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Have Some Patience

“josh is trying to get your attention while you’re on your phone and you ignore him too much so he started teasing you and eventually eats you out”

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This was so much fun to write because Josh just ruins me. I might write a part 2 for this just because I got a little carried away haha (oops). Requests are open x

Word Count: 1,860
Requested: yes
Smut: yes

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Percy Jackson AU, Thalia and the Lightning Thief

-in this AU Percy and Thalia switch places in the years they were born, Percy being born before Thalia was

-Jason is still in this AU but he was never taken away and he stayed with Thalia and their mother

-Percy Jackson ran away after his mother died leaving him in the care of his neglectful step-father

-that’s when he met Luke who he became best friends with and eventually Annabeth

-finding out about Percy’s existence Hades bitter his brother could have a child without being struck down he sent monsters after the group

-Grover was taking them to camp when Hades sent monsters after them that killed Percy as he tried to save his friends

-his friends rushed to get him to the water to save him in time but it was too late

-Posiden upon seeing his son’s death dissolved him into seafoam and the lake around camp became a barrier against monsters

-“What belongs to the sea will always return.”

-meanwhile Thalia grows up having to take care of her baby brother as her mom wastes her time away drinking, doing drugs, gambling and going through one man after the other on a regular basis

-no monsters come to attack Thalia, repulsed by Beryl’s human stench on her and Jason

-unfortunately Thalia’s a bit of a hot head and due to circumstances she can’t control she’s kicked out of multiple schools

-her best (and only) friend Grover is the only one who knows about Beryl as a horrible parent and occasionally helps her take care of Jason

-Thalia only went to a boarding school once and when she came back a week later to find Jason covered in bruises and starving she immediately left

-her mom is crazy, constantly talking about Gods and monsters and other weird shit leaving her terrified for her five year old brother

-when she’s attacked by her substitute teacher she’s not amused when Mr.Brunner throws her a bracelet

-“Your want me to fight it with a bracelet?!”

“Trust me Thalia!”

“Are you f-”

-Grover tells her about the summer camp but she immediately refuses when he says Jason can’t come

-their mom having gone off on one of her benders again on the last day of school makes Thalia decide to take Jason to Coney Island

-on the way home they’re attacked by monsters and Grover ends up taking them to Camp Half-Blood but they’re attacked by a minotaur

-seeing it attack her brother Thalia kills the beast only to later wake up in the infirmary where a blonde girl her age is staring at her

-“You snore in your sleep.”

-she of course freaks out when she finds out all the gibberish her mom was talking about was real and then she asks where Jason is

-“Thalia…I’m so sorry…”

-after finding out not only is her little brother probably dead but now she’s accused as the lightning thief because her dad is the big man Zeus himself she’s a little pissed

-when Luke tells her about how to get to the underworld Grover refuses to leave her side and Annabeth decides to tag along despite her seeming disdain for Thalia

-the nickname lightning bug not helping

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A co-worker deliberately locked me in one of our walk-in freezers in the back room when I went back there to dispose of a frozen item that had been left out for too long. It was early in the morning so there was hardly anyone around at the time. Thankfully, the back room manager came in about a half hour later and found me. I later found out who it was and why he did it: He was pissed off at me for turning him down when he asked me out. And yes, he was fired.

Today’s story: I’ve been so sad about Zula’s disappearance (he left weeks ago and never came back, I like to think he’s found a nice old lady who lets him sit on her lap day and night and not that a fox got him). I spoke to Liam about maybe getting kittens and he was semi up for it. My friend text me a couple of weeks ago to say her mum had some unexpected kittens that needed adopting so I arranged a visit. I went to see them today and said, ‘when would they be ready to go?’, she said 'today’. One cardboard box with holes and a 20 minute drive later, our new babies were home! Darcy is besotted!! More updates to follow but that’s my happy list for today! KITTENS!!!!

I See the Light - NOUĂ


SUMMARY: When an opening for your favorite Disney Princess is posted backstage, you take your chances and audition. To your surprise, you got the part. But there was always a catch. Your Flynn Rider was none other than Bucky Barnes, the womanizer of the entire Disney cast. Will you two be able to play it off as a couple when there’s tension between you both?

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: oh goodness, i’m adding 5 more chapters because… because i am lol. this a filler but i feel like it’s slightly important?? idk.


The next day at work was harder than the day before. You couldn’t get the kiss out of your mind - the way he felt, tasted, and made your heart beat so fast that you were sure you almost had a heart attack. It was all so frustrating. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

And having to face him and be around him for hours throughout the day was even worse. He became even more attractive, if that was even possible. But every time it was your turn for a break you’d disappear from his sights.

But you couldn’t hide away for too long. Steve usually found you and would call Bucky over, having to put on a show for everyone to watch. Especially when Steve would call Natasha over. 

You decided that the further you strayed from Bucky, the better - or so you thought.

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[Ohohoho boy did you come to the right place, nonnie! Brace yourselves, this is going to be long.]

•Keith is the son of a female Death Eater and a muggleborn who fell in love during war, the hardest of times.

•His mother was murdered for being a traitor and he and his father were hunted for a while.

•When Keith turned three, his father left him at a muggle orphanage where he believe Keith will be safe for the time being. He left leaving Keith his name (Kogane) and the promise to come back.
He never did.

•Years later, Keith didn’t really remember much about his father. He just remembered the name given to him and promise that was never fulfilled.

•Keith always knew there was something different between him and the other kids. He grew up as the loner kid who no one ever wants to be friends with.

•Keith didn’t grow up resenting muggles (they never did hurt him, just kept their distance) but he didn’t especially like them either.

•When the time came for his letter to come, he was filled with hope he’s never felt before.

•Weeks leading up to his first year at Hogwarts (which is weird name for a school by the way), he dreamed about magic, about wands, and possibly even flying! Who knew the possibilities of magic, right?

•Keith was sorted to Slytherin and at first he was weary of the glowering looks his knew housemates were giving him. He didn’t understand it at first but he soon found out why later that night.
He honestly wish he didn’t.

•Kogane was a muggle name and there was no place for a mudblood in the house of snakes.

•Keith was miserable. In some ways, he missed the orphanage. At least they left him alone there… they never bullied him like his housemates in Hogwarts were inclined to do.

•Despite this, Keith still loved magic and he did his best in school. He was a genius actually.

•By the start of his second year, Keith has long learned how to protect himself from the bullies that tormented him.

•He gets to fights every now and then (get detention often times as well) but he’s never the one who initiates the fight.

•It was in third year, when he was cornered by a few older Slytherins, that Keith met Shiro. A fifth year Gryffindor and the infamous Golden Boy of Hogwarts.

•Shiro was the son of a pureblooded british witch and a half-blood Japanese wizard. He was kind, strong, talented, and handsome. He was even the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team!

•Shiro, being the righteous and virtuous student he was saw a student being cornered and couldn’t help but feel the need to protect him… only to realize that the student was able to sweep the bullies upside down with just a flick of his wand (a very impressive feat for a young wizard). It was then that Shiro realized who the young student was. Keith Kogane, the most talented wizard of their generation.

•Keith apologised for the trouble and gave a quick “thank you” before leaving a gobsmacked Shiro behind.

•Shiro knew about Keith being a loner in their school (despite being a talented student of course) but he never knew he was being bullied. By his housemates no less!

•Not being one to stand by and do nothing, Shiro made it his personal goal to befriend Keith.

•Keith was weary of Shiro’s presence at first. He didn’t understand why the older Gryffindor would like to be friends with a snake like him. He’s own housemates didn’t even like him! What’s so different with this guy?

•It took a while but Shiro was able to finally worm his way into Keith’s heart and vice versa.

•They both enjoyed each other’s company. They would often study together in the library or sneak into the astronomy tower to look at the stars late at night.

•For the first time in Keith’s life, someone did care. Shiro was the only one who never gave up on him and he will forever treasure that fact.

•However, not everything was sunshines and daisies. Beyond the castle walls, the war was still ongoing and everyday was a step closer to the Dark Lord Zarkon’s reign.

•Back at Hogwarts, Keith was in his fourth year and Shiro was in his sixth when Keith finally agreed to meet Shiro’s friends. He met Hunk, a loveable ‘Puff who welcomed him immediately. Pidge, a Ravenclaw who was a brilliant witch and the one who got along with Keith the most. Allura, a beautiful Gryffindor who was a bit uncertain of Keith at first but was nice enough to welcome him to the group. And then there was another Gryffindor named Lance. Lance who didn’t like him from the start.

•Keith couldn’t really say the feeling was mutal at first but with the way Lance goaded him, it didn’t take long for him to feel the same way.

•It was in Professor Coran’s class (Potions) when Keith found out about his true lineage. And to think, he was first excited about the prospect of knowing his parents through a potion that reveals your family tree.

•Surprisingly, it was Lance who comforted him after he found out that he was the son of a Death Eater.

•"Hey, your mom fell in love with a muggleborn right? So she probably doesn’t believe those hippogriff dung You-know-who’s been spouting.“
”…thanks, Lance.“

•Things were better with Lance after that and Shiro couldn’t be any prouder of his friends and Keith… who might be something more.

•In his last year, Shiro invited Keith to a date in Hogsmead.

•It was the best day in Keith’s life.

•The worst day in Keith’s life happened not long after.

•Shiro’s family home was attacked by the Death Eaters. His family was notorious light supporters so it was no surprise.

•Shiro survived but he lost his arm and his family in the process.

•Shiro woke-up in St. Mungo’s, surrounded by his friends and a crying Keith at his bedside.

•Shiro was distressed to know that he lost an arm (Pidge promised to find a way to replace it with the help of her brother and father) but he was even more devasted to learn about the loss of his family.

•Seeing Shiro’s anguish, Keith inwardly swore that he will put an end to Zarkon’s destructive rise to power.

•And deep inside the ministry, in the Hall of Prophecies, one lone orb throbbed with a bright glow.

[I still have tons of ideas but I feel like I got a little too carried away… Hahahahaha, is it obvious that I’m a huge dork for Harry Potter? Anyways, I would love to contribute to this if I ever felt the need to in the future. For now, I hope you guys enjoyed reading!]

Send me an AU and I’ll retell it as a Sheith story!

Andrew Wood - The Jesus Christ of Grunge

I worked at a record store for most of my college days. The pay was terrible, the customers had bad taste (for the most part), and the owner was always doing some untoward stuff that later resulted in his partner kicking him out of the business… but it may have been the best job I’ve ever had. Why was it the best job ever?  Because my income was supplemented by an unending supply of promo CDs, first crack at all CDs being traded in by customers, and my name always happened to make it onto the guest list of two of the three big music venues in town. Plus my co-workers were a diverse group of equally music-obsessed nerds, punk rockers, hip-hop enthusiasts and an Anglophile manager who became one of my best friends. It was pretty epic, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Working in a record store also gave me special insight into crazy rabbit hole of music theory conspiracies. My buddy Ryan Shaw had this theory about Andrew Wood, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone and the first major heroin casualty of the grunge era. His theory was that Andrew Wood was the prophet that rock and roll was promised, that he would be overlooked and ridiculed in his own time, and then sentenced to death for the sins of rock and roll, only to be resurrected and live eternally through his disciples and their testimony. 

In other words, Andrew Wood was the Jesus Christ of Grunge who had to die for the sins of Hair Metal so that Rock and Roll could live on. 

SIDE NOTE: My buddy Ryan was an ordained minister who later became a trial lawyer, so that gives credence to the underpinning philosophy of the theory.  

Much like B.C. and A.D., prior to Andrew Wood there was no “Alternative” but after his death we started living in the Alternative age. Grunge, Indie and Nu-Metal, Emo, and Alt-Country were all new gospels that were written in the aftermath of Andrew Wood’s passing…
So if Andrew Wood was the Jesus Christ of Grunge, who were his apostles?

Stone Gossard as SIMON/PETER - The rock upon which the Temple of the Dog was built, literally. Stone Gossard is the through line for the Seattle sound and was ever present in its inception. From his time at Green River to Mother Love Bone to Temple of the Dog to Pearl Jam and then Brad, Gossard was the foundation stone. Without Stone Gossard, would there even be grunge? Stone is the rhythm (along with his brother Jeff Ament) from which the music is manifested. Gossard may never have been front and center in all of the bands he formed, but he spoke softly and carried a big axe.

Chris Cornell as JOHN - John was the disciple whom Jesus loved the most. 
Chris was Andrew’s roommate and best friend. When Andrew overdosed, Chris was on a European tour with Soundgarden striking his own Jesus Christ pose. Chris was so grief stricken with the loss that he immediately wrote two songs “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and “Reach Down” about Wood. Chris showed them to Stone and Jeff, and Temple of the Dog was formed to honor their late friend. Chris would later hit mainstream success with Soundgarden and with Audioslave (which was just okay but waaaayyy to mellow for a band composed of members of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden).

Jeff Ament as ANDREW (Simon/Peter’s brother) - Ament was right there with Stone in Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog and then Pearl Jam. He’s the bass that pulses the heartbeat of the music. Plus, his graphic design sense provided the classic look and feel of all the liner notes and album packaging for those bands (which along with flannel, long hair, and Doc Martens worn with shorts, were essential cornerstones of the era). Through Ames Bros. Design, Pearl Jam’s visual aesthetic was really set in stone and their tour posters became must-have’s for screen print enthusiasts everywhere. Music never looked so good.

Eddie Vedder as JAMES, SON of ALPHAEUS - Some people say that James was literally Jesus’ little brother, while other’s interpret it metaphorically because upon dying Jesus said to James that Mary was now his mother, and James was now her son. Either way, Eddie Veddie was the younger brother of Andrew Wood who then took his mother’s hand and ushered in a new era of grunge. Eddie would tell you that he’s no fucking messiah, which is meant as a testament to the love he had for his brother.

SIDE NOTE: I almost had Eddie as Paul/Saul, not one of the original 12 apostles, but one of the most steadfast and true disciples of Jesus whose writings to the Romans and to the Corinthians would help shape Christian philosophy for many centuries to come. As the lead singer and songwriter of Pearl Jam, you could make a case that Eddie is Paul, but I don’t think he’s gentile enough for that. He’s Eddie Vedder, and that’s an entirely different essay.

Simon the Zealot was known for strictly keeping the law of Moses (the Ten Commandments) and had great disregard for where he saw people headed. In Jesus, Simon found someone who was practicing what he preached. Simon would go on to evangelize the gospel in much of the west including throughout Egypt and into Africa. Kurt Cobain hated the mainstream and was a zealot when it came to grunge. He spread the word far and high and carried the tradition well. 

Layne Staley as THADDEUS - Cool name. Cool band. When a jar of flies is kept for too long, the man in a box digs some dirt. Staley of Alice in Chains and Mad Season fame burned out too soon, but man was he cool.

Dave Grohl as MATTHEW/LEVI - Matthew/Levi was the tax collector who gave up his job and life to follow Jesus. He was the author of one of the gospels (Gospel of Matthew). Grohl was a drummer who later gave up that life to lead his own band, the Foo Fighters, who went on to become one of the biggest alternative bands (and David Letterman’s favorite band). 

Kim Thyll as JAMES (brother of John) - James was John’s brother who followed him along and became an apostle. He had a moment of doubt when Jesus came back to life and doubted that it was really Jesus. Kim followed Chris Cornell into Soundgarden and preached the gospel upon a black hole sun. He later had many doubts when Chris left the band and stored to become a pop singer and then started Audioslave, which was terrible. Eventually, Soundgarden reformed and the word could go on being spread, one music hall, arena or outdoor festival at a time.

Jerry Cantrell as BARTHOLOMEW - Cool name. Cool band. Do the Bart, man!

Mark Arm as PHILIP - Philip was an apostle, but he didn’t really matter. He was there at the start and probably did some stuff but you can’t really remember it. That’s kind of like Mark Arm and Mudhoney. He started Green River and recruited Stone Gossard to the band because he only wanted to sing instead of sing and play guitar. Then He formed Mudhoney. They had a moment for a slight minute but most people couldn’t tell them apart from Tad. How’s that for a Judgement Night?

Courtney Love as MARY MAGDALENE - Go listen to Hole’s second record, Live Through This, and you’ll be asking Courtney if you could wash HER feet. From start to finish, that album is all killer and no filler, regardless of wether Kurt Cobain wrote it (allegedly) or not. 

Thurston Moore as JUDAS - Sonic Youth were grunge before grunge was a thing. They ushered in the alt-rock movement and were preaching the gospel way before it was cool. In another world, Thurston Moore would have been John the Baptist, but he blew up the band by betraying Kim Gordon, which caused the inevitable break up of one of the best bands ever. So, yeah. Thurston Moore is Judas.         

Paul Westerberg as JOHN THE BAPTIST - He came first and helped lay the groundwork for the alternative movement. This could have easily gone to Michael Stipe of R.E.M., but The Replacements were much better and spawned a legion of followers. The Mats work in the 80s at Twin Tone and in Minneapolis would help to set up the dynamic that would take place in Seattle with Sub Pop. Westerberg couldn’t hardly wait…

With Pearl Jam having recently been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, now more than ever, we should give thanks and praise to the great Andrew Wood, the Captain Hi-Top, Love Commander (it is right to give him thanks and praise). For he so loved rock and roll and that he was forced to suffer, die and was buried for its sins so that rock could be reborn again. May he rest in peace today, knowing that his words still resonate with the masses.

So come bite the apple, my fellow star dog champions.      

Hide your mom. Control your sister.  Yeah.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

A reading from the Book of Stone

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated to correct two errors found within the text.


Because @artsyfalafel and I had a conversation, and this came out of it. 

“-and the daguino was COMPLETELY overcooked!” the old man at the table next to them spat, his saliva literally landing on the alien servers face. “I DEMAND a refund!”

The server nodded hastily, eyes wide, and rushed off to the kitchen area, leaving the man to grumble to his wife about using the restroom.

Lance popped up from his seat with a bright smile on his face, dropping his napkin next to Keith and clapping his hands together. “Be right back, guys. Gotta use the little paladin’s room.”

“Just go to the bathroom, Lance,” Shiro muttered, not even looking up from his menu.

Lance shot the table a set of finger guns and darted out of sight, towards the back of the restaurant that Coran had told the paladins about. “Anyone else think that old guy was being totally unreasonable?” Keith grumbled, glancing at the table next to them and wrinkling his nose.

Pidge grinned and glanced down at her menu, eyes sparkling mischievously. “Oh yeah. Total asshat.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an imagine where you are the new girl at black jack pizza and Eric finds you extremely sexy and he asks you to get high in the restroom and yall end up having sex

Have it my hungry children and again you are wearing a skirt with easy access lol I’m just too lazy for trousers

Warnings: a little bit of degrading? there might have slipped one little ‘daddy’ but it’s not really daddy kink 

“Have fun!”

“I won’t.”

You muttered at your mother as she dropped you off at Blackjack Pizza. Your parents had always spoiled you but at the end of the school year your father had insisted that you’d get a summer job and now you were here. This was your first workday. You sighed a bit annoyed while you went up to the door and entered.

You had talked to that guy, Jason was his name, who did the job interview with you and he had only given you the date of your first workday. Just that you should come here, you had recieved no other instructions on what to wear or what your task would be. You felt a little bit unsure but just walked in, it was still early so there were no customers but only employees that prepared everything. You looked around shortly before you spotted someone at the counter. It was a tall boy with blonde hair, standing with his back turned to you. You cleared your throat, feeling a little bit uncomfortable and he turned around.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).”

You said while you looked at him. He had unusual features to be honest, not unattractive but just unusal. His blonde hair fell in slightly curled waves almost down to his shoulders and he wore a strangely formed ear ring on his left ear but it looked cool somehow.

“(Y/N)? Jason told me that you’d come today. Hey, I’m Dylan.”

He reached out his hand and you shook it, looking around. You had no idea where to go or where to start, what was your position here?

“Okay Dylan, can I be honest? I have no clue what I have to do here. I never even had a summer job.”

You said, feeling a little nervous and being a bit afraid that you’d leave a bad first impression but he just laughed slightly.

“Don’t worry. My friend and I didn’t know it either when we started working here but I’ll show you. It’ll quickly become routine.”

He assured you and you were relieved to say the least that your coworkers were obviously not so stuck up but rather cool. Dylan showed you everything and informed you that you mostly only had to clean up, clear tables and make the pizza toppings. It sounded boring but it was better than hard work, wasn’t it?

After that short tour, Dylan immediately instructed you to store a delivery of groceries that had just came in. You didn’t complain like you wanted to but just started, wishing you would have chosen different clothes for your first work day than a skirt. This really did not come in handy. But Jason had said that he still had to order your uniform so you had to wear private clothing for the next days still.

You sighed as you stocked packet after packet in the pantry. You really wished your father hadn’t forced you to get a summer job. There was nothing good about a summer job, what could be considered good working during summer?

“What’s up V?”

You heard a voice coming from outside and wanted to look but the door to the restaurant wasn’t opened enough for you to see and you should probably finish this first before going outside again.

“You’re not doing the afternoon shift?”

“Nah man, I already took the morning shift, you assigned me Eric, don’t you remember? You, Michelle and (Y/N) are alone until afternoon. Michelle will come in a few minutes but I will maybe cover her evening shift tonight.”

“Who the fuck is (Y/N)?”

You heard the stranger’s voice ask and felt a little bit uncomfortable. Should you burst out of the room and introduce yourself? No one had ever educated you on how work life ran, dammit.

“She’s the new one.”

You heard Dylan say and could spot him through the crack, taking off his Blackjack Pizza t-shirt to reveal a normal one underneath.

“I showed her everything for now, just don’t be too hard on her.”

Oh great. Now Dylan was leaving and you still had no idea if it was appropriate to step outside or finish your task first. You heard Dylan yelling bye and as the bell on the door rang when he left. You were alone with the stranger. No worries, no worries. You could totally manage that. You bowed down to pick up the last packet with groceries next to the door as you screeched and jumped up upon seeing two feet next to the packet.

“I’‘m Eric.”

The boy in front of you said with a cheeky smile, not even bothering that you had almost just gotten a heart attack. You looked at him, he was a little bit smaller than Dylan but still taller than you. He wore a black cap, turned backwards and overall black.

“I’m (Y/N).”

You stuttered and placed the packet on the shelf to your right.

“Do you always wear that to work (Y/N)?”

Eric asked and pointed at your skirt. You quickly shook your head.

“No but it’s hot and I didn’t know what to wear to be honest. Jason said he’d get me my uniform by the end of this week.”

You tried to justify yourself.

“That wasn’t meant as a complaint though.”

He said and winked at you before he turned around and left, likely to change. You blushed. Oh boy, your coworkers weren’t tensed up at all. A little bit later a girl arrived who introduced herself as ‘Michelle’, she seemed a little bit shy but quite nice and Eric also came back in his uniform.

“Hey (Y/N), do you wanna have some fun?”

You looked at him, a bit confused but damn every word leaving this guy’s mouth caused something inside of you. You raised one eyebrow and Eric grinned while he pulled a neatly rolled joint out of his pocket. You grinned and nodded and Eric quickly turned to Michelle.

“We’re going outside for a sec you got this.”

You followed him out of the restaurant and were surprised as he lead you to the bathroom, holding the door open for you and locking it with a key from the inside.

“Ladies first.”

He said, handing you the joint and you took it with a smile.

“If someone would have told me that my work includes smoking a joint in the bathroom then I would have worked her much earlier.”

You joked and took the first drag before handing it back to him, watching as Eric did the same. It was some good weed, wherever he got it from, you had to make sure to ask him for the source later.

“I assigned you the morning shifts for this week.”

Eric said after taking another drag and you sighed.

“So you’re the shift manager? Great, I love standing up early.”

You answered, your voice dripping with sarcasm.

“You can ask me to change them.”

Eric said with a smirk and gave you the joint again while leaning back against the wall, letting the smoke out through his nose. You took another drag, slowly feeling as it began to work.

“You can bet your ass I will.”

“Oh yeah, but if you want to have a shift change you better get in with me.”

He said and you smiled, handing him the joint, so small by now that only one drag was left.

“Oh is that so? And how do I get in with you?”

Eric grinned while he threw the stub of the joint in the sink and came closer to you until he was barely a few inches away.

“Well, there certainly is a way for girls to get in with me.”

He whispered and his tongue darted out to moisten his lips.

“Enlighten me.”

You said with a cheeky smile and immediately put your arms around his neck as his lips crushed against yours, pulling his cap off to run your fingers through his hair. Your first workday was running pretty smoothly, you couldn’t complain at all. Making out in the bathroom with the shift manager that you had just met a few hours ago, your mother would be proud.

“Am I doing well at earning my shift change?”

You asked as he kissed down your neck, while his hands sneaked under your skirt and up your thighs. Eric hummed approving.

“You’re doing freaking great, baby.”

He said and you felt his hand sliding over your  hip and to your back to grab your ass.

“Such a little slut, wearing practically nothing to work.”

“That’s not nothing-”

You started to protest but were quickly silenced as Eric grabbed your chin and pushed his thumb inside of your mouth.

“Do me a favour and only speak when you’re directly spoken too, alright?”

You nodded and stood silently as Eric’s gaze dropped to your mouth enveloping his thumb. He seemed to get an idea as he pulled it out and pushed it in again before grinning.

“Now, I do appreciate a girl that knows her place.”

He said and you understood in a heartbeat. You slid down against the wall, ending up to kneel in front of him, waiting for anything he would tell you to do.

“Aren’t you a smart one? Obeying without me commanding.”

Eric said as he unbuckled his belt and you placed your hands on his thighs, impatiently waiting. You watched as he dragged his zipper down, agonizingly slowly and pulled himself out. You began to shift around, silently begging to touch him.

“Go ahead.”

Eric said with a grin and you wrapped your hands around his length, kissing his tip hesitantly before you took him into your mouth. You were sure that Eric was one of them guys that wouldn’t let the girls suck them off in peace but rather fuck into their mouths but he didn’t. Whatever it was, if he wasn’t one of them or just had mercy with you at this moment, he didn’t. He just watched you intensly as you sucked him off, choking a little bit.

“Take it easy kiddo.”

One of his hands tightened in your hair to guide your pace while the other stroked over your cheek.

“You’re doing well.”

Eric groaned and you had to confess that you had never before enjoyed a blowjob this much and therefor whimpered when he pulled you off of him, earning a chuckle.

“Turn around.”

Eric ordered and when you didn’t comply immediately spun you around and pushed you against the wall, your skirt got raised and your panties were pulled down, pooling around your ankles. Eric kicked your legs further apart and smiled against your neck as he pushed you into the wall.

“You are a lovely sight right now if you care to know.”

He said and you couldn’t even brace yourself, moaning loudly as he thrust into you all of a sudden. Eric stroked a few strains of your hair away to kiss at your neck.

“I know baby, feels good doesn’t it?”

He growled, resting inside of you, not thrusting but just softly grinding against you for that moment, letting you both enjoy his cock being so deep inside of you. You whimpered in pleasure.

“Sh, sh, sh, daddy knows.”

He pulled out and thrusted back inside of you, making you moan again.

“Now that is better, isn’t it?”

Eric asked and began to increase his pace, thrusting inside of you and pulled at your hip, encouraging you to push back against him.

“Oh yes, you’re doing good on your first workday.”

He hissed. You moaned louder at both the praise and the feeling of his cock rubbing deliciously against your inner walls. You couldn’t resist and dropped your hand between your legs to touch yourself.

“No way.”

Eric chuckled and pulled your hand away, pressing it against the wall next to your face.

“You won’t touch yourself unless I say so.”

He growled again, sounding quite possessive and increased in pace. You were helplessly trapped between his body and the wall, begging him to give you that last bit of friction that you’d need to cum. Pleas left your mouth, incoherent words and Eric seemed amused at the fact that he was the one making you do this, fucking you so good that your brain seemed to fail.

“Do it then.”

He finally panted and let go of your wrist, allowing you to touch yourself and that was literally what it needed, only one touch, a little flick against your clit and you whimpered and moaned as you came. Eric pushed deeply inside of you and bit into your shoulder as you felt him coming inside of you. This had certainly not been the plan but you couldn’t care less at this moment, still contracting around him. He groaned behind you and dug his fingers into your hips, grinding against you.

“That was fucking nice.”

He said and kissed your shoulder where a mark of his bite slowly formed. Eric pulled out of you and quickly tucked himself away before he pulled up your panties and smacked your ass so hard that you winced.

“You better not wear something this short again.”

Eric whispered huskily into your ear. Eitherway he was still very much lost in the situation or he was always like that but you couldn’t care less. You didn’t turn around until you heard him unlocking the door and leaving.

Your legs were still shaky as you fixed your clothing and walked out of the bathroom, running into Dylan who arrived for his shift.

“Hey, how is your first work day going so far?”

Dylan asked with a smile, seeming genuinely interested. You pulled your skirt a little further down and ran your fingers through your hair as you were still trying to catch your breath.

“Better than I could have ever imagined.”

You replied out of breath and with wobbly legs walked back to the counter, Dylan’s confused gaze following you. You would make sure to wear something shorter tomorrow, presuming Eric had shift.

Here's some of my headcanon-ish thingies about Keith and his fam because I'm trash

-his mom worked VERY CLOSELY with Zarkon and was basically part of the innermost circle of the Galra Empire
-she came to realize that what the Empire was doing was wrong and she didn’t want to be a part of it, so she escaped in the middle of the night or something. She found a planet that was out of Zarkon’s reach (earth) and settled in there when she met Keith’s dad (who people are calling Eric ??? Idk man)

-now, Keith’s dad was a top pilot at the Garrison, who had grown up in Texas but moved to wherever the Garrison is for his training and later for his work. He took a bit of time off when Keith was born, of course, but he was very serious about his job, and he really loved it.

-now, Keith’s mother dissappeared before Keith was old enough to remember who she was. His father told him stories, but he never really knew her. He came to realize that most of the stories were made up, but he still clung to them because it made him feel like he actually did have a family, at one point.
-she was actually found and called back to the Empire by one of the galra commanders, and she agreed to give herself up, gladly, so long as the Empire left Earth alone. She was an extremely valuable asset to the Empire, and held a lot of important information that she was threatening to give up if they didn’t agree. Needless to say, she got her way. She gave herself up for her family.

-when Keith was around 8 years old, his father left on a space mission, one which the Garrison refused to release information about, and he never came back. Keith was tossed into the system after that, and moved from family to family, never really having a solid place to call “home”.

-when he was around 12 of 13, the Shiroganes took him in, and he and Takashi, their son, who was 8 years older than him, and already a pretty high rank in the Garrison, became close very quickly. The Shiroganes, minus Shiro of course, passed away in a car crash about a year or two later.
Around 3 years after he was first taken in, Keith joins the Garrison after Shiro disappears to try and find his missing brother. That’s three people who have disappeared to the void of space, and five who have left him alone.

-fast forward to team voltron, and the end of season two, where Shiro once again disappears into space. No one else on the team really understands why Keith is as upset as he is. He does have to take on a leadership role, but the others are determined that they will find their old black paladin.
-Keith, on the other hand, isn’t so sure. He’s convinced himself that this time, Shiro is gone for good. And it’s Lance that figures out why he’s suddenly so much more reserved and moody than usual.

-Lance is the one who confronts him, and questions him, and he’s firing questions at Keith non-stop
-and Keith shouts over him “this is the second time he’s dissappeared into space! Hes not coming back this time! He’s left me, just like my mom, and my dad! Everyone I get close to vanishes, one way or another… and eventually, they won’t come back anymore.” Or something super emo and Lance just stands there in awe, and he wants to do something, but Keith leaves before he can and he’s left to sit and think about that.

-Lance starts finding Keith on the observation deck, awake when everyone is asleep. He asks Keith about it again, and Keith tells him to go away. But Lance doesn’t because he wants to help in any way possible, and he bugs Keith until eventually he gets the whole story from start to finish.

-cue the “I don’t want to hurt anyone else, so it’s better if I distance myself. And don’t get close to anyone. I’ll just do what I have to do and that’s all.” Cliché from Keith

-Lance makes it his duty to prove to Keith that he doesn’t hurt everyone he gets close with, because God dammit Lance would not let his teammate suffer like that.

-he doesn’t tell anyone why he’s doing it, but he tries his hardest to be friendlier to Keith, and whenever they do things in pairs, Keith is the one he goes to, and he sits with Keith, and they hang out on the observation deck together when one of them can’t sleep.

-and they find Shiro and Keith essentially has a breakdown in relief and none of them have ever seen the cool, calm and collected guy be so vulnerable and they’re all happy to see Shiro, but like,, Keith bud calm down just a bit until Shiro at least gets inside the castle thanks

-Lance does the whole “see I told you we would find him not everyone you get close to gets hurt” and Keith is like “I hope not otherwise this will be a terrible idea” and kisses Lance and I’m such klance trash you know where this is going

-so they’re on a mission to try and strike down lotor from the inside and they run into some galra lady who disarms Keith of his BoM knife and just stares at him in shock for a moment before she does the “… Keith? Is-is it you?? Are you Keith Kogane??” And Keith is obviously like “?? How tf do you know me??” And she’s like “I’m ur mom bby come here let me hug u”

-turns out she’s gotten back a good inside position with lotor now in power, and she ends up helping them take him down from the inside out

-she gets taken down during the battle and she kinda dies in her sons arms and that messes Keith up for a long time coming.

-Lance wakes up in the middle of the night to find Keith sitting up, just staring at his hands and shaking violently. And it happens often.

-Keith starts getting paranoid and tries to distance himself from everyone again, because he’s afraid that he’ll hurt them.

-spoiler: they don’t let him do that shit again. Shiro and Lance corner him and make him sit down and talk with them and Lance ends up just dragging him back to their room because he’s pretty sure the last time his bf slept was like 3 weeks ago

-let’s skip ahead to earth and the happy ending. Keith doesn’t have his nightmares quite as often anymore and he’s a bit reluctant to let Lance’s family in at first, but he doubts that any of them will dissappear into space, at least, not anytime soon. But he basically becomes overprotective dad/uncle Keith who gets scared when one of the kids climbs up a tree more than two meters

-it’s a lovely happy ending (for the most part) and while Keith’s fears are still there, and he still shuts himself off without realizing it sometimes, he has a big, huge, loving family and he’s so happy now, and he and the other paladins tell crazy stories of intergalactic wars around the campfires that Lance’s family has every Saturday night and yeah
(Just give my children the happy ending they deserve ok)

Over and Over - Part 1

Chapter Summary: You’d been with Sam since he mysteriously returned from hell nearly a year ago. You, Cas, and Dean find out why he’s been acting so weird.
A/N: Hello! And welcome to my new series! It all started as a part of @greenappleeyes 1,000 follower challenge, and it brought me here, to a *partial* series rewrite. The song I chose for the challenge was Over and Over by Three Days Grace. I think you guys will like this series a lot! I have lots and lots of plans for it, and no, it doesn’t go by every episode by the script. <3
Beta: @afanofmanystuffs
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: A little angst, language, implied smut, (most angst taken from season 6 episode 7: Family Matters.)
Word Count: 2,194



Sam hadn’t been the same since he’d gotten out of hell. Something- and you didn’t know what; couldn’t even begin to fathom it-  must have happened to him down there. But he downright refused to say what; dodging the question and changing the subject every time you brought it up. Sometimes, you had to wonder if it was just the fact that he let Dean go live with Lisa- maybe he missed him and regretted his decision. You certainly did. But you knew that you couldn’t go see him, even just a glance. If you had gone to Dean, how could you keep it a secret that Sam wasn’t really dead? Dean loved his brother- you knew how much he loved him. And you couldn’t keep the fact that he was alive secret from him. Thus, it was miles and miles away from him you stayed.

On some level (and you didn’t know how dominant that level may be), Sam had always known that you were in love with him. But the last few years had been hard. First demon blood, then the apocalypse - acting on your feelings was just too dangerous. But when you saw that he was back, mere days after he’d sacrificed himself to lock Lucifer back in his cage with Michael, you had fearlessly kissed him.

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Caius x F!reader

Originally posted by abgrvnd

I got you a rose, it reminded me of you

You had been in Volterra, Italy for about 2 months and have been mostly kept in yours and Caius’s room, which made you wonder if he really cared for you. If he did surely he wouldn’t let you die from boredom.. would he?

Just then you heard the door swing open and Jane waltzed in carrying a tray with a gourmet meal, which was one of the good things about this place. “I thought Caius would be bringing my food from now on” Jane continued to walk over to the small table under the window over looking the beautiful mountains setting down the silver tray,  "He was but something came up, I am supposed to stay here with you until he says otherwise" She stood by the door staring off out the window. "well nice to finally meet you, Jane" her head snapped at your direction she had the tiniest smirk you had ever seen, “And you Y/N, Now eat”

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Back to the Top

This is an unofficial sequel to @evie-hyde fantastic Top Down Approach found here:

Hope she and you like it.

At first Cathy was livid that her uniform had been stripped from her by Mr Richter. The uniform had made her fell like such a bad bitch and she loved the way she could control the rest of the staff with just her impressive breasts. Once the uniform had been taken from her she reverted back to the flat chested nobody she was when she started decades earlier at the hospital. Mr Richter had commanded her to remove the uniform and even though she didn’t want to, he had some strange pull over her. The withdrawal was intense immediately after the uniform released her. She craved it like a junkie craving the needle. She pleaded with Mr Richter and offered to do anything he desired but he didn’t budge.

“No no Cathy you had your chance, I gave you all the power in the world but you squandered it and let the uniform grow weak. I think Lindsay will be a better fit than you ever were. You are fired effective immediately. Now leave before I have security escort you out”.

Cathy had left defeated that day but looking back now, 6 months later, she knows it was the best thing to happen to her. The power had corrupted her. Made her a craven evil whore who only thought about themselves. She now worked at a clinic for addicts. She could see a lot of what she went through in the patients that came through on a daily basis. She was happy helping people again. That was until one day…

She was reading the newspaper as she usually did on her lunch break and came across an article about the hospital she had worked for. The article talked about how the hospital was expanding and was taking over smaller clinics nearby. Unfortunately for Cathy this included her new clinic. Cathy started to fill with rage and fear. If the hospital took over her clinic that would mean that the new Head Bitch Lindsay would be her boss and Cathy knew all too well her methods. She had to do something. She couldn’t be a slave to Lindsay and her tits. Everyone would be under her control. Everyone, that was, except Mr Richter. How did he hold sway over whoever wore the uniform? Cathy soon got an idea.

Later that night she snuck into her old hospital by wearing old scrubs and a surgical mask to avoid being recognized. A pang of jealously hit her as she creeped around that the hospital and noticed it looked in better shape than when she was in charge. She finally reached Mr Richter’s office and knocked on the door. No answer. She slowly opened the door and snuck inside. Once inside she entered the small closet near the door and prepared. She has brought a special syringe that they used at the clinic sometimes. Whoever was injected would become groggy, but alert, and also would be unable to tell a lie. She hoped she wouldn’t have to wait to long and sure enough within a few minutes the door handle of the office began moving.

Mr Richter entered his office and immediately opened the closet to put away his jacket, that’s when Cathy sprung to action. She jumped out at him like a lion pouncing on its prey and jabbed the syringe into his neck. Mr Richter’s face dissolved from anger to apathy and his limbs began to relax. Cathy moved him to the chair in front of his desk and sat him down.

“Hello Mr Richter remember me” Cathy said as she removed the surgical mask and a look of recognition crossed his face. “Now you are going to tell me all your little secrets about that special slutty uniform you made wear for 20 years”.


Head Nurse Lindsay was being ‘serviced’ by an intern when she heard an familiar yet unplaceable voice over the intercom asking her to report to the Managers office. She pulled the young interns head out of her tight pussy and pushed him aside. “Out of the way worm” she said coldly as she strode away confidently. These past six months had been the best of Lindsay’s life. She never knew she had such an aptitude for being an evil bitch but she had loved every second of it.

She knocked on Mr Richter’s door. Again she heard that familiar voice beckoning her in. She pushed the door open and was greeted with Mr Richter tied and gagged on the chair in front of the desk. She rushed over to begin opening his restraints when she heard a voice from the chair behind the desk tell her to stop. She wanted to help Mr Richter but he was feeling compelled to stop. The chair swivelled around and she was face to face with a plain looking woman wearing hospital scrubs. There was something familiar about this woman Lindsay thought, then it hit her. She smirked and crossed her arms.

“Cathy, long time no see. If you are hear to beg for your job back you can see the position has already been” she took a long moment to stroke her hands over her giant tits “filled”.

“Oh I’m not here to get the uniform, I am here to destroy it once and for all. You see Mr Richter and I had a nice long chat about where the uniform came from and how he controls it and the wearer.” Cathy held up her hand and a bright ring beamed from her ring finger. “You see with this ring I control the uniform and as a result I control you and we are going to end it’s evil reign once and for all.”

The confidence had drained from Lindsay’s face as the thoughts of loosing the uniform were just not something she could accept. “NO! You can’t do this! For the first time in my life I have been the Alpha Bitch, I have made men and women bend to my will and it has felt so delicious. At the snap of my fingers I can have anyone in this hospital drop what they were doing and lick my amazing pussy. Do you how if feels to have that power?”

Cathy did and she had to admit to herself that Lindsay was sparking so some dark memories in her and her own pussy was starting to need the help of an intern. Cathy fought against that urge though and commanded Lindsay to remove the uniform. Lindsay did as asked and placed it on the desk in front of Cathy. Lindsay, like Cathy six months ago, pleaded with Cathy but she wouldn’t listen. She told Lindsay to be silent and she obeyed, the control must last for a little bit of time after the uniform is removed, Cathy thought.

Her plan was to bring the uniform to the incinerator in the basement but when she picked it up she felt a rush she hadn’t felt in months. Her pussy instantly flooded and her body tingled all over. “Oooooooo fuck its been too long since I felt this power. NO! I have to fight it. I must fight it!” Cathy’s mind raced with images of her past life, where she was the Queen of the Hospital and it made her so horny. Dark thoughts entered her mind as Cathy thought to herself that with the ring and the uniform she could not only control the Hospital but maybe the world. As if sensing approval the uniform started to attach itself to Cathy once again. “No! Stop it! I don’t want this… mmmmmmm… oh fuck but I do” Cathy said with a smirk and the uniform started to take over more and more of her body.

Her body started to shift and change as the uniform took hold. Her hips flared out and her tits started to ballon up several sizes. Her hair tied up in a sexy ponytail, her nails extended to sharp claws and heavy makeup appeared on her face. “Oh fuuuuuuck” Cathy threw her head back in ecstasy “why would I ever want to give this power up? This was made for me, I was destined to be an evil bitch”. Previous thoughts of helping people were now replaced with images of people bowing before her, lining up to fuck her and lick her pussy. “I will rule this world, but not as a nurse but as a Queen.” With the power of the ring Cathy could change the appearance of the uniform, and make it in to something else. She closed her eyes and pictured a tight black corset to really make her tits pop and a short blue pencil skirt to make access to her pussy easier. She topped it off with 8 inch black heels and when she opened her eyes it was exactly what she was wearing.

With the transformation complete she admired her self in the large mirror to the side of the room. “Oh I look like such a fucking evil bitch, I love it”. She pushed her tits together a little which really made her wet. She was so horny she could explode but thankfully there was someone in the room who could help her. “Lindsay I have been waiting a long time for this” Cathy said as she shoved the young nurses face into her tits. Her tits were so powerful now that Lindsay didn’t struggle at all. Cathy sat up on the desk and spread her legs wide. Lindsay didn’t need any instructions as she went to work straight away. 

“Ooooo fuck yes that’s it. You will be rewarded Lindsay, I will make you my second in command. You will lead my armies of sluts to take over this pathetic world. However every good general needs a uniform and thanks to Mr Richter I know exactly where to find some.”


Derek x Reader

Requested By Anon

You glared at Scott who was giving you the puppy dog eyes. Of all the times he and his pack had to be attacked was now, half of the pack was at the church where you were going to marry Derek in less than twenty minutes and you were across town following Scott to help stop something rampaged across Beacon Hills.


“Scott we don’t have time!” Isaac objected when you followed him.


“Look phone Erica and tell her to stall.” You said hurriedly.


It took another half an hour to find and catch the creature long enough for Isaac, Scott and Allison to tame it and lock it up. Scott jumped up when the four of you sat down, answering a call and talking quietly.

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anonymous asked:

Can I please request a scenario/minific for a soulmate au on Seven? In this au, people don't see in color until they meet their soulmate.

Oooh I love your idea, nonnie! Thank you for your request!

If you’re reading this now, I’d probably be on hiatus. This is one of those requests that I could actually write from the top of my head, so I managed to finish this quickly.

Lololol. I’m rambling again. Anyway, I hope this is okay, and please enjoy!


Soulmate AU : Colors

The sky is blue on clear, sunny days.

Apples are either red, yellow, or green.

Oranges are… well, orange.

But how would you actually describe color when all you see are shades of white, gray, and black?

A theoretical study says that parallel universes exist, but the current technology we have is still too inferior to prove that theory.

If it really exists, then would there be a world wherein people could see color from birth? In my end of the spectrum, you don’t get to enjoy the full visual experience until you find your soulmate, or, as others would say, your true mate.

However, in a world where there are billions of people, finding the fated person for you is like finding a needle in a haystack — most people couldn’t find them and instead settle with somebody they could get along with and have half the fun their whole lives. Mismatched mates can still see colors, but only when they’re together.

Of course, not all soulmate pairings are perfect and absolute — there are some that don’t work out, and then there are some that just stay as friends. But because their souls have already met in this lifetime, they would still be able to see colors.

Only a few people find their destined mates in a lifetime, and my parents were one of the lucky couples who had met each other from childhood and had been inseparable ever since.

However, being the child of a mated pair doesn’t grant you the ability to see colors either— everything is still gray.

It’s especially frustrating when one or both of your parents is an artist — in my case, both of them are — and they ask you to hand the red paint or the orange pen and you see that everything is unlabeled. My parents weren’t insensitive per se, but they sometimes forget that I couldn’t see colors like they do.

I’ve always been curious about colors, and had been obsessing over them ever since. And of course, by extension, I’d also been crazy about finding my soulmate someday. Heck, there were even times in my childhood where I would pray nightly, wishing, asking god to let me meet my soulmate soon.  

Of course, I’ve also tried mingling and dating before, but it never really worked. I’d been losing hope of ever meeting my soulmate, but then one day, I met him — even for just a fleeting moment.

It was during one of my travels abroad that I met him. I don’t remember his face anymore, but it was his unusual hair color that stood out the most — it was red. My mom said it was scarlet, but hey, I can’t really tell them apart.

Five years ago…

It was a warm, summer day in Seoul, and I had wandered out of the hotel in search for some ice pops from the convenience store to cool off. I was wearing my earphones back then and had unwittingly crossed the street during a green light, when somebody jerked me back and I was surprised when I saw a car speed inches away from me.

“ARE YOU STUPID?!? YOU COULD’VE GOTTEN YOURSELF KILLED!!!“ my savior shouts at me after he pulls the earbuds from my ears, but I couldn’t focus on what he was saying — I was seeing colors for the first time!

The boy who saved me looked a bit shocked as well, judging by the wide-eyed look he gave me. People had started to gather around us by this time, but neither of us spoke after that, merely studying each other’s faces.

An ambulance came shortly after, and we were both treated for minor injuries. I tried talking with him, asking for his name and such, but he was awfully quiet. Was he angry at me? I couldn’t really tell, but I wanted to at least know his name.

My mom came after the hospital called her, and was scolding me for being so careless. She thanked the boy for saving me and handed him some cash as thanks. He refused at first, but she insisted, so he quietly thanked her and we left. I tried looking for him the next day, but I couldn’t find him anymore.

I could see colors for the weeks that followed, but my colorless vision eventually came back after a few months.

Five years later….

“Stay back, or I’ll activate the bomb and all of us will die!“ Unknown shouted as he held me hostage, keeping Seven from apprehending him.

Seven looked as surprised as I was, and for the second time in my life, I could see in full color and met the boy who saved my life that one fateful day — it was Luciel Choi, a.k.a 707.


summary: “it’s no longer paradise if i’m not with you”

cast: minhyun; you

genres: romance; fantasy

word count: 728

a/n: lol i just dont wanna do homework and im listening to old infinite songs

Minhyun swung open the door to the roof and walked to over to where you stood on the ledge of the high rising building, the black book in his hand. When he reached your side, he snapped once, and the century old book disappeared in thin air.

“Nothing for you either?” You asked. Minhyun shook his head and sat down, his hands on either side of his body. You did the same and swung your legs back and forth as the sun starting slowly inched closer to the horizon. Not a word was said until the darkness engulfed the two of you, stars now littering the sky above you as a cool breeze blew across your faces.

“Do you ever wonder why we were chosen for this line of work?” You asked out of nowhere. “If we were just going to die like the humans we have to guide to heaven, what’s the point? Why didn’t we become guardian angels or red string angels? Why were we placed into the death division?”

Minhyun shrugged his shoulders; he didn’t know the answer to your question. No angel he knew knew the answer, and he was sure no one was going to find out soon.

His black book appeared out of nowhere and shook back and forth. Golden sparkles fell out of he pages and landed on his thighs, where they disappeared. Your eyes widened and you grabbed his arm excitedly.

“Minhyun! You’re going to live!” You shouted, squeezing the life out of the poor man. Unlike your original expectation of him being as ecstatic as you were, Minhyun looked down at the book sadly.

“I’d rather die with you then live on my own,” he said in a small voice. Minhyun turned to you and hugged your shoulders tightly. He pulled away and planted a soft kiss on your forehead.

“I won’t prolong my life until you get life force of your own,” he promised. “This world is only like paradise to me because you’re in it. If you were gone, everything would crumble.”


Two months later, your book still hadn’t glowed like Minhyun’s did that night, and you were slowly starting to feel the effects of your life force disappearing. You couldn’t keep with other angels in both flight or teleporting; there was always a delay in your arrival whenever you tried to teleport, and when you flew, you were always left behind the others who would arrive in mere seconds. Your wings were no longer pure like freshly fallen snow. They were tainted with soot now.

“It’s such a shame her book isn’t letting her guide any souls,” an elder angel said sadly. “Her wings were one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Every night before Minhyun went back home, he would stop by the wishing lake and write his wish on his small rock before tossing it into the water. 

“Please let Y/N get better.”

“Please give her a soul to guide.”

“Please save my girlfriend.”

The other angels who were there for the same, yet different reason as Minhyun would shake their heads in pity as they watched your boyfriend spend countless nights praying that you’d get one soul eventually. 

It never happened. 

On a chilly spring morning, Minhyun had left the apartment the two of you shared early at around seven thirty to buy groceries for breakfast. When he came back thirty minutes later, the first thing he noticed was how the photo frame resting next to the TV seemed off. He kicked off his shoes, plopped the groceries onto the counter, and moved towards the TV stand, his heart beating quickly.

The photo you and Minhyun took in front of a field of forget-me-nots no longer included you. Minhyun’s arms that were wrapped around your waist years ago were now down at his sides; the only thing that stayed the same was the smile he had on his face. 

He ran into the bedroom, praying under his breathe that you would be tucked under the blankets, a peaceful smile on your face as you continued to dream. Minyhun prayed that this would be just some cruel joke you were pulling. 

There was no trace of you inside the bedroom except a single gray feather laying on top of the white sheets.

You were gone.

And so was Minhyun’s paradise.

When I was in high school, I excelled in English and crap. I loved English. I loved writing. So I decided to take English AP. I also took Creative Writing which was with the same teacher and they were both after lunch every single day. I hated that teacher. She was very rude to me and singled me out and picked on me. This was a time when I was very depressed and in a very toxic relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Anyway, I sucked in English AP, I buckled, and I spent most of that class crying. But Creative Writing I excelled in. This confused my not-so-great teacher. She thought I was being stupid and lazy.

Anyway, long story short, she one day confronted me about this and so I told her that you know, I’m really depressed and I am struggling. Writing is my way of coping and that’s why I’m so excellent in one class but not the other. I told her that I was suicidal and that I self-harmed and that Writing was the only thing that helped because my girlfriend didn’t really listen and she straight up told me it was in my head. She told me it was my own fault. So I left. Came back later with my mom and had a meeting with this teacher and another and the teacher who told me my mental illness was my fault was defended because she’s got the best test scores and I was told that I should go take medication and read self-help books (you know, because I love reading so much).

And that’s why I didn’t graduate :)

The Bakery (Alfie Solomons x Reader)

SUMMARY: Alfie’s wife runs a real bakery as a front for his distillery. This is a brief look into their daily life. 



A/N: This is an expansion of this headcanon request I received yesterday. With the anon’s permission, I’ve turned the ideas into a fic. I’m not Jewish and I’ve only been to Shabbat once, so if I’ve gotten anything wrong, feel free to let me know so that I can amend it. Anyway, enjoy and remember my requests are currently all open!

Originally posted by highbars

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Embarrassed Kisses

Wilford was jarred from this thoughts at a loud knock on the the door. “Wilf! Let me in!” He opened the door and smiled. Dark pushed his way into the room, his face beet red. His hair was a tousled mess and he was in sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. “What’s wrong Darkie?” Wilfords tone was teasing, causing Dark to go an even brighter shade of red. If that’s even possible. He crossed his arms and leaned against the door. “Darkie. What’s wrong? Someone call you adorable?” Dark glared at him and quickly flipped him off. “Aw come on. Don’t be like that Darkie. Now what’s wrong?” Wilford chuckled. “I don’t like when people stare at me when I’m not wearing my suit… It’s… weird…” Dark rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “Well, just so you know, you do look adorable. But… I think you’d look better…” Wilford walked over and pulled the t-shirt off him. “Like this. See? Better” Dark buried his face in his hands. Wilford laughed and wrapped his arms around Darks waist. “You know. You really do look better without the shirt.” Dark looked through his fingers and smiled. “You know, you’re an amazing liar Wilfy.” Wilford gasped in fake shock. “How dare you? I’m not lying. I only speak the truth.” Dark laughed, wrapping his arms around him. “Well thank you. But now I’m even more nervous to leave your room and I still have to get dressed.”  Wilford moved his hands and walked over to the door. “I’ll be right back. Don’t stop being adorable while I’m gone. Oh who am I kidding. You couldn’t not be adorable if you tried.” Dark rubbed the back of his neck and smiled.

Wilford glanced over at Dark and smiled. Dear god did he look handsome in his suit. Dark looked up from his book and caught Wilfords eye. He smiled trying to keep his mind on the book. “OH FOR FUCKS SAKE JUST KISS ALREADY!!” Dr. Iplier groaned. “Wh-what…?” Wilford looked at him in shock. “I uh… I d-don’t understand…” Dark went red. “You two are the worst at hiding the fact that you’re in a relationship! You stare at each other all day! Oh and let’s not forget the fact that literally this morning I saw you rush into Wilfords room and then about 10 minutes later Wilford left and came back with one of your suits in his hands. So just admit it and kiss him!” Wilford quickly shook his head, his face flushing a bright pink. “Th-there’s n-no need for that… I uh…” Dark placed his pook on the couch and stood up. “Fuck it.” He walked over and grabbed Wilfords suspenders, pulling him into a kiss. “Took you assholes long enough. Also, take that shit somewhere else. I don’t want to see that.” He pulled away and rolled his eyes. “Says the one who yelled at us to kiss.”


What’s this? Two Darkstache fics in a row? Who am I? But hey, Two Darkstache fics in a row! It was gonna be a Vanti fic but it’s turning out longer then expected. Oh and again, don’t put to much thought into the title. I had nothing in mind. Alright, bye bye! @ego-protection-squad



❗️This is told from my POV❗️
So my group and I went to an event that was a fundraiser for aspiring musicians/concert that I guess you could say San E was the creator of that he nicely named “San E and Friends”. So to kind of give a background story of my little group (except for one of the girls I know from high school) I had the beautiful opportunity to get to know all these others from a Kpop Mini event. It was like a club/rave thing and it was really lit.

Anyways😹my 2 friends and I (they’ll go by M while another friend will go by A). We came from Alabama to Georgia for the concert. A, M, & I went to the venue to check it out and to make sure it was the right place. We see the poster and we’re just talking and M speaks up saying that’s the guy who’s playing guitar. I’m hella confused because I was wearing my sunglasses then I actually started to pay attention and realized that one of the performers was indeed sitting on a bench inside the venue😹🤷🏾‍♀️he was super nice and us 3 had a really nice convo with him. He was really thankful that we came from out of state. He is actually the guy with a gray shirt in one of the pictures. His name is Jae Jin and he’s like an R&B/Soul singer literally his voice is…😩…like I really can’t explain it. Please, if you can, give him a listen he really deserves it!! (I promise I’m not being paid to say this😹he was really just that good)(insta: jaejinmusic).

The other performers did super amazing like I honestly can’t believe how these guys aren’t super famous yet🤔(insta: jenniferjchung)(insta: andrewchoimusic –his page doesn’t really show much but I’ll have some videos that I’ll try and submit later😁). The concert finishes and it was truly amazing. I don’t think there was supposed to be an autograph and pic time but it happened anyways. Another of my friends (who I’ll call B) was able to have a really good convo with San E right after the concert ended and after pretty much all other attendees left. To tell you that San E is literally the sweetest person is such an understatement!! Like he was so nice and as you can see my group was full of some hella chocolate✊🏾🙋🏾I thought I was going insane but I felt like he was on our side a lot, so I asked around my group and they were like yeah he was around us a lot.

At some point some dude ended up proposing to his gf and San E came to sit to the side. WHO WOULD’VE GUESSED HE SAT ON OUR SIDE!! Like I was trying to decide do I watch this hella cute moment with the proposal or look at San E who is literally sitting 5 ft away from me. My friend M made her choice and was shooting him hearts and he responded back with hearts himself, I couldn’t handle my shit I was pretty much losing it😹at some point M, A, & I ended up getting to meeting San E’s aunt and mum. They were so sweet and the aunt ended up telling us that that was kind of the mum’s first time seeing him perform live (I’ll let that sink in😌).

But his aunt was spilling some tea and showed us some family photos but they were overall sweet. At some point one of San E’s friends wanted a piece of gum and was looking around to see and I was like “I have some🙌🏾”. I had one of those big packs of Extra gum, but I don’t really eat gum so why I bought it is even a mystery to me😹but I gave him a piece and then San E came up and was like can I have one and I’m like YES!! (I was actually a lot calmer surprisingly, kind of like a giggling mess really😹). Then another person (who I later found out when talking to the aunt was San E’s bro😹he’s the one in the picture with the red hat and and Staff sweatshirt on). He was so sweet he later asked me for another piece😹I and some of my group left the room, but when we came back one of the guys were like THE GUM GIRL IS BACK!! And another guy was like “AYE IT’S THE BLACK GIRL WITH THE GUM”. Like I’m pretty shook and I’m laughing because apparently I have no idea how to act like abnormal circumstances🙃the other guy who might not look familiar was part of San E’s gang and he looked pretty cool so we were like why not. Honestly that’s pretty much it🤷🏾‍♀️😹sorry I did warn it’s a long ass story😹I posted some other stuff on my insta if anyone wants to check it out (my insta: Moohoolahoop—don’t ask😹)