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8,20,21,28 c: what's your trip for?

omg thANK you thank you!!
i’m taking a train 2 florida to go see my cousins! i’m just a lil bit *afraid* because traveling is terrifying u feel

5-ish movies that changed my life 
- safety last (my introduction to silent films, the climbing scene convinced me to get into silents nice)
- the general (my fiRST silent feature film)
- shrek the musical (…changed my life)
- ben hur 1926
- metropolis 1927

top 5 silent movies 
- metropolis 1927
- the general 1926
- the thief of bagdad 1924
- the cameraman 1929
- ben hur 1926

top 5 on netflix
- metropolis 1927
- the general 1926
- the cabinet of dr caligari 1920
- steamboat bill jr 1928

top 5-ish quotes
- “damfino” -buster in the boat
- “hABABABABABAAA” that one lady in pardon my berth marks
- “thank you” -joseph schildkraut after being SLAPPED in marie antoinette 
- “on the contrary, i have too much [allure]” - also joseph a bit b4 bein slapped
- literally every romantic quote from every movie ever

Reaction to seeing you dressed up



“Wow,” he muttered under his breath. Xiumin had only ever actually seen you in sportswear- at the training sessions. Now, on your first date you actually made an effort, one that you usually wouldn’t care to do; and it was paying off. Xiumin was amazed, and a smiled formed on his face, “I imagined you’d come looking like you usually do- which is beautiful- but… you look stunning.”


You checked your winged eyeliner one last time, still unsure of whether you could actually pull this makeup look off. You loved makeup, but never wore any when doing dance training at the SM Building - worried you’d make your skin bad. However, tonight was different. When you answered your dorm room door, Lay was silent - unable to utter a word at the girl who stood before him. The girls you shared your dorm with however, wolf whistled as he took you hand in his.


“Babe? Can I come in?” He shouted from outside your dorm room. You and Sehun had actually been dating for about a month, but with the incredibly busy schedule SM gave you - you both never had time to spend together. He walked into your room and when Sehun saw you he smiled widely before taking your hand and twirling you around; making you laugh over how cliché he was being. “Y/N I don’t know where this side has been hiding, but DAMN I’m glad she’s out!”


It was snowing again, and you loved it. That’s why Kai said he wanted to wait until it was winter before he took you out on a date, and naturally, that meant you had to make an impression. You dressed warmly, but your makeup was very mysterious and alluring - something you’d never tried before. When you got to the park it was dusk and you stood waiting as the snow fell from the sky. “Y/N? Is that you? Holy crap- you look incredible!” He ran a hand through his hair in frustration- how had he not asked you on a date earlier!


He towered over you, looking at you wide-eyed. “Have I ever told you how god-damn-fine you always make me feel?” He muttered softly, completely unaware of how he’d never noticed the girl he’d been wanting to be his for the last few weeks could look even better then she did in training. “No, but I can guess,” You replied cheekily- making Chanyeol laugh. He looked at you, nothing but pure lust in his eyes when he spoke next. “I am so glad I met you Y/N.”


He fangirled - well on the inside anyway. On the out, he looked completely turned on, his eyebrows furrowing as he took all of you in, outstanded that the quiet SM trainee he had asked out last week could transform herself from dancing attire to date attire in just 2 hours, and make her hair and makeup bring out her features so well. He didn’t really care though, all he wanted was the quiet girl who everyone underestimated to get to know him. And if it turned out she looked this good when not in rehearsal - he wasn’t going to argue.


He looked at you, a small smirk growing on his face as you smiled at him, proud of the way you looked for your first date. “Just stand there a second babe. And smile!” He said, as he took out his phone and took a photo of you. You laughed at his action and asked him why he did it. “Because you look absolutely amazing Y/N! And I’m going to send it to that Tommy guy who said I’d never have a chance because you liked him instead.” Satansoo


He dropped the flowers he was holding straight away. A silence filled between you as no one spoke, Baekhyun continuing to look at you. You glanced at the flowers on the floor. “Babe, uh.. the flowers Baekhyun.” He didn’t answer however, as instead he took your hand in his, locking eyes with you. “I’m clichéas fuck right!” He suddenly shouted, completely ruining the mood and making you cry with laughter.


You’d only be going out for coffee, your secdual was just so busy of him filming and dancing, and you filming and dancing that whenever one of you had a free- the other didn’t. Which sucked. This was why you were meeting at 6 in the morning to get coffee, as it was your only free time. You didn’t mind though- you and Luhan were determined to make the relationship work, treating it as a date. When he saw you he nearly dropped the coffee he was holding. “Y/N, you look amazing. How? It’s 6 in the morning and your beautiful!”  


It was lame. You were having your first date in a rehearsal room. Suho was so content on improving his dancing he was never free, so you both decided to have a ‘picnic’ in the studio. He had text you saying he was already there and you practically ran up the stairs. When you opened the door, he looked at you, his face forming a smile. “Babe! Wow!” He said, turning you so he could see your whole outfit. He clicked a button on his phone and music began to play. “May I have this dance?" 


You had to look nice. You just had. Kris was known for his amazing fashion sense and of course, he attracted many girl’s attention. When you waited by your dorm, Kris walked straight pass you. "Yifan!” You shouted, making him turn around. He walked up to you, but as he did, Kris looked at your outfit and tripped. He had no idea you were this fashionable. After he laughed it off, he turned to you, “I liked you because of what you were before, but I like you even more now Y/N.”


You stepped outside, pulling your coat closer to keep in the warmth. That was, until two arms pulled you into their chest. “Chen!” You laughed. He turned you so you were facing him. “Wow, Y/N, you look… wow.” He made you laugh again. “I look what?” You replied slowly. Chen held your gaze, “Yeah urm Y/N, you’re going to have to kiss me right now.” He said, pouting his lips for you to kiss. Instead, you ran away laughing as he ran after you cursing you for being mean.


Sarcasm & Romance

I’m kinda winging with one haha :D I struggled with what to call it…

Title: Sarcasm & Romance

Pairing: Thor X Reader

Summary:  Y/N had just joined the avengers about a month in a half ago and Y/N is growing increasingly close to Thor romantically and Tony friendship wise.

Warnings: None


(Credits for the gif is in the corner of the gif :D)

*Beep… Beep…. Beep* I groaned rolling over to the other side of the bed turning off my alarm clock.

“Ten more minutes…” I grumbled under my breathe.

Just as I shoved my head back into my pillow I heard someone approach the door. *Knock Knock*

“Y/N wake up! Time for you’re sparring with Thor.” The voice said.

I’d know that voice from anywhere. Steve. I turned around and threw a pillow at him. He caught it and threw it back, walking away. I crawled out of bed and threw my work out clothes on, and headed down to the sparring room.


Avengers Mansion- Sparring room

“Hey! How yah doin hammer head?” I said walking into the room taking my sweatpants off, and wrapping my hands.

“Lady Y/N! Did you know you’re like a lady replica of Tony?” He chuckled looking amused.

“Very much so! Lets get started.” I had a sly grin on my face.

I took off my sweatshirt so I was in just my spandex and tank top. I could feel Thor just staring my cleavage down. It was the same for most of the guys in the house as well. I used it to my advantage.  Once we started fighting at first Thor took me down. Before we started the other round I was burning up. So I took off my tank top leaving me in just a sports bra. And we started. Thor was majorly distracted and couldn’t take eyes off of me. Finally he lunged.  I threw a kick to his gut and then to his shoulder knocking him down. I got on top of him and held his hands down.

“Yah know… You should really keep from getting distracted,” I said walking my fingers up his chest. “It really… knocks yah down.” I traced his jawline and got off of him.

He looked dumbfounded. “Were you just flirting with me?”

I picked up my things and looked at him, “I don’t know… Was I?”

I had a smirk on my face and walked away. I made sure to move my hips just a little bit more than normal because I know he was watching. I walked to the lab to find Tony.

“Just the man I was looking for.” I walked up and sat next to him.

“Hmm, Preppy Cola. What’s up?” He said still working on his new project.

Preppy Cola was my nickname because I had an addiction to pop, and he thought I was a classic white girl… besides my invisibility powers. Tony had became my best friend in the house. Mostly because we were so alike.

“I called Thor, Hammer Head today,” I chuckled. “He called me the replica of you.”

“Hmmm, good one. I like to call him point break.” He looked up at me with a smirk.


I left tony to his work and I stared walking to my room when an arm wrapped around my waist, picked me up, and started carrying me away.

“… Big hands, muscular arms, and tall.” I contemplated a few seconds. “Thor.”

“Lady Y/N.” He walked into a room and closed the door behind him.

“Um. Whatcha doing?” I looked at him confusedly.

He just looked at me. As if he was trying to figure me out. It was enough to make me blush though.

“So are you just gonna stand there looking at me or are you gonna say something?” I chuckled softly, brushing a hair behind my ear and looking down.

“I can’t seem to figure you out.” He stepped closer.

“Yeah” I looked at him biting my lip.

“You’re mysterious, alluring. I can’t tell whether your flirting with me or being nice.” He looked into the distance and let out a small laugh. “Lady Y/N…”

I laughed. “Thor… or should I say Hammer Head.”

There was a few moments of silence. I reached my hand up to his head, running my finger through his blonde locks. He was tense. Has he every flirted with a girl before? I think this is new territory for him. Yepp. Imma make the first move. I let out a small laugh.

“What?” He looked confused again.

“Oh just shut up and kiss me already.” He looked at me, contemplating.

“Or are you–,”

I was cut off by two hands cupping my face, and his soft lips brushing against mine. I met him half way. The kiss was slow and passionate. I felt my face getting hot. I couldn’t help but blush and smile against the kiss. He broke the kiss way too soon. Although he pulled me close to him. Wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into a tight hug.

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” He said still trying to catch his breathe.

He picked me up and twirled me around pulling me into another kiss.

“Come, Lady Y/N, lets watch those sappy, romance movies you love so much.” he said pulling me out of the room we were in and to the living room.

I hope y’all enjoyed! I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to send me any requests that you have! :D

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but why didn't merlin call the dragon earlier????:( i'm still so sad and upset about the ending of this show..

I’m still thinking the same but if you remember in episode 5x10 Merlin talked with Kilgharrah and he saw the dragon was ill and had one wing damaged and he said “I am old, Emrys, my time has almost come.” so i think Merlin thought that Kilgharrah couldn’t do anything… or something like that. :(((

Also, imagine a magical version of Fort Boyard.

Spiders are the same size as Aragog.
All the keys are magical ones with wings like the ones who guarded one of the Philosopher’s Stone’s rooms. Flitwitck was inspired by those, by the way, he is really admirative of the person that enchanted them.
Also, flying keys. The difficulty just got increased by 100000%.
The tigers are 1) magical creatures hidden from the Muggle’s eyes, I don’t know wich one, one particular sort of magical feline? or 2) DRAGONS, CAN IT BE DRAGONS?!!!
There is totally a Sphinx lurking somewhere. Because riddles + dangerous magical creature = hardcore stuff.
When Hagrid comes visit her in France, Madame Maxime is totally talking to him about this and he has never felt more excited in his life.


Meet Close and Cigar- the latest in the family of misfits. Patching worked well as a whole and Close is… Well close. It left a bit of a seam that was a bit too much clean up and had a trapped bubble under the one wing. Sadly Cigar, the second, is back to divots and a hole right on the beak. It seems that pouring back to back released more bubbles from the silicone going as far as making a hole in the beak all the way through the mold. Where does this leave me? Well, I’m going to order more silicone of the other type. Fresh from the maker it should be good. Because I known it can freeze up, I’m either going to need to poor several molds of the owl back to back (which will be a waste if they don’t sell) or have a few other sculptures done so I can cast a few things and use the silicone up. If I go with the later, it will be a few months till I order the silicone. The owls may be on a bit of a hold till one or the other happens.

Playlist Tag

Thanks so much for tagging me scatterbrained-creature let’s get started :D

Hit shuffle on your iPod, iTunes, playlist etc and write down the first ten songs. Rules: no skipping songs and be honest! Then tag ten people.

1. Scouting For Girls- Keep On Walking 

2. Midnight Faces- Crowded Halls

3. AFI- Miss Murder

4. Taking Back Sunday- Cute Without The ‘E’

5. Vampire Weekend- Mansard Roof

6. Saosin- Voices

7. Thrice- Hold Fast Hope

8. Anberlin- Day Late Friend

9. La Roux- In For The Kill

10. Voltaire- I’m Sorry 

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I got these done a few months after Long Live came out. I remember asking myself, “What happens if they break up?” Because afterall, all beautiful things come to an end. It was then that I realized that “Long Live” meant much more than me. Much more than an album or a band, much more than all of us. It was a statement, a rock in a path, a placemark in history, so all who choose to come down this path will surely see, know and learn of The Chariot and their journey and what it means to Live Long for who you are. Long Live: The King.

  • Speak
  • The Chariot
  • One Wing

Lovers beg your forgiveness right now. Fathers, speak to your kids, right now. To the prince, to the king, to the fathers of the free, beg for your workers, and pray to God for me. Bleeding hearts meet bleeding crowns. All hope, is only around, right now. Prisoners of love, forgive them, right now, and speak.