry rolls his eyes, “It’s not entirely my fault. It’s difficult to get you guys out to Los Angeles at the same time.” Gemma shakes her head and gives Harry a slap on the back before walking away, muttering something about hitting on one of his hot friends.

Anne rolls her eyes at him, “Doesn’t matter now, I’m very glad you two are together. She’s a very good fit for two of my favorite boys.” She smiles pulling Harry into a hug. Harry kisses her cheek before turning to look at you. You’re playing a game of a ring around the rosie with a group of stumbling toddlers, but you couldn’t look more relaxed. 

“I wanna marry her, mum.” He whispers, the words a shock to himself. Anne looks at him with wide eyes and he begins to stumble over his words. “I mean, when things settle down for us, like she has a steady teaching job and when Leo is a little older. But I- I wanna marry her.“ 

Anne doesn’t say anything at first, just intertwines her hand with his and watches you with him. You’ve fallen down and Leo is crawling on you, you’re laughing as you play with him. “Darling, that sounds amazing.” Harry lets out a sigh of relief. She lets go of his hand, knowing he intends to go play with Leo and you. 

Anne watches as he kneels down and you give each other a quick kiss before both turning to play with Leo. What a beautiful family, she thinks before turning to make her way inside the house.

I went MIA, I had some serious writers block and figured it’s better to give yourself a break than force yourself to write pieces you’re not truly happy with. I hope you guys liked this though, I truly am in love with single dad harry. 

Next part is gonna be a little flashback, to how Leo got his nickname Little Lion.

As always, I hope you have a good day! 

Update - read the next part here

Story Time

Okay so someone from my old church had his funeral today, my Mam attended and came back with a fantastic story.

Terry was a police officer in Wokingham,Bracknell, and Windsor area. One of his roles included traffic control when the royal family were riding their horses. He had to salute every member as they passed. One time whilst the royal family were waiting for traffic to dissipate Princess Anne saluted back to Terry and the Queen made her get off of her horse and go back and apologise to Terry.

“Was there a secret to your marriage?”

“I don’t know if there was a secret. I don’t know what you’d call a secret. I think we - from the first moment I saw her I fell in love, and it lasted until the day she died. That’s something. That was the secret: I just fell in love with her.”

- Mel Brooks when asked about his forty-one year marriage to Anne Bancroft, 2013 (x)