one with the hoop

30 Days - Day Two

What are your characters most prominent physical features?

Some might be inclined to make the argument for her ass, given its perfect form and tone…not to mention she uses it to her advantage as much as she can.
But in reality it’s her face. Framed by bright red hair it makes her features all the more noticeable. Dark amber eyes that always seem to have a glint of mischief in them alone with a strong eyebrow game.
The metal is what really stands out and brings attention to her face. A diamond labret that sparkles while nestled under her lip, the same type of diamond in her nose, as well as a silver hoop on one of those perfect eyebrows.

For thousands of years, you have been cursed to grant the wishes of mortals. The problem is that you don’t really have magic, besides the one keeping you alive and bound, which means you have to jump through hoops and come up with creative but shockingly mundane ways in order to fulfill them. One day, a girl trudges through a dystopian wasteland to find you and for her first wish, asks for the downfall of a tyrannical king.

Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include Pt 2

i was requested to do elliot again as i’m getting so much positive feedback from you guys about the first one, so why not do a second one?

- while elliot is on his computer coding and hacking, you stand behind him to massage his shoulders
- occasionally wearing his hoodie whenever he doesn’t have it on
- coney island dates on ferris wheel’s
- “hey el, what does that button do?”
- being shyly introduced to elliot’s mother
- him finally being confident to come out to you about mr robot
- when no one is at the basketball court, you secretly shoot hoops and scream every time you get a goal
- elliot gets extremely excited over it
- letting him touch you whenever he wants, to get him use to touching in general
- when elliot’s high, he’ll start mumbling little things like “yo, dude..”, then start pecking your knuckles
- sleeping so closely together at night, reassuring that he won’t be alone
- “you won’t leave me..r-right?”
- “never, i promise.”

Jealous - Fred Weasley

Summary: can you write angry Fred Weasley smut?
Warnings: smut smut smut smuuuut

‘’(Y/N)! Concentrate!’’ George yelled from the other side of the field. You muttered an apology eventhough he couldn’t hear it. He threw you the Quaffle and you flew off, trying to get past Harry who tried to block you. You looked up at the sky, the clouds that had been wispy and white this morning were now darker and more dense. You succeeded on getting past Harry once again and threw the Quaffle through one of the hoops. ‘’Well done!’’ Harry cheered.

The three of you decided to quit this training session, and you all flew back to the ground. You quickened your pace when you looked at the sky again, this was not the day to be caught in a downpaur. But it was too late. The rain fell in crazy chaotic drops, the gusting wind carrying them in wild vortices one moment and in diagonal sheets the next. It runs down your face as a thin layer, not as cold as it will be when November comes, but without the warmth of summer showers.

‘’You guys are soaked! Quick, come on in!’’ Molly said when she saw Harry, George and you walking to the front door of the Burrow. ‘’Dinner’s ready too,’’ she said, she gave you all some towels and you joined the rest of the inhabitants of the Burrow for dinner.

‘’It’s delicious Molly, as always,’’ you said, complimenting her. She smiled at you, the woman adored you. Everyone was talking, until George changed the subject of the conversation to Quidditch. ‘’She’s defenitly going to make the team!’’ he said and threw his arm around your shoulder. ‘’And if Harry is captain again this year, you don’t even need to try that hard,’’ he said, jokingly. ‘’Yes Harry, listen to him. He speaks wise words,’’ you said, laughing, leaning into George’s side.
‘’Aren’t you happy for your girlfriend, Fred?’’ Bill asked, noticing he hasn’t said a word yet. ‘’Ofcourse I am,’’ he snapped back.

Ofcourse he has happy for her. When he first heard she wanted some help with Quidditch, he was more than happy to help his girlfriend out. That was until she seemed to care more about the opinion of his twin brother than his. And maybe he was overreacting, but honestly, he didn’t care. He felt like you would rather spend time with George than him.

There fell an uncomfortable silence at the table for mere minutes. ‘’Hermione, Ginny, are you going to help me with the dishes?’’ Molly asked them, trying to ease the tension everyone felt. You took this opportunity to talk to Fred. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ you whispered, bending closer to his face. ‘’Nothing,’’ he hissed back.

After dinner you saw Fred trying to sneak away to his room. Oh no mister, that’s not about to happen, you thought. You quickly walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, ‘’We need to talk,’’ you said, barely louder than a whisper. Without another word he turned around and walked up the stairs. You followed him to his room and took a seat on George’s bed, facing him.

‘’What is wrong?’’ you asked him again. ‘’Nothing, I told you,’’ ‘’Don’t give me that bullshit,’’ Why wouldn’t he just tell you? ‘’Really (Y/N), just leave it,’’ he said, standing up. He drew his hands over his face in frustration. ‘’No, there’s obviously something bothering you,’’ ‘’I can’t stand it, okay?’’ he whispered. ‘’What?’’ you said, you genuinely hadn’t heard him. ‘’I cant stand it anymore!’’ he shouted at you. ‘’What?!’’ you said, standing up yourself. ‘’Oh you know,’’ he said bitterly. ‘’No I don’t,’’ You wondered what it was that bothered him so much. ‘’Why don’t you go ask George?’’ his voice had never sounded so cold. ‘’George?’’ you asked confused. ‘’What does he have to do with this?’’ ‘’Everything! God, (Y/N), why don’t you go and just snog him already?’’ ‘’This is really about George?’’ you asked, bewildered. ‘’God Fred, why don’t you just spit it out already because I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about!’’ He sighed deep, ‘’Never mind, forget about it,’’ he said softly. ‘’No! For fuck’s sake Fred, you’re my boyfriend, I care about you!’’ you began to feel rather irritated. Was it that hard to just spit it out?!  ‘’Oh so you remember me? You remember that you have a fucking boyfriend,’’ Fred said, sounding frustrated again.

‘’Fred, you can tell me whatever is crossing your mind,’’ you said, all irritation and frustration leaving your voice. ‘’How about I show you,’’ he said with a clenched jaw. He grabbed you by your waist and pinned you against the wall. ‘’Fred what the fuck?’’ you said. Your eyes widened when he rolled his hips into yours and pressed his erection against your lower belly. ‘’Fred, no, now is not th-‘’ he crashed his lips into yours, silencing you. Before you knew it he had unbuttoned your pants, slid them halfway down your legs and pushed his hand into your panties. He smirked at your growing wetness.

‘’I’m going to fuck you hard, against this wall,’’ he growled. He pushed your panties to the side and pulled his zipper down, freeing his throbbing erection. You took his erection in your hand and placed it at your entrance, sinking down on it. A strangled moan left Fred’s mouth, he picked up your leg and placed it at his waist, reaching deeper inside you.

He pulled out of you and immediatley slammed back in. A whimper left your mouth, god he was hitting all the right places.

‘’Who fuck’s you this good?’’ he said throatily. You didn’t answer, so he pushed deeper and harder. ‘’Oh god,’’ you moaned. ‘’You Fred, you!’’ ‘’That’s right,’’ He grabbed you more tightly against his chest and thrusted even harder. Whimpers left your mouth, you couldn’t hold back anymore. ‘’Yes, let them know who fuck’s you this good,’’ he whispered in her ear. ‘’Mine, fucking mine,’’

Fred felt your walls starting to clench around him and placed you back against the wall. He buried his face in your neck and planted sloppy kisses there whilest his thrust began to slow down. He brought his hand down to your clit and started to rub circles, helping you get to your high. Your mouth had the shape of an ‘o’ and you threw your head back against the wall. He too came with a loud moan in your ear, which got you hot and bothered all over again.

‘’Fuck, I’m so sorry,’’ he whispered, his face still buried in your neck.

More than friends

This one goes out to @buckyshattergirl. ik hoop dat het helpt :) 

You didn’t get to see your best friends all that often. With their busy filming schedules, they hardly ever had time to spare for you. Understanding as you were, you always just settled with facetime-ing and messaging a lot. Little did you know, that they had planned a surprise visit, determined to mess up any plans you made for a week, and make you hang out with them.

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Just checking

Little one: *is watching mommy pack lunch for their picnic* Did you pack the grapes?
Mommy: Yes I packed the grapes.
Little one: Did you pack the juices?
Mommy: Yes I packed juice.
Little one: How about the cookies?
Mommy: I packed everything you asked for little one. Did you pack the blowing bubbles?
Little one: Ummmm.
Mommy: How about the jump rope and hula hoops?
Little one: Mmmmmm. I was just checking on you before I packed.
Mommy: Uh huh.
Little one: I’ll uh go pack now. *runs off*
Mommy: Just checking.

witch seokjin

Originally posted by jeonsshi

  • guess what this is the first thing i’ve never typed so like, i was literally sitting in trig right, writing in a notebook
  • i love this blog and i wanna update more often and my education isn’t worth it
  • jk it is
  • my mom and me are fighting over this very topic lmao
  • who even needs trig
  • okay but this one im super stoked about?
  • like think of cute witch seokjin with a huge black hat atop his head and he has a huge robe that he always ends up tripping over right?
  • also!! earrings bcuz seokjin and earrings is my weakness?
  • so he has the two in his left ear and the bottom one is a hoop like the cool mental ones all them wear and the second on is a cute lil cobweb
  • he also really loved wearing long shirts with black and white striped leggings because wowow his legs are killer
  • also has a bunch of cute hand knife scarves
  • he loves wearing his hat around because it’s super cute and he loves being a witch
  • except guess what people can be rude and so a lot of the time he just wears the hat at home
  • he owns a little tea shop and the upstairs is his little apartment
  • his home is super decorated like he has lots of random gems and crystals everywhere and a crystal ball in the kitchen and a lot of oriental rugs hanging up in door frames instead of actual doors
  • he has a black cat too who follows him around religiously
  • her name is broomhilda btw and she is beautiful
  • and yes jin does have a broom and when the moon is full he’ll go on midnight joyrides
  • okay but the tea shop
  • jin’s strong point is potions
  • he’s not very good at spell casting (having once turned jeongguk into a bunny when he went to turn his hair navy blue)
  • he’s not very good with magical beasts honestly one time a unicorn almost bit his hand off and that was just a unicorn
  • but wow boy knows how to make potions, it’s just like cooking to him, with the only difference being some funky ingredients,,,
  • he can make a potion for anything though
  • like you’re throwing up butterflies because god only knows why? jin can make something for that
  • you can’t get over your lousy ex boyfriend? well jin can make something for fix that one up too and make you feel much better
  • and the best part is that his teas taste really super good and everyone constantly raves about how delicious everything he makes is!!
  • to which he gets all blushy and shy and hides behind his hands
  • okay anyway
  • you love seokjin’s tea shop!
  • like you are always there, chilling in the back of the corner of the lil shop, reading your book or sketching or playing your DS or whatever, while sipping your herbal tea of course
  • and broomhilda always chills on your lap and seokjin constantly has heart eyes because that cat absolutely despises everyone but him
  • the more you come to the cafe, the more jin finds himself falling harder and harder for you
  • like you’re just so cute?
  • just chilling there on the armchair, curled up, broomhilda purring happily
  • seokjin thinks it’s so cute how you react to your book (because it’s usually a book you bring yah?) like when you get excited you kick your feet and chant to yourself under your breath
  • or when you’re upset you’ll pout your bottom lip out and slam the book closed
  • jin is so shy to talk to you though
  • he wants to whip himself up a confidence booster potion but gosh he’s too shy to even attempt that
  • unlike you’ll come up to the counter and smile at him and goon he’s dead, like he’s melting right then and there
  • like one time okay
  • you’ve ordered your drink and you’re sitting in your chair right??
  • seokjin is organizing his tea leaves in his color coded jars
  • “um excuse me seokjin?”
  • he drops the pink jaebum to the ground and it shatters into a million pieces because he was so surprised you spoke to him and called him by his name??
  • he spins around so awkwardly like his shoulders are tended up and he’s trying to keep a straight face but he’s about to smile and his face is as red as the apples sitting in the bowl on the back counter
  • “uh got jar”
  • “it’s okay!!” he manages to squeak out “i’ll clean it up later!!”
  • you nod slowly but give a tiny smile “i just um, i got a papercut and i was wondering if you had a bandaid”
  • he does
  • they have cute baby ghosts on them
  • he takes your finger and gingerly wraps it up
  • you glance up at him and you never really realized how gorgeous he is up close
  • his eyes are brighter than your future tbh
  • i’m kidding
  • anyway his lashes are long and beautiful
  • and his lips are so full that you kinda just wanna lean up and kiss them
  • you two are standing there, silently, staring at each other, him still holding onto your hand
  • and he kinda blurts out “i like seeing you around, if you drop by again maybe i can come and sit with you a bit or something??”
  • and your cheeks get all rosy and you hide behind your sleeves because what a babe?
  • “you could just sit with me now you know”
  • after that seokjin joins you whenever business has slowed down and you two sit and talk about everything and anything
  • you find out he’s super interested in botany and plants but he’s also super into history and he gets super duper excited when talking about the egyptians especially because he thinks their mythology is the coolest and he absolutely loves how fascinated they were by magic
  • sometimes you’ll ask him why his tea is so good and he’ll just give you an innocent smile and shrug
  • but really it’s like magic or something (you don’t say)
  • like one day you come into the the shop and there were dark bags under your eyes and your hair was in horrible disarray and you had your shirt on backwards
  • and jin goes into panic mode because you look awful and that worries him more than it should
  • you lean up on the counter and broomhilda comes over and licks your face and that gets you laughing a bit
  • “jeez seokjin, you think these nightmares would be gone by now…”
  • “nightmares? wait i could find you something for that”
  • he tells you to sit and meanwhile he ducks into the kitchen
  • when he emerges like fifteen minutes later he has a huge midnight blue jaebum filled with a mixture of leave and various other ingredients you can’t decipher
  • he’s also holding a little charm that looks like a z but with two more lines both above and below the bottom and top of the z
  • like two lines under the top of the z and two lines above the bottom of the z
  • “here these will help…” and he’s all bashful and shy as he hands them over
  • you pull out your wallet to pay and he immediately shakes his head and in a moment of wild confidence he says “make it up to me for joining for dinner tonight?”
  • and you of course get even more blushy and you stammer and smile and nod and he’s blushing too and both of you are both awkwardly trying to talk to each other but it’s not going so well because you’re trying to talk but then you but then you interrupt one another
  • but his shop is about to close anyway and he closes a little earlier than usual and is like “we’re just going upstairs i hope that’s okay,,,”
  • he smiles all shyly when opening the door up for you because his place is such a mess and maybe even a little sketch
  • like what if you think he’s part of an occult or something??
  • seokjin isn’t an occult member
  • he doesn’t even have chairs like legit an array of cushions dot the floor and he gets all embarrassed because it’s not usually a problem, hoseok likes pillows cause they remind him of clouds, jeongguk is too uncivilized for chairs anyhow, tae is always floating anyway, yoongi sleeps half the time, jimin is too kind to complain, and namjoon is used to pillows, seeing as how he used to be carried around on one
  • did i just hint at the other members
  • spooky
  • “i um could maybe-”
  • but you’re one the purple one already and you sigh in content because it’s so warm and snuggly?
  • you start to play with the tassels but then glance to your right and it’s a book of spells and you go to pick it up and seokjin panics and immediately coughs and draws attention to himself
  • “dinner??”
  • you put the back down and follow him into the kitchen and while you’re staring at the crystal ball he’s desperately trying to cram toadstool and and canned hyena laughs into a cupboard
  • “can you read your fortunes?!”
  • you’re smiling so wide and you seem so amazed and seokjin doesn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to impress you so e motions you to sit and he sits across from you
  • he rests his hand on the crystal and asks you to do the same and you do and your fingers are touching and he’s so blushy and jittery!!
  • he mumbles some latin under his breath like idk “sic semper tyrannis” to sound all spooky
  • your breath hitches in your throat as smokes spirals around within the crystal
  • jin’s voice gets ominously low and he says “i see a handsome man in your future”
  • you blink then smile a bit but then he adds “oh wait that’s just my reflection, never mind”
  • you roll your eyes but smile wider anyhow because that wouldn’t be half bad
  • he says he has a premade pizza he’ll bake up real quick and you nod but then you’re like wait bathroom? and he directs you down the hall
  • you come back though after a few minutes
  • and seokjin is exposed
  • he dropped a plate or something and he has a broom sweeping up the mess on its own, by magic of course, while he uses magic to open the oven while he instead sets the table
  • everything comes to a screeching halt when you gulp though
  • he looks at you and his eyes go wide as saucers and he shakes his head and then covers his mouth and then rushes to try and stand in front of the broom as if that’s gonna help or something
  • “whoa seokjin are you a-”
  • “don’t say warlock, it sounds so crotchety and gross”
  • you giggle “okay… so a witch?”
  • he nods shyly and poofs his hat into his hands, and places it on his head
  • you blush a little because he can really rock that
  • he tells you to sit at the table which is really a little cardboard box surrounded by cushions
  • and he allows you to ask him whatever your little heart so desires about him and you’re so innocently curious and he finds this so adorable
  • also the fact you’re not scared away or phased melts his heart and he’s like yup this is the one
  • you guys eat your pizza and he jokingly tells you that there’s snails and puppy tails hidden in the crust
  • he also!! also let’s you wear the witch hat and wow he’s smitten by the sight
  • okay but you guys finish dinner and he takes you on a tour of the house and he shows you his cauldron and some cool ancient artifacts and hexes and whatever he’s collected throughout the years
  • ahh he grabs a special charm right it’s a crescent moon on its back so it’s like a smile with three tear drops hanging from it, two on the ends and one in the middle okay
  • and it’s on a necklace and he brushes the hair from your neck and he gently ties it around your neck yah??
  • like his breath is warm against your skin and he’s practically pushed up against you and wowow you’re gonna die
  • “i guess it’s okay to give this to you? because i want you to be safe and be taken care of anD HAVE A GOOD LIFE”
  • he gets all embarrassed and you laugh a bit but your face is burning just as bad as his is,,,
  • okay but then he gets this glorious idea right he’s like wowow jin you are so smooth you are quite the charmer
  • he says he wants to show you something super special that only you have ever witnessed before!!
  • your hearts speeds up because what?? only you?? out of all people?? jin wants to show you??
  • you get all excited and tag behind him like a puppy as he leads you back downstairs and out back
  • and would you guess it, there’s his broom
  • your eyes get all wide and you just stare at it because it’s not even a witch broom, it’s like a swiffer
  • you giggle and he gets all !! “it’s the only one they had left!”
  • but he motions you over and within moments he gets the thing levitating
  • without a chance to think about it, you hop on and he climbs on behind you and he wraps his arms around your waist
  • your eyes get all wide for the third time that night but you snuggle up to him and he’s so surprised he nearly falls off the side of the broom
  • but with a few words in a language you’ve never heard, the broom is up in the air and you squeal a little bit and he laughs at this
  • the wind blows through your hair and nips at your skin and you reach out the touch the stars, and the faster you go, the smaller the world below you appears
  • like it’s just stars soon and you swear you must be dreaming or something becase you’re actually flying?
  • you know you’re going incredibly fast but it’s like all time has stopped for you, you can’t even come to grip with reality in that moment
  • after you’ve soared around town, seokjin takes you to his favorite spot which is above the lake in the middle of the forest because he can see the reflection of the stars and moon, but also be right amongst them
  • he doesn’t move his arms from around your waist though and you don’t actually mind
  • nothing has ever felt more right
  • you turn to thank him but you find jin already staring down at you
  • he apologizes and gets all red
  • but you shake your head and quickly press your lips to his
  • you pull away after a mere moment though and jin is toon stunned to do anything but gape
  • but then he wakes from his stupor and kisses you back
  • you cup his face in your hands and you two spend the night finding constellations and stealing kisses
  • when he finally flies you back to earth, it’s way too dark and late for you to walk home so he kinda just suggests you stay the night
  • of course you say yes how could you resist the puppy eyes and the cute lil pout
  • he lends you some of his clothes to sleep in and then ushers you into his room which is literally another cushion fort with seventy two million blankets
  • you snuggle yourself in the pile and he immediately flops down beside you
  • and then cuddles up to you and pulls you into his arms because he’s like a teddy bear don’t lie to yourself
  • “you won’t have any bad dreams with me around…” he whispers into your ear before you doze off
  • and he’s right, you don’t
  • because all you can dream about is your future with the cutest little witch on the face of the planet