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-Colors [Part 8]- (Min yoongi fanfic)

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Genre: Gang-Mafia AU (M)

Word count: 4000+

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                                  -Part 8: The Contrast-


Time goes slow when the pain gets worst.

I could almost hear it. The sound of my aching muscles, throbbing in immense pain inside my body every now and then. They screamed in pain and agony but I didn’t.I stopped screaming after he had kicked me in the stomach for the 7th time.

“Not her face, though I want Yoongi to recognize her later on!”

He had said with a hint of mischief in his voice. The one with the pink hair called ‘Namjoon’, He sat on the table, legs crossed, Enjoying the show.

the tall man who was gripping my hair from the back left my face alone and instead punched my stomach. Then I was on the floor when the man, started attacking me with his foot, Again and again. I rolled on the floor and cried for him to stop while he stomped on me for what seemed like hours, but was barely a minute. An excruciating 1 min.

After some time, I started to feel numb towards the pain. I was thankful for that. The physical pain was slowly going away. I wondered if I was dying. In death they say, you don’t feel pain. You feel nothing. The thought of dying, right now, was more beautiful than anything.

Maybe, if I close my eyes and drift away. Pain is temporary I told myself. I’ll be dead soon. This will all be over. Just a little more. All the pain, all the misery will fade away. Like waves washing away on the seas tide, I would fade away from this hell soon. As I lay on the floor and closed my eyes Yungjae’s face started appearing in front of me. He smiled as if mocking me. I felt jealous. He had it easy. Yoongi made it easy for him.

I was starting to lose consciousness when a voice brought me back. Back to reality, back to pain. Back to hell.

“that’s enough for now!” Namjoon said to the man who stood above me with his one leg dangling over my head. He brought it down, thankfully not on me this time.

I lay on the floor, my cheek grazing the cold hard surface and fingers twitching in pain. I followed his footsteps as he jumped up from the table and walked over to me. I didn’t try to look up to see his face. But his hands grabbed the back of my dress and made me sit up straight in a jerk of a motion.

They say Looks are deceptive. I saw it clearly now.
Why were the most beautiful people the ugliest inside?

He smiled a little and with his thumb gently rubbed the blood off my lower lips

. “It hurts doesn’t it?”

Everything hurts. I wanted to say. Why are doing this to me? What did I ever do to you? I wanted to scream and cry. But I stayed quiet.

“You know it’s not your fault or mine, as a matter of fact,” He said while his fingers played with the end of my hair.

He let out a soft sigh and slid a hand under my arm and making me stand up with him.

It was only when I stood up I felt the stabbing pain all over my body. It felt like dying and I almost fell back but Namjoon’s hand held onto my arm tightly. He made me sit on the chair again.

“It’s his fault you know it. He did this to you y/n. Yoongi did this to you”

You did this to me. Yoongi had never laid a hand on me, at least.

“I’ll make him pay for what he did to you,” Namjoon said with both his hands on either side of my chair as he hovered over me.

“Hyung needs to be taught. Don’t you agree y/n?”

I had no intentions of taking sides now or speaking in favor of anyone. They both were equally horrible human beings. So I stayed quiet. Not even trying to make an eye contact. In an instance, His hands flew to the back of my head and grabbed it tightly making me squeal in pain.

“Talk to me when I’m talking to you, y/n! Where are your manners?”

I nodded my head in agreement and his fingers let go of my hair and instead found my face. His knuckles Stroking my cheek and jaw.

“Don’t worry y/n. Once you help me bring Hyung here I’ll take good care of you. I promise.”

I flinched at his touch and a big smirk grew on his face. His other hand finding my knees and as his index finger slowly drew circles on it.

“Let’s just get to work shall we..”


The day was already gone. Jimin came back an hour ago with the news. Wearing a grim look on his face, he had stomped in the room and only said “It’s done” before leaving in a hurry. He didn’t even wait for a reply.

Yoongi sat on his chair, as usual, with his legs crossed one over another and the same damn knife in his hand. The knife he was playing with all the time, like a kid with a new toy.

He played with it so much it was almost frustrating to a point.

Jin hated the fact that Yoongi cared more about a knife than someones life.

“the girl.,” Jin said while closing the file he was reading.

“She’s still at Namjoon’s place”

It had been 2hours since Jimin had dropped you off with Namjoons men. deal was a deal. He was supposed to take the bag, ask some question and let you go. That was it.

So what was taking so long?

“The men we had sent to spy around his place, they have informed us she’s still inside.  She hasn’t left yet.“

“You know Namjoon. He’s probably asking her a bunch of questions about us.” Yoongi said still concentrating on his knife.

“Yoongi, you know Namjoon too. You know he’s fucking crazy so why would you-“

“I won’t risk my men. What do you want me to do Hyung? Send jimin or hoseok there? ”

Sending Jimin or even Hoseok to Namjoons place was next to a suicide mission. Jin was well aware of Namjoon’s hatred for Yoongi’s men.

“What about the girl?”

“What about her?” Yoongi said in a frustrated tone. He was sick of hearing about you.

You, you, you. Day and night Jin was pestering Yoongi about your safety, accusing him of ruining your life. How it would be on him if you died. Even Jimin talked about you too much. It was in the morning  Hoseok had mentioned your name in front of him when Yoongi had warned him if he heard your name ever again he would make sure he would never be able to utter another name.

“What if he doesn’t let her go?”

What if. It wasn’t a question. Yoongi knew Namjoon too well. He won’t ever let you off too easily. But what other choice did he truly have. It was either your life or life of his men?

“I’m tired of hearing her name.. I don’t want to talk about her anymore”
Yoongi placed the Knife back in his pocket and stood up.

“when did you become so cold Yoongi? Why did you even do this to her?”

Why? Honestly, Yoongi didn’t know why he did anything he did to you. Why didn’t he just put a bullet in your head that day he had killed Yungjae? You had seen too much anyways. Why did he put you in a room for a month? He didn’t have an answer to any of those questions and that just made him angrier.

You were nothing but a pain in his ass now. You were and you are now. First, you played with his ego and now you were sending him on a guilt trip.

Yoongi should’ve just killed you that day he had killed Yungjae. That would’ve made things easier.

“I don’t know Hyung. I can’t think straight when I’m hungry. Maybe I’ll tell you after you buy me dinner”

Jin couldn’t possibly argue with yoongi over this. He could only feel sorry for you. Just like that day when He had come to escort you out of the room and you had stood by the window with that look of peace and contempt on your face. As if you had accepted your inevitable fate.  Jin had felt sorry for you back then. You were just a kid to him. You didn’t deserve all this.

Jin stood up and straightened his jacket giving one last dirty look to Yoongi. Yoongi saw it but chose not to react.

And then the phone rang.

Yoongi took out the phone from his coat pocket.


Flashing in bold letter on the screen. He picked it up.


Jin saw how Yoongi’s body tensed up in a second, his grip on the phone got tighter and other hand balled up in a fist.

Something was wrong.

“What is it?” Jin asked looking concerned.

Yoongi removed the phone from his ear; he put it on the loud speaker and almost threw it on the table in front.

Jin waited for the voice on the other end to speak up.

“Hyung!! How long has it been?.” The voice only made Jin scoff a little.

It didn’t take much to recognize that voice. Jin could recognize that voice anywhere. He had spent 10 years of his life with that man behind the speaker. They were brothers once. Once..

“Why did you call Namjoon?”


What was he expecting to get by doing this? Yoongi didn’t give two shits about your life. He would be more than happy to put an end to your worthless life. That’s why he sent you here didn’t he. To get rid of you.  So how would you bring him here?

“Hyung.. I shouldn’t be saying this but I feel absolutely disrespected”

“And I should care because..?” you recognized that dull tiresome voice on the other side. Who else could it be but min Yoongi.

Namjoon bit on his lower lip and held a laugh.

“You haven’t changed a bit Hyung”

“Did you call to have a chit chat and gossip? How about I make a reservation in a restaurant? So we can have a happy reunion”

“that’s a good idea, Maybe someday Hyung. Right now we have more pressing matters to talk about. Like this pretty little gift you sent to me, all wrapped up in pink. You know this isn’t what I asked for”

“You’re wasting my precious time Namjoon. I gave you what you asked for. Don’t get greedy. You know greedy people get nothing”

Namjoon walked towards you now.

“Greedy? How easily you forget Hyung it was your pup who stole my guns. You should be apologetic. But instead, you show me such attitude. It’s unacceptable”

“ah I had forgotten, it’s your old habit to cry over stolen candy. When will you really grow up Joonie? ”

You saw how Namjoons body stiffened up in anger hearing those words.

“Careful Hyung..” he placed his one hand on your Head and gently rubbed it. Like you were a small puppy.

“I still have this little bitch you sent me” with that his fingers curled up in my hair and gripped it tightly moving my head towards the phone he was holding.

I shut my eyes and yelped a little in pain. Loud enough for Yoongi to hear over the phone talk

talk to him y/n. After all… “ he moved my head in circles. “he’s the reason why you’re here.”

Whatever I said he wouldn’t care? If I pleaded and cried he wouldn’t care. So what’s the point?


That was the only word that I could form. It came out like nothing more than a faint whisper and a desperate plea for help. A pathetic sound, nothing more. Why did I even bother?

“She sounds desperate doesn’t she? She is, I tell you. She’s not in a very, how do I say it, good condition right now. “

There was no reply from the other side for some time. You thought Yoongi hung up- both on the phone and your life.

That was until you heard him say “Leave her alone Namjoon. She’s just a kid”

“19 is not a kid Hyung. When we were 19 we had control of half the city. When you were 19 you had already killed about 100 people and wiped out 2 gangs.. 19-year-olds are capable of a lot of things. You know that better than anyone else, especially girls. They mature fast. 19 is the right age for-“

“I don’t care what you do with her.. You’re wasting your time if you think you can use her to lure me there.  It’s actually pretty low of you to use a kid for bait. I didn’t think you could get any worst. But you just proved me wrong Namjoon. You one-upped me this time. It’s an achievement. Hurrah.”

And then his hand was back in my hair. Pulling it tightly. making me stand up. I squeezed my eyes shut and cried out in pain.

“Hear that Hyung. See I’m not playing a game here. I don’t like games anyways. So here’s what we’re gonna do! If you don’t show up to my place in an hour.. This bitch here! I’m going to throw her to the dogs. But First I’m gonna take her myself, then I’m gonna give her to my men! Oh, Hyung? Do you know how many men I have here? 25 exactly and they all would love a fierce little thing like her!  And after she’s used to her full extent I’ll chop her up and throw her to the real dogs. And don’t worry about the dress. I’ll make sure to dry clean it and send it back. With some of her fingers! After all, it would be a waste of such a pretty dress”

He laughed like a maniac and threw me on the floor with the full force.

“So, Hyung. Are you coming? Or should I just take her directly to my room?”

There was an eerie silence on the other side. Now it was up to Yoongi to decide if I live or die. And I guess I already knew the answer.

I found a corner and sat there with my knees pressed to my chest. Shivering not because of cold, but for the first time, because of fear. I was scared. I wasn’t just scared I was terrified. 

“so I guess. You’re not coming. Well, that’s just sad I had-“

I’ll be there..”

What? Did I hear that right? No, it couldn’t be.

For a second, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I was hearing things. Yoongi couldn’t possibly. I was worthless. Nobody cared. Then why?

“I’ll be there in an hour.”

Even Namjoon looked pleasantly surprised.

With that, he hung up the phone.

“What are really min Yoongi?” Namjoon muttered softly.



That’s all you had said. The only word uttered. After that, Yoongi had only heard yelps and cries.

He still couldn’t believe he agreed? Why did he agree to go there? He knew it was a trap but still.

He threw his phone across the room in anger missing Jin by an inch.

It was rare to see Yoongi in such a fit of rage.

Jin had only seen Yoongi like this once. That was 4 years ago.  Yoongi’s usually cool and calm composure crumbling to pieces was unusual but not something Jin hadn’t already seen.

Yoongi screamed and threw all the files on his table on the floor. Kicking the chair and breaking stuff.

“Yoongi calm down”

Jins word only made him angrier. As he picked up the glass of rum he was drinking, that was on his table and threw it across the room shattering its pieces.

Breathing heavily, he ran his fingers through his green hair.

After about a minute of sulking Yoongi finally calmed down.

“call Taehyung,” He said with his head hanging low which made his hair hide his face.

“Taehyung is out. He said not to-“


Jin was taken aback a little at his loud voice. Yoongi had never talked to Jin in such a tone. Jin couldn’t understand what was happening to him?

He only nodded and left the room.

Yoongi fell back on his chair and exhaled. Leaning back, He placed his one arm on his forehead. He was exhausted now.

He wondered what is wrong with him. Why did he talk to Jin like that? Why was he risking his own life for yours? What is happening to him?

He needed a break. He needed time to think. But he didn’t have any. He said he would be there in 2 hours.

“FUCK!” Yoongi screamed out of frustration.

He tried to calm down and think. But your face was the only thing he could see

“She’s just a kid” hoseok had said the day Yoongi had decided to throw you in that god awful room.

“She’s 19 isn’t she?. How many people you had killed when you were 19 hobi?” Yoongi had replied without any kind of remorse for the girl.

He saw the similarity now.

“How did I turn into Namjoon?” Yoongi asked himself.

One thing Yoongi had told himself again and again, over the years was that he won’t let himself turn into Namjoon. Not him, never him.
To Yoongi, Namjoon was nothing more than an abomination of a human being. Some kind of creature residing inside the flesh of a human being.  He didn’t have a heart or soul. 

Yoongi wasn’t Namjoon yet he had thrown you at his mercy without even a second thought.

When did you turn so cold Yoongi?
She’s just a kid.
You killed her.
You’re a bully.
It’s his fault. He did this to you after all!
You’re a monster.

“Don’t blame me for his death hyung! I didn’t kill him alone. I may have pulled the trigger but you never stopped me from doing it. You killed him too. We both did. No matter how much you try to hide it behind your tears and all that grieving.  You can’t deny the fact that ‘we’ did it. ‘We’ hyung. It has always been ‘we’. you and I have always been together. And You and I, we’re just like each other. “


And then he was on his feet, walking, running towards the door. There was no time to think. No time to comprehend. He had no time. If you died, your blood would be on his hands. He can’t let that happen. Not this time, not again.
“I would rather kill her myself than leave her for Namjoon to devour “Yoongi muttered just before he fled out the door.

-Namjoons Place-

Time was ticking away. Every minute, every second that passed just filled you more and more with that awful feeling of dread.

You sat in a corner, trembling, hugging your knees and biting your nails.
Namjoon was back on his chair, eyes glued to his phone in full concentration.
Your heart was beating so fast you swore it would’ve jumped out of your chest any moment.

You had so many questions in your mind.

What If he Yoongi was lying? What if he’s not coming?

Why is he coming here? Why does he suddenly care?

“What do you think y/n?” Namjoon said with his eyes still stuck on the phone.
“Is he really coming for you?”

I didn’t know. I was just as unsure as he was.

“And here I thought you were absolutely worthless. Turns out you are pretty important to both me and Min Yoongi!”

He laughed before getting up and walking over to you. You would’ve backed up if only it wasn’t for the damn wall.

“It’s gonna be a bit boring till he shows up so how about we start talking. Get to know each other. It’s a great way to pass time”

You looked up to see his face and saw him smiling.

“okay..” You said with a little hesitation. Scared of what he would do if I denied his request.

“that’s the SPIRIT!”

He dragged the chair from behind his desk and brought in front of you and propped himself on it

“Tell me something about you y/n. I wanna know you. There must something in you that you’ve survived this long with Min Yoongi. “

You decided to let it all out. How I ‘survived’, what Yoongi had done. The room and Yungjae. You skipped the part about Jimin. For some reason letting it all out made your head a little lighter. Like a huge boulder was off of your chest.

“I’m intrigued. I knew the moment I had laid my eyes on you that you y/n, you’re different than most girls I’ve met. I gotta give it to you ,you’re brave. You said ‘fuck you’ to Min Yoongi. Even I couldn’t do it”

I wasn’t brave. I was stupid. That’s why I’m here.

He was still smiling like that was the most amusing thing he had ever heard.

“What about you?”

The smile disappeared and his eyebrows shot up.

“Me?” he said with eyes widening in surprise. His had an expression clearly saying ‘This girl’s audacity

“What do you want to know about me y/n?” he said with a big grin. Dimples pocking through both of his cheeks.

Are you dead inside? Or Do you have a hole where your heart is supposed to be?

“everything” you said with a fake plastered smile on your face.

He stared at you with his heavily hooded eyelids. The smirk never leaving his face. He positioned himself so his face was right in front of me.

“Everything?.” He asked and I realized how close his face was getting.
“I’ll tell you everything. Don’t worry. You’re very smart girl y/n. But maybe even a little too smart for your own good”

He backed away and sat straight.

“if we had met in different circumstances I would’ve surely liked you”

You couldn’t say the same about him, though.

You glanced at the clock and saw the time


If Yoongi doesn’t show up, which you doubt he will, you would be at the mercy of this man in front of you.
You were staring at the clock and Namjoon was staring at you staring at the clock.

“Staring at it won’t slow down the time sweet thing”


you started to bite the skin off with the nails. Drawing a little blood in the process. Your hands were starting to shake and stomach started to churn remembering Namjoon’s words

He’s not coming.

Namjoon looked at his phone than at me

“I guess he’s not coming. It hurts me to say this y/n but-“

And then there was a knock on the door.

A young man, probably in his 20s popped his head in through the door. He looked at Namjoon than at me.

“Yoongi is here ! “

Is this really happening?

“huh, why don’t you invite him in. Make sure he’s comfortable. I’ll talk to him in a moment-“Namjoon was dragging his chair back to its place when the young man interrupted

“but hyung ,he’s already in-“

“Out of my way,” you heard a familiar voice through the doorway.

The Young man was pulled back through his collar and the door was pushed OPEN.

He wore an overcoat over his White shirt, and his mint green hair was uncombed. Even when he wasn’t as tall as Namjoon for some reason to you he seemed taller than him.

Your emotions started stirring with one another. You were angry and happy at the same time. There was a feeling of relief and the big question that had been bothering you for so long


why? Why did you feel relieved to see him? He meant nothing to you. How could you forget how much he hated you? And how much you loathed him!
So why were you filled with so many emotions?

“Yoongi,” you said standing up against the wall. You said it so softly but he heard you. His head turned towards you and his expression changed into something you had never seen or thought you would see, on Yoongi’s face for you.


You didn’t know how or why but you were walking towards him.

Stop. You told yourself.

What are you doing?

But you kept walking towards him. Slowly. With your sprained and stomped on ankle. You walked towards him. They were quick, steady step, until the distance between you two became Less and less.

No. Stop y/n .he means nothing to you. You don’t even know if he’s really here for you.

Stop y/n

Words couldn’t describe what you felt when your head was against his chest.the smell of his musky cologne filling your nostrils, he smelled like rum and lavender it was almost comforting, unlike Namjoon who reeked of death.His heart thumping loudly in your ear. you didn’t know why you felt the need to crash into him. Why you felt the need to bury your face in his chest. Why were you crying like a little kid?
For a moment, you forgot what he was? What he had done to you in the past.
Maybe you were just happy to know that now, you’ll be saved. Or maybe it was the fact that somebody came. Somebody came for you. That someone cared. Maybe, you weren’t so worthless after all. Even If it wasn’t the truth you pretended like it was. You pretended like Yoongi cared for you.

And just for a moment, just a mere second, you actually liked Min Yoongi.

Your tears were soaking his white shirt wet. He stood motionless while you clutched his shirt tightly. There wasn’t a return of any kind of emotion from Yoongi’s side. You didn’t expect any. You were just surprised he was letting you cry on him that was until you felt his hand on the back of your head. You flinched a little. You had been grabbed and thrown around so many times that now, you have become hesitant of any kind of physical touch.  But he only gently stroked your head.

He muttered something in your hair.

“Don’t worry. You’re safe now”


Safety, a sense of security was all snatched away from you in an instance. Min Yoongi destroyed everything. Your home, Your life. Everything that you ever had. And now he stood here. Whispering in my ear that I’m safe now. you knew It was a lie.

And Yet you chose to believe him.

“What did you do to her?” he asked removing his hands from my head while I was still stuck to his chest like a baby stuck to its mother’s breast.

Namjoon just laughed.

“Well, this is such a sweet scene. All the lovie dovie. I didn’t know she had a thing for you. Women I tell you! why didn’t you tell me y/n?”

“ I asked you something!’ his voice reverberated through his chest onto your face. 

He placed both his hands on your shoulders and gently moved you aside.

“Hyung.. It wasn’t me. You know I don’t hit women.That’s just disgusting. I order my men to do it!”

It only took a second. In a flash of second Yoongi’s knuckles were on Namjoons cheek. He fell back a little because of impact. But got back up on his feet quickly.
“huh, Not bad Hyung.” Namjoon said rubbing the tip of his mouth with the back of his hand and staring at the blood.

He gave Yoongi a sheepish grin and flashed his bloody teeth.

“Now that the courtesies are out of the way

Let’s talk.”

authors note: Hey ho ! I hope you liked this one.Please do tell me your opinion i would love to hear it!(Anon ME! as they say on tumblr, I think that’s what they say) i hope your having a wonderful day ily thankyou for reading :))

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Whiskey. Reyes?


“Was she pretty?”

Reyes pressed the glass of whiskey to his forehead, easing out a sigh that had the woman rising to her feet with a laugh. “Can’t say I know what you’re talking about,” he muttered.

“Oh, come on.” The woman’s smile was still as bright as it had been when he had tugged her into his room above the bar. “The one who made you fork over credits to get laid instead of going out to chase about yourself. Or do I just have something that reminds you of her?”

He, actually.” Reyes took a swig of the whiskey, grimacing when the cheap quality of it burned down his throat. “But…he had eyes like yours.”

Not quite as hopeful, perhaps, but just as bright where it counted.

“Ah.” The woman leaned in to press a kiss to his cheek. “Try giving him a call then, would you? Sounds like you two have unfinished business. Nothing like closure to heal a broken heart.”

The laugh that broke from Reyes’ throat was so torn it actually hurt coming out. “He has all the closure he needs, I’m sure.”

Detail About The Upd8

I’ve noticed a little detail. Every time a character in Homestuck has legitimately died on screen, the word “Dead” has been scrolled over their corpse.

Like so:

Not one character who died in the Game Over update, had this text above them; further supporting the doomed timeline theory. So, I’m going to try and relax, and remain optimistic. And, given the very anime-esque style of the flash; as many of you probably noticed, I feel it could also be a Caliborn thing.

Not to mention, Hussie also said “hopping back in the saddle means we will have to wade through 50 pages of completely atrocious garbage before anything happens.”

This isn’t fifty pages, further supporting the doomed timeline. Provided he wasn’t using hyperbole.

Just a few of my thoughts, the “Dead” text being the strongest one.