one woman only

film rec list

modern vampire films let the right one in, thirst, only lovers left alive, a girl walks home alone at night

woman descending into madness persona, through a glass darkly, a woman under the influence, rosemary’s baby, antichrist, repulsion, queen of earth

two lovers on the run wild at heart, badlands, gun crazy, pierrot le fou, bonnie and clyde, true romance, natural born killers

same-sex love stories happy together, show me love, water lilies, the handmaiden, brokeback mountain, my beautiful launderette

really weird romcoms i’m a cyborg but that’s ok, the lobster, lars and the real girl, harold and maude

ready to cry? the hunt, dancer in the dark, requiem for a dream, mulholland drive, au hazard balthazar

best ensemble cast movies inglourious basterds, apocalypse now, beetlejuice, magnolia, the royal tenenbaums, eastern promises

old black and white movies that definitely still hold up and you should watch them the night of the hunter, psycho, dr. strangelove, a streetcar named desire, the third man, bunny lake is missing

youth culture films a clockwork orange, sid and nancy, jubilee, gummo, stranger than paradise, if…, the doom generation


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)

you know what, how about a masterpost of my completed DC fics because whynot

I can’t stop thinking about how if Liam or Zayn were the ones to have said something like “can’t take you home to your mother in a skirt that short” in a song or in an interview, they would’ve been absolutely torn to shreds by larries/harries and people wouldve been talking about how gross it is for days just like how they did with Niall after that bad joke on ALOTO.

Why ...

Does every interview they do end up being just them talking to each other?? I guess it’s just one of the great mysteries of our time…

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