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I feel like we’ve finally unlocked some plot with this. 


for your own peace of mind, maybe dont pay too close attention to the lyrics of some christmas songs.

this is the christmas card im sending out. steve didnt know what text i was gonna put behind it when he drew the picture.

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and it turns out that clint, who has been humming christmas carols for weeks now, doesnt actually know any of the real lyrics, and has just been making them up as he goes along. this is his latest masterpiece:

Winter Soldier’s Gunnin’ You Down (To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s got a hit list, he’s starting a fight

He’s clenching his fist, it’s shiny and bright

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down!

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

His aim is really fucking good and he’s gonna assassinate

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s yanking out wheels and firing guns

If you were smart you’d probably run

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

To be ignored like I don’t even deserve an answer, well I get it I take your action as an answer. You made yourself loud and clear I’m nothing to you.

the poets were wrong.

you don’t burn and there are no tornadoes in your chest,
your hands don’t hold galaxies or stars
and your anger isn’t a volcanic god
ready to smite every enemy.
the moon doesn’t love you and neither do the stars,
but the earth does, in its own way, i guess.

see, you are human, my dear,
born to destroy and to take and to make,
born to learn and to watch. you observe the stars;
they do not observe you.

you run from tornadoes or you chase them,
you do not become them. your anger is just anger
an emotion to control or be controlled by;
volcanoes can stay dormant for years
but you are never still.

and why would the moon love you?
why would the stars?
they are too far away to be swayed by a pretty face,
but the earth lives under your feet, it feels you dance
to the beat it drums out in thunder and rain.

you are human, fragile
and while your skin is weak your heart beats strong.
it might not hold hurricanes but it does hold love,
and this can be just as deadly.
your anger won’t ever level cities
but it can topple friendships
and they amount to the same thing.

the poets were wrong.
you are not out of this world,
you are of it and beloved to it,
and you are still special.


Cute Hebrew Vocab

Because of this and all the posts that followed

*=female names, !=male names (idea from @arabskaya-devushka)


לֵדַה – birth
חַיים – life! (*female version (name)=חַיַה)
אַהַבַה – love*
נְשׁיקַה – kiss
בֵּן אֵנוֹשׁ– human being
אֵנוֹשׁיוּת – humanity
חַבֵרוּת, יְדידוּת – friendship
צחוֹק – laughter
תִקְוַוה – hope*
שִׂמְחַה – joy*!
חִיוּך – smile
שֵׁם – name
לֵחִי – cheek
עַיִן – eye
עוֹר – skin
יַרֵחַ – moon
אוֹר – light*!
כַּדוּר הַאַרִץ – Earth
כּוֹכַב – star
שֶׁמֶשׁ – sun
אוֹר הָשׁמשׁ – sunlight
יְקוּם – universe
שָׁלוֹם – peace* עוֹלָם-world
עָנָן – cloud
שַׂדֶה – field
יַם – ocean
טֵבַע – nature
שַׁמָייִם – sky
זריחַה – dawn
עַתִיד – future
שׁירָה – poetry*
אוֹמַנוּת – art


להִיוַולֵד– to be born

לחְיוֹת– to live

לאֵהוֹב– to love

להִתְאַהַב– to fall in love

לנַשֵק– to kiss

לצְחוֹק– to laugh

לחַיֶיך – to smile

לנְגוֹעַ– to touch

להִתְעוֹרֵר– to wake up

לבְהוֹק– to shine brightly

ללְמוֹד– to learn


רַגוּעַ – calm (m) רְגועַה-calm (f)
יְדידוּתי – friendly (m) ידידותית-friendly (f)
טוֹב – good (m) טובַה-good (f)*
סַקרַן – curious (m) סקרנית-curious (f)
שַׂמֵחַ – happy (m) שְׂמֵחַה-happy (f)
עַדין – delicate (m)! עדינַה-delicate (f)*
נָדיב – generous (m) נְדיבַה-generous (f)
טוֹב לֵב, אַדיב – kind (m) טובַת לב, אדיבַה-kind (f)
יַשַׁר – honest (m) יְשׁרַה-honest (f)
חַלָק – smooth (m) חלקַה-smooth (f)
רַך – soft (m) רכַּה-soft (f)
כּסוּף – silver (m) כּסְוּפַה-silver (f)
בּוֹהֵק – shining, glowing (m) בּוהקֵת-shining, glowing (f)
מְנַצנֵץ – sparkling (m) מנצנצֵת-sparkling (f)

 אֵנוֹשׁי – human (m) אנושית-human (f)

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… “Chairman Yu must keep turning back to look. He’d be worried about you. That’s why… The ones left behind should live even harder. We might cry from time to time, but we should smile a lot and cheer up. You’re obligated to do that in return for the love you received.”

Life lessons I’ve re-learned through Rogue One

- Small deeds always have great consequences

- Disobeying a superior can be necessary if you feel it is right

- A bit of faith is better than none when facing tough times

- It is never too late to fight for something

- It is better to act unsuccessfully than not act at all

- Trust goes both ways

- Spreading/doing harmful actions for a “good cause” doesn’t make you faultless

- We can all become heroes in the simplest ways, but when these small heroes are brought together, their voice can be heard

[Seo Byung Gi’s Pop Culture Review] Meanwhile, Just Like a Marvel Movie… BTS is Flying

BTS’ Sky Dome concert was, in one word, enormous. Going from AX Hall in 2014 to Gocheok Dome in 2017, BTS’ concert have risen to a global scale and level.

BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) began their world tour for their “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III in Seoul” on February 18th-19th at the Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome. They will continue by holding 19 concerts in 11 cities for a total of 8 countries: Chile, Brazil, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia.

BTS is the 4th singing group to perform in Gocheok Dome following EXO, PSY, and Big Bang. With their recent 2 concerts, BTS had 40,000 people in attendance.

Many reporters flock to artists’ concerts and fan meetings for content. However, it’s not easy for them to sit through a fan meeting. That’s because they’ll be hearing lots of cringeworthy words that are difficult to swallow if you’re not a fan.

On that day, after BTS performed their songs for 2 hours and 40 minutes and with their new song ‘Spring Day’ remaining, they engaged in a long talk with the audience. This was the time with their so-called fan-club named “ARMY”.

On that day, after congratulating J-Hope for celebrating his birthday and as he began to relay his thanks and other words, those words didn’t seem that cringeworthy. The reporters weren’t “ARMY”, but they were able to feel the sincerity that the group was trying to convey. Hearing them say things like, “You guys are the sky and we’re flying in that sky” and “Whenever we read your letters, we think 'So this is the kind of life they’re living’, 'So they have these kinds of sufferings’, and we’re glad that we were able to learn that. From now on, let’s grow our wings and go towards more spring days” made me realize how BTS wanted to communicate.

The concert that day was quite a sight to see. The 5 sequenced videos that were shown between stages were fantastic. While their stage was sophisticated, it also felt like a cyber world from a Marvel film.

The 7 members’ dances were cute, adorable, marvelous, and alluring. They were glowing with health, too.

BTS stages consisted of group tracks, solo tracks, 4-member tracks, and 3-member tracks, but there was still an overall feeling of balance and harmony. A big strength of BTS was that with 7-member idol groups, there’s always a chance for members to be divided into the mains and the subs, yet not of the BTS members were falling behind at all.

They displayed an even bigger strength by being able to command the flow even under such a strong atmosphere. They’re not just being trendy, but watching them run towards their goal and seeing their story of growth unfold makes you want to cheer them now. We want to examine how they overcome their 'Blood, Sweat, and Tears’ from school and the temptations of youth.

Both the beautiful Jungkook (Begin) and his appealing stage and the pink-haired Jimin (Lie) with his blindfolded performance showed that their stages were no easy feats. Suga showed his charms with 'First Love’ through his rebellious yet sorrowful rapping.

Rap Monster’s 'Reflection’, the soul-captivating V’s 'Stigma’, and J-Hope’s 'MAMA'—who projected childhood photos of himself—all showed emotional performances.

In the handsome Jin’s solo track for 'Awake’, a string sound was presented in both the intro and outro. From this performance, you can feel that Jin is good at singing ballads. The lyrics were concretely conveyed.

Regarding reactions that the music video for the new track 'Spring Day’ reminded some of the Sewol tragedy, Rap Monster stated that he’d “leave that up for interpretation to those who watch and admire the video”, also adding that “we have given donations to services that support those affected by the Sewol tragedy and to families of the deceased”.

Although all idol groups grow, I could especially feel BTS’ evolution and identity through their performance that day. They don’t have just intensity. When J-Hope sang 'MAMA’ and when Jin sang 'Awake’, the lyrical and emotional feelings come straight to life.

They effectively combine strength and smoothness, aiming straight forward but also straying, rationality and emotions. That is how they removed the feeling of them being machine-like idols.

All in all, BTS’s strength to push their music along is slowly growing. They are not content with simply directed songs and music videos. They are determined to be a “concept idol” group. Music that internalizes with you and takes the lead, that is the strength they use to push their music and make their storytelling even stronger.

Of the idol group concerts, the performance the BTS showed that day will be one worth remembering.  

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out


as the years move on these questions take shape
are you getting stronger or is time shifting weight? (x)

Writing Check-In: When the Moon, Ch 14

In a hopeful attempt to make my Christmas deadline, I’m going to aim for a Sunday check-in every week, even if it’s not very exciting or substantial, with a word count for the week if relevant and not too embarrassing.

Word count for this week’s work: 2414 (including the translation of “Alle meine Entchen,” since I did have to do some creative/sleuthing work to piece that together.) :D

“I thought you were going to save me for later, greedy gosling,” he chides breathlessly. “I need these fingers for your after-supper surprise.”

“There’s an after-supper surprise?” I chirp, tipping my head back to gaze up at him. “In addition to the cuddle-nest or in place of?”

He laughs heartily. “In addition, greedy thing, but you have to give me a story or a song to get the cuddle-nest. The surprise comes free of charge.”

I squeal with delight and dive into our plate with gusto. “What if I give you both?” I ask through a mouthful of tangy wild rice. “A story and a song – can I have an extra treat?”

He dips his face into the curve of my neck, leaving a damp and sticky kiss behind. “You can have whatever you want,” he replies, quite seriously. “Money, jewels, an extra dessert prepared on command, half my kingdom and a throne to rule it from…”

I grin, never mind he can’t see it, and think of songs and stories and wishes. Granny Ashpet’s father left us one additional song; another silly children’s piece, sung to his daughter from birth, the lyrics to which are particularly appropriate today, but to win a wish, the story needs to be exceptional, especially in light of the breathtaking hours-long tale Peeta spun for me last night, and I don’t dare attempt to return to this morning’s spur-of-the-moment “folktale” of the gander and vixen.

But I can’t quite resist a different tale that relates delicately to both of us and gives us a glorious ending together where, of course, none will ever be. “I have both,” I inform him triumphantly. “Let me know when you’d like me to remit each one and I’ll start working on my wish.”

He chuckles softly. “Well, eager thing, if you sing to me now we could move directly to the cuddle-nest as soon as supper is cleaned up and I lay out the coverlets,” he replies, and I drum my spoon against the plate edge for attention.

“I like this idea immensely,” I tell him, and set aside our nearly empty plate to take his hands in mine. This is, after all, a children’s song, which is best accompanied by merry clapping, and I tap out a soft steady rhythm with his big hands as I sing…