one winter afternoon

We were talking about poetry,
one winter afternoon,
the sky the same hue as your eyes,
but with the darkness of mine.
You told me, “All poetry is about
sex, God, or death.”
I teased you,
“How could you forget about love?”

You’ve entranced
and transfixed me, my love.
You’re all my poetry
ever talks about.
So let me attempt to learn
from the masters,
I’ll try my hand
at the other topics
that consumed them.

But how can I write about sex
and not write about you?
In my head
there is a map
of your body
and a winding path
that my lips and hands
long to follow.
Your body is a fire
and I’m desperate to burn.

But how can I write about God
and not write about you?
I touch your hand like
I’m turning the pages of a holy book,
but I love you with the fierceness
of a sinner turned devout,
I love you like you’re my last chance
at paradise.
I love you because we know the ugliest
parts of each other,
but we still choose forgiveness
every single day.
Your love is the bookmark I forgot
about from the chapter in my
childhood when I believed
without reservations.
You are the miracle who taught the
atheist to have faith.

But how can I write about death
and not write about you?
If death had come for me
before my lips had brushed yours,
I would have surely walked the earth
as a ghost, unable to move on
because if I have a purpose, a calling,
it must be to love you with
every fragile cell
of my mortal body.
And someday you will die,
and I do not know if I
will still be around to see it,
but of this I am certain:
the earth
will rumble
and rupture
and crack itself open
in its grief,
and the seas will wish
they could drown themselves,
and maybe the sun
will even blow herself out
because how could she
bear to shine
if you were not around to see it?

—  everything comes back to you // L.H

Steve Harrington never had the chickenpox when he was a child, but he is the first to notice the tiny red spots on Holly’s wrist when he’s helping her put her mittens on to play outside one winter afternoon. 

Two days later, Steve feels awful. He’s running a high fever and his head feels like it’s going to explode. He can barely crawl to the bathroom mirror, but when he finally manages to get there, he sees angry red splotches on his neck and across his chest. 

Jonathan has never been welcome at the Harrington’s (nor has he ever wanted to be), so he waits until Steve’s parents are gone for the day before bringing over a thermos of the chicken soup he made, which he thinks is a fair trade for the privilege of making fun of Steve’s spots. Nancy takes over when Jonathan leaves for the day, bringing popsicles and berating Steve each time he reaches up to scratch. 

You hold Astro’s hand first...

(They would all be so flustered and embarrassed, ahhh ~ <3

Sorry if I added too much plot to these, but the prompt was pretty generic, so I figured it would be okay… ^-^;)


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You and JinJin were hanging out one afternoon, watching YouTube videos. He had initially asked you over to try and help him find inspiration for a new rap, but you two had since found yourselves in the conspiracy-theory part of the internet… JinJin is completely engrossed in the video you’re currently watching about black holes and the expansion of the universe. So, while he seems to be distracted, you lean against him and casually reach for his hand~ 

You feel his entire body stiffen slightly and his eyes widen before darting down to your linked hands. He quickly looks back toward the screen, but you can see a tinge of redness creep across the tips of his ears~ He tries to play it off, but he can’t stop grinning, and his mind just can’t comprehend that you’re actually holding his hand right now… <3

“Wow, look at that n-nebula, um… that’s really, uh… aish, what was I saying??”


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You had come to support the boys at their MV shooting for their new song. Well, you had come to support MJ, specifically… They were currently set up to film in a fresh, scenic field by a park. MJ has 10 minutes before it’s his turn on set, so he asks you to walk with him around the location. You agree, and reach out to take MJ’s hand, swinging it slightly as you two walk. He stares at the ground in surprise and smiles, linking your fingers together…

“Your hand is warm… It’s nice~”

Pretty soon, MJ leaves to go shoot his scene, but he can’t stop thinking about how nice it felt to hold hands with you. He keeps running the moment through his mind, and reliving the sense of your touch… They wrap it up in one take, and the director praises MJ’s acting, saying they got the perfect shot. Little did they know, it was all thanks to you~


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Eunwoo told you he’s been chosen to MC at a music awards show, and he’s really excited to have been given such a great opportunity… But he’s also super nervous about it, and is kind of having a mini-meltdown backstage. He invited you to come with him because you’re his closest friend and he knew he would need emotional support, he just didn’t realize how much;;

In an effort to calm his nerves, you take his hand and squeeze it, assuring him that everything will be alright. Luckily it works, maybe a little too well… Eunwoo gazes at you and is so enraptured he doesn’t hear when they call his name. He’s floating on cloud nine throughout the entire show. And when he gets offstage, he starts dazedly twirling though the halls back to his waiting room, pondering his newly developed crush on you~ <3

“Ahhhh~” *spins around in pure bliss*


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You have been hinting at Moonbin for a while that you like him. Everyone else has noticed it, and the other Astro members have formed a secret alliance with you to help get you two together. After many failed attempts and consulting with the other boys, they conclude that your only remaining option is to use the cheesiest pick-up line you know on him. (Hey, no one said they were romance experts;;) You approach Bin and hit him with the classic “your hand looks heavy… want me to hold it for you?”

“Huh? Oh… That’s really cute, Y/N, haha~”

Bin laughs it off, assuming you’re just messing around with him. But when you actually grab his hand, he reassesses the situation. Something about the look in your eyes makes everything click into place for the little puppycat~ He gently laces your fingers together and (finally) asks you out, much to the joy of the other boys, who happened to be eavesdropping…


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You and Rocky had been shopping downtown, picking up some gifts for an upcoming event. After a long day of visiting various stores, you’re now headed to get some some food at a diner Rocky claims is lucky. He says every time he goes there, something good happens. While you don’t fully believe him, you are hungry, so you agree to go. You two are less than a block away now, only a crosswalk separating you from the diner in question.

You reach for Rocky’s hand as you two cross the busy street, and although he doesn’t show it, Rocky is pleasantly surprised~ He just isn’t sure why his heart skipped a beat at your touch… You two have been close for a while, but he’s never thought of you as anything more than a friend… until now, that is~ Once you reach the other sidewalk, you loosen your grip, but he reclaims your hand and grins at you teasingly.

“Um, can we keep holding hands? I kinda like it~”

He knew something good would happen~ <3


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You and Sanha are waiting for the bus one winter afternoon. You keep having to blow on your hands and rub them together, since you forgot your gloves and it’s exceptionally cold today. Sanha feels the effects of the weather too, but isn’t sure what he can do about it. You continue complaining about the cold, and you decide ask him if you two can hold hands for warmth.

Sanha freezes in place unsure of what to do. He’s liked you for the longest time, but never had the courage to say or do anything about it. Now, you’re offering him a golden opportunity to get a little closer. He nods, his heart racing, and lets you take his hand. You two sit there in an awkward yet comfortable silence, warmer already~

“Sorry…” *coughs* “Um, my hands are kind of sweaty…”

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My Constellation (1/1)

Summary: Modern AU. Emma is a bailbondsperson, Killian a scientist. His research puts him at sea for several weeks in the summer, and after a slew of lengthy separations, this one just about pushes them past their limits.

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut

Words: ~11.5k

Notes: This fic is a gift for the wonderful @high-seas-swan​. Lana, the second the new NEEDTOBREATHE album came out, I sifted through it, found a song that I liked just a touch more than the others, played it on repeat, and wrote this over the course of the past several weeks. I hope you like it! Also, never-ending love and devotion to @capaldisrighteyebrow​, without whom this would be a mess. Just a note, this is in no way related to the other smutty science fic I wrote.  Inspired by the months I’ve spent living alone by the sea.

Also on ff and ao3

Killian Jones had once convinced a woman that it was the moments that were worth living. That letting them pass by was a terrible mistake.

Years and years had passed, during which they’d both loved and lost. Out on a bench by the sea, she’d tell him of the parents who abandoned her not long after she was born. He, in turn, would tell her of his mother, of his brother, before they too passed. Together they spent their formative, teenage years in a system that, frankly, didn’t care much for them. They’d been separated by circumstances and by passion – he pursuing degrees in the marine sciences, and she as an independent enforcer of the law – before they’d met again in the cobblestone streets of Portland, Maine. They’d reacquainted with one another over the next few years, as he made a career of keeping the research programs aboard research vessels running, and she as a familiar face in southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Then, one unforgettable evening, she’d conceded that, perhaps, he had a point. Not with words, mind, but with her lips on his, pressing hard and wet against him in the dwindling hours of twilight. Just moments after he’d stepped off a research vessel, as a matter of fact, with a tan up to his elbows, salt in his hair and in his lungs. She’d kissed him while the sun painted the waters at his back, while the behemoth of a ship beside them rumbled down deep in its steely belly.

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first love || b.i
  • notes; just a casual little hanbin thing I wrote
  • prompt; strangers, winter, first love; hanbin
  • genre; fluff // 1117 words

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        Strangers; that’s how the two of you began.

           Two strangers who had never seen each other prior to that one winter afternoon. Two strangers who had happened to run into the same coffee shop while both in a hurry to get somewhere. Strangers whose orders got mixed up and by a chance of fate, bumped into each other awkwardly and muttered a few words about how the other had the drink that they originally ordered.

           Thinking back at it now made your heart swell up. That was two years ago from today exactly. Two years ago you had met Kim Hanbin, the boy you would later fall in love with.

           “Hey,” you heard a low voice from behind you say.

           When you turned around to glance at him, Hanbin still had his head buried into his pillow, but his arm seemed to be searching for something as he moved it all around the empty space beside him. “Hey, where’d you go?”

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A Lazy Day with Woozi Would Include...

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  • Jihoon is a confusing person 
  • One day he’ll be all affectionate and the next he’ll be all quite and irritated
  •  But he loves his attention 
  • He likes it when you put the spotlight on him
  • When you compliment him, and not just on his cuteness
  • We all know Jihoon can be cute, but there is much more to him than his cuteness
  • He likes it when you compliment his hard work, or his motivation, or his control
  • He likes it when you compliment his ability to balance things, to let go sometimes and enjoy life in the moment
  • He may be small but he has a larger personality, and he is quite intelligent 
  • He may not admit it, but he adores skinship and cuddles
  • He likes it when you snuggle up beside him, and rest your head on his chest
  • He likes it when you play with his hair, run your fingers through it, combing and styling as you please
  • But he wont except that behavior in public, or around the other members
  • So when you two find your self alone in his studio one winter afternoon, you better believe that he wont hold back (not in that kind of way…. i dont think mmmmhmmmm)
  • He would be on his computer, either searching through files or sampling music from other artists
  • You would be sitting on the floor, surrounded by a couple of throw pillows, doing some sketching practice in your sketchbook 
  • You would be minding your own business when Jihoon would be fed up with the unbearable silence. Usually, you two could pretty much do anything in silence, as long as you were together
  • But this particular afternoon, was one that begged to differ
  • He would look over to you, giving you side glances. You would be focusing on your work, trying to follow proper anatomy with your pencil
  • He would then begin to spin around in his chair, restlessly like a child during time out
  • This is when you would finally notice his state of boredom
  • “What are you doing?” You rose a brow in question 
  • He would just continue to eye you while spinning in his chair. He runs a hand through his hair and speaks. “I’m bored.” He would say it with such bluntness it could slice through the air
  • You puckered your lips as you spoke. “Okay…… what do you want to do?”
  • He shrugs, and huffs. 
  • You bite your lip and sigh, “you’re frustrating,” you tease. 
  • “You’re frustrating,” he would rebuttal
  • You giggled, and stood up, stretching your arms and gathering your things. You then walk over to his chair and spin him around. “What do you want to do, I’ll do anything that you want to.” You repeat
  • “I don’t know…” He slumped further down the chair
  • An idea popped into your head, seeing him like this made your heart ache, he isn’t usually this annoying
  • You begin to push his chair forward, slowly at first then faster, around the room. Soon, out the door of the studio and into the halls of the dorm. 
  • He tightened his grip on the arm rests, and leaned back, you would make sharp turns and reverse. His signature “Woozi” laugh echoing off the walls
  • You would then stop out of exhaustion, leaning over the back of the chair, too meet gaze with him. “Are you still bored?” 
  • “Yes,” he spat out with a blank stare on his face
  • “God dammit Jihoon, you’re so hard to please.” You sigh 
  • You feel him smirking at you 
  • Just then, another idea popped into your head, your arms snake around the sides of the chair, and find Jihoon’s sides. You start tickling him, as you suppress your laughter 
  • “Oh my-” his words spilling out from his mouth part way through a forced out giggle. “Y/N-sto-stop!” 
  • You would just continue, laughing at his faild attempt to pin you down, then suddenly you would find yourself sprawled out on the floor, “Hey!”  You shouted, as Jihoon jumped on top of you and started to fight back
  • He then planted sweet kisses down the side your jaw, while snuggling you, until you couldn’t breathe. Your muffled shouts and kicks of mercy, no match for his evil raft 
  • You buried your face into his chest, and giggled, as he continued to plant kisses on your cheeks
  • “I’m not bored anymore Y/N.” he said as he kissed your nose
  • He ruffled your hair and stood up, brushing himself off and pushing his desk chair back to his studio, you got up and followed suit
  • You sat down on the floor again as Jihoon wrapped a blanket around the two of you. You rested your head on his shoulder as he pulled up NETFLIX AND YOU GUYZ JUST WATCHED NETFLIX AND YOU FELL ASLEEP ON HIS SHOULDER AND HE JUST TUCKED YOU IN ON THE FLOOR AND WENT BACK TO WORK

I feel as if that last part was rushed…… mmmh…..

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That beauty and the beast AU is the reason I'm going straight to hell. But it's so good???? I love it????

Honestly fam, in this ship, who isn’t going straight to hell?
this one is sfw

She could catch him in the library asleep more often than not, books or pens softly having falling to the floor as he drifted away. He rested his head on the back of an armchair, the side of a sofa, in his hands—anywhere but a pillow. And he was human. Every time she found him asleep unintentionally, his head was free of horns save those on the mask.

He seemed…peaceful, slumbering in the middle of the day. She smiled softly, always amazed at how handsome he was underneath his curse. It was truly a pity he had no idea how to break it, left struggling for an answer in his enormous, lonely castle. Until her.

“Did you know the illusion lowers when you sleep?” she asked one sunny winter afternoon, climbing into his lap. It was getting easier to see his human face through the beast’s dark eyes and animal features.

“You always complain I’m too warm to sleep beside when we share a bed.” He set his book down to place his hands on her hips. She longed, endlessly, to kiss him lazily, the spell broken. He made his best attempt at a kiss, pressing his nose to her neck.

“I complain about your horns too.” Her feelings for him were growing beyond the sparse intimacy they’d managed when he was able to lower the illusion fully. She kissed him on the snout, smoothing out strands of his long dark hair. “I miss kissing you.”

“Not now, sweet.” He yawned. “I’ve no energy for spells today.”

She nodded, moving to nestle against his chest. He was warm, and he was large, dwarfing her easily. It made her feel…secure, safe in such huge arms. “I cannot wait for the day you feel normal under my touch.”

“I as well.” He turned his head, resting his chin atop her head. “Are you sleepy?”

“A little.”

He stood, lifting her light a feather as he crossed the room. “I believe there are more comfortable places to nap, if I may be so bold as to ask you join me.”

“You may.” She hummed, resting her head on his shoulder. “If I may ask you keep me warm.”

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Olicity smut- Oliver gets turned on by felicity knowledge of hockey & the fact when ever they watch a game he loves when she wears his jersey

SPORTS!!!! thanks for this one nonnie, I honestly got super excited when I read it. my knowledge of hockey is limited tho, so I hope I got everything right with this. and the smut is present more towards the end. it’s a college/young adult au so no arrow business 

I’d like to dedicate this one to curtlazars who is the biggest hockey fan I know :)

also tagging: amellthirst lieutenantsmoak smoakinamell quant-um-fizzx 0nifs2 emilybettrickardds olicitykisses olicittys queenollies sorrywhatever snowssmoak


she shoots; he scores

It was the Stanley Cup playoffs, one of Oliver’s favorite times of the year. He loved hockey, had been a fan of the sport ever since he was a child and his father brought him out to the rink one winter afternoon and he held a hockey stick in his hands for the fist time. He played throughout his childhood, all the way through high school where he was captain of his team, one he led to a state championship his senior year.

His favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks, had made the playoffs this year and he was dead set on flying out to Illinois for their first game the upcoming Saturday. Usually he’d take Tommy and Digg, making it a boys trip, but he also wanted to use this time as a mini vacation with Felicity.

The two had finally begun dating after years of dancing around each other and he thought a little getaway together would be nice. He’d also been teaching Felicity a little about hockey, so he knew she’d be excited to go.

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Dear Akane,

I do remember one winter afternoon in which we made hot chocolate together.

Franziska only allowed me to help under the pretense of her teaching me how to make it, but it did mean I could prevent her from making a mess of the kitchen and likely earning a scolding.

Even to this day she has an incredible fondness for miniature marshmallows.  Do not let her convince you that she has no weaknesses.

-Miles Edgeworth

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Imagine Bucky gets really in to anime

Bucky has a fair amount of spare time, when he’s first released from SHIELD. He bums around the tower, reads books, watches movies, trains in the gym, teaches himself to cook. He’s got whole days to fill, and when he discovers the internet, binge-watching tv shows seems like a fantastic way to fill his time, especially since he can do it while puttering around the kitchen or running on the treadmill. 

Tony comes into the kitchen one day while Bucky’s watching his latest discovery and trying out a recipe for a winter minestrone soup, and does a double take at the screen. 

“What the hell are you watching?” Tony says, leaning over the counter as a minor character gets spectacularly turned into a red smear on a wall. Bucky shrugs.

“So much blood. Really just an excessive amount of blood. But really good animation and an awesome soundtrack,” He replies. Tony stays and watches for a few minutes. Bucky squints at him. 

“Don’t get attached. Almost everyone I’ve gotten attached to has died,” he says. Tony shrugs and sits down, grabbing a nearby tablet. Bucky sees him sketching something as the episode progresses, and when it ends, Tony thrusts a rough schematic under his nose. It takes Bucky a second to figure out what he’s looking at. 

“Did you seriously just come up with a working design for 3D- maneuver gear in half an hour?” Bucky squawks. Tony shrugs. 

“Fifteen minutes. You ever want me to build one for you, let me know,” He says over his shoulder as he leaves the room.  

Took the babies out one winter afternoon. Sully the Golden Retriever loves the cold and even swimming in cold water, but Mike wasn’t too thrilled to be outside.  Mike was trying to convince Sully to go back inside the warm house with him.

One winter afternoon
(at the magical hour
when is becomes if)
a bespangled clown
standing on eighth street
handed me a flower.
Nobody,it’s safe
to say,observed him but
myself;and why?because
without any doubt he was
whatever(first and last)
mostpeople fear most:
a mystery for which i’ve
no word except alive
—that is,completely alert
and miraculously whole;
with not merely a mind and a heart
but unquestionably a soul-
by no means funereally hilarious
(or otherwise democratic)
but essentially poetic
or etherally serious:
a fine not a coarse clown
(no mob, but a person)
and while never saying a word
who was anything but dumb;
since the silence of him
self sang like a bird.
Most people have been heard
screaming for international
measures that render hell rational
—i thank heaven somebody’s crazy
enough to give me a daisy
—  one winter afternoon

Sherlock AU: University

One winter afternoon, between biscuits and cups of tea, they start to look old pictures of their good days in the university…

- Oh, that hat, I wore it all the time!
- Look that horrible pink blouse, gosh, I used to dress so bad
-The park during spring was the best
- Remember, Sherlock, you always repeating that you weren’t dating with Irene…
- And a night, you found us kissing in the room. Yeah, how forget it? you still mock me about that…
- The face of confusion of Anderson is incredible.
-Yeah, sometimes I can’t figure out how I got a degree
- Look, John, so beautiful in your first day in job…
- But look at you, Mary, in your brunette era.
- Somethings better stay in the past.
- What about Jim? I didn’t see him again…
- Neither do I, I wonder what will become of his life…

Sometimes Your Parents DO Know Best

I grew up in a small town in central Illinois called Rantoul. It was most known for its air museum and the fact that it had been a military base. We learned all about it in school. Or so I’m told. For the longest time I’ve had trouble remembering portions of my life, and it had been affecting my schoolwork. I’m fifteen now, and still can’t remember a great deal of my past beginning from when I was five. My parents had always said it was because I would stumble and hit my head a lot. It was a wonder I even survived past four with all the times I got hurt as a child. And I was inclined to believe them. What did I know better?

It wasn’t until my accident, my real accident, that things started to change for me. I was walking home from school one winter afternoon and like an idiot, I forgot to look left the second time when crossing the street. The slick road made it nearly impossible for the car that had turn half a block down onto the street I was crossing to stop. He hit me in the legs and I slipped on the ice, falling against his car and bashing my head on the hood.. That’s all I remembered, before blacking out. I woke up in a hospital, was treated for my injuries and returned home a day later. It was all pretty normal for me, and even while my parents were worried for me, they weren’t exactly surprised. And then that night, I started remembering things.

It started with tall buildings. Taller than anything you’d see in Rantoul. And there were a ton of them. Huge beaches along a sea with buildings almost directly on the coastline. Places I’ve never been to, but I remember. I told mom about them, asking her if I’ve ever been to a huge city like that, and she looked rather uncomfortable. She told me no, and that it was just a dream, gave me my breakfast and left it at that. But I wasn’t giving up. Especially when the next thing I remembered came to me the very same day. It was about a large blue astro van, and a man setting me inside. I had been playing in the grass and had stains on my jeans. Looking out the window, I saw a yard, and a large white house that sagged a little with age. A girl in a light yellow dress was standing in the yard, watching me, and I was crying. Until the man said we were going to Disneyland. But I don’t think we ever went.

The more I thought about it, the more upset I got. Mom and dad weren’t listening to me, they wouldn’t look at me in the eye anymore. And I could hear them at night arguing. I knew it had to be about me. I don’t remember what planted the seed, but I began to wonder if they were even my parents. It didn’t help that they were both doll like blondes with the puffy lips and the bright eyes and the tiny nose, and I was a redhead with a big round nose and thin lips and eyes that looked like mud. They kept telling me that I got it from my grandmother. Yeah, right, you dirty liars! One bad thought turned into a host of horrible thoughts, and eventually, I called the police. I told them of my suspicions, and the three of us were brought to the police station. I knew the cops didn’t believe me either, until they took the tests, you know the ones that involve skin and hair. Not only were they not my parents, those dirty liars. I was a match for a missing persons report filed in Chicago some ten years prior. I remember clearly looking to my parents as they were taken into custody and grinning from ear to ear. Their lies were over. I could remember parts of my life again. There was no doubt in my mind that they were the cause of my forgetting parts of my childhood.

Meeting my real parents was magical. They drove all the way down from Chicago to get me, and they looked so tired. So thin. No doubt they had been worried sick for ten years, looking for their baby girl. But now they had her! And I couldn’t have been happier. In all of the excitement though, I had fallen asleep in the back of their car on the way up. I was sad to have missed that time with my parents, as if I would forget it all if I didn’t spend every waking moment with them. The conversation we had when I woke up though.. Now that I would never forget until the day I died. My real dad was driving, and my real mom looked back as soon as she heard me stirring. She had said “I’m glad you’re up, we’re almost home dear. Your siblings will be so happy to meet you!” Siblings? I had gotten to read the missing persons report, it said nothing about siblings, which meant they were born after… Were they really as worried as I thought? “Siblings?” I had asked, as we pulled into the driveway of a very sad looking house. It was sagging, half of the wood appearing to be rotten. The grey paint had been bleached by the sun so long it had turned white. Was this the house from my memories? As I slid out of the car, I looked to my mother for an answer. “Why of course, when you went missing, we just had to replace you, it wasn’t fair to the other children who had to work twice as hard once you were gone.” While I was still processing what she had said, the woman I called mom took hold of my wrist, while my father grabbed my upper arm on the other side. With a kind smile, my father half lifted me and the two dragged me towards the house. “The other children are pretty mad at you, don’t expect them to share their scraps with you for a while, you’re kinda fat anyway.” He chimed, pausing only to open the sagging front door.

I didn’t get a clear look at the house before the door to a dark, foul smelling room was opened. It was a dark stairway, dimly light by a light source that in the end turned out to be a single light bulb in the center of the basement. All I could smell was the stench of unwashed bodies and aged waste, which I remembered clearly from when the septic tank at my home in Rantoul had burst. I stumbled down the stairs and landed on a hard concrete floor, looking up to the faces of eight thin, hungry children, their hollow eyes assessing me like a fresh deer kill ready for butchering. Sixteen hands began clawing at my body, ripping away cloth and tearing skin. It was then that I finally screamed.

I managed, after finally wrestling it away from a small kid who kept scraping it on the floor like it was a racecar, to get my phone. I no longer own any clothing but my undergarments, and I had to fight to keep them. The rest, my jacket and my other clothes, are on the too small bodies of the other kids. Tomorrow I get to find out what kind of work we’ll be doing, my parents said they had to work harder once I was gone… I’ve long since stopped crying, there’s no use in it. But now, not only have I ruined my life, I’ve condemned the two people who had tried to rescue me from it years ago. I still don’t know why. I can only hope they manage to get word out. Maybe they can save me again. That is, if these little monsters don’t kill me first. I shouldn’t have questioned my parents. I shouldn’t have turned them in before knowing the full story… I’m so sorry.