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Could I have a one shot involving Prompto comforting his s/o after having an anxiety/depression fueled crying session? I've been feeling down lately and could use some sweet Prompto.

Sounds like we all need a little Prompto tenderness in our lives, huh?

While I’m more than happy to provide a little comfort and refuge for anybody who needs it, especially if its packaged in a smiling blonde box, I can’t say I’m not a little saddened to hear that you both have been feeling low lately. I want to offer a sincere apology and warm hug.🌸

I understand that having your mood dip low and slow every once in a while is not only natural, but healthy and beneficial to your mental state and overall wellbeing as a means of processing your emotions and feelings.

With that said, however, I want to also remind you that it’s important to be kind and gentle with yourself, too!

I feel like we’re all so hard on ourselves, and view our worth and self image with such harsh, scrutinizing eyes that rip apart all of our positive qualities and unique characteristics, leaving us feeling hollow and unworthy of appreciation and love.

But please, even if it’s only for my sake, or for the duration of this one shot, take a step back from the mirror inside your head, from the hatred you look at yourself with, and instead see yourself the same way we see the stars: as a glimmer of light in the darkness, a marvel of nature and creation that astounds and amazes those who have the pleasure of viewing it.

You may feel like you’re a black hole, a void in space - but believe me, you’re a masterpiece of the cosmos, and the fabric of the universe wouldn’t be complete without you.✨

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Perfect Assassin: Widowmaker Headcanons
  • Whenever she speaks French around anyone who doesn’t, it’s either a genuine compliment or an insult and you can count on it being the latter a majority of the time
  • She suffers from night terrors almost every signal night after killing her husband, shaking and with tears streaming from her eyes. If it’s not about that night, it’s about the first time Talon kidnapped and brainwashed her
  • Even in Talon, she trusts absolutely no one
  • As a child, she was terrified of insects in general, but spiders above all else
  • Her love of ballet and the skill she shows in dancing started at a young age as just a little girl in a tutu who showed off her dances to anyone and everyone. Swan Lake was one of the first performances she did.
  • If anyone so much as brings up her husband, she gets very defensive or silent and isn’t above violent actions
  • As one of the only people who has been able to land a shot at her, she has a slight respect for Ana alongside absolute contempt for the same reason
  • Her skin isn’t cold, it’s frigid. Like, it’s a shock to physically touch her and feel how cold she is
  • She sings actually really well, with a low, soft voice
  • She genuinely thinks Hanzo should join Talon
  • She has some insanely good fashion sense and is a naturally stylish person with a pretty judgmental outlook on anyone who doesn’t care
  • Reaper honestly has the most respect out of anyone in her eyes as someone who’s serious, does his job, has the same good taste in things as her, everything
  •  If she doesn’t have a job, she’s either alone somewhere doing something simple or sleeping
  • She’s always been an elegant, sophisticated woman who could catch the eyes of almost anyone. The difference is, she was a genuinely sweet and quiet woman as Amélie and is now much tougher and confident.
  • In Talon, there is no one she distrusts more than Sombra
  • Her ballet skills sort of lent themselves to gymnastics and ice skating (especially the latter, which she used to enjoy doing in the winter)
  • Do not question her aim. That’s a death wish.
  • Considering her new position in Talon, she’s an excellent actor and no one can tell her lies from the truth. Anyone could think she’s gone back to normal and unfortunately pay the price for such a mistake
  • She does not accept defeat, never has and never will. She has to win and someone else has to lose
  • Lover of high quality wines and champagnes, but prefers coffee out of any kind of drink
  • At least half of the Talon members who think they’re controlling Widow are incorrect. She’s a master manipulator and pulls the strings behind a few people, not unlike Sombra
  • Even before becoming Widowmaker, she was a pretty good shot with a rifle, though she didn’t hone that skill as much as her more prevalent passion for ballet

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i just read the post that refers to ser cortnay's protection of an innocent child against being brutally murdered for a prophecy we know to be false as (implied faulty) "loyalty to a dead man" (not even correctly referring to edric storm as a child), and that really doesn't sit well with me. to me, ser cortnay is one of the only true heroes in the series, and imo he's much more of a hero than stannis ever could be. "what is the life of one bastard child against a kingdom?" "everything."

Ser Cortnay didn’t know about the prophecy or that it put Edric in danger, so you can’t give him credit for defending the kid from that. For the record, the loyalty being referred to was to Renly (hence “dead man”), not Edric, and yeah, I’m not especially taken with that. 

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Your opinion on Rey as the daughter of Leia

Ok so I have lots of thoughts

Basically I think that Rey has to be either Luke’s or Leia’s daughter and if she isn’t one of theirs then I think the plot completely falls apart. Not to mention the fact that like 90% of the audience left the theater thinking she was either Luke’s or Leia’s… it would be bad writing if she’s not. But that’s a post for another time.

Now, I would rather Rey be Leia’s and Han’s than be Luke’s for two reasons. The first is that Kylo Ren is such a gross stain on their marriage and a disservice to their story that I would like for Han and Leia to have at least one good child.

The second is that I really don’t like the implications of Rey being Luke’s and Kylo being Leia’s. It seems to make people compare Luke and Leia to each other. For example I saw a photoset recently with a pic of Kylo’s and Leia’s faces overlayed on each other and then another pic of Luke and Rey’s faces. On the first picture it said “like mother like son” and there were quotes about Leia being “cold” and the OP directly said in the tags that Kylo inherited his anger from Leia, and then the second picture said “like father like daughter” with positive quotes about Luke and Rey. It just really disturbed me that it not only seemed to be indicating that Leia is responsible for the faults in Kylo Ren and that they are in any way alike (which is preposterous, because Kylo Ren is NOTHING like Leia), but also that it clearly painted Luke in a good light and Leia in a bad light: Luke produced a good child and Leia produced a bad one. Like it’s indirectly comparing them and their respective legacies to each other.

Which is another thing. I would like for Han and Leia’s legacy not to be defined by Kylo Ren. Even if he repented which I don’t think he will or should, he still ruined his parents’ marriage, joined a fascist terrorist organization, committed several mass murders, had a hand in genocide, kidnapped and tortured a young woman, and murdered Han Solo.

So yeah it would be nice if that wasn’t the sole product of Han and Leia’s love.

Not to mention maybe people would dispense with the completely imaginary and baseless delusion that Han and Leia were bad parents if Rey was their child.

HOWEVER that being said, I think the narrative has made it really hard for this to be the case. Nowhere in Bloodline or in any of the other new canon installments do Han and Leia ever mention having had and lost a daughter, and I just don’t think that makes sense.

So yeah it would have been nice but there’s some major issues if Rey is Leia’s and Han’s, and also as I just outlined many issues with her being Luke’s, and EVEN MORE issues if she’s no one’s.

Just another problem with the new canon, in my opinion.

               Verse Information ;  THE CALL.

Ireland has been completely shut off from the rest of the world. Planes fell out of the sky. Ships were wrecked with no explanation.  And suddenly,   the teenagers began disappearing.   One by one,   their bodies disappeared without warning,  vanishing for exactly THREE MINUTES AND FOUR SECONDS and then reappearing DEAD,  bodies mangled with no explanation.    Until one boy survived.   He was the first one,     a boy who came home with no arms and a mangled message for the leaders of their home.    THE SIDHE WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE.

Years before,   when Ireland was first home to humans,   they saw the Sidhe out of their home.  The Fair Folk were forced away from the homes and the land they they loved and made to inhabit a new world,  one of horror and nightmares,  where they could never leave.  And they plotted their revenge. One by one,   every child between the ages of 11 - 18 would disappear,  be dragged into their world and hunted.   Three minutes in our world,   a whole day in theirs.  The Sidhe hunted,   they mocked and chased and burned,  and more and more bodies turned up dead.

The Nation fought back.   Every bit of money in an impoverished Nation went to setting up schools,   training facilities,  to teach the children everything that they would learn to survive.  They trained. Endlessly.   In their first year,   at 11 years old,   they are drugged and left naked in the woods, terrified into never forgetting the moment,   because the next time it will happen,  their life will be left on the line.  Children live at boarding schools,   and no one speaks to those under 10 of all that will happen, desperate to keep them innocent for as long as possible.

Slowly,   the odds change,   and one in a hundred becomes one in ten and it seems for a while like the Nation will survive.   Everyone comes home changed,   and testimonies are written,   maps of the undying-land updated.   The method works,   but nothing can change the fact that the people who sleep in beds next to you will probably die before they are eighteen.   And still everyone works.    The Nation must survive.   The Nation must survive.

  • Students sleep in dorms of thirty people.  These numbers will lessen as more and more students die. 
  • All survivors write Testimonies of their time in the Undyingland.
  • Students take classes in the enemy language and survival skills.
  • Once a month, there is the HUNT.   a way to practice for what will come.
  • Fraternisation and romantic conduct is forbidden
  • Punishments for Rule-breakers involve being placed in THE CAGE,  denied food and weakened.  No one who has just been in THE CAGE survives THE CALL, so it’s a severe punishment.
  • Smoking and other activities that will hurt the body are forbidden.

seeing Beauty and the Beast in hyper-realistic CGI has forced me to re-evaluate the entire concept of the movie. Like the whole “talking furniture” thing was adorable & COOL in animated-form, but in reality it’s like a fuckin horror movie. You’re trapped in a place where cups have EYES and literally anything could’ve been an ex-person. That spoon you just licked clean? A person. That chair you’ve been sitting on? Practically someone’s LAP. That toilet in your bathroom? Oh-ho-hooo bOY DO I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU.  


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

You know what makes me want to cry? Draco Malfoy in sixth year. Remember you had to sit by yourself at school for a minute, or listen to your parents argue while you sat upstairs hugging you knees? Now imagine your weren’t sat for a minute, but a whole year, and you knew it wasn’t going to change. Imagine your parents arguing, not over who did the dishes our why they’re late home, but over a sociopathic murderer who you’re sharing your house with. Imagine having to kill your teacher. I can’t even try to imagine that but what I can imagine is how lonely he was and and I’m crying again.